Lesbian Mothers- Turned Normal Boy Into a Girl: Gay Adoption=Child Abuse

Here is Thomas, a normal little boy.

In 2011, a little boy became the victim of gay adoption laws.   Perhaps he was difficult to adopt due to having a substantial speech impediment and only began communicating at age three with sign language.  He represents the vulnerable population of children that are considered ‘un-adoptable’, the ones whom the gay community says they are ‘rescuing’ from adoption homes.  These are those whom are considered to be ‘better off’ in the arms of homosexual parents than in the arms of the orphanage.   These are the children that are being experimented upon by our Godless society in America.

“Let’s see if two lesbians or two gay men can raise a child as well as a proper male/female married couple”, they blithely wonder to themselves.  This grand experiment, in their minds, will be the final justification for their gay sex, gay ‘marriage’ and gay parenting agenda.  If they can prove that rebellious homosexual atheist parents are ‘every bit as good’ as a good old fashioned mommy and daddy, they can overturn the entire definition of family- which of course is the Progressive goal.

I’m not sure why the story is being resurrected now, but I’m glad it is.  Because this poor boy has recently produced some videos (which his progressives ‘mothers’ seem to think are fine to be uploaded) for the world to see on YouTube.  These videos are disturbing in so many ways.  They show a child who is desperately unhappy and unhealthy.  What you will see is the result of one of the most cruel forms of experimentation ever done on human beings.  Hitler’s human experimentation has got nothing on these gals.  This boy is being slowly and maliciously turned into a girl through brain washing, drugs and hormone therapy.  Eventually, they will cut off his penis in  a sex change operation.

Thomas, aged two, was irresponsibly allowed to be adopted by two lesbian grandmothers who had ‘decided’ late in life that they were gay (after already having children & grandchildren with men).    Because our government has been utterly corrupted by Progressives, it no longer bothered to find a decent home for this two year old boy.  Instead, in the spirit of ‘fair play’ and political correctness, it gave this innocent boy over to the care of two women who are in full disobedience to the God (whom they dare to say they serve).  Here you see that they wear the Jewish garb and dare to celebrate the bar mitzvah- oh!  How that must anger God!  They are like the Jews of old who were all about the customs and nothing about true obedience!

These two miscreants took this perfect looking boy and immersed him into their Progressive world of “boy = girl and girl=boy” and when he says, “I am a girl!” at three years old (when he had only just learned to sign),  they actually take him seriously.  (what?)  Instead of helping this little fella understand himself better, they indulge him in a childish statement made before he can even properly communicate.  They say he was ‘unhappy’ and locked up ‘as a boy’ but when they allowed him to play ‘princess’, why, he just became giggly and happy!  It never occurs to these dimwits that maybe this little boy feels incredibly rejected and lonely in ‘real life’ (because, you know, he can’t talk like other kids and his parents dumped him when he was a baby!) and so decided to have a fantasy life where things were always funny, sweet, loving and kind- with rainbows, hearts and unicorns- where nothing ugly or hurtful happens.  THIS doesn’t occur to these ladies who have already thrown their own sexuality out the window.

lesbian wackjobs
The two ‘sweet grandmas’ who were given custody of a normal little boy and have taken him down a path of certain unhappiness & probably suicide. They’ve take their accursed lives and shoved it onto the innocent. These two will see certain hell.

Instead, they take a tiny baby and claim that he knows and fully understands what he wants on one of the most critical aspects of a human life:  his sexual identity and even the actuality of his body.  Because they and their entire community nurse fantasies of sex changes, cross dressing, homosexual sex & …’love’, they were only too quick to force their son into a lifetime of pure hell.  .

Come on, we are all thinking the same thing, are we not?  These two miserable harpies couldn’t handle life as failed women- they obviously had a go at it as they both have children from relationships with men.  I have no doubt these two were kicked to the sidewalk for obvious reasons.  And now, they are determined to shove their misery onto as many people as possible in order to call themselves, their misery, their failure and their rebellion against God as, ‘normal’.  Their hatred of men has been transferred onto this poor boy.

AWWW… Just look at those God fearing women!

Let us see the results of these lesbians’ ‘care’ for this boy, shall we?  Here is a photo of poor Thomas after they began dressing him as a girl.  Here, they are ‘indulging’ the poor kid as their, ‘sweet, sweet princess’ at another son’s bar mitzvah.

That was two years ago.  Curious, I searched the internet for an update to this story and could find none.  But then, by sheer chance, I came upon  Thomas’ recently made YouTube videos.  He has made three of them.  He now calls himself ‘Tammy’.  See these for yourself and ask yourself if these are normal videos and normal behavior.  In one, he appears to be viewing himself on many angles, evaluating his face and who he IS.  This boy is the most messed up kid in America.  Congratulations, America- the Great Babylon- THIS is the result of your cruel, demonic experimentation on innocent children.  This boy was unhappy.  No doubt.  But not because he was a ‘girl trapped in a boy’s body’, but because he was rejected for his very being.  His parents didn’t want him, so in his child’s mind, something must be wrong with him and who he is.   And now, you confirm to him that he must be right- it is his very being thatwas wrong- right down to his boy-ness.  And you offer him a solution that permanently solidifies this perception- you strip him of his genetic destiny to become something fantastical- a girl on the outside/ a boy on the inside.  How can he ever heal now?

He has not been made better by your experiment.  He looks far worse.  He looks completely and utterly confused.  One day, the fantasy of rainbows and birdies and unicorns will go away and all he will be left with is a body that has become deformed by the terrible drugs you are feeding him and God forbid, missing genitals that he was always meant to own.  How dare you do this to him?  You are worse than bad parents.  You are torturers, blasphemers, liars, cruel and bitter selfish women who if the world were as it should be, would be put directly into jail for your doings.

Ladies, I have very little hope that you will ever leave your accursed road of rebellion of God.  And therefore, I feel quite certain of your damnation.  So, it would naturally follow that since that appears to be your destination of your own free will that I should feel myself  spared any regret or sorrow whatsoever when you burn.  (oh, for you milquetoast Christians who shiver that I say this, get over it.)

Here are the three sad videos of ‘Tammy’ today:



  1. This is the saddest post I have EVER seen… These women are so sick and so evil to corrupt this poor little boy. I try so hard not to judge people but our corrupt and Godless world makes it so very difficult. This makes me so sad I could cry.


  2. this is only one part of the sick vile disgusting darkness that is closing in on us because we as a Christian nation refuse to stand up and have a backbone !


  3. You’re Truely very sad. When you could use your faith and your energy to make this world a better place, you use it to extend hate and prejudice to your fellow man. What part of Love your Neighbor as you love yourself didn’t you understand?


    • Actually Rod, Jesus said to love each other as he loved us. Did you forget that part? Also, I remember you- you’re an atheist. So, really, how are qualified to use Jesus’ words? I truly laugh that you are more concerned with protecting the deviant sexual behavior of these two women (and thus, yourself) that you don’t care about a child that is being abused. I am loving that BOY, not the two cretins who are abusing him. Liberals, atheists and homosexual (really, aren’t they all the same in one?) always protect the abuser.


  4. What is the verse about if you lead a child astray it is better that you cast a mill stone around your neck and be cast into the sea?

    This poor innocent child. What is going to happen to him mentally when he reaches adulthood and fully realizes what has happened??


  5. I will be so happy to be out of this world and in the presences of our Lord and Savior. This world has become a laughing stock, which isn’t funny at all.


  6. Hello Susan. First, thank you for sharing these beautiful videos and that uplifting story. How wonderful that this girl should find such a loving and understanding couple to bring her up.

    Second, I don’t think you are seeing through the lens of Christianity, but of extreme Conservatism. It is not Biblical of you to assert that you feel quite certain of their damnation. Who are you to judge another man’s servant?

    I wondered if you are a satirist- the insanity of US Conservatives never ceases to amaze me.


    • Clare, why do you bother to post? Clearly by your fruits, you do not take into account the entirety of the Holy Bible.


