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Project Redemption: Create, Maintain & Grow a Christian Conservative Facebook Page

redemption 3For those who have not heard, Short Little Rebel’s Facebook page was censored & dismantled by Facebook.  You can read about that in my other article, not here. I am writing this article to tell you all about a remarkable idea that came whole to me yesterday after praying to the Lord for guidance since Sunday.  Many have asked why I don’t just start another FB page & simply regather you all to it.  Good question!  The answer is easy:  because I have not felt prompted by God to do so.  In fact, I have felt a remarkable peace about the whole thing.  I feel God’s endearing hand on the entire situation!  I have been in peaceful prayer awaiting his will via the Holy Spirit.  Then, the Thursday after FB shut down my site, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  What he wants and the full plan to implement it!  And it is GLORIOUS!  So, I am writing this to you, all my readers, to share what the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

Do you remember? I forewarned you about several times beforehand that God might remove me from you?  And if he did, it would be because he wants all of you to start your own pages?  Well, he did and so, he does!  Every. Single. Last one of you!  I know you just felt the leap of fear in your hearts.  But don’t.  Have faith in God, the God of all creation!  The Great I AM!  HE wishes it and so you can not fail!  Amen?  And it doesn’t matter how much you know about the bible.  It doesn’t matter how much you know about politics or the news.  It doesn’t matter if you write well.  It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 70.  God has given every single one of you something precious- your soul who loves him.  And he has given you the Holy Spirit, whose council will never lead us wrong.  Every human life has purpose.  And every human being has been given the tools to fulfill this purpose.  Sometimes, it is our greatest weakness that will be used for God’s glory.  God is way smarter than you.  He will use you if you will submit yourself to him.  So, put all your doubts (all from satan, the liar) aside and instead, fill your hearts with joy- because your life just found a new purpose!

I wish to name this newly birthed ministry, “Project Redemption”.  Let our goal be to launch over 1,000 new pages that serve the Lord, our God.  Let each page’s goal be to attract 1,800 readers in one year.  Let us take the social media world by storm!  Let us redeem the evil that FB has done.

I  have worked out a strategy that will make all your pages a wonderful success.  It calls for you all to work together, at the same time, so that you will not be alone in this!  You will have many, many friends doing it with you- you will all support one another, cry on each others shoulders, pray for one another and succeed for the Glory of God- together!!  Isn’t that exciting?  Check out the plan below-  You will love it.  I promise.  Now, I know this article looks long.  But take it in chunks.  You will see that I have broken down the article into bite size pieces.  One step at a time, Friends.  One step at a time.  In addition, we will only implement this plan one step at a time.  Although we will eventually link to many social media sites like Twitter, PinInterest, Stumble Upon & WordPress, we will only focus on getting a new facebook page started.  So, even though I touch on these other social media sites below, it is only to give you and idea of the overall plan.  While it may look like a lot, I can assure you that this will probably not be more than you already do on facebook & elsewhere.  For the most part, you will simply be writing in two places and then using the ‘share’ button to post it to all your other sites.  See the following graphic to get the big picture.  The Pink areas are the only places where you will write anything new- you simply use the ‘share’ button for the rest:

managing blog sites

I want to point out to you that if all 1,800 of you core readers obey this call, there will be over 3 MILLION people who will actively be involved in spreading God’s word.  And that is just in ‘LIKES’, not readership.  Your readership will be over 300 million!  How can Short Little Rebel be worth more than that?  So, I believe God had me train you and guide you and awaken your spirits for just this purpose.   Sometimes, loss is necessary for us to make a change in our life.  Believe me when I tell you that the temptation to return to FB is very powerful for me- but if God removed Short Little Rebel from FB, then it is to serve his kingdom best.  This is a big change for me too.  So we are in the same boat, Friends!  My new job is to be your own personal consultant.  I will answer all your questions and help you through every step- even silly stuff like how to use FB right!  lol!  You won’t be alone.  Just read the following instructions all the way through first.  Take notes or begin building your FB page afterward. Get the big picture first, ok?

Ok!  On to some guidelines:

Beginning Considerations:

