Facebook Thinks It Can Kill God’s Message… Yeah, Right!

Facebook thinks it can stop God’s message. But God has put a hook in their mouth and has made them into his tool. By censoring, they will grow EVEN MORE sites like Short Little Rebel. Yeah, our God is THAT clever!

It’s so funny, but after FB suspended my account, I was so very angry- I wanted to create some kind of lawsuit if possible, against them and BING. But now, I don’t.

Here is what is happening:  Facebook, BING, Yahoo (that uses BING), and even Google have an active campaign to stop Christian conservative speech.   I will show you how they have actively inserted themselves to stop my message (and thus, God’s message) out.  FB has refused to send my personal Susan Shannon account AND my Short Little Account to ANY search engine. bing blow off letter

Yet, they will send the index information of a tiny little FB page that actively celebrates death wishes against me, steals my intellectual property (my name), has sexually explicit content and pure hate speech against Christianity and me, to every search engine.  (photos further below on the article).   That tiny site ranks way up top while my actual sites don’t rank on ANY search page. And I am the one who owns my name! The BLATANT suppression of my site is … remarkable. Somehow, they don’t fear the public’s response.  Here is proof that Facebook removed me from their page directory with NO explanation.  Only after I inadvertently looked here and submitted a formal complaint did they say they would put it back.  However, the fact that they STILL have not sent my very popular Conservative Christian page’s information to the search engines is corrupt to its core.

In addition, I have screen shot proof that these pages have CONSPIRED- publicly!- to actively harass me on my personal FB page and have incited people to attack my business sites as well.

Notice how they are talking about how difficult my private page is to find. And how they give each other information about my site address for the SOLE purpose of harassing me. Notice how they conspired to put a special photo, loaded with hacking software (that’s the ‘special gift’) to prevent me from deleting the image which they then loaded into a comment on my page. But all this is fine with Facebook.

I have the screen shots that prove that they incited readers to spam all my pages- including my business pages, with, literally, the most foul language they could think of. I have screen images of my photos being taken and put in Photoshop and perverted into sexually explicit images and text. These were ALL posted boldly to the general public. But are THEY suspended? No. Just me. And I have repeatedly reported them. To no avail.

FB allows hacking

See how they are conspiring to harrass me at my BUSINESS site.  While the poster said it was for a 'joke', the second comment makes it clear that their intent was to incite others to spam my business site with hate mail.  But that is FINE with Facebook
See how they are conspiring to harrass me at my BUSINESS site. While the poster said it was for a ‘joke’, the second comment makes it clear that their intent was to incite others to spam my business site with hate mail. But that is FINE with Facebook

The post FB had issue with was the one where I chided President Obama “Badly done, MISTER president! Badly done!” It referenced the Pakistani doctor who helped us get bin Laden and who is currently being so tortured (along with his family) that the family has requested that we stop trying to rescue him at all. In this article, I made a mistake and used the term, ‘raghead’ in reference to the Muslims who were terrorizing the doctor. It was an aberration for me. I was angry when I wrote it. Muslims make me sick with their ways. As it should for any other decent person. When I curse, it is always as a joke of some kind. Remember the infamous, ‘ass’ comment? lol! Occasionally, I like to throw in the exclamation: “the bastards!”. But these are not said in anger. They are said as literary humor. Other than that, I never curse. When has anyone heard me say, ‘fuck’ or ‘prick’ or ‘asshole’ or ‘cunt’?? Do I EVER speak this way? When do you hear me use racist terms? Never. Even when I said ‘raghead’, I didn’t mean Arabs- I was targeting the bloody, child murdering terrorists who hate Christians and so wrongly kill and hurt them.  I would post it, but FB removed it.  Of course, it has left all the above even until today.

bible as gun & hate.bmp
The Holy Bible is an instrument of hate
jesus as a toy.bmp
Jesus is a make believe toy
mocking Christian religious leader.bmp
Pope is evil puppet master
proof parody page carries photo.bmp
parody site has pope photo







Muslims & homosexuals are a protected class. But I am not. Christians are not. These pages mock Christians on a daily basis. They post photos of the Bible cut into a gun shape. They post pictures of the Pope to bash Christianity. They post pictures of Jesus as ridiculous toys. And yet, they are just fine. OUR religion has no protection- Just ISLAM.

They mock conservatives on a daily basis. In fact, these pages have dubbed me, “Her Cuntess”. “Cuntrag” is literally in their title along side my trademark, “Short little rebel”. They have violated my intellectual property, have incited spamming and harassment against me personally, against my readers and against my business. They use sexually explicit images and language not fit for anyone under 18 years old. But FB is FINE with that. But say ‘raghead’ and ‘shame on you, Obama!’ and you get a 24 hour suspension.

