Is Homosexuality A Sin? What Did Jesus Say?

“Is THIS what God calls ‘good’?”

Is this the new building block for CIVILIZATION?
Is this the new building block for CIVILIZATION?

First, I do not believe there is such a thing as a homosexual community. I believe there is such a thing as a community that practices homosexuality. While the point seems minor, it is an important delineation. Is it possible that the tiniest fraction of the human population is curious or drawn to these practices? Perhaps. After all, animal populations show this deviation. But not in the percentages that the human population is now displaying. And we are NOT mere animals. We are soulful beings with minds & hearts to go along with our physical bodies. And we belong to a Maker to whom we owe obedience. Regardless of our personal desires or temptations. God states very clearly that he detests homosexual practices. This is stated clearly in both the Old and New Testaments. And while most homosexuals deny that Jesus spoke against the practice, he did. Jesus specifically defined marriage as between a man and a woman. NOT because of historical ‘norms’ that need special interpretation in today’s culture- but because God created us as man and woman. No historic or cultural understanding needed.

(Matt 19:3-9) “3 Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?” 4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’[b]? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 7 “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?” 8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

This passage makes it clear that ALL sex outside of marriage was sinful. And marriage can only be a man and a woman. Thus, homosexuality is automatically outside the bounds of marriage and thus, sinful in Jesus’ eyes.

I believe this is why you will almost always find that those who practice homosexuality also claim that either God is non-existent or that the Apostle Paul & Timothy (who wrote most of the New Testament and condemned this practice) was a false prophet. They fail to take Jesus’ rather clear statement into account.

Guess what? Since God is King, he sets the rules. After all, people are also tempted to cheat on their spouses, steal, lie, kill, etc. And because God forbids it, we don’t get to do it. Practicing homosexuality is the same- God said, “No.” So the answer is no!

If this community was not ashamed of their behavior, why are they all so interested in negating the Bible’s words on the matter? Why, if they are so convinced that God approves of their behavior, can’t they exist peaceably with Jesus and those who follow him? Why the rabid hate?

As for Gay Marriage, I view this as purely political. It is a means used by Progressives to destroy the family unit. Why? Because the FAMILY unit is the number one way that any society can properly teach, disperse resources and raise functional and independent citizens. Wreck this and you will get a new population that will be mentally crippled and dependent on Uncle Sam for everything. This is the number one goal of the Progressive movement: to gain complete power over its citizens by making them dependent on it for basic needs.

And Gay Adoption? This is purely and simply child abuse. In every way possible way. Sexual identity and sexual role modeling are almost 100% learned in the home as children soak in everything between their parents. They decide what they want to be as a man or woman and what they don’t want to be- all by watching their parents’ interactions. Uncle Bob or Auntie Kathy will NOT be able to put in the face time to fill this role in any child’s life. Without this type of daily learning, a child must struggle terribly to understand themselves as a man or as a woman. As sexual identity is one of the most important ways in which we define ourselves, I believe this is intentional child abuse and should NEVER be allowed. Are there children whose parents have died? Yes, and it’s very tragic & tough for those kids. But why would we intentionally put children in this situation? Adoption rules are extremely strict- they discriminate on income, home cleanliness, education & age. Homosexuality should also be a discriminatory factor.Many, many lukewarm Christians have never read their Bible and so are not armed properly for spiritual warfare. Thus, they condone that which they should not. They actually help satan destroy souls- and our country. Many will claim (because they heard it somewhere- kinda like ‘separation of church & state’) that the Old Testament Law is DEAD. Completely false. That is about the most irresponsible paraphrase of Apostle Paul’s deep thoughts concerning Jewish laws that made people DO rituals to make themselves righteous before God again. He merely stated that the old rules about sacrifices, cleansing rituals, eating rituals, priesthood rituals, etc, were no longer necessary because Jesus was the final sacrifice that would clean us and make us righteous before God. Jesus’ body & blood were so far more superior as a sacrifice to God than any number of beef shanks or birds, or cups of wheat could ever be. His sacrifice of himself was so magnificent in God’s eyes that it SUFFICED for all of us, for all time. THAT was Paul’s point. NOT that the entire Old Testament, which displays God’s personality and views on moral/ immoral behavior, is somehow negated! Jesus was EXTRA clear on the matter when he said,

“17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19 Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

Thus all Old Testament laws and statements that judge homosexual sex as sinful remain standing as they had nothing to do with purification or priesthood rites to obtain righteousness before God. In addition, IF the Old Testament ‘Law’ were all dead, so would the ten commandments be. Nonsense.

And here are the laws about homosexuality written in several books of the Old and New Testaments:

Romans 1:18-32 “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

1 Timothy 1: 8-11 8 But we know that the law is good if a man use it lawfully,
9 knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,
10 for whoremongers, for those who defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjurers, and for whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine
11 according to the glorious Gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.

Leviticus 20:13 13“‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

Leviticus 18:20-29 20 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your neighbor’s wife and defile yourself with her.
21 “‘Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.
22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
23 “‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.
24 “‘Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled. 25 Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. 26 But you must keep my decrees and my laws. The native-born and the foreigners residing among you must not do any of these detestable things, 27 for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. 28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.
29 “‘Everyone who does any of these detestable things—such persons must be cut off from their people.

Duet 22:5 5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this..

Judges 19:22-24 22 While they were enjoying themselves, some of the wicked men of the city surrounded the house. Pounding on the door, they shouted to the old man who owned the house, “Bring out the man who came to your house so we can have sex with him.”
23 The owner of the house went outside and said to them, “No, my friends, don’t be so vile. Since this man is my guest, don’t do this outrageous thing.

1Kings 15:11-13 1 And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, as did David his father.
12 And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.
13 And also Maachah his mother, even her he removed from being queen, because she had made an idol in a grove; and Asa destroyed her idol and burned it by the Brook Kidron.

2 Kings 23:4-7 4 And the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest, and the priests of the second order and the keepers of the door, to bring forth out of the temple of the Lord all the vessels that were made for Baal and for the Asherah pole and for all the host of heaven; and he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of Kidron, and carried the ashes of them unto Bethel.
5 And he put down the idolatrous priests whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Judah and in the places round about Jerusalem, those also who burned incense unto Baal, to the sun and to the moon and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven.
6 And he brought out the Asherah pole from the house of the Lord outside Jerusalem unto the Brook Kidron, and burned it at the Brook Kidron, and stamped it small to powder, and cast the powder thereof upon the graves of the children of the people.
7 And he broke down the houses of the sodomites that were by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the Asherah pole.


  1. Ezekiel 3:18 (NIV)

    When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.

    Following is a great commentary on this verse. It explains what will happen to a teacher of the Word who is more concerned with attracting sinners into his church, and not telling them to cease their sin immediately and repent. To allow someone to die in sin is not loving your neighbor.

    Clarke’s Commentary on Ezekiel 3:18

    Thou shalt surely die – That is, If he turn not from his wickedness, and thou givest him not warning, as above, he shalt die in his iniquity, which he should not have committed; but his blood will I require at thy hand – I will visit thy soul for the loss of his. O how awful is this! Hear it, ye priests, ye preachers, ye ministers of the Gospel; ye, especially, who have entered into the ministry for a living, ye who gather a congregation to yourselves that ye may feed upon their fat, and clothe yourselves with their wool; in whose parishes and in whose congregations souls are dying unconverted from day to day, who have never been solemnly warned by you, and to whom you have never shown the way of salvation, probably because ye know nothing of it yourselves! O what a perdition awaits you! To have the blood of every soul that has died in your parishes or in your congregations unconverted laid at your door! To suffer a common damnation for every soul that perishes through your neglect! How many loads of endless wo must such have to bear! Ye take your tithes, your stipends, or your rents, to the last grain, and the last penny; while the souls over whom you made yourselves watchmen have perished, and are perishing, through your neglect. O worthless and hapless men! better for you had ye never been born! Vain is your boast of apostolical authority, while ye do not the work of apostles! Vain your boast of orthodoxy, while ye neither show nor know the way of salvation! Vain your pretensions to a Divine call, when ye do not the work of evangelists! The state of the most wretched of the human race is enviable to that of such ministers, pastors, teachers, and preachers.

