Short Little Rebel’s View On Abortion

Ok!  Now that everyone has had a good nights sleep, I think we need to talk about what happened last night.  Much as I would like to act like it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be right for me or for any of my readers that were seriously offended or ‘shocked’ that I could feel this way.  The thing I feel most compelled to address is some of your reactions to the news that as far as law goes, I would allow a legal abortion for women at the very earliest stage of pregnancy.

I will tell you that I am shocked, not by your opinion but by your almost psychotic reaction to this information.  And the only reason I want to address that is because I feel, to my bone, that it was wrong.  Yes, wrong.  Bordering on hate.  There comes a time when passion turns into hate.  We have discussed every difficult topic known to man on this forum.  And not one person has ever lost their mind over it.  We have discussed the worst forms of depravity known to man- the worst being the hatred of God.  And no one lost their minds.  But this one topic sends some Christians into orbit.

Some of you began to treat me like the enemy.  Some thought it was so monstrous that I would allow a woman who has been raped by her father to abort the baby if she chose to that you became paranoid and thought someone evil had hacked my page!  Some thought I was the devil himself because I have enough compassion for a rape victim to make a decision between herself and God- and that she should be able to live through the abortion she will surely get no matter what the law says.  Some of you considered these ideas so monstrous that you refused to believe that Short Little Rebel, aka Susan Shannon, could possibly be saying it.

There is something wrong with that reaction.  There is.  And it is wrong.  It is wrong when people cease to be able to speak rationally.  It is wrong when you can love someone one moment and the very next moment consider them a monster of gigantic proportions.   Everything should be able to be discussed.  Everything.  When reason and calmness and logic are lost, so are the people who refuse to engage in them.  Self evaluation is required for all people who heckled, called names, called into question my salvation, etc.

I’m not saying that you need to get back to me or apologize or anything close to that.  I’m saying that you need to ask yourself how you can turn on a dime like that and be so completely unable to speak rationally.

Now, to clear some matters up.  I can promise you that not one of you knows my complete thoughts on this matter.  Why?  Because you would not hear them- you were incapable of hearing them.  But now, I will lay them out for you.  And I will NOT have a repeat of last night.  Last night occurred because some of you could not respect my request to not debate the issue.  The issue did not come up because I wanted to bring it up.  It came up due to a one line comment I made in a series of one line comments I made last night.  I made a comment that stressed the damnation of people who believed in mid/late term abortions.  But some of you sniffed the winds and like witch hunters, scented something in the wind.  The questions & outrage began.  You weren’t satisfied that I condemned these people, you NEEDED me to condemn all.  Do you think I will lie to you?  No.  Having been asked direct questions on my beliefs, I felt it necessary to create a separate post to deal with all the ‘outrage’ and ‘disappointment’ being expressed.

That is when all hell broke loose.  I never got to tell you my true feelings.  And now I will- and again, you will respect the fact that I feel this way and will refrain from calling me a baby killer, a murderer, etc.  Or you WILL be deleted once again today.  It will be a rational discussion- and we will not go into when a soul enters the body, nor will we all begin to quote scripture.  Because I promise you that I have considered all of it.  And I can answer all of it with a different way to see it.  And we will be left just where we are right now- at odds.  I will not convince you and you will not convince me.  So, we will not have a war about it.  This is a matter of me being honest with my readers.  And if my true self is unworthy of your friendship, then you must decide about being here.  I hope I am still found worthy in your eyes.  But I will not lie to retain your good will!

