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There Is A Cancer On The Body of Christ- Part II

Related Story:  British Cardinal Won't Vote For New Pope - He is Accused of Sexual 'Misconduct'

Related Story: British Cardinal Won’t Vote For New Pope – He is Accused of Sexual ‘Misconduct’

It is unusual for me to feel the need to speak against the Catholic Church.  Mostly because I believe that their theology is basically sound and centered on Christ as our ONLY salvation and NOT on good works or the machinations of any human.  Yes, they have a priesthood.  Yes, they have saints.  Yes, they have Mary.  But none of it crosses the threshold of the WORSHIP of pagans or diminishing Christ by saying he was only a human and not divine.  Catholic theology still holds Christ as the one and only Savior- and that he and he alone is empowered to save by grace and not by works.

There ARE current popular ‘religions’ that do cross this line into paganism:  Mormonism and Seventh Day Adventists are just two of the more popular ones.  They do not pass the test because Christ is only human to them.  Both these ideologies believe that mere humans will be equal to Christ and God.  They diminish Christ because they believe that GOOD WORKS are 100% necessary to salvation.  What nonsense!

All that being said, I can not understand how the Catholic priesthood believes it has the right to SUCH levels of secrecy! Especially when dealing with child rapists.  Their internal probe into the sexual misconduct of the priests who raped children as well as their internal probe into the 2012 Vatican leak is known only to four people:  the pope and three cardinals.  None of the cardinals that will be voting for the next pope will be made privy to anything in these reports.  Thus, they might vote for someone who has been actively involved in turning a blind eye to child rape or  rapists themselves.  Is that moral?  Is that right?  Why protect ANYONE involved in any of this?  How can one of these become Pope?

The response from the Vatican on why they protect child molesters and homosexuals is ‘Christian Forgiveness’.  Also, Christian ‘love’.   harrumph!

Lately, I have noticed a terrible cancer on the Body of Christ.  And it is RELIGION.  Society, culture & political correctness has infiltrated the Church and has caused a  ‘religious’ cancer that is rotting its flesh.  They no longer care what the BIBLE says about love, Christian duty and sin.  They only care about how THEY think it should all be defined.

In Christian RELIGION, Jesus was a soft, compassionate, liberal hippy milk toast of a man who never called names, always spoke in loving tones and … had really nice hair and blue eyes!  lol!    God is portrayed as beaming faced new age God who ‘loves everyone- no matter what”.  Really?  I mean, really?

Consider what God had to say specifically about sexual immorality (including homosexuality):  22 “‘Keep all my decrees and laws and follow them, so that the land where I am bringing you to live may not vomit you out. 23 You must not live according to the customs of the nations I am going to drive out before you. Because they did all these things, I abhorred them.”   God abhorred the person, not only the sin.

Again, the Bible proves that God can HATE the person and not only the sin here:

“16 There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
17  haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18   a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19   a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.” -Proverbs 6

That beaming, benevolent God and that hippy Jesus never existed!  Those ‘interpretations’ are down and out LIES.  Be very afraid of God and fear Jesus’ judgment.  THAT is what a ‘good’ Christian will tell you.  Yes, they are both loving and generous.  But those who fail to comply WILL die.

Christians!! READ YOUR BIBLES!  Be armed properly in life!

I am so GLAD I was raised in a violent family and that I was ostracized from ‘normal’ society for most of my life!

I CELEBRATE that I do not know what a million human SCHOLARS have interpreted the Bible to mean!

I am JOYFUL that I quit going to church (but never Christ!) over 25 years ago and have only recently come back!

Why am I happy?  Because I am not hemmed into RELIGION! I never learned it.  All I care about is the BIBLE- not some interpretation by a scholar or some priest or some church denomination!  The Bible is ALL WE NEED to understand God.  It is sufficient.  If you can’t justify your actions with God’s Word, then you can not be justified at all.  Likewise, if you attempt to change the meaning of ‘LOVE’, or God’s word or Christ’s Word, Jesus said that it will be WORSE for those in Sodom and Gomorrah than for you.

