Facebook Has ‘Temporarily’ Disabled Short Little Rebel’s Account

Christians NOT Welcome!
Christians NOT Welcome!

I miss you, my readers. My family. I do.  The short story is this:  FB has called the REAL Short Little Rebel page the ‘fake’ page!  If the irony weren’t so rich, I would laugh.  They have asked for ID, which I have provided- many times, with no response from the FB team whatsoever.  Who knows if they will just leave the account in limbo like this forever?  I hope you all know that I would never just up and leave you like that.  No way.

I would stay until the end if God allowed it. But don’t you remember my warning? That God might remove me from you? That he might remove me so that each and everyone of you might go out and tell thousands of other people about Jesus and that his return is near? My page was a comfortable place for everyone. Sometimes I worried about that. You were always amongst friends. People who agreed and lifted you up. You made (I hope) lifelong friends there. But like the Jews in Israel after Jesus was raised from the dead, had persecution not come, they would not have left Israel and gone out into the world to spread the news. Perhaps you would have remained forever on my page instead of embarking on your own.

Many of you have already begun your journey alone and have already faced demons. It will only get worse. But working for Christ is a glory in and of itself and brings its own rewards. You will be strong because that is his wish. Over the last couple of years, my faith has become a mountain. I feel so strong. It didn’t begin that way. It began with tears and pain and never ending doubt. But the more you work for Jesus, the more plainly he reveals himself to you. He will never let you down. He will never let you fail! The louder you call on his name, the higher he will lift up your voice among men! People will LISTEN when you speak the truth. The plain truth.

If I can not get back onto FB, I will be content. Because this would not be the hand of man, but of God. No one can thwart his will. And if I can not get back on, your ‘home’ will be gone on FB. That means you are all ready. That means that God wants each and everyone of you core 1,800 people to go OUT and do what I did! Tell the truth. Take the Bible as your sword and save lives. People will get angry at you- pagan and Christian alike! That is how you know you are doing a good job! Evil hates the truth. You will find evil within the pagan community and sometimes you will find even worse evil in the Christian community. Things have not changed since Jesus’ day. The religious community is the one who hung Jesus on the cross. It will be the religious community that will persecute you the most. Where there is no love, there is nothing. Where there is no compassion, there is nothing. Christians who live by the letter of the law and have no love in their hearts are as evil as the pagans. No, worse. Because they know better.

Be brave my friends. Be bold. It is your turn now. Go. And lay down your lives for your friend as our Lord commanded. Give up this 80 years for him. Put all your faith in the kingdom to come. We already have Christ. You need to help others find him too. THAT is the meaning of love. It really is. Much love, Susan

p.s.  I haven’t really decided what I will do if FB keeps my account disabled.  But you can reach me now at the following locations (including here, of course).

Friend me at: https://www.teapartycommunity.com/susan_shannon/

And then like me at my SLR page @: https://www.teapartycommunity.com/shortlittlerebel/



  1. I miss you. The anti-Christ page is a true testimony, that satan and his minions are alive and doing their evil.We also know who our Victor will be. I always remind myself what our great saviour told us.”they will hate you because of my name, but just remember they hated me first”. so we will continue to put on our full armour
    and know that he who is in us, is stronger than he that is in the world.

  2. Just went looking for you on Facebook. Saddened you aren’t there. Hopefully all things will work or the better. Stay strong!

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