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The Raising of a Progressive Voter…


So, my 13 year old daughter comes to me yesterday bemoaning a film on the Amazon Rain forest (part of her multiculturalism class I told you about). She was spouting off like a hot tea pot saying, “Oh. My. GOSH, Mama! It was so PROGRESSIVE! ‘They said, ‘destroying the rainforest’ and ‘save the rainforest’ and ‘stealing from the rainforest’ a million times! Like, we are so horrible to use the rainforest! I mean, they managed to make RUBBER evil!’

This made me pause. She’s only 13 and is still struggling to verbalize an extremely tricky Progressive maneuver. She, like her daddy and I, adore nature- we see the face of God written all over it. We conserve & are the most fierce protectors of our natural surroundings. Unlike ol’ Al Gore out there, we don’t excuse ourselves with being rich enough to create a ‘negative energy footprint’. We don’t even use chemicals on our garden or lawn- it is what it is. Plants thrive or they don’t. We refuse to buy more than one garbage can for our family of five- we WILL recycle, compost and reuse. We are complete geeks that way. Our children have learned great gentleness and compassion for all life forms from us.

Yet, she sensed trickery in the film. She said she looked around at all the other students and they were all saying, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s terrible! WE need to do something about it!” She said she felt lonely and sad.

We needed to talk. I sat her down and warned her not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We do love the rainforest- who doesn’t love beauty? And who wants to see something so vast and delicate be destroyed? It is truly one of those wonders that can not come back if destroyed. But does this mean that humans are an infestation on this earth? No. Does this mean that mankind comes last? No. Does this mean that the people who work there, trying to put food on the table for their families are evil? No. Does this mean that our American children should grow up and vote for a politician who says that it is OUR job to make solutions for the entire world and push these other countries to do our will? No.

See, this is the subtle message of Progressivism. To make our youth believe that only WE, in our infinite wisdom, know how to live ‘properly’. That somehow, some elite educated core of people have all the ‘right’ answers and that they should be the ones to create a BIG solution for everyone. The only problem behind this noble quest is that it must include tyranny to get the job done.

The Progressives use ideas like, ‘Save the Rain Forest’, ‘Global Warming’, ‘Imminent Food Shortage Crisis’ to create a mindset where people come to believe that only THEY can find the right solution. That the actual people involved in the situation are somehow ‘less intelligent’ or ‘less educated’ or ‘less capable’ of helping themselves. They pull at the heart strings & fear strings of our youth to inculcate them early with support for such global solution thinking.

This is how generations will vote for massive environmental laws that has already made ‘Mother Nature’ a legal person at the UN (I kid you not) who can sue people for ‘abusing’ her. This is how we get Monsanto genetically modified products- only THEY know how to produce enough food for the ‘world’. This is how we get agreement on the part of the People to create a World government- who else has the power to ‘save the people from themselves?’

But how can a ‘global solution’ be implemented? Are there not huge forces already at work, causing the ‘global PROBLEM’? Who will oppose those ‘global forces’? There can only be one answer: a ‘global government’. DING DONG!

Most adults couldn’t verbalize WHY such a film would bother them. They KNOW something is wrong but just can’t put their finger on it. My daughter KNEW she was being manipulated. She has excellent instincts. I had to help her find the words.

I am writing to show you the subtlety of Progressivism. How can we fight films that show little boys and girls adorable moneys, colorful frogs and exquisite butterflies being decimated by evil corporations, evil human needs, greedy gas guzzlers, rubber loving A-holes around the world??? Who can provide a counter point to these wide eyed innocents? ALL of these will become voters- and they will gladly give up America for the sake of those little animals they will probably never see in their lives.

My daughter simply said, ‘I felt lonely when I looked around. It makes me really sad,” with tears in her eyes. I hugged her and told her that not many people can see the truth anymore. And that to be one of them means to be lonely. I told her she had to be strong in the upcoming days. Evil is clever, friends. It never rests. While we slave away, working to make ends meet, it has invaded our schools and has infiltrated the minds and hearts of our children. Be awake, parents, and make sure your children understand the world around them. Or very soon, they will see YOU as the enemy.


  1. “…massive environmental laws that has already made ‘Mother Nature’ a legal person at the UN (I kid you not) …. ”

    Can you expand on this, or provide a link? Thanks.

  2. You have talked several times about the awful things going on in the public school and that maybe it might be time to homeschool your own children. You are a very intelligent woman, you lay out arguments, research, and present them in a thoughtful manner. Many people read your articles and look up to you. I believe, in my humble opinion, that you could lead a march of public school exiters. There is more than just a “progressive agenda” in every facet of the American system, but an Anti God one started by people who called themselves “free thinkers” during the turn of the 20th century. They openly called themselves a new religion where man was the center, not God. Everything your child , or any child, is taught in public schools is led by this new man is god religion. Children cannot submit to or be taught to “listen to and obey” their teachers if they are being bombarded by lies all day- many of which, their little minds cannot see through. Globally, Christians need to train up their children in a safe, wholesome environment, THEN send them out to the front lies to fight, when they are grown, strong, and able. There is enough to fight outside of schools. It is child abuse, what these progressive programs teach children, and it is NOT religion free- the love of “Mother Nature” is a religion, a New Age religion as old as time, and our children are being indoctrinated everyday all day.I just want to encourage you, even though I don’t know you personally, that if you have one inkling to homeschool, that the Lord will show you how you can do this awesomely!!! Your children seem like fantastic children and the type who just might really flourish under their mom’s full time teaching tutelage! God Bless, just thought I’d pass that on. If it hits home, then great, if not, that’s cool! 🙂

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