  1. Pray.  Ask God for his blessing on your new page.  Tell him of your sincere desire to help people find salvation through Christ.  That you honestly wish to warn people, like Ezekiel, that Jesus is very near and that they need to get right with him now, and not later.  Ask him for the strength to endure to the end, to strengthen you when people lash out at you for proclaiming the truth in the Bible.  Ask him to put a shield of protection around you and your children so that you can focus on your work and not worry about them.  Most of all, pray for wisdom.  Pray that God will keep you humble, no matter what (even if he might need to rebuke you), so that your own words & thoughts do not prevail against his words and thoughts.  Give yourself fully to the task of laying down your life to help your fellow man find Christ.  Pray for God to use every ounce of your talents to achieve his purpose and not yours.  Praise his name and the name of his Son Jesus.  And you are ready to Go!  This will be the most exciting adventure of your life!  I promise!
  2. Commit to reading your Bible every single day for at least 30 minutes a day.  At least.  Take notes.  Think with your own mind.  I have already set up a reading plan that will truly help you approach the Bible if you have not read it before. Use it if you like.   Remember, however, that you can still start your new page now.  You will just be taking your readers on the journey with you!  You can share as you learn.  Everyone can help the kingdom of God!
  3. Commit to reading the news online every morning (watching the news is no good).  All of it.  From international to national.  Just skip all entertainment, sports and other garbage.  Just political news.  Pray and THINK about how the news corresponds to what the Bible tells you- both in the general sense of how mankind really is, how God & Jesus really are and in terms of the specifics on how events correspond to bible prophecy.  Again, you don’t need to be an expert.  Learn & grow with your readers!  They will love it.
  4. Commit to writing every single day except Sunday.  Make sure you rest at least one day a week.  You will need it.  The world is a heavy, heavy place.
  5. Understand that you will grow and you will never be perfect.  Learn to say, “Who cares??!  God is smart enough to use me AND every flaw I have to his own glory!”  Just be joyful to be used and throw any attempt of perfection right out the window.  Speak BOLDLY and do not doubt the Holy Spirit.  IF (now, pay attention because this is SO important!)  you promise yourself and God that you will smash your own pride daily, God will speak to you through the Holy Spirit.  As long as you know that your heart yearns for God’s purpose and not your own purpose, you can obey and trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Doubt is from Satan.  God KNOWS you are incapable!  He KNOWS you know nothing!  He KNOWS you can’t write well enough!  He KNOWS you are full of crap sometimes!  lol!  And he’s clever enough to use you anyway!  And if you make a mistake, hey, just apologize to your readers!  I well know that readers are the most forgiving and wonderful people in the world! (much love to you all! wink!)  Even your mistake and apology works for the glory of God!  Amen?
  6. Accept that this WILL cost you personally no matter how you go about this.  You will be pushed to your outer limits of endurance & faith.  And there will also be a small financial investment (maybe $20/month realistically- more later).  If the same stalker finds your new page, you will need to use your personal account for your page as I did.  This basically means that you will not have a personal FB page anymore.  (as in, no more dumb jokes, family chit chat on your wall, etc. because you will want to keep it professional.)  You won’t lose your friends.  But it won’t be the same- be ready to pay this price as I had to.    Just remember that Jesus always finishes what he starts in your life.  And that the Holy Spirit will always be with you.  Remember that Jesus withstood much more than you will ever withstand.  And remember what your friend, Short, endured too.  Every hate page erected against me is a testimony to my work and willingness to suffer for the Lord.  And guess what?  The Lord gave me more than plentiful strength & even a sense of humor to deal with them!  So, what might look scary to you, will be something to laugh at when your time comes.  Because Jesus does not mean for us to truly suffer.  He will give you a skin so thick that no one, I mean, no one can penetrate.  Can I tell you something?  You will actually come to a point where you feel sorry for the demons that are within those people.  Because you know they rage because their death is imminent.  And that Christ, in you, has already prevailed.  This understanding will hold you steady throughout, I promise you!  Plus, atheists are really dumb.  (ha, ha! they really are.)
  7. Always be yourself.  Promise yourself to use your own voice.  The more you write like you speak, the more fun you will have.  Use humor to your hearts content.  Don’t be afraid of showing your weak points to your readers.  They will love you more for it.  Think of your readers as your family and just get comfortable.  They are looking for your personality- not someone else’s!
  8. Be dead honest.  No matter what.  No one will trust a word you say if you just follow the party line, the Christian line, or the popular line.  While your opinion may rankle some people and while this will most definitely cause you to lose readership, in the end, it is the only way to build trust.  And trust is needed in any ministry.  Remember, we aren’t doing this for your popularity, but to do God’s will.  Only the truth- as much as you know it- can do this.
  9. Accept that your complete honesty will lose readers.  Tell the truth anyway and have faith in God.  The day you hide the truth is the day your ministry just died.  Go ahead and be willing to lose readership.  Jesus told the truth about his body being the food and drink of salvation- remember all those people getting grossed out and leaving?  lol!  The up side of them all leaving (which I am sure Jesus intended) was that Jesus was left with the twelve disciples- and those twelve people changed the entire world forever.  Have FAITH!
  10. Be professional at all times.  Sure, there will be times when this will clash with being ‘honest’ (lol!), but keep cursing to an absolute minimum.  Don’t attack readers or favor some readers over others.  Care about everyone.  Set the best example you can at all times.  Apologize if you should lose it (you will) and move on.
  11. Be available to your readers.  Listen to them, pray with them, love them.
  12. Choose poverty in this ministry.   Once your page takes off, you will be tempted to try to earn some money from it.  Do not do it.  Not for any reason.  Not to ‘expand’ your ministry, not to serve the Lord, not to help you remain at your post- nothing.  Not one advertiser, not one tee-shirt, not one bumper sticker, not one donation, not one coffee cup.  In fact, promise your readers you will never make a penny in what you do.  This world gets more insane every moment.  Trust is in very short supply.   Ministry is about trust.  Money and trust will never mix.  Nix this avenue before you even begin if you wish to please our Father.  God will provide what we need.

General Strategy Description:

