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I Believe In Jesus, So Why Can’t I Feel God?

Because I can’t feel him…

People often say, “I believe in Jesus and God and I have asked for forgiveness.  I know I am saved, but I just can’t feel God- I see others can feel him- but I can’t!  What is wrong?  Am I forgiven?  Am I really going to heaven?  If so, why can’t I feel God inside?”  I feel moved by the Holy Spirit to address with to everyone today.

If you have given your life fully to Jesus and if you believe he is the Son of God, fully authorized by God to lift you up on the day of resurrection – then you are saved.   If you ask for forgiveness of your sins, Jesus forgives you.  That is simple.

What is not simple is truly believing what you just said- and what is not easy is giving your entire life to God’s service.  This is the crux of your problem (and every human being’s problem.)

When people are asked, “Do you believe that Jesus’ body was broken and his blood was shed as a final sacrifice to make you right with God?” , they often answer too flippantly- “Yes, I do!”

But the question is, “Do you really believe that?”  Do you really believe that Jesus came to this earth- the Son of God- fully man and yet, fully divine, to die for you?    And that he came for only one purpose- to save mankind from death?  Do you even understand what that means?  Most people don’t.  Ancient Jews understood this but modern Americans don’t.  We lack the cultural heritage of the Jews at the time, who were accustomed to sacrifices to atone for their sins to God.  We don’t understand the significance of ‘sacrifices’ made to redeem ourselves with God- and how Jesus’ sacrifice is the final sacrifice.  We don’t understand why this covers our sin & leads to everlasting life with God.  Let’s look at that.

Death is the consequence of sin, according to God.  God’s very nature is pure righteousness.  Our sin separates us from him- not because he walks away, but because we walk away.  We can’t exist with him in our current sinful state.  Something about our sinful state actually prevents us from being with God.  His love for us, however, is so profound, that he wanted to give us a way to ‘get past’ our inherent sinful nature.  So that we can be with God- so that we can exist in his presence.  Which is what he wants- it is why he created us- so that he can have children ‘in his own image’.

(Genesis 1: 26-27) 26Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”
27So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

In the old days, people would prove their love, devotion and repentance for theirs sin to God by taking the best of what they owned and giving it up so that God would believe they were sorry.  That is why they sacrificed their best animals, etc.  God wanted them to prove they were sorry and that they honored him enough to give these things up.  This is how they made themselves right with God after they had sinned.

But, in Hebrews 9-10,  Apostle Paul explained that God had a second purpose for this:  to prove, once and for all, that no human being could EVER sacrifice enough of their possessions to cover their continual sin.  That we would have to sacrifice day in and day out to cover our unending sinfulness!  Which would be impossible!

The Jews lived in constant guilt and fear- because they knew they couldn’t ever produce enough pure animals or grain to cover their continual sin!  They were frustrated and never felt ‘good enough’- this caused many to just give up entirely!  Paul tells us God did this on purpose.

He wanted to prepare humanity for his final act of love- his final gift- his final solution- the only way- that would allow us to fully atone for our sins:  JESUS.

Jesus explained to us WHY God loves him so much:  because he obeys God in everything.

29 The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.” (John 8:29)

It is clear that Jesus wished to avoid his death by such horrific means.  But he obeyed God’s will that he should go through it.  This points to Jesus’ love for God and also his love for us.  Jesus wished to please God through his obedience.  And he knew that God wanted to redeem his children.  How much would you love a child who was willing to die so that you could have your dream?  God adores and honors Jesus for his sacrifice too.  So much so, that he will believe anything Jesus tells him about us.  Regardless of our own actions, God will believe JESUS in his testimony about us.

19 Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. 20 For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed. 21 For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it. 22 Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23 that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father.”  John 5:19-23

37 All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. 38 For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. 39 And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. 40 For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”- John 6: 37-40

50 I am not seeking glory for myself; but there is One who seeks it, and he is the judge. 51 Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.”- John 8:50-51

Jesus is God’s gift to humanity.  The only sacrifice that is worthy enough to cover our continual state of sin is Jesus himself.   Because Jesus chose to provide the final sacrifice, God has given him the full authority to forgive our sins and make us white as snow- even though we weren’t and aren’t white as snow.  Just the testimony of Jesus will convince God of our love, repentance and desire to be right with him.  Our love for Jesus is enough for God.

(John 3: 16-21) 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

Because  God loves and honors his son so much and saw how much Jesus loved us when he went through torture and death for us, God will believe everything that Jesus says about us.  Satan will stand and accuse us before God.  He will literally list all our sins (which we really did do!) as testimony to God.  But Jesus will testify that we are righteous before God.  And God will take Jesus’ word and will accept us into his kingdom.  Those who have chosen to not accept Jesus will not receive this testimony before God.  Not only Satan will testify against us, but God will be angered even more at our willful tossing away of his precious son’s gift.  (How angry would you be if your child gave their life just so that you could give a gift to another child- and that worthless kid smacked it away like a spoiled brat?  How much would that hurt your heart that your child died to provide that gift- and it was spit on by another brat??)

10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:
“Now have come the salvation and the power
    and the kingdom of our God,
    and the authority of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
    who accuses them before our God day and night,
    has been hurled down- Rev. 12:10.

God knows that this step is extremely hard for human beings- it sounds easy- but it is not.  Because Jesus doesn’t testify for us for free.  No, he doesn’t.  He has a price.  And his price is nothing less than your entire life on this earth.  Yes, you heard me- your entire life.  Loving Jesus is obeying Jesus.  Loving Jesus is to lay down our lives for our friends.  Loving Jesus is to serve him with all our mind, body and soul.  Jesus spoke of his testimony and the price for his testimony here in Matthew 10:32 –

2 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. 34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father,     a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— 36     a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[c] 37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38 Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

We see that in this story in Matthew 19: 6-23

6 Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?” 17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.” 18 “Which ones?” he inquired. Jesus replied, “‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, 19 honor your father and mother,’[c] and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’[d]” 20 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” 21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” 22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth. 23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

We also see this in Luke 9:59-62

59 He said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” 60 Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 61 Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” 62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

Jesus knew that the price for his testimony would not only cost us our entire life- but that we would also be tormented on this earth as a further price.  And yes, he expects you to endure this in order to go out and ‘love one another’.  Yes.  We are to lay down our lives to help others come to Christ.  That is his command for all who want his testimony on that judgment day:

(John 15: 9-26)  9 “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. 10 If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. 11 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. 12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command. 15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 17 This is my command: Love each other.

18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’[b] If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. 21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. 22 If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. 23 Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. 24 If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. 25 But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’[c]

26 “When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me. 27 And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.

That is the test- the sacrifice- by which we can make ourselves right with God.  No goats or sheep or birds or wheat can do the trick.  They are too easy and are not convincing to God.  No.  He wants everything from us.  And when we say we believe in Jesus, God fully understands what that will cost us.  It will cost us our entire earthly lives.  And that is the only way God will know, for sure, that you are sorry, that you choose him and that you love him.  You are to say with your mouth, “Jesus is my Lord.”  That means you OBEY him and swear your lifelong OBEDIENCE and SERVITUDE to him, doesn’t it?  People take this too lightly and then wonder why they don’t feel him in their lives.  No, FIRST establish your pledge, then reap your reward.  The servant serves first and then the king rewards.  That is the established order.  SERVE first.  Reap second.

So, if you don’t feel God  there can only be one reason:  You have not laid down your entire life to serve Jesus and God.  You retain your life above your commitment to God- your children, your husband or wife, your family, your job, your home.  If you retain your life, you are not worthy of Jesus.  And you won’t ‘feel’ him.   We need to love Christ more than our child!  Imagine that!  More than our husband.  More than our parents.  And ultimately, more than our lives.  Luckily, God rarely asks us to give these precious people up in our service to him- but that is not the point.  The point is your intent and your loyalty and your willingness to serve God.

The process didn’t end when you said you believed in him.  You need to grow and mature in God.  You do this by laying down your life to his service.   Yes, it’s a tall order.  But that is what God wants.  Just everything.

Only in this way can we truly build a relationship with Jesus and with God.  One must get to know someone deeply in order to feel them in our hearts.  We must build a relationship with God- that happens over time- and your entire mind & heart must be with him.   How do you get to know God?  Through constant prayer.  Never stop talking to God.  Never.  Forget starting with ‘Dear God’ and ending with ‘Amen.’  Forget closing your eyes and don’t wait until you go to bed.  Pray ceaselessly.   Give yourself to God and let him know YOU- then, he will give himself to you.

How do you learn to hear God’s voice?  By reading his WORD.  By reading and studying the Living Word, the Bible, you will learn exactly what God’s ‘voice’ sounds like.  Eventually, you will discover how to hear the voice of God above and beyond all the din of the world.  You will no longer distrust the inner voice that is God when he speaks to you through His Holy Spirit.  You will simply KNOW.  As I know.

Then, believe me, you will indeed feel God.  So much so that tears of overpowering happiness will stream down your face.  You will come to understand the ‘joy that passes all understanding.’  Fear & respect first, obedience & love second and then comes the joy.   That is the promise for which we all live.  And God never fails to deliver.

**** A special note from Susan (ie, Short Little Rebel) dated Nov. 28, 2014):  I’m writing this note because this article continues to prove exceptionally popular.  I don’t want anyone to confuse my meaning in this article.  This article is not about salvation.  It is about feeling God’s presence in your life.  Salvation is simple.  You speak your belief with your mouth.  That is salvation.  But developing a close relationship with Christ is another thing.  If you examine the life of the apostles and the early Christians, you will note something very important.  They experienced two stages of their Christianity- they were saved first.  Then, they received the fiery baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I’m not saying that salvation doesn’t happen without the Holy Spirit.  The bible isn’t incredibly clear if the Holy Spirit is intensely involved at that point.  Christ tells us that we speak our salvation into being with our tongues.  We speak our faith in him and his ability to redeem us from our sins.  Our faith in him saves us.  Is the Holy Spirit a part of that?  Most modern theologians believe that.  But the bible doesn’t speak directly to the point, in my opinion.  We will ask God when we get there.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we are saved at that moment, just as the sinful thief was as he merely implied the words in his simple statement, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. ”  I have no doubt that God intended his example to remain in the bible for perpetuity for a very specific reason- to prove to the world forever how simple and plain salvation really is.  This is why cults like the Mormons take this verse out of their version of the bible.  Thus, you can very much be saved and not ‘feel’ the presence of God.

This article is addressing why saved Christians can’t feel the presence of God and is trying to help them become closer in relationship to him in the only way possible:  by dying to this world.

The Apostles and early Christians all were saved because they believed in Christ when he lived.  However, they did not receive the gift of the Holy Spirit until after his death and resurrection at Pentecost.   Many theologians believe that the centurion and his household whom Peter visited were already  Christians beforehand.  They received the fiery gift of the Holy Spirit many months after they were saved.  In fact, they received the Holy Spirit before they were even baptized with water.  Thus, the order of events can be mixed up.  I have heard some Christians say things like, “People aren’t saved until they are water baptized” or, ‘until they receive the Holy Spirit” or “until they receive the gift of tongues’, etc, etc.  But they are all incorrect.  The example of the thief proves them all dead wrong.  He had none of these.  His simple, imperfect profession of faith was enough.  Christ honored his implied assumption.  So, salvation is one thing.  The gift of the fiery Holy Spirit is another.  It is the fiery gift of the Holy Spirit, I believe, that makes us ‘feel’ the presence of God.

This fiery gift of the Holy Spirit does not come to anyone who does not lay their entire life down to God. That much I know.  I have received this gift.  I was a Christian for at least 15 years before I receive this incredible gift.  You can read about it in One Christian’s Journey.

It’s been a long time since I wrote this article and I have only just re-read some of my replies below.  I regret my curtness now.  I have changed and am a more chastised version of my old self.  I hope this note clarifies the intent of this article.  Salvation is one thing.  Developing a close relationship to Christ and God is another.  One is simple- the other requires everything you are.



  1. Hi. Im 14 and i’ve been struggling with my faith. I’ve been trying my hardest to live for God i read my Bible daily, I pray daily alot, I go to church every week and go to youth. Lately ive been trying my hardest to get my life right with God. I feel like he hates me and doesn’t want any part of me. I feel like im either going to miss the rapture or he will send me to hell for now having a relationship with. I have been losing my faith and i have very little faith which makes mes feel like im going to hell or will be left behind. I’ve been praying for him to help me but i havent gotten anything all i want to do is close to God and get a relationship with him and for him and just live my life the way he wants me to live and im willing to do anything just to be with him. Im trying my hardest not to lose all my faith but i feel like he wanted me before and now he doesn’t want me at all. I NEED HELP!

    • Hello Josiah! I am so glad that you have written to me. I only apologize that it took so long to see your comment. I’ve been busy writing a book. So, let’s talk, shall we? First, relax. So many people feel that way that you aren’t alone- not by a longshot! Second, God understands how weak we are. And he has great compassion. Especially for youngsters. I have three teenagers and want to know what I tell them? I tell them about what I felt when I was your age. Once, when my sister and I were walking home from Bible school and church (my parents never went), I looked at her and said real soft-like, “Pammy, do you feel the Holy Ghost?” She looks slowly at me out the corner of her eyes and says, “no. do you?” I said, “No. … We’re going to hell.” lolol. It’s ok. Your problem is that you don’t understand that it takes TIME to develop a real relationship with God. I just wrote an article about the parable Jesus taught about the good and bad trees and the fruit they create. One of things about fruit trees is that it takes years before it will produce any fruit. Before it can bring its first crop, it must 1) be planted in the right location where it can receive proper sunlight and water. 2) It must be planted in good soil so that it can receive proper nourishment through its roots and 3) It just needs strategic pruning to ensure that the eventual branches are strong and few- these are the types of branches that bear the most fruit; not the ones that have too many little branches going all over the place 4) It just needs TIME to grow.

      Let’s talk about you. In this analogy, Jesus is the Soil. His Word is the Nutrient that must be pulled up through your roots. God’s GRACE is the sun and water. He promised in the Bible to shine his sun and drop his rain on the good and the evil alike. This is his love for humanity. Pruning is discipline- in a youngster’s life, that comes from their parents. They need to make sure that you have your young shoots pruned back into worthy directions. They need to make sure that you don’t run in too many directions at once and thus, lose your focus. They need to make sure that weeds, disease and insects don’t plague you and kill you as you grow. Diseases and insects are satan and the people he uses to suck our life blood (remember, that’s Jesus Word, right?) from our lives. That usually comes from people who aren’t Christians and who are tempting us to disobey God’s commands and to mock or disparage him. All you have to do is look at music videos or even modern ‘art’ to see how much these people detest Jesus. Heck, just looking at politicians will tell you the same thing. TEACHERS are similarly destroying their student’s faith in the classroom by mocking it- by presenting science as some kind of god. (btw, how many times has science been wrong? think about it. It is the NATURE of science and exploration to be wrong. That is why we keep researching, isn’t it? To discover more truths? We have only begun to scratch the surface of knowledge. Einstein himself acknowledged both God and Jesus. He knew that if you are intelligent, you MUST admit to God’s existence. If you fail to do so, then you are a very poor thinker. That is the truth. but it isn’t being taught in the classroom.) You are probably feeling some of that pressure and mockery, right? I tell my kids this: God is not afraid of science or any knowledge. I have a biochemistry degree. There is NOTHING I have studied that is contradictory to my belief in God. Indeed, the more I study, the more I find God. The universe simply couldn’t order itself as it has without a Designer. As a designer myself, I know this. Great order takes great effort. That is also what the law of Entropy teaches us: everything must wind down. So why doesn’t it? Believe me, kid. There are many great thinkers in the world who know God and how he must fit into our knowledge. He is far more logical than to believe in everything breaking every law of physics that we know and just ordering itself. You just need to hang on to your pants and use your BRAIN. God does not fear your inquiries. Just make sure you really are asking questions and not trying to ‘disprove’ him. A true inquiry will always find him at the end of it. I promise you.

      In any case, let’s get back to you. So, you say you read the Bible and try to obey God’s commands. That is GOOD. That means that your roots have been placed into a GOOD soil and that you have plenty of nutrient to grow strong. As I said, the love of God provides you with the strength and energy (sunlight and water) to grow. Now, the next question is your parents. Do they discipline you by keeping bad influences out of your life? Do they keep you from the wrong friend groups? From drugs, early sex, profanity, pornography (a GIANT problem for boys your age. Did you know YOU are that industry’s target market?), and alcohol? Do they encourage you to go to the teen bible study at your local church so that you can find other Christian teens to befriend? Because your friend group is so important right now in your life, Josiah. If your parents aren’t limiting these things in your life, then it will be more difficult for you. YOU must self limit. Especially with the advent of phones, boys are watching porn at every opportunity. And it will DESTROY your sex life and your future marriage. It will make you feel like a bad man. It will make you feel dirty before God. It will make you feel unworthy of his love. Porn is one of satan’s greatest weapons against Christian men. It is such a problem in churches now that many are starting help groups just for that purpose where the men aren’t shamed- they are helped. And they hold each other accountable. If porn is your problem, you need to tell your father or mother and ask for spiritual help. You can ask for spiritual counseling too. They do a lot of work with boys with porn addiction. Ok. But no matter how you mess up, JESUS’ BLOOD IS STILL ON YOU, my dear boy. Just because you sin and feel bad doesn’t’ mean that you have lost your salvation! If that were the truth, then NONE of us sinners would go to heaven. Ok? You aren’t a bad person for whatever sins you are committing that are making you feel so badly.

      Now, if/when you are truly walking pretty well in his light, are reading the bible, are avoiding the major pitfalls of satan through pruning, then there is only one thing left: TIME. Time, my young friend. It takes time and maturity to ‘feel’ God. You don’t realize how much you actually do feel him. In your writing, even, it is evident. You refer to him as definitely existing. THAT is faith. Just because you are young and ‘can’t feel him’ is not a lack of faith. Sometimes God can withhold this particular blessing because he wants us to reach harder toward him. These are tests. God has his own pruning for you. He does this through testing. I’ve always considered 13 to be the ‘age of accountability’ for my kids. Sort of the general age where they leave their childhood behind and can truly be held accountable for their choices. It’s a good age for baptism. Have you been baptised?

      Perhaps you are feeling this new accountability in your life and it feels scary? Welcome to adulthood! lol. How do you think we parents feel- we don’t have anyone to correct us- just God above and as you know, he can be very silent at times. Right now, he is not talking much to me either, love. I am needing his reassurance and he is quiet. But I FEEL him out there, looking lovingly down at me. But he is letting me grow on my own right now. And it hurts like all growing pains, but I will do it because that is my job. YOU have a job, too, Josiah. It is to grow strong into God. To become a strong man of God who will someday lead lost people to Christ. Believe it or not, this lost feeling you are experiencing will one day be part of your witness testimony. And reaching out to me, a mature Christian, will be part of your story too. And so will all your actions from this point on be.

      Here is something I use whenever I am weary in the Lord: Jesus promised that he would never lose even one of us. Look at this scripture:

      35Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. 36But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. 37All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. 38For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. 39And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. 40For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

      When I am weary, I lay myself down for a nap or for bed. I imagine Jesus’ hand to be huge. I crawl up into it and curl myself into a little comfortable ball inside his powerful hand. I imagine his hand closing over me. I pray, “Jesus, you promised to never lose me! I am calling on that promise. I am weak right now. My faith is weak. I can’t fight satan anymore right now. You fight him for me while I rest. I need to rest in you. Thank you for never lying to me. Thank you for your promise to never lose me. I can rest in you.” And I go to sleep. I ALWAYS wake up happier and stronger.

      CLING to Jesus, love, no matter what. You don’t NEED to ‘feel’ God to be saved. Salvation came through your intellectual DECISION to believe in Jesus. That is, you simply chose to believe that Jesus came as the Son of God, divine in his own right, to take our sins upon him to be crucified on the cross with him. They died when he died. But when he rose again, he proved himself to be the True Messiah, the Son of God and the True Deliverer of all people. When he rose, he provided irrefutable proof that he will fulfill his promise to raise us also in the body and the spirit. He proved his power that resurrection day! And all our sins died three days earlier on that cross. But YOU, Josiah, chose to believe in Jesus’ promise and his person. THAT is all that saves you. Not your work, not your feelings, not your efforts. JESUS saved you and nothing else. So, you can feel lonely, awful, alone, afraid, etc, but you are STILL saved by Jesus. Ok? Just walk your salvation out every day. One day at a time. When you sin, just ask for forgiveness and KNOW you have it. Not a feeling- just an intellectual thought.

      And like the young sapling, you WILL grow into a good tree and you WILL bear good fruit. That is also Jesus’ promise. Ok? Eventually, believe me my son, you WILL feel the Lord powerfully in your life. You are just a sapling and it is NORMAL to feel as you do.

      So, rest easy. I pray God’s blessings upon your sweet, earnest head. I pray his soft hand upon your brow. I pray that you can relax into a trusting relationship- Jesus has got you, brother! and I pray that your parents and family are peaceful and full of God’s grace. Talk to your parents. much love, Susan

  2. Hi. I have aspergers and have a very difficult time understanding all this….. Unless it makes sense to me logically, and in a way I can touch, see, or measure it doesn’t seem real to me…. I need to be able to have God really interact with me as an earthly person would for me to interact with him… not just attribute things or actions to him. thank you….. btw i am an older adult and have been trying for years to feel connected and feeling left out……

    • Hello Oscar. Many people have the same problem as you and they don’t have Aspergers. I think it is a problem of the human spirit. Also a problem of the human mind and will. In the Bible, all the people were constantly testing Jesus and asking him to do more and more miracles to prove he was the Son of God. After a while, he got fed up with them and said something like, “Geeze. You guys keep asking for miracles so that you can believe in me, but you are so stubborn in your lack of faith that even if a man was dead for three days and got up and lived again, you still wouldn’t believe!” Get it? ha, ha. In other words, we are programmed not to believe in God. This is called ‘sin’. We are all born into sin and it utterly separates us from God, who has no sin. Sin is like a giant, thick, impenetrable wall that cuts us from the Lord. We must deal with that sin, remove the wall, before we can know God. Jesus is the door in that wall. He is the wall breaker. He removes it from between us and God. When he went to the cross, he literally took all mankind’s sin upon his body and it was crucified with him on the cross. Our sins died with him on the cross. But HE, himself, rose perfectly and beautifully above death to prove that he is Lord over all, including sin and death. He is the Lord who, because he conquered sin and death, also promised us that IF we believe in him, we too will be raised up out of sin and death exactly like him. But if we don’t believe, then we remain exactly where we were: covered in sin and death. Jesus told us that he didn’t come to judge us. He didn’t need to- we are ALREADY dead. We died the moment Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. Every offspring from that day forward was born into their choice: death and sin. He came to break down the wall that is keeping us dead. He FREED us.

      That being said, what is required for ‘believing’? It is simple. It is a declaration that you make with your mouth and heart in front of your church that you believe in him and will serve him and only him the rest of your life. Then get water baptised and receive the Holy Spirit. There. You are ‘saved’. Now comes the hard work of BUILDING a relationship with God, whom you don’t know very well at this moment. Continue to read your bible and learn what the Lord has taught us. Believe me, your faith will GROW over time as you learn God’s ways. Like ANY relationship, you need to get to know God before you can have a close relationship, right? There is only one way to know him: that is to read the Bible. Going to church is important too because it gives you the opportunity to meet others who also believe. Their faith will strengthen yours. The mere act of worship (ie, singing praises, being taught via sermons, and prayer) will strengthen your faith. Faith comes from hearing- that is what the Bible says. ‘hearing’ is also reading. It means ‘learning’.

      AFTER you learn, or AS you learn, OBEY God in every way you have learned. As you obey, he will come closer to you. That is what Jesus promised. Your obedience = your love for God. Do all this, Oscar, and then come back to me and see if your faith hasn’t grown. But if you haven’t done any of this, that is WHY you can’t ‘feel’ God, not Aspergers.

  3. Susan, of the seven articles I read on this subject, yours is by far the most honest and helpful. Thank you for bringing your singularly unique clarity to this difficult, emotional Christian issue. God Bless You!

  4. Hello. I am quite young, 14 exactly. I know I have a long way to go, but I am struggling with my faith. And now there’s something else. I already love my family and people close to me more than I love myself. And now I have to love something I can’t see or feel or hear or touch even more? I am also terrified of hell, as most people should be (burning eternally isn’t exactly desirable). And I was baptized a long time ago but I don’t think I was old enough to understand what God was really doing for me, for all of us, as I do now. With the current situation in politics and the world now, I want to do something to help people, which I remember is something you said I should do. And I’m stressed out in school all the time, I cry all the time, sometimes for illegitimate reasons, and I have depression and anxiety and social anxiety. I know people and God love me but I still feel alone. I want to ask Him to help me st least not cry every night, but does that still constitute as me being selfish? And just because I love my family and close friends and boyfriend more than God, will I go to Hell? Because I don’t know how.