Sexually perverted and dirty language as well as theft of intellectual property (my name) is FINE with Facebook. But the one time I use 'raghead' in a single post, one time EVER, I get an instantaneous suspension and threat to delete my site. Fair?
Sexually perverted and dirty language as well as theft of intellectual property (my name) is FINE with Facebook. But the one time I use ‘raghead’ in a single post, one time EVER, I get an instantaneous suspension and threat to delete my site. Fair?
fb allows hate
Cunt is their favorite name for me, personally. But when I address my political enemies, (Islamic terrorists), as ‘raghead’, I am slapped down instantaneously. Fair?
FB allows harrassment
BECAUSE they stole my intellectual property, ‘Short Little Rebel’, they show up whenever someone searches for my name. I have told them this over and over again. My children have seen these pages because FB won’t take them down. Fair? But I run a completely decent site full of decent people, and the ONE time I use a derogatory term for my faceless enemies (Radical Islamic TERRORISTS), my hugely popular site get tanked instantaneously.
swanky twat.bmp
Nice. But they get to ride my coat tails on MY NAME- I have worked for about four years to build my brand, Short Little Rebel, but some punk site with 2 likes gets to reap MY reward. FB is FINE with this even though theft of intellectual property is against their policy. But I get yanked for one TINY violation (which is a stretch, at best) for using ‘raghead’ when discussing the Islamic terrorists who are torturing the doctor Obama left behind in Pakistan. Remember him? HE caught bin Laden- not Obama.

other hate sites

What unbelievable nonsense!

These tiny pages (with less than 200 supporters between them and only about 15 people a day every ‘talking’ about them) rank right up on top of the search engines FOR MY NAME while this page which originated MY NAME doesn’t get ranked AT ALL. Even though, on average, over 3,000 people are ‘talking’ about my page on any given day. Even though my page has over 6,000 likes and even though my page reaches over 30,000 every week (I’ve noticed that start going drastically down in the last weeks- gosh, I wonder why? ) I’ve even noticed that regardless of all this traffic, my posts here don’t even show up on people’s news feeds!! That is why people aren’t coming as often anymore- FB is simply refusing to put my posts in people’s news feeds- even though they signed up for it! If you don’t come here, to my actual FB page, you will miss 90% of what I wrote. THAT is the power FB is exerting over Christian speech.  Mark Zuckerberg is an avowed atheist and progressive. Just remember that. And there is NO such thing as an atheist- Jesus spoke truly when he said, “If you are not WITH me, you are against me. If you do not gather WITH me, you SCATTER.” That means that no atheist can sit by and just leave Jesus alone. They will ACTIVELY scatter what Jesus has sown. We see proof of this right here with my page.

In fact, BING told me that my Susan Shannon page this Short Little Rebel page HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN INDEXED. So Facebook has literally gone into their computer software and nixed my FB pages in their normal indexing process to the search engine algorithms. They have ACTIVELY suppressed these pages and have ACTIVELY promoted the parody site that NO ONE even visits!

FB doesn't report my page
FB indexed the parady site that has broken ALL their posting rules, but MY FB pages- Susan Shannon and Short Little Rebel- do not show up AT ALL. Also, look at the domain names of the articles that do come up. They are from tiny sites or ancient sites that USED my articles. Where are all my articles with my ‘short little rebel’ domain name? THEY are an EXACT match for the search term ‘short little rebel’ and SHOULD all be on these pages WAY before these other results should! Yet, they are not.

According to the search engines- due to FB’s active interference, this page does not even exist. I had wondered why my stats were slowing going down. Same for my WordPress blog. It has actively been shut down to the search engines. While BING admits to deleting almost 20 pages of search results, Google also doesn’t have the proper results. Oh, sure, they both list my WordPress site first on the term, “short little rebel”, but that’s pretty much it. I have written, literally, hundreds of articles. And these articles have been hit tens of thousands of times- from around the world. Visit my WordPress blog. I have a map of the world that shows who has been reading my blog. And yet, the only results are from ancient articles I did that were posted on OTHER blogs. None of my original articles with MY domain name come up. Having many pages of results matters to seekers. If they see only ONE result at the top, they could even think I PAID for that result instead of it being a natural result from popularity. To only show ancient posts from OTHER blogs (that will receive the traffic instead of my own site if the user clicks on them) is.. not as reputable to an internet user as seeing 20-30 pages of results from the current articles that are directly from my site. A user could even think that the page is actually out of business or failed when that happens.
facebook deletion

