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Jesus Used Facebook To Gently Rebuke Me

Facebook thinks THEY disciplined me- but the laugh is on them- It was God who used them to remind me why I blog!

Facebook thinks THEY disciplined me- but the laugh is on them- It was God who used them to remind me why I blog!

Good Morning Friends. Well, FB came and locked me out of my account because of a post I did and have threatened to shut me down entirely ‘if I continue to break their posting rules’. Now, before I get into what happened, I want to tell you something I have realized. I believe that Jesus has gently rebuked me. I have been too angry, too proud and too.. well, full of myself lately. FB can’t close me down. As long as God wants me to speak, I will speak. There is, literally, no human or corporation that can stop God’s will. So, if I was silenced, it is because God allowed it to happen. I have been in prayer and have been reading the Bible for guidance in this matter. And I have to tell you, the break was nice. I rested and prayed and it was good. At first, of course, I was so angry because what FB did and what they ARE doing is evil, wrong and unjust. But that is the world today. Look at the Christians being murdered and imprisoned around the world. In comparison, I suffered nothing at all. Just a blow to my freedom and pride. Did it stink that other people could control me? yes. But I KNOW that God is in charge of the world. Nothing happens without his permission. Angels literally guard us everyday from satan. If they part their way and allow evil to touch us, then it was with God’s permission. We learned that with the story of Job.

That doesn’t mean that God approves of FB and Bing and Microsoft or other evil progressives. It simply means that he was answering my prayers.

Lately, I have been feeling the prodding of the Holy Spirit. I have been asking myself if I am on the right track. I felt something amiss. I knew that I was speaking the Truth, but I was wondering, “Am I showing enough of Christ’s love and forgiveness & hope to people? Is my voice too angry? Am I too condemning?” See, I KNOW my heart is full of love when I speak the truth. But I now realize that I have been holding back. My pride refused to give in to the constant barrage from so-called atheists and those who hate Jesus. Also, to the ‘religious’ people who call themselves Christian. BECAUSE they falsely accuse me of hate when my purpose was to warn out of love, I became even more loath to speak my true purpose- which is to love. I refused to placate them or to defend my words out of pride. Why give them that satisfaction? I thought.  This doesn’t make their attacks right or them right.  It just made me wrong right alongside of them.

But the night before, I prayed fervently to God to tell me if I am doing wrong. To tell me if it was true that I was too harsh or too angry and not loving enough. I prayed and asked him to smash me rather than lead anyone down the wrong path. He knows my heart. He knows how very much I adore him. He knows I want only to serve him. And the next day, I was cut off from you for 24 hours. The Lord had answered my prayer. FB thinks they punished me. But like the Assyrian king that God used to destroy Israel, God can use an evil king to rebuke his people. But then, he turned and destroyed the Assyrians too. The rebuke was gentle, Friends. And I am so happy. Why? Because GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS. He heard my prayer and he showed me the way. Because I love him, I will listen.

Today, having a day to ponder, reflect, pray and study the Bible, I realized that good ol’ satan had gotten a hold of my pride and had been putting me on a path away from God’s will. Yes, I was speaking the truth. Yes, I did it out of an obedient and loving heart. But these people were beginning to truly anger me. Their insults, lies, persecution, hypocrisy and slander had made me weak and tired. And that, my Friends, is exactly what satan wanted from the whole thing. That is why he sent them.

With anger comes pride. With pride comes error. And this error can lead people away from Christ- which is 100% opposite of what I wish to do.

So, today I face you a more humble woman. Shall we begin the day? I send very much love out to all of you. And I would like you all to reflect on this gentle, loving rebuke from God. We must not become so angry or so frustrated with the evil around us that we become evil ourselves. It is a narrow road we walk, Jesus said. And ONLY A FEW will enter the Kingdom of God. Nothing- and I mean nothing- is worth losing our soul.


  1. I am very glad to hear this, Susan.

    There is a “theology” that the Bible is mostly allegorical. Bill O’Reilly was the most recent in current events to allude to that when he was interviewing Roma Downey and her husbnad about the Bible miniseries. I remember you saying, however, that you take the whole Bible as truth. As that is so, let me offer a little bit more advice, partially from personal experience, partially from the Word of God.

    I was on FB at one point. I did some investigation into Zuck’s political pandering, donations, and the biased slant the advertisements for candidates had taken. For instance, Obama’s campaign ads showed up when one was viewing any page having to do with hope, change, and even our Savior. This might not seem like a big deal, since people who pull advertisements have a say in preferred placement.
    However, the ads for McCain showed up when one was viewing FB pages that supported Westboro Baptist, satanic groups, etc. These are obviously not preferred spots for a political candidate, yet there is where they were seeing their ads.

    As a result of me publishing my findings, both on my blog and on FB, I was banned from it, without warning.