  1. We will do this together!   I am going to present a great strategy that will allow you (all my readers) to succeed together!   You will all help each other launch each others new pages.  In this way, each of you  will start with a great number of likes, information, content, personal relationships and shoulders to lean on.  If you all embark on this new challenge together, you can not be overcome!
  2. Go to new Rallying Point & build support system.  We will use a new ‘Rally Point Page’ to coordinate our new Project (described in detail below).  It is here where all old SLR readers will come back together to begin a new, glorious social media ministry on FB and then, on to other types of social media!  This will not  be a new SLR page.  This Rally Point Page will be utterly locked down and private for safety from trolls & stalkers alike.   Each of you will send a friend request to the Rally Point page. Every friend request will be highly scrutinized before acceptance.  You have my word on this.    Only friends can anything, so your identity will be safe from the stalker. This is a powerful strategy and it will work!
  3. Loyally support each other as you establish your new pages The support network of friends from the old SLR page will be the first ones to LIKE your new page, emotionally support you, help you find interesting content,  re-post your stuff and ‘like’ it which will help all your pages in Facebook and internet search engine rankings.  The more your post is re-posted & liked, the higher it will go in your readers’ news feeds and the more likely it will be seen by them.  This is critical.  If your posts aren’t seen, they aren’t read. That would be a waste of your time.  If you all do this for each other, you will all rise together!  Just think- if all 1,800 of the core SLR readers created pages and simply liked each other’s pages, you would start with 1,799 ‘Likes’!  Nice, huh?  Remember to do the same for all those that friend you for the same purpose!  Work TOGETHER to build each others pages up on FB!  Do you love it or do you love it?
  4. Create a new public page   You should not use your personal page for this ministry- at least, not to start with (but it will be your fall back position).    The public pages have a much faster way to grow than personal pages can offer.  I will explain all below, including how you can avoid stalkers like I had.  I believe this is the best go-forward strategy for you all and for God’s work.  Trust me.  This is the fastest way to get established.  I will explain how below.  I LOVE this new strategy- it shows WHY God removed my page from FB- you will see and rejoice too!
  5. Why create a public page?  Why not just use my personal page?   It is because you can not advertise effectively on your personal page (these are the little ads you see in the right hand column of your FB page).  Advertising your page and your posts is very important to building your audience quickly (this is where the small monthly budget comes into play).  Also, FB has implemented a new, annoying policy that will only elevate your posts to the top of people’s news feeds if you pay to do so.  This is on a post by post opportunity.  This is a great way to cheaply advertise your new page and get readership.   The ads and the pay-for-news feed tools are important for growth.  You can consider the money spent here  to be part of your gift to God’s service- I did.  If you are strapped for cash, I believe you can, with good conscience, consider this as part of your weekly tithe to the Lord.  It’s not tax deductible (unless your church has an online ministry you could work with), but it counts morally toward God’s work as you must consider this to be a ministry- because it is a ministry.
  6. Explode God’s message on Facebook!  Did you know that if every ‘core’ reader (1,800 of you) on my SLR page grew their page to only 1,800 people (a year, at most), the total number of people who will be dedicated to God’s service will be over 3 MILLION people on FB?  Do the math yourself!  AND, just think-  my page alone, with only a core 1,800 active & excited Christians, reached over 70,000 people every week.  Know how many people 1,800 people’s pages with 1,800 ‘Likes’ can reach per week?  126 MILLION people on FB.  That is just staggering, Friends.  Those numbers tell you WHY God removed me from you, don’t they?  You each need to do this work of God.  By my page’s ‘death’, the number of people who will be reached per week through all of you is mind boggling!  Isn’t that too exciting to bear?  It is for me!  God is so SMART!  Evil will be mocked in the end, my Friends.
  7. Lastly, grow your page!  After you build your new page (details described below) and do all that I have instructed, you will eventually need to grow your page using other methods.  Those methods will not be described here as you already have enough on your plate.  I will simply give an outline here so that you know what is coming.  After (maybe a month or so later) you become settled comfortably into blogging on FB, you will need to set up a Tea Party Community account (and load your page there), a WordPress blog, a Twitter account, a Stumble Upon account, a Pin Interest account, and a Tumblr account.  Some of you are saying, “WHAT?”  Settle down, settle down.  Didn’t I tell you this was hard work?  It is also not as ornery as it sounds.   I will help you do this step by step. In order to get your FB account to rise in the search engines, you will need a wider exposure- eventually.  None of these accounts will require any work on your part except one:  the WordPress blog, where you will eventually write more in-depth articles that interest you.    All you need to do on these other accounts (besides WordPress) is load your exact page name, photo, cover photo and ‘byline’ on each one.  Then, once you write an article on WordPress , you can quickly share it with all these accounts with a click of the button (WordPress gives you this capability- just see my share button at the bottom of this article!)  Easy!  Within less than five minutes, your one article will be shared across at least six different internet locations!   THIS is how to get internet exposure and readers.  The search engines ‘see’ your name & article in many places and thinks it is ‘more important’.  It, being just a dumb calculator, will raise you up in the search engines.  Also, even without a single effort, you will indeed get followers on those accounts too!  They will just find you.  That’s how it works.  And these people will share your stuff and your internet rankings will go even higher up- it will surprise you!  More on these accounts later.  I’m just giving you a heads up so that after you get your FB page up and running and you are getting the ‘rhythm’ of blogging everyday there, you know that these next steps will be necessary (if you want to grow your message!).  I will write a separate article on how grow your page at a later date, ok?  Now… settle down, People!  lol!  And don’t get excited about writing those WordPress articles!  We’ll talk more on that later.

HOW to Set Up Your New Page!

