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Facebook Allows Abuse On My Short Little Rebel Page


Facebook thinks it can stop Conservative Christian speech.  

It’s so funny, but after FB suspended my account, I was so very angry- I wanted to create some kind of lawsuit if possible, against them and BING. But now, I don’t.

Here is what is happening:  Facebook, BING, Yahoo (that uses BING), and even Google have an active campaign to stop Christian conservative speech.   I will show you how they have actively inserted themselves to stop my conservative, Christian speech on FB, Google, Bing and other search engines.

FB has refused to ‘index’, or send the ‘tag’ for  personal Susan Shannon FB page or my Short Little FB page to any search engine. bing blow off letter

Yet, they will send the index information of a fake Short Little Rebel FB page (that uses my photo, my name and speaks in the first person pronoun (‘I’)) that actively celebrates death wishes against me, steals my intellectual property (my name), has sexually explicit content and pure hate speech against Christianity and me, to every search engine.  (photos further below in the article).   That tiny site ranks way up top while my actual sites don’t rank on ANY search page. And I am the one who owns my name! The blatant suppression of my site is … remarkable. Somehow, they don’t fear the public’s response.  Here is proof that Facebook removed me from their page directory with NO explanation.  Only after I inadvertently looked here and submitted a formal complaint did they say they would put it back.  However, the fact that they still have not sent my genuine Short Little Rebel page’s information to the search engines is corrupt to its core.

In addition, I have screenshot proof that these pages have conspired- publicly!- to actively harass me on my personal FB page and have incited people to attack my business sites as well.


Notice how they are talking about how difficult my private page is to find. And how they give each other information about my site address for the sole purpose of harassing me. Notice how they conspired to put a special photo, loaded with hacking software (that’s the ‘special gift’) to prevent me from deleting the image which they then loaded into a comment on my page. But all this is fine with Facebook.

I have the screen shots that prove that they incited readers to spam all my pages- including my business pages, with, literally, the foulest language they could think of. I have screen images of my photos being taken and put in Photoshop and perverted into sexually explicit images and text. These were ALL posted boldly to the general public. But are THEY suspended? No. Just me. And I have repeatedly reported them. To no avail.

FB allows hacking

See how they are conspiring to harrass me at my BUSINESS site.  While the poster said it was for a 'joke', the second comment makes it clear that their intent was to incite others to spam my business site with hate mail.  But that is FINE with Facebook

See how they are conspiring to harass me at my BUSINESS site. While the poster said it was a ‘joke’, the second comment makes it clear that their intent was to incite others to spam my business site with hate mail. But that is FINE with Facebook

The post FB had an issue with was the one where I chided President Obama “Badly done, MISTER president! Badly done!” It referenced the Pakistani doctor who helped us get bin Laden and who is currently being so tortured (along with his family) that the family has requested that we stop trying to rescue him at all.   They literally took my personal Susan Shannon FB page AND my Short Little Rebel FB page down over this post because a swarm of liberal haters conspired to come to my page and ‘report’ all my posts as ‘abusive’.

bible as gun & hate.bmp

The Holy Bible is an instrument of hate

jesus as a toy.bmp

Jesus is a make believe toy

mocking Christian religious leader.bmp

Pope is evil puppet master

proof parody page carries photo.bmp

parody site has pope photo







Muslims & homosexuals are a protected class on Facebook. But I am not. Christians are not. These pages mock Christians on a daily basis. They post photos of the Bible cut into a gun shape. They post pictures of the Pope to bash Christianity. They post pictures of Jesus as ridiculous toys. And yet, they are just fine. OUR religion has no protection- Just ISLAM.

They mock conservatives on a daily basis. In fact, these pages have dubbed me, “Her Cuntess”. “Cuntrag” is literally in their title alongside my trademark, “Short little rebel”. They have violated my intellectual property, have incited spamming and harassment against me personally, against my readers and against my business.   They have given out my telephone number, home address, photos of my children on Facebook.  They use sexually explicit images and language not fit for anyone under 18 years old. But FB is FINE with that. But say ‘shame on you, Obama!’ and you get a 24 hour suspension.