wordpress stats.bmp
See the hits for my Articles. Yet they don’t show up in search results???
Fullscreen capture 2262013 112407 AM.bmp
The search engines clearly know I wrote my articles based on their ‘related terms’- yet the articles, themselves, don’t show up???
bing deleted my results
BING, itself, shows that it has deleted my results- no explanation given and the guy who answered my email thinks that it is good enough to just bring my site up as the number one (and ONLY) result! People have more confidence and respect for sites with MANY pages of results, not just a few. Doesn’t the tech guy understand that?
term stats
Look how many people have purposely searched and found my Short Little Rebel WordPress blog based on ‘short little rebel’. So.. why isn’t my WordPress blog showing up in the natural results for Short Little Rebel???
world stats
Look how many people from all over the world read my WordPress Short Little Rebel blog! So, why aren’t my articles showing up on the search results?
comment stats
Look at how many people comment, on average, on each of my posts in my WordPress blog. So, how can that parody site, which boasts 15 people ‘talking’ about their site POSSIBLY rank higher than all my articles?? Literally IMPOSSIBLE for a fair algorithm to create these results!
redirect stats
LOOK how many people click links WITHIN my articles! This means that not only do I RECEIVE tons of traffic TO my site, but I direct tons of traffic OUT of my site. This is IMPOSSIBLE for a web crawler working on an algorithm based on # of hits, to ignore! So… why isn’t my WordPress blog site and FB sites showing up before the parody site and before those ancient, small posts from years ago?

THEY KNOW THIS. That is why they have killed my valid page results in their search engines. I am FAR MORE POPULAR today than I was when those YEARS OLD articles were written- in fact, I was unknown. And the blogs that carried them are tiny- my WordPress blog and this FB page dwarfs them today in terms of hits, unique visitors and interactions through comments.

And yet, the search engines know who I am- the search engines give ‘related terms’ as suggestions- these related terms reference some of the hugely popular articles I’ve written on my WordPress blog that have been read around the world. Articles like, “Why Atheists Make the Worst Scientists” and “Who is Rupert Murdoch and Who Owns the News”, my article on the Norway Killer, and my article about the full Internet takeover bill, Joe Lieberman’s Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Bill (now morphed into CISPA), etc. All the related search terms point to these articles- and yet, the ACTUAL articles don’t show up! How can they KNOW enough about my site to know these terms are related, yet the actual articles that they reference don’t exist???   Here are the stats for my page:

Friends. Short Little Rebel is a highly unusual political page. I think I am the only ‘serious’ political blog that will actively state that Jesus is the political solution for the United States and the World. I am HEAVILY mocked because I do say this. In fact, most ‘conservative’ political pages won’t touch me with a ten foot pole. They do not want the mockery that comes with this territory- they want to be seen as ‘intelligent’ and ‘valid’ and ‘serious’ blogs- and of course, saying that Jesus IS the POLITICAL solution is just…. too embarrassing! And yet, here you all are. And the page is growing- DESPITE the efforts of FB, GOOGLE and BING to kill it. And it will grow because it speaks the God’s honest truth.

If it dies, it is ONLY because God wishes it. He does that sometimes. He allows us to be killed or silenced sometimes. Because somehow, that WORKS to his glory in ways we can not see. Even the prophets & disciples were eventually murders and their voices were silenced. Or so their enemies thought!

Satan- who is the prince of these evil people, hates my message (which is GOD’s message- as it comes straight from the Bible) more than any other political message. It is FINE if political pages only target humans- in fact, he thrives off of that kind of infighting. But to identify SATAN as the reason for these people’s actions and to warn people that Christ is coming soon- and to inform people that Christ really is the earthly king and will indeed be the ACTUAL king here on earth- well… he/ they see the growth of our numbers as PARTICULARLY alarming. And we must be stopped.

Friends. There may come a day when they actually shut my sites down. There is a very real possibility that you are here to be trained to be the next ‘little rebels’. IF I am removed, YOU- everyone one of YOU- MUST carry this message forward- BOLDLY. God would demand this of you.

You see the mockery. You see how I fail- and fail PUBLICLY. I can tell you, with FULL honesty, that this is sometimes an impossible task. But you CAN do it because I can do it. I’m, just a girl sitting at a desk (in her pajamas many times! lol!)- just like you. I am nothing. But God’s word is SOMETHING.

We CAN endure- look at that American pastor and his BEAUTIFUL letter from his terrible jail cell in IRAN. HE can do it. So we can do it.

IF I am cut off. I will go to my WordPress blog and continue my work there. I will also go to the Tea Party Community site to encourage our People there. But most people there are already saved! So we MUST continue to reach out to the rebellious people here- on FB. To ignorant people. To those who are so influenced by our increasingly evil culture to even understand their danger of death & potentially even hell. To ‘religious’ Christians, especially. We need them to AWAKE to the Truth of our time- the the BIBLE speaks differently from what they are taught and believe- we need to tell them to READ THEIR BIBLES for the truth.

