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Beautiful Homosexuals Displaying Beautiful Homosexual Love While Attacking Priest

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topless 5Now, doesn’t this just warm your heart?  Doesn’t this just make you feel the plight of the poor, poor homosexual?  That neglected sector of the population who deserves special protection under the law?  Because they are the innocent victims of heterosexual rage?  Here, we have head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard being assaulted   yesterday for daring to say that homosexuals should abstain from sex- as should all single people.  He has already been been taken to court on anti RACISM charges in 2007  for calling homosexual acts “abnormal”. In 2008 he was cleared of ‘homophobia’ charges after appearing in court.  While he was attending a university to debate the issue of blasphemy laws, these lovely ladies charged to the stage and doused the good priest in their version of ‘holy water’.  Of course, being the deep intellectuals they are, they used plastic Virgin Mary water bottles.  The priest is clearly guilty of rage, phobia and assault and the ladies clearly demonstrate the need to give homosexuals a special pass under the law.  Don’t you think?

People, while we all focus on foreign affairs, the Boston Marathon, Obama, North Korea, Israel & Iran, the Progressives are systematically doing what no army could possibly do.  They are using homosexuality to bring down the sovereignty and free speech of decent people the world over.  It is already ‘illegal’ to say anything negative whatsoever about homosexuality across Europe.  Canada’s Supreme Court has passed a new law that goes as far as to say that anyone quoting Bible scripture to denounce homosexuality will be committing a crime.  A prosecutable hate crime.  In California, the legislature is moving to make any negative speech toward any sexual ‘orientation’ , including pedophilia, a crime.  In fact, it states that should any counselor (translation, ‘pastor’) try to help anyone overcome homosexual behavior, they will have committed a a crime under the bill.   In Australia, the moment they moved to pass homosexual marriage in the country, along with hate speech laws to go with it, the Muslims and Mormons popped out asking for new marriage laws for polygamy.   Polygamy is also being seriously evaluated in Canada and right here in America.   Because, let’s face it:  Once you undo the Godly definition of marriage, you don’t have marriage at all.

Part of the problem with the homosexual debate is the child debate.  One of the strongest reasons for male/female marriage is the normal development of babies.  This pairing is the only one that can naturally create children.  And so, it follows reason that what is ‘natural’ is also good.  Good for babies!  This is so in all of nature.  But there is a secondary push involved in this homosexual depravity.  It is the devaluing of human life altogether.  Babies no longer are human.  Abortion has moved from one grisly status to another.  The only solution to end abortion is male/female marriage.  In fact, almost all abortions are from single women with runaway men!  But rather than bow down to God’s great wisdom, homosexuals would rather conclude that a baby is nothing but an unwanted appendage of a woman’s body- to be discarded at will.  In this way, no discussion about the health of children need enter the marriage discussion- because not only do we not value their health, but we do not value their life.   In today’s news, humanity’s greatest nightmare has awakened into reality:  the first results of (at least the living, non deformed ones) human genetic experimentation have been proudly announced by monsters disguised as ‘scientists’:  30 ‘healthy’ babies were born after a series of experiments right here in the United States.  We have introduced new, human engineered (because human engineered designs always work out so well, right?) genes into the human genome.  Thought a GM seed is bad?  Now we have GM people.  I truly wonder how many ‘babies’ were created that didn’t ‘succeed’ and were either too deformed or too sick to be considered a success.  Were they murdered?  Is that man slaughter?  Heck, who cares?  We now sit, so spiritually lost, and debate on whether it is ok to kill live babies after they are born!  Gosnell’s insane & grotesque snipping of live babies’ spinal cords is excused as ‘non-relevant’ news by the leftist news rags.  After all, abortion has become a billion dollar industry.  Those little body parts can be used for just about anything these days!

I want you to look at the faces of these women.  Look at the face of the priest and the other men trying to protect him.  Who is doing evil here?  What completely kills me is the incredible blindness in the world.  For me, because my eyes are completely clear because I have my God glasses on, these women have lost their humanity.  It shows in every aspect of their face and demeanor.  They hate their own bodies- they use them as billboards.  What should be precious has become foul and polluted.  I see only Satan here.  Not God’s children.  And yet, I know the majority of people in the world would condone this.  Some would even celebrate it.

This makes me sick of this world.  I am only 47 and yet, I feel tired of this place.  The good has become evil and the evil has become good.  Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to live in those women’s world.  What a vile place to exist.  They have no love.  They have no husbands.  They have no children.  They are but dusty dry bins of hate.


  1. So let me get this straight.

    This guy calls these people abnormal, advocates discrimination against them, and contributes to the attitude of intolerance against them which helps lead to things like this:

    And you are surprised that they react angrily to him when they see him face to face?