And I know that Bible.  I study it for all I’m worth.  There are NO disparities or contradictions.  There are only people who have either never read it or lack the WISDOM to understand what it all means together!  The Bible is perfect in every way.

Many have recommended that I read this or that scholar’s opinion on the Bible.  But I am LOATHE to read them.  God is NOT a prankster.  He made a book that EVERY human can read and understand.  We don’t need a priest.  We don’t need a pastor.  We don’t need a scholar.  At least- we don’t need them to understand the Bible.  Just us, an open and obedient heart and the Holy Spirit. That’s it.

When I see humans try to twist it around into false meanings, it digs at me deeply.

I have begun to HATE religion.  People walking around with their folded hands, staring off into space like they are high on crack!    They define LOVE and forgiveness the way they were TAUGHT or the way they WISH it to be- but not the way the BIBLE says.  Friends, we need to UNLEARN the terrible teaching of religion.  And we need to humble ourselves before the Lord.  OBEDIENCE matters!  The Holy Spirit is rising like never before.  People are becoming FREE the way JESUS and GOD intended!

But what of these pedophile priests?  Do they deserve love & forgiveness from the Catholic Church?  Should they continue to be priests?

Pedophiles CAN be forgiven by Jesus.  But guess what?  They have to CHANGE their sexual immorality to get it.  God would require that this person DEMONSTRATE their OBEDIENCE before he would forgive.  Otherwise, the repentance is nothing more than gurgling words.

God does NOT permit constant re-offense of his commandments.  If you murder, you can be forgiven.  But what if you apologize and then turn around and murder again- and again?

Yet another false notion of ‘religion’ is that all sin is equal.  WRONG.  Some sins are worse than others.    God HATES sexual immorality.  And he HATES those that commit it.  Yes, you heard me- I said the word, ‘hate’.

Further, God has already condemned these men to a terrible death.  Jesus said that if any human causes one child to sin and to leave the Lord because of their own actions, it will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah than for them on the day of judgment.  Jesus set the standard of protection for our children!  How many boys who have been raped by these men go on to partake in homosexuality, and thus, become hateful to God??? How many have learned to HATE God because of the actions of these men?  How many boys grow up to be men who despair?  Who take their own lives? And worse of all worse, begin to rape boys themselves?  COUNTLESS!

Why then, if God and Jesus so roundly condemned these men, would YOU allow them to remain as priests- in positions of TRUST- when only TIME and demonstrated OBEDIENCE could ever tell you or God that they mean it when they say they truly repent?  Do you really believe that someone with such a powerful sexual perversion will just ‘change overnight’ because you caught them?

No, impossible!  The Catholic Church is preserving ITSELF in this matter.  It is jealous of its own reputation- not God’s reputation.  It is more interested in all that money coming into its coffers than obeying the WORD of God.  And as long as it does, it is NOT a church of God.  There are millions of Christian Catholics who are righteous before the Lord.  But this LEADERSHIP is profoundly ugly.  The ugliness is now deeply institutionalized.  I’m not sure it can EVER be fixed with all this secrecy, money and power at stake.

‘Love’ and ‘forgiveness’.

SUCH abuse in the name of these two words!  People who claim to be Christians use Christ and these two words to perpetrate the worst sins known to man.  They use them as mere tools to achieve their own agenda.  They use them as their own personal billy clubs to beat up those they don’t like.

You think I (I?) am the cruel one.  But it is you, Religious Christian- it is you, False Prophet, that kills so many souls.  Oh! Those smooth, placid faces!  Oh!  How I wish I could rip the name of Christian from their name tags!  Those folded hands and dreamy eyes… they only hide the ugliest face of all.  They hide the face of Satan himself.