Now.  To the point.  Am I SURE about what I’m saying?  No.  Do I KNOW if abortion at the earliest stage, when it is a microscopic dot on the womb, is murder- or worse or less a murder than when a doctor does what Dr. Gossnell did?  No.  Do I KNOW what the bible or God thinks of this?  No.  In fact, I can wholeheartedly say that I could be totally wrong on this matter.  But I also know that this is an area that is also open to human compassion.  I also know that we are adults living in the real world with real world consequences.  As adults, we must eventually make laws that will best represent what we believe in morally.  Do I approve of abortion?  No.    Do I think it is moral?  No.  But I also know that the woman is not the only culprit.  In fact, I find the men to be the bigger culprit.  And when I see a community that will lose its mind and scream ‘baby killer!’ at a 13 year old victim of brutal incest without a word to the father of that girl, well… every fiber of my being says, “NO!”  I say, “NO!”  You are wrong when you do that, People.  I must go with my gut at this point.  Something is wrong with the mob at this point.  I know it and don’t need to prove it.

There is a terrible thing happening right now.  And it is far deeper than a young girl caught in a terrible circumstance.  We have forgotten the true nature of the male and the female.  This is the great lie.  Men want sex.  Women want love.  I will NOT debate this.  I need no study.  Those who say this is a lie are liars themselves.  So, don’t bother.  Women, especially young women, rarely orgasm- sexual maturity for women usually happens later on in life and in very trusting relationships.  Men get sexual satisfaction from the get go.  Thus, one must ask oneself, why do women sleep with men?  Answer:  because they are seeking love.  Men have lied to women about love as long as men and women have existed.  Again, don’t bother disputing.  I won’t listen.  We all need to grow up and admit reality.  Men lie to get women in bed.  And to keep them around ‘until they decide’ if they want to get married.  Women sleep with them because they BELIEVE the man’s words and his body.  They can’t fathom being coldly used for sex as this is completely foreign to the female character.  Again, I don’t want to hear stories of whorish women, ok?  This is the TRUTH of men and women.

In the old days, parents protected their girls from men who had NO INTENTION of marriage.  This was good.  In the old days, if a boy got a girl pregnant, the father & brother of that girl would go to end his life unless he would marry that girl.  And that was good.  And if that boy hurt the girl during the marriage, the father and brothers would beat the living day lights out of him.  And that was good.  Mothers used to tell the truth to their daughters about the nature of men.  It’s not that men are evil.  But it is that they can indeed have sex and contain not an ounce of love within their hearts.  Women can not.  Women feel SHAME with a one night stand.  Only desperate, hurting women HAVE one night stands.  Men can not only have a one night stand- but many.  Maybe some guilt.  But not the deep SHAME women feel.  And why do we feel shame?  Because we know WE have been used.  Not that we used the man.  And men?  Admit it.  Your guilt comes not from a deep shame of BEING used, but because you KNOW you used a woman for sex.

This is the TRUTH of the male/female condition.

So.  Men pressure for sex.  Women give in because they want to please the man- because she wants to keep him around.  And if the man lies that he loves her, the woman is more than willing to believe him.

And when the inevitable thing happens and she gets pregnant, women will only abort for one reason- she fears the man will either leave or will not support the baby and she will be left with all the responsibility and misery while he goes his merry way.  The woman is left with the terrible stigma of ‘whore’ to her parents, family & friends and the man becomes known as a ‘Playah’.  Enough to make me puke.  We are in the age of Baby Daddies.  And we are in the age of women so insecure, so completely unaware of their worth, that they think they need to beg a man to give her any money whatsoever for that baby.  The man has become the kingpin over the woman.

And all because of the ‘sexual revolution’ that was supposed to free a woman from sexual bondage.  Oh, how the men celebrated that day!  Because the cow just became free!  Sexual ‘freedom’ for women has created the very opposite- it has created sexual slavery for women.  And the very youngest of the females in western society have not yet realized their peril.  They realize it the day they get pregnant and the world turns on her as the man runs away, scott free.  She sees it then, oh yes, she does.

And what happened in society?  Did Christians drag the FATHER to court or demand punishment or payment from him?  NO!  He is left as a free man.

Do you want to know what the most selfish creature on God’s earth is?  A man who decides to NOT use a condom because he wants the MAXIMUM PLEASURE as he uses a woman he does not love for sex.  And then, when confronted with a baby, runs for the hills.  And he gets all the time in the world to repent (most don’t), make things right with God and then go on to build a beautiful family with a woman he DOES love.  Nice set up for the guy, huh?