    (I know I just threw a lot at you, sorry)

    • Hi Renee, listen to me! Stop being afraid of GOD, at least! You are NOT going to hell for ANYTHING you do or for anything you DON’T do. Don’t you understand, my little sister in Christ, that you have been freed from all that bondage and fear?? I am so sorry that I am seeing your message so late. I have been attending to other things in my life. But I am here for you now. Once you accepted Jesus into your life, you can’t go to hell. Ever. Ok? The entire reason we come to Christ is to FREE US from the ‘LAW’. What that means is that we are free from having to DO a million things to ‘earn’ our salvation and we are also free from NOT doing a million things that might cause us to LOSE our salvation!!

      Once you accept Jesus, you have been ‘covered by his blood.’ You have undoubtedly heard this phrase before- but I can tell you don’t understand it. This means that when Jesus went to the cross, he BECAME all our sins and then all our sins were nailed to that cross, along with him. Those sins DIED with Jesus. And only JESUS was resurrected while the sins died. Jesus was victorious over those sins and over death- symbolizing our victory over sin and our death.

      All we need to do to partake in that victory is have belief in Jesus’ desire and love to save us- THAT’S IT!~ So many so-called atheists say, “It can’t be that simple!” And I say, “It can and IS that simple.” The only hard part for many people is the bending of the knee- their pride can’t stand the idea of ‘someone being my boss.’ And that alone is why they choose death instead of life. I will never understand it.

      But you, Renee, no matter how depressed or down you may ever get about anything in your life, no matter how much of a failure you might feel as a servant of Christ, you will never be forgotten as a Child of God. Here is Jesus’ promise concerning you:

      35Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. 36But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. 37All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. 38For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. 39And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. 40For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”- John 6

      Whenever I am low, I lay down in my bed and pray. But first, I visualize myself inside of Jesus’ giant hand, all curled up and safe. I remind Jesus of this promise, that he will never lose me. I say, “Jesus, you promised that you will never lose me. I am so sad right now. I am weak. I need you and your strength right now. I need you to just carry me. I need to just sleep in your hand and I need you to make me strong so I can face my life when I awake. Satan is hammering at me. I need you to take care of him for me. I’m having trouble dealing with him. Please do that for me. I know you will. I’m calling on your promises, which I know are all true because you never lie.” And I go to sleep. And when I wake, I am STRONG again! Works EVERY TIME.

      It is NOT selfish to ask God to help you. Indeed, that is exactly what God tells you to do!! You are supposed to bring your petitions to God. Bring them all to him. That is what he WANTS from you. Renee, that is how you build a relationship with God. You pray to him in thanksgiving. And then, you bring your needs to him in prayer. He WILL deliver you. It may not come right away. It may not come in the WAY you expect. But your life will BLOOM in a way that is miraculous- just as mine has.

      But you must learn to love God as the first priority in your life. This is most important. I know that it seems impossible now. That is because you are young and ignorant now. I felt the exact same way when I was your age. But the Holy Spirit will help you mature in the Lord. Do not worry that this means you are unsaved or going to hell. You are not. It just means you are ‘green’ and young and that you need ‘bread’ instead of ‘meat’. You are a baby Christian and still need lots of guidance on how to grow up in the Lord. So……my advice is to relax, dear. God has got you firmly in hand. You are fine.

      Just pray, bring your thoughts, fears, honesty, truth, desires – all of it, to God. He is not afraid of your thoughts. Tell him about all of this- even the part where you love your family & boyfriend more than him and your desire to change that because you want to be that close to him. Guess what? He knows it anyway- and your confession and desire to change it will PLEASE him and he will HELP you achieve that. Believe me when I tell you that when you come to love God more than anyone in your life, your love for all those people will only increase, not decrease. You may wonder at this, but it is true! Your heart is made to be a thing of beauty and grace, never before seen in this universe. It is meant to be a Child of God! Equal hier to Jesus, the Son of God! Your heart is capable of such love, you will not believe the magnitude of it if you will but TRUST in God and follow his path. That is what athiests will never know or feel. Your capacity as a human being will never bloom until you submit to God fully. Trust in him and you will become more than you could ever imagine. Just trust.

      Now, be happy and well. Teen years are hard on everyone. You couldn’t pay me to go back to your age. Everyone hates middle school!! My three children will attest to that!! YOUR job is to be patient and endure it, ok? There is LIFE after schooling even if it feels like forever- I PROMISE!! Both my daughters (both in high school) say that highschool is so much better. And even if that isn’t great- I can personally attest that college is complete freedom from angst. So, there is an end date to whatever you feel about social problems with others your age. NEVER contemplate suicide or any such thing. There is brilliant LIFE just around the corner. Remember, EVERYONE hates those years. So just hang on and God will see you through. If you find that you are ever in a critical way and need someone desperately, write to me at my personal email: I will be looking for your email, ok?

      • Well I am in high school lol , my freshman year is almost over. Your email helped me a lot, and I will take your advice. Thank you 🙂

      • I am SO glad. Be glad in Jesus, little sister! You are meant to become an EQUAL HEIR to the kingdom of heaven as Christ. He is the FIRST BORN and we are next. Listen to this incredible set of verses- they are some of my very favorites. It shows that God really did create all those stars, planets and every other stellar marvel JUST FOR US. It also proves that God planned on having YOU, Renee, as his child. Listen to these incredibly profound and wonderful words. These sum up the entire question of “Who am I and Why am I?”

        “14For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 15The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.f And by him we cry, “Abba,g Father.” 16The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.

        Present Suffering and Future Glory

        18I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. 20For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21thath the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

        22We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. 23Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. 24For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? 25But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

        26In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

        “28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 29For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. 30And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.”- Romans 8

        I leave you with this most important advice, little sister: READ THE BIBLE. You don’t understand the promises of Jesus. You don’t know who you ARE. You don’t understand the power that has been given to you, nor the joy that is at your fingertips. Jesus told us that “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, 21nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”c That means that we have HEAVEN right here, right now! Our problem is that we are blind. The Bible will help you to OPEN your eyes and mind to SEE the joy of heaven in your life. READ it, OBEY it. And your relationship will GROW with God and your joy will increase. Ok? Ok!

        much love, Susan

        p.s. please go and copy my email address because I will be deleting it!

  5. Thanks for the article. I am a ‘new’ Christian and I have a few questions for you:

    If one’s salvation is contingent on their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (including his death and Resurrection for our sins), then why do we have to resist sinning as Christians? In other words, if the gift of salvation is not based on our works, but the grace of God, then why do we have to change our relationship with sin if our works would never suffice anyways?
    Are saved Christians guaranteed heaven, even though they will inevitably sin until their death (as part of their nature)?
    If I became a Christian, and my life (fruits) haven’t changed, does that mean that I ‘did’ it wrong? I still struggle with anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, depression, etc. It’s extremely frustrating because I want to change those things but I feel like I have no control over them, and that those things are affecting my relationship with God.

    • Hello, M. Welcome to the body of Christ. You are now my brother or sister, did you know that? And as such, I am to take extra care of you. And I’m very glad you have come with your questions. First, you say you are a new Christian. What I want to say to you is this: RELAX and take a deeeeep breath. You are now in the hands of Jesus. And he will never lose you. See here:

      “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” Jesus, recorded in John 10:28

      Once you decided to put your life in his hand, he sent the Holy Spirit to you to teach you everything you will need to know to grow in him, ok? This is a promise from the Bible. see here:

      “19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” 1 Corinthians 6:19. AND
      25“All this I have spoken while still with you. 26But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 27Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14

      I sense you are having some doubts. That you are wondering if a change has really happened in your life. Perhaps you are even wondering if you were ‘really saved’? The answer is YES. But satan is like a hungry wolf- he roams the lands looking for people to devour. Young Christians are his favorite snacks! But not to worry! Jesus has already promised not to lose EVEN ONE. and you will not be lost! You have the Holy Spirit in you and HE will lead you to all that you need to strengthen yourself in the Lord.

      Being saved isn’t a one-time ritual. It is a relationship. A relationship with Jesus and with God, our Father. You have only just met them! Of course you don’t have a deep connection with them yet! So give yourself a break here. I have known the Lord for decades and believe me, my relationship with Him is completely different than when I first met him. It is deeper and richer and much, much more beautiful! This, too, will be yours as you walk with God for the rest of your life.

      So, the next steps in your life: get to know God. How can you do this: Well, now that you have the Holy Spirit, you can read the Bible with open eyes. This is another promise of the Bible. God hides the meaning of his words from those who reject him. But for those who love him, he will reveal his truths. The Bible is the source of all God’s TRUTH for human beings. And no matter how many times you read it, God will unveil a new layer of truth to you. Wisdom is gained by reading the Bible. Daily reading is the best. I have an article about how to approach the Bible. Many have no idea what the Bible is or how it is even set up. Read this article and you will at least have a good head start.

      Another way to strengthen your relationship with God is to hang around with other believers. That means… go to church and get involved in a small group or a growth group- something like that! You will be fortified more than you know! And your knowledge and faith will grow side by side.

      Now, briefly to answer your questions directly. While we are saved by grace, the salvation within us should compell us to do good works. James wrote:

      14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

      18 But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.”

      Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. 19 You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.”

      In other words, it is hard to believe that you are saved if you have no desire to stop sinning. The Christ in us compells us to love God and all his commands. That being so, we wish to please God. We know that our sins don’t please him- so how can we, if we claim to love God, WISH to continue angering him or cause him to be saddened or injured by our actions? It would cause one to doubt the love you claim to have in God, wouldn’t it? At the very minimum, we should WISH to change, even if we continue to sin.

      So, the direct answer: you should change your relationship with sin because you should WISH to change it- based on your professed love of God.

      You asked “Are saved Christians guaranteed heaven, even though they will inevitably sin until their death (as part of their nature)?” the answer is ‘yes’. A glorious yes! that is the FREEDOM we have obtained through Christ! Jesus said,

      “34Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. 35Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. 36So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

      The day you decided to give your life to Jesus is the day you became FREE FROM THE GRIP OF SIN. You didnt’ become sinless, no way! But you became free from the certain death that sin brings. Jesus’ loving sacrifice of himself on the cross has led to 100% FORGIVENESS of all your sins. Can you even believe that? So, for the rest of your life, all your sins are forgiven. Is that crazy, or what? But does that mean you should go out and repay your Lord by murdering, stealing, and raping the world? NO! What kind of son are you? Christ knows those who love him truly and those who don’t. For those who love him, their hearts break in two for this gift of love and are thankful beyond words for this gift. They WANT to serve God with their lives in return.

      As to your ‘fruits’ not changing. Listen, the longer you walk IN OBEDIENCE to the Lord, the more your life will reflect the kind of life Jesus wants you to live. And believe me, the closer your life resembles the life of Jesus, who was the perfect example of every human life, the more your ‘fruits’ will change. Your life will explode with fruit- IF you obey God in everything. You will never be perfect and you will sin. But you will hate your sin and love God’s laws more and more as the days pass. You will be challenged to FORGIVE those who have hurt you, just as you have been forgiven. You will choose to have HOPE instead of dread. So much in our lives is about CHOICE. Some things are medical. If you are clinically depressed, you might talk to a doctor as well. But continue praying and reading the Bible and going to church. This is the path of God’s chosen. And you will grow and grow and grow until you don’t recognize the person you are today. CHOOSE HOPE, my love! Because ALL of Jesus’ promises are true! I have lived them myself and will witness to you that they are true. Don’t let satan dig his fingers into you. Should he cause you doubts, just say what Jesus said, “Satan! Get behind me.” and think no more of him. Furthermore, here is what I do when satan tries attacking me: I mentally curl up in a liitle ball and place myself in Jesus’ big hand. I pray to him and say, “Jesus, you promised that you would never lose me. I am weak right now and the devil is taking advantage. You take care of him for me.” And you know what? EVERY TIME. satan goes away.

      Please let me know how you are doing. Stop by again.

    • This post is for M
      I have to confess I am very concerned because you said “If I became a Christian” I take that to mean you are not a Christian? I also want to add to Susan’s post. When you become a child of God, your want too’s change. You have the desire to please God, you no longer want to remain in the spiritual condition you were in prior to salvation. The Bible says “The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing” we as Christians will sin in the flesh until the day we die but as Susan has stated in her posts, we will not be accountable because Christ on the cross covered those sins. That includes past, present and future sins. We serve Him because we love Him. We love Him because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.

    • Relax, Don! as I told you in reply before, you won’t see your comment until I have a chance to look at it and respond. Nothing is wrong if you write a comment and it seems to disappear. It just means that I haven’t approved it yet. I don’t use my blog everyday. I’ve been very busy with my business lately. I see that you’ve left lots of messages- so let me answer you here, once and for all. Once I approve your comment, you will get a notification via email (if you selected that option) and you can come see what I replied. Thanks for reading my blog! smiles!

      • My apologies. As I have said I’m new to use of a computer let alone what a blog is. I forgot my password and don’t know how to find it. Anyways thanks for reading and responding. My name is not don or Amanda. Its Sandra. But that’s OK, I know you were addressing me. Dons my husband of 31 years.I didn’t mean to cause any disharmony if I have done so. Thank you for reading my comments. However I now know to wait a while before a response. As I said idk what a blog is.Haha. or a chatroom and am Leary of facebook . so y’all have a good day.

      • no problem. you don’t need a password to comment. Just so you know: A blog is just a website, like this one, where a person like me writes articles or essays about stuff they are interested in. Other people can come and go as they please and comment if they want. My ‘blog’ sits on a server (giant computer) owned by WordPress and they give me a little space on their harddrive to store my stuff there. That’s a blog. A ‘chatroom’, is probably an old fashioned term by now- but there are many social media sites that allow lots of people to sign in at the same time and all can write things at the same time. Everyone can see what everyone is writing. Usually, you have to be ‘invited’ to join these groups by someone in the group. People ‘chat’ rather incessantly about subjects- some of these ‘rooms’ or ‘groups’ never shut down and some shut down after only a few minutes. These can be found in Facebook, Messenger and other sites. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you for explaining. I’m certainly not interested in chat rooms. Only Christian conversation. Yours has been interesting. I apologise if my response wasn’t in favor of the man who was so angry but I believe as brothers and sisters in Christ should be able to agree to disagree. I will check in now and again of course. I love talking about our Lord Jesus and enjoy the harmony when it flows. Thanks again lil Reb.

      • agreed. Well, if you are ever on Facebook, you can send me a friend request. My page is exclusively for Christians. There are about 1,500 Christians signed up as ‘friends’ there. I’ve vetted them all before I accepted their requests to ensure they are politically conservative and Christ loving Christian. My intention behind the page was to create a place for Christians to ‘let their hair down’ and discuss the political/cultural events of our time with other Christians. Without having to argue Christianity with atheists. I have another page for everyone to participate, but my page is only for Christians. Here is my facebook page address: Note: be careful to not google for my facebook address. There is a fake one that is an imposter- a horrid site that mocks Christ and everything I stand for. It is hate page. You will know it because it has the word, ‘twunt’ in the address bar- unlike my real page. thanks and cheers!

      • Thank you lil Reb for inviting me as a friend on Facebook. When I learn to use it I can respond. My son wants me to use it but it takes me a while to relearn what I previously learned at the university I attended over twenty years ago. Guess some of the saying use it or lose it applies to this as well. However I can relearn pretty quick so look for me sometime. Meanwhile I’ll keep in touch thru your blog. Plz remember to discard any replies that want to cause division among Christians. Glad you are doing that.

      • sure. No problem. And don’t worry about creating division. Christians need to talk things through too. Constructive arguing is beneficial, I believe. It’s the room full of yes men that you have to worry about.

  6. Also when I back out of this this morning, how do I get back in? What do I type into Google to get to this (blog)? I guess that’s the word. I’m limited to computer know how. Thanks to anybody who can help me.

    • Hi Amanda, you can always remember the name of the blog which is, “Short Little Rebel”. If you do that, you will get a big list of WordPress articles I have written- any of which will land you back to my blog. Any of the ones that say ‘shortlittlerebel’ with ‘’ are from my blog website. BUT, be careful because there is one result that is a FAKE, malicious Facebook website that some trolls set up because they detest me and detest Jesus. If you look carefully at the name, you will see the word, ‘twunt’ hidden in the address bar name. That is the fake site. Don’t go there.

      Of course, you could always just sign up for my blog and you will get automatic notifications when I write a new article in your email. That is easy for you to do. Just look at the right hand side of the screen once you get to my blog site. You will see the ability to sign up via email there. It will give you easy instructions on how to do it. Then, every time I write a new article, you will be sent the link directly to the article and you can just click it and be brought directly to my site. Easy.

  7. Altogether this morning I sent three post. The first was to a man with animosity yet it isn’t here. Wasn’t griping or anything just wanted to remind him of discord among brethren and scripture John 14_15. Sorry I haven’t learned how to use this yet

    • I must clarify something. Iam a woman of 50 years old. The name on my comments say don, that’s my husband. My name is Sandra. Plz be patient with me while I learn how to use this. Is this called a blog? Or chat room? Or tweet? Haha sorry but like I said I’m learning. If someone would be so kind enough to reply to me it will help me a lot to know I’m starting out right thanks

      • Oh! Hi, Amanda. No problem. As I said earlier. You are doing fine. All this is free. You write your comment and I get it. I need to approve it before it gets posted at the end of the article. If you select the notification box, you will get an email notification that I approved and responded to your comment when I do. Apologies for taking so long to respond. Normally, I’m a little quicker but have been busy with my business lately. Hope that helps! Susan

  8. Its not a matter of only understanding or believing. You have to ASK JESUS to give you His MIND and desire to be perfectly sinless and ask for THAT SPIRIT to be given and keep asking and stop sinning and suffer without sins until Jesus appears to you.. Yes Jesus shows Himself in dreams, visions and then if you are persistent, from heaven. And you will feel Jesus entering your entire being and that feeling of heaven (ultimate bliss) will never EVER fade again. John 14:21, 1 John 3:2-5 and many more verses speak of Jesus showing Himself to the person. The reason is that people have a human spirit and think that is enough. Jesus Himself comes and gives you His entire Spirit and shows Himself. If people would stay non self righteous and repent from all sins and ask and keep asking with persistence as it says, the door isn’t immediately opened, then they would receive Jesus in their flesh and see Him face to face many times over. MANY.

    • A very interesting selection of verses- especially John 14:21! I’ve never looked at that verse this way. Very interesting. I will be on the lookout for that type of reference from now on. Please note, however, Alex, that this verse says just what I was saying in my article. It says “21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” It is in reading God’s Words, knowing God’s words and KEEPING God’s words that will bring Jesus to showing himself to you. I love this direct proof. I will add this to my article. Thank you.

      As to actual manifestations of Christ in dreams, etc, I am less certain. I don’t believe we will see Jesus face to face until he returns. Be careful with that belief. He will return exactly as your next verse says, in his true form. And we will be changed into a form just like his. We can’t fully understand what that form will be, but there are indications of what it will be from descriptions of Jesus after his resurrection. We will be able to pass through walls, we can become very brilliant, disappear, fool people’s eyes, and rise up in the air physically. Obviously, our forms will not be constrained by the physical laws of this dimension! It will be exciting to see!


    Thank you for your enlightening article. I am new to the faith and I have a few questions that I humbly seek your input for:

    I have accepted God as my Savior. I am, however, still struggling with joylesssness and emptiness. I acknowledge you’ve written that accepting salvation is not about experiencing feelings of happiness, but how do you measure God’s presence in your life when your life is sill absent of joy. How I do know I am actually truly saved/ born again?
    My second question is in regards to my inability to accept love and happiness in my heart. Having lived a traumatic abusive childhood, I never experienced love and knew nothing but pain and suffering all my life. I now struggle with worthlessness, dpression, anxiety, and mistrust of everyone. I sabotage all my relationships and push love away. This has made me isolated and miserable. I’m trying to convince myself that God is capable of healing my psychological and emotional brokeness, but my life is still in ruins. Is it possible that God has a greater purpose for me experiencing those things? Are they even from God or are they from Satan? How can I battle mental illness, through Jesus Christ?

    • Hi Marly, apologies for the late response- you were caught in my spam filter. I have deleted your email and no one knows who you are. I have no other way to respond to you and I fear that if I respond via email, you may not know who I am. Please let me address a couple things you said. First, you said you accepted ‘God’ as your savior. Do you mean, “Jesus”? I hope so. People have so many ideas about who God is. God is the father of Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God. God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus, to this world to die for our sins so that we might live. Do you understand what that means, Marly? It means that God knows that human beings can’t stop sinning. He knows that we, alone, can’t live perfect lives, all the time, without fail, until we die. Somewhere, somehow, we will screw up and do something wrong- even in just our thoughts. We are imperfect beings. We have fallen from God’s grace because we CHOSE to know both good and evil but never had the strength to overcome evil and then do only good. So, God, in his incredible love for us, send a SOLUTION to mankind. That solution came in the form of his Son, a perfect sacrifice. His son would come, deliver the great news of his Father’s plan for us, and then carry it out. Jesus would come and be the final sacrifice for everyone for all time. He would die for our sins. His blood would be shed rather than ours. His death would be given rather than ours. And since HE is so much greater than all mankind put together, his blood and his death would be ENOUGH to satisfy God’s need for justice. God is not blood thirsty, Marly. No. But God can’t break his own laws or even his own notion of fairness. Sin must be punished. That’s just the way it is. Murderers can be let go. Jesus paid the price for all murderers, liars, cheaters, adulterers. And God accepts his payment. And it cost him dearly- it hurt God to watch his son this price. That is why he turned his back, tore the temple cloth and blocked the sun that day.

      It cost God and it cost Jesus. It was done in great love for you and me and the entire world. The price was paid for you and me. And for ANYONE who wants eternal life!

      What must YOU do? BELIEVE IN JESUS! Not in God. Loving and believing in Jesus IS loving and believing in God, his Father, also. But we begin with Jesus, Marly. Make sure you understand that. That is the first point I want to make.

      Second. How do you know you are saved? This is so simple. Take the example of the thief on the cross:

      35 The people stood watching, and the rulers even sneered at him. They said, “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One.”
      36 The soldiers also came up and mocked him. They offered him wine vinegar 37 and said, “If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself.”

      38 There was a written notice above him, which read: this is the king of the jews.

      39 One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!”
      40 But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? 41 We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”
      42 Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

      43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

      Marly, what did this thief do that was so great that he deserved heaven?? The only thing he did was say enough to acknowledge that he understood that Jesus really was the Son of God and he asked to be remembered. God’s grace is THAT great. Marly, your call to Christ is ENOUGH! Be at rest, my darling.

      As to your traumatic childhood. I, too, suffered such a childhood. And God healed me. You need not ‘convince yourself’ of anything. Loving and believing in God is not a psych game. He is a real Person with real power and he chooses what he wishes to do or will not do. But I know this: God is not a liar. He gave us promises in the Bible and they are all true. Read the Bible and find his promises for your life. Here is a promise I just found in 1 John 5: “13 I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. 14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.” ASK for your healing, Marly, and it is yours.

      This is what I know. I asked and I am healed. Did it all happen in one moment? No. But it happened over years and now, unlike so many who have undergone such a childhood, I am filled with light and love instead of the depression I hear from you- which I know so well. I know exactly what you are experiencing as I was there. AND, may I recommend a Christian counselor? Someone to help you heal? Especially through prayer and the power of the Bible and all the promises of God within?

      These are all the ways to heal, Marly. God has promised us so many things and he means them all. You must read them and claim them. There is POWER in the name of Jesus. Find a believing church, find a believing Christian counselor, find a group of supportive Christian friends and you will turn your life around. I promise.

  10. This is all quite disturbing. Your assumption is a big one…you assume anyone questioning where God is and why they dont feel Him is not really a true Christian and havent died to self for Him. I can only assume then that God has not YET given you a long and painful period of silence. And I assume you are not familiar with Job, whom God loved dearly and Job was extraordinarily faithful..but admitted that He couldnt feel God.

    You seen to be preaching the old myth that “God only helps those who help themselves.” No…God came for the weak, sick, and sinners. He can even bless the biggest sinner in order to bring faith out in them. You dont have to work and work in order to reap. God will bless those He wants to bless. Sure, you reap what you sow but does that mean if you havent done enough that God will ignore you? Then I suppose those coming to Christ near death are in trouble if they hope for any prayers to come to pass. Because that doesnt sound like a loving God. No, that sounds like something a selfish human would do. That behavior is why so many “Christians” are divorced…because they think they the other person constantly has to work toward being loved. They think marriage is a contract, not a covenant. But a spouse isnt supoosed to only love,speak, or bless their spouse I
    if, and only if, the spouse earned it. God is no different. We cannot earn our way to rightousness. We have been redeemed.

    Why dont we feel God? Maybe He made himself hidden, maybe were having trouble hearing/seeing Him, maybe its like in the Bible where decades go by without any word from God! Any! Then all we can do is read the Bible and believe it to be true and love Him.Lastly, its popular today for people to claim to hear, feel, see God constantly. Think-“God told me He just wants me to be happy, so I divorced my wife for a better woman.” Or, “I talked to God this morning and He told me He would forgive me…” for a sin not yet committed.

    Placing blame on someone desiring to be closer to God is not a way to help them in their walk.

