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An American Traitor: The Product of the Department of Education

Observe the successful product of the Department of Education, Progressive controlled media & Disney's progressive kid's shows.

Observe the successful product of the Department of Education, Progressive controlled media & Disney’s progressive kid’s shows.

An American Arab once served his country as a soldier.  He is now fighting against it.  Meet Eric Harroun, 30, grew up in Phoenix before joining the U.S. Army in 2000.  He is the successful product of the progressive Dept. of Education, Progressive owned American news and Disney’s progressive children’s shows.  Throw in the progressive take over of our Armed forces and they could not be prouder of their handi-work than Eric Harroun.

THIS is exactly what the Progressives have been working toward for decades now: A young American population that considers love of Muslims and a hatred of Israel as ‘cool’. I’ve seen it in my own progressive family. It starts with the parents who were taught in liberal universities that to love Christ is to embrace Islam. That to embrace Islam is the ‘Christian thing to do’. Also, to think that to be ‘progressive’ is a good thing. Specifically, it means that you are more ‘cultured’, more ‘intelligent’ and well… more of everything than your embarrassing American redneck cousin who didn’t go to college but loves America with all their hearts, loves Christ and the Bible with all their hearts and can see a villain a mile away.

The children of that brainwashed, self serving generation have no love of country, no love of Christ and couldn’t see a ‘bad guy’ if he was standing there with a sword ready to lop their heads off.

This guy’s father’s only concern is that he will be dead soon. He has no shame about the fact that his son is a complete traitor. And he has no concept that his son is being laughed at by his Muslim friends.

Darryl Harroun, this boob’s father, “said he doesn’t believe the U.S. — much less his own son — has any business in Middle Eastern affairs. But at least one family member seems to believe Harroun is fighting a noble battle.

“Keep fighting Eric!” Harroun’s sister, Sarah Harroun, posted on Facebook this week. “The people of Syria and you are in my prayers.”

Harroun’s descent into Islamic fanaticism seems to have begun sometime after his discharge from the military. With seemingly no way to pursue his lifelong dream of being a soldier, he fell in with two Iraqi brothers, Maadh and Hayder Ibrahim, who he met while attending Pima Community College in Tucson, and began to identify himself as a Muslim, according to people who know him.”

And yet, we keep giving Visa’s to the enemy to come to our universities, recruit American citizens for terrorist activities and learn how to operate in the modern world. We EDUCATE our enemy to our ways, our mindset, our technology so that the terrorists can use them against us. Isn’t that very ‘Christian’ of us?


  1. We can look all the way back to the Spanish Civil War at least. The left has infiltrated our media, education, some churches and even parts of our military. A quick review of the Vietnam Conflict reveals how the Communists in America manipulated the media, music and anti war movement to help the North Vietnamese Communists to win the war. Now those same people and their useful idiots are undermining our nation and sewing the seeds of our destruction through tolerance of Islam. Islam is an aggressive religion/philosophy/ law that guts every culture it invades. When the dust settles, we will have to recon with these traitors.

  2. Something I simply can’t wrap my head around, and this seems to be an universal idea held by conservatives, is the “progressive indoctrination” of college students. I went to the University of North Texas, which is known to be about as liberal as it gets for a college in Texas, and not one single solitary time did a teacher express their opinions for or against Muslims, Jesus, their hate for America, etc. I majored in English, took classes on Philosophy, government, and even took a class on the Holocaust; so short of an actual class on religion, you would think my education would have been ripe for conversations such as that. Was my experience an anomaly? Did you have that experience when you went to college? Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! 🙂 My daughter Rebel says hi!

    • lol! Almost ALL universities are filled with progressive teachers. This is now true for all elementary, middle and high schools. Considering that I went to college at West Point for three years, I never say a liberal day! lol! But when finishing my last year, I was absolutely surrounded by this ‘progressive’ = ‘cool’ attitude. Everyone was bisexual (at least) in their minds. To even say you were straight was considered a lie. Christianity was ‘ugly’. Americans were ‘ugly & uncultured’- evil, even. And yes, the pressure to accept Islam and every other religion was enormous. Our children in public schools will have a very difficult time battling the pressure to conform at school. Say hi to your little Rebel! 😉

    • No. Because he is ALSO fighting against America. And American interests (ie, his jihad against Israel), which jeopardizes our alliances. And he fights against Christianity. He is a traitor. An Arab traitor who has chosen his Muslim beliefs over his country.

      • Sorry the article says he is only fighting against Syria (so far), one of Americas enemys.

        I can’t see where he is fighting against christians,while there maybe christians in the Syrian government/military I always thought that Syria was ruled by a sect of Islam.

        As for saying he has chosen his islamic beleifs, I’ll happily admit I am wrong but my impression was that it was part of islam to abide by the laws of the country you live in. Hasn’t he chosen radical beliefs over more mainstream islam.

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