    • First of all Clare, this is a BOY they adopted, shows how PATHETICALLY IGNORANT you already are, and by the way, his blood will be on THEIR handsm foggotism ais an abomination unto God, not that small NARROW minded people like yourself would know that or even believe in God


    • Claire, may God shake you up real good and cause your mind to work normally like he created it to do. You are on a one-way track to damnation with your evil, wicked, low-life beliefs. There is nothing normal about homosexuality – it is a mental problem. It is a sinful addiction, same category as porn, pedophilia, and all the other nasty filthy sexual sins. Homosexuals should not be allowed around any children lest they confuse and destroy their lives permanently. Homosexuals should stick to animals as their pets and playthings. (preferably birds or fish).


    • ((gag)) If you only realized just how hideous you look and sound, Clarence.

      I took the liberty of looking at your blaaahg…I quickly realized that was huge mistake… AND I QUOTE: “Jesus exaggerates” … “Hell does not exist as a place where people- or even demons- go after death” … “I say unto you that I do not believe Jesus believed in Hell, and if he did he was wrong”… REALLY???? Wow. YOU are in for a rude awakening! Repent NOW, while you still have a chance.


      • People like Clare (Progressives who are DETERMINED to lie about the bible so that any and all sin is now ‘justified’. No change of behavior is necessary for salvation. Jesus will simply forgive them and forgive them and forgive them. Even if they KNOW he commanded them to stop. This is a lie promoted by satan to steal away the true power of Christ. This type of ‘christian’ (false) wants to be accepted into modern society as ‘cool’, ‘hip’ and ‘reasonable’ Christians. Not like us ‘bigots’ and ‘haters’ who actually BELIEVE the bible’s Words! ha! You and I will be on the side of the gate where Jesus stands as he closes that gate to their faces. It will be they who are wailing and gnashing their teeth. They are not innocent. They KNOW what they are doing.


  7. I have a lesbian niece who artificially inseminated to birth a child. She and her partner recently had a family picture posted on FB showing the little girl dressed totally as a boy, right down to the shoes and tie. Her partner pastors a pentecostal gay church. She leads the song service to which they post on FB. Yes, that’s a new one for me. Just before Mother’s Day, in Ottawa, Ohio, 3 boys, ages, 14,16 and 17 disappeared. They had all been raised as brothers by two lesbians. The 17 yr. old belonged to one mom and the younger two to another mom. They found the murdered bodies of the younger two and are holding the oldest boy for their murders. Nothing has came out as to motive. The funeral hasn’t happened yet. So, I have to agree, allowing gay/lesbian couples to adopt or however they may get a child is seriously messing with these kids heads. Perhaps not all of them. I myself overcame an abusive childhood and I know the human spirit is capable of many triumphs. I wonder what the accountability will be like when these people stand before God. America is no longer the great nation she once was. Yet, I know that these things all lead to the coming of Christ. I remember to pray for our govt and all who serve regardless of the present evil in this world. Like you, I don’t have to remain silent with my opinion.


    • Michelle, I don’t think these women (or any other woman) is sexually attracted to women. Both of these women already had children- it looks as if they were married and then divorced. They even have grandchildren. No, I believe these two are bitter, failed women. They strike me as selfish, cold harpies- this is evidenced by the fact that they WERE once in love with men, got divorced, blamed the men, hated the men (actually, they are terrified) and then thought, ‘hey, let’s see if it would be better with a woman!” I highly doubt these two are even sexual. Many lesbians aren’t. So many were either abused by a man when young, are ‘experimenting’ as young women in cities like San Fran or are women who feel ugly, fat and unable to be successful with men. THAT is the reality of lesbianism. To me, they have no respect for men or any love for the male essence. So they didn’t hesitate to wipe it out in this poor boy. I have said it before, and I will say it till my dying breath: gay adoption & gay parenting is 100% child abuse and should never be allowed. Children need a healthy male/female parent situation in order to even know who they are as animals. The very people who scream ‘evolution is God!’ are the very ones who reject every aspect of what is so logically obvious. Animals mate. This requires the male and the female. And if they want to take evolution to it’s logical end, then any person who is ‘born’ gay- (which they say is a genetic issue and not a choice) is a genetic MISTAKE. A FLAW of nature. An INFERIOR animal, not FIT to breed. Not fit to pass on it’s genes. Because its genes are weak, low quality and unworthy of the human species. Therefore, if we are to throw God out the window and embrace God, the very LAST thing we would want as a species is to allow the most genetically flawed, low quality animals CARE FOR and RAISE a baby from a superior set of human animals. RIGHT? Can’t have you cake and eat it too.


  8. Susan I just read that they are giving Tommy (in my mind since he was born a boy) hormone therapy at 11 years of age. 11 years old!? I agree that this is a form of child abuse. A very sad story indeed.


    • I have to wonder, what kind of harm can be caused by hormone therapy in a developing child’s body?? This is a crime against this poor kid! Obviously if you need sex change surgery and artificial hormones pumped into your body you were *not* meant to be another gender.


  9. The two lesbians should be in prison for life. They are literally murdering the little boy. There are more ways to murder than to kill the body. A spirit can be murdered and this is what they are doing to the little innocent juvenile. They are so low, so evil and wicked I’m sure they sexually abuse this child too. How dreadful. Yes, unless they repent and give this child to a loving Christian home, they will burn for all eternity.


  10. Jesus came to earth and tried to reform the Jews- and they killed him before he succeeded. Now the Jews and their liberal allies are hell-bent to destroy the civilizations and cultures that did learn from Him.


  11. I discovered a book at the library that resembled this story so much. I could not finish it since it mad me so disgusted. This was back when this nonsense first started. A family forced the boy to become a girl on a DR’s recommendations by sex change.. This “girl” after always being confused and not ever belonging he felt, upon learning the truth changed back to a boy. He married and had kids. He was so mad about what his family and that Dr did.


      • As per the question on the book I found at the library of boy made girl and back to boy. I do not think that I read that far into it, but saw the pictures afterwards. I so not know how they did it. Weird though. The whole thing was weird.


    • LOL! See, I knew we didn’t get along for some reason, dear. I am the kind of person who feels sorry for the little boy. You are the kind of person who feels sorry for his butchers. We were never meant to be friends, I’m afraid…


      • She is a blazing liberal that calls herself a Christian. Either she refused to actually read the Bible (which is willful ignorance and worst or laziness at best) or she knows the bible and refuses to bend to its dictates. But considering that she DARES to spew such amazing lies about the bible, God & Jesus, I can only assume that no amount of bible reading will sway her from her TRUE agenda: to water down the Truth of Christ so that any and all sin can be justified. She works for satan. She doesn’t even realize it, though.


  12. Matthew 18:6-7 Jesus said ” But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come ; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!
    Matthew 18:10 “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

    This is just more evidence that the True Church… (the Body of Christ– the blood bought adopted children of the Almighty God… those who accept the salvation message of the Cross of Christ) NEEDS to be aware. But, more than that, we must be following our Lord Jesus Christ’s commandment that He gave to the eleven disciples after the resurrection “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    Praying daily for the church… we must be strong for there are many deceivers, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do not allow the “social gospel”, the “prosperity gospel” or any other Gospel except the Gospel of Jesus Christ into your life.


    • Always, there is an entire ARMY of satan inspired people who cloak themselves as Christians. They put their own sad ‘knowledge’ ahead of the very words of God. See ‘Askme’ and ‘Prayer Warrior’ above for prime examples.


  13. Friend, I read your blog post last night and haven’t been able to shake the sense that I need to comment here. Much of my blog is dedicated to opposing gay marriage on the grounds that it redefines parenthood into a genderless institution and foists brokenness and loss upon a child in the name of “progress.” I am so sad when I read about Thomas and how he has suffered because he hasn’t had a father who has modeled manhood for him and who has delighted in this little boy thereby affirming his gender. This is an example of why children need both a mother and father and not simply “parents.”