  1. I’m confused. You think Roman Catholicism is “basically sound?” Their belief that they need to pay for their own sins in pergatory, or that they believe Jesus needs to be sacrificed continually in the Mass shows that their have no faith whatsoever in Jesus FINAL sacrifice. No man can pay for his own sins. Their lack of assurance of salvation is an indication of faithlessness, plain and simple. And without faith it is impossible to please God. Just because a person believes that Jesus died for them doesn’t mean they necessarily trust in Him. I can believe that a chair will hold me up, but unless I sit down, I will never rest in the assurance that it will hold. Roman Catholicism is a works based religion, a continuation of the Aaronic Priesthood which required a continual sacrifice. It is “of the flesh.” True Christianity is a relationship with the living God, who sent His Son as the one FINAL, ONCE FOR ALL sacrifice, and believers are priests in the order of Melchizadek. Read the Book of Hebrews.
    How many Roman Catholics have you met who knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are going to heaven? If they don’t have assurance, then they don’t have the Holy Spirit who gives that assurance. Water baptism does not make a person a Christian or a member of the Body of Christ. It is an acceptance of what baptism symbolizes, that we died with Christ on the cross (and consequently are dead to sin, never to live in it any longer) and have been raised up with Him to new life) now seated in heavenly places with Him. And everyone who believes this in their heart is a SAINT. John the Baptist, a priest of the order of Aaron, baptised with water. Jesus baptises with fire and the Holy Spirit. Religion can never give assurance of salvation because it depends on our efforts.
    Intellectual affirmation of the doctrines of the Christian faith doesn’t save a person. Regeneration does. And that only happens when we rest in His salvation. That is the true meaning of Sabbath, that we rest from our own works and trust in His.
    To trust in Christ means to be safe in Him. Roman Catholics have no faith in Jesus or what Jesus did on the cross. (Again, believing something is true in not necessarily “faith.” Satan believes every word of the Bible, but he doesn’t have faith in God). That is why they look to the church, to “Mary” (not the Mary of the Bible, but a false Mary they have created), to other “saints,” grasping at anything or anyone they can to find assurance. Salvation is found in Christ ALONE. There is no other Name by which we must be saved.
    I find it baffling that you believe Catholicism is “Christian” but not Seventh Day Adventism. BOTH place their faith in someone or something other than Christ. It matters not which day we worship. What matters is, are we trusting in our own works and effort to earn salvation, or are we teusting in Christ who has earned it for us.
    He who is forgiven much, loves much. The person who is unsure of Christ’s complete and full forgiveness paid for through His death on the cross, can never love God. Roman Catholics, or anyone for that matter, who believe they must work for and buy their forgiveness, do not love God. What most people don’t understand is that the sin problem, that which stood in the way of our relationship to God, has been taken care of. Now we are able to approach God without the mediation of man (priests, Mary, etc.).
    Religion is man trying to earn forgiveness and acceptance from God. Christianity is God freely forgiving and accepting us, which results in our loving Him in return, proven in our repentance and obedience. Repentance and obedience is IMPOSSIBLE without knowing that we are accepted by God. We love because He first loved us. Loving God means turning from the acts of the sinful nature. Roman Catholicism is a counterfeit Christianity. This is not Catholic bashing. It is speaking the truth in love. Roman Catholics need to understand that none of the external rituals or what they call sacraments, matter to God.
    Christianity is a marriage between Christ and His Church. A Bride who doesn’t comprehend her Husband’s complete love and acceptance can never love Him in return. A Son who doesn’t understand his Father’s complete love and acceptance can never love and respect Him in return. Jesus removed the barrier, the Law (something Seventh Day Adventists don’t understand) so that we can approach God as a wife approaches her Husband and a child approaches his Father…with freedom and confidence.
    Just as a husband places his seed inside his wife and she bears fruit, so Christ places His Seed, the Holy Spirit, inside each believer so that they bear spiritual fruit, the fruits of the Spirit. Those fruits are love, joy, peace, etc. And ironically, and wonderfully, the first fruit that the Christian bears is love, which fulfills the Law of God.
    Jesus paid the penalty by dying on the cross, but He is no longer on the cross. He rose to life in order to give His Holy Spirit to all who believe and trust in Him. Unfortunately, within Catholicism Jesus is still portrayed as hanging on a cross, battered and bloody. No! We is risen and glorified, and through faith in Him (and ONLY Him) we are also.
    Roman Catholics semm to think it is presumptuous to believe that we can actually know that we are going to Heaven. But that belief is based on what God did FOR US. Not believing is a slap in the face to God. By refusing to believe the Word of God, Roman Catholics are saying telling God that what Jesus did on the cross is not enough, that it is NOT finished.
    As for Adventists, they believe in a Husband that requires his Bride to follow a list of rules. What kind of marriage is that? No, the Law of Moses, which is only a shadow of God’s eternal Law, was given to show us our utter inability of love God. It is impossible to love someone if we feel we are unacceptable to them. But on the cross, Jesus tore up that list of rules, showing us His love and acceptance. Now we can love Him in return. The Law revealed our sin. The cross revealed God’s love. It is that love and grace (not the Catholic version, but the biblical version) teaches us to say know to ungodliness. God’s kindness leads us to repentance.
    Unless we KNOW that unconditional love, grace and acceptance, it is impoosible to love and obey God. Roman Catholicism knows nothing of this. They can only hope they will be saved, and their lack of knowledge of God’s love and acceptance keeps them going to confession where they are told what they have to do to pay for their sin, sin that Jesus has already died and paid for.

