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Obama is Selling Himself To The Highest Bidder- What Does That Make Him?

Just WHO does this man work for?

Just WHO does this man work for?

Remember Obama’s new non profit presidential campaign?  You know the one that no second term president has any need of?  The one that accepts unlimited  amounts of money from domestic and foreign countries, corporations & banks?  From terrorist organizations?  From anyone?  The one that need not report any of its donors because it can not ‘technically’ be a presidential campaign (cause Obama can’t POSSIBLY be running for a third term, right?) and because it is a non profit?  Friends.  We have the most absurd of the absurd.  We have a man who creates a new presidential campaign right in front of our very eyes and then says it can be a non profit and completely secretive because it can’t be a presidential campaign!  Now, Obama is raffling off meetings and visits with the President of the United States for $500,000 donations.  The White House says that this campaign is from a group that is independent of the President and yet, the president will honor all the… um… ‘appointments’ this campaign makes for prospective donors!  It is a joke of the most massive proportions.

The corruption is complete.

Americans either don’t believe it is happening (like the world didn’t believe Hitler was murdering millions of people by cooking them to death) or they are too afraid to act or they are small in number.  Like us.  These are exactly the days that the Bible spoke about.  We, the elect, are completely in his power right now.  We see the evil, but can not stop it.  He has full control of major news sources (leftist news rags) and he has the full cooperation of the big tech. firms (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Facebook, etc) that are actively allowing the government to kill the data packets containing conservative Christian speech that warns our fellow Americans.  We must expand our numbers- by word of mouth if necessary.  And each and every one of us must begin to spread the news.   Short Little Rebel is just the beginning.  You ALL need to do exactly what I do here.

The hammer is about to drop.  Be a fool for God.  If you love your family, friends, neighbors and country- you will lay down your life for them.  Even if it is only being mocked by them when you first speak.  Because when the hammer does drop, they will come find you and you can band together for safety.  Otherwise, everyone will be isolated and confused- easy pickings for evil men and women.


  1. SLR, I have seen in several of your replies to comments that you deem violence acceptable if done in defense? This doesn’t sit well with me for some reason, although I don’t think I can point to a single verse in Scripture to support this feeling. It does make me think of Corrie ten Boom, whose sister refused to lie to the Nazis even about the Jews she was hiding (and yet God still delivered them for a time); and Corrie herself never engaged in violence in self-defense, leading to the eventual salvation of one of her former guards. Do you think an oppressive government takeover will be a different situation?

    My eschatology is of the premillennialist camp, so I do not think that Christians will be around during the Tribulation itself. So in the time leading up to it, is it okay to use violence against the government in retaliation?

    • I never advocate violence. What I said is that people have the right to protect themselves. If, by protecting themselves and their families against clear aggression & violence from the government, their enemy gets hurt- that isn’t their problem or their fault. That is what I am saying.

  2. I think It’s precious that you delete ANY comment that disagrees with you, even if It’s not offensive, and follows good etiquette guidelines. The air must get pretty stale inside a bubble.

    • Not so, Kurt. But I do delete posts whose only intent is to smear. Or to promote progaganda. Or refuse to actually address the article at hand. Like your comment, just now. It does NOTHING to address the article or the fact that Obama has a new presidential campaign. Not cursing is not all that is needed. You actually have to make a point. Your intention has to be to learn or provide information that is valuable. 99.99% of liberal comments I receive, like yours above, do not meet even the most minimal requirements I have listed. THAT, my dear, is why they are deleted. Also, I am not here to convince a single so-called atheist about God. Nor will I allow them to torture Christians on my page with their foul mouthed insults to Jesus or God. So. Any comments that are like that also get automatically deleted. The reason you rarely see dissenting opinion is because you and your type can’t help yourself. You always curse, call names, whine, complain, mock God & Jesus and/or refuse to make a coherent point of any kind. IF there was dissenting opinion that was intelligent and from a good heart, you would see it here. It’s absence is a commentary on the quality of it more than on my bias. Sorry.

      • That’s a crock, and you know it, SLR. You printed this one so you could post this reply. Nothing wrong with what I said yesterday in the least, nor did it smear anyone, I simply stated that to set up this ineffectual weakling as some sort of super evil mastermind was absurd, and it still is. Period.

