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Facebook Censors Conservative Speech! There is Another Great Option!

For Conservatives & Patriots ONLY!

For Conservatives & Patriots ONLY!

Friends, in the face of such incredible, blatant and fearless censorship and electronic manipulation from Facebook, we need to be prepared for complete censorship in the near future.  Mark Zuckerberg is an atheist and is 100% in Obama and the Progressive elite’s pocket.  He has sold his soul to satan.  It sets my nerves on edge to see how boldly Facebook and BING (Microsoft) are censoring Conservative Christian speech.  The very fact that they have no fear of public reaction tells me that something is cooking and will be served soon.  I believe the good ol’ federal government is getting ready to strike the American people.  We need to prepare- and we need to do it quickly.  Communication is of critical importance in the coming days.  We must wean ourselves from Facebook.  We must have a viable option.  I believe the Tea Party Community site is the most trustworthy way to get this second option.

In the event of Facebook going into full control mode in the middle of a national emergency, we need a more trustworthy site to be our fall back position. Hundreds of thousands of Christian conservatives are flocking there in reaction to the sheer audacity of Facebook and it’s rampant fraud and corruption. I am already there- although I am not fully active. It’s free and it has the same look and feeling as Facebook- but it is ONLY for conservatives! You might even feel moved to contribute $5-$25 to help them stay afloat (they need it).   I will remain on Facebook and tolerate their arrogance.  It is desperately important to spread God’s truth to those who are ignorant, rebellious or on the fence- both politically and spiritually.  Most people who have moved to this new site are Christians already.  ALL are conservatives.  While my work would help to prepare and to lift up the conservatives there, I feel that God wishes me to continue as long as possible on FB first.   When/if the government ‘hammer’ drops, I will be at this Tea Party site full time.  You need to be there too.  We can not succeed if we are isolated from one another.

It is an excellent fall-back position for the entire world.  Ask your friends and family to go there, link up, etc.  You need not be active there if you prefer to continue with Facebook for now.  However, if Facebook cuts us off or becomes even more corrupt- everyone will be up and running in a jiffy at this new site.  You can get emergency information there that FB would never provide.  There are those who feel that when Obama drops the hammer on Christian conservative speech, the entire internet might go ‘down’.  But that is too simplistic, Friends.  THAT will not happen.  What will happen is that the government can STOP some information while allowing other information to pass over the internet- they will control the information, which, they hope, will allow them to control the People.   A complete shutdown of the Internet would cause an instantaneous uprising that would result in their probable death or imprisonment.  It is too much to risk.

To kill conservative speech in such an emergency, they would have to shut the Tea Party Site down completely.  In that case, you will know that the government has taken over the entire internet and you will know that soldiers will be sure to follow.  It is a good heads up in any case.  The government will be loath to be that obvious.  For them, it is a matter of gray shades.  At least, it will be that way in the beginning.  They will continue to suppress conservative sites like mine on WordPress- but they can’t take us down entirely without tipping their hat.  That being said, having a conservatives only site like the Tea Party Community is an excellent thing to have.  It is just a good strategic move in a very strategic war the Progressives are waging on the American People.  Let us FORCE their hand.  Too much suppression will make the People rise up together.  It is too much for them to risk.


  1. I’ll probably be banned from here due to my long post but whatever. I’m used to being censored now and it only makes fools out of you which you’ll pay for the negative karma. 🙂

    I am told when this happens at first this Christianity ban from my post below will be enforced by local law enforcement agencies (Police,Sheriff.etc) but then many people *including law enforcement themselves* will resist the new censorship laws helping people escape or hide them risking confrontation with the Federal Troops which many officers will die fighting who stand first to Christ resulting in a civil war which the UN will send in emergency troops to stabilize our country.

    Many people will cry for joy when the new troops come in as they’ll be desperate for basic supplies and MSM will be screaming for joy.

    Good news is that some infrastructure in rural areas will still operate where the workers have no family to support and try to run a skeleton crew to keep the juice flowing during the war despite the risk of getting attacked and not being able to read the meters properly so people can have heat and cook. Even going as far as sleeping where they work instead of going home.

    Then within a few years the government will crack down on that and send new recruits from overseas that will act like the TSA found in airports where they’ll slam you to the ground over the slightest resistance.

  2. I don’t know why but I’ve had dreams and I have been getting the gut feeling there is going to be a terrorist attack that will use Extremist Christians in an attempt to ban Christianity which the news will go gaga all over it as well as most internet blogs that ban people from even saying they love Jesus Christ.