    • Todott, first, while you say many things, you offer up no proof other than your opinion. As for Catholicism, they most certainly do believe in the complete forgiveness of sins and the sufficiency of the work of Jesus Christ. That is their core belief. They don’t believe Christ is ‘continually crucified at the cross’ during each mass. They know he was crucified, died, rose again and that’s it. I’m not sure what you mean by that. As to paying their way out of purgatory, I agree that this is not a Christian belief, but I don’t know anyone who believes that anymore. That is, indeed, an erroneous belief and if anyone truly adheres to it, they truly lack understanding of Christ’s salvation. If they also believed that they were also covered in the blood of Christ, then, well, I would leave it to God to know their true heart. There really are a lot of truly ignorant or simple minded individuals in this world- but God knows their true heart. Let him judge them. But I haven’t seen or heard modern American Catholic churches trying to make people buy indulgences these days, have you? As to your complaint about priests, I also agree. But, we also have pastors. This, technically, can be construed as wrong. Many churches over glorify their pastors. Many pastors over glorify themselves. There are church leaders in the first churches. I do believe the Catholic church purposely sins in this area and have stated it. However, their core doctrine is still Christ centered. There is indeed sin in the church- but there is sin and error in every church. I have seen churches link prayer requests to fund raising campaigns. It makes my heart shiver in fear. And yet, there you are. But as long as the church preaches Christ crucified and Christ alone, then I am willing to overlook a good number of faults. I call churches that elevate false messiahs ‘cults’. They almost always have false writings and doctrines which they have used to significantly alter the bible. They elevate a human over Christ. THAT excludes them automatically.

      many Christians focus on Catholics with some amount of hatred. These are usually ex Catholics. Can I assume that you are ex Catholic? I will never advocate it as a good choice for a church. Never. It is about my last choice for a new believer. In fact, it wouldn’t make my list of choices. But I won’t condemn Catholics as being NON Christians as those such as yourselves would like me to do. I know they worship Christ above all others. They know he died for their sins. They know they have been forgiven for their sins. They don’t see their confessions as necessary for their salvation, but as a relief. It is tradition, not a requirement. Most of Catholicism, for them, is comfort, not a necessity. Christ crucified is enough for them. Remember the thief on the cross, Toddot. He was put in the bible to confound those like you and those who would also cling to Catholicism. Salvation is incredibly simple. “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” That wouldn’t suit most Christians’ definition of Christianity today, would it? But it sufficed for our Lord. My suggestion is for you to stop worrying about the Catholics and to start working for Christ. Go OUT into the world and begin your ministry. Free up all this energy and put it to better use.

