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Please Join Me At My Church Service Today!

Hello! I forgot to run this LIVE, so you missed the praise & worship part- which is terrible- because our worship team is AWESOME! But here is a very, very touching sermon by Pastor Brandon Beals. Some of you might actually recognize him as the Fight Pastor  involved in ministering to Mixed Martial Arts fighters! Well, guess what? He is quite a Sunday Church  pastor too!  This is coming to you straight from Canyon Creek Church- Mill Creek, WA.  This is MY church and I run the media for you (feel free to laugh when you see me mess up!)  You will love him- because he loves Jesus. Enjoy and tune in again next Sunday at 11 AM Pacific time!

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    • Blebs, thanks. I know and respect American Thinker. Boycotting is a good idea. But the problem is so much bigger than money. It is about POWER and satanic forces. They won’t stop over a boycott. Their eyes are on a prize so big, so wonderful (in their eyes) that NOTHING will turn them from it. It is nothing less than power so great that they want to be worshiped as gods on earth. They are insane, of course, and will never get what they want/need/desire. But they believe in their mission. They can just SMELL their success- it’s so close! That is why the idea of boycott doesn’t strike me very hard. I don’t think they will care one bit.

  1. Appreciate the offer but we have a great church we attend in Atlanta (also over the net), contemporary. Its Mt Paran Church.

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