Sexually perverted and dirty language as well as theft of intellectual property (my name) is FINE with Facebook. But the one time I use 'raghead' in a single post, one time EVER, I get an instantaneous suspension and threat to delete my site. Fair?

Sexually perverted and dirty language as well as theft of intellectual property (my name) is FINE with Facebook. 

fb allows hate

‘Cunt’ is their favorite name for me, personally. 

FB allows harrassment

BECAUSE they stole my intellectual property, ‘Short Little Rebel’, they show up whenever someone searches for my name. I have told FB about these pages over and over again but FB continues to respond that they ‘don’t violate their community standards.’  They don’t leave a space for me to reply. My children have seen these pages because FB won’t take them down. Fair? But I run a completely decent site full of decent people and it is MY site that got taken down?

swanky twat.bmp

Nice. They get to ride the popularity of my name, ‘Short Little Rebel’,  while the genuine Short Little Rebel content is blocked!  Some punk site with 2 likes gets to tag their pages with my name and instantly be the first result on Google and Facebook search sites.   FB is FINE with this even though theft of intellectual property is against their policy. 

other hate sites

What unbelievable nonsense!

These tiny pages (with less than 200 supporters between them and only about 15 people a day every ‘talking’ about them) rank right up on top of the search engines for my name while my actual FB page, which originated my name, doesn’t get ranked at all. Even though, on average, over 3,000 people are ‘talking’ about my page on any given day. Even though my page has over 6,000 likes and even though my page reaches over 30,000 every week (I’ve noticed that start going drastically down in the last weeks- gosh, I wonder why? ) I’ve even noticed that regardless of all this traffic, my posts here don’t even show up on people’s news feeds!! That is why people aren’t coming as often anymore- FB is simply refusing to put my posts in people’s news feeds- even though they signed up for it! If you don’t come here, to my actual FB page, you will miss 90% of what I wrote. That is the power FB is exerting over Christian speech.  Mark Zuckerberg is an avowed atheist and progressive who started his own progressive lobby group. Just remember that.

Jesus spoke truly when he said, “If you are not with me, you are against me. If you do not gather with me, you scatter.”

That means that no atheist can sit by and just leave Jesus alone. They will actively scatter what Jesus has sown. We see proof of this right here with my page.

In fact, BING told me that my Susan Shannon page this Short Little Rebel page haven’t even been indexed.  So Facebook has literally gone into their computer software and nixed my FB pages in their normal indexing process to the search engine algorithms. They have actively suppressed these pages and have actively promoted the parody site that no one even visits!   This is to ensure that my ‘short little name’ and my ‘susan shannon’ name are smeared and defamed by the fake site(s) as possible.

FB doesn't report my page

FB indexed the parody site that has broken ALL their posting rules, but MY FB pages- Susan Shannon and Short Little Rebel- do not show up at all. Also, look at the domain names of the articles that do come up. They are from tiny sites or ancient sites that merely used my articles. How can they be higher in search results than the articles upon which they are based?  Obviously, the actual articles have much higher readership and activity than an article that merely references it!  Where’s the logic?

According to the search engines- due to FB’s active interference, this page does not even exist. I had wondered why my stats were slowing going down. Same for my WordPress blog. It has actively been shut down to the search engines. While BING admits to deleting almost 20 pages of search results, Google also doesn’t have the proper results. Oh, sure, they both list my WordPress site first on the term, “short little rebel”, but that’s pretty much it. I have written, literally, hundreds of articles. And these articles have been hit thousands of times- from around the world. Visit my WordPress blog. I have a map of the world that shows who has been reading my blog. And yet, the only results are from ancient articles I did that were posted on other blogs. None of my original articles with MY domain name come up. Having many pages of results matters to seekers. If they see only ONE result at the top, they could even think I paid for that result instead of it being a natural result from popularity. To only show ancient posts from other blogs (that will receive the traffic instead of my own site if the user clicks on them) is.. not as reputable to an internet user as seeing 20-30 pages of results from the current articles that are directly from my site. A user could even think that the page is actually out of business or failed when that happens.
facebook deletion