  2. Growing Catholic for 25 years I can tell you they are not saved. They only believe Christ sort of made a way but I never heard a clear representation of the Gospel in all the man churches I attended. We are told we need to get baptized, have first communion, confirmation etc etc to possibly go to heaven but if we are not good enough-don’t worry that is what purgatory is for. After a person dies they pray for a week rosaries hoping God will let them in to Heaven. Oh there are so many blasphemies. Don’t think they believe in the same Jesus. Their Jesus is a literal piece of bread they kneel before and me I was there. It’s work based flat out. Please don’t e deceived on this and oh yes- they worship Mary more than Jesus. Remember BROAD is the way that leads to destruction..

  3. Lord, thank you for those who are wise, by your grace alone, and have the courage to speak so boldly among humanity. Lord, how our lives would be different if folks would only listen to such words as are written above. God, I ask that you bless Susan in all she does for your kingdom, and continue to give her strength, courage and wisdom in the days ahead. I pray many (MANY, Lord!!) will change from their wicked ways and see the truth in your amazing grace and love through Susan’s work. Praise be to God for such a woman who refuses to bend or break under the pressures of this world!

  4. Good post Susan. The church body of Christ. Spiritual Israel… Knows no name given of man. Religion is only a tool for ministry. Most often to the muddiest of hearts.

    Remember, religion gets used mis used and abused by the best and worst of people. The devil is masterful at turning good intentions into bad reactions.

    • So true, Squeaks. It is so easy to cross that line. I think most people start out with good intentions. Then they slide. Power, arrogance, pride- we are all guilty. But we must constantly reassess.

  5. Hello I have Been following you for a while. Very good thoughts on your different articles, keep up the good work. Keep lifting up Jesus, he its the answer. On your last article, do you haves info on seventh day adventists? If you do I am interested in there doctrine, my relatives are followers of this. I did not realize that they veiwed Jesus that way


    • Hi Doug, many, many people are fooled (like your relatives) into thinking the Seventh Day Adventists are Christian. They sing to Jesus and they talk about him alot. In fact, they go crazy saying how much they LOOOOVE Jesus! This is by design. The same goes for Mormons.

      These cults are extremely dangerous because they use the name of Christ to lure people in. Then, once the people get to liking the church, they raise them up in ‘levels’ of knowledge where they ‘learn’ new spiritual truths. They worship the word of their own, modern prophets- Joseph Smith for Mormons, Ellen White for Seventh Day Adventists. They use THEIR writings, not the Bible, as their scripture. (they pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like and leave out what they don’t)

      Most people don’t know this is happening for a long, long time. Like Mormons, they believe in the very Old Testament Law that Apostle Paul struck down. They do not believe in most of the New Testament because they do not give any credit to Apostle Paul & Timothy- it was Paul who wrote most of the New Testament. (most people don’t know that). They only go by the first four books- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. ( I believe they also change the Bible’s words in those books in order to serve their own ideas too). They don’t tell their congregation they do this. They just present their own versions of the Bible and the writings of their own prophets.

      Without Paul’s writings, a person will not learn the purpose of the old Law (to condemn man and to enslave him in order to PROVE that we need Jesus) and how Jesus came to fulfill it (to provide the ONLYway to God as we are fully incapable of living the LAW as instructed). They will never understand why Paul said that the old sacrifices, rites and rituals and priesthood are ‘dead’. Because of this, Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists impose the old Jewish laws on their people. That is WHY Seventh Day Adventists go to ‘temple’ on SATURDAY and not Sunday. They call it the Sabbath for the same reason. While that might seem harmless, it isn’t. It actually NEGATES the entire meaning and power of Jesus’ final sacrifice.