    But let not this discourage the faithful minister who teaches every man, and warns every man, in all wisdom, that he may present every man perfect to Christ Jesus. If after such teaching and warning they will sin on, and die in their sins, their blood will be upon themselves; but thou, O man of God, hast delivered thine own soul.

  2. You should practice your own advise. It sounds to me that you kind of lost it with some of your responses on this issue. I have my own stand in terms of homosexuality, but as a pastor of 33 years I am searching for a way to present God’s love to all of the people in my community and greater area. The issue can stand in the way of accomplishing ministry. Far to much, denominations and churches hide behind their strict doctrines and never truly find a way to minister to their whole community. Instead of asking, “What does Jesus say about homosexuality?”, maybe we need to be asking, “How would Jesus love and witness to the gay community?” Just my thoughts.

    • Hi Leo, well, it is very easy to stand behind a pulpit and preach to Christians and to attack a fellow Christian from behind your computer. At least I am trying to reach out to the homosexual community with the truth of the Bible. Most people either remain silent on the issue or outright lie about it. Which one are you? Just because you call yourself a pastor means nothing at all in God’s eyes. The Apostles were unlearned men- the enemies of Christ were the ones most schooled in the religion of the day. What matters is how determined the individual is to obey God. If you are a pastor, then you know what the Bible says. Christ said that to love God is to OBEY him. This is the first thing, the only thing, the primary thing. To show love to the homosexual community is to first tell them the truth: what they are doing will lead them to their death. Most homosexuals also claim atheism. You know that. This is because they are ashamed of what they do- they know it is wrong in God’s eyes. Thus, rather than give up the lust and gratification of it, they give up God. This is the decision that ultimately kills them. You can’t sugarcoat the message to them. They are in dire need of the truth and no one is willing to give it to them. Pastors like you are killing them- literally. Behind your desire to give them ‘love’ is actually cowardice. It is a desire to protect yourself and your church from their rage and political backlash. Either that, or you are at philosophical war with your own God, believing yourself to be wiser than He. But you aren’t. Do you believe that God is wrong in this matter? Is he unloving when he says they will die for what they do? Is he unfair? Are his words too harsh? Was Apostle Paul too harsh?

      What has happened to the Word of God? It has become so watered down that no one can speak it anymore without being called a hater anymore from their own ranks. I call that sad, indeed. Sometimes, Leo, the Truth sounds like death but it is actually the only way to give life. It may sound harsh- but it the most helpful thing you can do for someone. All I know is this: this article is one of the most read articles on my site. Do you know why? People contemplating homosexuality NEED and WANT to know what Jesus actually had to say about homosexuality. This is because there is an urban myth among the homosexual community that the New Testament, and specifically Christ, never claimed homosexuality to be a sin. These individuals want to know if they will sin if they take up this lifestyle. Thus, this article is helping thousands and thousands of people from going down this very difficult and potentially deadly pathway. I am very glad I wrote it.

      • Hallelujah!! Short Little Rebel, I couldn’t have defended the Truth better myself! Thanks be to the Living God, and to you for your courage and inspiration :D

    • How would Jesus love and witness to the gay community?
      He would tell them straight out that if they did not cease their sinful lifestyle, they would burn in hell for all eternity.
      Letting somebody die in sin and burn in hell is not what Jesus meant by loving your neighbor.

  3. HI Susan,
    I wanted to ask you what you would tell someone like me, someone who grew up Christian and believes that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way into heaven, someone who believes that Jesus died for our since, and that the only thing that we bring to, “the great exchange” is our sin, that He fulfilled the law and paid the price for our since, someone who has fought his whole life against gay feelings and prayed ceaselessly, even fasting, all to no avail?
    I have searched the bible for confirmation that I could still receive salvation, and believe that there is a biblical basis for the fact that i will actually receive salvation, but that I will have a low, “station” in heaven because I did not overcome. That is my first question; I trust that you can tell I am sincere in my inquiry and not at all aggressive or argumentative – this is a very real struggle in my life.
    My second question is whether or not you have read 1 and 2 Samuel in its entirety – have you seen that it is written that David and Jonathan became one in spirit, and that scripture even goes so far as to describe how David disrobed for Jonathan and that he later directly compares Jonathan’s love to that of a woman’s, and says that it surpassed the love of a woman?
    My last question is my most challenging; do you believe in predestination? If you do, do you believe that God has then ordained that homosexuals are never to receive salvation?
    Hoping you will pray about it and read the scripture that I have directed you to before answering – I am not arguing with you, merely looking for answers on a very difficult topic.


    • Hi Dave, yes, I have read the books of which you speak. No, they were not homosexuals. They were performing what is known as a covenant ritual. They exchanged robes and slaughtered animals, divided them and then walked between them- such as happens in a marriage ceremony- another covenant ritual. This type of covenant ritual would also take place between a king/priest and God. You would have to know Hebrew tradition to understand this covenant ritual to understand the significance. Luckily for you, my pastor recently gave a lecture on this very ritual and its meaning in church! So I can answer you with some education on the matter. So, this wasn’t an erotic situation. It was done in public as a ceremony, which is why it was written down. It wasn’t a secret or private thing. It was a life long covenant between them, making them more than brothers- their finances, lives, families, everything, was then tied together from that point on. You see this come to fruition later when Jonathan’s father, the King, tries to kill David, but Jonathan refuses to help and in fact, defies his own father to help David. In fact, Jonathan, who is destined to become king, gives up his own thrown willingly to David because he feels that David would make the better king. Such was their bond of covenant. But both marry and have families. Homosexuality was deeply frowned upon by both and by the Hebrew community. David was a man of God who pleased God in all that he did. God was happy with him. God stated his hatred for homosexuality during this time many times. IF David had committed homosexual acts, it would have been mentioned by God as one of his sins- certainly his sin of adultery with Uriel’s wife was listed by God in the bible. So, I hope that answers one of your questions. When David murdered Uriel just to cover up Uriel’s wife’s pregnancy from his adultery with her, God listed that as his sin in the Bible too. God had no problem listing David’s sins. In fact, God went so far as to say that these were his ONLY sins that he held against David. Other than these, he found in David the ‘perfect servant’. I think God might have mentioned homosexual acts considering how much he hates them, don’t you?

      Ok, to the next question. First, there are no ‘levels’ of heaven. That is a Mormon belief. Mormonism is a cult. Don’t get involved with them. Second, anyone can find salvation through Christ. Anyone. I believe you that you struggle with homosexuality. And I believe you that this is very difficult to over come. Listen, I want you to know that you are not the only one in the world who struggles with sin and lust!! Do you not know that ‘heterosexuals’ struggle with all kinds of lust too? I want to caution you from calling yourself a ‘homosexual’, ok? Don’t label yourself as anything other than a child of God, for that is what you truly are. That is what we all ARE. That is our identity. None of us is identified through our behavior. That would be like saying that someone who struggled with stealing is a thief. No, they are a child of God who struggles with the sin of stealing. They can be taught to control their behavior. As can you. As can we all. Sex is a behavior we choose everyday. That is what I know. You are a man. Perhaps sexual urges are stronger in a man than in a woman. But here is what I know- I would NEVER give up the billions of years of life I know are mine for a few handful of orgasms on this earth. No. way. In my calculating brain, I don’t see that adding up. But like I said, that is me, a woman, calculating. It would not be difficult for me to make that choice. There is no amount of sexual pleasure that could make me trade in billions of years of bliss for a couple of guilty tosses in bed. Nope. I would rather have a less satisfying sex life with a less satisfying partner (ie, the sex that God told me to be with), have kids the way God told me to and then when he called me home, go home to him and have him satisfied with me. But that’s just me.