    Laws will be placed where you cannot carry or sell a bible in the USA in which you will be forced to turn any existing bibles to the police station to be burned. Book stores that sell bibles will have to destroy them in order to not have them in their possession when the government does Federal inspections to see if stores are in compliance.

    The FBI will send agents acting as Christians to trip people up into spilling the beans very much like undercover drug buys. The more we allow these FBI people power the worst it will get.

    Then they’ll make it so you cannot operate a church without a license from the Federal Government which the catch is they have to allow homosexual activity since they know it’s a sinful lifestyle and churches will not go for it.

    It will be used as a test to see which churches really stand for Christ and which are more worldly.

    One of our family members works for Homeland Security and has been there long before 9/11 and warned our family members not to fly anywhere this week and she said she is not allowed to tell why.

  3. Seeing what Michael wrote helped make it clearer to me how naive so many in our country are. I have begun making emergency preparations for my family, including arranging for a safe place to go. I am learning about what we will need to survive a prolonged spell under siege. My husband and I have recently become gun owners and I learned at nearly 60 yrs. old that I am a pretty good shot!
    I have told my children and grandchildren where they need to go in this upcoming (soon I fear) event and what they need to bring with them. To not be prepared is foolish. I thank you for getting the word out and perhaps getting thru to one closed mind.

  4. I just joined TPC and hope to see my friends there soon. People talk about what is going on with our government and complain loudly about it, but I’m afraid that very few take it seriously.

  5. Hello short little rebel. I totally agree that the government is just before censoring free speech, especially when it is negative towards their agenda. Not only will they censor free speech, it will become hate speech for which one will become a danger to the state and will be charged as such. I know this sounds way out there but I believe the Russian, Chinese and other citizens of the past will attest to what their governments did. Christians are being targeted now for censorship and others will follow.

    • Richard- you are totally correct and I believe you. But they know that to arrest someone like me for hate will cause more headache than not. They understand that this game is strategic, not militaristic. They need to convince the world to follow them. There’s just too many of us and too few of them. Therefore, everything they do is sneaky, underhanded, barely illegal, covered up and quiet. They know that to harm perfectly innocent and law abiding mother of three, regular church goer, well connected in the community stay at home mother who has never advocated an act of violence in her life- would be a little risky. I am not a loner- I have family who will move heaven and earth to help me. And my fans are loyal too. But BEST OF ALL- I have God. With him, no one dares to touch me. Only if God wishes me to suffer will I suffer- and it will be for his own glory. Not theirs.

  6. I am checking this out. Thank you. I always knew FB was ran on an evil foundation and would eventually do what is doing. I am like you, I will stay until I cannot, but also look up the site you mentioned. Oh btw, you wrote me a wonderful note about my marriage a few weeks back. I did not reply since my internet goes of and on and then forgot. I am your friend on FB. My husband has got us in a position of no church where we are and I have reached out to pastors of churches we had before moving here , but 1 They did not want to deal with the truth. 3.They did not believe me. 4. My husband is wonderful to everyone else, great at being pretender, while I am honest. 5. told so many times it was my fault according to 1 Peter 3. 5. Have had woman tell everyone at church and my children a bunch of non truths about me when separated one time when he was mentally abusive and would not let me do home keeping as God tells woman to do. And sat watching tv and eating all day long. I was even called a hoarder because of him. 6. The pastors were not willing to do anything and my husband refused to work with the little they did try..7. I was called rebellious. * I was not believed. I was told since my husband graduated bible school I was lying. 8. A couple weeks ago I was told it is man’s world by a woman and just to not make waves. I went back to him since I had no help or means to have my children, up keep my car. Live basically and he has improved as far as the tv and leaving me be to do things, but he still calls me a hater for posting truth and that II am rebellious and unsubmissive. He gets
    so angry at my posts on FB , He blocked me. This is true. I am almost afraid to tell you since I have not been believed 95 or more percent of the time. I will message you on FB to tell you who I am since You have followers that might fault me also if they see this. I am a huge sinner and I am not perfect. He has hurt me so, I cry and sometimes tell him what I think in a sinful manner, I will admit it. But to him , he is right and he too gets that from the bible to use.

  7. Rest assured, when the day comes, the government will kill the internet, making communication from this source impossible. Time to go back to the old standby CB and Ham radios. Yes, a war on the citizens is brewing. The scent of it is becoming stronger with each passing day.

  8. I think they are doing a favor to the general population from zealots and thier malignant discrimination.

    • Michael, you are very naive and very foolish. You will be first on their list. Not me. THEN we will see if you feel they are doing you a favor. Your blindness is your undoing.

    • Oh Michael, you are indeed blinded by the lies of the left. Do you really believe that your heroes on the left do not discriminate?

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