      Paul said that sacrifices are no longer needed BECAUSE Christ was the FINAL sacrifice and the only high priest needed from here on out. That his blood alone was sufficient for salvation. That all the good works, rituals, rites, etc were now unnecessary- and in fact were now to be considered slavery and bondage for the soul. As Paul put it, “if all those requirements of the LAW were still necessary to reconcile mankind to God as ‘righteous’, then Christ died for nothing!” And if he died for nothing, then he had no purpose on earth. If that were true, then Christ is not God’s divine Son- just an amazing man.

      So, the fact that these ‘religions’ insist on them is to say that Christ’s life, death & resurrection are not ENOUGH. This denies the very CORE of Christian belief. The Jews believe the same. Jesus was a good man- a prophet of God- but he is not divine and can not save us from our sins. Only obedience and adherence to the LAW can save us. Mormons & Jews & Seventh Day Adventists all say that Jesus was merely an example of how a human should live- in other words, we must live as perfect people to get to heaven. This is an utter blasphemy of Christ’s purpose & words! He didn’t live a perfect life to condemn us! He lived a perfect life to please God and set an example- but he NEVER required perfection or total obedience to the LAW for us to be saved. He saved us through GRACE and requires only our BELIEF that he is God’s Son who has been given the full authority to save us as he so chose.

      Added to the fact that these practices remove the very CORE of Christian faith- (a fully empowered, divine & SUFFICIENT Christ who died for our sins ), these practices then go on to further pollute the Christian faith by creating hierarchies of people, hierarchies of heaven and hierarchies of spiritual ‘knowledge’. They are rife with ultra secret rituals of which only the most holy people can partake. They exert full control over every aspect of their members’ lives- they can’t drink, they can’t dance, they can’t have coffee, etc. (just more rituals). And underlying that control, they DEMAND your money. Ahhhh, now we get to the CRUX! They demand their share of people’s wealth. AND they tell people that without this mandatory tithe to the priesthood, they will go to hell. And in addition to this 10% tithe, they must also give ‘gifts’ to the church. This ‘gift’ is 10%. So, they want 20% of everyone’s wealth. Ever wonder why the Mormon church is so wealthy? MONEY is the basis for creating a priesthood in these practices. Because then, they can command the 10% tithe in the Old Law. (probably the number one reason they don’t believe in “Paulism”. Remember? Paul said all that, including the mandatory tithe to the priesthood, was dead?)

      All blasphemous considering that Christ equated all of us when he said that our obedience to God made us his brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc. Also, his command that we call no one ‘priest’, ‘rabbi’ or ‘father’.

      I consider Mormonism and Seventh Day Adventists to be two of the most dangerous cults in the world. They put on such a holy face- they encompass themselves in good works- these serve to DECEIVE so many poor people around the world. But at the center, they all demean Christ. And that is the work of satan. Their good works do not stem out of a saved, joyful, new born soul made righteous by the gift of the Holy Spirit- their good works stem from an inner terror that without them, they are going to hell. They are practices that enslave people, terrify people and separate people from the true, easy and wonderful gift of Jesus our King.

      Most people find it extremely difficult to break from these cults because both of them forbid much outside contact- the longer people stay in these cults, the more isolated they become from old family & friends. If they try to leave, they will be swarmed by daily visits and phone calls begging them to return, damning them to hell, etc. That is, indeed, one of the most telling things about cults- they try to encourage only meeting with their own members and isolating them from even their families if need be.

      It’s terrible. I truly, truly hope you can speak these things to your family before they are sucked in too far. Talk to your own minister to see if they can explain it to your family in a way they can understand . It is absolutely imperative that they leave that practice.

  6. Excellent article. As a southern Baptist, I believe you are too easy on the Catholic Church. While there may be many good Christian Catholics, there “church” has a centuries old history of death, lies and false teachings. I could easily see the final antichrist coming from their leadership.