    Susan, please get out and see the world. You’ll find there are people who are being genuinely victimised, often because of exactly the attitudes that you hold.

    • Dave, please show me where a priest does this to a homosexual. That is the day your ‘victim’ statement will have more validity. Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible. Just SAYING that is not hate. You may not like it, but that doesn’t make it ‘hate’ or ‘intolerance’. What you and so many other people who practice homosexuality want is for no one to reference our bibles anymore. You want us to disobey God’s Word! Why would we do that for your sake? I certainly never advocate any kind of action whatsoever against those who engage in this sin. But I WILL speak out against American society embracing it as ‘normal’ (by definition, it is not), ‘good’ (as by God’s morality, it is not good but bad) or something I want my children exposed to. This doesn’t make me hateful. This makes me obedient to God’s Word, and a good parent to my children. If YOU think something is immoral, like theft or lying, do you want your society telling your child it is a good thing? Well. Neither do I.

      Saying something is immoral is NOT hate. Advocating violence, discrimination, hate, name calling, etc, is hate. YOU need to get out in the world. Or perhaps, you need to come out of the world and into God’s Word. Actually, option 2 is the best one. Good luck to you.. Susan

    • yes, but Disney always makes homosexuals look so fun and cute and funny! The harsh reality of people who are in direct disobedience to God is a little less cute.

  2. I too, am sick of all of the affairs, political correctness, evilness,etc. Your one single statement,”The good has become evil and the evil has become good.” more than nails it directly to it’s source. The sad part is, those who are weak in spirit are giving up, committing suicide, doing drugs, drinking and anything else they can, trying to escape reality as it stands. I’m fighting it. I ask God just short time ago why. It seems a fight that cannot be won and we know we are fighting Satan.
    STRESSED & DEPRESSED-Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions

    • I am becoming used to this feeling now, Michelle. This stunned feeling that there are people that can not see the evil in front of their eyes. It’s like standing in a room and seeing someone murder another. And you are the only one who even notices. Everyone else just keeps partying, fighting, laughing, crying, screaming, moping, or whatever other thing they were doing right before the murder. Like it never even happened. The complete self absorption of evil people surpasses the ability of the intellect to process it. Yet, it is a with which I am coming to grips. We will see more of this as time goes on, not less. We are in the times of Noah.

      • Yes, that is the way it is. These people live and breath hate. To think it is okay shows how deranged minds have become. The only joy of it is Jesus is getting closer daily.

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    • Tony, tony, tony. I have no time and no inclination to see your link. You enjoy chaos and misery. I don’t! Know why? Because God has called me for a higher purpose. Whatever you are doing on your pathetic site is for your eyes only, luv. I lack even the curiosity to see what you are doing anymore. I will never visit your page again. Just thought you should know that. So… good luck and good day. Hoping you will still find a girlfriend and God. You really are a lost soul.

      • you did! you Did! I just KNOW you came to my page and saw all my little nastiness I spent my whole day & life making up just for you! I know it, I know it! (I mean, did you?) Oh, please,please,please come to me because I am soooo mad that you found me and where I work my devilish evil. ooohh… I’m so mad you found out I am just a nobody who works in a little strip mall for minimum wage!! PLEASE come to me and just seeee what I have done in response to you shaming me like this!

      • ah.. no. I’m truly done w/ you my friend. You have been defeated. And you know it. You need to be careful, though. You sound close to losing it. Boy, your job there must be really, really boring. You sure find a lot of time to fool around on your phone. are you a janitor? an ice-cream scooper? see, I am uninterested in what petty, pathetic job you have. I have left you in the capable hands of Heterosexual Awareness Month and others. Believe me, my little messages just tickled their fancy. now they can see how pathetic your little, tiny life is. AND they can see WHY you have such time on your hands! lol! What’s minimum wage paying these days? $8/ hour? lol! I sure hope they do call your boss. I hear minimum wage jobs are hard to find these days. So if I were you, I would really think twice about stealing money from your boss like this. Good luck, little sad tiger baby. your real life is even more pathetic than you internet fake life.

  4. We are truly living in the end times. All God-based morals are being thrown out and replaced with hedonistic/satanic practices. This is being done in preparation fro the man of sin to make his presence known. Adonai Elohim has blinded those people and has given them over to their own lusts/perversions.However, God will not lose any of His own. The worldly situation is truly disgusting but we must continue to pray and ask for strength to persevere until Yeshua’s coming.

    • Indeed, John. And I am. Daily. I can’t wait, in fact ! lol! All this will be wiped away. Every one of our tears will be wiped away. And we will laugh, my friend. He is right around the corner. I feel it.

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