The woman is the baby killer.  The woman is the murderer.  The woman is worthless.  The woman is left to die as she desperately seeks the abortion she WILL get.  All Christian judgement is poured down on her- the one who was LIED to by a man.  And who are her worst accusers?  Why, the religious and righteous CHRISTIAN community!  With men in there who during their own lifetimes slept with MANY women they did not love!  And women who hate themselves so much that they can’t fathom that they deserved BETTER, by God’s own decree, from men!  Women who hate themselves are as bad as the men who despise women.  Christians, all.

I have been thinking- alot- about the woman that Jesus had such compassion for.  The woman who committed adultery.  Jesus let her go for many reasons, I’m sure.  But one reason is this:  he knew the sheer hypocrisy of the men in that crowd- all holding stones, ready to kill that woman.  The Jewish law said that BOTH the man and the woman should be killed for adultery.  But where was the man?  No where!  And why?  Because that hypocritical group of men EXCUSED him while they held the woman to the law.  There was no justice there.  And there is no justice in this quarter of the Christian population.

I have a lovely brother (can’t help it- didn’t choose him) who is one of those lovely Christians.  He has mercilessly slept with an army of women.  He considers himself quite a catch!  (gag).  He has been married and divorced FOUR TIMES.  He has NEVER cared for his offspring.  He is a shirker of the worst kind.  He beat and tortured every wife and both his sons.  Both sons are emotional basket cases and are in trouble with drugs, alcohol and the police.  He never visited nor did he send money.  And yet.  And yet.  He is the LOUDEST screamer of ‘murderer!’ , ‘baby killer!’ there is.  He is, hands down, the most hateful person I know.  Sadly.  But he goes to church!  He, who is over 50 years old, still blames his mommy and daddy for all his troubles.  Oh, and let’s not forget all his blame for each and every woman he beat into submission.  The reason he failed to care for his offspring is:  The mothers were bad people.

Now, in my book, that doesn’t fly.  A grave injustice has been done!  I won’t have it!  The day I see Christians condemn the MAN as the true perpetrator for abortion is the day I will be satisfied.  HE was the loser, the liar and the one who couldn’t be man enough to make that woman feel secure enough in his emotional and financial commitment so that she felt the need to protect herself through abortion.  HE was the pursuer.  He was the driving force behind the sex to begin with.  HE got the ball rolling.  It was HIS orgasm, wasn’t it, that caused the pregnancy?  It was ultimately HIS responsibility to use protection- and if he didn’t, then HE needs to man up.

And really.  I don’t CARE if the man looooooves her.  I’m also sick of THAT notion!  All this loooooove.  This ooey, gooey loooooove.  If love is all it took for a marriage to succeed, then why are there over 50% of couples divorced?  They ALL started in ooey, gooey loooooove!   Marriage is a decision.  You know it and I know it.  We decide to be married and we live by that decision.  If not, arranged marriages could never have worked.  Decision, and not so much love, is what makes a successful marriage.  A man who decides, like a good God fearing man does, to marry a woman to take care of his own offspring can and will have a successful marriage with a woman.  Even if he didn’t begin with love.  Same with her.  There are consequences to breaking God’s laws.  For both people.  To make it right is to die to your life.  And do what is right.

As I said earlier.  The day I will change my mind about the earliest days of pregnancy is the day I see Christians pressing for a law that will throw a man in prison for LIFE, no chance of parole, if he will not marry AND financially support the baby he created.  AND a secondary law that allows the brothers & father of a wife to beat a man within an inch of his life if he fails to properly be a good husband and father to his new family.  No criminal charges on the ones who beat him.  Then, I will change my mind.  Because here is what I know:  no woman would WANT an abortion any more.  The problem would be solved right there and then.  Women would celebrate across the free world!