Fullscreen capture 2262013 112407 AM.bmp

The search engines clearly know I wrote my articles based on their ‘related terms’- yet the articles, themselves, don’t show up???

bing deleted my results

BING, itself, shows that it has deleted my results- no explanation given and the guy who answered my email thinks that it is good enough to just bring my site up as the number one (and ONLY) result! People have more confidence and respect for sites with MANY pages of results, not just a few. Doesn’t the tech guy understand that?

term stats

Look how many people have purposely searched and found my Short Little Rebel WordPress blog based on ‘short little rebel’. So.. why isn’t my WordPress blog showing up in the natural results for Short Little Rebel???

world stats

Look how many people from all over the world read my WordPress Short Little Rebel blog! So, why aren’t my articles showing up on the search results?

redirect stats

LOOK how many people click links WITHIN my articles! This means that not only do I RECEIVE tons of traffic TO my site, but I direct tons of traffic OUT of my site. This is IMPOSSIBLE for a web crawler working on an algorithm based on # of hits, to ignore! So… why isn’t my WordPress blog site and FB sites showing up before the parody site and before those ancient, small posts from years ago?

They know this. That is why they have killed my valid page results in their search engines.  My readership is much wider than when those old articles were written- in fact, I was unknown. And the blogs that carried them were very small- my current WordPress blog and legitimate FB page is so much larger than them today in terms of hits, unique visitors and interactions through comments.  Thus, the search results are illogical and feel manipulated.

The search engine companies know who I am- the search engines give ‘related terms’ as suggestions- these related terms reference some of the hugely popular articles I’ve written on my WordPress blog that has been read around the world. Articles like, “Why Atheists Make the Worst Scientists” and “Who is Rupert Murdoch and Who Owns the News”, my article on the Norway Killer, and my article about the full Internet takeover bill, Joe Lieberman’s Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Bill (now morphed into CISPA), etc. All the related search terms point to these articles- and yet, the actual articles don’t show up! How can they know enough about my site to know these terms are related, yet the actual articles that they reference don’t exist?  Can you see the logic here?

Friends. Short Little Rebel is a highly unusual political page. I think I am the only ‘serious’ political blog that will actively state that Jesus is the political solution for the United States and the World. I am heavily mocked because I do say this. In fact, most ‘conservative’ political pages won’t touch me with a ten-foot pole. They do not want the mockery that comes with this territory- they want to be seen as ‘intelligent’ and ‘valid’ and ‘serious’ blogs- and of course, saying that Jesus IS the political solution is just…. too embarrassing! And yet, here you all are. And the page is growing- despite the efforts of FB, GOOGLE and BING to kill it. And it will grow because the vast majority of Americans do still love God and are tired of conservatives acting like they don’t even know who he is!

Friends. There may come a day when they actually shut my sites down. There is a very real possibility that you are here to be trained to be the next ‘little rebels’.  If my sites are taken down by these so-called ‘free speech loving’ companies, then you will have to step up to the plate.

You see the mockery. You see how I fail- and fail publicly.   I can tell you, with full honesty, that this is sometimes an impossible task. But you can do it because I can do it. I’m, just a girl sitting at a desk (in her pajamas many times! lol!)- just like you. I am nothing. But God’s word is something.

If I am cut off. I will go to my WordPress blog and continue my work there. I will also go to the Tea Party Community site to encourage our People there. We must continue to reach out to those who don’t know God here and on FB. To those who are so influenced by our increasingly evil culture to even understand their danger of death & potentially even hell. To ‘religious’ Christians, especially. We need them to  awake to the truth of our time- the Bible speaks differently from what they are taught and believe- we need to tell them to read their Bibles for the truth.


If we keep our eyes fixed on Christ and the Great Commission he gave us to ‘go out’ and tell people his good news, we can not fail. We will help people- no matter how many warts our message has. Because God’s truth is bigger than those warts. Though it will be imperfect in delivery- as long as your heart and mind are focused on God- people will see God’s truth above and beyond your flaws. I want you all to being thinking about taking my place. I will never willingly leave you.