    • Cs, I see what you are saying here and believe me, I am not saying that. This is not about works. This is about attitude. This is about your heart. Works have nothing at all to do with what I am saying. A person can do every ritual in the world and never really be ‘all in’ for Christ. It’s just ritual. In fact, a person can do good works all their lives and never believe in Jesus at all. Is that not so? What I speak of here is a person’s internal relationship with God. And this is something only known between them and God. And yes, you are right, sometimes it is just God blessing whom he will. That is also true. I have gone through the desert of God’s silence. Many decades of it. I can only speak to my truth. It is only when I agreed to actually serve him with every moment of my life from then on that he chose to baptise me with the fire of the Holy Spirit. And I can’t help but believe that we must not only see Jesus as the Savior, but as our King and Lord, just as the Bible tells us to.

      What I am saying here is both my experience and Scripture. Most Americans are truly opposed to the idea of kings and lordship. They don’t know what it means to be a servant. We don’t understand what it means to swear fealty. I feel certain that this is what leads to spiritual dryness. I believe that the ancient people understood these concepts much better as they lived it everyday. They understood what it meant to call Jesus their king.

      I don’t believe I said anything in this article about works or earning your way to salvation. Neither did I say you could earn your way to feeling God in your life. This is about your relationship with God. Will you or will you not give your entire life to him? Only YOU can answer this question. Only God can know if you mean it. It’s that simple.

  11. Hi, im a 16 year old girl and I want to become closer to God. I have asked for forgiveness for my sins and i truly believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. I want to live the way God wants me to. I ask God to give me strength to turn away from and to protect me from Satan’s evil ways. I have always been religious but a few months ago I started doubting God’s existence. I was very confused and was being influenced by the things atheists were claiming to be true. I truly felt horrible and lost. I know now that God is real and Jesus is too. I came so close to not believing and it scares me now that God isn’t going to forgive me for my foolishness. I still pray every night and I feel that God has answered some of them and hasn’t abandoned me but I’m still scared. What causes me to have such fear is the verse Hebrews 10:26. I would love if you could help clarify things for me or explain what this means. Thanks your time 🙂

    • Hello, Hannah. I am so sorry for the delay in answering you! You got caught up in my spam folder!! I need to check that thing more often! To answer you, dear girl. First, it is NORMAL for a young girl like you to doubt God’s existence. Heck, when I was in my young 20’s, I asked God to forgive me because I had to leave him altogether to research all the other religions to see if they or HE was true! Hannah, you sound like a smart girl. Listen, if God is real, then that means he literally made the entire universe, the laws of the universe (you know, like entropy, gravity, speed of light, resonance, all that stuff, right?), all the animals, biology, chemistry, art, music, and even HUMOR! Do you think for one moment that he is afraid that a little 16 year old girl is going to question his existence??? lol. no. He’s not. Girl, if you can’t go out into the world and LOOK to see if God is real, then how will you know he IS real? If you can’t test God against all knowledge, then you are just too afraid to know the truth, aren’t you? How will you EVER stand up to so-called atheists (I call them ‘so-called’ because there ARE no atheists in the world) if you haven’t looked into their claims? My dear Hannah. God is NOT AFRAID of your knowledge.

      I went into the world because I said to God, “Dear God, I need to know that YOU ARE TRULY GOD. Please forgive me for leaving. But if you are God, then I will find you again.” And guess what, Hannah? I DID find him again! God and his Son, Jesus, are the ONLY reasonable, logical and yes, most scientific answer to every question known to mankind. So-called atheists and even the rotten, unintelligent scientists that claim that lame belief system, have not thought out what they say! The most intelligent people in the world MUST acknowledge God or, at the very minimum, Intelligent Design as the most viable, mathematically probable solution to how we and all things came into existence. Every other solution is just.. well, too illogical and improbable.

      Even Einstein believed in God- and he believed in Jesus. See my article which proves it.

      Ok, and now, the verses from Hebrews. This verse is not for you, Hannah. This verse is for mature Christians who truly know Jesus (you are still too immature in Christ to be this person) and then, with a firm decision in their minds, turn to satan instead. So, don’t fear this verse simply because you have doubts or want to explore other thoughts.

      Lastly, Hannah. God doesn’t punish us for curiosity and for thoughts. We are held to account for our ACTIONS. Don’t let ‘religious’ people get to you anymore than you should let ‘non-religious’ people get to you. Loving Jesus is about a personal relationship with Jesus and our father, God. It isn’t about a building and it isn’t about rituals or practices. The Church is a group of people who LOVE and believe in Jesus. Scripture is not here to frighten you, girl. It is here to uplift and encourage you. If anyone in your life is using scripture to frighten you, it is better to stay away from them. Young people like you, new to the faith, need encouragement, not fear.

      I want you to know that first, Jesus LOVES you and forgives all these little doubts your young mind has. He doesn’t blame you at all! Nor does he fear your doubts and thoughts. He knows that all logical thoughts will come right back to him. IF they didn’t, he would not be the Son of God, now would he? If all logical thought did not lead right back to God, then God isn’t real, is he? God forgives your young curiosity and doubt. Have faith, my little sister in Christ. All logical thought WILL come back to God. I know. I have walked that journey and have been tickled and delighted along the way. God’s fingerprint is on all the universe! TRUST in God, your maker. You will find him in any intellectual pursuit. Do not fear science- all science leads to him. Atheists also tell many falsehoods about the past- example: the crusades. Guess who started those? Muslims. Test their theories too. They are very misinformed. Ok, any more questions, ask me. I will be watching better this time.

  12. “And that he came for only one purpose- to save mankind from death? Do you even understand what that means? Most people don’t. Ancient Jews understood this but modern Americans don’t.”
    I don’t understand this statement.. Jews, whether modern or ancient do not believe this statement. They don’t believe Jesus died for them.. and he didn’t. He died for the gentiles.. Jews are God’s chosen people.. maybe I’m not understanding you correctly but I believe this statement is incorrect

    • Hi Suzi C, I do believe that the Apostles were all Jews. So was the early church. There were MANY ancient Jews who did believe that Jesus was their Savior. They are the beginning of the Christian Church. However, due to intense persecution from the Jewish leadership, many Jewish Christians were forced to flee into the Gentile world- all predicted by Christ when he said they would spread the Word into in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Eventually, they went to Greece, Italy and indeed, the ends of the world. Jesus died for EVERYONE, Jew and Gentile. There are many Messianic Jews today as well.

  13. This article is really misleading. You need to clarify that you aren’t saying people aren’t saved if they haven’t given up their lives; also, we don’t need to give up anything in order for God to “know” we are really sorry. He is GOD, which means He ALREADY KNOWS everything especially our heart. We give up our lives because He commanded it and because His love motivates us. (We love because He first loved us.). This article can dangerously mislead people into thinking that they have to EARN the ability to feel God’s presence. I see that NOWHERE in the bible and your scripture citations don’t confirm it either.

    • Hi Sweetest, I did clarify that. Please re-read the article. I agree, no one earns salvation. This article is about the baptism of the holy spirit. It’s about having the best relationship you can have with God. It’s a two way street. You can’t just think of Christ as your Savior. He is your King too. You must see yourself as a servant. It has nothing to do with what you DO, it has everything to do with how you see yourself in relationship to Jesus.

  14. There are very few people out there that can write blogs such as these, those that are truly filled with the Holy Spirit. I will be completely honest: pride is one of the major problems within my own life. Pride, and the desire to please others, when I should be pleasing God. Even though I do not “feel” or “sense” His Presence, I know He is still with me because conviction is present within my mind. Conviction to depart from sins that are keeping me from God, conviction to change. My old, selfish self would want to do what I want and not want God wants, but He has put a hunger and thirst inside me for righteousness, for Jesus. I know that He exists, because of these very things. I, myself, should not be willing to change apart from Jesus filling me with the desire.

    I struggle with lying down my life for Him because apart of me doesn’t want to do His Will, because a part of me is, like I said earlier, wanting to please others. I confess this is an issue, and I want to change. But I lack the “follow-through”; it shows consistently throughout my life: my writing, especially. So many ideas, never wanting to put in the effort or work. Comfort and convenience; laziness. All things I struggle with. But I want to change. I have to change. I can’t continue in this state any longer if I truly want to please God. I am completely relying on God, because I cannot do this by myself. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Thank you for this blog, and the reminder that we should be in constant prayer and communion with God.

    • Hi Jessica, and I am SO sorry for the delay in answering. Your comment got caught in my spam filter. You are welcome for the article. You DO seem to feel God in that you feel his conviction in your heart. That is his blessing in your life and that IS his voice too. LISTEN to it. God’s voice is not like a human voice, right? It is his presence, it is just knowing his command and his thoughts straight to your mind. This has been my own experience of him. He overwhelms me with his love when he wants to tell me he loves me or he urges me to do what ever it is by putting the thought urgently into my mind and I just ‘know’ I must do it for him. This is how he communicates with me. Not in human words. But I know, for sure, it is him. I have just trusted in the smallest promptings when I was younger and now, I know his ‘voice’ in my life. So, begin by trusting the promptings you already feel. Act upon every one he gives you. Every time you are walking or driving and you feel, “do this” do it! That is him. I promise you. Learn to listen and learn to obey. This is how you learn to TRUST in God. It begins small- for example, you are driving past a guy with sign for money. You’ve driven by everyday. But today, you feel God prompting- give him everything you have in your wallet. Tell him I have not forgotten him. Well, do it! Or, you are driving by Mc Donalds and there is this girl and boy sitting outside & looking cold and you get a prompt: stop your car and tell them about Jesus. Buy them some food. Well, go buy them some McDonald’s food and bring it out to them. Sit down and talk to them. Tell them a little about Jesus even if you feel a bit stupid. Then, drive on.

      When you begin to LISTEN and obey, you will be surprised how quickly you become attuned to God’s voice in your life. This is not about earning your salvation. This is about becoming close to His Presence. This is about becoming the happiest person in the world. This is about finding TRUE JOY. This is where people truly misunderstand me in this article. When you GIVE your life to Jesus, you learn to just do what he tells you to do. And just like he said, his yoke really is light. He starts small. He doesn’t start with, “Ok, Jessica, I want you to go to prison for me!” He asks of us what he knows we have the strength to do. And he equips us first. He is a good master that way.

      TRUST in him Jessica. Trust that he is kind and wise and will never abuse you or your trust. He will always equip you for your mission. Allow him to use you for his mission on this earth and not only will his kingdom be served, but so will you. THAT is the great mystery that is our God: he has turned it all upside down on mankind. To lose your life is to find it. To find your life is to lose it. To seek happiness is to lose it, to release your pursuit of happiness is to find utter joy. We find all that we need in Jesus- but we must TRUST and come to him first. Take that step, Jessica! I did! and I am so happy! Yes, I do suffer- but even in my suffering, I am in the greatest joy! and that is the irony of the Christian life. It’s worth it.

  15. 7 years ago, God drew me for the first time, and it was the scariest thing id ever felt. Mostly because i was told God doesnt owe me anything and people only get 1 chance sometimes. So feared that he would never draw me again. I couldnt sleep, eat, think straight or anything as i cried daily for months. I always thought i was saved because i believed. He showed me i was wrong. He drew me to the altar time and time again, and each time i rejected for fear and pride. I wanted to be saved more than anything in the world, but my  flesh was weak. I got lost back in the world for years,  thinking that was it.  Hoping he would come back  to me one day, when im alone, so Satan didnt have a chance to make me stay in my seat. Then i decided to go back to church one day after 4 years i guess, Fathers Day.    because i was having surgery and in my mind i knew God was going  to send  me to Hell, and this would be my death. To die during surgery. He drew me again… this time to floor in front of me, not the altar. I waited, then prayed, crying, begging,  but doubting. Never got it. Went another couple years lost.. knowing it… bothered, but still living any way i chose. Telling myself i had time. So about a year ago, this month, i started watching Brother Charles Lawson on youtube. A wonderful preacher of God.  No doubt. He talked about the end times, and i watched more and more on death and salvation. The fear started returning to my heart, then about april last year i wrote him letters, and their church tellimg them my heart, and mind and how i needed prayers and help. I knew i was lost and i had to do something. Thought God was gone. That was my  last chance. Then on Fathers Day, same church, as i went last time years before on that day, i showed up hours before church was to start, and a man seen me, and called the preacher to come talk to me. He said we can pray and you can get saved right now, i didnt beleive him, doubts again… because i was told years before you cant go to God and decide when  u were ready… he had to call or draw. This to me meant a heart pounding feeling, to one spot,  and a pull like  before. We prayed and cried out begging God to save me. Never happened. Then i got home, and had a phone call from a man at Pastor Lawsons church i had been watching on YouTube. Brother Ronnie. He said he got my letter,  and we talked for a while as i cried. He prayed with me. I was becoming fearful, hurt, afraid to sin for fear he would give up on me… the finally  on Tuesday June 23rd at around 9:30, my girlfriend had left for work, and i read Acts to chapter 10 or so. I closed the Bible. I said “Lord, somebody once told me to talk to  you like a friend, here i am.”  I told Jesus i did everything i could to be saved. Cried every tear possible, done all i could. I told him i didnt want to live one more day lost, didnt want to wake up another day lost, i told him i give up! I cant do this anymore. I beleive with all my heart you forgive me of all my sins, already have, i just do. You have to do this.. i cant. The last things i remember saying was “Lord help me remove this wall of doubt so i could be saved.!”   I knew it was keeping me from reaching him. I wanted to touch him, but a wall was in my way. The next thing i know there was no reason to cry, to fear, to ask… it was like a light came on… and  immediately i knew within myself, God just saved me. I threw myself off of my bed and to the floor on my knees and face. I screamed Jesus I Love You!!! So loud. I felt such releif and joy. Saying heavenly father felt wonderful.  I was trembling all over and couldnt stop crying. I felt his goodness all around me. So i had to tell someone. I called brother ronnie and gave them the news. I will say.. its been 10 months, and my  joy and peace i have lost. I dont feel saved, im afraid in church, i dont know my direction, and i doubt again. I feel in  my heart, he is all i want and  need. I just want to know his will. I am guilty for being fearful, doubtful, and not sure what to do. Havent even been baptized, for fear of God telling me im still lost. Have an unsaved girlfriend i live with… no fornication anymore… i made mistakes. Been  togetehr 6 years. He is dealing  witth her some..  its a blessing.  deep in  my heart i know what happened  to me, i can tell people all day, but i mever truley accepted it for myself. Salvation to my mind was a thing, feeling, not him. For years i belived that. Now i get saved.. and doubt not lobng after. Eveeytime i go to church every sermon he speaks about  salvation or lost, i say “thats  me” Gods drawing me? Im lost? Hiw?   I get angry  and sad. I feel it…  why??  What did i do wrong?? I feel like dying sometimes… why can i NOT accept it!? I feel afraid of his coming.

    • Oh TRAVIS! Why didn’t I see your comment until now? I’m so sorry but your comment got stuck in my spam folder and I only just found it. But here is what I want to say to you. Are you READY?


      Ok, now, You need a serious talking to, my friend. You really do. I don’t know where you live or who has been talking such nonsense into your head about all this ‘drawing you in’ and ‘one chance’ and nonsense but the only thing you seem guilty of is NOT READING YOUR BIBLE. You seem to not know a thing about Jesus and what it takes to become saved, man! Where have you gone to church and who taught you all this hogwash? All I am going is say is this: I am GLAD you finally ended up here, with me, because I am going to teach you the truth about the Bible, what it says and then, you will walk away comforted with the truth. Ok?

      Now, first. How does a person become saved? Well, that is EASY. and it is 100% up to the person. NOT God. You don’t need to be pulled or called. That is a LIE told to you by a FALSE preacher who is an antichrist. You don’t need to believe me- nor should you. Believe the Bible, which is you ONLY guide. That, and the Holy Spirit. Here are the verses that tell you how you become saved:

      9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved- Romans 10:9-10

      They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”
      Acts 16:31

      For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.
      Romans 10:10

      Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
      Mark 16:16

      For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
      Romans 1:16

      For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.
      Ephesians 2:8-9

      For, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
      Romans 10:13

      Those are just some of them. And then, you have the example of the thief on the cross. All he did was ask Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom and Jesus promised him that he would see him in heaven before the night was through. What I am saying is that only one thing is required for salvation: Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, fully man and fully divine, died on the cross to pay the price for our sins, was raised from the dead, ascended into heaven and is coming back again to gather up all who believed in him and end evil forever.

      YOU can make the decision to believe at any time. There is no ‘calling’ or ‘pulling’ to the altar. AND there is no need, at all, to go to an altar to make any kind of confession. A person could decide this in their own bedroom, quietly, alone with God.

      And if you think about it, it’s not really a decision. You either believe Jesus is the son of God or not. And it sounds like you already believe it. So, you are saved.

      You don’t need to FEEL anything at all. That is a GRAVE mistake people make. Relax. Take it easy. You can’t feel saved. You just know you are BECAUSE THE BIBLE TOLD YOU SO. You trust in God’s word, not in some hokey emotion inside of you. That would doom any of us. No wonder you are going crazy. We trust in God’s word that we are saved. Because his word told us that the criteria for salvation is belief, we believe we are saved when we believe. It’s that simple. It isn’t based on emotion or feelings. It isn’t based on going to the altar. It isn’t based on feeling a ‘pull’.


      This article is for mature Christians, not for you. For you, a new Christian, I say to find a new, BIBLE following church. The one you are going to sounds very strange. Forget t.v. pastors or youtube pastors. Forget end day preachers. Just go to a nice church that believes the Bible is the ONLY guide for their preaching. Avoid Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses as these are cults. Most importantly for you, READ YOUR BIBLE. I suggest the NIV version. Much easier to read and understand. I do hope this helped.

  16. Awesome article. But I have a personal doubt. Is there any e-mail box I can ask you a question?! Thanks Susan

  17. This article was incredible and I want to thank you for it! I will not go into detail about my problems as Rose and I shared a number of things in common so her reply, is my reply in this regard.
    The one remaining question I have is this; How do I find love in my heart again, for God, Myself, and my wife and children. I feel dead inside incapable of love and utterly lost. I, like Rose got baptised for the wrong reason, I feared hell. Have I angered God by not changing my sinful ways I still have lustful thoughts etc…has my heart been hardened like pharaohs? Am I without the chance of redemption now?

    • Here’s the good news: no one is past redemption. Here is even better news: you are here, desperately seeking redemption and repair with your King and Savior, Jesus Christ. Having a willing and broken heart is the first step toward creating and thriving in your relationship with God.

      I want to remind you of a very, very important person in the bible. It is someone that I believe was put in there for remarkable purpose. His role is to give hope to the miserable and to the confused and to utterly thwart the so-called wisdom of evil church leaders. He doesn’t even have a name. He is the thief on the cross next to Jesus.

      Let me ask you: did he do a single good deed after he met Jesus? Did he receive a water baptism? Did he receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Did he speak in tongues? Did he prophecy? Did any priest give him any rites or perform any rituals for him, with him or around him? Was there any prayer at all for him? Did he pray that we know of? Was he happy hanging there next to Jesus?

      The answer to all these questions is, ‘no’. And yet, we know that Jesus said, “Before the night is through, I will see you in heaven.”

      All the guy said was, ‘Remember me in heaven.’

      It wasn’t fancy; it wasn’t complex; it didn’t follow any formula. In fact, one has to look closely to even find the faith that is IMPLIED by the statement. The guy thought he was going to hell and wanted only to be remembered by Jesus. But it is CLEAR that he knew that Jesus was going to heaven and that he believed that Jesus was Messiah. That was enough for Jesus’ grace to come to him.

      I want you to remember that. Rose’s church played and plays a huge part in how she got lost.

      I need to know more about your church and your history to properly answer you. But the very first thing you need to remember is that salvation is SIMPLE, it is freely given and it is all about the GRACE of Jesus. It has nothing to do with ‘feelings’ of happiness or joy. It has nothing to do with how many good deeds you do. In fact, all of us are sinful to the very end- but we come time and time again to our Father and ASK for forgiveness. Brian, do you regularly pray and ask God for forgiveness? If not, that could be your problem. Although forgiveness is freely given, you must first REPENT and then, ASK. To repent means that you AGREE with God that what you did was wrong, that you detest that you did it and that your heart is sorry, even destroyed, that you did it (again). Yet, you come (again) in faith (trust) and love to your beloved Father because you KNOW, to the bottom of your heart, that he understands you, loves you and is not a liar. He NEVERS breaks his promises even though we seem incapable of keeping ours.

      Many people listen to the lies of satan, Brian. Satan would tell you: “Brian, so, you had those lustful thoughts again. So! you looked at porn again. Well, that’s it! You have asked for forgiveness one too many times. It’s clear that you have no intention of EVER stopping and God knows it. You are just a loser and never meant to stop in the first place. Heck, you didn’t even mean it when you asked for forgiveness last time, did you? Did you? God knows exactly what’s in your head! He knew that you doubted yourself when you said you wouldn’t do it again. That’s why he didn’t forgive you last time. And he won’t forgive you again…” blah, blah blah.


      The Bible tells us differently. Jesus told us:

      “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.” Luke 17: 3-4

      He also said, ““Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”- Mark 11: 22-26

      We know that Jesus teaches us how to be righteous- and righteousness is unending forgiveness. He commands us to be forgiving every time someone asks for forgiveness (obviously the 70 x 7 was just a way of saying ‘always’- it was playing with words because someone had asked, “should we forgive them ‘up to seven times’). If Jesus commands us, who are less capable than he, we know that God is even more capable of forgiving us whenever we ask and no matter how often we ask! AND note that Jesus said that anything we ask for will be given. Including forgiveness- and of course, salvation.

      Please note that emotions were mentioned there. Just belief.

      Brian, today’s church is very deceitful. It is the ‘happy-go-lucky’ church- yet Jesus told us we would suffer in this world. Suffering is the NORM for Christians, not the type of insipid happiness of non Christians. WE have the joy of Christ. This is a different kind of joy. It is not a worldly joy. It is the joy that comes from the pure assurance that justice will one day come to this world. But it can’t remove the pain of watching a fallen world limp along while innocents are left bleeding on the road side. Today’s church would make most Christians feel as if something were wrong with them if they weren’t high fiving each other in the aisles and smiling like idiots all the time.

      In other words, Brian, just because you feel misery doesn’t mean you aren’t saved. When I speak of joy, I don’t speak of worldly joy. I speak of a whole different kind of joy. This world and the evil in it bring me great sadness. I used to suffer from depression from it while at the same time having the joy and hope of Christ within.

      Now, after reading all that, you feel, no, know, that your problem lies deeper; that your disconnectedness with God has a real, sinful, spiritual basis, you need to address it asap.

      God is always waiting for you and his love is always ready and perfect. Whatever fault there is, it is always on our side. You mention lust. Many times with men, that means pornography. Pornography is extremely degrading to the spirit and soul of men. If you are trapped in this sin and it has a real hold over you, then this would definitely explain all the problems you mentioned- between you and God, between you and your wife, between you and your children. Sexual purity in marriage represents the spiritual purity between Christ and his church. Please read the article I wrote on this very subject (not porn, but marriage and why God cares so much about it.) When people commit adultery, have gay sex, have sex outside of marriage, with prostitutes, watch porn, etc, it utterly corrupts the chosen symbol that God uses time and time again in the Bible to represent Jesus (the bridegroom) and his church (the Bride).

      The spiritual damage to YOU is very deep. It pushes you away from God, not God from you. It is you who become susceptible to satan’s lies about God’s forgiveness; it is you who become so ashamed that you can’t face God. It is you, ultimately, who runs and hides, as Adam and Eve did when God came looking for them. Well, Brian, God is still looking for you. Are you running away from him in shame, perhaps? If not for porn, then for some other sexual sin?

      This very same dynamic can ruin your relationship with your wife and kids. Especially if they are Christians. If they believe in Jesus, then their eyes become the Light of God. They begin to feel like lasers and you begin to wish to run away from that light of exposure. Even if they are completely free of the sin of judgement, you would still feel the light of Truth coming from their very souls. You would feel convicted of your sin. This alone would prevent your feelings of love from coming out. You are too busy running away from them because you hate how they make you feel!

      When we sin against someone, we feel guilty. But that is GOOD. That is exactly why we have the Holy Spirit. He is like the pain reflex that keeps us safe from fire. A child touches a hot stove. It hurts. They don’t do it again. Brian, lust can kill your love for your family because you know, inside, that it betrays your wife and your children. Your children love their Mommy. Your children are the product of your marriage and Oneness with her. Cheating on her is cheating on them. You see? Instinctively, you know this. So you run away instead of running toward. Jesus said that to lust after another woman IS adultery. So, there you are.