      Dave, you have got to stop seeing life in such a myopic way. All you see is your pleasure here on earth. You need to understand that your life is not 80 years long. Your life is BILLIONS of years long. You are meant to live with me, with all your brothers and sisters in Christ, ruling even the angels, for Trillions of years in JOY, complete freedom and bliss. Don’t you want that? No more sorrow. No more pain. No more tears. No more distress. No more financial worries. Only passion, exploration, interest, fascination, time, relationships to explore, jobs to do, good to do- personally, I want to learn to do all the things I don’t have time to do now. Jesus said that the next world will even be more beautiful than this one. I can never find the time to just sit next to a stream and watch the fish in it- can you imagine being with someone you love and not be in rush to leave a stream as you lay there, watching and watching? I have no doubt Jesus will create a world even more full of animals and forest and wonder then this earth. Why would mere sex in bathrooms replace that???

      All that aside. The problem as I see it with homosexuality and salvation is this, Dave: Salvation requires repentance. The problem with modern churches that say that you can be a Christian and a practicing ‘homosexual’ is that there is no repentance of an acknowledged sin. You must consider to yourself, “What does repentance mean?” Repentance means that you humble yourself to God and agree that his way is the right and moral way. You accept his law as the ONLY law of what is right and what is wrong. You acknowledge that what you do is SIN and WRONG and that you will try to never do it again. You acknowledge that you are helpless to do what is right in his eyes. You kneel before God in your helpless state and beg Jesus to cover you in his blood to save you from yourself- from your own inability to stop sinning. And that is it. And Dave, that sounds like where you are. If that is where you are, then you will receive salvation, same as me. Because guess what? I can’t stop sinning either. So we are equal, dear. And we will see the same heaven.

      HOWEVER, what you may not do is sin at will. What you may not do is carry on a homosexual lifestyle as if you had never repented. You may not throw up your hands in helplessness and make a claim like, “Well, I can’t help it, so I just get to keep doing it! and Jesus must just forgive it over and over and over again without me having to repent every single time!” Can a thief get this kind of grace? Can he or she just keep stealing every single day after repenting? Can they have a stealing lifestyle and then expect acceptance in the church and expect complete salvation from God? No. Absurd. Repentance implies a wish to change. A deep seated desire to do what is right, according to God’s will, not your own will. You must fight temptation to sin with all your might- just like the rest of us. There is absolutely nothing special or more difficult about having lust for the wrong people, Dave. Join the rest of the human species. Does it mean you will never fall down? NO. You probably will fall down. But then, guess what? All you must do is come to the cross again and just apologize. That’s all. You haven’t lost your salvation, my dear. No one can take your salvation away from you except you yourself. You can only take it away from yourself if you say to Jesus, “Jesus, I renounce you and I curse you in the name of Satan! I curse God the Father in the name of satan!” Short of actually aligning your life with satan and cursing your Lord and Savior and God, you can’t be taken away from Jesus. His promise is true and can’t be broken. That is his COVENANT, which is true.

      Speaking of David and Jonathan’s covenant! The animal, Jesus, was cut in two and you walked through the blood, thus sealing the covenant between you and God. You see? That is the parallel of the old fashioned Hebrew sacrifice of covenant and God’s new covenant with us through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ.

      Rest in the peace of Jesus, Dave. As much as I write about homosexuality, I love all people who struggle with it. I hate those who push this sin upon our culture and call it ‘good’. It separates people from God. I am so very happy you wrote to me. If you have any further questions, please write back. Keep up the good fight. Remember, you are not ALONE in your struggle against sin. My sin is pride. I hate my sin and I must come back to the cross almost daily. I yearn to be free of this body because of it. None of us are free of the sin that drags us down. Sometimes just the act of living is a terrible thing. But we do not live to please ourselves, my dear. We live to PLEASE THE ONE WHO MADE US. If we can just realize that; if we can just stop focusing on self; we can live a life worth living; a life of which we can be very proud.

  4. I’ve never understood why homosexuality/bisexuals is seen as bad. I know a couple who are bi, and always seem to be happiest in each other’s company. And when they make eye contact, it’s almost like the universe has stopped just for them. What makes it so wrong if they’re happy?

    • Hi Rose, you ask why they are seen as ‘bad’. I don’t see them as ‘bad’. That isn’t my feeling on the matter. I see them as being completely severed from God, and as such, I am concerned on many levels.

      First, I am concerned about the massive political push that homosexuals are having on our society today. They are not content to just live their lives as they see fit. If they were, I would not be writing about it. I write about it because they insist on pushing into my life and forcing me and everyone else to call their actions, ‘moral, good and right.’ They don’t stop there. No. They also want to punish me and everyone else if we won’t say that what they do is ‘good, moral and right’. They will punish my child if he won’t say it is ‘moral, right and good.’ That is why I write about it. Homosexuals have become violent and are out for blood. Especially against Christians. They are aggressively and intentionally attacking Christian businesses with the sole intent of destroying them. Even innocent businesses that have been kind and supportive of their community. They do this out of sheer hatred and spite. Is that right in your mind? Yet, at the same time, when a Christian goes to a gay bakery or a gay florist and asks them to create a cake or flower for an anti-gay rally, they say, “No way! Why would we do that? We are GAY!” I have seen videos where a Christian activist called gay businesses and recorded their responses- unbelievable. They say the exact things they are suing Christian businesses for saying- only they are RUDE, violent and use curse words! They fail to see their own hypocrisy in the matter. That is why I see them as hypocritical.

      For those that are not violent, I feel concern only for their future, for their fate. They will die forever. Most homosexuals also claim to be atheists. They are not atheists as there is no such thing. There are only disobedient children of God. Everyone knows that God exists. Everyone. Therefore, when they see him, he will punish them for their disobedience. They can’t lie to God and say they really didn’t know he existed. The reason they claim he doesn’t exist is because they know that the Bible expressly states that God does not approve of a man lying with a man or a woman with a woman. This is not what God intended for mankind. God intended man for woman in holy matrimony. There are deep reasons for this- but it would take too long to explain in this comment. Read my article, You are not Gay, You are a Child of God, for that explanation. Because they know this, they run from God. But this endangers their very lives. Is sex worth it? That is my question? No, it’s not. Not in my opinion. Obedience is easier and worth it. What is sex compared to eternal joy, laughter, fun and happiness? I’ll take the latter, thank you. Satan works to push homosexuality because he understands how completely separating it is from God. Because sex is something you do all the time (unlike murder, stealing, lying, etc), it is a sin that utterly separates a person from God. That is why satan loves it so much. That is WHY it is being pushed as much as you see on t.v., movies, magazines, books, etc. Ever wondered about that? Why homosexuality is such a huge topic when so few people are homosexuals? Well, there you are. Satan has great power on earth- HE is pushing this agenda. So, long answer to a short question.