And how about you parents?  Why aren’t you teaching your girls and boys about the reality of the sexes?  And teach them how best to handle this reality?  Where are the fathers of boys telling them about their sex drive and their responsibility that goes with it?  And mothers?  How many talked openly to their daughters about the reality of men & women and WHY keeping the knees together was actually helpful in finding and keeping a man in marriage?  Why did you only couch it in religious terms?  Why didn’t you explain that if a girl keeps her knees together, the bad men will leave quickly and the ones worth keeping will stick around?

And parents, why didn’t you tell your girls you would financially and emotionally support them no matter what?  Why do young girls feel terrified that their parents will think they are failures, whores, and losers if they get pregnant?

How about all you divorced people who are currently living in adultery according to God?  How many of YOU are standing with your pointed finger, with your stone, and calling the woman the ‘baby killer’?  Yeah, right.  Hypocrites.

Here is what I know about women.  We are born with a craving need to have and love a baby.  NO woman would willingly abort a baby if she had a man who loved her and was willing to do his job and take care of it.  That is what I know.  Are there some evil women?  Yes.  But 99% of us are driven by our maternal instinct.  We love babies.  If we didn’t, human kind could never have survived this long.

If you want JUSTICE in the world, you had better look at the WHOLE problem.  Not just look at the one girl at the end who is desperate enough to have an abortion.  IF you are serious about ending this terrible tragedy, then we need rational adults willing to rationally address it.  Not people who lose their minds because they can’t exercise some level of self discipline.  Those of you who screamed the loudest last night- the ones who had the nerve to say that pregnancy through rape and incest was somehow God intended- well, I hate to think how your young girls would react if they got pregnant.  I think they would be terrified to tell you.

Because of these issues that LEAD to a desperate girl, yes, I will leave the law open for the very earliest stage.  If I could, I would only give two weeks for this decision.  Technology would be the determining factor.  The earliest possible detection + two weeks.  I’m not a doctor.  I don’t know how to calculate that.  I am not saying it is right.  I am saying that the girl WILL seek an abortion and I have compassion enough in my heart to allow her to live through it- with fertility in tact.  I am willing to leave it between her and her Maker at that point.  I am not willing to condemn her to death.  That is the bottom line.  I must decide on a law.  I can’t put my head in the sand.  I HATE abortion.  And I know one thing- mid/late term abortions must end.  And I am willing to pragmatically move toward that end.  But it will continue unabated while judgmental, militant, hard hearted ‘religious’ Christians refuse dialog on the subject.  And refuse to look at the source of the problem:  men refusing to wear a condom because they are seeking maximum pleasure as they use a woman for sex.  Those who wish to continue down their despotic road on the subject are just as guilty as that girl who has the abortion.  Because you could have stopped the worst of it.  But stood on misplaced ‘principle’ in such a prideful way that you would not even try.

That is my full feeling on the topic.


  1. I can tell you put a lot of thought into what you post. I agree with you.
    It’s the same old arguments about sin we all tend to balk at. Judge not that we are not judged, our sin may seem less significant to us than another’s but we are still no better than any other (although as Christians we ARE better off because we have received the salvation we are withholding from others in our anger). We must take care of our own sins and issues and stop looking to what others are doing and move onward. Those souls need saved not further beaten and abused. I try to get that across to friends on FB but even in my doing so I have to acknowledge that in my pointing it out to them I am also looking to their sin. It is a very frustrating issue to us, I can imagine it is a thousand times more frustrating to Jesus.

    • Christina, you are a vile woman. You really are. I DID do the right thing in blocking you. You are the worst kind of person in the Christian community. God’s will IS being done- but not in the way you think, dear. You will see.

      • You continue to delete my comments because they are filled with love and truth and life…..Again continued prayers for you and all who you lead astray!