      Come to the Lord, Jesus Christ and fall on your knees. Go to a private, dark place. Sit on your knees. Cover your face with your hands. And call out to God. It will make you feel so much better, Brian. We have all done this. I hope you have read my articles, One Christian’s Journey. I was on my knees then, too. Just say you’re sorry, Brian. Tell Him you’re sorry for not appreciating the beautiful gifts he has given you in your wife and children. Then ask him to forgive you. Ask him to GIVE YOU STRENGTH. Ask him to rebuke and bind satan on your behalf because you are weak. Call out on Jesus’ promise to keep you in his hand and never lose you. Throw yourself on God’s mercy and give him your TRUST. Tell him you trust him to forgive you because GOD IS NOT A LIAR. We lie, but he never does. Ask for wisdom. Thank him for everything in your life from the sunshine to your job to your wife to your kids to your job. And then, Brian, tell your wife everything. And beg her forgiveness. Ask for her help. Pray with her.

      Lastly, READ YOUR BIBLE everyday. My husband has a great idea for all men dealing with pornography. Have two Bibles: one, your normal study bible (which is usually quite hefty due to the extra study pages) and another very small one. It can fit in your briefcase and even your back pocket. Whenever temptation strikes, take it out and read it. Pray. He was a federal probation officer and worked with many men with sexual issues. He also worked with many sexual treatment experts. He said you need to replace one habit with another. This sounds great and logical to me. I hope it does for you.

      Brian, I don’t think you need another baptism. Your faith in God, your belief in God doesn’t seem to be weak. You seem to feel unworthy and guilty and miserable. None of that makes you unsaved or never saved. Like the thief, all you need for salvation is FAITH. Now, you need obedience too. And you mentioned lust first, so I will assume that it is your biggest obstacle. The Holy Spirit in me points my advice in that direction. Please correct me if I am wrong. In any case, I am your very imperfect, yet saved, sister in Jesus Christ, our King and Savior. I love you from afar and hope this has helped you. Stay in touch either here or on FB.

      • In essence what you are saying is I have hardened my own heart. There is a good deal of truth to this I feel unworthy of love, salvation, and happiness. Yes, lust is my main stumbling block. Though I rarely view pornography anymore I have replaced it with lustful thoughts in my mind. I know it’s wrong when I’m doing it but I do it anyway because I’m selfish and after my own gratification, not Gods. I do pray though not as much as I used to and I think I gave up because God was not answering and I decided on multiple mind it is because I am unworthy and beyond redemption. I know I am spiritualy damaged and it’s my own fault and this may explain why I feel incapable of feeling love for anyone or anything. Perhaps it’s not God doing it, but me? But I often think back to how Pharoahs heart was hardened or how God said in the end days he would cause/allow us to be deceived for our wickedness. ..I find myself confused.

      • I don’t think I said that, Brian. I didn’t say that you had ‘hardened your heart’. I didn’t say that God had hardened your heart. I would have said that if I thought those were the right words. Those don’t feel like the right words at all. Your second response feels like you actually want them to be true- especially since you have now mentioned them twice- in your first comment and in your second. Perhaps you wish for your heart to be hardened? Would that make things easier for you somehow? Are you planning on throwing in the towel and saying, “Oh well, I guess I’m hopeless. I may as well party while I can? Before I die and go to hell?” Is that your temptation right now? That’s what it feels like, to tell you honestly.

        I have bad news for you, Brian. You are far from hopeless. I never saw you as hopeless. I thought my message to you was hopeful! I told you that only satan could lie to you and tell you that you could not repent- AGAIN- to the Lord. I told you that you can come as many times as needed to apologize to the Lord for your sins and that they would be forgiven. I told you that you could ask for strength to try again and again and again. As long as your heart is sincere and you truly wish to stop, the Lord will help you. I explained how sexual sin can cause you to be distant from your wife and kids. Not because you ‘can’t’ love but simply because you feel guilty. You need to confess your sins to her and ask her to forgive you too. You need to get her help too. You need to clear the air between you and her before you can feel loving toward her again.

        None of this has anything to do with ‘hardening’ your heart.

        You are not spiritually damaged, nor are you hopeless or beyond redemption. That is all nonsense. All lies from satan. I told you to stop believing him. You need to REBUKE satan when you hear these lies. But FIRST, you need to stop LOVING and DESIRING these lies to be true. You may very well like these lies. You may wish to punish yourself for your actions. You may wish to give up. You may wish to run away. You may wish to give up on God. All these are temptations from satan too. Stop wanting what he wants. Start wanting to live as Christ wants you to live. How does Christ want you to live? Here is how:

        He wants you to live IN him. With him. All the time. This means that you are joyful always. Hopeful always. Strong always. Clear visioned always. To live in Christ is to be clear eyes, strong, valiant, joyful, hopeful, unafraid and bold. These are eternal characteristics that GROW within you over time, not lessen.

        Don’t listen to satan who tells you that you, Brian, can never achieve these things because of who you are or what you have done or because you lack the things it takes to ‘get there’. ALL LIES. Because Jesus said, “Through God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”

        So, stop licking your wounds and stop pitying yourself and instead, open your eyes, Brian. All things, through Christ, are possible. You merely have to want them.

        Now, I know that you want to live forever as a strong, respectable, honorable, good man; a good husband; a good father- I know you want to be unafraid and joyful in this life and in the next- who doesn’t want these things? So, first admit you want them outloud. Then, push satan’s head under your heel and smash his head, smash his serpent’s head and say, “get behind me, satan, in the name of Jesus Christ, because Jesus is not a liar and has given me this power.”

        Then, Ask God to forgive you of your lustful sins. Ask him for the strength to overcome them in the future. Kneel down as I told you to do. No excuses- just do it. Don’t say, “I don’t do it often because I am worthless, etc, etc…” I don’t want to hear that! Just do it right now. And then, do it again tomorrow. and the day after and the day after! Eventually, Brian, you must see a difference in your life.

        So, enough with the fatalism. Enough with the Eeyore mentality. You are not hopeless, you are not hardened, you are not beyond redemption. You can and must put lust behind you. You can and must confess to your wife all these things. You can and must repent everyday to God on your knees for forgiveness and he will forgive you and help you because that is his PROMISE. Your salvation is right in front of you and if you will not take it, then it is your fault indeed. But you will never get to say that anyone hardened your heart. All you will get to say is that you refused salvation every day of your life even though it was offered day after day after day. You just didn’t want it. And you walked stupidly into hell.

    • I agree with nearly everything you said in your second reply to me. No, I am not offended if anything I appreciate your candor. My wife and I talked tonight about my lustful thoughts regarding other women and cleared the air. While she appreciated hearing me admit it to her the response I got was this; “You need to apologize and ask forgiveness of God, not of me whatever you feel guilty over …you must apologize to God, there is no need to apologize to me”. I told her when you sinned and had wronged someone while you can speak to the person you harmed, ultimately it is God you must seek forgiveness from. The only thing I would come close to disagreeing with you on is “All you will get to say is that you refused salvation every day of your life even though it was offered day after day after day. You just didn’t want it. And you walked stupidly into hell”. I actively seek salvation, and I most certainly want it which I am sure you picked up on based on my initiation of this conversation. That small bit, Aside you’re spot on, I have been on a self-pity party. I need to except the salvation being offered to me and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and actively try to change my sinful habits instead of making excuses for myself. Thank you for the wake up call.

      • Brian, I want you to know that when I said you would be ‘walking stupidly into hell’, I meant IF you refused to just accept the salvation that you were already given!! I wasn’t implying that you didn’t want salvation. I meant that you already had it but refused to believe it; that you refused to just take it. It is one thing to have it in your lap, it is another to eat it. I don’t feel you are like Rose- I don’t feel that you needed to be saved- I felt you had already accepted Christ. You just needed to increase your faith. You just needed to believe it. That’s all.

        I am so proud of you for talking to your wife. Even though your wife was so gracious, I have no doubt that this is the beginning of a life long dialog. Please don’t believe that this hasn’t affected her. It has. I think it is very possible that it has affected her more deeply than you know. She might just be too hurt to even engage right now. Does she know that you talked about it online? I have not used your last name. I will go and delete your comments on facebook because they have your last name on there. No one would connect them, but just to protect your privacy, I will do that. For her sake. But I get this feeling that your discussions with her are not over. No woman takes that information so easily. So… just be sensitive that there’s probably more going on there than she is showing. You might want to keep talking to her and asking how she is doing. You might want to ask her to pray with you. Perhaps even study the Bible with you. Communication through Christ is so important.

        You two might see if your pastor offers couple counseling. I think you might enjoy that. She might too. But she is wrong- you needed to apologize to her too and I’m proud and happy that you did it.

        I’m glad that I didn’t offend you, brother. I try to listen to the Holy Spirit. I am imperfect. I pray that the Lord use me as he will. Just today, I was praying that God use me as his servant. I said, “I don’t know anything, God, so I give myself 100% to you so that I can trust that whatever I say must come from the Holy Spirit. I live my life for you so that I can trust my words to people. Let my life be to your service, Lord!” I know I don’t know anything, Brian. But like the mustard seed, God’s Word is what grows. I am the sower, who is unimportant. I throw the seed with clumsy hands. It is God who waters the seed and puts his sunshine on it. Your heart is the soil, Brian. That is all that is necessary for you. The Word, the Mustard Seed, is planted in your heart. Your heart yearns for God. God yearns for you. He will water the seed upon the good soil of your heart and he will shine his blessed Son upon you. And HE will grow in you and fill you up!

        Just sit back and RELAX in the Lord. Does a farmer sit by the seed, breathlessly awaiting it’s first shoot? Or does he go about his business on the farm? He doesn’t sit waiting, hovering nervously over the shoot- if he did, it would seem like the shoot will never sprout, wouldn’t it? Instead, he goes about his duties with complete FAITH that his crop WILL sprout. It MUST, because he used GOOD SEED. Brian, the Word of God is GOOD SEED. It MUST GROW inside you. It is its nature. That’s WHY Jesus called Heaven to be like the Mustard seed. Heaven’s nature is also to grow. Faith’s nature is to grow. And YOU don’t have much to do with it other than to sit back and wait. Such is faith. Once planted, you just walk away and do your business, anticipating the wonderful crop to come. Because you KNOW the seed is good. THAT is faith, Brian. GOD will do the good work in you. Don’t fuss and muss over your faith and salvation. Get to your other duties, ok? Go OUT now and witness to others. Feed the hungry at the Salvation Army once a week. That is one of the GREATEST things you can do. It’s easy and requires no skill. You call them to find out what day they do this and you just show up. They strap an apron on you and you begin to help. When you see a cold, homeless person who look down and out, go buy them a blanket and sit with them for a bit of prayer. Just stop thinking about YOU and start doing the work of Christ. I promise you, the mustard seed WILL be growing inside of you without ANY help from you. And you will be pleasing God by doing his work. And after 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 4 years… you will look back and be shocked at how far you have come. Jesus will LIVE in you and you will LIVE in him. This is his promise and he never lies… , your sister in Christ, Susan

    • Love this article. Really helped me as I’m struggling to feel close to God right now. I grew up Catholic, Christian, and Mormon (all at different parts of my life). Just wanted to correct one thing, you said that Mormons took the verse Luke 23:42 out of the Bible, but I just checked my “Mormon bible” (just the King James Version) and it’s right there.
      “42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.
      43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”. This scripture is really important to the Mormon faith so just wanted that to be clear that it is in fact in the Mormon scriptures.
      Thank you again for the article, it was a life changer for me.

  18. Hi, I accepted Jesus 30 years ago at on Assembly of God in total fear of going to hell, we were told if we don’t straighten out you go to hell, it scared my 4 year old son at the time, any, so I tried to be a good girl and fix my self, that didn’t work, I ended up commiting sins I never thought were possible. So ended up living condemnation instead of Grace. I pray, but I constantly feel satan telling me I’m not saved, which has really increased my anxiety. I can’t be still and try, I want to with all my heart. I want to know my father in heaven, please help. Thank you

  19. Hi, I thank you for this blog, I have accepted Jesus in total fear of going to hell, thirty years later realizing I was looking for help in man and not Jesus. Now I’m dealing with a rejection spirit, which I know is not from God. It was at a Assembly of God Church, who scared the dickens out of me, we were told to fix our selves or were going to hell. They never talked about His love. Please help

    • Hi Rose, I saw both your messages and will answer both of them here, ok? The very first thing that popped out at me from both messages is that you ‘accepted Jesus out of total fear of going to hell.’ May I say that your heart is all wrong? This is not why you or I should come to Jesus. Should we fear God? Yes. But that isn’t why we should accept Jesus as our sovereign King and Savior. You are it all twisted up in your head and heart. That is how satan is getting his toe in your door to begin with. Further, if your church is telling you that you need to ‘fix yourself’ in anyway before Jesus will agree to forgive you of your sins and offer you salvation and eternal life, they are telling a giant lie. That is why you are confused.

      Please look at the thief on the cross next to Jesus. I have no doubt that God wanted that example for all Christians everywhere to protect us all from men and their horrible, controlling and ignorant DOCTRINE. Doctrine is basically ‘the Bible for Dummies’. Many well meaning (and a few evil) men try to make the Bible more understandable by shorting it into short bits of wisdom for their people to understand. But in doing so, they often create confusion. But when we look at salvation itself, we always have the example of the thief and the sheer simplicity with which he was saved and went to heaven.

      Let me ask you, Rose, was that thief baptised? No. Did that thief receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? No. Did that thief do a single good deed in his life? No. Was he a thief and murderer? Yes. The ONLY thing he did was BELIEVE that Jesus was the Son of God and that Jesus COULD and WOULD resurrect him. All he did to show this was ask Jesus to ‘remember him in Heaven.’ Just these words gave enough implication of faith and believe that Jesus gave him the GRACE of seeing that he Repented and Regretted his life of sin, that he wanted forgiveness, that he believed in Jesus- all the requirements of salvation, and Jesus loved him enough that he reached TOWARD the thief and said, “I will see you in heaven before this night is over.”

      So, Rose, you don’t need to ‘get your life fixed’ to be saved. You just need to do those three things to get there. You don’t need to ‘feel’ any particular way. Feeling God is about growing in your relationship with God. It is about maturing in your walk with God. It is simply about obtaining more joy as a Christian. I do hope you read the ‘Notes’ part of this article. It’s important that you do.

      Now, about WHY we approach Jesus. We should not come because we are frightened out of our minds. Yes, everyone fears death and hell. But again, that shouldn’t be what motivates you first. Rose, instead of fearing death, seek LIFE. There is a difference, you know. Seek to LIVE, to really LIVE. Not just after you die, but tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

      20 Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, 21 nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

      Rose, receiving the gift of LIFE is to be able to SEE and partake of heaven while we yet live on earth. THAT is why we should yearn to be a part of Jesus and God and of Heaven- right here, right now. We already know that we don’t want to partake of darkness, evil and satan. What does this tired world have to offer us in comparison to the joy and love of Christ? nothing. This world is full of liars, killers, blackmailers, rapists, and worst of all, people who are completely indifferent to our suffering. Jesus, on the other hand, cares about your every tear. God literally is walking with you every moment of your life. He yearns for you as much as you yearn for him. Your fear, alone, separates you from him.

      You say you want to know your father in heaven. Well, you can at least relax in one thing, Rose. HE knows you intimately. Now, you need to get to know him. So. There are certain steps you need to take. Here they are.

      1) Stop believing the lies that you have been told about salvation. You don’t need to be ‘straightened out’ to receive salvation. You can be completely messed up, like the thief, and receive complete, loving salvation. Jesus said, “I came to heal the sick, not the healthy” when the pharisees mocked him for sitting with all the drug addicts and prostitutes. So, he’s on YOUR side.

      2) You need to make a decision concerning who is your King. Are you your own Queen, Rose? If God came to you and asked you to drop your job, give your child to your mother or some other relative to be raised by them, and to go to India to be his Servant there, would you obey? Or do you think you have the right and power to say, “No, that is impossible. No one has the right to tell me to leave my child with my parents. That is my job and that I what I will do.” If you think you are your own authority, then you don’t truly believe that Jesus is your sovereign King on this earth. You need to think about this carefully. Part of our salvation is to call Jesus our ‘Lord and Savior’. Everyone wants the ‘savior’ part. But no one really thinks about the ‘lord’ part. In fact, almost no one thinks about that part. But that is exactly why they never grow any fruit in their lives. I think the thief on the cross, if he were let down, would have become Jesus’ true servant. He would have followed Jesus everywhere as his bonded servant. The question is this: would you, Rose? A servant to a king doesn’t get to say, ‘no’, does she? No. She would fear for her life if she did. We no longer have monarchies in the world. Not really. But remember to back when we did. THIS is what you are signing up for. If you want to bear fruit in your Christian life, you need to MEAN IT when you declare these words to Christ, “You are my KING and Savior!” And then, you declare it to the Church in water baptism. If you have already been dunked in water, but didn’t mean it this way, I highly suggest you do it again- but mean it in your heart this time. Believe me, it will be different. To become a true servant of Christ is a beautiful thing!!! It sounds like slavery, but it is true FREEDOM! You live every second for Jesus- but your life becomes more joyful with every task you do for him. Like me, answering you. This is me, serving Jesus. And I LOVE to serve him and you. It makes me HAPPY! Do you see? Because I serve YOU in love, I am made joyful! There is LOVE and JOY in servitude and only darkness in selfishness. God is a God of irony. Joining with God looks like a mystery from the outside but from the inside, it makes perfect sense.

      3) Decide why you want Jesus in your life. Do you want him in your life ONLY because you fear hell and death or do you want to LIVE right now and forever, then TELL Jesus that this is what you want. TELL him that you yearn for him, not because of fear, but because you love God and you love everything God says. Tell Jesus that you hate sin and you no longer want to be a part of the world. You want to be a part of his world. Tell him that you want to hear God’s voice all your life. Tell him that you will OBEY him all your life. Tell him that you are sorry for every sin you have done and that you want him to forgive you for them. Tell him you will do your very best to avoid sin from now on and that you crave his strength to avoid temptation from now on. Open up your heart and body to the Holy Spirit and let it come into you, Rose. Forget satan- he is nothing in comparison to Jesus and the massive love he offers. LIFE is greater than death. Focus on what you want, not on what you fear. Focus on who you love and not on who you fear. Jesus said to fear GOD, not satan. Satan can’t kill your soul. He can only kill your body. God can kill both your soul and body. But GOD doesn’t wish for your soul to die!!! So, why are you worried so much??? You are giving credit to satan, who has no power over your soul at all. That is what I meant when I said you have it all ‘twisted up’ in your head. And God doesn’t want ANYONE to perish! But 2 Peter 3:9 says, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

      So. Stop looking in the wrong direction: FEAR. Stop fearing the wrong person: satan. Stop focusing on the wrong thing: death & hell. Start looking in the right direction: HOPE & FAITH. Start trusting the right Person: God. Start focusing on the right things: LIFE on EARTH and in HEAVEN.

      4) As implied in #3, Repeat your Declaration of Faith in Christ and get Re-baptised. I say this because I don’t think you did this for the right reasons before. CHOOSE Christ- don’t be forced into Christ out of fear of death & hell. Choose Christ out of love and a desire to LIVE as he lived and because you ADORE him and ADORE God and BELIEVE in everything that they said and did. AND of course, because you want to live forever.

      5) READ THE BIBLE. Rose, most people say that they want to ‘hear’ God’s voice but they fail to go to the number one place to hear it. God, himself, wrote the Bible. Sure, he used human beings to write the Words, but Jesus said, “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” The Holy Spirit is the one who reminded all the writers exactly what Jesus said and what words to write when they wrote the books in the Bible. So, those are GOD’S words. Read the Bible and you will become used to hearing God’s voice! This will begin to discipline your mind to what his voice sounds like. The more you read, the more you will get to know his voice. Jesus said, ” My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” Read the Bible and you will learn to know your Shepherd’s Voice.

      Eventually, Rose, you will hear God’s voice all day, every day, as I do. It is not a human’s voice. It just IS. It is his Presence with you, at all times. I talk to God nonstop. I live in constant prayer. It never ends. I find myself often saying, “Ah, Father, look at that… help that poor man..” things like that. I feel his pleasure upon my head. It is a truly wonderful way to live. But I didn’t always feel this way!!! No! It came over time. It came with studying His Word!

      First came my salvation (when I was little- my declaration with my mouth and in my heart). Then came my DECISION to give my ENTIRE LIFE to his service. Then came my water baptism. (read One Christian’s Journey). This led to me receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit (not required for salvation). Then, I began a life of obedience. Then, I began to read the Bible. I realized, all of a sudden, that I could now understand the Bible like I could never before. I realized that the gift of the Holy Spirit had opened my eyes to understanding and I was filled with joy! THIS is all possible for you too. As I read, I grew in understanding and wisdom. As I grew, I got to know God and Jesus better and better. My relationship with them grew more and more intimate. Until we reach today. I look forward to it getting better and better.

      So, instead of losing heart, Rose, TAKE HEART in my story. I was once in your shoes!!!!! There is HOPE! God was completely silent to me for decades! A long, long desert. He had to break me in order for me to come to him. He broke me so that I could learn how to come to him. He did that so that I could WITNESS to people like you so that you need not be broken. DO what I tell you to do. Especially think about the KING part. That is where most people fall down. Determine to make Jesus your KING, for real, and then, you will come to know God. Throw away this earthly life. Give the rest of it to the service of Jesus. Determine that every action you will take from this day forward will be to please God’s will, not yours. That no matter what he asks of you, you will do. I can give you this assurance, however: God is a good, kind King. He never asks what we can’t do mentally, physically or spiritually. He prepares us in advance and always gives us provision. But then again, let me warn you- he asks much and stretches us, sometimes to the maximum of our strength. If I lied to you to make you comfortable, I would be doing you a disservice. This is a real commitment we make to our Lord. But I can also tell you this: I would never turn around and give it up. I’m pretty sure I would die for Jesus- though I would not be so arrogant as to test my God. I will pray for you, Rose. You DO have the capacity to make these decisions. Put your HOPE and LOVE in Jesus. And oh, find another church!

  20. What about the thief on the cross? He was NOT baptized by water, and he went to heaven with do you explain this? When u say that u MUST be baptized in water?

    • Hi Debbie, you are very correct. I didn’t realize that anyone would take that ‘must’ as me meaning that you had to be baptized in order to be saved. You are correct. Water baptism is not a requirement to go to heaven. Good job.

  21. I have really enjoyed this article. I am no stranger to the gospel and have confessed my sin to Jesus and asked for forgiveness and I want to follow him. But here is my problem that has effected me over the past 30 years. I believe and at the same time don’t think I believe in Jesus and salvation so plan.
    As a result I feel a fraud when I say I am a Christian. I study the bible and then can’t cope as my mind
    Cannot grasp what I am reading. I have been ill and have been for cognitive behavioural therapy. I try and take every thought captive but am frozen in my confusion and can’t break free. This longing to be free to believe is making me mentally ill. I am open to your suggestions.

    • Hi Pauline, I need to understand what you mean by ” I believe and at the same time don’t think I believe in Jesus and salvation so plan.” before I can truly help. I think you had a typo there that is interfering with my understanding. It is not unusual for unbelievers to not understand the Bible. In fact, God designed the Bible in such a way that it can’t be understood by unbelievers. Only Believers can understand it. You must have the Holy Spirit to understand it. Jesus said, “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” Matt. 13:12. When I was little, I thought that meant money or food. It doesn’t. It means faith, knowledge and wisdom in God. Those who have little faith, knowledge or wisdom in God will have even that little bit taken from them and those who have a lot of faith will be given even more. That’s what this means.

      You have a little faith or none. So, in return, you are not given the ability to understand the Bible. You don’t have the Holy Spirit.

      You can’t say that “I want to follow him” and then, “{I} don’t think I believe in Jesus and salvation.” You either do or don’t believe. When I look at your comment, it looks like you want to follow Jesus in order to be forgiven of your sins. Is that right? Also, you want to live after death. A very reasonable desire. Something every human being wants. And this is absolutely possible for you.

      But you aren’t willing to do what is necessary to have these things. I understand. Most people on this earth have the exact same problem, Pauline.

      Personally, I don’t think you need therapy. What you need is the ability to make a decision in your life. You are languishing in indecision and yes, that can drive anyone mad. But can I tell you a secret that can greatly help you? By waffling and making no decision, you have actually made a decision. That decision is, ‘No, I don’t want you, Jesus.”

      The reason this is true is because in order to go to Heaven, we must actively get up on our own and positively CHOOSE Jesus. All other decisions are.. well, ‘other’. They are not that action of choosing Christ. Only by Choosing Christ are we saved. So, by not choosing, you are not saved.

      Read through the comments on this thread. So many people ask me, “I want to give my whole life to Jesus but I don’t know how. How do I give my whole life to Jesus?” The answer is easy. You DECIDE to give it. Sadly, I see so many people who claim to be Christians that I don’t believe really are. Just because someone dunks you in water and you say, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior” doesn’t mean you are saved. There is one element there that you forgot- you have to BELIEVE it and MEAN it. I will give you an example that can apply exactly to you, Pauline. A young man came to me with the same problem. He said that he had given all his life to Jesus but couldn’t feel God. He was empty and depressed and lost. He had read this article & my article, “One Christian’s Journey” where I describe my baptism of the Holy Spirit and said he longed for that but couldn’t find it. He was a little angry, I think.