    What the Lord showed me is that while we are meant to uphold the truth, we are also to bring it in love, as He showed you. Yet He also brought my attention to Matthew 10:16, which reads:

    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

    See, I thought He was done at that point, but He wasn’t. He knows exactly who He has placed us among, and He specifically commanded us to be wily, crafty and intelligent. (Note that I use these words in the sense of strategy, not deception!) Why would He send us out among wolves, and why tell us to be strategic? The answer is partly in the wording He chose, and and partially in His following explanation.

    The word “wise” being used there is phronimos (φρόνιμος), and means sagacious or discreet. There were two other words He could have used: Sophos, which is general wisdom, or sunetos, which denotes problem solving. However, He chose to use phronimos, which combines sunetos with phren, which suggests a covering, or discreet nature.

    Then, in verses 17 and 18, Christ says this (and I’m using the Phillips because of the way it reads):

    “But be on your guard against men. For they will take you to the court and flog you in their synagogues. You will be brought into the presence of governors and kings because of me – to give your witness to them and to the heathen.”

    He told us why we were to be discreet; why were are to be strategic in bearing our message: Because we are to be on guard against men; not comfortable with them, but at the same time, not trying to stir them to anger, either, no matter how they may treat us.

    Note the reason all of this is taking place, was the next thing He taught me: It is by MY will, not your own pride or blunder, that will bring you before governors and kings. It is NOT because your words stirred them to anger; or because your words were so powerful, undeniable and moving; but because of MY will ALONE.

    Then came the next two verses, 19 and 20 (same source for the same reason):

    “But when they do arrest you, never worry about how you are to speak or what you are to say. You will be told at the time what you are to say. For it will not be really you who are speaking but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

    Even in this moment, when all seems lost and it looks as though you have reason to be indignant, He said, you are not to lose your temper. Remain calm, be still, and you will know that I am God.

    So, we are to be discreet, and when the time comes for us to be uncovered and exposed before the rulers of this age, whether it be the President or FB, it will be His doing, not ours. We will know this because we have adhered to His word; we’ve delivered truth in love, and carried it with wisdom and strategy.

    Hope that was of some encouragement to you.

  2. I admire your example in this very much. Thank you for sharing this with us. I thank GOD He shows us what we need to see and understand exactly when we need it. You are an excellent steward of the Kingdom of GOD and I praise Him for your example.

  3. This prayer warrior is still praying. Thank you for being who you are, created by God Almighty to declare His Truth and Love. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Thank you for sharing this Susan. I too, suffer from regular fits of anger towards all the evils in this world. Your post made me re-evaluate my actions and my attitude towards things. I would like to say that God has rebuked me through your post.

    • Erin, it is SO hard not to get angry and even bitter when we see all the horrible evil around us. It is unjust, illegal and ugly- and yet we must bear it because we are helpless to stop it. We MUST keep fighting it. But we must watch our souls carefully. Because satan is clever and uses every opening to strike God’s warriors down. Anger and bitterness need to go. Determination and love must take their place! We are certainly not alone in this, Erin!

  5. You know the devil is always challenging anyone who is for Christ. That is one problem the Catholic Church deals with. We have had a lot of less than saintly priests, Bishops, Cardinals as well as Popes.. Christ did not promise us an easy ride.It is His word and those who are true to Him that count. In the 30’s we had an infiltration of communists who pretended to be interested in the faith become Priests. The devil hates God and will do all he can to harm the Church. What is important is the teaching of the Church and faith in Gods ultimate protection. He said the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
    You said you did not know what the Eucharist is. At the last Supper Christ broke bread with his Apostles and said eat of this, it is my body and then took the Chalice and said drink this it is my blood, the blood of a everlasting covenant. Do this is remembrance of me. The Eucharist is the actual body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ.( I have shortened the wording a bit but you can look it up in the Bible) This, I know is hard from someone to believe who has not heard it but it is proven true. There have been many miracles of the Eucharist. There was a priest who during mass (I believe in Italy) who during the consecration of the Host questioned the truth of it. The Host began to bleed. To this day there is blood that seeped into the marble floor. There are so many miracles of the Eucharist, too numerous to go into in this space. I will recommend some books if you are interested in knowing more about it. I cannot tell you the experience of receiving Holy Communion (another word for Eucharist) I have never felt anything but awe! To think that My God would come into my body and stay with me for a while. and you can receive Him every day or every Sunday. He never told us there would be no disasters affecting the Church. He just told us to trust in HIm. Which I do. This is not a parable this is what He said and what He meant
    Stay strong girl. This is just one of many challenges you will have on your road to Christ.

  6. Thank you for sharing. Our journey in Christ has been long and some days we grow weary, but if we faint not, Christ will lift us up and give us rest so we can finish the journey. God bless.