    That said, as Christians, the method in which we communicate matters as much as our message. The references to how we treat those with whom we disagree are numerous and overwhelmingly direct us to meekness and gentleness. (Romans 12:14, 16, 17, 1 Peter 3:15-16, Jude 22, Luke 6:27-36, 1 Cor 4:12-13, 2 Cor 1:12, among others.) This doesn’t come easy to any of us. But if we are following Christ, we WILL strive to communicate in this manner. We are commanded to love our enemies, and love is neither rude nor proud. We don’t have to be bad-mannered to stand for truth. If we allow our words to degenerate into ugly slurs, the truth of God’s word loses its credibility.

    We must not shirk from speaking truth into the social issues that face us as a nation. But as Christians we must be above reproach in the manner in which we engage the world. We cannot bend God’s truth, neither can we treat those who oppose us a worthless “biddies”. Christ has ascribed worth to them because He left heaven to seek them out and die for them. Our attitude must be like His- uncompromising in truth, uncompromising in compassion.

    The rancor in this piece and the comments that follow is appealing to an audience that is fed up with the pro-gay marriage agenda that is being forced down the throats of this nation within all media venues. I get that. But please model how to speak God’s wisdom without losing your innocence. (Matt 10:16.) The pro-gay marriage camps really needs posts like this and the comments that follow, because it allows them to write off those who support man-woman marriage as hateful bigots. Christ’s truth is enough of a stumbling block. We don’t need to add any additional fuel to the fire. http://askthebigot.com/2012/10/15/stumblingblock/

    While I agree with many of your points, I pray that my mother and her partner- who I love dearly and who I pray will come to see Jesus as the merciful, living, healing, redemptive God that He is- will never read this blog post.

    I urge you, friend, to change the way you speak about your enemies. Please read the verses cited above and tell me that you can honor Christ and continue in condescension, name-calling, and conceit. You simply cannot do both. Let us attack arguments, but not the people that Christ is seeking to bring into His kingdom.


    • Askme, you are very wrong about several things. First, I don’t hate these women- but it is pretty close. And if you, as a Christian, don’t feel righteous anger toward the savagery that has been visited on this little boy, then I really don’t know what could bring out your whip. Jesus whipped the pants off the people who were using God’s temple as a market. Is that better or worse that mangling this innocent’s body? I would say that mangling this boy’s body is far worse. I believe that these women will pay with their lives for what they have done. My heart burns for justice for him.

      Second, Christians like you are under the very, very faulty belief that if Christians just said things a little ‘nicer’, a little more ‘gently’ and with no force at all, then women like those in this article would STOP harming children. Or that the people who practice homosexuality in this nation will stop trying to shove their sinful agenda onto our children. What can I say? You are WRONG. Dead wrong.

      Christians have been crooning for decades now and all that has been accomplished is the mockery of our Lord, Jesus. I speak in anger concerning what these women have done. And I am right to do so. And I am LOVING to do so. Some people believe that ‘love’ equals gentleness. Not so. That would mean that not even John the Baptist, nor Jesus himself would qualify as a ‘good’ Christian. How many times did Jesus call the Jewish leaders, ‘hypocrite’, ‘den of vipers’, ‘white washed sepulcres of death full of dead men’s bones’, ‘liars’, ‘completely evil’, ‘dunces’ etc.? In YOUR version of Christian ‘speak’, Jesus is wrong. And Jesus also told us to ‘be like him’- and he was PERFECT in all he did. John the Baptist called the entire crowd these same names and called out boldly and loudly against Herod for living in open sin with his own sister in law.

      I see that you have a mother who is currently in full rebellion against the Lord. She needs the truth before she dies. And if you do not do your duty by her and she dies while in this condition, Jesus will hold it against YOU. That’s a fact. She needs to understand that her disobedience- which is day in and day out- proves that she is not saved. And that she will die. Her opportunity for everlasting life will be over. And if you didn’t speak those words clearly and concisely to her and her ‘partner’ then God will come to you and ask you why. It is YOU who are clouded in your judgement. It is your own version of human ‘daughter love’ that you are chosing above that which has been defined by God for us. I am not so encumbered.

      I find it interesting that when I defend this child, I am called the ‘hater’. When people defend these two women, they are the ‘reasonable’ and ‘tolerant’ people. But I am not of this world. Human versions of ‘love’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘reason’ hold no sway on me.

      Askme, you are a full blown coward for the Lord. While YOU say that is name calling, I say it is correctly assessing your inability to do your job as a Christian- as DEFINED by JESUS and his life. I would cite my own verses back to you, but you are in a place where they would not touch you. You, yourself, seem to believe you know the truth above and beyond God. There is a VALID place for righteous anger and there is a RESPONSIBILITY for us, as Christians, to TELL those who are deep in sin that they ARE in sin. Further, though you choose to cloak your criticism in false ‘christian speak’, you have called some names yourself. How then, do you rectify that with your counsel to me??


      • I started a blog in 2006 and gave it up in 2011 after several years of nearly daily blogging about the Christian faith.

        I remember being so frustrated by the majority of the comments: either outright hatred towards me and/or the Faith… or fellow Christians bogging down the entire debate/discussion by distracting everyone with this, “you don’t sound Christian enough” stuff. I think of it as Christian Political Correctness.

        There comes a point when you have to say it how it is. Jesus did not tell us to sugar coat everything in nauseating sickly-sweetness. He said he came with a sword. He didn’t talk sugar-sweet all of the time, He got right to the heart of matters, “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” (did someone in the crowd then begin to whine about how Jesus was being too harsh and un-Christian in His delivery?) Jesus is our example and Jesus did not lead with saccharine sweetness dripping from His every pore.

        Patience is a virtue but I will admit that I struggle with being patient in the face of weak wimpy hand-wringing “Christianity” in the face of a spiritual WAR. Drives me nuts. I have to say that this Christian PC stuff makes my hair stand on end even more so then the seething slobbering hatred of the militant unbelievers. It’s like watching God’s house being torn down brick by brick with Christian hands.


      • Saint Martha, I could not have said it better myself. Askme just wrote another passive aggressive message back- I’m not sure why. She didn’t bother responding to my comments about the examples set forth by John the Baptist and Jesus himself. Just more admonitions that I am not speaking correctly. I can’t say it over again for her or anyone. I think these people are simply terrified of the potential backlash against Christians if they DARE to boldly confront horrific sin right before their eyes. When I was young (early 20’s), I too wanted to be the ‘cool, intelligent Christian’ and not the ‘gun grabbing, bible clinging’ sort who ACTUALLY read the bible. I wanted to be accepted by all people. Eventually, I saw that you can not BE in two worlds. Jesus is right about that, isn’t he? Eventually, you just have to pick. Fear does not serve the Lord, neither is it from him. If EVER there was a time for righteous anger, it is with these two women and what they are doing to an innocent boy. If a Christian doesn’t recognize this, then they HAVE no righteous indignation- which means that they are not following Jesus’ example. Period. Saint Martha, perhaps it is time for you to pick up that pen again, darling. We are in the end times and the harvast is many, but the workers few. I am working on the launch of a new, coordinated social media ministry called Project Redemption. Every person there is a warrior for Christ. If you are interested, please read It will begin on FB and then will incorporate WordPress. Let me know…


      • This is hilarious! I was like, “Saint Martha?? Who is Saint Martha??” Then I realized that I was signed in under my new WordPress user name! This is in fact Michelle Therese from Facebook who has very happily joined Project Redemption 🙂


    • Someone above wrote we are not speaking as Christians as God commands. Have they never read of Jesus calling folks, vipers, or of their father the devil, hypocrites, using a whip on folks. There is a time and place for speaking the truth and rejoicing in it in different settings and different matters. Maybe this is what a mom needs to read. I struggle with this myself.Balance. but god says to run your own race. I have learned that most people that look aside of their lane and busybody often are doing nothing at all for the Lord. They also think every christian should have the same gift as them. some of us are stronger spoken and some are called to be a Barnabas. It says let each member of the body do as they are called.


