Saying ‘Gay Marriage Is Wrong,’ Is Stupid! It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone!

CIVILIZATION was built on Male/Female marriage.  Undermine marriage= undermine civilization
CIVILIZATION was built on Male/Female marriage. Undermine marriage= undermine civilization

A reader was upset because a friend posted that if no one could come up with a ‘non-religious’ reason against gay marriage, then all opposition is ‘STUPID’. Here is my response to her:

Your friend is lost. She thinks of Christ as ‘religion’ when he simply IS. Same with God. The entire statement is unanswerable because it presupposes that she has any other choice than to obey God. Or that we can choose to ‘believe’ in him. I am beginning to think that God set homosexuality up as a stumbling block for humanity. Even pagans will agree about not stealing, not killing, etc. But sex? The pagan mind balks and say, “who is hurt? where is the victim? how does it hurt ME? Their ‘morality’ is self oriented- and is thus, not moral and certainly is nothing to admire. “I want to make a law that prevents others from hurting me.”  This is morality at it’s most basic form.

Pagan morality is not based on the commandments of God. So, for them, they have no respect for the commands of God- only in their self preservation. It does not occur to the pagan mind that maybe, just maybe they are the stupid ones.  That they are the ones without knowledge of how the world works and how it fails.  But they love their own limited educations and they own limited experiences and their own limited sensations so very much that they wish to change thousands of years of civilization simply because they can’t see the harm.    Most of these people haven’t put two coherent thoughts together in their life, haven’t traveled beyond their hometown and haven’t bothered to even finish college.  But they know more than GOD.

God, in his infinitely superior intellect and knowledge said ‘no’ to homosexuality and adultery in general. Sex outside the marriage bonds is wrong. And Jesus clearly defined it as between a man and a woman- specifically because God made us to BE this way.  This is the inherently good way for sex to be had in God’s creation.   The male and female produce the bond that God wished for concerning sex. But pagans think they are just smarter than God- thus the ‘That is so stupid!’ remarks. God is literally ‘stupid’ in their minds. So… because THEY, in their great wisdom, can’t see the harm to anyone, say ‘go ahead!’. Yet, they couldn’t tell you why this wouldn’t negatively affect them.  This is equivalent to saying, hey, let’s just get rid of gravity.  I don’t really know what would happen, but I don’t think it would hurt anyone!  Yeah, let’s change the bedrock of civilization and see what happens!  What fun!

But if  a clod hopper thought long enough about it, the evidence showing the harm already done by sexual immorality in our nation (and around the world) would be overwhelming. And it isn’t JUST homosexuality- it is sexual immorality as a whole that is ripping our nation to shreds. And that effects EVERYONE. Sexual immorality has led to divorce, babies out of wedlock & aids. Divorce, babies out of wedlock and aids have led directly to poverty, emotional devastation of the young and death.   But it doesn’t end there.

Civilization has depended hugely on the family unit to distribute benefits. The parents of children are the most motivated to ensure their success. Love is the reason. (Even evolutionists would claim it is the desire to pass along their genes!) Two parents do this best- one to work, one to nurture. One can not do it well at all. Destroy this family unit and you will destroy civilization as well. No government can take care of those children as efficiently as those parents.   And let’s face it, children are necessary for a civilization to continue functioning.  Homosexuals don’t produce children- thus, they do nothing to ensure the continuity of civilization.  Not only do we need children, but we need healthy, strong and productive children.

The numbers of children and adults touched by these direct results of sexual immorality are enormous. Over 50% of children today are scarred through the divorce and adultery of their parents. Unhealthy children lead to unhealthy adults. Unhealthy adults form bad marriages. Then they also commit adultery and get divorced or have babies without daddies. Even more destroyed children. And the spiral grows ever larger, producing more and more poverty and emotional destruction. Suicide goes up as people’s souls are emptied of all security, love and joy. And the family is even more destroyed- more poverty, depression and mental illness.

The civilization will fail.  And 100% due to sexual immorality.  I think that affects each person, don’t you?

The gay male population is literally dying for their sin through aids. Aids wouldn’t spread if they did not change partners so incredibly rapidly- male sex is the most promiscuous sex on earth. And so, they die. Their very promiscuity is what kills them. IF they stayed with only one man, they wouldn’t have a problem. But because fidelity is not possible between two men, they continue to spread disease so selfishly in other men. And they die.

We are DIRECTLY affected by half of our children who are emotionally damaged by their parents sexual immorality. And yet, people refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Homosexuality is just another extension of that same sexual immorality. The same scorn for God’s definition of sex and how it fits within marriage. Homosexual men are already dying in droves. And yet, people say, ‘it doesn’t affect me’. So, someday, because these people didn’t care enough to give God the credit of knowing what he is doing, they will produce a son who will also engage in the free-sex lifestyle of gay men and he will die too. At that point, your friend will say, ‘Hey! That DID affect me!’  And she will cry and cry- but her son will still be dead- both physically and spiritually.

Homosexuality is a choice. The more we condone it, the more it is practiced. It allows the natural aggressive sexual desires of men to be immediately satisfied. It requires no emotion, no commitment, no responsibility (as children are not involved). THIS is the true lure of that lifestyle. Instant, readily available animalistic sex on demand. Nice. There is no woman, no child, that tempers the aggressive male sex instinct. There is no holding back, no consideration, not obligation to make the man RISE ABOVE his animal instinct. Nothing to make him a higher being- more than his lust. LOVE is no longer the goal. There is no refining process for the homosexual male. Just. Craven. Desire. And they debase themselves with it.

The more we bless it, the more boys will try it when they are young. And the more who will be trapped by the sin of lust. And then, they too will die- physically and spiritually.

Without sexual morality as defined by God, families die. And thus, civilizations die.  And that affects us all.


  1. Gay marriage does hurt someone; it hurts God. Or, doesn’t he count? I feel if you aren’t married in the eyes of God, then you aren’t really married, regardless of how many states allow it, or what standard phrases homosexuals keep repeating to try to convince themselves and everyone else that it’s acceptable. If it isn’t acceptable to God, then it’s not valid.

  2. What an amazing and timely article Reb… I’m so happy to see someone finally stand up and tell the truth, that homosexuality (call it what it is) is not a harmless piece of fun and fluff that doesn’t hurt anybody, nor are people ‘born that way.’ Homosexuality is an unnatural, self-destructive sexual compulsion. Typically those with homosexual tendencies, at least prior to the 21st century, were pre-programed at some point in their early lives either via flawed early relationships or sexual victimization to blur/re-program their identities. This was what was being studied in the late 60s, early 70s, before a couple of highly intelligent homosexual activists – Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen – chose to rally the homosexual masses and fostered the homosexual ‘gay’ rights movement (AGENDA, again, call it for what it really was). Even intellectual homosexuals of the time knew that homosexuality was not something ne was born with, but something manipulated or programmed into an individual’s psyche. The homosexual ‘gay’ rights AGENDA was specifically designed and developed to manipulate, desensitize, and persuade the American population, through some very subverted marketing, propaganda and intimidation tactics, to establish homosexuals as a victimized minority in need of special protections and rights. Anyone interested in more, check out “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer It’s Fear and Hatred of Gays In the 90’s” by Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen.

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