  5. Carmen is actually right , and I am Christian if you want to know . And too sit here and try too say that she’s wrong because she’s smarter than you is downright ignorant, science is proven ok , it is whether you like it or not. And all this stuff about God is not proven at all . Now ur probably wondering how are u Christian if you think that . And that answer is I don’t let asshole Christians like u change my religion, I believe in God because Shit why not . Most homosexuals don’t believe in God because YOU make him sound like an asshole . And saying that children who are adopted into a homosexual house hold is child abuse, makes you sound dumb as fuck . You obviously haven’t done your research on that part at all . Because most kids that are adopted by homosexuals are STRAIGHT . And haha jokes on you but 95% of homosexuals come from straight individuals. So fuck your logic and fuck you . Now you have a nice blessed day

    • Like, Joy, “science is proven”, like, right? Like, really, Joy? Really? Like, when ‘science’ said the world was flat? Like then? Joy? Like science was proven then? Like, when doctors thought putting slugs to suck the illness out of the ‘bad blood’ of sick people was, like, a great idea, Joy, like then, like, oh mah God, was science ,like proven then, too? Joy, was it then? How about when, like, scientists thought they could, like, use alchemy, to like, make gold, and somehow, like, mix spiritual enlightenment, and like, find the fountain of youth, like, and make gold, like was science proven then, Joy? How about when mercury was used to cure diseases? like, was science proven then, Joy? like, oh may God! Joy? How about when scientists and thought the earth was made of ‘fire’, ‘water’ and ‘air’ and ‘mineral’ . like, shit, Joy? was science proven then?

      Joy! you make me laugh! Get a grip on yourself girl. Science is the LAST THING in the world that has been proven. What is wrong with this new generation?? Do you not even understand that what you call Science doesn’t even exist? The term ‘science’ is simply a concept. There is the pursuit of science, I suppose. There exists various methods by which information can be verified. But one can never say such an ignorant thing as ‘Science is proven!’ Please either increase your world view or your vocabulary’s precision, young lady.

      Science is not in the business of Disproving anything. It merely sets forward a hypothesis and then seeks to prove it true. It TRIES to prove it true. And then, it stands there, naked, hoping upon hope to NOT be proven untrue by the next grad student who happens along who feels that the experiment lacked in it’s vigor or process! My girl, the world of science is very careful to avoid the word ‘fact’ because they have enough intelligence to know that we know almost nothing. In fact, the sign of genius is the acknowledgement that mankind grasps almost nothing in the vastness of what we have yet to know. Only a nincompoop thinks mankind knows anything at all. I say nincompoop because this person fails to even look around and be amazed at the literal infinity of facts and knowledge that surrounds them- all screaming for uncovery- I do not say ‘dis’covery, I say ‘un’covery! No, the nincompoop stands there in their selfish, egocentric selfabsorbed little world and sees nothing! And they take it for a fact that ‘SCIENCE has been proven’!

      Joy. For the sake of yourself. For the sake of representing Christ well. EDUCATE yourself and stop being a nincompoop. And clean up your language, little miss. It gives no credit to your parents. It gives no credit to your church. It gives no credit to Christ, whom you are supposed to represent. You obviously failed to read the scripture I put into this article. You obviously don’t care. But let me tell you something, Joy. There is only ONE place that tells us about God and that is the bible. So if your ‘religion’ is in disagreement with that little book, then it is not in alignment with God. And if it is not in alignment with God, then you are not pleasing HIM. It is not ME you are defying, it is God. So, when you speak to him next, remember that. He is not pleased with you. You need to mature and grow up. You need to read your bible and stop following the world. Jesus told us, “If you were of the world, the world would love you. But you are not of the world, for I took you out of it. The world will hate you because it hated me first.” Joy, note that you and the world hates ME for my words. Yet it loves YOU. I stand for the bible and its words. You defy it. The world hates Me for standing by the bible. It loves YOU for standing against it. Thus, you are WITH the world and against Jesus, whom you claim to love. Christ said, “Not everyone who calls Lord, Lord will I hear. I will say, I never knew you- Go away you evil servant!” and they will be thrown into the pit of fire. That will be YOU, Joy, if you do not come into obedience. You can’t have it both ways. It is NICE to be loved by the world. I KNOW. I was once in your shoes. But God requires a choice. A sacrifice, as it were. You will be HATED, like I am hated. But you will know true joy because God will give you the peace and joy that passes all understanding. You day of choice is quickly approaching Joy! This is what God sends from me to You. Pick wisely.

      • Heterosexuals are great.
        Homosexuals are great.
        Bisexuals are great.
        Pansexuals are great.
        Asexuals are great, and so is everybody else belonging to every other sexuality and gender.

        God is fantastic, and so is Jesus. Why can’t we all just get along, ladys? And, for your information, it’s a myth that most non-heterosexuals aren’t Christians or don’t believe in God.

      • Hi Nicole, how old are you? 17? It’s not a myth that most homosexuals are atheists or some other God hating ‘ism’ or ‘ist’. It is sadly true. That is because they know full well what the Bible has to say about God’s opinion on the matter of their sexual practices. Further, there is no such thing as a homosexual, asexual, pansexual, etc. There are only human beings who make choices with their bodies. Even the people who claim these titles would agree with this as their own histories bear witness to the fact. Many have lived full lives as a fully functioning heterosexual. They simply chose a hedonistic, free for all sexual heyday as a lifestyle- free from all commitment, children, marriage and any other kind of responsibility. They want to wash their hands of what they view as the drudgery of everyday life- the stress of doing the right thing- going to a job they hate, supporting a home for their kids, dealing with baseball practices they detest, going to school plays they hate, etc. They just can’t take the lifestyle anymore. They want the FREEDOM of the non-heterosexual, or should I say, the moral, God fearing, lifestyle. I can understand the temptation, but not the decision. Who doesn’t want the easy, self glorifying, gluttonous way? Just look at gay pride parades. They tell you everything you will ever need to know about the motives of why people CHOOSE the gay lifestyle. Period. While you may think everything is ‘good’, God does not hold the same opinion. And his is the only opinion that matters, I’m afraid. That’s the thing about being God. You’re God. You’re the boss. You are the top. Your way is the only way. You get to decide. Lucky for us, he is a Good God. Were he evil, we would all be dead meat. But he is good. Thus, all his ways are good. There is no other logical conclusion to make. Any other conclusion is chaos and makes no sense. Thus, if he says sexuality must work in a certain way for our health, then he is right. After all, he created us and knows what and how we are. He knows how we function. It’s like a car manufacturer knows how their cars should be maintained. You really can’t argue. People are ruining their minds, bodies and souls by disobeying. This is readily seen by the suicide rates, depression and even disease that these communities carry within themselves. They are never happy. They might try to blame everyone else, especially Christians, for their happiness, but it comes from within themselves and their choice. As to us all getting along, you will see that Christians don’t hate people, but the homosexuals most certainly hate us. You can take that to the bank.

    • You are only a Christian in your own mind.

      James 1:26
      If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.

    • The First Law of Thermodynamics is called a “law” because within the bounds of scientific observation it has been proven true beyond all reasonable doubt. In effect, the First Law states that you and I can neither create nor destroy matter.

      This a not a theory, but a LAW of science. There is no scientific evidence that proves that the universe created itself.

  6. Dear Short Little Rebel. I wanted to commend you on such an articulate message. This also includes your responses to Carmen. I have found that many people who choose atheism over Christ fail to understand the basic foundation of faith. They routinely try to battle the argument for faith. However, they fail to realize that in order to disbelieve that Christ exist, they must have faith that He does not. Fortunately for people like us, use of the scriptures provides the only foundation we need to live by. Unfortunately, those who hear the word and don’t believe see God’s word as a barrier to their freedom and not a source of freedom. May God richly bless you for your work.