We need their help in the coming days. They MUST wake up! The harvest is GREAT- but the workers are FEW! We have so much work to do. So much. There are so many people who ARE GOING TO HELL- we must try to help them. You see me- do I ‘do it right?’ NOOO! I do it wrong! All the time! And yet, I know that God uses me anyway. Even if I make people ANGRY- they still heard their warning about death. And THAT is powerful- perhaps they will consider what they are doing and change their ways. If they do, then I will have helped them. But I will never know it!! There is NO REWARD here on earth when you do this!! Be ready for that. But our words, God’s words MATTER when we speak them.

And THAT makes me so happy. There isn’t a right way to do it. If we wait until we are CAPABLE of helping one another, we will never speak. If we think we will EVER say it ‘right’, we lie to ourselves. Just SAY IT. Say the truth. Tell the truth. In all your imperfect gloriousness- For Gods Sake, for your families’ sake, for your friends’ sakes, for humanity’s sake and for your own sake- just start talking. Be willing to be wrong, mocked, berated, blocked, hated, etc. Be willing to say, ‘I’m sorry’ or what ever.

If we keep our eyes fixed on Christ and the GREAT COMMISSION he gave us to ‘GO OUT’ and tell people his good news, we can not fail. We WILL help people- no matter how many warts our message has. Because God’s TRUTH is BIGGER than those warts. Though it will be imperfect in delivery- as long as your heart and mind are focused on God- people WILL SEE GOD’S TRUTH above and beyond your flaws. I want you all to being thinking about taking my place. I will never willingly leave you. But if my page gets shut down here, I will not fight it. It will be God’s will. He has his own plan, Friends. And he knows what is best. We need HUNDREDS of pages like Short Little Rebel- not just one.

I love all of you. YOU are the Body of Christ- FEARLESS and full of his love. Now, GO OUT and spread the news- not as beggars to ‘win people to Christ’ but as the KING’S royal servants who OFFER to tell them about the glorious and wondrous gift our king deigns to give out of the love in his generous heart. If they will not listen, shake the dust off your feet and take back your blessing of peace from them. Move on to those who WILL hear you. There are MILLIONS and millions of people going straight down that highway to hell. Help THEM. Many will listen and they will be saved. Amen, Friends. Amen.


    • I too am kicked off all the time . I said rag head…FB has no list. Last time I said Muslims kill Christens and Jews Been kicked off for Obama is a Muslim. They do not like Trump that is for sure. Left leaning. Because I post pictures of guns I own they limited my Page to 18 and older and called me a gun dealer. I am not . Just a collector. they do not mind calling whites bad words however.

  1. I know for a fact that Facebook is run by a bunch of liberal commie bastards and that they are totally discriminating against conservative Christians. I also believe they are messing up people’s browsers that visit your site from Facebook because this morning I was on Facebook and seen a post about this page and as soon as I clicked on it, all of my browsers will no longer let me login to Facebook because of some sort of secure connection error. Sneaky little commie bastards eh?

    • Jeff, Facebook is so blatant that it makes me happy. They make it clear to the world that liberal so-called atheist homosexuals have to CHEAT in order to get there message out and to make some semblance of ‘winning’ an argument. Facebook has 1) refused to index my Short Little Rebel FB page to any search site. However, they have allowed three hate sites to create pages to directly imitate me, even though what these pages are doing (using my photo for their icons, and pretending they are me) is against their own rules. And FB indexes THOSE sites to every search engine. They also refuse to put my posts in my readers’ newsfeeds. They are just losers all around. Hey, if they have to cheat, that must mean they are afraid of us, right? ha!

  2. I left FB more than a year ago. I complained to them about threats from a hacker – they did nothing, and even when he hacked the a/c and did nasty stuff, they did nothing – so I gave up on them. Keep strong Susan – these people won’t beat you.

    • Jessica, I remain, not for myself, but for God. It would be easier for me to leave- certainly I would be spared the horrific harassment. But the world must see how corrupt they are. They have been caught in their own web. Not that anyone can stop them. But at least Christians can rest assured that they are not alone in their persecution and that they are NOT imagining it.

    • I have noticed that almost all ‘liberal’ Christians like to use the Bible, Christ and God as personal billy clubs when they simply don’t like another person’s politics. A claim to love Christ does not make it so. These types of Christians use Jesus as pure window dressing for their true intentions.

      • Lyn, I know of whom you speak. She has been all over me in the past weeks. I believe she and her friends are actually praying that God will remove satan from my heart! lolol! They are pretty darned tootin mad that I say, ‘no thanks’ to their bludgeon style prayers.

      • That confuses me like you would not believe! They worship a ‘man’ who is responsible for millions of unborn babies, including LIVE birth abortion! Who does not know Christ, who defies Christ and the Holy Bible…who is pure evil! And we are Satan filled? I wonder what Bible sh is a warrior of? The Quran? LOL

  3. Susan, Grumpy’s Opinions wants to repost this complete, but he would like a picture a one paragraph explanation/into if you would not mind. It that would work for you email it to me at the email address in the comment section, God bless you my friend!

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