      • I don’t even remember your comment, Kurt. But if that was the content of your comment, I can see why I deleted it. You offered nothing other than to negate my article as ‘absurd’. That, my dear, fails to meet even the minimum criteria. If you want to negate my article, you will provide substance. Not just unhappy moues.

      • All they do is whine about their comments on a blog or site, and it is so terrible, but go try to comment on one of their hate filled tripe blogs mocking Christians Or God and It is okay for them to bump you. As you well know, they are so tolerant. FAIL, but we better be of their deranged mindset. Hypocrites.

  3. Blebs, I’m right there with you. Unless we can organize across the nation in small militias first that work together towards the same goals we are in trouble. No one person can do this alone. We need people with leadership and organization skills to step up and begin to work with those of us (there are many) who are unsure where to begin. [This portion deleted as it violates posting rules] It is already quite clear that our elected officials, the majority anyway, cannot be trusted to work for us. We have more enemies in office than we do allies. They all need to go on charges of treason, beginning with Obama and his cabinet of goons. We are tripping over dead bodies of those that were either involved and became a detriment to him or were out to prove what he is on their own. That’s enough to prove we have to work as a unit. I have spent months trying to get people to listen and have became very frustrated that so many still have their heads buried. I think for some they just don’t want to admit how wrong they have actually been. [this portion deleted as it breaks posting rules] I pray, Dear God, Give us the knowledge and skills to do things the right way to bring about your will. Give us the strength and fortitude to complete the job I feel you are asking us to do. We realize our country as a whole has drifted away from you and beg that we be forgiven individually as each heart asks that of you. I would like to give you the love you have given me, alas, you are the only one capable of such a love. Please watch over America and make her strong again, bless each and every one of us, our families and friends. Help me to know how to help bring them back to you. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Hi Debbie- thank you for your comment. I had to delete portions of your comment. I can not and will not advocate a pre-emptive violent revolution. I can not allow speech of that sort directed against any public official. While I understand your emotions, I can’t cross that line with you. I believe it would only play into tyranny’s hand. Defense, yes. Offense, no. The same kinds of militias are needed for either. But I just don’t believe in a violent overthrow of the government. No matter how much they rot. As long as we still have the vote, it isn’t moral. The most unfortunate thing is that half of America has bought into the boy king’s lies. THAT is our true problem. And that can’t be overcome with guns & bullets. That can only be fixed with Christians who are willing to write as I do- to be a fool for God- to say the things that need to be said. To CONVINCE, through credible evidence, knowledge and scripture that Obama & the progressives are evil. If we can win that war, we can win the political war. IF they attack us first, then we have every right to strike back as hard as we like. Of that, I have no doubt.

      • Hey Reb, if I am not mistaken, and I often am, it was about 35% of the population that fought the Brits in the Revoultion. We currently have about 53% of our population buying into the Nanny State junk. I agree about not going on the offensive to re-take our nation with violence, I am worried that we, the current 35%er’s, at some point, might have to defend ourselves from our government. I understand Gen Lee’s comments when he said he thought he would never live to see the day he had to defend his state from an attack from D.C.

        btw…I see your locks are longer! My barber just trimmed my lettuce…classic high and tight, Ward Cleaver would be proud:) LOL!

      • Hi Hillbilly! Oh. We WILL have to defend ourselves. And we need to be ready. That is why I am recommending that people find their nearest militia to join. Even if they are tobacco chewin’, cursing good ol’ boys out in the woods! lol! AT LEAST it will provide a place to go in the case of emergency. Even 12 guys working together are a force to be reckoned with. As for the locks, yes, they are longer now. And you marine style haircut? I love that look on a man! So you have my thumbs up! lol!

  4. Lord, I ask you to give us strength and courage beyond measure. Make our thoughts overflow with wisdom, not for our own well being but for the sake of sharing Your risen self with those who do not believe. Give us the capabilities to stand strong and firm in our faith when everything around us is sinking sand. Good God, hear our prayers and protect us mightily! amen~

  5. My part in the battle is sharing my Sunday messages, to encourage those fighting the battle everyday. I have fought the battle against Obama on my blog, but there are just too many stupid, racially-motivated, he-put-a-chicken-in-my-pot voters out there. When you elect a man like this one time, it is an aberration. When you do it twice, it’s “Every nation gets the government that they deserve” time.

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