  7. Thanks for your courage. . . sad to see these days here but we know how it will all turn out. . all though some trouble for now. . . . I will add you to the list of those that I pray for daily. . . one of the brave. media warriors. . .

  8. Dear Susan, I too have become so angry that I felt I was turning unsaved people from me and I was so focused on what I hated. My wife and I have been surrendering to God and knowing that he is the one that will bring our surrendering to it fullness.
    I think about the cross and what would happen in today’s world. First we are to pray for the saints we are told to do so I pray first of all for my repentance but then for the saints . I want to do a fast as I have read that the colonist did a lot of that as well as mighty people of God practice it. But thinking about the cross it is what God had planed from the beginning.
    So when I cry about the progressives throwing out God of all areas of of culture is God upset does it mess with his plan?Look at the cross . I used to be so pro-life and picket abortion mills but I did nothing to help, but make a lot of people think i was over board. I think man they where sacrificing baby’s during our saviour day(I hate the fact that spell check says this spelling of saviour is wrong) would not the saints be going up against these vile people?
    So the cross, could we have stopped it? well get behind me satan. Now I want a women to know that I will going with them and be beside them and not judge them but love them. I was told that as Christians we need to stand behind our pez and I say no because we have right and are told to use them and die for them. I will defend our Continuation and do it because God fearing men before me did so we may have freedom.
    I am asking the Lord if I should pull the plug on FB because they feed the gov my account info. I am think about doing nothing but tell the Gospel and leaving all the political stuff behind.
    I think you are wonderful and know you only want the best for our family and children.
    God bless.
    Scott Price

    • Hi Scott. Listen. Don’t beat yourself up! Jesus GENTLY corrected me. But he did not tell me to leave! He did not tell me to never be angry! But he DID tell me to temper the truth with his loving message too! If I point out that homosexuality will fully separate a person from God, I must ALSO tell them that Jesus will FORGIVE everything if they but ask! THAT was the correction I felt. Righteous anger has its place- but it must on overwhelm us and become our only message. That’s all. The reason I call my Facebook page, “Politics: Nothing More Than God’s Will” is because Jesus IS the final political solution. It is ONLY through watching politics that I can WARN people not to take the RFID chip when it comes. It is the only way I can warn people about the full campaign against Christians on the internet- or about the potential for utter conspiracy WHEN they begin to illegally enter our homes, arrest, detain and even kill us. How else, but through political writings, can I tell people these things? No. Politics is WHERE the evil is being played out. There can be no effective way to prepare the saints for both the coming of the evil but the coming of Jesus. We must all make ready. I try to PROVE that we are in the end times so that people will feel a sense of URGENCY in their ministries. We MUST reach as many unsaved as possible. That being said, not everyone is cut out for the political ministry. Some, like my pastors, take a completely different route to men’s souls. Perhaps you, too, are wrong for politics. If you can’t control the anger, then leave and do a different ministry. You WILL find your calling. Here is my contact info at the Tea party site. Friend me there and like my page. You will love it- it is a conservative site only- liberals and atheists are quickly deleted. You can encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ there! We NEED all the prayer warriors we can get!

  9. God bless you Shannon for your open heart to Jesus. One of the things you said I wrote down on an index card for me to look at every day to remind myself not to sin in my effort to inform. Satan knows just where to get us doesn’t he? He knows our achilles heel and goes after it. You remind me so much of me. I want so much to share the love of Jesus and for everyone to be saved and to wake up that I become overpowering. It is good for us christians to hold each other accountable to stay on the path for Jesus. I have been and will continue to pray for you. Again God bless you and watch you and keep us all accountable till His coming.

  10. Hi Susan,
    I discovered your site after an engine search of the parent of a Sandy Hook child clearly being an actor, And through your site and other sites similar to yours, God is teaching me SO MUCH about what is REALLY going on in this world right now, such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting being “choreographed”, planned in advance, and No children died or even ended up in any emergency rooms. They show footage of a cop pulling a child-sized doll out of the back of his car, and putting it on the ambulances gurney. And the “shooter”? Died the day BEFORE the shooting.
    A person in the community reported that many people in the community ” knew” all about the “hired actors” INCLUDING the children, and that the Fire Station was where all the actors were hanging out, being taken care of with pizza and beer. And that after those supposed children “died”, they were actually seen at parties held by President Obama”., caught on video, in the months after the event.
    NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. The other site I go to I found the same day I found your site..
    But what compelled me to write was your article above. Like you, God has never allowed me to be “blinded” spiritually, or ever been “hypnotized” by Obama, the same way Hitler hypnotized a nation. I yearn for the truth, so that I can warn my children. You also have this same quality. And you are not perfect, just as I am not perfect. God rebuked me over a situation , just this past weekend, when Satan tried to seduce me away from my Soulmate, my ‘Constant Companion”, and my Very Best Friend, Jesus Christ. Thankyou for what you do. Because Obama gave himself ccomplete control over “all media outlets”, AND all energy resources. Just so he can shut down yours and others agenda to expose the truth. I don’t just ‘Read” these articles, and say “God Bless You”; I actually PRAY for God to keep these sites safe, and protected, and not be exposed by Satan to those who have the power now to shut anyone up on the internet.

