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We’re The Sheeple of Amerika!


  1. What a great song…nice find! The Amerikan people have become sheep blindly following their evil shepherds down the broad path to destruction. And no, Hudie doesn’t get it…he must be a sheep to parrot the fascist drivel like that…

  2. Yes I know what it is about. I was just commenting on how the American sheeple do not stand up for anything anymore !!! In the past we stood up for the good . “When America ceases to be good then America will no longer be great.” Those were the words of the late Zig Ziglar.The sheeple do not care any more because they are numbed and dumbed down by the implimentation of all of the 7 planks of the Communistic system. Joe McCarthy was right about what was going on in the upper levels of the U.S.State Dept.We have been taken over a long time ago


  3. Many remain Sheeple no matter how much warning comes their way. I pray for them to return to the rightful owner of their souls, but it seems those particular people refuse to turn from their wicked ways.

  4. This is right on!!! We do not stand for anything any more. The murdering of the Iraqi and Afghan people will come back to America!!!!

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