  7. Why don’t you ask God if He is real? Better yet, why don’t you ask Him to give you a taste of , something that you deserve? I hope you don’t pick something real bad, because He might just do it!!!. He is real wether you believe it or not,and you will know Him,either here on earth or in hell, but u will know and you will bow your knee to Him. I hope you find the truth,so that you could love Him and trust Him. We love you regardless if you are straight or gay. He loves you more than you can imagine!!

    • Short Little Rebel,

      I honestly think that throughout this blog you let your pride get the better of you. You constantly took the tone of “I am better, smarter, and wiser than you.” Pride was the original sin and to become like God was it’s goal. C.S. Lewis even wrote that pride is most likely the “greatest” sin. You should really read over this blog again to see what I mean about how insincerely pious you sound. God hates pride more than homosexuality….all sin is derived from pride and originally wanting to become like God. And yeah, for the record, you sound like you have a bit of a god complex. No need to be God, just be you and he will love you for that. Start helping others come to Christ through humility and recognition that we live in a miserable world. You say you know peace and bliss. Really? Are you living in the same world as the rest of us are in? The one that God himself weeps over every single hour? I guess not because the one that you live in is all peaches and cream. Your profile picture says it all…Hi everyone I’m awesome!😃😃 Darling that’s great and I’m glad to know you are all smiles and that the only obstacle in your path to perfection according to yourself, and what you make quite obvious throughout this blog is pride. Well for the record pride is a real bitch and you proved it in just about every single one of these posts. And no I am not some depressed fellow who thinks there is no ending to this madness on earth. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and like you I believe it’s Jesus. But I am also a realist and understand that this world for now is shit. Like it or not right now in the Middle East there are young women being tortured and raped around the clock and kept away locked in a room as sex slaves. Are some of these girls Christians….yes, are some not? Also yes. Please tell me are the ones who aren’t Christian, but are still in the same awful situation as the Christians, going to hell after being left to rot on a floor from being starved and raped by grown men everyday straight for a year? Are you going to tell one of the non-believers, with your ridiculous smile in your arrogant patronizing tone, that “Sorry honey but unless you believe in Jesus after you are left for dead in this miserable place you are going to be sent to a far worse place for eternity.” How old are you? Wake up! You need to mature more before you go posting another one of these numbingly self-absorbed posts. Otherwise how do you expect people to want to listen to you? Or maybe that’s exactly what you want. Just for people to listen to you and your nauseating elitist nature drone on about “I am perfect and you need help but I love you”. I would not doubt it for a second that you are probably a handsome, smart, and witty person. And some people with no friends might be very attracted to being around you…and not because of your love for God, but because of you and only you. I’m not sure if that’s your goal, but that’s definitely pride’s goal and it’s creeping around everyone’s door. At least you admit to it…I’ll give you that.

      • Wow. Casey. Let me guess. You suffer from lust for men, right? And this post gets you really down- but I want to offer you hope! But before I do that, I want to tell you something. I admit that I suffer from pride! And it is a great sin. And I repent of it sorrowfully many times and probably will for the rest of my life. God did give me great intelligence and for this, I have become prideful. God has regularly given me a mighty smack down for it, believe me. He has not forgotten me, his servant, in his punishments. You need not worry that I just sail along in life without God’s keen eye upon me. Do you really think he allows me to have this much influence without also severely beating me when I go wrong? If so, then you don’t know God. And you don’t know my life at all. I most certainly don’t lead an elitist life- I have lived an extremely difficult life. I know the pain of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, homelessness, friendlessness, suicidal depression, and true suffering. I have. And I have also known great wealth and influence. I believe that God has set me through such extremes for the sole purpose of writing this blog. I am now 50 years old. Enough years to experience all these things and come out alive. I can speak to most experiences with authority- what you hear in my ‘voice’ isn’t pride- it is experience. I know what I’m talking about. And if I am hard on people, it isn’t because I’ve never suffered- it’s because I have suffered. It’s because I have suffered and never hurt anyone because of it. I never took drugs because of it. I never did crime because of it- I never begged, stole or rejected God because of it. And most of all, I never blamed others because of it. Therefore, I don’t really feel very sorry for those who do these things. I hope you can understand my perspective. I don’t think you can blame me for it.

        Now. You say you believe in Jesus yet can’t believe that a person can experience bliss in the middle of horror? Why so? Doesn’t Jesus say, “Heaven is in your midst if you had eyes to see it?” Doesn’t the bible tell us that if we have Jesus then our cup will overflow with the joy that passes all understanding? I can tell you now that I DO experience much happiness and bliss in Christ- much peace- even in the midst of this hell of an earth. AND I experience many, many tears and groans for the suffering I see around me.

        I just wrote a long message to a guy named Jeff. He was struggling with the same thing as you. He is also a Christian, like us. I want to say the same things to you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to just copy and paste my answer to him, to you.

        “Here is something that you need to stop doing: stop saying that you ‘are gay’. That simply is not true. One is not gay. One is a man. One is Caucasian. One is tall. One is smart. But one isn’t gay. That is not a fact of being. That is something we feel or act upon. It is much more accurate to say that you have lust for men. Obviously you can have lust for women too or you couldn’t have had sex with your wife. I don’t know if you have children, but I have read about too many men who call themselves ‘gay’ and have been exactly in your shoes- been married, had kids and then said, “I’m gay” and left. Impossible. More like, “I am a man who can lust for women and I can lust for men. This is my sin and I have a hard time controlling it.” well. lah, dee, dah. I hate to sound cavalier, but welcome to the human race, Jeff. Do you honestly believe that you are the only human male who suffers from inappropriate lust issues? Just because you lust for men sometimes doesn’t mean you ‘are’ permanently something other than what you were born: ie, a male human being. Do you follow me?

        Men can lust for children, too many women, porn, hard core sex, etc. None of this is healthy sex and none of it belongs in a Christian marriage. It is literally, ‘deviant’ sex. And according to God, immoral. That’s just the rules according to the One who made us all. I have no doubt whatsoever that when you began exploring homosexual sex, you felt like less of a person and farther from God. I have no doubt that is why you stopped. I am very glad you stopped. It will only destroy what is good inside you. God knows what he made when he made man. The Bible is our instruction manual- our care manual. It is not a strict book of rules meant to torture us. It is a loving book that literally tells us how to attain bliss in this life. Homosexual sex, hard core S&M sex, incest, child sex, etc- ALL of these will lead to mental, spiritual and physical breakdown of the human being. And all evidence points to this truth. The homosexual and transgender population is the most miserable population in the world. It kills itself more than any other.

        Lots of men suffer from lust, Jeff. You suffer from lust. It is as simple as that. You obviously can lust for women and can be a husband as you were meant to be. Your trouble was that you got confused by what society deemed to be ‘gay-ness’. You assumed that because you also lusted for men, you must BE something other than a normal man. You assumed you must be something ‘other’. But you never stopped and asked yourself, “Why should I redefine myself simply because I lust for men?” Satan has been working on America and modern society for some time now. This ‘gay’ thing has been at work for generations. It wasn’t always this way, you know. Hundreds of year ago, powerful men just assumed they could lust for anyone they wanted and still be men. They never felt pressured to call themselves anything new. They had their marriages and just slept around with everyone. But this gay movement is insidious. Its purpose is to separate people from God permanently and you fell into the trap.