      • No, Christina. I continue to delete your posts because you are wrong, hateful, ‘religious’ and hypocritical. I really can’t stand Christians like you who use Jesus as their personal battering rams. You say, “I will pray for you” when actually, in your heart is a burning anger. That is always my number one clue who the Christian hypocrites are- and you uttered them right away! You also spend your time gossiping about me. Yet another sin God hates. But.. I’m sure you are praying for me so that the devil will be removed from my heart- all because I have compassion on women, right Christina? I notice you are a Catholic. That explains your blind loyalty to DOCTRINE. Whatever your pope says, right? Forget what Jesus says- your pope is the god you worship. Which is sad, because most Catholics don’t buy into that. You are a hateful little woman who gossips, harbors anger in her heart for weeks at a time, and runs around gossiping with the other Church biddies. If you can’t get your way, you just burn until you can’t stand it. See? I didn’t delete your words because they (a bark of laughter here), ‘are filled with love and truth and life’, I delete your comments because you are a spiteful little troll.

  2. I am one of the liberals whom you normally despise, but I wanted to take the time to say that I recognize that you really took some time to think about this issue. Given your audience, it couldn’t have been easy to talk about something that had invoked such a visceral response. Abortion is never an easy decision for a woman to face, no matter the circumstances. I’m happy to see that someone on your side of the aisle is taking up for women instead of the constant shaming I’ve been seeing. Take care.

  3. Hi. I know you are not liberal friendly, but I have to tell you how refreshing it is to see my thoughts on abortion written so well. I’m a Christian and have felt persecuted for my pro choice stance on this issue. I agree with you 100% and hope that all these other Christians can search their hearts and see the truth in your words. God bless.

    • Really scary that SLR is getting so many nice comments from so many LIBERALS when she calls herself a conservative Christian. Hmm….

      • Hey, I agree with that, Christian. Definitely makes me uneasy! But be that as it may, I stand by this post. I can’t base my opinions based on who will agree with me or not agree with me. That is why I call myself REBEL. I say what I believe is true- no matter who it pleases and no matter who it ticks off. I have to be true to myself and to my God. This article represents my full heart. If the liberal people like it and the conservatives hate it, it means zero to me. I am not a robot that simply regurgitates the party line, now am I? At least you can be assured that I NEVER curry the favor of man. I curry the favor of the Lord- and that is it. So be it. Susan

      • lol! Shouldn’t we all? Especially we Christians. I refuse to be part of a party line. That is why I call myself an Independent. Yes, I vote Republican- but I can honestly say, I HATE doing it! No one seems to serve the Lord in politics. No one. I serve only my king, Jesus. HE and he alone is my ruler. I bow my knee to him in sheer gratefulness that he is worthy, so worthy. He is the only one I respect enough to worship and love with such fierce loyalty. No man-made ideology can make me loyal. With the strictest adherence and obedience to God’s word, let us not forget the compassion Christ had for the woman who committed adultery. Let there be both judgement and compassion. Both. I can only pray that we Christians can find the best balance of the two in this evil world we live in. May God strengthen OUR ties (the Body of Christ)- not our political allegiances. Nor party affiliations. I feel so strongly that our Lord, Jesus, is returning very, very soon. We need to go arm and arm together. The fight will be quite nasty.

  4. loved your article. made me think about abortion in a way I haven’t thought before. I agree on your opinion about men should be held accountable however i don’t believe men are 100% to blame in the end it’s the girls decision. it’s her body. there are cases where men want to keep the baby and take responsibility but the girls does not. again in the end the girl has the final decision to have an abortion. i think or my opinion is after reading your article it is both the man and woman are at fault and should both be held accountable. all that being said. i think the purpose of your article was to make the public more aware that men should be held responsible and why you feel that way. I myself nevered gave much thought about man. so i definitely will remember that when discussing with people the subject of abortion. Im am very greatful God is using you to reach millions of people and you are not afraid of any repercussions from the public. Keep up the good work and i will continue to pray for you.

