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Jesus Heals People Everyday- But Sometimes He Says, “No.”


Jesus heals people everyday. But sometimes, He says, ‘No.’

Jesus can heal any illness or ailment- be it mental, physical or spiritual. He healed my husband’s cancer, which had become deadly, instantaneously, through group prayer. Miracles are happening ALL OVER THE WORLD. Literally.

But sometimes, when we pray with FULL FAITH that he can and will heal us if he so pleases, he might just say, ‘no.’

I have come to understand WHY he says, ‘no.’ He says, ‘no’, because he knows we need to continue just as we are. It is out of love. Yes.

We can’t see the future, so we can’t tell how each change in our lives can lead down the various timelines that are POSSIBLE. Jesus can see every outcome. He operates at a much higher knowledge than we can.

I want to tell you about an epiphany I just had just today. I suffer TERRIBLY, and have suffered for over 25 years now, with crippling back pain (bet you didn’t know that!) I wake with terrible pain, I exist with terrible pain, every word I write is written in pain. I go to bed in pain and I sleep in pain. It wakes me up every night- many times. I take medication for pain until my stomach bleeds.

I KNOW Jesus could heal me. I have asked three times now. He. Said. NO.

Then, today, it occurred to me WHY he has not healed me. I lay down at least once a day to rest my back. I turn out all the lights, draw the curtains and rest. And I PRAY. I never thought about this before. Most of the time I spend with God and Jesus- the time I use to praise and love and adore them, the time I ask for guidance, the time I pray for my readers- IT IS AT THOSE TIMES!!!

If my back didn’t hurt, I would not even be here, at home, to write to you. I could not have any wisdom from God if I weren’t forced to lay down. And God knows me. If it didn’t hurt, I would be full of endless projects. I would NEVER rest- even with this crazy back, I almost never rest- I’m kinda relentless when I want to do something!

Even knowing this now, I can not promise God that I would still be with him so often. Because I am so scatter brained and so crazy focused when I do a project, I would FORGET. And then, regret it. HE KNOWS THAT. (bless him!) If he EVER releases me, who knows what could happen to me! What if I grow distant from my sweet King? Oh, it terrifies me to even THINK it! My love for him makes my heart so full of joy everyday. I can forget about the pain because I am happy so often. THAT is how I bear it without becoming bitter. I can still laugh, love, and I smile so often that a friend once said, “HOW CAN YOU SMILE ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!!! Even when we are discussing something really serious, you SMILE! What’s wrong with you!?” And of course, that made me LAUGH! And that is with the pain!

So. I will gladly accept the Lord’s will in this matter! I would not give up my pain if it meant ANY separation from God and Jesus. No way, no how. This pain is WHY I am here and can speak to you. Isn’t God wise and marvelous!?


  1. God bless you Little Rebel. I have had some pain but nothing as bad as you describe. Meds help me so much. Thank God for his blessings. I know of others who suffer much pain as well. If we can persevere to the end we will be where there is no more pain.

  2. I’ve had my 4th back surgery and it was the one that medically retired me. I found some relief with pain management. (Not a pill mill). Had 1st surgery at 25 one disc space. My 2d was age 51 multiple spaces which was amultiple laminotomies to reduce nerve impingement. The neurologist said he’d see me in 5 years. I drug my feet to 7 and during that time, my wife convinced me to see a pain management doc to see if I could get relief with epidurals or other procedures. Nothing worked and in ’08 I had my 3d surgery L1-S1 fusion with rods and screws. At discharge, my orthopaedist told me that I’d come within 2 weeks of being in a wheel chair for ever. (I’d had sciatica going down both legs, neuropathy in lower legs and feet.Epidurals and nerve oblations didn’t help.) I recovered well and id the majority of things I’d done before where I worked. Jan-Feb ’11 I lifted a 14’John boat by my self. In April, I got a cramp in my leg where I’d never had one before -ended up in the ER overnight and by the 2d day after, I found out that I’d have to have my 4th back surgery T11-12-L1 to S1. reworked the hardware and added screws. I, too don’t sleep well. The hard part was finding out that I had to medically retire. Now that hurt! I now can function as far as work and marital relations. What I can’t do is ride a lawn mower, golf, bend, twist or lift over a gallon of milk. I’m still on pain meds but very conservatively. You see, I’ve been sober 21years, 7 months, and 14days, and I have to balance the two. Little Rebel, you too can get help and REDUCE the pain. email me if I can guide you in the right direction on this journey. I’ve been married nearly 43 years and I regret I can’t contribute any more but God answered my prayers as to when I need to change jobs. Thanks and I hope this helps you towards some relief.

  3. We are all here with limited time. For me, I may be around for another year or two, but that’s only if God allows it. I need another heart valve replacement, but 0 of 3 doctors will clear me for surgery due to ongoing lung disease. As it stands, scar tissue is forming underneath my mechanical valve and closing off the ascending aorta. God has given me all sorts of extra chances at life. I’ve survived 2 things that no one should survive. In other words, I shouldn’t even be alive today to write this. God is good.

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