      • Blue, no doubt. I wrote that very thing to Askme and she wouldn’t address Jesus’ very own example of righteous anger- and *GASP*, name calling. They fail to recognize that ‘name calling’ is not always about putting people down- but it is RECOGNIZING them and their character for what it IS. Their real agenda, these lukewarm Christians, is to avoid trouble with the liberals. I believe they are trying very hard to be seen as ‘reasonable’ and/or ‘intelligent’ Christians.


  14. I’m shocked that these doctor’s that performed this procedure didn’t have their licenses yanked. This boy is still growing, mentally, physically and emotionally. Science has shown that you do not fully mature until the age of 25. This little boy should have been taken out of this home how can you possibly know what you are at the age of 2. Surgeons would not perform plastic surgery on children so you unless it benefited their quality of life through fixing sever health issues. This was poor judgement on their part….


    • Tressa, I agree. These women should be brought up on criminal charges and never allowed to see the light of day. I am so angered by this situation. They have not yet performed the surgery to remove his penis (God help him to avoid it). But the drugs and hormones alone are devastating to his proper development.


  15. You should be ashamed of yourself & should not call yourself a Christian! You are no better than those Westboro freaks who picket soldiers funerals! You have so much hate for others that were BORN DIFFERENT! Yes, gays were born gay! Other animals such as dolphins show gay tendencies as well so how is it not normal??!?
    If so called christians as yourself tout the bible as basis for your hate against gays, then why arent yall out there trying to get divorce made illegal?? Jesus spoke out many many times against divorce but said nothing against gay marriage.
    Gay men and women have fought and died for America for us to have the freedoms we have, all the while they couldnt enjoy equal rights. No one is asking you to like gays of gay marriage, just wanting you to be a true American and support EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! The Constitution said for all to be treated equally….unfortunately unless you were a white straight male you had to fight for 200 yrs to be treated equally! 50 yrs ago interracial marriage was illegal bc many whites touted the bible as the basis. It doesnt matter your religous beliefs bc we are in the US where we have freedom of religion….we arent in Iraq where their religion dictates the law.


    • Terri, give me a break on that emotional tripe. We are ALL born ‘different’. We are all born to sin. No one gets a pass. Sexual immorality is different than other types. It is worse. Listen to what Apostle Paul said about it, “15 Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! 16 Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”[a] 17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.[b]

      18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

      I speak about homosexual sex because there is no need to condemn heterosexual immorality- NO ONE is saying that porn, orgies, adultery, rape is GOOD- everyone already knows they are wrong. There aren’t t.v. shows showing how WONDERFUL heterosexual immorality is. You said I should be making ‘divorce illegal’. First, no one is trying to make homosexual sex ILLEGAL. Second, divorce is not driving a wedge between man and God and it is not being used to polarize society- otherwise, I would speak out against it. No one is running around trying to say that divorce is GOOD, MORAL or RIGHT. Also, no one is trying to say that people are ‘BORN’ with the natural inclination to divorce. Everyone KNOWS that divorce is dishonorable, bad and a tragedy. No one is polarized about that. It is not a national debate over whether it is ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’. That decision has already been made- it’s bad. That’s why I need not address it. So, your argument is invalid and you have ignored the obvious.

      You and others like you ARE trying to say that homosexual sin, which is an abomination to God, is GOOD, NATURAL and MORAL. And not only are you saying these things, but you are SCREAMING these things. It was not me or anyone like me who first stood up and said it was wrong. GOD and Jesus first said it was wrong. And liberals like YOU began the militant, in-your-face campaign to force it down not only MY throat, but our children’s throats as well. In addition, liberals also threw the first many punches by attempting to change our laws which would cause our free speech to become criminal. Sorry, but no one is HATING anyone. We are DEFENDING ourselves from the militant, organized left.

      Also, I have never expressed HATE toward anyone. This article focuses on the most reprehensible acts of two adults upon an innocent child- and their actions make me SICK and angry. As they should, you. But instead of condemning this blatant, disgusting and horrific child abuse, this human experimentation- you condemn ME for bringing it to people’s attention. At the base of your anger is your need to say homosexuality is a positive force in society. It is not.

      You can take all the pot shots you like. You can throw the words, ‘hate’ ‘bigot’ ‘ignorant’ and any other thing you like. That doesn’t make them true. As for the Wesboro people, NOT one Christian church recognizes them- they are nothing but a bunch of leftist civil rights lawyers who specifically wish to discredit Christianity. They are not a church nor are they Christian. They are akin to the Onion- a mere farce meant to satire us. A tongue in cheek politic group intent on smearing the name of Christ. If we claimed them as brothers, you would have a point. But we don’t, so you don’t.

      As for ‘hating’, you are the true hater. You hate Jesus and you hate God and you hate ANYONE who will speak up for their commands.

      So, the only one who is ashamed of themselves is YOU and people like you. THAT is why you don’t read the bible. Because the Bible teaches us what sin is. And you don’t want to know your sin. You don’t want to see it in black and white. Easier to just pretend it isn’t there. Like Adam and Eve who hid their nakedness from God, you want to hide your sin from him. But you can’t. He sees ALL. And he is on my side. And I am on his side. I am PROUD of my love for God. And he is proud of me. You, on the other hand, are in grave danger of going to hell- and of DYING forever. Is that what you want? Is that where you want to go? To never ending tears and gnashing of teeth?

      Don’t you want to LIVE? Terri, you need to put aside your own wisdom and seek God’s wisdom. You need to stop thinking YOU know what love and fairness are. God loves us and he made commands- not to be our boss (he’s not insecure, you know)- but to prosper us. Only satan lies and tells people that God is ‘unfair’, ‘unloving’ or ‘hateful’.

      Girl, if these were MY words, it would be one thing. But your argument is with God. Take it up with him. That is the very best thing you could do right now.


      • You are really pathetic. We live in America where ALL are to have equal rights….not just those of the Christian religion, not just those that are straight, etc…..ALL. YOU DONT LIKE GAY MARRIAGE THEN DONT GET GAY MARRIED.
        I cant wait til gay marriage is legalized on a federal level and yoh will see it will have no effect on YOUR life. Tend to your own garden before trying to destroy anothers garden.

        Oh and I am Christian and Im not a liberal. Im actually Libertarian…..doesnt it say something in tge Bible about judging?? Not all Christians are hateful as you. We are true Americans that know that althougg our religion doesnt condone something, doesnt mean its wrong for our neighbor. They have freedom of religion. We do not live in a theoracy where our religion dictates law for everyone.
        Bigots such as yourself will never change, so sad. And there are many straight parents that have let their transgendered children dress as the sex they identify with. And no dr would give a child under 18 hormone therapy….yiu are just spreading lies. Jesus weeps bc ppl that are ignorant and hateful as you.


      • Terri, we ALL do have equal rights. You want to change the LAW to re-define a biblical principle: MARRIAGE. Civil unions, which ARE based in law, give you all you require in order to obtain ‘equal rights’. But you want the BIBLICAL name for what God defines as marriage. Sorry, even if you win it in the court of MAN, you will never win it from GOD. I don’t know why people who are disobedient to God think that they can use human courts to force God to do anything. And actually, you ARE ruining my garden. I have children. When you force your will upon the LAW of the land, you are affecting my children. You already are. Of course, you gloat over this. But NEVER say that you are NOT affecting me and my… ‘garden’. And btw- you can’t have ANY garden of your own. You need to beg, borrow and steal one from US. That is why you are unfit for marriage. And if you keep going down the path you are on, you will be unfit for heaven.

        And guess what? You can NOT be a Christian. Not if you disobey God on such a fundamental issue. IF you loved God, you would OBEY him. IF you loved Christ, you would obey HIM. Instead, when I give you God’s AND Jesus’ law and commandments about sex & marriage, you call me (really, you are calling God and Jesus) HATEFUL. If I am hateful for following THEM, then actually THEY are hateful. You accuse the God you profess to love a hateful person. I leave you with two things. First, I leave you with the full Scripture that outlines the bible verses spoken by BOTH God and Jesus concerning homosexual sex. AND I leave you with the following command of Jesus: “15“If you love me, keep my commands. 16And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will bec in you. 18I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

        22Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?”