      He asked, “How do I give my whole life to Jesus??” So, I asked him, “Do you make plans for yourself? Do you still think things like, “I’d like to be a programmer and then get married and have three kids, etc?” you know, like normal people do?” He said, “yeah.” I asked, “Are you ready to give up ALL those plans right now? If God said, no. You will not have a business. Instead. you will be a blogger and be poor. And I will give you a bad back that hurts everyday instead. what would you say?” He honestly told me he wouldn’t want to obey. Then, I asked him, “what if you found the woman of your dreams and she loved you as much as you loved her. And God said to give her up. Would you?” He said, “No.” He was getting more and more irritated with me because I kept asking these kinds of questions. Then, I asked, “Ok, here’s even a harder one. What if you had a beautiful baby boy. The joy of your life. IF God said, “leave that boy and your beautiful wife. You will never see them again. I need you elsewhere.” Would you obey?” And he got really irked and asked why I kept asking questions that he had already answered. He wouldn’t obey. He wouldn’t want to do those things. Of course not. He asked why I kept asking. I said, “I ask you these things for one reason. You asked me why you couldn’t feel God when you were ready to give up your life for God. When I told God that the rest of my life was HIS, I meant truly meant it. I STILL mean it. I will give up everything for him. WHEN you mean it, then you will also hear God’s voice like I do.

      Read what Jesus said in Matt: 37“Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

      It’s a question of YOUR COMMITMENT to him. You have to actually MEAN it when you call Jesus your LORD. Lord means KING. Can a servant really say ‘no’ to a king?
      But you believe you can say, ‘no’ to Jesus if he calls you to do something. Why is that?
      Why do you think you have a choice if he calls you to do anything?
      Because you don’t really call him your Lord.

      You ask, “How do I get to a point of meaning it?”

      You DECIDE.

      It’s that simple.
      It’s exactly like a marriage. It’s a decision, not an emotion.
      But God knows if you are for real or not.
      When you say to a person, “I will keep my promise.” no one really knows if you mean it. Only YOU know. But in this case, God sees your heart and knows.
      He knows if you are wishy washy or you really mean it.
      When I gave my life, he knew I meant it. I have never swayed. THAT is why he sent the baptism of FIRE that surged through me. It has never left. But here I am serving him. No honor, no glory. Only scorn mostly. oh, and let’s not forget that I’m being sued for 2.3 MILLION dollars too! lol
      It’s not always fun to follow Jesus. In fact, you can PLAN on suffering.
      Jesus made sure to warn all his followers.”

      BEFORE you can understand the nuances of the Bible, you need to FIRST decide to follow Jesus. This means that you must DECIDE to call him your KING. That means that you will not say, “No.” to his commands. You agree to SERVE him, as your sovereign king for the rest of your life. Also, You believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who was sent to this earth, not to condemn (because we are already condemned) but to relieve us of our penalty of death; to save us from ourselves and the sin we just can’t stop doing. You believe that God loves you enough that he understands that no matter how hard you try, you can’t be sinless, you can’t be perfect and you can’t be good. He understands that you WANT to be all these things and that you need salvation. You believe that he loves you so much that because he knows you and loves you, he sent his Son to give you a way OUT of your darkness so that you can be reunited with Him in light, freedom and joy! Because, Pauline, you ARE trapped, but not by Christ- you are trapped by your own sin. Jesus IS your lifeline from the darkness to freedom! All you need to do is take the rope. Just believe that God has loved you enough to give you this rope, even though you did nothing to deserve it! He just did it out of love. He did it because even though you don’t know God, he knows you as his daughter and doesn’t like that you are blind and deaf and dumb- he doesn’t want you to die like that. He sees you entrapped and wants you to come out. But if you refuse to take the salvation, the rope he has handed down to you, then you will die, Pauline! You may not understand WHY salvation works right now, but if you just jump in blind obedience and faith and grab onto that lifeline, then someday, you WILL understand. If you sit there and stubbornly say, “NO! I MUST understand all before I jump,” then you will never jump, my dear. You may just be left behind. Don’t do that to yourself. Salvation makes perfect sense. Jesus came of his own free will and TRADED his life for yours. It’s that simple. He took his own blood and stood before God and said, “This is my blood, Father- I sacrificed it so that it covers ALL men and women who believe in me. I want them all to be forgiven for my sake- because I died in their stead.” And God SO LOVED Christ’s beautiful loving heart towards mankind, whom He also loves, that he granted Jesus ALL authority to judge who will live and who will die. If Jesus says we are forgiven, then we ARE. And God said, “I will remember their sins no more!” It’s that simple. BECAUSE Jesus did what he did, God will honor whatever he says concerning us. And Jesus made it EASY for us to be forgiven. All we have to do is, well, BELIEVE he will do it for us. That’s it. Oh. And we have to die for him. That’s it. lol.

      Yes, we have to die for him. But Pauline. As one who has died for him, I can tell you that there is nothing better to do with your life than to throw it away. I LIVE more than I have ever lived before. Now that I live to serve God, I am FILLED and satisfied as I have never been. This is why Christians will die rather than recant. This is a long response but I am your servant. I am God’s servant. and there is NOTHING more important than you right now in my life. Helping others find Jesus and eternal life is why I live. I love you, Jesus loves you and God LOVES you.

      JESUS will set you free. No amount of therapy can do that. I’m not saying that therapy can’t help in other parts of your life. But concerning true freedom, only Christ can achieve this for you. Once you have truly given your life to Christ as your KING and savior (everyone finds this part easy- who doesn’t want the ‘savior’ part?? lol), you WILL receive the Holy Spirit. Then, you will read the Bible with an opened mind and will truly understand it. GREAT JOY is awaiting you. Just remember that you can’t lie to God. He SEES your heart. You can’t deceive him. He knows when you mean it. REPENT, OBEY, SERVE and DIE to your old life. Give up everything and take up your cross and follow Jesus.

      37“Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” Matt 10

  22. This post really made my day. I have recently been struggling with my faith. I want to turn away from sin and give up my life but it is so difficult. Whenever I ask Jesus for forgiveness I always feel that there is a part of me that doesn’t want to change, but I know I want to change that. I started reading the Bible but I always end up stopping and not reading for a couple months. It really puts me off track and makes me feel lost most of the time. I want to be found but for some reason I fear that I am having trouble changing my ways because I am not a chosen person of God, who was predestined to be saved. These things really scare me and make me worry. I want to find Jesus in my life, but I don’t completely know how. I also know that I want to turn my life around and not be afraid about being open with my beliefs to others. I am a younger person and want to know how I can please God and do His work. Also, what should one do about a person in their life, who they love, but has not found Jesus? Thank you so much. I have learned so much already.

    • Great, Cam!!! Sorry that it took so long for me to get back to you! I’ve been thinking about you lots. I love when people write to me as you have. Here is my best advice to you: READ THE BIBLE. There is only one book in all the history of mankind where anyone has ever told the truth about who God is and who Jesus is and that is the Bible. It is the ONLY trustworthy place to go. Pastors, preachers, friends, counselors, etc can give their two cents, but they are also as lost and as much a sinner as you! lol. Just remember, to be a Christian doesn’t mean you are good in any way. Nor does it mean you are better than anyone. It simply means you are smarter than most people because you decided to take the regal gift that was handed to you and to all mankind to LIVE FOREVER in a perfect, newly made body someday. I don’t know why people reject this incredible gift considering how badly human kind wishes to have it. Consider all those creams, gels, cosmetic surgery! Everyone wants youth forever and yet, for some reason, this FREE gift is rejected by almost everyone. I will never, ever understand. My only conclusion is that satan covers over their eyes. Somehow, someway, they think that bending down their knees in repentance to the Lord, God Almighty and admitting that they need help for their salvation seems too repulsive to their pride. But once you admit this, it feels like a giant semi truck has been lifted from your stomach and shoulders, doesn’t it?? It did for me!

      Ok, listen. Have you gotten your water baptism from a church yet? Somehow, I don’t think you have. This is very IMPORTANT. You must do this. Go to your church and ask for it. Do this and declare WITH YOUR MOUTH in front of all those witnesses that Jesus Christ is your Lord, your King and your Savior. Tell them, loudly! that you will dedicate the rest of your life to his will, not your will. Tell them that you believe with your heart that he will raise up your body upon your death and that you will LIVE forever with him in heaven! Do this immediately if you have not done it before. Baby baptisms don’t count. Do it again as an adult.

      Then, start reading the Bible. I have written an article called May I Suggest A Bible Version & a Study Plan for those who have never really read the Bible before. Please see this before you start. If you can’t afford a good STUDY BIBLE, tell me. I will buy it for you. Ok?? But you need a good STUDY bible, not just a regular one. You must go from being a baby in the Lord, to an adult in the Lord. You must grow up in the Lord. In THIS way, and only in this way, will you begin to hear his voice. Through his Word, you will learn his Voice. The Bible is LITERALLY his voice, did you know that? That’s why it is called the LIVING WORD of God. When you read it, you are HEARING his voice. This will train you up to hear his word in your life. I promise you that the more you read his Word, the more you will hear his Word outside of the Bible. God doesn’t speak in human words outside of the Bible, Cam. He speaks by the Holy Spirit. He simply puts his Word into your heart and you KNOW his mind. You never doubt when he speaks to you. This is what you will learn as you get to know him.

      You probably already ‘hear’ him but simply can’t discern him among all the other noise in your life. Also, you can’t and don’t trust what you hear. You probably say things like, “Is that God telling me to do this or that or is that just me, feeling guilty or feeling like I SHOULD do something??” right? Well, the more you read the Bible and learn what his Word sounds like, the more you will learn how to ‘discern’ his voice. ‘Discernment’ is a Christian word. It is a skill that is learned. It is also a gift of the Holy Spirit. When you pray, ASK for wisdom. ASK for discernment. ASK to hear your FAther’s voice. Jesus promised, “Ask, and you WILL receive.” ok?

      Don’t worry about how you ‘FEEL’. It means nothing at all. Simply KNOW that God never lies. Ever. I am living proof of that. If you want to know how I came to really HEAR God’s voice, please read my article, “One Christian’s Journey” It will forever change the way you think about things with God. You will see that you are not the only one out there. I was exactly where you are now- God was absolutely silent. And one day, he ROARED into my life! And changed it forever. He LIVES! He lives! And he never lies. And YOU, Cam, are saved- whether your hear him or not. Jesus’ promise is SIMPLE. Hearing God was not a requirement. But it is a JOY that can be a part of a Christian’s life. After I am done with this comment to you, I will pray for you to have the strength and fortitude to do everything I told you to do: get the water baptism, pronounce with your mouth that Jesus is your King, Lord, and Savior and that you dedicate the rest of your life to HIS will, not yours and 2) you begin to truly study the Bible according to the plan I wrote. I will pray that God BLESSES you with deep understanding and wisdom and grows you into a mature Christian who can then help others as he did for me. You can then do what I do- reach out and HELP those who feel as lost as you feel today! won’t that feel wonderful? Just keep your eyes on Jesus, Cam. That day is in your future. I promise! Even better, Jesus promised. Even better, GOD promised.

      Ok, a final word: never believe that you can do WORKS to please God, ok? While works are a RESULT of loving God, they have nothing to do with your salvation, ok? I warn you of this because there is a giant movement on social media called ‘Sacred Name Movement’ and ‘Hebrew Roots Movement’ where people start calling Jesus and God by their Hebrew names and then, in order to ‘please’ God, they begin to do Jewish traditions and adhere to the Mosaic Law. Jesus FREED us from these laws. The movement is satanic but really appeals to new or weak Christians who want to ‘feel’ God in their lives. You would be a perfect target for these people. I warn you now so you can be aware of them. Lovingly, your sister in Christ. write to me ANYTIME because that’s why I am here!

  23. I wanted to quit on God but I was lead to search out for help. I read this article and discovered what is wrong with me. The reason while I feel so numb inside during prayer, praises, or worship. Now I know the truth yet at the same time I feel hopeless now because I don’t know how to give Him all of me

    • Why should you feel hopeless? Don’t! I’m glad you came to this article and to me. See? God is already giving you help. It is easy to give all of you to him. As I wrote, it comes through ACTION. It comes through obedience of his commands. It comes from living as Christ lived. Do you wash the feet of the poor? Do you heal the sick? Do you give hope to the hopeless? Do you visit the people in jail? Do you feed the hungry? Do you give water to the thirsty? Do you help the elderly? Kaye, sometimes what can happen in life is that all we do in our relationship with God is ASK him for things. We forget to GIVE him things. We are so busy caring for ourselves that we fail to care for God. Jesus said that when we do things for the ‘least of these’, we are literally doing them directly to HIM. Kaye, if you want to give all of yourself to Jesus, then do these things. Give your time, your bones, your flesh, your energy, your dreams, your love, your sweat- give your ideas and passion to people who need them. Stop worrying about how YOU feel and start worrying about how OTHER PEOPLE are feeling. I promise you that once you stop even thinking about yourself and start worrying about how others are feeling, doing, living, anguishing, perishing, you WILL feel God.

      Ok? It is when we SERVE others that we SERVE Christ. That is what he said. But you can’t have known that before because I know you don’t read the Bible. That means you need to start doing that. You are lacking in KNOWLEDGE. You are a beautiful car and you have never read your own instruction manual! Kaye! Read your own instruction manual. The Bible is the most profound book ever written. It is a miracle unto itself. Once you read it, you will never be the same again. It will transform you and give you every answer to every question. BUT. God put a lock on it. A lock that no man can open without a very special key. That key is the Holy Spirit. Only those who ASK God for the Holy Spirit will receive it. lol. I love it! Don’t you? So, all the overly proud so-called atheists who walk around day and night denying his very being can’t possibly open the Bible and understand it! They scream, “It’s GIBBERISH!!” and pull out their hair. But they are driven even more insane when they see us Christians reading it in perfect understanding and discussing it among ourselves in great interest and excitement! But their pride refuses to allow them to ask God (the one whom they claim doesn’t exist) for such a simple thing- the KEY! hahaha! God has the BEST sense of humor. I digress. Anyway, I tell you this so that you don’t forget to ask for the Holy Spirit in humble prayer before you open your Bible and begin to read. If you have never read a Bible before, please read my article, “May I Suggest a Bible Version & Reading Plan for You? first. The Bible gives you answers to questions like, “How do I give myself to God?” It takes time to gain wisdom, but even complete beginners learn. Apostle Paul put it this way: new Christians require milk while more mature Christians require meat. The Bible is set up so amazingly that the same verses provide both at the same time. But you must read it in order to grow closer in your RELATIONSHIP with God.

      Being hopeless now is the last thing you should feel. You should be FULL of hope. All your answers are at your finger tips! But to put it as succinctly as possible, I can sum it up as Christ did: Love God with all your heart, mind & soul and then, love your fellow man in the same way. THIS is how you do it. And that requires ACTION. Do the things I just told you at the beginning of this rather long answer. You will immediately feel better! Fail to do those things and I believe you will fail to thrive.

  24. At first I thought you were another one of those people who say you’re not saved if you can’t ‘feel.’ I almost quit the page! Luckily I scrolled down and saw the note. You answered a question I’ve had for a very long time.

    • I’m so glad! Of course you can be saved and not ‘feel’ God. In fact, I believe there are two stages to being ‘born again’. It is evident in the Bible. The Apostles themselves experienced it. First, they believed and were baptized by water, right? They were ‘saved’ then. But, after Christ rose and ascended into heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit. At that point, they experienced the ‘baptism by fire’ on Pentecost. The same thing happened to the Roman centurion and his household. They first believed (and were saved). Then, when they were visited by Peter, where suddenly baptised by fire with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in many tongues (languages). Only then did Peter basically say, “Well! If God chose to accept these Gentiles with the incredible gift of the Holy Spirit, then surely, who are we to deny them the lower gift of the baptism of water?” And so, the Jews knew that Gentiles were to receive Christ’s salvation too! But, in addition, we can see another example of two stages of ‘salvation’ or baptism. One is salvation by faith and the other is through ‘fire’. I, myself, have lived and experienced BOTH. I have met many, many people who have experienced only one and many who have experienced only one. I know them all to be ‘saved’. I believe that when you are baptized through ‘fire’ and the Holy Spirit, you are much more keenly aware of God’s voice, his presence, and his… well, his ‘vibe’. He becomes incredibly tangible to you. I believe that this baptism of fire comes when a person has wholly dedicated themselves as I have described in this article. Some think I am saying that it comes by works. Not so. It comes through a complete commitment of LOVE. It is indeed a marriage. Which takes commitment. When you commit to God, he commits to you. And he knows if you are for real. You can’t lie to him. The moment I was for real is the exact moment the freight train called the Holy Spirit crashed through an utterly silent, dusty room and changed my life forever. It’s that simple.

  25. The whole other purpose of Jesus dying one the cross was to send “the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost”….[ John 16:7 “neverthelesss I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away; for if i go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you ; but if I depart, i will send him to you” 8.And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgment”] The Holy Ghost is part of God living in us to guide us and help be rememberence of all Jesus taught. Its HOW we defeat sin and resist it! Without it WE can’t….thats how our sin is wiped away and we become NEW IN CHRIST. repent, and be baptized of the water and the spirit…..(the baptize order don’t always come first though….bc in the bible there is a part where some got the holy ghost and spoke in tongues first and then they commanded them to be baptized in Jesus Name….(ACTS 10;44-48)

  26. dear rebel I agree with most things you say, the only way to God is through the Son and we are saved by the blood of Jesus…however once you accept Christ as your savior you immediately are given the helper, the holy spirit. You are teaching people that there is a baptism of fire which is not well explained in the bible and furthermore baptism is not required for salvation, it is an obedience to God. The bible talks about quieting the holy spirit such as when you walk away from God but there is by no means a baptism of fire. You receive all the holy spirit you are going to get when you ask the Lord to be your savior. Remember that we are not saved by our works but ONLY by the blood of Jesus. Simply a lot of people who “accept” Christ do not do so genuinely in the first place. It is not that I accepted Christ and later had this great experience of the Holy Spirit coming into me. We do not know 100% when Gods word says “he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” we are not fully aware, fire could mean judgment because the very next verse talks about the unquenchable fire for those who are separated from true believers. Please tell people that when we continue to sin and do not repent that the Holy Spirit is quieted. And one more point when you talk of Christians who have and who have not experienced a fiery baptism you are saying that there are different levels of Christianity, those who have experienced the fire are at a higher lever perhaps?? This is so far from what the bible teacher, Jesus loves us equally and has given anyone who sincerely accepts him as his savior the Holy Spirit…it is not later or years later this is simply not true. Remember SIN suppresses the Holy Spirit and that is why so many Christians are not “on fire for God”.

    • Amanda, that is not so. The Bible talks about many instances when people have ‘accepted’ Christ as their Lord and Savior, but had not yet received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This came when Peter was told to eat the many different kinds of animals in the blanket, remember? When he went to the roman’s house, he saw that they had already received the baptism of water. He asked if they had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they said, ‘no’. Then, he prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they received it. This is how he came to know that not only Jews but Gentiles would receive the Holy Spirit as well. Even the Apostles had a delay between the time they ‘accepted’ Christ as lord and ‘Pentecost’. This is a normal thing in the Bible. It is a real phenomena experienced by many Christians. Some Christians never experience the baptism of the holy Spirit. It doesn’t mean they aren’t saved.

      It is true that we are not saved by works. We are saved by 1) belief that Christ is capable of resurrecting our bodies after death and giving us perfect ones that will last forever with him in heaven. 2) that he will forgive us our sins if we repent and ask him to forgive us 3) we make him our lord and savior- this means that we agree to OBEY him in all things and give our lives to his service forever more.

      This doesn’t mean WORKS- but this complete giving over of our life is HOW we demonstrate that we claim him as our Lord. Even satan knows that Jesus will resurrect us. Even satan knows he will forgive us. It is the kneeling to him as LORD that satan will not do.

      You are quite wrong about the fire of judgment in this case, Amanda. This fire is a HOLY fire and it is joy beyond comprehension. You know the difference. It is exactly as explained in the Bible on Pentecost. It is a great wind- a loud wind- but silent. It is all encompassing and beautiful beyond imagining. It lifts and binds a person to God like no other. It is never quenched- I have been on fire for God ever since. It is not a fire of judgment. No. Are there different ‘levels’ of Christianity? hm. I suppose there are. Even Christ would say so. People have different levels of faith, do they not? People will receive different levels of reward, will they not? Some are strong, some are weak. Some require bread and milk and some need meat.

      I think, perhaps, Amanda, that you are worried that you haven’t had this experience? If you haven’t, don’t worry. It doesn’t come to all. It isn’t a measure of you. It is simply God’s will. He brings his gifts to different people. In this gift, I don’t believe it marks you as a ‘better’ Christian. I’m not sure. I have always believe that if a person is willing to give their entire life, with all sincerity, to the service of God, then they will be filled with the Holy Spirit in this way. I guess I still believe that. It’s not an issue of better or worse- it is a level of commitment. How much of your life are your willing to give? So, it’s not how many works- it’s the percentage of your life. Give 100% of it- give up everything and the Holy Spirit will come.

  27. I really want go feel God. How do I give my whole self to Jesus? How do I give my whole earthly life to him? Please help..

    • Zaseth Buford, well, let me tell you. The very first step is to BELIEVE that Jesus has the power to resurrect you from the death and bring your body to life again. Not to this life, but to a new body, a perfect one that will never die again. A body as he had when he, himself, was resurrected. You can read what his body was like in the Bible. That is what our bodies will be like.

      Next, you must believe that Christ is loving enough that he will FORGIVE all your sins that you have ever committed in the past and all the sins you will ever commit- not because you have become somehow ‘holy’, or ‘better’ than other human beings, but because he was willing to make the Great Exchange for you. He died on the cross to pay the ultimate price for sin, which is death, for all of us. For this reason, we need never worry about our spiritual death which we deserve and will always deserve for all the horrible things we have done and will do. Our debt has been paid by Jesus. God is now satisfied. He is so overwhelmed and impressed by the love in his Son’s heart for doing this for us, that he has decided to hand the keys of salvation to him- to allow HIM to decide what to do to each and every one of us. Even though each of us deserves spiritual death for being a sinner, because his Son has done such a pleasing thing in His eyes, he is allowing Jesus to judge us in His full authority. And Jesus has CHOSEN to forgive us all. THAT is how loving and beautiful he is. That is why he said, “I have not come to judge the world. I have come to save it.” Indeed. All you or any sinner must do is stretch out your hand and take this kingly gift from the most loving Lord in creation. And it is yours. When you accept this gift, Jesus has decided that you will live forever, but not as you are, a sinner, but perfect, never to be tempted by satan again- we will be like Him, above satan and above the angels. THIS is his gift to us. He is raising us to be on his right hand just as God has raised him to be on his right hand. Believe this and you will receive ever lasting life.

      Yet, there is one more thing, Zaseth. Even the devil knows all this. But he is not saved, is he? no. You must take one more step to receive the Holy Spirit, which will forever change you. You must GIVE yourself and the rest of your days on this planet to the service of God. This means that you promise God that everyday from this day forward, you will no longer live for your own purposes. You will no longer serve your own hunger, your own lust, your own dreams, your own passions, your own ideas, your own pride, your own family, your own wife or husband, your own parents, your own children, your own anyone or anything. From this day forward, (and God will know the sincerity of this promise), you give every hour of your life to his pleasure and work. You will bend your knee and CALL HIM YOUR LORD AND MASTER. In essence, you will become his slave.

      Confess all this OUT LOUD first to yourself. Then, take yourself to a nearby church and tell the pastor there that you wish to be baptized in water. Before you are baptized, say all these things again with your mouth, in front of others, and know that your Lord is listening to the most important thing you will ever say. Then, you are ready for the baptism of water. Only in this way, will you invite the Holy Spirit into your body and receive the full baptism of fire. Sometimes, the baptism of fire by the Holy Spirit comes right away. Sometimes he comes days later. Sometimes, he may not come for many years- sometimes never. I believe that this is fully dependent on the sincerity of your promise to God. Only He knows your heart. Only you know your heart. But if you mean what you say here, I assure you that the Holy Spirit will come and he will burn you to a crisp and you will never be the same again. I have spoken to so many Christians who have undergone this fiery baptism- it is a joy that will sustain you your entire life. It is the passion that sustained every apostle even while they died for Jesus. I know this burning joy. No one could make me leave Jesus. His joy can’t be equaled on this earth. I wish everyone on this earth could feel what I feel in my heart. That is why I do what I do. Some people say that I hate people. But that just isn’t so. I LOVE them enough to tell them the truth. When they sin, they get farther and farther away from what I have. I look at them and they don’t have what I have. Their faces are full of misery- they don’t know the joy that passes all understanding. I WANT them to have it! I want you to have it. Zaseth. As soon as I am done typing, I will lift you up to Jesus! I will lift you up in preparation for your baptism. I pray that you find what I have found. It is a rocky path, well hidden. There are many rocks and bushes hiding it. But if you TRUST completely in God, you will find it. And you will never regret a single thing you had to do to get there.