I love all of you. You are the Body of Christ- fearless and full of his love.

Now, enjoy some of the FAKE Short Little Rebel Facebook pages and content that FB said DID NOT  ‘violate their community standards.’  Click to see full image. (Oh, I have so many more of these..)

Fullscreen capture 1192016 15709 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15712 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15715 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15719 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15724 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15855 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15859 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15906 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15911 PMFullscreen capture 1192016 15923 PM

conspiracy to harrass


    • I too am kicked off all the time . I said rag head…FB has no list. Last time I said Muslims kill Christens and Jews Been kicked off for Obama is a Muslim. They do not like Trump that is for sure. Left leaning. Because I post pictures of guns I own they limited my Page to 18 and older and called me a gun dealer. I am not . Just a collector. they do not mind calling whites bad words however.

  1. I know for a fact that Facebook is run by a bunch of liberal commie bastards and that they are totally discriminating against conservative Christians. I also believe they are messing up people’s browsers that visit your site from Facebook because this morning I was on Facebook and seen a post about this page and as soon as I clicked on it, all of my browsers will no longer let me login to Facebook because of some sort of secure connection error. Sneaky little commie bastards eh?

    • Jeff, Facebook is so blatant that it makes me happy. They make it clear to the world that liberal so-called atheist homosexuals have to CHEAT in order to get there message out and to make some semblance of ‘winning’ an argument. Facebook has 1) refused to index my Short Little Rebel FB page to any search site. However, they have allowed three hate sites to create pages to directly imitate me, even though what these pages are doing (using my photo for their icons, and pretending they are me) is against their own rules. And FB indexes THOSE sites to every search engine. They also refuse to put my posts in my readers’ newsfeeds. They are just losers all around. Hey, if they have to cheat, that must mean they are afraid of us, right? ha!

  2. I left FB more than a year ago. I complained to them about threats from a hacker – they did nothing, and even when he hacked the a/c and did nasty stuff, they did nothing – so I gave up on them. Keep strong Susan – these people won’t beat you.

    • Jessica, I remain, not for myself, but for God. It would be easier for me to leave- certainly I would be spared the horrific harassment. But the world must see how corrupt they are. They have been caught in their own web. Not that anyone can stop them. But at least Christians can rest assured that they are not alone in their persecution and that they are NOT imagining it.

    • I have noticed that almost all ‘liberal’ Christians like to use the Bible, Christ and God as personal billy clubs when they simply don’t like another person’s politics. A claim to love Christ does not make it so. These types of Christians use Jesus as pure window dressing for their true intentions.

      • Lyn, I know of whom you speak. She has been all over me in the past weeks. I believe she and her friends are actually praying that God will remove satan from my heart! lolol! They are pretty darned tootin mad that I say, ‘no thanks’ to their bludgeon style prayers.

      • That confuses me like you would not believe! They worship a ‘man’ who is responsible for millions of unborn babies, including LIVE birth abortion! Who does not know Christ, who defies Christ and the Holy Bible…who is pure evil! And we are Satan filled? I wonder what Bible sh is a warrior of? The Quran? LOL

  3. Hi, Susan; I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to read this sooner. If you could, would you contact me via my linked email? I have a certain expertise I may be able to put to use for you.

  4. Susan, Grumpy’s Opinions wants to repost this complete, but he would like a picture a one paragraph explanation/into if you would not mind. It that would work for you email it to me at the email address in the comment section, God bless you my friend!

  5. Congratulations Susan, you have hit the big leagues.
    When you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.
    Wear it as a badge of honor.
    Michelle Malkin is attacked relentlessly on her race, her religion, and her conservatism.
    You are in fine company.
    Thank You for this post and your efforts to take our Country back from the godless fools that are indeed blind to what they are doing.

    BTW, you may have heard that the History Channel is broadcasting a mini-series called The Bible, starting this Sunday at 8 PM EST, and continuing until Easter.
    ABC, NBC, and CBS all turned it down due to the religious content.
    I hope you get a chance to see it.

    God Bless, and keep up the good work.