        23Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.”

        Read these two things. As a CHRISTIAN, you have no option but to repent and admit that you are sinning against God. Then Jesus will forgive you. Your anger here- at me- is really just your own frustration. You KNOW that you are sinning and you HATE when anyone brings the bible up. But you WANT LIFE and salvation from Jesus. Wanting and having are two very different things. No one is perfect. Not me, not you. But we must ALL admit when we sin. Your refusal to do so and your insistence on changing the natural laws of our government and of God’s are damning you in God’s eyes. Be very careful, Terri. Jesus will tell you that he does not know you when he sees you. No matter how many times you go to church. He sees our HEARTS and you can not lie to him.

        I do not hate you. But I WILL NOT lie to you about God, Jesus or the Scripture.


      • “I cant wait til gay marriage is legalized on a federal level and yoh will see it will have no effect on YOUR life.”

        You must live in la-la land for sure. Gay marriage is ALREADY destroying our society because those that are militantly forcing it down every throat are so full of anger and hate that no one is going untouched by the flames.

        Just look at America! So far gay marriage is not even nationally legal and this issue has caused irreparable damage to businesses (attacked, deomonized, and shut down), schools (Christians are silenced and demonized while gay rights activists are allowed to brazenly trample over the RIGHTS of parents), Defenselss CHILDREN undergo the crime of sex change operations against their innocent persons, and personal, professional and working relationships between regular everyday people that GOT ALONG PERFECTLY FINE until gay marriage was forced onto the scene are now DESTROYED.

        Already our Nation is ireparably divided and polarized because the GAY ACTIVISTS, not the Christians, have declared a war of hateful slandar and economic, social, and educational jihad against anyone that dares to disagree with them.

        Once Gay marriage is nationalized it’s only going to get WORSE. Our churches will be told to marry Gays regardless of our beliefs. The Bible will become “hate speech” because it teaches that homosexual sex is sin and those that engage in the act are depraved.

        Already the Gay marriage activists are demanding that I lose my natrual right to be officially known as “Mother” and “Wife” on documents ~ how soon before I can no longer even *call* myself that without it being discrimination?

        And look at the situation *right now* in the present: any of us that do not desire gay marriage to be forcibly shoved down our throats are degraded, treated like garbage, called “haters” and other derogatory terms (and no one wails about OUR rights!). Gay marriage has destroyed families and other tight-knit relationships NOT because of the Christians in those relationships but because of the GAY MARRIAGE SUPPORTERS hating those of us that dare to believe differently.

        Even if you utterly erase religion from this matter No one that is sane and capable of logical thought, no one that desires TRUE EQUALITY can possibly support ANY kind of movement that seeks to elevate itself ABOVE everyone else, to make its adherents MORE EQUAL then everyone else, and that in seeking false “Equality” the movement so forcibly and hatefully crushes and grinds everyone else under the collective heel.

        The Government shouldn’t even be involved in marriage. We The People have a natural God-given right to be married without any Government EVER being involved in the process. Only seriously rotten and evil things can come from the Government holding control over the Gay marriage issue ~ you Gays and your angry militant supporters that HATE and cause so much pain and damage in our society? What the Government gives, the Government can take away. You and your cause (asking the Government to regulate your relationships) are nothing but a blunt instrument of war to be used for or against the greater population of American citizens as the Government sees fit.

        Have fun! And don’t come whining for help to your local Christians when the Government, like a lightning-fast snake, whips around and turns on you and your institutionalized relationships. Because just as the Government can pander to you, the Government can do unto you as you are doing unto us: grind you into pulp under The Heel.


  16. live and let live… live Your life, and let others live their lives. Gender is not something you choose. Stop trying to interpret god’s message for everyone else, for in the end it’s only his judgment that will matter.


    • Am I trying to ‘interpret’ God’s message? Really? I am merely REPEATING God’s message. Different thing altogether. And you are dead right. ONLY God’s judgement will be cast and mean anything. And God was VERY clear about WHAT he will judge. And sheer disobedience is one of those things that will no reflect well on a person. I am ONLY a parrot. If you think the Word of God is unfair, you need to take it up with HIM.


      • The Talmudic Khazarian Jews don’t give a damn about goyim children. For hundreds of years, they used to kill gentile children in their qabbalistic, magical rites. They don’t follow the written law either but rather the Talmud, which is an extreme, psychopathic, racist doctrine against non-Jews. This is what Jesus opposed about the Pharisees, who were early adherents of the Talmud/Mishna, not the Torrah. I just find it very interesting they’re doing this to a goyim child and not their own offspring. Disgusting witches! I’ve found a lot of Khazarian women to be open to homosexuality too. They’re just an appendage of the Zionazi filth that seeks to wage cultural genocide against the non-Ashkenazi world to fulfill their master race ideology.


  17. I know this is an older entry, but I am just getting into blogging and find your site helpful. This piece, “Lesbian Mothers- Turned Normal Boy Into a Girl: Gay Adoption=Child Abuse”, is so amazingly sickening to the health of a society one can but wonder how much longer we can survive.


  18. Leave it up to a couple of AshkeNAZI Lesbians to screw up a boys sense of self and identity. Lesbians hate men, and this is based on my experiences with them. They’re wicked, deranged people who can’t shut the hell up about “patriarchy” and hetero-normative gender politics. These two Khazar jewesses make me sick, Its only deranged their their little girl boy (goy) has to attend their genetic offspring’s passage into manhood.


  19. So let’s dive in and do some research before writing an entire article about how these two women should be damned for their actions. Let’s keep in mind while I explain the following that I myself am Transgender and have dealt with this my entire life so I personally understand the impacts and emotions.

    First off, Transgendered people do not chose to be transgender, nor do gays “decide” to be gay. It is extremely common for transgender children to know of their condition at very early ages. It is very widely heard that Transgendered children’s first words are something addressing that they feel that they are the wrong gender. You say that someone this young could not understand their gender identity, well why else would they be saying that they were born the wrong gender? Your gender identity is set, it is not something that anyone can change or set for you. This is seen in many cases were say a male child has a failed circumcision and loses their genitals. They are then raised as a girl in hopes that they will live a happy life that fits their genitals. There was a case like this in Canada in the 60’s, and in the end, once the child was raised, they reverted back to living as a guy when he had been raised his entire life being told he was a girl. He now lives happily as his original sex, this is because his gender identity had been set long before he was ever told that he was a “girl.” The same is true for transgender children, their gender identity is set from the get go, there is no influence that the parents can have that changes this, this can be seen over and over in transgender cases.

    These women are not in anyway forcing this boy to be a girl, they are simply supporting him. This is no different from a traditional couple having a transgender child and support them. You are simply focusing in this case because the parents are two gay women instead of a traditional couple. These women are not forcing this child to be a girl, they are allowing her to be herself. The relation of them to Hitler and his human experimentation is obserd and shows your lack of knowledge on the subject as a whole. One key thing to point add is that children are not prescribed hormone blockers, anti-androgens, or hormones until they are older and have gone under heavy phsycologocal observation by a trained and certified professional. Only then can they be prescribed body altering substances. They are not just handed out like candy to any parent that wants them. So you saying that these two women are forcing the change on this child is ludicrous.

    You said yourself that this child said that he felt as though he was a she, his first phrase if I recall correctly. That right there would defeat any argument of the two women forcing this on him simply because they don’t like men. Generalizing that all lesians hate men is also narrow-minded and conceded. You act like the only person a women is less Ian is because she has a distaste for men. What about if she was simply just born lesbian! As stated in a previous comment, homosexuality is natural in the world. It can be seen in many species, not just humans. And it happens regardless of what label is put on it or how it is perceived. Other animals that it can be observed in do not even have the cognitive ability to know what “homosexuality” is, and yet it happens anyway, which proves it is deeper than someone just choosing to be homosexual.

