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Aw, Forget Honoring The Winners- Losers Will Feel Hurt!!!

Oh. MY. GOSH! We now live in the land of Wishy Washy. In order to pamper the losers, we will trample upon the honor of the winners, see?   So.. let me ask you, “Why should our children even try?”

This, of course, is just the miniature version of Progressivism across the world. No one can win. No one will lose. So… it is all one big hopeless joke. In comes depression, idleness, corruption and everything else that is vile in God’s eyes.   I suppose they can all do heavy drugs to get that high of winning, huh?

Man was meant to strive. We are half animal/ half divine. We have words like, “hero”, “self sacrifice”, “honor”, “duty”, “elite”, “moral” and “winner” for a reason. We KNOW that being a mere face feeder, money grubbing, self serving, lying, cheating animal is a low way to live as humans. Mere survival is not something we put on a pedestal, is it?   Our entire language is peppered with this notion of ‘higher’ ways to live and ‘lower’ ways to live…

We know to our very fibers there is this thing called ‘rising above our animal instincts”. This compulsion to be the kind of person who ‘does the right thing‘.   Our collective soul as a society calls out to ‘something higher‘, something better in the human mind, body and soul than mere existence! This craving for redemption over flesh defines the human condition.   In fact, it is our very nature- all poetry is based on this notion.  All art- everything we hold dear- it all points to the bravery of one soul that manages to defeat the animal within to achieve the divine.  To deny this is to deny our humanity.  It is to deny us everything good. It is to impose upon humanity a great evil.

That is exactly why socialism and communism have never  worked for human society.  Inevitably, some individual must strive to the top of that hill.  And inevitably, that person will become a dictator.  This, too, is inevitable.  Without the human and spiritual counterpart to fight against the rising of supreme evil, humans will lose hope.  We all need a champion.  We all need that honorable and good warrior to slay the beast that has become dictator.  No heros only give rise to the rising of one side- the demons, dictators and beasts.  This is not fair play in human terms.  Nor in spiritual terms.

We are each individually born, we each individually struggle against our inner demons and we each individually will face our Maker.  We come alone into this world and alone, we will depart.  We are not a collective.  And we know it.

But these Progressives are attempting to kill that spirit within our Children.  Imagine, no honors awards for those who earned it.  And why?  Because the ones who failed will get their feelings hurt.  (who is shaking their heads?)

It is already happening at my children’s public schools. Kids don’t get praised for how well they do- they get praised for doing the ‘best’ they ‘can’ do (as if this were pre-defined and fixed in stone). So, my son, who is an expert reader gets the exact same praise and honor as a kid who gets a D in reading. Because a ‘D’ is all the school deems that other kid is capable of! That degrades both children- but most especially the other child. Oh! to have your child be told that a ‘D’ is all they can do! As a mother, I would lose my mind!

These people are evil. They pretend to care about the students. But they don’t. They have an agenda, Friends. And that agenda is called HOPELESSNESS.

A generation of hopeless people… so much easier to defeat than those of us who came up the hard way: scrapping for everything we wanted & needed- owning our successes and our failures- both resulting in strength. We are just too tough for them. They need a bunch of depressed & defeated people. And that is exactly what they will get.  Parents, look to your children. Keep your expectations of them as high as they will go. Don’t excuse their failures- tell them they can and will do better. We need STRENGTH in the coming days. Our children, properly raised, will be that strength. They will be the leaders to defend all that is right when the big hammer drops. Tend to them.

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  1. You encourage them to do the best they can and for the effort. Also children achieve but not at the same rate or in using the same modality.

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