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Did Jesus Use The Term, “Baraq Bama” When Describing The Anti-Christ?


  1. I just remembered (today/Saturday) that people used to get upset over ‘Santa’ having the same letters as ‘Satan’ even though Santa is the word for Saint in many European languages. The same principle applies here I think, people are taking words from another language (Hebrew/Aramaic) and reapplying them. The most obvious example in English is “God’ and ‘dog’ – is God a dog? Of course not!

  2. So Ms. Short little Rebel: Those” tidbits” from where ever you got them were Certaintly not Early ist to 4th century Church manuscripts . So where did you get your sources from ?

  3. Fascinating! I have never been a believer in coincidences — but I am not a linguist either — so this video and its logical possibilities whilst fascinating do not seem to me to present a conclusive argument either pro or con as an answer to the original question. However, as the principle I firmly believe in is that a man should be judged not by what he says but only by what does … I would have to say that President Barack Hussein Obama’s actions certainly suggest he is following a path of destruction predicted to be that which would be followed by the anti-Christ when he arrives back on Earth.

  4. Just an FYI we seem to have an overabunance of black vultures and ravens here in SC!!! Literally, I’ve never in my life seen so many!!! You can see as many as 50 sitting together on low branches. Creepy stuff!! Jesus come soon!! 🙂

  5. Okay. So. regarding the birds — something crazy strange has been going on in this High Desert of SoCal. There are carnivorous/roaches of the air i.e. buzzards, gulls, ravens. Suddenly, in the past one year, there is an onslaught of ALL of these birds. They gather, they attack each other, they fly in great numbers — I don’t know who else has noticed such strange phenomena, but we have and we are constantly keeping our eyes on Jesus and His word to give us wisdom as to what it all means. These birds are not gatherers of seed and vegetation. They are meat-eating, plant eating, waste-eating scavengers. The desert has become a breeding place for all of these birds just in the past year alone. The mockingbird, the orioles, the lizards, the tortoises, jack rabbits and many other species have seemingly disappeared from this place, where they once thrived just several years ago (aside from the desert tortoise which has been on the decline for over 20 years). I know what I know and I know the Holy Spirit is keeping us aware of what’s going on. Scavengers don’t show up in such a vast area without reason. It, too, is a sign of the times~

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