    Back to the transgender subject. Scientist have proven that there is a difference between women’s and men’s brains, they literally are not structurally the same. The common theory currently is that transgender people end up with the brain of the opposite sex of their body. People are born transgendered, not forced to become transgender by how they are raised or experiences in their lives. Life experiences can suppress transgender tendencies because of people’s fear of being rejected by society, but they do not cause the tendencies. This post is a perfect example of how society can suppress someone from being who they were born to be.

    So answer me this, we’ve established that people are born transgender, so is that not exactly what God intended them to be? If someone is created to be transgender, why would they be damned for being that way? The same goes for homosexuals, they are born that way, so why would they be dammed for something they have no control over? While we’re in the subject of damming let’s establish something else. You can call it whatever you want if it makes you feel better, but you are judging these people for yourself. You are not repeating gods judgement of them, how do you have the authority to know his judgment and more importantly, the authority to repeat and spread the judgement if you did know it. This is 100%, grade A, bullshit. You are simply creating your own judgement based on your own narrow skewed view of the situation and the world. Your lack of knowledge on the subject at large is highly apparent simply from reading your post. You are simply taking your small minded view and making your own ludicrous judgment based oft your miniscule knowledge. It is not your place to judge others for how they live their lives, and it is certainly not your place to spew your wretched word vomit on the internet damming these people and their actions publicly. Imagine if that child read what you had written, imagine her reaction, and you claim yourself to be above them. You my friend are beneath them. Your arrogance spews a putrid aroma that clogs the air and cloud clear judgment. You think yourself ab over others simply because of your religious status? You must truly believe yourself to be holier than though and on a pedestal above everyone else. But that’s because God told you his judgements and you’re simply repeating them, am I right? Before you criticize others you must first criticize yourself and see your own faults. Know thyself.

    Now let me clarify a few things about myself, so that you do not simply once again assume and make judgements based on empty knowledge. I am not religious, nor do I condemn those who are. I am also not an atheist so let’s not jump to that conclusion either. I believe in a higher power but I do not feel it is what you would classify as your “god.” I feel if there was an all powerful being that wanted our praise then it would not lay out its foundations for worship and eternal salvation in a 2000 year old book that was written by many different people. Another point I’ll make, I am typing this on my phone and my auto-correct is not always the smartest so if there are words that seem weird or unusual that is why. What I am saying is let’s weigh the content and not simply refute my points just because there may be a grammatical error, that is a cop out and lame excuse for disregarding information. Let’s also establish that I am Transgender myself and was born with these tendencies and have had them my entire life. I am not on body altering medications at this time nor do I live full time as the opposite sex. But, I do have a loving and fully supporting traditional family that accepts me for who I am. And I’d also like to mention that I am an 18 year old high school senior that has a more open mind and stronger, fuller understanding of the world then it seems like you may ever have. So take the content of my words and if nothing else look at yourself and analyze yourself before further judging others for being different from your perceived perspective of acceptable.

    Good day

    (I fixed my obvious typos in this version)


    • Ok, I will publish your incredibly long comment because you are only 18 and haven’t committed to anything crazy yet. Also, you are basically being kind and strike me as a nice person. You haven’t yet been completely and utterly corrupted by those you will soon meet.

      First point: You claim people are born as transgenders and gays. First, I deny that. If you have a penis, it has a biological function: to produce children. The very people who would stuff evolution down my throat are the exact people who would deny evolution when it comes to homosexuality. That penis or vagina, according to those on your side, from the very, very certain and pragmatic PURPOSE and NEED of the species for survival. Thus, you literally could not be ‘born’ to not reproduce. It is illogical to hold to the theory of evolution and to the idea that humans are born to not reproduce. Thus, you are born to reproduce and can’t be born gay. Get your thought processes together because right now, you are a completely illogical 18 year old. If you want to debate with this 50 year old woman, get your facts right.

      Second point, you said: “So answer me this, we’ve established that people are born transgender, so is that not exactly what God intended them to be? If someone is created to be transgender, why would they be damned for being that way? The same goes for homosexuals, they are born that way, so why would they be dammed for something they have no control over? ” My response: Well, I rejected your statement in my First Point. I do NOT agree that people can be born as transgenders or homosexual. It goes against the theory of evolution. Everything evolved based on need and survival of the species. Thus, your penis or vagina serve a function. They are used for survival of the species- ie, reproduction. IF you feel urges toward sex with the same sex, well, that might be so. However, that doesn’t mean you were born that way. It just means you are sexually deviant. It means you LUST for the other sex. But you weren’t BORN for the other sex. One is biological, the other is emotional and mental. One is not by choice (ie, biology) and the other is ONLY choice (ie, who you want to bump uglies with). Since I utterly reject your premise that you are born into homosexuality without any willpower, I reject your conclusion.

      You ask why homosexuals should be damned for their actions. My response- no one is damned for their actions. Or, more properly stated, we are ALL damned for every action. Nothing can save any of us. All our actions are sinful. Your homosexuality is no worse than my arrogance that gets ahold of me from time to time. We are both damned, my dear. Mankind is all damned because we walked away from God long ago. However, God, in his great love for human kind, understood full well that we are completely incapable of living truly good lives. He knows that we fail, over and over again, especially on the inside of our hearts, to be good. In our current state, he can no more allow us to live in his house than we could allow a thief and murderer to live in our house with our children. And just think, he would have to live with thieves and murderers forever because our next state of existence is immortal. No, something has to happen to us- we must be transformed so that we become good, sinless, clean and worthy of being next to God for eternity. Does that make sense to you? Well, the answer is Christ. He came to take on all our sins. He paid that price of death for us. All that we have to do, instead of being perfect as demanded by God, is to have faith in him- to believe that he has the willingness and power to 1) forgive our sins (including your homosexuality) 2) raise us from the dead as he, himself, rose from the dead. Talk about a great deal! Then, Jesus solves our problem for us. He will raise us in a new body- just as he was raised in a new body as described in the bible. Jesus was the first to be raised. He was the example of what would happen to all of us. What will happen to YOU if you choose to have faith in him, homosexual or not. Any sinner can choose Jesus. That being said, can someone who chooses Jesus simply choose to continue blithely in their sin??? No. No. They must TRY to avoid sin. Does this mean they will succeed in avoiding sin? no, no. They will sin. Does this mean they will go to hell for sinning again, even if that sin is to lay with a man again? No, one doesn’t lose their salvation. One asks for forgiveness and begins to try again. That is the burden we all carry, Derek. The trouble with Americans is that we are spoiled. Just the idea of being told that we can’t have what we crave is outrageous to us. And being 18 means that you think you have a long life ahead of you. But maybe you don’t. You could die tomorrow. Will you be right with God? Oh, btw, you do believe in God. That is why you are hear, reading my articles. God said that he wrote his laws on every man’s heart so that no man will stand blameless before him. You won’t have an excuse. That is why I say there is no such thing as an atheist. God is God. There is no ‘supreme being’. There is only God. There is only Jesus. Everything else is idol worship. You are too young to have learned anything about Christ, other religions or other thought processes. I can tell by your writing that your family has been extremely remiss in raising you in the knowledge of the Lord. Well, you are a man now- educate yourself. Don’t walk ignorant in this life. You have a soul. If you have a soul, who gave it to you? That has to be God. If God exists, then why are you here? What is your purpose? These questions have plagued the greatest thinkers of mankind. They are not to be thrown off lightly as so many idiots have chosen to do. Don’t join the legions of idiots that populate this world. CARE about yourself and your world. At least consider who you are. Sex is nothing in comparison to knowing who you are. Having sex is nothing. Disobeying God is everything. You don’t need to agree with God. But if there is a God, then God has to be good. If he isn’t good, then you have bigger problems than sex. No, God must be good, or we could not even conceive of good. Thus, if God is good, he cares. Thus, if God is good, then his rules are good for us. He has a reason. The bible is the most logical book ever written. Your comments concerning God and the bible are completely ignorant because you have never studied it. It is the most accurate and precise historical document known to man, it hasn’t changed at all in over 5,000 years, which is a miracle itself. It has prophesied future events which have come true precisely. It is because it was written by so many writers that it is a work that must be believed. It spans all these people over thousands of years- it therefore CAN’T be a conspiracy. Therefore, HOW can it be so consistent and poetic from the Old Testament to the New Testament? Only those who WISH to stick their heads in the sand say things like you have said. You WISH to not believe in the bible, thus, you refuse to study it. If you WISHED to actually know the truth of your existence, you would bother to study the one miracle of a book called the bible. You will never be the same. I laugh when so called intellectuals tell me that believing in Jesus requires a suspension of logical and scientific thought. That is the biggest joke of all time. If the bible were any other book, the entire world would worship it for the scientific and factual wonder it is! In any case, please think very carefully before you go around cutting body parts off or taking drugs. Your brain isn’t even done forming until your early twenties. Jesus, and faith in him, will change your life. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and heal you because, yes, you have an illness of mind and spirit that needs healing. We all have our cross to bear. You are no more burdened than I, believe me. I carry my cross of sin just as you do. And you are no more damned than I. So take heart! Just come to Jesus and take every day one day at a time like the rest of us sinners.