  28. How do I give Jesus my whole self? How do I give him my entire earthly life? What does that mean exactly? I stress so much about everything. I fear God because I feel that he controls what good and bad happens to me. I feel that anything bad that happens to me is karma for something bad that I’ve done. I want to truly give myself to Jesus so that my heart can be pure always. I want to be a better person and learn to let go of my worries so that I may live in peace.

    • Ah. I see. Zaseth. I wrote you one message already. God doesn’t work that way. You are thinking of him as a petty god. Listen. Forget all that you know about any gods you have ever known. Allow me to tell you about God, the one and only God. You should not fear him in the way you do. Also, fear isn’t the reason to love Jesus. We must fear God, but because we respect him. Of course he can kill both our body and our soul. But he is not one to run around doing ‘karma’ to us. This is a Middle Eastern thought that has nothing to do with the authentic God of Heaven. The True God is a God of great mercy and love. He is so patient and loving that he regretted the time he once wiped the earth clean of all mankind. He decided to never do it again no matter how awful mankind got again. His heart is so compassionate that he is patient through thousands of years of our sin. He wants to give us time to repent as a culture as well as individuals. I don’t think you read the Bible, Zaseth. If you did, you would find the comfort you so need. The Bible will educate you about the personality and nature of our God. You will learn how he is and how he has interacted with all kinds of imperfect people in the past. You will see so much more kindness, forgiveness, patience and love than you will ever see retribution, anger and punishment. Just think, in the end, God so loved the world, that He sent his ONLY Son that we should not die, but have ever lasting life! So, you must start reading the Bible to get over these ideas in your head about God’s personality.

      I explained to you before about what it means to give you ‘life’ to God. I simply means to live each hour of each day awaiting his instructions. When he gives you something to do, you will do it- above and beyond every duty you have. You may ask, “How will I hear him?” The Holy Spirit that you will receive will simply open your mind and you will KNOW what you must do. It’s that simple. For example, you will be walking home and you will see a poor man lying down on the street. You may have seen him everyday for the past 10 years. But today, you are suddenly struck that you must stop and go buy him a blanket, gloves and food. Go do it. It is NOT your imagination. It is the Holy Spirit prodding you to do God’s Work. After you give these things gently to the man, he might look up at you with bleery, watery eyes. Suddenly, you feel you MUST say something about God to him. Do it. It is not your imagination. Tell him that it was God that had you buy these things for him. Tell him that God wanted him to know that he had not forgotten him. Touch him, pray over him and then go home. Thank the Lord that he allowed you to help someone that day.

      This is an example of how God uses the Holy Spirit to talk to you and instruct you. When you promise to ‘give’ yourself and your ‘life’ to God, everyday is now for his service and you will listen attentively to his commands. You won’t ignore his voice, but you will do as he tells you. Eventually, this inner voice will become so powerful, that you can do great things for God. The more you listen, the stronger you become in the Holy Spirit. Your life becomes enriched ever more.

      Zaseth, we come to God for relief and salvation. And in return, he gives us peace for sure. But he gives us more than that. He gives us heaven on earth. Go to him, not asking for peace and not asking for anything for yourself. Rather, go to him offering to SERVE him. And leave it at that. Allow him to scan your mind, heart and soul- he will do this anyway. Be prepared before you make this offer and make it real. And he will send his Holy Spirit to you. Don’t fear God in that way. His greatest command to all of us is this: Love God with all you mind, heart and soul. His second greatest command is like it: love your neighbor as yourself. So. Love him more than you fear him, ok? I hope this helps you. Oh! and start reading the Bible. If you need help in selecting one, I read this article.

  29. Praise God for showing me this and the holy spirit for guiding me to this article! I had a born again experience but i served God for myself to feel righteous like i would ever deserve God’s grace (of course, i was severely misled) and i continue to serve God because i expected to be fulfilled, but praise God for showing this to me and opening my eyes to the deception that i’ve been exposed to. I just ask for prayer that you pray for me so i can continue in my journey in being able to serve God without expecting anything back. I myself was filled with pride but that was just deception. Thank you!

    • Praise God that you have come to this realization, Max! And I am so very pleased that I played some small part in your realization that only the Lord can save us. That we can’t be righteous through works at all! We only serve him to please him, not to earn righteousness. When he blesses us with the Holy Spirit, he sets us on fire to tell everyone about Jesus so that they, too, can have the same joy as we do. This is a work we do in joy- and in gratitude- because of what Christ has done for us! We have nothing to prove to God, who loves us beyond measure. He knows that we are broken. He knows that we can’t possibly wipe the sin from our skin. He knows the misery we suffer because of it. He knows we yearn to be free of it, but can’t be free. It is like a black oil that sticks to our skin. But once we accept Christ’s great gift, we can feel our bodies relax. We can take great comfort that we no longer must work for our salvation. Then, the freedom we have is such a blessing. We no longer wish to sin- but rather, seek to make God happy with us. At least, that is how I feel. Sometimes, when people know more about my life story, they ask if I would do it all over again. I say, “Yes! I would suffer all over again- because it was that suffering that broke me for good. And being completely broken is what drove me desperately to God. And that is when I made the saddest deal with him. I traded in the life I no longer wanted for a lifetime of servitude to him if he would just save me from killing myself. Little did I know that God was so GOOD, so wonderful, so loving that he would clothe me in a rich robe, put a crown on my head, put gold slippers on my feet and call me, ‘Daughter’, in return. I didn’t give him anything but what I had discarded and he rewarded me with life, joy, and an unbelievable future. He then moved to bless my life with a husband, children, a calling and a reason to live. I serve him daily and my life feels worthwhile. I don’t do anything to look good to anyone or to feel righteous. I do it all to please my God. I wish to make him happy with me because of all that he did for me. I know my place is assured. I never worry about that. You should not worry either. GIVE your entire life to God’s work. This is the key to feeling God in your life. Jesus wasn’t kidding at all when he said, “He who would save his life will lose it, but he who would give his life for the sake of my name will get everlasting life.” GIVE your entire life’s purpose to God’s service and you will find LIFE. LIFE = God. God = LIFE. And you will have an abundance of HIM. You will hear his voice and feel his presence every day and every morning. You will wake up in the morning with praise on your lips like I do! It is a very wonderful way to live. I am a living witness to that fact. I hope you make this decision to completely surrender yourself to God. You will never regret it.

      • I have just come across this blog and it has really opened my eyes. Only last night I prayed with all my being to Jesus/God (are they the same or different? How do I address them??) to accept me, to forgive me of my sins, to guide me in my life. I was expecting something to immediately happen, some instant change or feeling. But I didn’t. I did (I think) feel a slight sense of calmness, but nothing like I had heard other Christians say about feeling God 24/7 or as you put it The Holy Fire hitting me like a freight train in a dark and dusty room.

        So when I read this blog entry it all made sense. I need to commit my life 100% to God. That is extremely daunting though, if somewhat scary. My wife is Muslim (although not a practicing Muslim) and I fear that our marriage will split. I also have two daughters aged 10 and 8 who I love so very dearly. But now I know deep inside that yes I must commit 100% to God. I know I must, but I know that the process will take some time.

        This is all very new to me, regardless of the fact that I was raised in a Christian family and my parents are born again Christians. I was never given satisfactory answers that I could understand and relate to until I came across a Christian youtube video (I forget the name). Since then I have done a lot of soul searching and even more research until finally the logical, factual and scientific evidences hit home. I couldn’t deny it any more. Now I need to slowly but surely commit myself to God, changing my habits and lifestyle to commit myself 100% to God.

      • Well, James, I have GOOD NEWS for you. First, I am certain you are ‘saved’ because you spoke with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you meant it in your heart. Jesus can read your heart and it’s intentions. As to your wife, you must not divorce her. Here is the bible’s command for you:

        12To the rest I say this (I, not the Lord): If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her. 13And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him. 14For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.

        15But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace. 16How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or, how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife?” This is from 1 Corninthians 7: 12-15

        Since you are new, I kind of figured that you are not fully ‘armed’ with the Word of God. I give you these verses to sooth your thoughts this morning.

        As to Christ and God, they are two separate Holy Beings. There are some sects of churches who will tell you they are literally the same, that Jesus himself IS God and that there is no separate God. But I have read and read and read- and re-read and re-read and re- read. It is simply not so. Christ has been elevated to God’s status BY God himself, but the Bible is EXTREMELY clear that Jesus is God’s SON and that God is Jesus’ father. While Jesus is called ‘God’ twice in the Bible (directly, once BY God and once by Thomas, both times it can definitely said that both God and Thomas were accentuating Jesus’ status as a diety and his equality to God rather than trying to say he IS God, the Father, himself. Otherwise, the Bible would have us reading God (Jesus) lifting Himself to be equal to himself. It would make the Bible a schizophrenic MESS 99.99% of the time. No, my firm belief is that those who make this conclusion are the minority in the Christian faith and are quite mistaken theologically. They confuse the idea of the ‘trinity’ completely. I can also attest to you that the word, ‘trinity’ doesn’t exist AT ALL in the Bible. Only the Catholic Bible, in which Popes added several books to the original Bible (which explains why the Catholic Bible has more books than the normal Bible), mentions the word, ‘trinity’. Without consideration of that manmade word, the Bible spells out the relationship between God, the Father and Christ, the Son and the Holy Spirit as itself very clearly. The only reason there is any confusion at all is because mankind decided to interfere with ‘theology’ in an attempt to ‘make it easier to understand’ than the Bible present it itself, and then, messes it up completely.

        I highly encourage you to simply read the Bible yourself. I promise you, you will not fail to understand the very clear, relationship between Christ and God and the Holy Spirit as perfectly described there.

        Lastly, I am glad you realized that you can be saved and not ‘feel’ God the way other, more mature Christians can feel him. If you read my last comment to the reader before you, you can see my thoughts concerning the ‘baptism of water’ vs. the ‘baptism of fire’, which is brought by the Holy Spirit. Btw, you didn’t mention your baptism by water. You MUST do this. First, it is a command. Second, there is a difference in your life that comes when you proclaim your dedication of your life to Christ and your adult belief that Christ is your KING and SAVIOR on earth and in heaven now and forever IN FRONT of a church full of other Believers. This must be done to complete your re-birth into Christ. If you have not done this, arrange for this right away. Doesn’t matter if you belong to a church right now. Call a local church and make an appointment. Bring your whole family and commit before them too. Your wife included. Let me know when you have done this so I can celebrate with you! The baptism of fire usually doesn’t come until after that by water!

  30. I have read the questions and your response, thanks a lot as many of your answers were truly tough but hit the nail on the head. I have suffered a great deal of not feeling God’s presence within me yet I truly and dearly love Him. I got saved 43 years ago and have gone through a lot. I am now 51yrs with 2 children and a granddaughter. Deep down in my heart I really want to serve the Lord as this is the language I do understand and know. The dance I know how to dance and the place i feel at home. I have lost my finances, business, debts are overwhelming, family have no peace. So when you talked that its high time one not to pray and talk about her/his issues yet they what surrounds you. Just help me to pass this season without loosing it out. Yes, forgiving is not as easy as spoken but its possible through Gods grace, but how can do without remembering. Your site has help me a great deal and I believe through the Holy Spirits help I shall be victorious. I want to work for my Lord, I do a lot of preaching, counseling and helping the poor and widows/orphans but at the moment my hands are empty, which also hurts me because my hobby is to help people. Am struggling to come out of bitterness. Please do not condemn me but help me to come out of it as I believe this is what is removing peace within me as I normally have a clean heart and very naive. I want to come out this season refined completely for the Kingdom and while still have this breath of life. You never know I may be part of you doing this noble course.

    God bless.

    • Hi Benter Ger, I have often wondered what forgiveness really is. Is it a feeling? Is it an action we take? Is it words we speak? What, exactly, is forgiveness? You say forgiveness is possible through Christ but then ask about how to stop remembering the wrong that was done. Interesting question. Again, what is forgiveness? Does forgiving mean that we no longer remember the wrong? Does it mean that we no longer feel the pain when we remember the wrong? Does it mean we no longer remember that a certain person was responsible for the pain we feel when we remember the wrong they did? It can’t be so. That would defy all logic. What, then, is forgiveness? I believe that forgiveness is that moment directly after we remember the pain and the person who caused it. It is what we feel exactly at that critical moment. We have a choice right then and there. We can choose to hate that person for what they did. We can choose to blame them for what they did and for all the negative consequences that will now fall upon our lives because of what they did. OR. We can choose to free them of their obligation to us. We can choose to let them go. Let them escape. Let them flee from our anger and rage. We can open our fist and even though they may not even be sorry, allow them to run away into the darkness. We can choose mercy. And even if we can’t love them, we can at the very least, look up to God and say, “Father, I do this out of obedience to you. I yield myself to your greater wisdom. I know that you would never command me to do something that is nonsensical or illogical. Everything you command is for my benefit- it is for my growth, my health, my wealth, my life and ultimately, my joy. You have indeed forgiven me more than I have forgiven this person. Thank you, Father, for your unending mercy upon me. Your Son taught me to forgive 70 times 7 times because you forgive me for all my sins through him. Because I love and trust your Son, my Father, and because I love and trust you, I will do as you command. I will release my enemy into your hand and I will forgive him now and forever. Thank you, Lord, for your never ending wisdom and grace, Amen.”

      This is forgiveness, Benter Ger.

      I prayed to God to send the Holy Spirit to me to guide me carefully in my answer to you. I felt I needed to answer carefully because your troubles were great. I feel as if there is someone who has done you great harm and that you are very angry with him or her. You perhaps blame this person for your current troubles. You must completely release this person. Holding onto your anger toward this person is absolutely no good. Let them go. What others do to us is completely irrelevant to what we do. What matters in this life is what we do for God. No one can make us do either good or evil. Only we can make ourselves do either one. No one is to blame for a single action we take. God will have no sympathy for any of us who gives him an excuse saying that someone else was cruel to us and this is why we did this or that. He won’t believe a word. We all have free will. That is what it is to be human.

      No one gets an easy ride in this life. I, myself, am undergoing a very difficult financial situation. I don’t know if you know what is happening right now in my life. If not, you can read my most recent articles. I am being sued for $3 million by someone who raped me almost 30 years ago. I must go to trial in about a year to defend myself against him. It will cost me and my husband over $100,000 to defend myself. We don’t have that kind of money. We could walk around with big sad faces. We could scream at each other and blame each other. I could hate my enemy and blame him. I could be bitter in my soul. But actually, I just wrote an article called, “Losing Everything Can Be Quite Wonderful.”

      Life is not concrete, Benter Ger. What can appear tragic to one person can be bliss to another. It all depends on the glasses you have on. If you have God glasses on, you will see bliss. If you have the world’s glasses on, you will see tragedy. God is the greatest comedian in the universe. Who created jokes, anyway? Think about it! God loves irony. If you save your life, you will lose it. If you give up your life for the sake of Christ, you will gain everlasting LIFE! It’s always the opposite of what you expect!

      Benter Ger, I don’t know the exact circumstances of your life. I am almost the exact same age as you so I can at least speak to you as a peer. I am so happy that you love the Lord as much as I do. That is the number one thing that either one of us has done right in our lives. Money just doesn’t matter. You didn’t mention a wife. I hope you are still married. My husband and I talk about happiness and blessedness a lot. We feel so blessed. But it has nothing to do with money. Money is nothing. Even on the brink of losing everything, we find ourselves more cheerful than ever. That is because even as we lose it, we find that we are same people we have always been. We love each other as much as we did when we had nothing. Our children are happy because they know we love them. We are a happy family, not because we go to fancy dinners or vacations, but because we love talking together and laughing over our memories. We can play cards and games, go to a beach, ride bicycles and just walk and have the best times together. We love our church friends too. Just eating simple dinners together with them is pure joy. What laughter we have! What riches do we need for that? None! And what we have, no one can take! What fancy clothing is needed for these things? nothing!

      No one can take what matters most to us. That makes us more cheerful than when we had lots of money! To know that we can be completely happy without it is like a giant freedom! It makes us invincible.

      Now, if we were hungry, that would make things completely different. But we will never be hungry because we are Americans. If you are speaking about hunger, then I apologize because my advice does you no good. If you are facing destitution of that magnitude, then things are truly desperate for you. Other advice is needed. But you didn’t mention hunger, so I will not speak to it. I will assume that this is not your issue.

      As to bitterness of heart. This can only be for one reason: you are angry with God. And of course this will interfere with your relationship with him. Here is my word for you. I believe it is from God to you. It is from Hebrews 12:

      “4 In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood. 5 And have you completely forgotten this word of encouragement that addresses you as a father addresses his son? It says,

      “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline,
      and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,
      because the Lord disciplines the one he loves,
      and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”[a]

      7 Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father? 8 If you are not disciplined—and everyone undergoes discipline—then you are not legitimate, not true sons and daughters at all. 9 Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it. How much more should we submit to the Father of spirits and live! 10 They disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share in his holiness. 11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

      12 Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. 13 “Make level paths for your feet,”[b] so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

      14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.

      Benter Ger, All must go through the refining fire. You know this. Sometimes the refining fire is betrayal from a friend, a spouse, a family member, a business partner or our government. See how God ends the whole chapter about discipline and training that a Father gives to his son? He says to ensure that no bitter root grows up- he knows that it is possible for his sons to become BITTER because of the discipline! You have allowed this to happen to you. You must cut it out! This is simple to do. It is not difficult at all. It is a decision. You decide to not be bitter. Yes. It is that easy. Like so much in life, it comes to the decision of a man. Choose this day and say, “I will no longer be bitter at my God. It is wrong. I repent. Forgive me. It ends today. And then, refuse to entertain those thoughts ever again. When they enter, rebuke them and satan in the name of Jesus Christ. Say, “Satan! Get behind me. Jesus gave me great power over you- he told me I would do even more than he would do because he was sending the Holy Spirit to me. Jesus never lies. Do not come back.” And praise Jesus’ name!

      Benter Ger, you don’t need money to give to the poor. Did Peter have money to give to the poor? Remember the lame man sitting at the gate who asked Peter for money? Peter said, “Money I do not have, but what I do have I give abundantly- get up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ!” and the man walked! Don’t worry about money! You have more than enough to give! You have Jesus! As long as your mouth works, you have great wealth to give- far greater than the richest man alive today!

      Benter Ger, CHANGE YOUR GLASSES! Put on a new pair. You have become tired, brother. Be refreshed in Jesus Christ. Let your sister help you readjust those glasses you are wearing. Be easy, my friend. It is good that you love God with all your mind, heart and soul. Stop worrying about money. I will pray for you tonight. I will lift you up to God in such a way that He can’t help but look down upon you! Benter Ger! Forget Money! Forget being angry at whoever made you angry! Forget being bitter at God! It is all a massive waste of your life, energy and time. Just stop it! You have so much work to do and so many people to help. You will be ok financially. As long as you have a roof, food and clothes, you are ok. Bring your family close, bring them to church and pray together daily. It will all be better than fine. Trust in God, brother. Your friend, Susan

  31. “If so, you are speaking of Allah, who does not exist.”

    You do realize that “Allah” literally means God right? Muslims do not worship a different god than Christians do. All 3 Abrahamic faiths worship the same God. The only difference is which PROPHET they idolize.

    • August, no, they are not the same God. Jews and Christians worship the same God. But the day that Muslims adopted Mohamad as their holy prophet- as their Messiah- they redefined God himself. God is the Father of the Messiah. Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Thus, Christians can’t consider Allah to be the same as God. God is the father of Jesus. Allah is the father of Mohammad. Thus, they are different. There is only one God. There is only one Messiah. The only difference between the Jews and Christians is that the Jews reject Christ as their Messiah. But they have not accepted another as their Messiah. They are merely incorrect. Had they done that, they would also be, by definition, worshipping a different god.

  32. Hi I need help right now, I like what you said to Michael and I believe the filling up part is my situation. I am only 15 years old and I am a male, my family is very religious even though we never go to church ( I am going to be a pastor when I grow up, that is my job for god as I was told by him) but my grandma has been telling me since I was a little kid that Jesus died on the cross for our sins she even took me to the movie Son of God and Heaven is for reals and I believe that both movies are real. Ever since I was 11 or 12 I was sitting on the coach with my dad and I asked him when were we going to get padre tickets, and he said he would ask his boss (his boss buys then for us) and the next day he came home with some. I was astonished and I started noticing from that day on every time I mentioned something or said something it happened. I latter figured out that this was not a coincidence and I started making a cross across my heart with my hands and then pounding my hand against my heart, kissing it, and pointing my index finger strait up in the air. I started liking this girl in October of 2014, she wasn’t all looks, but she was all heart. I prayed to god that I would be able to hold her and on April 30th 2015 we started going out. After that God stopped filling me up, instead I started seeing my future within my dreams not every night and not every dream ( was having 3 a night) but the stuff happening in my dreams were associated to my life. My girlfriends home life started turning to crap, and after one month of going out she broke up with me. I started having dreams about her, the first one the same night the next one 3 days later and the third one the day after that, I got over it but I still have feelings for her and she still has feelings for me but I noticed God wasn’t talking to me he heard me but was not giving me the satisfaction of the device I told my Friends that God gave me a helped me and told them that my job was to be a pastor and I was really scared to tell anyone that because I thought that God would take my power and I didn’t want that to happen. After that I started changing, I had better habits about lying and was better in a lot of better ways ( I matured with my decisions) which I thought would help the communication between me and God but it didn’t. (This is were the final fill comes in) I have been want to get back together with my ex ever since we broke up and after reading the blog I have come to the assumption that’s it, so now I am hear. I appreciate the time you took to read this and hope you can get back to me (take your time) P.S. You are the only one I have ever told this to. God Bless You

    • Hi Brandon. I’ve read your message and Michael’s message and my response to him to be certain I understand everything before I answered you. I don’t want to seem harsh. But I must correct you in this matter. I am 50 and have been around the block, ok? So I hope you will listen to me. I am glad you came to me. I can help you.
      Brandon, your problem isn’t the same as Michael’s. Your problem is completely different. Brandon, you are very young and you don’t know what the Bible says. You have not been educated at all about what it means to be a Christian. What you are doing is called ‘being religious’. Worse, you are bordering on being superstitious. I need to tell you that you don’t have any special powers. God doesn’t honor anyone that way. Any kind of power that you think you ever had concerning God was only pure chance. That is why it went away the way it did. That is why God appears to not be ‘filling you up’ now. That is why it seems like he is not helping you with your girlfriend. He was never giving you tickets or any of the silly things you wanted simply because you wished it or did something with your fingers or thumped your chest in a special way. That is absolutely the opposite of how God works with us. Only pagan religions do such things. I don’t know what you have been taught by your family or church, but what you are doing and thinking is all wrong. All the dreams are just dreams and the days and times are not relevant. They mean nothing at all. They are all simple fantasy that you are conjuring to make yourself feel better about things.

      Based on all you have said, Brandon, I don’t believe you are in any position to think you should be a pastor. Nor do I think you have heard this from God. That doesn’t mean you won’t be a pastor one day! So don’t feel down or lost because I say this. I say this because based on all you have said, it is clear to me that you are completely lost and don’t understand God at all. That being so, I know God would not ask you to be a pastor at this time. Or, I highly doubt it. God is very logical in his doings. Before I go on, I feel as if you have been using God like a good luck charm. You have been trying to use him to get special tickets and even a girlfriend! Now, when you think your special ‘powers’ are gone, you come to me and want me to help restore these special ‘powers’! lol. Brandon! God will never honor these motives! lol. He isn’t a big dummy. You wouldn’t want a relationship with some dude if all he was doing was using you to get free stuff either. That would hurt your feelings, wouldn’t it? God is a divine PERSON. He feels like we feel. He wants our LOVE and friendship- not to be used. He wants us to LOVE him just as we want him to love us. I’m afraid you have been rather disrespectful thus far and owe the Almighty a rather big apology. Seriously. The only reason you should approach God Almighty is because you want to have a relationship with him. A friendship. A loving father/son relationship where you are not asking for stuff all the time. In fact, where you want to serve him all the time. If that is what you want, then approach the Father. But remember, he can see straight into your heart- you can’t lie to him.

      Now. Let’s get down to what really matters, ok? Brandon, do you know Jesus? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Who is he to you? Do you understand why he did what he did? Do you understand why his life, death, resurrection paid the price for your sins? Or have you just heard that so many times that you accept it without really understanding the meaning of it? If you want to truly understand it, read this article: What Does It Mean, Jesus Died For Me?

      Ok. Now.

      What I told Michael is absolutely true. You can’t ask God to fill you all the time. Jesus laid out the map for us. 1) BELIEVE he has the power to resurrect us when the time of judgment comes. He will judge the entire world at that time. Those who have not believed in him will either die on the spot (if they are alive when he returns) or die for the second time, only forever this time (if they died before he returned). #2) REPENT of our sins. We must ask forgiveness for what we have done. This is an ongoing process. We don’t lose our salvation when we sin, but this act of repentance keeps our relationship with God intimate and true. It keeps our minds, bodies and souls in line with God’s moral expectations. It realigns our entire being. Best of all, it brings us into a more intimate, loving relationship with God. It is through the act of repentance that we begin to mature in Christ. The act of repentance is done in prayer. Prayer is a constant and never ending blessing of the Christian’s life. Basically, it’s just talking to God all the time. I never stop praying. I don’t pray formally. I just talk to God. I rarely say, ‘Dear God’ and ‘Amen’- we just have an ongoing discussion. I start the day with praises on my lips and end the day with words for my God. I believe it should be so for every Christian. #3) OBEY Jesus’ command to go OUT and serve God and our fellow man. This life was never meant to be about us. Our reward is for another day. For now, we are to be servants. Even in our heavenly life, I have no doubt we will still work for God. A human without work is… nothing. Covering all of this is the most important thing of all: LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, and SOUL.