  1. Go to Rally Point page!
    1. Before you do so, first privatize your personal Facebook page.  Now that you will become a famous blogger (smile), you will need some protection from prying eyes.  Set your personal page settings so that the public can not see your Friends list.  Go through all your account & privacy settings and set them to ‘Friends’ only.   Don’t let anyone comment or post on your personal page except Friends.  Nothing should be publicly available.  This is for your protection, your family’s protection & your church’s protection.  Then, to be double sure, use your ‘View As’ button to see how the public sees your page.  Make sure that no one can see your friends list or any other thing you don’t want the trolls to see!  Please note that FB will change these settings from time to time without your knowledge- so be paranoid and check regularly (once a month or so- just use the ‘View As’ (See Note 3 below)button- takes one second)
    2. Set up Followers. Go to to your Account Settings in the upper right hand side of your personal page.  Once you click Account Settings, you will see the option, “Followers” on the left hand menu.  Click it.  You will be brought through your options.  Set followers to only see public posts.   At the beginning, don’t allow them to comment at all.  Therefore, you can still use your personal page with friends and keep it private.   Friending is still the same for your page- it is completely separate from the Follower function.   Every time someone new ‘likes’ your page, you need to also ask them to Follow your personal page.  (See Note 1 below)
    3. Change your default to Friends Only.   Do this on your personal page so that you don’t accidentally post something PUBLIC and send it inadvertently to all your Followers!
    4. Send a friend request to Rally Point page.   Go to:  The New Rally Point page .  Send request.  Once friended there,
    5. Friend everyone else there too FB only allows a certain amount of ‘friending’ at a time.   It may takes months to re-friend everyone from my old page.  But just consider it a daily task before you begin each day.    If you get a warning that you are friending too much, it just means you should wait and only send out about 5 friend requests per week.  Remember, though, this is only to reconnect with the SLR base so that you will have a core support system while you go through this process.  This is not a growth strategy for the long haul.  (More on your actual growth strategy below.)
  2. Create a new, blank, public page!
    1. Start by creating a new page from your personal page account.  You do this by going to your upper right hand FB menu and click HOME.
    2. On the left hand menu, you will see Pages.  Hover over that word and you will see ‘More’.  Click.
    3. You will see a button called: “Create A Page’. Click it.
    4. You will be given many options.  Click ‘Artist/Band/Public Figure’.  Go through the categories and pick ‘News Personality’.
    5. Next, you will be taken through steps (please just skip them all for now) by FB.   Go back later after you know what your ‘handle’ (example:  Short Little Rebel), profile pict, cover & byline will be.  I HIGHLY suggest you use your real face.  People don’t relate well to a fake image- they just don’t.  Now, you all saw that my picture was used for nefarious purposes & that might scare you.  I will show you how to minimize that problem later.   But the question is:  Do you want to serve the Lord or not?  If so, put your face on that page.  If you hide, how will you tell your readers to be bold in Christ???  Your message will fail.  You readers will look to you for leadership in all things.  If you have courage, they will have courage.  If you are afraid, they will be afraid.  So, you go first.  Take the risk and they will take the risk.  Your leadership is key to convincing people that you really mean what you say and can back it with personal sacrifice.
    6. Once you are done skipping all the steps, you will land on your new public page (which will, of course, be empty).
  3. Find/Review your Admin Panel.  You will see a button at the upper right hand corner that says, ‘HIDE’.  Click it. The button will now say, ‘SHOW’.  Click it.  All the information that comes up & disappears there is called the ‘Admin Panel’ –  you will use this info to monitor how well your page is growing, who is on your page, commenting, liking, etc.  You will use this a lot.  You will also see the options to invite friends to your page.  Don’t do this until you have filled out all your info., set up your photos, etc.  But this is how you will invite them once you are ready.  Also, you will see a box called Insights.  Once you get 30 likes, that box will ‘activate’- as in, turn on.  Explore that box like crazy.  It will tell you so much about how well you are doing.  It will tell you the ages of the people you are reaching and if they are men & women.  In this way, when you want to grow your page, you can see the weak areas of your page and create special ads to target just that age and sex demographic!  It is extremely helpful!  I will be here to answer any questions you have about the insight charts when they go live for you.  So don’t worry for now.  Just know that they are there.
  4. Define the FOCUS of your new page  This is a critical step for you because it will guide which kinds of stories and content you will share on your page.  Ask yourself WHY you blog at all.  Is it for God?  Is it to help people?  Is it go give the news in a novel way?  To spiritually lift people in everyday ways?  God will be a part of all you do.  But the question is this:  HOW will you deliver his message?  Most of you are interested in politics which is why you came to my page.  But perhaps you have a different idea.   Example:  I defined my page in this way:  “I use political commentary and relate it to bible principles and prophecy to convince people that we are in the end times.  I do this because I want people to feel the urgency of getting right with God & Jesus so they are not caught unaware when Jesus returns.  Also, to be prepared for upcoming persecution.”  This idea was the reason I would choose a certain news story- or ignore a news story.  And as I read the news, I would be thinking on appropriate Bible scripture that related to these events.  Where there was a direct connection, I liked to put those verses there.  Think of this before you think of the next steps.  Also, feel free to use the same focus for your page.  Your ‘voice’ will always be unique.
    1. Your ‘handle’–  Don’t use your real name.  Choose a new nick name.  It’s fun for you and your readers.  Let your handle reflect your philosophy & purpose.  I chose ‘Short Little Rebel’ because I am a rebel for the Lord- loving Jesus has become the greatest act of cultural rebellion known to man!  Also, I thought it was cute (smile!)
    2. Your ‘byline’– Something short and snappy and that defines you or your philosophy & purpose in a nutshell.  No more than one short, short sentence. (ex:  ‘Father, God-Worshiper, Patriot’.)  Feel free to use humor!
    3. Your photos– Again, I truly believe you need to use your own face.  Make it very different than your personal page- different hair style, angle, setting, expression.  My suggestion is to use a small image rather than a big one when you load it.  On my page, because I like clarity in my images, I used a large photo which FB simply shrunk to fit in the Profile box.  That is how the troll got hold of such a good photo of me.  Because when you clicked on that image, it would display in a large format.  So make sure you only load a 180 x 180 image to begin with and make sure it isn’t a close up of your face.  Have a  torso photo taken (chest up).  When that is reduced to a 180×180 photo, your face will be difficult to be manipulated.    Any questions on how to do this- ask me.  Or I will do it for you- you can just send me the full size image and I will crop it.  Think deeply about your background cover too.  Make sure it reflects your philosophy & purpose as well.
  5. Send Friend Invites to New Page!  Now that your page is all set up, just send out your friend invites from your Admin Panel!  Here’s how:  Make sure you are using FB as your private page and then go to your public page.  Go to Amin Panel- you will see two ways to invite friends.  One, under the Build Audience button.  The other is a box that says, ‘Invite Friends’!  NOTE:  if you are signed in as your public page instead of your private page, you won’t see the Invite Friends tab and it will drive you insane.
  6. Avoiding the Stalker/Trolls-  We need to be very aware of this stalker.  He is already pestering many of you.  Therefore, we need to understand that this lunatic will not rest until he tortures again.  We need a strategy to deal with him.  I’ve figured out how to do this and each of you must be very, very aware of these procedures or you will give away the pages of all your friends (by accident) to the troll.  Therefore, the basic idea here is that
    1. Do not link your private self to your public page.
    2. Do not link your public page to anyone else’s new public page.  (keep all the pages fully independent of one another.)
    3. Therefore, only use your private pages to ‘like’ each others new pages.  Don’t use your new page to like anyone elses new page.  Why?  Because the people who like a public page are never shown on FB.  It only displays how many people ‘like’ the page- no names.  But had you used your public pages to like other public pages, YOUR new page would list every single page on your page timeline.  Any troll could just click ‘See All’ and down would pop a list of everyone’s fledgeling page.  FB won’t let you turn that feature off.   If you have ANY questions about this, test everything out with one page or two and see what displays- or write me  and I can help you.  Everyone, make sure you check regularly to make sure that your friends aren’t using their new public pages to like you. (see note 4 below)
