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Short Little Rebel Readers, Join Project Redemption!

FallRedemptionNotice to the most passionate of my Short Little Rebel readers:  Come join Project Redemption on Facebook!   This is not a new Short Little Rebel page.  This is different.  When God removed me from my readers (using the turds at FB), I knew he had a plan- you & I know that no one can thwart God’s will.  Only his hand could do this.  I had even warned all of you several times that I felt he would do this soon- not to punish, but to grow his work.  He used Short Little Rebel to arouse and to deepen all of your commitment to his work.  When he felt you were ready, he removed your comfort zone!  And mine!  But he has replaced it with something much, much better!

I felt calm and prayed and just waited on the Lord.  Last Thursday, he revealed the plan, whole, which I have written down in detail and will be releasing soon.  It is exciting, to say the least.  I have created a new rallying point page on FB for the purpose of coordinating the launch of this project.  You will see why God removed SLR on FB.  You will see that by this move, he has glorified his name by a thousand fold from what my page, alone, could do.  If you wish to DO something in these troubled times to combat the evil that grips the world, then come.  But don’t come unless your commitment to the Lord is 100%.  I am gathering the most passionate of all Christians to this new page.  Like the battle of Midian, SLR readers are being boiled down to the most passionate.  And this group will do more than the whole of the rest.  After all, the Lord likes to show his glory and power through using only a few to change the world.  He boiled down Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 300!  And Jesus boiled down his thousands of followers to only 12.  Passion counts!  If you want to be a part of that group, I will see you at the new rally point for Project Redemption!

p.s.  For those of you who went there already and couldn’t find the ‘Friend’ button, oops!  It’s there now.

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