    Lisa, fellow representative/ambassador for Jesus Christ, by loving, feeding, buying gas for, cokking for, clothing anyone God puts in my path.

    My goal in life now is to one day hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant”!!

    • Lisa- that is also my ONLY goal. I love Jesus so much. I adore him. And I am so GRATEFUL we have an earthly and heavenly RIGHTEOUS and just king! I am so stubborn & proud- I would NEVER bend the knee to any human- no matter what. But Jesus is WORTHY, beyond worthy. His love, his logic, his wisdom, his intelligence, his kindness- everything! justifies him to be our king. Just imagine a world where there was no God, no justice, no righteousness! Only this horrible evil man eat man world. Ugh. If I believed that, I literally could not live a moment longer. What would be the point? Even now, with the hands of technology, we are made helpless to change the evil. We must have Jesus rectify it all for us. It is outside our power. It really is. The best part of everything is that all this points to Jesus’ very near return. This is a message from God straight to my heart. It is my mission, my charge, to TELL as many people as possible that Jesus is NEAR and to make themselves right with him. Before it is too late and they taste true death.

  11. Amen! I wrote you several days ago telling you I was leaving FB for an indeterminate amount of time. Although I was not rebuked in the same fashion, I, too was feeling pressure from the Holy Spirit …in my life, it was to disengage from FB and all the negativity that surrounded my place therein. I have not yet returned (it’s been nearly a week) — but I also feel the Lord leading me back for certain reasons. The main reason is for me to continue posting daily Scripture and sharing it with my friends and family on FB. I think I’ll be adding a snippet of blogging to go along with the Scripture I post. As I decided mid-week last week to disengage for awhile, after much prayer and several VERY quiet days (so I can hear/see/feel God’s presence) I felt like SINGING!! I was instantly lightened, which meant I was more in the will of God at that moment than I had been in a long time. I, too, share in love — or so that has always been my desire. I will return, when the timing is absolutely perfect. I cannot wait to get back to reading your posts. You bless many and I am thankful to have met you, albeit in the FB forum. Praise God for hearing our prayers and reminding us what is most important. And that is: to be still and KNOW He is God. When we are still, we WILL know him and know what is expected of us through him. Again I say praise God!

  12. So, will you be sharing with your readers the reasons facebook gave for censoring you? And the ultimate resolution?

  13. I try real hard to read your blog, but it’s near impossible . You have a signup box that just will not go away. Would’nt you know, it’s right in the middle of the artical. Nothing i do will remove it. It’s extreamly annoying. So i dont know what needs to be done to fix this problem, but i wont be back until this very annoying problem is fixed. Most sites have signup in top right corner or on the side somewhere , stationary, not floating all over the page as this one does. I am already signed up and anxious to read your blog, but not like this.

    • Really Brenda?? I’ve heard someone else say that! What are you using? Internet explorer? Firefox? That is really not ok. Can you take a screen shot and post it for me? I want to see how it looks!

  14. Similar thing happened to me at the end of last week with Loopyloo’s, reflecting and prayer made me realize I was concentrating on my will and not God’s will. Have made some changes and am trying to listen to Him. God bless you Susan, He has a way of getting our attention!

  15. I do not remember in the Old Testament of Jesus pussyfooting in what he said and believed. I remember he just tossed the belongings of those who had set up shop outside of His Fathers Synagogue. We have Obama telling our young people that is is okay for gays to marry, he does not support DOMA, Every evil you can think of, I think we are to tell it like it is. Personally I am a Roman Catholic that is the Church that Christ built. I dearly love my church as you love yours. I will not and have not been soft when I think that is not the avenue to take. I have also confesses that I too am a sinner, We all are. However, I do all I can to be as good as I can and there is not a lot of what is happening to day to be gentle ablout. That is just my opinion.
    I think you will know when God wants you to be gentle and when he thinks a little sternness is warranted. FB is not the final word of God. Because they do not like something does not mean God agrees, In fact I think He would not.

    • Helen, of course we need to be angry and rebuke sometimes. But I believe Jesus wants me to remember to add his message of hope and forgiveness of sins at the end of that rebuke! lol! Believe me the first part of my message will not change. I WILL speak the truth. But I plan on adding the loving message of Jesus right afterwards.

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