    4. Also, do not use your new pages to ‘like’ or comment on anyone else’s posts or comments.  Use only your personal pages. (see note 6 below)
  7. Set Up ‘Content Stream’– Each day, you will need interesting content.  If you do the following things ahead of time, you will have tons of content easily available each day in your news feed.
    1. Get content from each other! Since you have already liked each others new pages with your personal pages, their content will show up in your personal newsfeed every morning.  Never post anything ‘original’ from that page to your page as your friend’s page link will display on your page on top of the post.  Instead, only repost links to interesting articles.  Make sure you ‘like’ their post first and then just copy the url and post it directly to your page.  Make sure to add your own speech to it before you post it to your page.    This will provide fascinating content immediately to your page!
    2. ‘Like’ Interesting Content Pages!  Use your new page to ‘like’ major pages on FB such as Fox News, Christian blessings pages, political cartoon pages, etc.  I will try to use the Rally Point page to give a good sampling of pages that I recommend to you guys.  DON’T ‘like’ stuff just for personal reasons- keep personal from professional.  Otherwise you end up with a ton of junk in your new page’s news feed.  Think about a wide array of ways to get information you can then repost or use for your own content.  I ‘liked’ hard news pages, Opinion news sites such as Brietbart News, Todd Starnes, Constitutional insight pages such as Judge Napolitano & Christian legal societies, humorous pages w/ good, clean cartoons, purely Christian inspirational pages w/ great images, etc.    Then, when you are signed in as your page and hit ‘HOME’, you will see a run down of daily posts from all these sources in your page’s news-feed.  Pick and choose to your own delight!  Keep it interesting by using a variety of ways to communicate:  news, commentary, blog articles, prayers, jokes, cartoons, songs, Bible verses & if you like, create your own memes!  Just find what you are passionate about, repost- but ALWAYS add something of your own!  YOUR voice is what people want to hear most.  Yes, they DO!
    3. Use the Bible For Content!  As you will be studying the bible each day, there is no doubt that verses will stun you with revelation.  Use these verses!  The easiest way to do this is to go to Bible Gateway online (book mark it!).  Just type in the book, chapter & verses and it will display them all for you.  Just copy and paste!  No typing necessary.  Always add your own voice to the verses, though, and what they meant for you, how they relate to current events or simply to raise people up and encourage them.
    4. Get Content From Short Little Rebel.  In addition to these new sources of good content for your new page, I will write on this page and post it to the Rally Point on FB on Twitter and on Pin Interest as much as possible.  ‘Follow’ this blog and you will receive emails when I create a new article.  Share to your own page w/ commentary of your own if you so please.
    5. Post Weekly Canyon Creek Online Church I will also be posting Canyon Creek’s online Sunday Service every morning to the Rally Point Page.  I highly encourage you to take the time each Sunday morning to share this with your own readers.  There are many, many people who can’t find a church they trust, are disabled and can’t get to church, are sick, are away from their home church, are new Christians and are afraid of going to church or are non-Christians who want to explore what a church is like.  This is a fantastic, safe way for them to receive the music and word of God in the privacy of their homes.  It is also a wonderful way to bring non-Christians to Christ.
    6. Only Use personal pages to comment or ‘like each others posts/comments . Do not use your new public pages to comment or ‘like’ each others posts or comments.   When you wish to support one another by commenting on each others new pages, do it with your personal account.  If the trolls find one of your pages, they can’t go through the likes and comments to figure out where the other public pages are.  They will only see your personal pages.     And if you set your private page visibility to Friends Only as I I instructed above, he can’t do anything to you at all!  And that’s a beautiful thing! This is a mentally ill man and will try to scatter God’s word and this project.  Can you believe we have come to this? Christians hiding?  All the more important for God’s Word to go out.
  8. Manage Your Settings.  Go to the Edit Page in the Admin Panel and click.  You will see ‘Your Settings’-click.  Uncheck all boxes except “Always comment and post on your page as (page title), even when using Facebook as (your name)  keep that box checked.  This will further protect your true identity.
  9. Manage your permissions.  Go to the Edit Page in the Admin Panel & click.  You will see ‘Manage Permissions’- click it.  Uncheck all boxes except ‘Show Message Button’ & ‘Allow Replies to Comments’- handle those as you wish or toggle on/off as you please.   Don’t let anyone to post on your new page.  You will very quickly lose control of your page’s content otherwise.   Sounds tyrannical, but it is the only way to run a professional blog.
  10. Manage Featured Menu – Do not publicize that you own this page.  While tempting, you want to keep this separate from your personal identity for now.  You will see the ability to show your identity in the Featured Menu under the Edit Page in the Admin Panel.  Don’t use it!  This will keep your personal identity a secret on your new page.
  11. Manage Basic Info Menu First, go to your time line.  You will see a big, “Joined Facebook on..”  Click the ‘x’ beside it and click ‘hide’.  The troll need not see the date you all began.  Then go to the Edit Page button on your Admin Panel and click on ‘Basic Info’.  You can set your Founded or Start date to whenever you want- just not the same date as your personal page- keep them separate.  Feel free to remember when you began blogging and put it on there as your Founded date. Also feel free to say a little about yourself.  Do not put any address whatsoever.  Also, no phone numbers, emails etc.  No matter how tempting, do not put any traceable data on there!  Just about your basic self and experience.
  12. Ban all atheists, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists & homosexuals when they come to your page.  You will need a strategy to create a positive environment for your readers.  You must not allow satan on your page in any way.  This will be your first persecution.  People will use ‘freedom of speech’ to try to trick you into allowing satan & his minions on your page.  Don’t fall for it.  Be absolutely diligent to never allow them.   Don’t even argue.  Why?  They have no interest whatsoever in learning about God or Jesus.  They are there for one purpose only:  to ruin your page.  Mormons & Seventh Day people are polite but extremely pushy and adamant.  So, just ban them when you see them.   There will always be the milquetoast or the militant Christians who will hate you for your adherence to biblical scripture.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  Many, many people call themselves Christians but are not.  Exactly in the days of Jesus.  Remember, it was the super ‘religious’ people that called for Jesus’ crucifixion.  And Jesus was perfect.  You will be less than perfect.  So you can bet your bottom dollar that they will use every weakness or foible of yours to take you down.  Don’t let them.  Use that ban button like your life depends on it.  And actually, to build a successful page, your page’s life depends on it.  You can ban by first deleting a comment.  FB will then ask if you want to ban the person.  Click ‘ban’.  Now, every now and then, the Holy Spirit will prompt you about someone.  Obviously don’t ban that person but obey the Holy Spirit.  Of course, they might not listen, but you will know when it’s time to ban them.
  13. Next, you will need a good troll filter Go to your Admin Panel and click ‘Edit Page’.  You will see options there.  You will see ‘Edit Settings’.  click  it.  Now, review all the settings.  I highly suggest that you begin your page by NOT allowing anyone to post to your page but you.  Also, see the “Show “Message” button on News In Time” option?  This is how you turn your Message button on and off.  Start your page with it ON.  If trolls come, turn it off so that you need not bother with their nasty comments.  Also, see the Page Visibility check box at the top?  Whenever trolls come, you can just check that box.  It isn’t permanent and you can uncheck it anytime you want.  You should not need this to begin with.  You will see a Profanity blocker- set it on high.  Yes, your Christian friends will occasionally get caught up in this (lol! we’re not perfect!) but you can un-spam them  (per comment) easily as you go along.  See the ‘Moderation Blocklist’?  That is where you load up buzz words that will automatically spam hateful comments.  I will provide you will a starter list of these words below  (see note 5).  Believe me, there are words that atheists use that no other normal people use.  And they lack imagination.  So they ALL use the same words.  This has been a point of amusement for me for many years now.  lol!  All creativity comes from God.