    I know several Seventh-Day Adventist, one for 40 years, and I have NEVER heard him say anything but “Christ and Christ alone” is the only way to salvation. He certainly believes Christ is the Son of God. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    • Rufus, thanks for your comment. I realize and understand all your comments about the Catholic church. I simply can’t go to the place where many Christians go and call them a cult. There just isn’t evidence of this. The church is flawed. In every way that people say. But they still hold Christ as Divine. They do not consider Mary to be divine- nor do they equate her with Jesus. They don’t worship the ‘saints’ but revere them and yes, they talk to them- but it isn’t worship. They do not believe saints can save them. They don’t believe Mary can save them. They don’t believe good works are mandatory for salvation. Thus, these really aren’t true idols. It is a fine line between talking to dead people and worshiping them. That is why I don’t go ‘there’ with catholics. I believe that although they are deeply flawed in their leadership- which, of course, is due to their flawed theology which promotes it, I still think the catholic church can do mighty things for Christ.

      As for the Seventh Day Adventists, please read my response to Doug.

      • Thanks. I encourage everyone reading this blog to research the bible for themselves. Although Susan has some excellent points, she is in error theologically on many. Do not take Susan’s word, mine, nor anyones’s. Do the research yourself, study the bible and if you truly seek God you will find Him.

        I have

      • Rufus- I’m wrong on MANY theological points? I don’t think so but you are certainly free to feel that way. I am amazed that so many people want me to bash Catholicism. That is not my job. While the church does things that many would consider to be unbiblical- so do many, many denominations! That’s why there are so many! But infighting is only harmful and drives people away. Until the church denies Christ as savior, they remain Christian- and flawed (because they are made of humans)- in my book. I won’t argue about these practices. I agree they aren’t right. But a cult? no. I don’t think so. But I totally agree that everyone needs to seek the Lord through the truth in their Bibles. In this, you do speak the truth.

  7. Susan, I completely understand your frustration of and abhorrence of pedophile priests. I share your hatred of these things. I share your well founded concern that some pedophile cardinal is going to become a pope simply because other cardinals don’t have the information they need to prevent that from happening.

    However, as a 27-year convert to the Catholic Church from liberal protestantism (and I was separated from the church myself for 14 years), I will say only this: in our fallen state, in our brokenness, we need the Church, the Body of Christ, because we need the Eucharist. In the Catholic Church, this is not ritual, it is sacrament. It is not a pleasantry, it is completion.

    • Hi Dawn, I won’t debate the finer points of the Catholic faith with you. I don’t even know what the Eucharist is. I am a non-denominational Christian. The reason I do not say that the Catholic Church is a pagan practice or a cult like many conservative Christians today is because I don’t believe it is. I don’t see the need for many of the things Catholics do- but they also seem harmless to the core faith of Jesus Christ. In that, we are all Christians. So.. you will never see me going on and on about the various practices you have. If they comfort you, that’s fine. As long as you believe that Christ is your savior & King. That he was fully man yet fully God. That he and he alone is enough for salvation- that good words, ritual and rites and priesthoods, etc are NOT necessary for your own soul’s salvation- then I have no argument. All who believe that Christ’s life, death, resurrection and Person are SUFFICIENT for salvation are Christians. The rest is fluff.

  8. Susan, this entry of yours reminded me of one I wrote a while back that I think you’d like. I hope you don’t mind if I link you to it…

    Religion has been a cancer within the Body of Christ for some time- I date it back to before the Crusades, in fact. The reality of modern religion, versus the religion spoken of in James, is a sad one to observe and come to terms with. Regardless, it is vital that true followers of Christ do just that; if we do not, then we are answerable for allowing it to continue in our silence.

    Well said, Ma’am. Very well said.

    • yes, you are right, Renegade. You should read the comments from a girl called Warrior princess on my article, “Why are Homosexuals Almost Always Jesus Haters?” She brought the religious argument on hard and heavy. She REFUSES to address the scripture that completely backs up my article. She just wants to accept homosexuality and that’s that. Human pride is the issue here. People think that God has just missed the boat, I guess. They are quite wrong.

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