  20. because of you, and many homophobic, racist, religion freak, sexist like you that made our society never change. your statement is invalid, you want to criticize transgender and boys who love feminine to show off your macho. that just because you are unsure of your masculine, you want to assure to yourself that you are macho but you aren’t. stop bickering other, and start wearing your own panties you freak


    • Wow. Arthur, Do you know what I have often noticed? Ignorance and hatred usually go hand in hand. When people come onto my page with the sole objective of spewing hate, I find that they are usually completely illiterate. To tell you the truth, I can’t understand a word you said, but I assume you are bad mouthing me, right? Why do you think that is? Perhaps it is because satan hates everything good. Education is a good thing, thus he robs people of it when he gets a hold on them. Listen, it is wrong to change the sex of a child. Period. No matter what you say to me. No matter what you call me. I notice that you have nothing to say about the actual actions of these women. All you can do is hate on me. That is because you know that these women are horrible people who are mangling a little boy and ruing his life forever. I don’t know why the law allows them to abuse him in this way. They are literally cutting him up and harming him for life. Just because they are using a surgeon to do it makes no difference. They should both be put in jail for this crime. If you agree with this, then you are mentally ill and need counseling yourself.


  21. I agree with you short little rebel why do i agree. if yall bible haters or thumpers read my life story then you would understand why i agree on their side, because i broke one of gods deuteronomy 22:5 verse and came back to the lord because read my entire life story on my here at this link below:

    above is the link to my life story that is unequivocally, inexplicably true and very controversial as well, i challenge you to read my life story and see how i lost my way and found my way back into the lord’s ways.


    • Hi Casey, I went and read your story and it broke my heart. Casey, I am so glad you found Jesus to be your forever friend. He will always be your forever friend, ok? Listen, dear. I want to tell you something. I took off your link and your email address. I don’t want anyone else to go to your site or see your email address. Casey, you need professional help. Something is wrong with your mind. That doesn’t mean you are a bad person. I feel your heart and I know it is good. You are trying your very best to be good and you so very much want to do the right thing. That is GOOD in God’s eyes. You are suffering right now and don’t understand anything around you. I can see that. You need to go to a CHRISTIAN Psychiatrist immediately and ask them to help you. Tell them how you feel. Tell them that you feel like a little kid and that you don’t understand things. Tell them about everything, ok? But REMEMBER, only go to a Christian psychiatrist. Make sure they are Christian. Call a CHURCH- they will give you a phone number to call. If they don’t know the phone number, call another church. Just look up churches in your area on the internet. Can you do that? Most Churches know Christian psychiatrists, ok? If you can’t do that, ask someone you love and trust to do this for you. They can truly help you. I promise. You will feel better if you go see them. Remember, ONLY a Christian psychiatrist, ok? A regular psychiatrist might hurt you- ONLY a Christian psychiatrist, ok? Now, go. And be at peace. I will pray for you, ok?


  22. It is sad that we( a certain number of Mankind male and female) , figure we know better than what God put in motion, that we are right and he is definitely mistaken in his choice for each soul. No one has the right to think for another and what is best for them. when it goes against the natural order of this world


    • Really, Ragnar? thousands of years older? I’d just love to know where you get your information. I really would. Your comment speaks to a profound ignorance of history. Let me also let you in on another secret: God & Jesus do not constitute a ‘religion’. They simply ARE. There are religions in the world. Christianity is not a religion. It merely marks those individuals who know the truth of existence. That is all.


      • Well Short Little Rebel, ever heard of the Greek Gods? Or the religion which the Maya’s had? Or maybe the Celtic beliefs? Maybe you are the one who doesn’t know the history of our civilization. Christianity has just beaten the Romans and has become The Religion. But this is no different from what the Romans did with the Greeks and the Greeks did with their predecessor. So, why should anyone belief that there is only one God? Polydeism is shown to be more common in history than the theory that there is only one God. So Ragnar isn’t wrong in anyway and maybe you should think about the question and answer it. If only to show your superiority.


      • I have only one thing to say: “Christianity has just beaten the Romans….” Really? Try cracking open that history book again. I think something else happened to the Romans…. that’s just a clue, btw.


  23. Your knowledge of this boy’s life is very limited, How can you make such conclusions based on limited speculative evidence? Most likely this child is unfortunate enough to be transgendered. A medically proven condition that makes him wish he was a girl. If there was a god why would he give someone such a horrible condition? Why would he not provide adequate food for the world’s population? Why do people suffer from cancer? Why are some children born with downs syndrome? Why did hurricane Katrina happen? Why does God not send a modern day prophet to conclusively prove his existence? It’s tough for people to make a judgement on religion based on information 2 millennia ago.


    • Mark, you are the one who knows nothing. I read a study by the head of John Hopkins Hospital- he is the foremost expert on transgenders. He is also one of the very first doctors to perform transgender sex change operations. His take on Caitlyn Jenner? Keep the praise to an absolute minimum- or you will encourage kids to make the worst mistake of their lives- ie, go transgender when they would never do so otherwise. He said that while lots and lots of kids have sex confusion when young, IF LEFT ALONE, the VAST MAJORITY of them right themselves and go on to live perfectly normal heterosexual lives. As the depression and suicide rates of transgender and gay people is more than double the rate of heterosexuals, these horrible women are damning this poor child to a life of complete misery and possible early death. As I said, this is CHILD ABUSE in the worst form. Horrible. This isn’t the only couple I have found like this. Sadly, I have found so many other gay couples who are now boldly admitting that they want their adopted or artificially inseminated kids to ‘be gay like me!’ and raise them accordingly- trying to force this lifestyle on their kids. This makes me sick. It is beyond irresponsible. These are the same people who claim that CHOICE has nothing to do with their condition and yet, they go around practicing indoctrination on babies which proves that they DO believe choice has everything to do with homosexuality. These people want their cake and they want to eat it too. They want legal rights because they say they are born with a genetic condition but then again, they behave and act like people who have free choice in all their actions. They are liars and deceivers. I love children and believe in their protection. There is nothing I can do for the children of lesbians who iseminate themselves- but I will work my hardest to advocate against gay adoption. People are NOT born gay. These poor babies are, even according to gay press, 99% HETEROsexual and they need, require and deserve heterosexual parenting to grow up knowing how to be in a successful heterosexual relationship.