What To Do If My Stalker Finds Your Page And Does the Same Thing To Your Readers

  1. General Exit Strategy Description. It is highly doubtful he will find you as you and I will no longer be connected.  Yet another brilliant aspect of God’s wisdom of taking my FB page down.  God ALWAYS knows best.  Also, the more of you that do this, the busier that troll will be.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  He had to work full time just to stalk me, one page! lol!  If we jump start hundreds or a thousand pages at once, what can he do about it?   And believe me, it was just one guy.  Most ‘normal’ people, even pagans, have better things to do with their time.  The nice thing is that the only way to even attract that kind of mentally ill person is to have succeeded in the first place.  Therefore, by the time he or anyone like him finds you, you will already have a strong readership base and internet exposure.     BUT, if you become so unfortunate to get one like him (if there ARE others like him), then you need what I call an ‘Exit Strategy’.  An Exit Strategy is what you will set up from the beginning which will allow you to EASILY transition from the public (more vulnerable but easier to grow) page to your personal (bullet proof but slower to grow) page.  If you follow my recommendations below, you will never be caught with your pants down!  You will have received all the benefits of a public page (growth and exposure) and then easily continue God’s work on your personal page (no hassles at all)!   This is described in the step below:
  2. Exit Strategy Description I did not have an Exit Strategy because I hadn’t thought about it!!  To tell you the truth, I didn’t fully understand how mentally ill and evil people can get.  I’ve heard cursing before, seen horrible crimes & hate, but I have never met someone who has given their entire existence to the service of satan.  But you and I now know that this is possible.  So, you need to plan for that situation.
    1. If a stalker finds you and does what mine did, you will need to fall back on your personal page.  Luckily, you should be ready to do this easily (you already have followers set up!)
    2. You will need to change the photo & cover on your personal page so that it looks exactly like your public page.
    3. You will then want to change a few Follower settings.  Allow them to comment on your public posts.  They still won’t be able to see your Friend Only posts.
    4. You will need to turn on the ability for search engines to find your personal page now (if you haven’t already).
    5. Make sure that all you posts on you make from your personal page from now on are marked as PUBLIC.  You can make this the new default in your account settings.
    6. You should consider deleting everything personal.
    7. Double check what the public can see on your page using the View As function (Note 3 below)
    8. So if the stalker comes and does what he did on my page, you can simply close it down and use your personal page as I did.   (Not to worry, either.  You can set up Followers to only see your PUBLIC posts, thus still keeping your personal page protected from followers.  You can even control if followers can comment or not on what they see.)   Readers may or may not go this extra step at first.  So remind them regularly via posts every month or so on your public page.  The most passionate ones will.  And they do all the work anyway.  Just think- Jesus had only 12 passionate followers and they conquered the World!  Amen?  So, once your readers become followers, you will have an easy exit strategy should your main page become stalker infested.  You can simply start posting on your personal page and can easily block anyone who is not a follower or friend.  These followers can be banned at any time and then can no longer ‘like’ or comment on anything.
    9. Part of the Exit strategy is building your readers’ awareness of your other sites.  You must regularly encourage them to sign up for the Tea Party Community site and friend you there- this is good for national emergencies too.  You must encourage them regularly to hook up to you on Twitter, PinInterest, etc.  If you don’t do this regularly, you might lose contact w/ them during the transition to your personal page or during a national emergency.