        Again. You are simply a man who lusted for both women and men and then, because you found yourself also attracted to men, panicked and relabeled yourself as GAY. Thus, once relabeled, you divorced and decided to only have sex with men. All according to the Progressive, satanic plan. Meanwhile, what you really needed to do is understand that you suffer from lust like so many other men and women. And you needed to control your BEHAVIOR, even more than your mind. You said that you didn’t cheat and that, my friend, is half the battle. What do you think marriage is? A bed of roses? Sometimes marriage isn’t perfect or romantic. But you stay married anyway. You say it wasn’t ‘fair’??? Who said marriage was ‘fair’?? It’s for life and that’s that. No matter what. You don’t cheat. You just stay. And you pray

        No one can force you to have sex with a man, can they? No. Easy answer. You could have stayed married. That was your promise to God. That is marriage, I’m afraid. Only modern day Americans think it is about love or fairness. No wonder everyone gets divorced! And you should have told her the truth and gotten counseling. Don’t you believe in prayer??? People can suffer terribly from lust. I can attest that prayer works for this! Sex is sex and indeed, you could have continued to have a satisfying sexual relationship with your wife. That is also just a decision. And if you felt ‘deprived’ that you couldn’t ALSO have sex with men? TOO BAD! lol. seriously. Them’s the cards you got dealt, right? Deal with it.

        This life is not about our personal satisfaction and the day we can get that into our heads the better. We are here to SERVE JESUS. Jeff. Of COURSE God loves you. And, if you are not disobeying him by having sex with other men, then you are not angering him either. This article never said that God hated homosexuals. It simply said that I hated platitudes like this which are so prevalent in today’s milquetoast church. This article was to put the fear of God back into people to balance out the oozing, sticky, love-only version of the bible being erroneously given to people who are seriously sinning against God. There really ARE people whom God hates. But you aren’t one of them. You love God. You are just a simple sinner like me, Jeff. So, rest easy on that score. But control your BEHAVIOR. No one can control what they wish for or feel. That is not what God holds against us. And repent as we all do, Jeff. Stop calling yourself Gay and tell the truth of yourself: you are a Child of God. That is who you are. Plain and simple. Throw off the chain of satan and put on the brilliant mantle of God. ok?”

      • I agree with your comment concerning pride, and having to fight it on a daily basis; its much too easy to be critical of others, while congratulating ourselves on our own virtues, and knowing it is wrong does help to learn to be more humble in our attitude, and to thank God for the blessings he has given, and to pray for him to help us in our effort to be more humble. I don’t resent God’s chastisement, I am thankful for it, for it helps me understand I am no more special than anyone else, and except for the grace of God, I would not have the abilities he has bestowed on me at all. Not that I have any special abilities, but I know I am fortunate and blessed to just be able to have life and to have the privilege of enjoying the simple pleasures of his lovely world, and am grateful for that. We all have our personal attitudes and various little persona problems to fight, but as long as we are aware of them, and are dealing with the struggle to overcome our prideful nature, I believe God gives us credit for that, along with admonishing us when we need to be brought down a peg, and back to reality, as my mom use to say. Blessings to you and yours.

      • Hi Ladybug, eloquently said. I, too, am thankful for the admonishment. Even though it hurts. A lot. God does not give anyone a position of influence without making sure they receive a proper pruning- regularly! lol. I suppose there are those people who refuse to listen to God’s admonishment- but they will then fall in a mighty way! I’m thinking of people like television evangelists. God knows that I will listen. He makes sure to speak to me via the Holy Spirit and will plant the guilt, the admonishment and the rebuke into my spirit when I have strayed beyond his authority. Then I suffer with great shame and misery. Only repentance (usually public) and prayer will do. There is no one who can witness perfectly. If we all wait until we can witness well, we will never witness at all. That is why so many Christians are afraid to witness publically. I don’t blame them. When I witness publically like this, I open myself up to the criticism of Christian and non-Christian alike. Fingers point at me from the left and right. But I am glad! Because it must be understood that my human witness is irrelevant! It is the Holy Spirit’s witness that matters! I am just the human conduit for his voice. God works through us- our weakness is how he is proven to be strong! Even though we are completely incompetent, he will work miracles through us, DESPITE our many obvious flaws. That is why we must open our mouths and show the world our frailties. Somehow, God works around us in such a way as to prove his perfection to the world. And that is the point. It is when we are too cowardly to lay ourselves open to the ridicule of the world that we fail God.

      • Very well said! Yes, it can be difficult to witness publically, for fear of ridicule or getting your words wrong, and then questioning if God would approve of what you just said. Our human nature does not like ridicule or snarly responses, however I would rather risk that, than to risk God’s disappointment in my reluctance to share his message, if there is a chance, even one person will listen and accept. Thank goodness for people such as you, who are sharing God’s words! I, sometimes, listen to Joyce Meyer, who does not mind sharing her life experiences, and her once obstinate attitude, and hurt feelings when she felt her family was not caring enough about her feelings. Not many of us are willing to put it out there like that, I am one of them, more introverted, but I am happy to say I have not had too many unpleasant situations, a few which have been devastating, but you deal with what life gives you, although you, sometimes, wonder why. I once, actually, heard an audible voice speak to me, which I assume was an angel; I was completely alone, with only my one year old asleep in her crib, and was on a real self pity trip, and the only thought going through my head was, “Why me, Lord, why me?” Suddenly I heard a voice ask me a two word question: “Why anyone?” It was a soft, non judgmental voice, but just giving me enough information to allow me to figure it out for myself and never did answer my self pity question. Surprisingly, I was not afraid, only startled, and stood there, stopped my pacing, as then, said, “What?!” The voice spoke one more, same question, “Why anyone?” After about a minute, of being in shock, I said, “Your are correct, why do I think its ok for others to have bad things happen, but I should be exempt? ” The voice never spoke again, it had served its purpose. I have never heard it again, that was in 1966. We lost our youngest son in a motorcycle accident on Memorial weekend in 1986, and went through all the emotional pain, and had a dream of him one night, where he was riding toward me on his bike, and I became excited, when he smiled and waved, like, “So long, see you later.” but before I could speak he was gone. I was frustrated at why he couldn’t wait just a minute, and never got an answer for months, when the thought entered my head; “He could not wait, you and he are traveling in different directions, now, he had to move on” The only other time I ever dreamed of him was about a year later, and dreamed our family was walking down a lovely path in a beautiful area, and, once again, I saw him walking toward us, and became joyful and called to the family to come see, he is here! However, our son just seemed very nonchalant about it, and had an expression which seemed to say, “Of course, where did you expect I would be?” It was a brief dream, and I suddenly woke up. The day after his funeral, out daughter and her husband returned to San Diego, where he was stationed in the military, and after she was asleep, the phone woke her up, she reached over and answered it, and heard her brother’s voice ask her to “Let the family know I am fine, not to worry about me.” She was so groggy with sleep, she just said “OK.”, and next morning thought it was a strange dream, until, her husband asked, “Who called last night?” She answered, “You heard the phone?!” He replied, “Yes, you answered it, who was it?” She replied it was (brother’s name). I realize how all this sounds, but, then, God can do miraculous things when he knows there is a need. I do not share this with many, and was hesitant to now, but did. Thanks for listening, and hope you have a great 4th!