  24. Listen you say that they are experimenting on this child and have the child hormones and mind altering drugs are you privileged enough to know this for sure or just a guess cause in the video and pictures I see know evidence to back up your claim and the child seems very happy except for when trying to sign and speak but the expression is one of concentration not which you maybe be confused by . plus I am transgendered and have felt different and alone scared but that was because I couldn’t be who I was and for gay parents a adopting kids so what it’s not a contagious desease it is how people are born. So before you belittle any one get the facts first and remember take the plank out of your own eye before you take a splinter out of someone else’s eye


    • Tinderbrain, do you use scripture because you are a Christian? If so, then you are hardly obeying God now. If you are not a Christian who has given your life to Jesus, then why do you quote scripture to me when you don’t listen to the same set of commands? Clearly, you are judging me in your comment right here. Even from the so-called homosexual standpoint, almost no one is born ‘gay’. Thus, almost everyone is born with normal sexual orientation. That is just natural for the human species. Isn’t evolution your thing? Well, evolution would state that male/female reproduction is absolutely the correct and right thing for every animal species and if that species wants to exist, then sex and reproduction pretty much rules all behavior. In fact, according to the Theory of Evolution, almost everything about every single species on earth comes about in order to successfully REPRODUCE. Thus, gay people are actually completely useless to the species. They are aberrations. They are genetic garbage. That is according to your own theology. You should have absolutely nothing to do with the reproductive cycle. In fact, the less you have to do with it, the healthier the human population will be. Especially since you are genetic trash. Especially you, a transgender. You are totally messed up, right? You have no right to reproduce at all. Only the most healthy female and males should be reproducing to keep the human species as strong and viable as possible. This is EVOLUTION- the survival of the FITTEST. Isn’t that true?

      According to every liberal espousing Evolution, this IS the truth. So, this bizarre need for lesbians and gays to reproduce is just morally wrong- that is, as far as individuals can BE ‘morally’ wrong who have no concept of a God or any kind of ‘universal morality’. I am assuming that you are also a so-called atheist. Because if you were a Christian, you would know that all of these aberrant sexual choices were considered immoral to begin with and would understand that the choice to be within them is the REASON why these two women are abusing this poor boy to begin with. But since you refuse to care about this little boy at all and ONLY care about yourself and being ‘right’, I know you don’t love God. You are ready to sacrifice this boy, his health, his life and his happiness- FOR YOUR NEED TO BE RIGHT. So, I know you belong to satan. Thus, I know you are all about evolution and survival of the fittest. Thus, take your medicine like a good girl and understand that you are NOT the fittest female. You are genetic waste and must stay out of the child rearing business. as should these two lesbians.

      As I said, the vast, vast majority of babies are BORN STRAIGHT. Therefore, they REQUIRE nurturing by straight parents. They need to observe proper sexual role types. Just like chimps do. The very same people would NEVER remove a baby chimp from a healthy, normal troupe of chimps, made up of a normal contingent of male and female chimps and then give it to ONLY male chimps- but they would argue that it was ok to do this to a human baby! They are selfish HYPOCRITES!! The very same crowd would throw up their hands in horror and amazement if anyone should do such a thing to a baby chimp, screaming how it needed to observe all the males and females in action in the troupe. YET, they will strip a baby from the exact male/female household and give it over to a female/female or male/male household and think it can grow up psychologically normal and strong and fit?

      I laugh. You can’t possibly argue that this is scientifically sound. Give me a break. Liberals are people who are ILLOGICAL and UN SCIENTIFIC. According to their own ‘science’, they make gay people into genetic garbage who should stay as far away from reproduction and child rearing as possible. And yet, there they are, attempting to rip babies away from the very nuclear families that they need. Meanwhile, they would never, EVER do this to a lower level animal such as chimps, whose needs are less complex than those of superior human beings.

      Tinkerbell, as a Christian, I can PROMISE you that you are MORE than genetic garbage. You are merely MISTAKEN and lost. You are a girl/woman who is hurt/afraid/lost. There is no reason whatsoever that you can’t go on to live a beautiful life with a beautiful husband, have children and be a mother in perfect contentment and joy. You were meant to be a Child of God, beloved forever and ever. THAT, my dear, is the TRUTH of your existence. I wish you wouldn’t listen to the terrible lies of the progressive liberals who have told you all this nonsense. You have a choice before you. You can CHOOSE to leave the sin you are in and ask Christ to forgive you. It’s that simple. He will. Then, you can GIVE the rest of your life to his service. You will become BORN AGAIN. You will find a clean, beautiful, joyful life. But you must choose it. I hope and pray you do. Susan


  25. You are right about one thing. Being homosexual is a choice. You can either goose to do as you please or choose to live your life according to someone else’s standards of right and wrong. Not that had to understand. But as far as your take on religion, were you aware that most of the Jesus “stories” were plucked from The Epic of Gilgamesh? Hourus, Egyptian God, has the same exact story down to his birth… Yet Jesus is portrayed as a white man from the Middle East with friends named Peter and Paul. Laughable. I’m not judging. I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they please as long as those beliefs aren’t hurting anyone. But the bible thumpers who condem people to hell arent being very Christian like. I believe in God above all else …You are supposed to be nice, caring, giving people but are quick to ridicule others. This boy could have comiited suicide if he read what you wrote about him and his family but then you would just blame his parents for that too…


    • I find it interesting that you call yourself a Realist and then make such an emotionally driven argument. By your logic, everyone should just allow people like these two women destroy this boy in order to be ‘nice’ and in doing so, remain utterly silent in the realm of politics. And by remaining silent about such atrocities, refuse to effect laws against such atrocities for thousands of future children at the hands of thousands of future abusive homosexual parents with the same mistaken and sick mindset. I have to say that you rather exposed your own understanding of the situation by calling the boy a BOY in the last sentence. I’m glad you acknowledge that. By doing so, you agree that these women are torturing and maiming him for life. Should we turn away and allow any parents to do that to any children in your opinion? Just to be nice to his parents? I think this boy would thank us for helping us when he grows up. God knows what will happen to him. And for your information, suicidal tendencies among transgenders is doubled automatically over the normal, heterosexual population, all things being equal. That is the reality of sexual deviance. So, yes, I do blame the parents for that. They took a baby and made him take an unchangable step toward depression and suicide. How do you undo that, pray tell? If he goes forward to remove his penis, what then?

      As to your notions concerning Gilgamesh, I have heard them before. Such b.s. Truly. History, archeology and good ol’ science that you worship would say otherwise. No one ever said Jesus was white. He was a JEW. No one debates that he lived, that his friends existed or that they wrote the Bible. All this is historical truth. Only ding bats of society refuse to acknowledge even the archeological, historical proof of the god of science they profess to worship. The only question is whether he was the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament- is the the Son of God. If you believe in God, then the only question is whether Jesus is his Son. That he lived and did all that he did is not in question by anyone but a few nuts. Don’t be one of them.

      We must stop all crimes in our society. We stop murders, theft, and every other kind of crime. We can’t worry about how it makes the criminal or their victims feel. We must seek to prevent further crime or thousands of more victims will be created. Thousands of more little boys and girls will be tortured by more sick homosexuals like these unfit lesbian mothers who should never have been given a child in the first place. Gays should never be allowed to adopt. All children are born heterosexual. CIRCUMSTANCES and choice ‘create’ homosexuals. Heterosexual children deserve the best CHANCE of growing up healthy- emotionally, physically and sexually. Homosexuals live a literally, deviant, sexual lifestyle which speaks to their lack of mental health as compared to happily married heterosexual couples. Thus, putting heterosexual children into the hands of homosexuals is inherently child abuse. We should never do this. We say no to all kinds of couple for all kinds of reasons. This would be no different. I hope you can see that.

      Oh, p.s. Christians are no better, no nicer than anyone else. The ONLY difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is that one has wisely chosen to have their sins forgiven by ASKING for it. That is the only difference. I do hope you make this wise choice. But I won’t be a complete hypocrite and leave it there, either. We ALSO must reflect the Spirit of God within us. We should no longer choose to sin anymore. I hope you can see that this article is NOT intended to harm this boy or to hurt homosexuals. Rather, it is meant to protect children who are helpless when grown adults make decisions for them. I think you can see this. I hope so.


    • There is enough scientific and historic evidence of the life and works of Christ but if your mind is made up not to believe in Him everything we say will go in and out of your ears. Furthermore,a relationship with God is different from just attending church. I will be praying for you

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