    • Thanks. Yes, both are responsible. It’s just that most women would choose to have the baby if she knew the man would take his responsibility seriously. But with all the dead beat dads and Baby Daddies around, it is very hard for women to believe this. Thanks for your response. And you are right. I do not think abortion is right. I just don’t think the woman should die for it.

  5. You have the nerve to delete my comments but you still reply to me? If you had let my comments stand you & everybody else would have seen I was speaking against your man-only blame game. BOTH parties are responsible but you are hell-bent on putting all the blame on the man. And for this reason, that if man were to do the right thing, there would be no abortions & then you’d change your stance on abortion. Go ahead, delete this one too but know that you are wrong in your decision to support abortion, at ANY stage of pregnancy. All your screaming about what men are, how they function relating to sex with women, woman’s behaviors is irrelevant to the law of ‘thou shalt not murder’. I don’t care that this is your page. You think that gives you the right to speak lies? God is watching & you will be held accountable for your actions.

    • Shawn. All I can do is LAUGH at your indignation that I should blame men. How many women have YOU used for sex? Based on your reaction here, I would guess quite a few. IF I had justified abortion as ‘right’ or ‘moral’ in any way, you might have a point. As it is, I don’t and didn’t. So, man up and take the responsibility like a man. It is TRUE. Fix the MAN PROBLEM, fix abortion. I have NO DOUBT abortion would disappear if men 1) stopped using women for sex. Another way to put this is: stop sleeping with women you do not love. 2) if you do create a baby, marry the woman so that she can take you seriously when you make a promise to take care of it. SIMPLE FIX to a terrible problem. The ONLY ones I see screaming are…..(drum rolls please)… MEN! lololol! Shawn, your hypocrisy is showing. Just like those men who wanted to stone the woman who committed adultery. You want the blame to be on the woman, not on the man- even though the LAW said to kill them BOTH. Jesus had COMPASSION and let the woman live- as the man was able to keep living. That is what I am doing here. Nothing more. Nothing less. So this time, I WILL let the world see your hypocrisy. I don’t think you really come out smelling like roses. Sorry, Shawn. I think YOU have some skeletons in your closet that might need looking at. Most Christian men today do.

    • I have come to the conclusion that she thinks she is God. I will continue to pray for her conversion.

      • And there we have it, Ladies and Gentleman! The Christian lady who is ticked as all get out at me wants to…. (drum roll please!)…. PRAY FOR ME! And my soul! And my CONVERSION! Because I don’t agree with her pathological need to punish women! Suddenly, I am no longer a Christian at all! Christina. The more you talk, the more convinced I am how right I was to block you from my FB page. btw, no thanks on those prayers. I’ve already got my bases covered. hypocrite. *spit*

  6. Also your statistic of 100% of abortions being caused by men is not true. Could I bring some facts and statistics to the discussion? Most women who have abortions have them because the pregnancy was unintended and they already have 1,2 or more children. A large percentage of those women are married or in a stable long term relationship. only 1% said they were forced to have sex.

    • Rod, rod, rod. First, your ‘stats’ don’t interview those women, do they? They don’t ask that woman WHY she is doing this, do they? AND ‘stable relationships’???? Give me a break. Try finding how many happily MARRIED women do this. Then get back to me. Hypocrite.

    • You want ‘statistics’? I’ll give you the ‘real’ statistics… 3 out of 5 of my so called women ‘friends’ had abortions. All of them were in a relationship with a man. All of them did it because they were afraid of ‘losing’ their man, as their men had no desire to have more children (for whatever reason.) Each of those women wanted their babies, but because of their men’s ‘attitude’ towards them, the women felt it necessary to go against their heart’s desire just to please and ‘keep’ their man. As I write, all three women still ‘have their men’, but the shame, humiliation and guilt of having killed their babies…well, let’s just say the men aren’t feelin’ any of it.

      • This is the TRUTH of abortion. Fix the MAN problem and you will rid the world of abortion. If women didn’t love babies, humanity would cease to be. The male LIE happens first. Abortion is second.

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