      • Oh, Ladybug!!! How wonderful and exciting! Wow. I too had an angel visit me! She came in the image of a little girl. It was a vision, not a dream. She came and told me that my mother sent her to tell me that she was fine and that she loved me. That was it! She didn’t speak in a little girl’s voice- which didn’t strike me as odd at all. The vision was short and comforting. I later read that angels have often appeared as children to people. I never knew that. But I knew for sure it was real. My mother and I never got along- in fact, she hated me. I mean, I knew she must love me deep down, but on the outside she beat me and said horrible things to me. Her dying words to me were, “you are my worst enemy.” When she died, I was glad. I was relieved that she was gone. No more ugly words. No more screaming. No more begging for her love. No more disappointment. I wasn’t yearning for her or wishing for anything. So the angelic visit was odd. I was surprised and didn’t appreciate the message at the time. In some ways, I thought, “so what? big deal? she’s ok? now she loves me?” I almost didn’t care. But God knew what he was doing because all these years later, I have forgiven her and understand her so much more as a woman. I am so GLAD she is in heaven and so happy that she loves me. I am now overjoyed that she felt like sending me that message- she knew that I would need to hear those words someday. How wonderful for you, Ladybug!

      • Thanks for your support, and I am so sorry you had to experience such a sad childhood with your mother, but, God works in mysterious ways, and maybe we have to go through some painful times, with even the people we call family, in order to bring out the strength in us, which God has instilled for his work, and you are living proof that has happened with you. You have challenged, and spoken what God is all about, in spite of any negative input from detractors, and that has inspired others to feel more positive about themselves, and to speak out, as well, and I, thank you, as, I’m sure your many other fans do. You are correct, following Jesus can be very difficult, and there are many obstacles thrown in our path, but, Jesus never promised it would be easy, just rewarding. I had nice parents, but they were strong disciplinarians, especially my dad, whom I locked horns with several times; guess we were too much alike in some ways. Guess the saying “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”, is true. My aunt, on my mom’s side, had a similar experience with a little girl appearing to her every night for awhile; She said the child would dance for her, ballet, then disappear. My aunt was still a child, herself at that time, and after she grew up and married, she had two children, a girl, then a boy; the girl was my age, we were born only a few months apart, and there was something different and special about my cousin, the whole family noticed, she was a very sweet and loving child, and I knew, even then, that she was smarter and nicer than I was. Not that I was a brat or anything, but I could be stubborn and contrary at times, which she never was, that I witnessed. When she was five years old, she was out walking with her brother and grandmother, on her dad’s side, when she was hit by a car and killed. I was still too young to grasp the situation entirely, but knew something bad had happened to my cousin. As an adult, I, sometimes, wondered about the experience my aunt had with the little girl who danced for her, and wondered if she might have been my cousin coming to visit in the spirit. Didn’t God say something to the effect, that “Before you were in the womb, I knew ye.”? Anyway, thanks, again for all you do, and so happy you did not allow your negative experience with your mom to break your spirit; perhaps she had a negative childhood, herself, which prevented her from being able to love, as she wanted to. My dad had a bad childhood, but he still managed to be a pretty good dad, even if he was very strict. I recall him telling my brother, sister & I, “If you can’t get up to go to church, to give God a couple of hours, that’s ok, but then, don’t plan on giving the rest of the day to your friends.” That, usually, inspired us to make the effort to get out of bed, and attend worship service. I’m glad it did, for once there, I learned many useful things, which stayed with me, although I wasn’t as appreciative, then, as I later became. There have been other strange experiences I’ve had, one, in particular, when I was in 5th grade, that I took for granted, and never questioned God’s blessing, but that is for another time to talk about as I have taken up a lot of space, already. God’s blessing to you and to all, may none be lost to the evil one.

      • Hi Ladybug, yes, she did have very difficult upbringing. Her mother died in her childbirth and she bitterly regretted it. she felt unloved as in Korean society at the time, if you didn’t have your own mother, step mothers didn’t feel moved to really reach out. She detested her step mother with a passion. Her father sided with her step mother to her great horror. She felt unloved by everyone but her grandmother, who spoiled her to compensate. She became a horrible brat princess in a wealthy family. No one disciplined her but no one really loved her either. Not with the kind of time and attention a child really craves. Then came the Korean war. Her father sided with the south and they lived in the north. Her father was dragged a way one night and shot. Her step mother grabbed her and told her to run to southern cousins- the Korean way is to kill the first born of enemies. She was the first born. So she was a starving refugee, this princess brat. She became bitter and independent and determined. Instead of coming under the wing of her southern family who wanted to conveniently marry her off, she determined to be free- to go to America by marrying a U.S. soldier. She picked my dad because she was beautiful and thought she could control him. Let’s just say it was not a match made in heaven. What she took for weakness was simply passive aggressiveness. He quietly refused to give her what she wanted and she violently demanded everything. Nothing gave except violence and pain- and everyone paid for it. She ended up dying of tongue cancer- a terrible, terrible way to die. I think God punished her in a very symbolic way- that mouth of hers harmed so many people. She loved Jesus but refused to obey him. She never forgave, she never loved. And I know she is in heaven, but she paid a terrible price. She died with horrible vultures around her- with no one to love her. Ladybug, my siblings continue to hate her and wish her in hell- me? I utterly forgive her. I am GLAD she is in heaven. How can I ever wish more punishment than what she got from God? People in this life need to let go of their past. They need to forgive those who have come against them. Especially their parents. If at all possible. Freedom lies that way. Only prison lies in the path of hate. That is what I have learned. Even toward my attacker. I plan on going the full measure against him. But not of my own accord- of his. Me? I would have chosen the peaceful way. But it has been denied to me. Such is life.

      • OMG! How horrible for your mom and for you and your siblings! All people need and crave love, and often look for it in the wrong places, and if not appreciated and loved as a child, they, often, never learn to love. Thank goodness you did learn to care and love, in spite of the unfortunate background. My dad never got along with his mother; they never associated, since he was two years old, and she and his dad divorced, eventually, married other people and had more children. He had a good relationship with his dad, and liked his stepmom, but that was long after he grew up. He and his older sister, age 5, were sent to live with their maternal grandparents, after their parents divorced. The grandmother and aunt was loving to them, but the grandfather was a mean tempered German, who beat him, and once, when he was four years old, knocked him unconscious with a board; the women were trying to revive him, and did. The grandfather wasn’t as mean to his sister, just, mostly ignored her. Thank God, he survived the horror, but it did leave him kind of emotionally scarred. My paternal grandmother lived only about three miles from us, but I only recall visiting her once, when I was about three or four, when her sister, my great aunt, took me there when she went for a visit. I remember that my aunt was crying as we walked home, and I did not understand why, but knew it had something to do with her sister. My great aunt was more of a grandmother to me, and spoiled me and my sister and brother as kids. My mom came from a much less volatile family, and grew up with a loving mother and dad, and they had a big family, who were close all their lives, I have very happy memories of my time with them and all my many cousins, whom I still keep in touch with. My parent’s relationship, eventually, became normal and better, but from the stories I heard, it wasn’t so in the beginning. My dad drank a lot, then, and had a big temper. By the time we kids came along, he had become more mellow, and went to church, and we were raised in a Christian environment. One of my cousins joined the army, married a German girl, who was. actually, from the Communist side of Germany, and her mom was taken away by the Communist soldiers when my cousin’s wife was just a little girl, they never saw her again, and never learned what happened to her. Her dad owned a business in East Germany, so wouldn’t leave, but wanted his daughter and son to go to West Germany, but the brother wouldn’t go, and joined the Communist army, but she and several friends swam the river under cover of darkness to get to West Germany, carrying whatever luggage they could, and my cousin in law had a full size poodle dog who went with her. It was a story right out of, what sounded like, a horror movie, just as yours is, but the human spirit is much stronger that we, often give it credit for, and can be very determined to survive what it has to. God is working with each of us in getting us where we need to be, and with our co-operation, it can be a great and successful adventure, which ends in a beautiful life, if we trust him. Why some have it so much easier is puzzling, but I trust that God knows what he is doing, so just let him do his job, and don’t try to interfere, unless he asks me to in order to help. Not because he needs my help, but because he knows I need to help. There is a saying on a plac in my church which says: “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift…that’s why its called The present.” I like that, and try to remember it when I am tempted to ask why, concerning something I can’t comprehend. Enjoy your week, SLR, and its been a pleasure sharing our stories, thank you, and may God continue to bless you! I feel confident you are going to win your court case, and will pray that you do. God is just and merciful.