Now, I am ALWAYS available and will answer any & all questions on what I have explained above- you will see my contact info. on the new Rallying Point Page after you friend me.  I am sure I forgot something or other.  So, I will be your resource- that is my commitment.  I have been doing this for many years, Friends.  But the growth of my page really happened within the last two years.  You can do it too.  In fact, as it promotes the Word of God and it was Jesus himself who sent us on this Great Commission, I KNOW God will bless your endeavor- as long as you promise yourself and him that you are not seeking and never will seek fame or fortune for yourself.    And the Holy Spirit will grow in you and you will write with such irresistible authority that even the devil will pay attention.  So, clear your motives.  Search your heart.  Be clean in all that you do.  Pray EVERYDAY, all day for guidance, wisdom and strength.  And you WILL do great things for God.

Ignore trolls and keep your eyes UP to the Lord at all times.  No man can take you down.    Remember what Jesus said about the seed.  It must die so that it can later produce fruit by a hundred fold.  My page must die so that you will begin to make a new home for all your friends, family and even strangers that will find you in the darkness!  If you liked my page and the fellowship it offered you, just imagine giving that pleasure to 1,800 people!  That is your blessing, my friend.  To know you have made a home for so, so many- it will warm your heart ever single night and you will sleep the sleep of the blessed.

Ok, my friends.  I will pray everyday for your success.  Don’t let God down today.  Serve him with your life and be changed in the process.  Lay it down for your friends and you will see the face of God.  Give up these paltry 80 years and serve the only one who matters:  God.  You will live a life you had never believed possible.


Note 1: Prepare a Note (you have a NOTES section on your page) you can just copy and paste to a message for every new person who likes your page.  Store it in your NOTES as a ‘draft’.  Make the message explains why you are asking them to also Follow your personal page (in case your page is either run down by stalkers or closed down by FB).  And reassure them that there is no extra work for them.  If they merely Follow your personal page as well as Like your public page, everything will just look seamless to them- like nothing happened at all.  Also, reassure them that they will NOT receive any extra posts in their news-feeds.

Note 3:  How to use the ‘View As Button’- Go to the upper right hand corner of your private page.  To the right of your name, you will see a little lock icon.  Click it.  You will see an option called, “Who Can See My Stuff?”.  Click on it.  You will see the ‘View As’ option.  Click it.  FB will show you what your personal page looks like to the public.  But you can also see it as a specific person.  Look to the top left of the screen.  You will see this option there.  Click it and load a person’s name (either a follower or a friend) and it will show you what they can see.

Note 4:  How to check which pages ‘like’ your page and how to delete any of your friends pages you wish to protect from the troll.  Go to your page Admin Panel.  You will see the ‘New Likes’ box.  Click ‘See All’.  A window will pop up and you will be able to toggle between people who like your page and pages that like your page.  Remove your friend’s pages.

note 5:  Moderation block list.  (coming soon)

Note 6:  The way to do this is to think of your blogging morning in two steps.  First, use your personal page’s news-feed to review all the content from your friends’ new pages.  Like and comment to your heart’s content.  Then, sign onto your own public page.  Then, go through your page’s news feed and comment & like and re-post to your heart’s content.  ( see ‘Typical Blogging Day below)

Typical Blogging Day:

  • Go to Rally Point Page to see if there are new friends.  Send appropriate friend requests.  Once they accept, make sure to send them a page invitation to your new page. (you may need to jot down their names)
  • Sign in as your private page and hit HOME.  Read your news feed to see if your friends have shared interesting content.  Share links only to your page and add your own commentary  Never share original content from them!
  • Sign in as your public page.  Hit HOME and see what your news feed there looks like.  Re-post at will, adding your own commentary.
  • Go to you favorite news page and read everything.  Post some news articles of interest w/ some commentary.  If you see a more in depth article really should be written, go to your WordPress blog and write it.  Share it on all your social media feeds.
  • Go to the Bible and read for about 30 minutes.  If you feel so moved, write about it.  If you feel a more in-depth article should be written based on the Bible, go to your WordPress blog and write it.  Share on all outlets.
  • Answer messages behind the scenes and pray for people.
  • See what people are saying on your page and ‘talk’ with them on your page posts.
  • Wrap up with something lighter, a prayer, or just give a blessing before you sign off.

Weekly Tasks:

  • Remind readers to follow your personal page as well as ‘like’ your public page.
  • Remind them about connecting with you on all your other social media outlets- WordPress blog, Twitter & PinInterest.  Use the words you have stored in your draft NOTE and just copy and paste the info each month.

Monthly Tasks:

  • Check privacy of your personal page by Using the View As button (see note 3)  Make any changes to privacy settings as necessary.
  • Check to make sure none of your friends have accidentally used their new pages to like your page (Note 4).


  1. Susan would it be OK for me to share this on my facebook page? Perhaps there might be a couple or few of my friends who might want to be part of this and I would rather they read your words then I try to explain it because you do it so much better than I could. I’m very excited about this. Thank you so very much!!!