      I hope you can understand all of this. You are very young- but you are not a boy. Apostle Paul told us that when we were children, we had childish thoughts, but when we grow up, we put aside childish things and begin to think like adults. You must put aside these childish, selfish thoughts about God. Stop being superstitious and ‘religious’. God is a REAL PERSON. He wants a living, breathing actual relationship with you. A personal, everyday one. One where you talk to him all the time. One where to text him- even more than your best friend or girlfriend. He wants you to love him more than your girlfriend, mother, father, brother, sister, buddy. He wants to be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night. He is not your good luck charm and he is not here to give you stuff. In fact, he is going to ask you to give up everything. Even your girlfriend. Jesus died in service to God. Almost every apostle died in service to Christ. Today, Christians around the world are having their heads chopped off simply because they love Jesus. Times are rough for Christians. I am being sued for 3 million simply because I write a blog and told the truth here. If I didn’t choose to write for Christ, I would never have put myself in this position or have gathered such enemies. Forget getting stuff with powers, Brandon! You will be giving it all away- in fact, you will be hauled away in chains, brutally lied about and nailed up to a cross yourself for the name of Christ. Jesus warned us all what it meant to follow him. I warn you. Eternal life doesn’t come cheap. Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions. I hope I haven’t frightened you- but somehow, someway, someone has filled your head with completely false ideas about God and Christ and what it means to be a Christian. You really need to know the truth.

    • Thomas, first, my blog is not an advertisement space for your blog. Second, I did visit your site and I have to tell you, I am left speechless. You are attempting to create a cult with you as the leader, I see. You lay out a whole lot of b.s. with zero proof and then say that God chose you to deliver all of it. Thomas, for you own sake, I’m asking you to reconsider this path you are taking. It is wrong. God does communicate with us all- very clearly, I might add. But he does it through the Holy Spirit, not through soda cans, car advertisements, skin wrinkles or water drop arrangements. Your descriptions sound schizophrenic to me. The Holy Spirit leads and teaches us individually and corporately and does so with incredible adeptness. This was promised through the Holy Bible, which is the only authority by which we even know of God in the first place. So, if we are to talk of God, we must also speak of the book that introduced him to us- the Holy Bible. That authority also brought us God’s Son, Jesus Christ and God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit. You aren’t one of the three divine Persons, Thomas. I don’t know if you are mentally ill or if you are merely attempting to scam people, but I won’t allow you to send anyone from my blog to yours- even for curiosity’s sake.

  33. Um, I could fathom a better guess than the answer you gave the person with the query? Because you can’t feel something that doesn’t exist? I’d argue that the doubt the person you are addressing is really the product of the logical portion of their mind recognizing what they are claiming to believe is an absurdity. Just like trying to convince myself to believe in Leprechauns,, part of my brain recognizes it is a fantasy.
    The latter situation is why so many people have to struggle so hard to hold onto the belief; it is because on its face, our minds recognize it is not so.
    Someone else dying does not take away the responsibility that one has for past and present actions – how could it? Not to mention the incongruous absurdity of a supposedly superior being; constantly needing repeated affirmation from what would be a very primitive species about the being great? Sounds more like a glorified human with an insecurity complex, wouldn’t you say? Oh, and the whole notion that a supposedly superior, beneficent being in every way; requiring that someone die in an absolutely ghastly death in order to accept the apologies of people? I dunno,,, I must be far superior to that superior being because if someone tells me that they are sorry and they clearly mean it – I forgive them; I don’t ask that something be killed in order to extend a pardon for their transgression against me.

    You see the problem believing this kind of stuff?

    • Eddie, for someone so smart, you’d think you could come up with something a little more original than that. Well, here is what I would say to you. The ONLY reason you have the freedom to speak with the mealy mouthed, sarcastic, unoriginal, freedom you do is because Christ lived and breathed. Had he not made you equal when he said, “Who are my mother, my brother, my sisters? Those that obey my Father are my mother, my brothers and my sisters,” you would still be some uneducated serf under some petty chieftain somewhere. So, you could at least be grateful on that score. ha! The thing about liberal, so-called atheists is that they bite the hand that fed them. That is how very ignorant they are. Try an education, next time, EDDIE, before you comment. Actually, don’t bother. It’s so much more amusing when you don’t. Besides, the day you try an education is the day you will actually find God and become a conservative. Actually, Education = Conservative Christian. What was I thinking??

      • Hi B, I agree. I look back on that comment and cringe. I wish I had less vitriol and less savagery but I don’t regret the anger. It was righteous anger. I should have provided a better example as a Christian and didn’t. I repent and feel badly. I could go and delete it, but would rather give and example of Christian repentance- and hopefully, an example of one being chastised and one listening.

  34. Hello, I have just a quick question if you can help me with this. I truly believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. And I believe in him with my entire being. I pray every day and have for a long time. I talk to him almost daily but some how and I don’t understand WHY can’t I ever feel god,Jesus. I give all the glory to him daily for the things he has blessed me with, like my job,my home ,my family and even my vehicle. But most importantly I thank BIM for allowing me to have another day here on earth. But my problem is that no matter how much I praise him and thank him, I just can’t feel him. And yes I have asked for forgiveness of my sins and asked him to come into my heart and save me. I just don’t no where to go from here or what to do. I’m scetchy about a lot of churches because of how I was treated at my last church. The only time he would even have anything to do with me is if he wanted to try and get dirt info on my father n law who is also a preacher. And he would never talk to me one on one or even return my calls because I don’t believe in talking dirt like that about church members. Please tell me what I need to do or tell me why I feel like god just doesn’t want me. HELP thank you I hope I hear from u soon

    • Hi Michael, first, let me tell you that I feel your pain from here and I apologize for taking this long to answer. I have been busy building my court case (yes, I’m being sued ) and haven’t had a lot of time to work on my blog. But I am here now.

      I wish I could ask you some questions before I answer. I must make a few assumptions. You sound young to me. Is that correct? You are a married young man and I sense you have been raised in the church? At least through your teens? These are my assumptions. If I am wrong, please correct me. I might change my advice to you.

      I was also raised in the church. And I had a lot of trouble feeling God. I’d like you to read about my own born again experience in One Christian’s Journey. It tells the story of a young woman who was raised in the church but never felt God or heard him until a certain event in my life. I think you need to read that story. You will understand it.

      I think it can be hard for young people who have grown up in a church to feel the authentic presence of God. Especially if they haven’t been raised in a truly living church. There are just so many fake people at church. I remember the Baptist preacher calling out, “Do yah FEEL the Ahl Mahtie Presence of thah Laird?? Do YAH?” and as a little girl, I was ashamed and frightened because I didn’t. My parents didn’t come with us to church- the purple church bus picked us up and we went alone- so we had no guidance in these matters. No one explained any of it. So we were simply lost in all the yelling and confusion of it. Looking back, I still don’t know if all that hullaboo was real or manufactured. All I remember was walking home with my sister and us confessing to one another that we were both going to hell for sure! haha!

      THAT is not a good way to grow up in the church. Then, I went on to go to more bad churches like you experienced. Back biting, unhelpful, unloving churches. I was not emotionally healthy at the time. My family was in chaos (I was single so I thought of my mother/father/sister/brother as my ‘family’) and I felt so alone in life. I was traveling a lot and lonely as can be. Church ladies were mean bitties and tried to say I wasn’t Christian because I didn’t babble away in stupid fake ‘tongues’ like they did. I was so injured that I avoided church for TWENTY years. Fast forward and I found a church I love and wish I hadn’t waited so long. But God does what he does on purpose. During those lone years without brotherhood, I learned a deep reliance upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom when I read the bible. I learned a deep reliance on God alone for my sustenance. I learned to be confident in my ability to read the bible with the Holy Spirit as my Teacher and not MAN as my teacher. I am now FREE from intimidation from any church pastor, preacher or priest. None of them can frighten me into believing anything they say. Only the Holy Spirit can guide my thoughts concerning bible interpretation. I KNOW that Jesus’ promise that Only HE will be my teacher is true. So, my twenty year desert was a great thing to me. Even though I suffered terrible loneliness during that time. At the end, I was finally strong enough and ready enough to know when I was in a living or dead church. I could discern the difference. So I found one and it is wonderful.

      I tell you all of this because I want you to know that God has NOT abandoned you. Sometimes he is completely SILENT and you can’t hear him. That is by design. That is your desert and you must walk it out in faith. That is your cross. But God never gives you a burden that you can’t bear. You can bear it and you will. If you fail, it will be your own fault. But he will always give you the strength to bear it.

      BUT, there could be another reason you can’t hear God. And that could be because you are waiting for God to DO SOMETHING for you. You are waiting for GOD to make you FEEL a certain way. To make you FEEL happy, to feel content, to feel joyful or whole or at peace. There might be a part of you that has made a trade with God. Something you are not very conscious of. It goes like this, “Ok, God, I will accept your Son and believe in him. I want everlasting life and joy that surpasses all understanding! Thank you for all that! Now, speak to me, God! Make me whole! Make me fulfilled! Fill me up! Give me your spirit! Let me feel you, God! I want that bliss that is you!” and mentally, you are standing there, with your arms above you, open wide, waiting for God to give you something! lol! And guess what? Nothing comes!! and you call the same lines out over and over and over again…. and still, nothing gets poured. And you are getting frustrated! Does that sound familiar??

      That’s what your words kind of sound like to me.

      So many people do this ‘trade’ with God. But. That is not what Christ taught us. He said that following him would NOT be full of ease or happiness or fulfillment. He said that we will be homeless, tormented, killed, hated, jailed. Let me ask you, Michael, are you hated because you love Jesus? I will bet you a million dollars that you are not hated by anyone simply because you love Jesus. There is a reason for that. That is because you are too busy asking God to do something for you instead of going out and doing something for God. You need to understand that it is enough that Christ saved you. God has no obligation to now fill you up with his glory. None. That was never part of the deal. You must now walk the walk and talk the talk. As I wrote in my article, OBEDIENCE is your next step. When I say obedience, I don’t mean prayer. I mean, go OUT and tell everyone you know about Jesus. Open your mouth and speak the words, “Do you know who Jesus is?” Tell people about Jesus as I do on my blog. Also, go OUT and feed God’s people. Give money to those who are hungry. Put your hands on those who are ill, pray for THEM, not for yourself. Put yourself and your needs dead last. Better yet, don’t pray for YOU at all. Pray for others all the time. Forget your need to feel God. Stop criticizing other Christians and churches because you have no time to do that. Instead, WORK for Christ. The need is so great. Just look around you- see all those bums sitting outside of the grocery store? Take that chance. I challenge you. Stop on your way in. Stop and ask that person if they are ok. Ask if you can buy them some food or something to drink. Give them some money. Ask if they need a blanket or coat and then go home and bring it to them. Then, go about your day. I tell you that WHEN you start OBEYING Jesus’ commands to love your neighbor as yourself, you will FEEL GOD and the great pleasure he will have in you. But if you keep calling out in this selfish way, “Fill me up, oh God!!!” you will only continue to hear silence and disapproval.

      I prayed before I answered you. I asked for God’s guidance to give you the right advice. He knows you and I don’t. I do so hope this is the right answer. I believe it is. Be well, brother. God has not abandoned you. He has brought you to me to hear this answer. Listen to it and put it into action. You can’t go wrong by doing so. Susan

  35. Pearl, Perhaps you are a Muslim. If so, you are speaking of Allah, who does not exist. I speak of God, who does exist. And God most certainly does have a holy Son. His name is Jesus. You can witness the power of Jesus simply by watching the human being’s reaction to his name. There is power in the name of Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus. Jesus is not a mere man. Allah is not God. Muslims somehow left the God of Abraham a long time ago. Perhaps it was over jealousy over Abraham’s choice of Isaac over Ishmael. Who knows. But God established his covenant through the Hebrews and through the Hebrews, he brought forth Jesus, who is the salvation of not only the Jew but of all mankind- even the Muslim, should he care to accept his precious gift of eternal life. I pray you do choose to accept his kingly gift. Even Muhammad fails to answer how man can rid himself of this horrible burden of sin so that he can stand righteous before God, his Maker. Even the followers of Muhammad understand the sinful nature of man. Even they know that they have failed the perfect nature of God. They have no answer to the question: how can I be rid of my sin? How can I EVER stand before my GOD?? WHY should he allow me to live next to him? What will change me? There is no answer from Muhammad. ONLY Christ can give mankind the most logical answer: the sacrifice of his perfect blood- a once and forever sacrifice- given in love and forgiveness, in the full knowledge and permission of God, our Father, in a new covenant or, PROMISE, of everlasting LIFE. No other so-called religion can or even tries to answer this question.

  36. Good insights.I approve but what does it mean to serve God?
    I want to totally give my lifeet to Jesus .What does it entail.
    where do I start ?

    • Rhys, it begins with a simple prayer of heartfelt intent. This is the reality of God: he knows our hearts. Words mean nothing. Heart is everything. Heartfelt words are what matter. Empty words mean nothing. Speak the words from the heart and Christ will never leave you empty. Simply tell Jesus that you want him in your life- that you want to serve him with your whole life. Tell him that you are done serving yourself. That serving yourself has stopped having any meaning. That you know, or sense, that serving him with all that you are, is the only reason to live. That you want that with all your heart. That you want to be reborn- to be born with a new heart, a new spirit- so that you can have a new understanding of what this life was really meant to be. You want to know WHAT and WHO you are and what and WHO you are meant to be- WHY you were born- what your mission is to be.

      THANK God for opening your eyes to this desire- because, Rhys, I tell you now that not all people receive this wisdom. Even the bible says that God calls his people. Not all are called. I think some people choose such wickedness in their lives that God allows them to go away. But those who try, even a little, to live decent lives, he will call eventually. A desire, a yearning, a pain in the heart- will eventually form and they will be open to hearing God’s call. Thank him with all your heart that you heart him. Tell him that you are running to him, that you want to be saved from this useless, depressing world that is only full of injustice. That you want the joy that passes all understanding. That you want LIFE both now and forever- that you want to taste what true happiness is- what God always purposed for human beings before we chose evil. Because Rhys, I know this joy now. It is not of this earth- and someday, it will be all the time instead of only sometimes.

      Then, go. to. church. BE with others who love Christ and who strive to follow his commands. Sing praises to him and to God. This will constantly fill your heart with hope- and keep satan far from you. There is nothing satan enjoys more than snatching back those who have left his hands. Next, buy a good research NIV bible. I say to buy a research bible because a research bible explains so much about the history of the books, the authors who wrote them, about the culture of the day, about the meanings of the various words (example: ‘talons’ was a measurement they used for gold at the time- just stuff to help out with modern meanings) that make it that much easier to read. I say to get the NIV version because it is a new translation from the original Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew into AMERICAN English- forget the KJV- that is Old English that no one understands anymore (and don’t let anyone tell you the NIV is evil because those Christians are ignorant and superstitious). Then, I have created a reading plan, if you like, to go through. There is only ONE WAY to learn about Christ and God: READ YOUR BIBLE. The bible is the ONLY source for preachers and churches. There is no other source for anyone. Don’t be ignorant and allow yourself to become prey to people who would mislead you in this most important thing in your life. Read it for yourself. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Jesus left us with this great promise: he told us that he would send us a great gift- the Holy Spirit who would teach us. He told us to never call any man ‘Father’, but God himself- this means that no one is priest above us. We are responsible for our own spirit before God. God gave us his Word for a reason. The bible calls the Holy Spirit our Teacher. He is the one who teaches us. I can vouch personally for this. It is the Holy Spirit, not a church or a pastor or a school, that taught me the wisdom of the bible. PRAY to God to send you the Holy Spirit before you read. Pray that he opens your mind to understanding. Then, simply read. It isn’t rocket science. It is just a series of stories, or books, that when you read them, tell you the nature of God. You learn lessons from them just as you learn lessons from all stories. Of course, as your wisdom grows, these lessons become more and more profound. The reality and miracle of the bible is that no man can get to the bottom of the wisdom. Every time I read it, I am confounded again and again with more and more layers of wisdom- it almost breaks my mind in half. But even for beginners, it holds great truth and wonder. You must buy a good research NIV bible and READ. If you don’t have $75, go to a used book store. Sadly, people get rid of perfectly beautiful bibles without even cracking their spines. Much love to you…. Susan. Write to me anytime. If you have a private question, just tell me. I check every question before publishing. I don’t have to publish anything.

  37. One can not feel God if they do not know love. If you do not know love you do not receive the Holy Spirit.
    Many do not understand what the Bible is all about.
    When asked, ‘what is sin’. They go around in circles saying ‘sin is against God and God is against sin’ but have no idea what that means. The problem is there is no much focus on the stories and no understanding of the meaning.
    The Bible is about God is love. Love creates. True Love is never selfishness to others or your temple.
    Heaven is a state of being that those that believe this will always go to.
    The lie of the world is that selfishness can ever lead to happiness.
    This lie is trying to convince us that love is sin.
    Selfishness is hopeless neediness that can never be truly happy.
    Those who believe the lie will always go toward torment and hell.
    Satan is selfishness and demons\devils are negative spirits such as depression, anger, fear, worry, etc. Emotions are spirits
    Bible is the truth because no other religious or spirituality says that true Love is what we should do anything for. Because God is love.
    True love because the antipode of love is lust also known as sin.
    Lust is selfish desire. Also known as the flesh.
    Many do not understand all sin is selfish desire. There is nothing that is sin that is not selfish desire.
    All love is unselfish desire. There is nothing that is selfless that is sin.
    Have you ever felt bad because you were in love?
    That wasn’t love that was selfish desire and sin.
    Anytime you ever feel bad is it because of selfishness which is sin.
    Love does not make you crazy. Lust makes you crazy.
    The world is trying to convince us that love is selfishness.
    This is why there is so much divorce. They think love is getting someone for their self but this is lust.
    Love is giving your self to others. NOT taking for your self.
    Love is optimism and hopeful cup half full joyful positivity. This is the Holy Spirit.
    If your cup is always half full it is practically a cup that runneth over.
    Selfishness\sin is needy hopeless cup half empty negative pessimism.
    If your cup is always half empty you will always need more.
    That is what the Bible is all about. To know Love is to know God.
    Jesus showed us exactly how to reach God through his selfless sacrifice and love for us by giving up his life.
    Jesus also showed us the selfishness\sin of man to take the life of innocence.
    Additional the Bible describes seven psychological needs that are all of Love.
    When you lack in these needs you will always thirst.
    If you keep these you will never thirst again.
    The Bible calls these psychological\spiritual needs the seven spirits of God.
    They are how one worships God as found in Revelation.
    Jesus optimized these seven spirits of God.

    Responsibility if you never take responsibility through excuses and blame then everything is out of your control.

    Respect. If you can’t respect you won’t receive respect. Like is math negatives never equal positives.

    Content. If you are never content you will never be happy.

    Thankful. When you are thankful you don’t feel entitled which means you feel blessed.

    Appreciative. This means you make the most of what you are given. This is living the present because it is a gift

    Accomplished. If you accomplish nothing you will be empty.

    Selfless. Don’t be selfish to yourself or others. If you do you won’t be happy. Life is about giving not taking. It is impossible to use a selfless person because they give seeking nothing in return.
    Selfish people only give seeking return and when they don’t get it they feel bad.

    If you lack these seven psychological needs you will always go towards the hell.

    Hell is a math problem.
    Hell upside down creates numbers. 7734 what is hell?
    7-7=0 3-4=-1. Hell is a negative one or one who does zero.
    7-7-3-4=-7 hell is one who lacks the seven psychological needs.
    The opposite of -7 is 7.
    7 is heaven.
    All you need is true love.
    Love is spirit. God is Spirit.
    To know Love is to know God.

    One would not feel the Holy Spirit if they only believed for selfish reasons.
    You cannot cast out sin with selfishness.
    If one only believes to not go to hell or only to go to heaven their belief is only out of selfishness/sin.
    To know God is to believe what Jesus taught because it is the TRUTH. not for any selfish reason.
    This is why you have to laydown the flesh. The flesh is inherently selfish. This is because we are individuals.
    To be born again is to live for the Spirit. NOT to live for the selfishness\sin.
    Since we are all born selfish we are all controlled by it.
    To know Love is break free from the chains of the slavery of sin.
    The best example of sin controlling to hell is if one cannot forgive.
    If you cannot forgive you will not be forgiven.
    This means every time one thinks about those they cannot forgive they have negative feelings.
    They feel angry. Anger makes you feel bad. One who cannot forgive is always cast into torment.
    This means they are not forgiven because they do not know Love because they cannot forgive.

    You can receive the Holy Spirit simply by believing that which Jesus taught is universal TRUTH.
    The universe runs on love. Love creates and is never selfish.
    Those who are selfish are full of anger, regret, fear, worry, anxiety, depression and all negative devils.
    Those with the Holy Spirit believe you do not ever need to be selfish and you would only feel bad if you were being selfish because you lack Love in your heart.

    The time has come for all of us to decide. Whether we only want the problems that comes with believing in sin.
    Or do we believe the TRUTH and solution is to know Love\God.
    Believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ will save you.
    It only takes one moment to realize the truth is the gift.
    The present is free will to NOW stop being a slave to sin\selfish negativity.
    Selfishness will only enslave you.
    This is the truth that will set you free!

  38. Hello SLR: I don’t think Steve is angry at you, I think he disagrees with you, perhaps a little to vigorously. I live my life radically for Christ, and I often have the feelings Steve does. And Steve has been provoked, but not by you, but by the lack of any feeling of Christ being with / in him, as do I.

  39. Arguably the most obedient man who ever lived, Job, was a sinner by nature and needed to repent. Even his name means “returning”. That is why we all need to be reminded, as this post does, that superficial Christianity may indeed be what is keeping us from a richer life with Christ. We are prone to wander daily.

  40. SLR,

    I appreciate your zeal for Jesus. I agree with much of what you say, but the idea that “feeling” the presence of Christ is determined by my obedience, I do not see. Christians engaged in the battle for souls will often experience fullness of joy, but they will also experience the “fellowship of the suffering of Christ.” In that suffering we may, like Paul, be called to fill up in our flesh what is “lacking in the affliction of Christ, for the sake of His body” as it says in Col 1:24.

    For our own suffering to be complete, for our fellowship with Christ to be complete, we will at times feel abandoned and cry out, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Of course, during these times we must not give in to despair but hurt, by faith, with hope. In His time He will deliver us, just as He did not leave Christ’s soul in Sheol (Ps 138).

    Feeling God’s presence is overrated. Expressing faith in Him even when I do not feel His presence is better. If I have sinned He will right correct me as He told Jeremiah. If I endure His chastening then I am His son. No chastening feels joyous, but grievous, but will result in the peaceable fruit of righteousness down the road. Since I still possess a sin nature, this process will continue a lifetime. I have been walking with Jesus for over 30 years and know this through scripture and experience. I need not sorrow over my lack of “feeling” His presence but rejoice in His promise to move me on to maturity as a process of His grace. I claim this promise, “Lord, reveal to me those things in which I am ‘otherwise minded’. Philippians.

    Our sin nature will always move us away from Jesus and our faith, through repentance must always return us to Him. This is not always easy, nor does it always “feel” good.

    Right now I am feeling His Holy Spirit, but when I go to the abortion clinic this morning to minister to girls and should I get rejected in every instance as often happens, I may “feel” dejected, abandoned or even question why I am there. But Jesus promises to restore my soul. Restore me He has, again and again. So I go, based upon His promises, and because I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

    • Hi Mike and thank you for your thoughts. I suppose I am not talking about ‘feeling’ God. The title of the article is just quoting something people often say. But I do believe that obedience does bring the Holy Spirit near. And I do believe that the more you walk in true obedience, the stronger the presence of the Holy Spirit is. I agree that being in God is not about feeling good. Certainly not. It is about feeling his power and bliss. And yes, I do feel his power and bliss (can’t think of a better word) even in his rebuke. My soul is utterly full at time of difficulty and chastening. Sometimes I am even closer to God in repentance and shame than when I am doing his will. That is when his grace, love and mercy are at their height. Are there dry times of the spirit? I suppose so. But not since I was baptized by the Holy Spirit so long ago. My heart is always full of God. I talk to him, literally, all the time. He is always with me. But it wasn’t always this way. I prayed, from the beginning, for God to walk with me. I told God I wanted to be like Enoch. I wanted him to be that pleased with me- that he would walk beside me daily. I stopped praying the ‘Dear God …. Amen’ prayers. I decided to simply talk to the Lord every moment of my life- like is right beside me. Our conversation never ends. I only pray formally when in a group of Christians and we are praying for some reason or when someone asks it of me. I believe the Lord delights in being close to us. That close. I believe he will give of himself in that way if we are willing ourselves. I know there are times of complete injury and sadness and dejection! I have been there! but I can honestly say that the presence of the Lord never leaves me. I simply cry into him. I call out to him in my pain. When I read that Job praised God in the midst of his pain, I didn’t understand. But as I have grown older and closer to the Lord, I do. He is worthy in all. No circumstance can lessen in worthiness. He is ALL that is. His goodness knows no limit. And even if I, personally, can’t understand why someone chooses to reject him- or why I or someone I love suffers, I do trust that he has only GOODNESS in mind. I know that my suffering is helping someone else. Yes, I do believe that. Somehow, someway, the Lord will use my suffering to help someone else he loves. Thus, it all makes sense.