    • Please repost my article. This corruption is so dangerous to our country. THIS is how they will silence EVERYONE in the end. They will arrest, detain and kill us. And no one will even know. No matter how much we try to report it. This technology is very efficient and powerful. good to be back!

  6. Girl you need to listen to these two videos..and you’ll know exactly who and what you are dealing with! Trust me! AND And, last but not least, you have got to read this. This is real, and this is why! Be on guard! Be safe! And pray!

  7. Susan, I know that it’s a little exasperating and disheartening when you get bombarded like this. Just remember this; “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven:…”
    Matthew 5:10-12 (KJV)

    Just remember who’s running the show here on earth. These people are evil. Institutions like FaceBook, Google and Bing are just puppets for an evil puppeteer. They serve their masters well.

    Long before blogs, and the like, if one wanted to get out there, you created your own website; not an easy task years ago. Mine was under constant bombardment, especially from the likes of Yahoo, AOL and Google; which was just up and coming back then. Others like Netscape, AltaVista and Excite were fairly safe. I guess that I made it right to the top of their ‘defecation roster’ with my opening declaration of my beliefs, “I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth…” That was followed by my political beliefs and that I’m a “Jeffersonian Constitutionalist:” (a little to the right of Thomas Jefferson). My URL was sometimes masked or even hidden, or my URL was overlaid with a porn site. Nice ‘eh?

    After moving to SC, I had to switch from Mac’s to a PC for business purposes. That’s when the fun really started. I got my first virus when perusing AFA’s website; (American Family Association). They were under heavy attack. It took me days to get the dancing naked ladies off my screen.

    As wearisome as this all may be, in the end, I would like to be able to say that I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. And hopefully He will respond, “Welcome good and faithful servant.”

    I urge you to keep on doing what it is you’re doing. You’re a breath of fresh air in a den filled with the stench of lies, deceit and perversity.

    God bless.

    • Thanks, Chris. The Progressive elite have ALREADY loaded up all their spy ware and control ware over the Internet. How else could they work around the normal algorithms of these search engines? I have no doubt that they find my articles, but they then simply identify them in their data packets and delete them. THIS is what internet censorship is. When they start arresting and killing U.S. citizens, no one will know. Obama is just going through the SHOW of getting Congress to ‘pass’ a cybersecurity’ bill ( now called CISPA). But they have been actively building their programs and working with the big dogs like Microsoft, BING, ORACLE, IBM, etc. Some of these companies screamed to high heaven when the government first proposed this massive takeover of the technology sector. But this time around they are silent as mice. They have been bought- plain and simple. I have no doubt that they have been guaranteed the monopolies on government contracts which will effectively kill their competition. So.. these big tech firms are now happy as clams. Thus, their silence. The government has had access to their technology (software,hardware) for years now- plenty of time to develop this type of control ware.

      • Susan, As someone who’s spent 30+ yrs. in computer and electronics engineering, and am an old MCSE/MCNE, I’d been trying to pound it into people since the late 80’s, that any PC using the Windows platform is open to spying. Since the inception of the very first version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has had the ability to see and record everything on and/or about your computer. This includes all documents and photos, hardware and software, and their serial numbers. Incidentally, Internet Explorer was derived from (stolen from) a little known company called, oddly enough, “Spyglass Mosaic.” They’ve been at this game since day-one. Hmmmmmm.

      • I believe this is sufficient evidence to prove that the data packet technology described in the CISPA bill is already in place and up and running. It is extremely dangerous to the American People. The GOVERNMENT is and will increasingly use it to kill valid information to the public and world at large.

  8. All of the parties you mentioned are part of this Satanic cult known as the New World Order. While I know it troubles you that Facebook, Google, Bing, Mark Z and Microsoft are suppressing your freedom, remember who is really running the show here on earth. I will not join Facebook, Twitter, Google + or any other social networking site. Facebook is a CIA DARPA project. Yeah, I know, go ahead and laugh, but while your laughing about it, think about it. You are not promoting what they want to sell. So long as your not playing their game by their rules, your nixed. They neuter you and make you ineffective intentionally. We can’t call others “ragheads” because they support them, supply arms to them, aid and abet them, etc. Can’t have someone ruining their good thing. All we need now is, the One World Government, currency and cleansing of society……As I’ve said before, short of Divine intervention, we are all screwed. My friend, Satan is running this show and as you can see, he has plenty of demonic helpers cast about too.