    • Yes, of course, Kay! I am gathering the most passionate Christian warriors who truly want to make a difference in these end times. The political machine is hopeless. I want to gather up social media ‘missionaries’ to reach out to the poorest nation on earth: America. We thirst for the bread and water and life of Christ! We are STARVING for him!

  2. Just out of curiosity, what reason did they give you when shutting down your Facebook page? That just seems bizarre to me. I was not even aware they could/would do that unless you were breaking the law in some way, which I presume you were not.

    • lol! Of course I wasn’t. They SAID that it was a fake account! They asked for my ID, which I submitted over and over again. But they refused to reinstate it. They simply ignored my response containing my ID. But guess what? It’s up and running again. I went AROUND those control freaks and got someone else in the technical department to look at it. It was reopened immediately. Why? Because the first fb people were unjust to begin with. FB creates a culture of corruption- because the public has no means to report unethical conduct of FB personnel, they become power hungry and corrupt. What I find amusing is that no Christian Conservatives are maliciously abusing their power to shut down detestable, anti-Christian FB pages. As we all know, only evil can be further corrupted. That is why it is only the progressive liberal atheist homosexuals that shut down Christian pages. They are evil to begin with. And so, given a tiny modicum of power, they abuse it. They can’t win in a fair fight, so they are fine with cheating.

    • You should see the button to friend me. Try again. Don’t feel you must get your page together yet. I want us all to do this together if possible. Let me know if you continue to have trouble friending me.

  3. I don’t care for Facebook either, but will continue to support your efforts. I already manage two blogs and a web site, so time is critical. BTW, I picked up my first public anti-God tracker today! I’m getting attention!

  4. I can’t believe they shut down your page…I’ve been trying to get facebook to shut down a jihadist page and they say that it passes the community standard…what an irony!

    • Of course! Slimjim, every pagan god & every pornographic perversion and every foul manner of speaking is FINE on facebook. There is only ONE speech that is forbidden- Christian political speech. As long as Christians stay on the topic of the bible, they are fine. As long as conservatives only talk conservative politics, they are fine. But when a conservative starts saying that Jesus IS the political answer, then that is a BIG problem and needs to be shut down. What I find amusing is that the very people who mock Jesus and all his believers are the very ones who are terrified to have someone speak of Jesus as someone concrete, real and returning soon- probably in our lifetime. You would think that they would let me be mocked and make a fool of myself by saying such a ‘dumb’ thing- but they don’t. They are terrified that people are listening- and they are. Jesus IS the political solution and he IS returning. I can’t get past this feeling that it will be soon- very soon. I believe I will see him return. And so do many others. THAT is the problem with my page and my message. But as they say, you can’t keep a good woman down. This move they have made is already blossoming into an outrageous rebellion that will make Short Little Rebel look like a grain of rice. Slim- if you haven’t yet, friend me at and join the team!

  5. Great idea Susan. I’m not sure tho how this will work for people like me that take all day to write one paragraph. Also, your figures in the introduction and the General Strategy Description bullet #6 assumes that the 1800 core people would each have their own unique 1800 people. Question: You mentioned not to be tempted to make money off our sites but it’s OK to mention fundraisers for a Christian cause, Correct?

    • The problem with money is trust. And temptation. My husband always argues with me on this matter! lol! He would like for me to make a little cash- but I am not willing to go there. I feel that it keeps me pure and ensures that my readers believe in my integrity. If I’m crazy, then at least I really believe it! lol! Politics and religion have been used to enrich too many people in the world. Jesus knew it would be difficult to proclaim his name boldly in this world. He knew that if people left the comfort of their churches and Christian audiences, they would undoubtedly meet with horrible mockery and aggression. Even threats of death. This is why too many pastors keep their mouths shut about politics. They don’t want their 501 3c status removed and they don’t want to lose membership. Both are money related issues. The pastor is paid based on these things. Likewise, a politician is TERRIFIED to proclaim Jesus as the ONLY way to God because he doesn’t want to lose his election. Again- money and power.

      I have also noticed that many conservative women have used their sexuality to beef up their ‘readership’. They allow men to say the most.. sexually charged things about them. This is the conservative woman? Again, they are looking for money. But any message they have has been ruined. And these types of people never even mention Jesus- that might actually run their lascivious audience of men off! There is only one way to speak believably about politics and Jesus- and that is if money is NOT involved.

      As for raising money for Christian causes, I wouldn’t go there. Encourage people to tithe or to give freely of themselves. But the moment money comes to your doorstep is the day you will lose trust (questions will arise whether or not you actually passed the money forward as promised) and your temptation will also rise. No, best with no money.

      Jesus is powerful in the minds & hearts of people. That kind of power should not be mixed with money.

  6. Hey SLR, I have been following you since December and have learned so much. I feel really excited and led to be part of your project redemption as I also feel the time is coming when Jesus will call us home. I’ve sent a couple of friend requests through your rally page, but have not been friended. Have I misunderstood what we are suppose to do? Hoping to start on my page today! Blessings to you, Joan Travers

    • Joan, I will check. I have had so many friend requests and I am vetting each and every person for this project. Your standard stalkers & trolls would love to join too- just to make trouble. So, for every person who sends a friend request, I am reviewing their fb page thoroughly. If you have not been accepted in the next day or so, please let me know because I am starting to get down to the bottom of the request log. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  7. Of course any who feel a calling to do it are welcome to, but I don’t like Facebook at all. I’m quite happy to read your work here, where I have complete control over, and can tailor what I will spend time on. But good luck. I hope your endeavor goes well.

  8. Unsubscribe…. damn..

    Paul Racioppo


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