      • lol- indeed, the human spirit is an amazing thing. I love how the poodle went with. I can see it in my mind. The most important thing to remember is love and forgiveness. It really is. It helps to free us from our chains. My attacker makes me angry sometimes but I think I detest his lawyer even more than him. I think the lawyer is the true criminal. I remember my attacker. He was stupid and careless- he is ambitious and power hungry and selfish. But I think this lawyer is the one who is truly evil. I feel it in him. As to my attacker, it’s truly too bad he never apologized. I would have forgiven him and all this would not be happening. My life is happy, despite what happened so long ago. I have released the past completely- I have forgiven my parents and everyone else. To hang on and to hate is to be in jail. To forgive and release to be free.

  8. I understand that you believe there’s a god. It make sense, for thousands of years people have been answering that which they cannot justify with their religion. It’s a security. It helps with death and makes life a little less scary. I assure you that I am atheist. I have no doubt in my mind that we are here simply because of evolution. That what happens, happens because we make it happen. Not some higher power. But, hypothetically, (this is just so that I understand your perspective) if God did say homosexuality was wrong, what would his reasoning behind it be? And why would he have the right to make that decision for all people?

  9. Again, I’m atheist. I believe that we live our life, and we die. And that’s it. So obviously I will make my life the happiest I can in the short time it still exists. I’m not about to give up the people I love. I’m not going to shut off an entire portion of my life that actually makes me happy and helps with all the other shit just because of the possibility that there is a god. Even if God did exist, he must be an evil man. For him to say I don’t have the right to be happy, is downright heartless. If he was so great, he would understand that I have just as much rights as a strait girl to marry and have sex with anyone I wanted. So if he does exist, fuck him. He doesn’t deserve my praise.

    • Carmen, from your lips to God’s ears. You are a very unwise girl indeed. Illogical too. If there is a God, then your words simply condemn you forever. And it won’t be him that is f-cked. It will be you. If there is a God, no matter what his character is, he is more powerful than you, thus his designation as God. So, you lose. It is like standing up to a mack truck while driving a bug. Kinda stupid. Further, every human being on earth knows that God exists. That is exactly why you read this article. You read it in the hopes of finding an excuse for your behavior. But you didn’t find it and now you are angry. Your anger doesn’t change a thing, does it? God does exist and your words do exist. Luckily for you, God is extremely forgiving. All you need to do is repent- that means, ‘say sorry’ and sin no more. Sex can’t mean that much to you. It can’t be worth that much to anyone. That is just spoiled thinking. “I want what I want and no one gets to tell me to stop.” Why don’t you kick your heels on the floor too? Any baby can do that. The sign of a mature adult is understanding that one can’t always have what one desires. If we can’t afford something, we can’t just steal it. There are rules that govern morality. Sex has rules set by God. We don’t get to argue. You know that homosexuality is sin. You know it to the deepest part of yourself. I’m sorry it pains you. Well, Carmen, there are no such things as atheists. No matter how many times you scream it. You know what you know. God sees you. I pray that you get the time to see your death coming and I pray even harder that your pride doesn’t get the best of you before your death comes. I pray that you get the chance- and that you take that chance to repent before you leave this earth. Saying, “I’m sorry,” isn’t that hard. Make your peace, dear. There is more joy in this life than you know- and it has nothing to do with sex. It has everything to do with knowing Christ. You truly do not understand what you have lost. You are living in the darkest of dark- you do not even know what happiness is. But I do. I wish it for you. Good luck, my dear. Susan

  10. I’m sorry but it’s not up to you or your religion to decide who and who you cannot be with. Personally, I’m both atheist and bisexual. And there is nothing wrong with either of these. Considering how the only argument against gay marriage is religion and because in the constitution it clearly states; separation of church and state, I see no actual reason gay marriage should not be legal anywhere in the US. But its legal in oregon now so I’m happy :)

    • Carmen, this article is not about the legality of gay marriage, this article is about the sin of homosexuality. They are two different things. Obviously, you are interested in what Jesus had to say on the matter or you wouldn’t have read the article. You already knew the legal aspects. We all care what Jesus has to say because we are all seeking Jesus. Only Jesus offers us a way to be free from sin and only Jesus tells us how we can reconcile our sinful selves to God and how to obtain eternal life in any kind of logical way. No other ‘religion’ does that. All other ‘religions’ give a list of rules to follow but fail to give any remedy on what to do WHEN we fail to follow the rules. Only Christ offers forgiveness through a logical means- through his death on the cross. He took all our sins upon himself and sacrificed himself out of love for us. Thus, we are free from our sins through his sacrifice which was bought through is incredible love for us. Jesus and his plan are logical. No other prophet or religious though process has this kind of answer to how we can rid ourselves of our sin (and even you know that you sin) so that we can stand next to a perfect God. You say that you are an atheist, but you have never faced death. When someone puts a gun to your head, believe me, you will come to understand very quickly that you were never meant to die, to disappear. No, your soul, your essence, is meant to endure forever. It will not make a grain of sense, in that moment of impending death, that you should die forever. Your entire being will scream out in denial of death. You have never been in the proverbial foxhole, with the enemy approaching to gut you. You live in complete safety- that is why you say that you believe in your own death. You know nothing about it. And so, you take enormous risks with your own true life, your eternal one. Because you fail to consider that you might not see your death coming. It might end suddenly and then, because you were so blithe in this short, false life, you have lost your eternal, true life. And it was to be the most beautiful part of your life. And why? Because you wanted to bump uglies with both sexes. That hardly seems worth it to me. But that is entirely up to you. I will never understand that type of calculation- I weigh my life quite differently than you. I would rather sacrifice anything in this life to purchase eternal happiness. You would rather bump uglies with both sexes and die forever. I shrug my shoulders and scratch my head at your choice. But as you said, the law is with you. In any case, with or without the law, no one would stop you from this activity, would they? Certainly not I. As I said, this article merely served to make it clear to all exactly what the bible had to say on the matter. So many people who are either considering homosexuality or were already engaged in it are completely ignorant of the bible and what Jesus himself had to say. I wanted to provide a service to them so that they could make their decision with their eyes wide open. And yes, homosexuality is a decision, as you well know. No one forces you to bump uglies with anyone. No one. And anyone can have sex with anyone- as is proven by the huge number of men who once had families and then decide to move into the homosexual lifestyle. Ditto for women. It is a lustful lifestyle that is free from responsibility. That is the lure. The problem with reading my article is that now no one, including you, can claim ignorance to God when they see him someday. Now, God will be very firm with you when you see him if you do not change you ways. If you continue disobeying him concerning sex, then you will answer for it now that you are clear on his opinion on the matter. I’m sorry. I do hope you will consider these matters and that you will do the right thing for yourself. Obeying God is not about slavery. It is about freedom- both here on earth and in heaven. You are in slavery now. You are in misery now. You think you know happiness, but you do not. I know peace and I know freedom. I know bliss but you don’t know bliss. I wish you did. Come back to Jesus through simple obedience. Trust in his rules and eventually you will build a real relationship with him and you will be set truly free. This earth and all its miseries and traps will no longer hold you. You will soar high above it and you will know a joy that you have never known. I promise you. Be blessed, my dear. Susan

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