    • blebs, who’s laughing? You are right on all accounts. I just put it in political terms and try to PROVE it through a variety of ways. The new world order is not even a secret with these people anymore. They proclaim their intent proudly. Our young people are actually listening and agreeing! The public education system has done its job well. And you will NEVER hear me argue about Jesus being the ONLY political solution. These are all signs that Jesus is coming soon! Yeah!

    • Please share if you can. Go to my FB site and see the post there. Hit SHARE. People need to know that what comes up on their search results are FALSE . This is corruption at the highest levels of corporations and government.

  9. I have changed search engines just because certain sites never show up in Bing or Google. I tried duckduckgo dot c o m (with Firefox), and your Facebook page was the first search result.

    • Sherilyn, I am always the first result. However, my FB sites (very popular) never show up at all! Also, there should be AT LEAST twenty pages of results from my wordpress blog. They should ALL be on my own domain name: But NONE are there. Only the ancient results from OTHER blogs that have REblogged my articles. THAT is the point. They know that showing only ONE result and right at the top will cause most users to believe I PURCHASED that number one spot (you can do that). Without the pages and pages of other results, listing all my popular articles, my credibility as a writer is severely damaged. People would just look for someone else before they would come to me and my site.

  10. wow just wow u r great. I repost your stuff all the time. stay encouraged. did u contact breibart or anyone like that to get this out there?

    • Sheryl, I have contacted as many ‘big names’ as possible. It’s all word of mouth until then. This affects EVERYONE. Not just me. This points to corporate and government corruption at the HIGHEST levels. And it proves that the government has ALREADY installed their data packet technology despite the fact that the CISPA bill has not been passed yet. It proves that the federal government is just doing what it wants without any kind of authorization- and that the whole Obama demands for cybersecurity are just window dressing and a SHAM. It’s already done and it’s already being abused. I am NOT a terrorist. But I do criticize- effectively. Many people like what I write. So…. they must kill it/ me. But eventually, they will aim this at EVERYONE.

  11. May God strenghten and guide you and surround you with His hedge of protection Shorty, keep up the good work girlfriend!
    “Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.” – II Chron. 15:7 (KJV)

      • I enjoy your blogs immensely. You know God’s Word and we all need to hear it. Those enemies who are giving you a hard time will definitely be destroyed. God says so and he cannot lie! They are controlled by satan and he wants to destroy them. They have sold their souls to him. They will pay here and in the hereafter. May God hold you in his Hand and give you peace and rest. God we ask for miracles for Little Rebel and all your children. Help these evil ones to be loosed from satan and to come to know you and to experience your great love. They do not realize it but they are missing life. Without God we are nothing. Satan is the filthiest nastiest lying pervert and he is delighted to capture these people in their world of sin and disgrace.
        Peace be with you! In Christ

  12. Thanks so much for making this public. The worst thing that could happen to FB is that millions see what they have done to you. . . .it will pull the mask off the puppet masters who aren’t tolerant of any speech except theirs. Stay strong. . there are many with you.

  13. Dear SLR,
    I don’t know if you have considered this, or how much would be involved, but I have an idea I would like to present (if you haven’t already considered it). Just incase FB and Bing are successful in silencing your very much appreciated message, would it be possible to start an email list that your readers can sign
    up on and get your message sent us?

    • Yes, Jon. First, just sign up for this wordpress blog. You can ask for an email notification. Second, if/when I get booted permanently from FB, I will be posting regularly on the Tea Party Community site. Here is that link: hundreds of thousands of Christian conservatives are flocking to this new, FB looking page: .. I am not really using this page now- it is a back up page. I only remain on FB this long because I am trying to reach the unsaved, unwary and the ones who LITERALLY don’t know what is happening. Until then, you can continue to find me at my FB site and here on WordPress.