      I understand what you mean when you say, “Feeling God is overrated”. lol. But it’s not. It is bliss beyond imagining. I would not trade the feeling of his presence for a million years. I do believe that obedience is definitely key to getting closer to the Lord, our God. He is pleased when we put his will before ours. But I also think he wants us to want him back. We need to want his friendship and love in our lives. We need to crave it. We need to invite him in. We need to commit fully to him. Those two things will most certainly bring the presence of the Lord near. The bible says so over and over again. And I believe it. May the Lord, God, bless you with the richness of his love, Mike. May he never leave you and may you always bask in the sunshine of his love, grace and goodness. ❤

  41. So you are saying that God doesn’t know whether we are serious enough about a relationship with him unless we determine in our heart that we will give up our whole life??? God doesn’t know???We have to prove??? I was always under the understanding that we DONT choose Him, HE CHOOSES US! Do you REALLY feel that the unregenerated sinner has the desire to give his entire life to a God that the unrepentant sinner doesn’t even know yet. That’s not possible. God himself sends us love for him and it is love for God that gives us the desire to give our lives to him. All the verses that you quote as support for your way of thinking are verses that state a fact, not conditions or commands. It’s not “if you love me? YOU WILL OBEY ME”. Instead it is a statement of fact “if you love me…… will obey me”. What every lost soul needs to know is that we are hopelessly lost and WE NEED A SAVIOR. It’s when we come to the end of OURSELVES and our WORKS and come to Jesus just as we are… knowing that we CAN NOT DO what you have written above and we need Him to save us from our sin (our love of money, other gods, self-centeredness, lust) only then are we in an acceptable condition for salvation. That is what God wants from us…to accept the grace of His mercy on our dark souls. He doesn’t need us to prove anything to him. Christ did it ALL on the cross we don’t need to DO anything to complete his work so we can become worthy of his grace. Believe me, I struggle with all the sins that you mentioned above, but my heart certainly is not content to give into those sins because He died to heal me from those sins and I am grateful!!! But I had no desire to live for Christ BEFORE I was saved, only since He saved me.

    • Steve, you really struggle with this obedience thing, don’t you? God does forgive us when we ask. But he knows your inner heart too. He knows if you are using his forgiving nature to just sin as you like. Jesus told us to give our entire lives for our fellow man. That pretty much sums it up. You said, “What every lost soul needs to know is that we are hopelessly lost and WE NEED A SAVIOR. It’s when we come to the end of OURSELVES and our WORKS and come to Jesus just as we are… knowing that we CAN NOT DO what you have written above and we need Him to save us from our sin (our love of money, other gods, self-centeredness, lust) only then are we in an acceptable condition for salvation.” Really? If I can do it, anyone can. I know MANY Christians who can and have given their entire life to God’s service. Consider the apostles, missionaries, pastors, etc. Joyfully! Never did I say, ‘be perfect’- although Christ did command this of us. Also, I never said that works will buy heaven. But for sure, IF you love Christ, you will give your life over to serving God.

  42. Don’t we need the sacrifice of Jesus, not the sacrifice of Short Little Rebel (ourselves) to be saved? Don’t we need the power of Christ to conquer sin, not the power of Short Little Rebel to conquer sin first?
    It’s not grace if it depends on you sacrificing your life before God will give it to you.
    Receive His grace to change your heart He is the ONLY one who can change hearts.
    The Holy Spirit changes us and the Holy Spirit can not change us if He isn’t inside us, and the Holy Spirit can not live inside us unless we are ALREADY saved. Think it thru, you are deceived.

    • Steve. I’m not sure what the animosity is all about. But I find it hard to believe that you have Christ in your heart as you attack without being provoked in any way. I can only believe that you are the type of person who wants salvation for free. That you wish to continue sinning without changing your life at all! That you rely on your version of ‘grace’ to avoid making major changes in your life to please God. I never said that giving your whole life to God was the price of admission to heaven. We can never pay that debt. HOWEVER, the way you know a person loves Christ is that they CHANGE THEIR LIVES RADICALLY in obedience to Christ’s command to be like him. Sacrificing your life is absolutely a must- and if you love Christ, it is given most happily. Christ asked for all of us to lay down our lives for one another. I do believe that implies ‘sacrificing’ your entire life for Christ.

      • Just because you feel attacked by him doesnt mean he doesnt have christ. Thats his point. He may sin and make mistakes but that doesn’t sum up if he is or isnt Christs child. Besides you were pretty hostile to an earlier aethiest post. Yeah, he sounded uppity, but I think personally, you had a chance to be more loving and to maybe even attempt to be understanding of the aethiest perspective. A lot of them are hurting and when they get a response like that, well it doesnt help make them want to go to church I wouldn’t think

      • Hi B, I do regret some of my angry posts to atheists. I want to turn a new leaf that way. I had a reason for acting that way, however. Mostly, it was to shock them into listening. Most of them have heard the ‘loving Christian’ speech so many times before and have become experts at deflecting it. My strategy was to shock them into stopping long enough to at least consider their salvation for a moment. I don’t believe there are any atheists. there are only disobedient children of God. I have never met a group of people who believe in God more than atheists. They talk about him more than anyone I know! haha. That’s why I talk the way I do sometimes. In any case, I think I might try new strategies from now on. Thanks for commenting.

      • Sadly I see so much discord among the brethren here. In proverbs6_19 is an abomination to God. We can have our own opinions but it isn’t wise to use our opinions to lead us into strife. New Testament speaks a lot about strife. I think little rebel was saying in short form what Jesus said in John 14_15. If you love me, keep my commandments. Of course there is repentance which is the turning away from sin, but strongholds the enemy gets over us can take time. God reads our hearts folks.Only he can help us overcome our sins. Since this is a topic for Christians, pleases don’t let strife lead some to error. I don’t think rebel was trying to deceive anybody. We all grow in the Lord, she stated she made earlier comments on how she was younger in relation but regretted some of her words. So let’s please be kindly affectioned to each other and steer clear of strife. RememberRemember LOVEl

      • Thanks, Amanda. This is a very old article. When I first began this toil for the Lord, I didn’t know how to handle attacks from atheist homosexuals. They would come and would unleash such harsh words on me. Then would come the arrogant Christians who would cast me down over my harsh words back to those people. I got mad that those same Christians were the same ones who didn’t open their mouths at all for the sake of the lost. They had no idea what it felt like to have these people erect hate websites against them, put their telephone numbers all over the internet, their kids’ photos on the internet and even photos of their homes. They didn’t know what all these attacks felt like but were ready to condemn me when I lost my cool when those attacks came at me. I was unable to handle that then. Over the years, I have learned so much and the Lord has strengthened me greatly. I didn’t erase my old comments because I felt it would be lying. The entire purpose of my blog is to prove that God exists through the changes he has wrought through an ordinary person- me. That was me then. This is me now. I don’t feel the need to respond in the same way anymore. The Lord has brought me into a new place of maturity and my heart can rejoice. I leave those old comments up as proof of what God can do when we put our trust in him!

      • My first post was sent Feb 10 2017. Just found this page. Anyway just want Steve to remember proverbs 6_19about not sowing discord or strife among brethren. And don’t think lil rebel is trying to deceive. Jesus said injohn 14_15. If you love me, keep my commandments. When we are in a stronghold of the enemy however it can take more time to overcome our sins such as addictions etc.. So we all have our opinions but should never use them to argue (strive) with our brethren. If someone is being a stumbling block to you, you should pray about that first then gentle confrontation done only in love. Remember folks LOVE LOVE. Without love and city it is impossible to please God. Is this a discussion site or a debate site? Remember I’m new to this. Today Feb10 2017 my first time to do this

  43. I really love the first part of the article but not the second part. My opinion is that you have a great understanding of what Jesus did for us for our salvation, but in the second half of your post you go back to the law. It seems like you tell us what a great thing Jesus did for us and you help us honor precious Jesus for salvation, but then later we fall back from grace to law… it is because you fail to see that Jesus already gave up his life for you so you don’t need to sacrifice your life for him in the way you mean it in this post. He came to gives us life, and life more abundantly. It doesn’t honor what he did if you give up your life like that. He doesn’t need you to do that or he doesn’t need you to try to live holy on your own, because he fulfilled the law on your behalf, that’s why as He is, so are we in this world. You can not get any more holy in God’s eyes, because he sees you in Jesus’ holiness. Your reasoning is simply human reasoning… what honors Jesus if you keep accepting what he did on the cross for you and give up your trying to be holy. That is self righteousness.. the holiest thing you can do is accept grace from Jesus by believing that the cross is above all. That is what pleases him. If you ignore the cross by focusing on your deeds, that is not making him too happy. Without faith you can not please God, and we know that the righteous lives by faith. Also, we love him because he first loved us. You are not going to sin once you know how much he loves you. It’s about grace… the law has been dealt with. .. people don’t feel him because they fall back into the law by focusing on their deeds and fail to see that they are already forgiven… too much pressure that no human can take.. remember how Jesus reacted when he told Peter that he was going to die, and Peter started feeling sorry for him.. Jesus rebuked the spirit of satan, because satan is the one who points you back to the law and human thinking, for he is the god of this world.. but Jesus hated that Peter failed to see the big picture!

    • MissA, if Jesus didn’t want us to die for our fellow man, then why did he tell us to? If Jesus didn’t want us to die to our lives, then why did he say that? MissA, you want your cake but you don’t want the work that goes with it! Being a Christian IS about sacrifice. Yes, Christ died and was raised again to give us the possibility of eternal life. Our SINS are forgiven. But that doesn’t mean you are done in your service to God! On the contrary. It is your salvation that makes you wish to give up your life for the sake of others. Christ doesn’t need our life. But our fellow man does. We are to work the rest of our lives to Tell the Good News. And Jesus already told us that we WILL be hated for telling people. I think you need to read your bible, MissA. I am not wrong in my conclusion. It is spelled out in the most obvious fashion- and right from the lips of Christ. I speak HIS words, not my own. That is why I am confident in what I am saying. Hon. This life is not our life. This life is a train station through which we are passing. We have trillions of years to live in perfection with God. And even then, I suspect God will have work for us to do. But while here, we need to help as many people see the promise of Christ as possible. That is our job. That is our only job.

      • YOU need to start understanding your bible. Jesus was talking to His desciples! It was BEFORE the cross, it was still only for Jews, not you and not me.

      • Amanda, that is the most insane thought I have ever heard. Therefore, everything Christ said was only for Jews, huh? Not many of his words were recorded AFTER he arose from death. Really. I mean, really.

    • You said it right. You are very blessed. You said the truth thank you because I needed that reminder. God bless you!

      • Don’t be frustrated, it’s pretty clear Amanda is a health, wealth and prosperity cult, Scripture A-Z points out we will suffer, in fact if we don’t we are ILLEGITIMATE and not children Heb 12, it’s the WICKED who prosper, and Christians who suffer Psalm 73, and if “We SUFFER with Him we will be glorified with Him”, if we do NOT suffer with Him, we will not be glorified with Him, Christ will tell Amanda “In your life you had good things, you’ve had your reward, off into the eternal fire…….” It’s just astounding the amount of biblical illiteracy we see in modern America, it’s why people like Joel Osteen, or channels like TBN can exist, cultists acting as Christians, teaching that we should be rich and healthy. The ONLY defense against this scourge is the Word, but they won’t read the word, let alone STUDY the Word, it’s very sad.

    • Thank you so much! I was thinking this exact thing! To say that we need to “do” more is basically tarnishing what Jesus has already done. This post DOES go from grace back to law! Nothing we can do on this earth can make God love us anymore than he does..and nothing can make him loves us any less.(when we accept his grace) Please try watching Joseph Prince Ministries No hate. This post just makes me sad

      • Briana, I’m not sure I understand your comment. On the one hand, you say, ‘thanks, I was thinking the same thing’ and then you say this post makes you sad. No one said that works will increase God’s love for you. But if you want to know God better, then obedience is surely the best way. don’t forget that Jesus talks about the need to do works- and yes, there is a connection there to God’s love. God is pleased with the servants who used their talents to invest and produce double from what they were given. But the servant who did not use what he was given was called an evil servant. The very idea that there are rewards in heaven tells you that there are those who will be greater than others in heaven. Jesus also speaks of those who will be the least in the kingdom of God and those who will be first. I have no doubt that our ‘greatness’ in God’s eyes is determined by what we did in terms of real, heartfelt obedience and love for God. As for Joseph Prince, NO THANKS! There is something fundamentally wrong with that guy and his preaching.

    • Why do people who never read the bible make dogmatic posts here? “Unless you TAKE UP YOUR CROSS DAILY YOU CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE”, that’s not “Back to the Law”, this is probably a “health and wealth prosperity cult follower”, and we WILL SUFFER, Hebrews 12 is clear, if we suffer as ALL CHRISTIANS MUST, it only shows we ARE TRUE CHILDREN AND NOT ILLEGITIMATE. For crying out loud, how did Paul convince the Corinthians he was a genuine apostle? HE TOLD THEM ABOUT HIS SUFFERINGS.

      Have you not read “We will be glorified with Him IF WE SUFFER WITH HIM”? Romans. sorry I have to leave this page, this is America, biblically illiterate, yet dogmatic in what they state, EL SHADDAI has spoken, and we aren’t interested? Are you truly a Christian? Our Creator is speaking to us, and you won’t take the time to read, then study what He is actually telling us?

      If you do not suffer, you will later in Hell, for the wicked prosper, and Christians suffer Psalm 73, people better get their act together, I was in a bible study, I read word for word Heb 12, the leader said “My God is not like that”, I said “Then your God is not he God of the bible” and walked out, liberalism, Arminianism, we are surely in a post-Christian America, I mean SCHOOL KIDS knew these things in the past.

      • Indeed. The fault lies with these modern churches whose sole object is to propagate themselves. They are non-denominational churches (which I first greatly admired, but now see a potentially horrible danger) that see a chance to become a denomination unto themselves. Because of this, they seek to please their audiences. They don’t want to ‘bother’ anyone with anything unpleasant. But I am sure that if they would only speak the full truth, their membership would explode. God knows his creation. We NEED and CRAVE a God just like God truly IS. We don’t want a wimpy God. We want a strong, powerful, just God as much as we want a forgiving and loving God.

  44. I still have no idea what that really means – to give God everything and it will “cost us our entire earthly lives.” The thought that God wants everything from us is so daunting and sounds impossible. If you are right, I am done for. I am a believer, but don’t really feel God in my life like I wish I did, and it’s been my greatest sadness and shame. I have to believe He loves me anyway and it’s His mercy that will save me, not the strength of my faith. I have to trust that it’s possible to believe without really “feeling.” Having faith like a child should be easy, but it’s the hardest thing in my life.

    • Norma, faith like a child IS enough. No worries there. But many also want to be closer to God. You CAN be closer and live within his presence daily. But you must get close to him, too. It is a two way relationship. Like all People, God wants to know you and for you to know him. Speak to him all the time, Norma. Even if you feel stupid. When you wash the dishes, talk to him. When you are brushing your teeth, tell him how much you appreciate the good things he has given you. The more you connect with God, the more he will connect with you. And yes, when you give every breath of your life to God’s service, then you will indeed be baptized with the holy spirit. THAT is something worth giving your life for- I can promise you that!

    • Dear Little Reb,,

      I read the article in its entirety,

      I concur u must surrender all for Jesus. Jesus said while taken to the cross, in order to rein with me u must carry your own cross..

      God bless u and keep up the great work in Jesus Christ.. Elnoralee Lee

      • Thanks, Elnoralee. The great irony of God is that he only gives you this great confirmation of your faith once you’ve already decided to believe in him with all your heart!

    • You are NOT done for! Listen, God is the AUTHOR of all Love, Joy, Peace, your friends, family, life is but a scattered beam of light from the Sun, the Sun is God. So would you rather have a shadow of the real thing or the real thing? Family dies, times change, but God’s love and grace stand forever, in Him is “FULLNESS OF JOY, AND PLEASURES FOREVERMORE”, So why settle for transient, here today, gone tomorrow no yield pleasures when you can have rock solid joy, and life eternal afterwords?

      Just worship the Lord, the word “Worship” is Old English, simply means “Worth Ship”, where we demonstrate God’s worth, spend time in bible study and gospel music, get to know the Creator of the Universe, and you will fall in love with Him in such a manner that everything and everyone in this world will seem as nothing, in fact you’ll love your family more, and you’ll admire the work God did in you, no half measure, Christ came that “His Joy may be in you, and your joy full”

    • Jesus said that if we have “faith as a mustard seed” we can move that mountain and it would be tossed into the sea.

      To me, this says that our doubts can be bigger than our faith, but if we merely act on the weakest faith we have, we can move mountains. What mountain? That huge mountain – that huge sin – that we seem to be too weak to overcome – yes that mountain. I always remember this saying of Jesus Himself when I feel daunted by my own lack of belief. I just realize that yes, I may have doubts – but I do have some faith. I ask Jesus to take that faith and answer my prayer.

      Remember the man who asked for healing for his daughter – and Jesus asked – “Do you believe I can heal her”? What was the mans answer? I believe (mustard seed) help thou mine unbelief (doubt) – and what did Jesus do in response to that mans prayer – He healed his daughter!!!! This proves that our faith doesnt have to be perfect – we just act on that mustard seed. We must act on that mustard seed – and guess what? When we do, that mustard seed will begin to break through the soil and grow. Our faith grows from seed, to seedling, to a tender shoot, to a tree. And then we begin to bear fruit.

      I would like to mention one other thing about faith. The Bible tells us that every man is given a “measure” of faith. That means you have faith. That term “measure” doesnt mean everyone has a different amount of faith. Id dont know how mush faith we have, but I do know that It means we have at least a mustard seeds worth. What it means is that you have enough faith to get you going on the journey to Christ. This is a great promise that you can depend on.

      Jesus WANTS you to be with Him. He has taken a big part of eternity to make sure its possible to get you home. (He was slain from the foundation of the world) What we need to do is start exercising our faith.

      Also – remember something else Jesus said – “If any man would be my disciple, he must eat of my flesh and drink of my blood.” What did he mean? He certainly didnt mean literally – as many of His disciples thought and left Him and, as the Bible says they “walked with Him no more”. Remember, Jesus called Himself the “bread of life” and bread is thought of also as the “Word” of God. Thus Jesus was telling His followers that they must stay in the Word. Remember John Chapter 1 in the opening paragraph, it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and came and dwelt among us…” Jesus is the Word, so, if we absorb it, read it, meditate on it, we are, in fact, consuming Jesus. He also says we must drink of His blood. Well, if we apply the same principles, we can see that we are to partake of His blood sacrifice. (“Without blood there is no remission of sin”) So, we are to go to the Cross daily, seek Him, leave our burdens there and pick up our cross and follow Him. Jesus said we are to do this daily.

      Many Christians think they can just talk to Jesus and nothing else matters. They will be saved. Then, as they begin to falter, and fall, they wonder why. They have deeper and deeper doubts, they begin to feel God has abandoned them. The real reason is that they may not have been following Christs directions. They may not be learning of Him – “take My yoke upon you and learn of me” – It is a yoke. That means we are doing something because that is what a yoke is for.

      So, we must read the Word, we must accept the sacrifice of Jesus – repent and abandon those sins in order to have the sacrifice applied, and give our lives to Jesus. We must do this daily. Even when you feel hopless – reach inside for that mustard seed. I assure God, who cannot lie, has said it is there. You do have faith.

      Blessings to all, May I see every one of you in Gods Kingdom – with our precious Jesus – on that day.

  45. Like most, I have many questions, however, for you to tell us that we must love Jess more than our own child or we are not true Christians, is nothing short of YOU being judgmental.

    It is not for you to tell us how or what we should believe. Jesus will tell us how in our own time, not by you, through you or according to you.

    In the very essence of this written piece of yours,Y ou have indirectly proclaimed yourself to be a judge, one to decide what is only for each person t decide on an individual basis in relation to our own personal experiences…not your.

    I came to your page because the search showed it as relating t my inquiry- But I have to say, your page here has done nothing to solidify or validate any concerns questions or beliefs I have (or do ot have)

    I realize you think you are doing something good here, however, your very words (judging how and what should be believed) is nothing sort of actually going against what Jesus would want.

    Now, I am required to give you my name and my email address….

    But I am asking you to respect me, my thoughts and not send me an email.
    O do so will only prove tat you continue your effort to persuade people according to your beliefs and experiences, rather letting us come to these conclusions on our own in our own way and in our own time

    • Lu, I didn’t say those words, dear. JESUS did! Matt 10: 32-39

      32“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 33But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

      34“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35For I have come to turn

      “ ‘a man against his father,
      a daughter against her mother,
      a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
      36a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’c

      37“Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

      Dear, as for emailing you- WHY would I? Didn’t you come to me? You clearly don’t read your own Bible. As I said, I repeat what Jesus said. So if you have a problem with those words, take it up with him. I’m just the messenger…

    • Wow, Lu has never read the Bible, She didn’t say that, JESUS DID, if you don’t love Him more than mother, father brother sister and your own life you are not His disciple, but illegitimate. And contrary to what the world teaches, Christians are SUPPOSED TO JUDGE EVERYTHING! Someone spread the lie that we are not to judge, and those ignorant swallowed it, we are not to judge hypocritically, but Christians discern (Judge) all things!

  46. ahem… I must beg to differ, dear sister.
    Sin is NOT the only thing that can separate a person from sensing the presence of God.
    Sometimes He withdraws Himself for a short season, to let us find out that we must still keep following Him even when we can’t feel Him there.
    A child is born, & for most of her (or his) life can FEEL the presence of their caregiver(s). When she (or he) begins to walk, (s)he can still feel their parent there, assisting, guiding, “being there”.
    But gradually the parent will start to NOT touch the child, letting them walk without physical support. It doesn’t mean the child is no longer theirs, or that the child has been misbehaving – just that it’s time to learn a new skill, time to get stronger.
    Sensitivity to sin is good — we are to examine ourselves – but sometimes we miss our own faults; that’s why we need to trust the holy Spirit. And remember satan is vague (& a liar), while the holy spirit is like a surgeon, going in for the exact sin with precision & sureness. So if you lay it all on the line, & the holy spirit doesn’t convict — then maybe this is a time of refining.
    just my 2 cents. Shalom.

    • Oh, Shilah, yes, I know that to be true. I am speaking to the general condition people experience- that they never feel him. Of course there are times when God pulls back and is silent. That is the time for faith.

      • I have had this same problem, for over 35 years. I was saved but I was not walking in righteousness, in other words I was willfully sinning. Once I had a revelation that God gave me I went right to Him, typical Prodigal Son scenario, since then, I feel the Holy Spirit not 24/7 but when I need Him He is there, no doubt in my mind. I hope this helps!

    • I’m new on this site. Is there a quicker way to scroll down the years of posts to get to recent ones? And do you delete the really old posts. Sorry to be a bother, just asking for help so I can join in replies and get answers also.

      • Sorry, Don. All comments are moderated. I haven’t been on my site for a the last week and haven’t seen your comments until now. The most recent posts are first and the oldest are last. You’d have to scroll to the end to get to them. Hope that answers your question. Your comments won’t show until I approve them. As I will approve this one now. Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

    • Yeah pretty weak teaching “Jesus tells the Father that we are innocent”? That is the most Amateur statement ever, Christ is our High Priest, IDENTICAL WILL TO THE FATHER, Christ does “say” “Hey give Mike a break” like the Father wants to harm and the Son intercedes, no CHRISTS PRESENCE IS THE INTERCESSION, HE IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, we have NO RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OURSELVES, IT DOESN’T EXIST, OR what there is of it is as filthy rags, when you realize your righteousness is NOT IN YOU, BUT IN CHRIST, who came to “Fufill all righteousness” ON OUR BEHALF, then you’ll be free. You will never feel God’s presence always, no one save Christ has, read the Psalms, read Isaiah “Lord why have you hardened our hearts so we fear you not”, if Jesus ONLY took our sins on the cross, we’d be back to a innocent state, but more was required, Christ had to be tempted in every way, suffer worse than any man IN HIS LIFE, and the “Great Exchange” occurred, First God put our sins on Christ, second God transferred Christs righteousness to us, what greater news is this? But yeah anyone reading these posts, do your own study, it seems the most unstudied seem to write the most. Thanks

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