  14. I am shocked and then I am NOT shocked at all. This is the biggest reason why I left FB. I am still trying to figure out how I can comfortably get back on w/out the government infringing on my rights. Susan, you’ve been slandered. You may want to reconsider that law suit. Then again…
    I must interrupt my own tho’ts. I do believe this is great reason to return to FB. I WILL post this post on my personal page…if for no other reason but to drive home the fact as to why I left in the first place. O’Vomit shakes hands with Zuckerberg as you very well know — yet another reason why I left. There is NO doubt in my mind that he (Zuck) is another pawn in the government entities. They are all using ALL of us to what they feel is their advantage. We, Christians, know full well they will NOT ‘win’ at what they continue to do. We KNOW the outcome and the end result. The Lord will prevail. I will be praying for the Lord’s will to be done — personally, I’d love to see your page remain. I will stand by you and your posts and will be creating my own place to share with others what is absolutely happening right in front of their (possibly) blind eyes. Praying. Do NOT give up! Be encouraged and press on as the Lord wills. Michelle~

    • Mamashell, I hope you are aware of the ‘fallback position’ in case FB deletes our accounts. There is a great new Tea Party Site that is for conservatives only. Here is my address. . You can sign up and re-friend everyone there. Or make new friends by liking my SLR page and sending friend requests to everyone there. You’ll see- it’s great. Invite all your family & friends so that they can have a fall back position too- Just. In. Case.

  15. Susan,
    i just read this in its entirety, I am in awe of your intelligence to be able to figure this stuff out, WOW!!! you are incredibly gifted in computer jargon, and gifted in God…. thank you for sharing this, its incomprehensible the amount of evil you have uncovered and shared, i was not on here today, i was visiting my dad in the hospital, but i prayed for you, You have wisdom, smarts, “hutspa”, courage beyond comprehension, i’m totally amazed by you… i firmly believe God has given you a voice to expose the enemy. I’m sorry you have to experience the evil harassment that goes with it, but i pray Gods grace is sufficient in your behalf….Shame on zuckerberg, google and bing and whoever is trying to silence you, they have no idea of the wrath of God they face….they don’t know that God says, TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED, they are to be pitied…..God Bless you, protect you and defend you………

    • Maureen, thank you so much for those kind words. It is a very difficult road. But all my brothers & sisters in Christ truly bouy me when I am down. And of course, the loving hand of JESUS is never ending…love you too. Susan ❤

  16. Susan, I am sorry that you are having to endure this!Please know that there are many more that love and look forward to your posts of truth and light!We are behind you!!also remember this
    Matthew 5:11-13

    New International Version (NIV)

    11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    • Hi Margaret- I never wanted to tell people this was happening. I allowed those sites to persist because it wasn’t worth my time to address it. My intention here is to show the world that Facebook, BING and Google all are actively suppressing Christian speech. I can only imagine what will happen when Obama and the Progressives ‘officially’ get control of the Internet. As you can see, they already have.

      • Hi, I am so sorry you have to go through all of this, but I also think you should reconsider that lawsuit. Not for the money but to make that stand that WE will NOT be silenced! And if you do, you will have all of us behind you. Those sites are disgusting and need to be taken down. It’s amazing that they are allowed to accuse YOU of hate coming from a site like that and the terrible comments they make. This is wrong on so many levels – Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion (which apparently includes ALL religions EXCEPT Christianity, Slander, Defamation of Character, on and on. I will repost this article this HAS to come out! You are a good person with a great cause! Keep up the great work and Thank you!

      • Thanks, Athena! Please do repost. Unless there is an outcry, no one will listen. This is EXACTLY what internet censorship is. This is what Obama wants. The most hilarious thing is that they have ALREADY loaded their control software over the internet. How else are my results being deleted? Obama just wants to ‘officially’ have permission to do this. In this way, when the Progressives drop the hammer and start arresting people, killing people, etc, no one will ever even know. It is sickening to the very core. I WILL reconsider the lawsuit IF we can get enough outraged people. But this has to go viral first.

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