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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Is God's definition of love the same as Man's?

Is God’s definition of love the same as Man’s?

No matter what we do- being a ‘good’ wife, mother, friend, church member, prayer warrior, social media warrior; feeding the hungry; clothing the naked- if we do not do it for LOVE’s sake, it was meaningless in God’s book. Mere activity in God’s eyes. If LOVE is not the reason, then we do it for literally nothing.

But.. what IS love? Love is laying down your entire LIFE so that you can help people to be reconciled to God through the magnificent and generous gift of his son, Jesus Christ. If THIS is not your end goal, then you do it for nothing. We will look back on our lives and see nothing but dross. A life full of minutia that equals exactly zero. And what shall we say to God in that moment?

Our definition of love is not God’s definition of love. We need to look to see how Christ lived, spoke, taught, encouraged, gave, rebuked, forgave, served and ultimately died in order to understand what God’s version of love looks like. Jesus did all these things that we should KNOW that he is God’s son. Was it for his EGO that he wanted us to know this? No! It was so that we could believe that he had been given the full power & authority to raise us from the dead should he desire it! And he lived, breathed and acted to tell us HOW we could get this gift from him. Every miracle, ever word and even every rebuke was to serve this purpose: to save us from our sin so that we could be with and in God for eternity! THAT is God’s love.

God love looks nothing like our version of love- cooing words, pets & snuggles. I’m not saying that these are not a part of love, because they are. But ask yourself, for whom do you do these things? Is it for your own comfort and need? Or is it to bring that person closer to God? When this question is asked, we will surely find ourselves convicted in the spirit.

My pastor spoke of this in yesterday’s service. While my mind wanted to reject his words, I couldn’t help but feel guilty. Terribly guilty! I realized that as my blog has progressed and as Project Redemption has begun to ripen, I have lost sight of LOVE! I have become more about the Project than about sharing God’s love. My frustration over my ‘stalker’s activities has made me more angry than loving. My disgust at the Jesus hatred & slander among so-called atheists, homosexuals & liberals has made me forget to give even THEM encouragement & hope in God! My anger at Obama and the Progressives have made me focus more on condemning them than on encouraging YOU, my readers!

Friends, we all need correction! I am grateful to my pastor for this reminder that LOVE must, must, must! be our motive. Nothing matters without love. That being said, the outside world will NEVER see our actions as love. For them, the mere name of our Lord, Jesus, is enough to hate us and to slander all that we do. Even HE was called demonic, trouble maker, evil, hateful, criminal, liar, ego-manic, and ultimately worthy of imprisonment, beatings and a cruel, slow death. So if the world refused to see Christ as ‘loving’, then neither will it see us as loving. Ever. But they are not my judge, are they?

No, GOD is my judge! It is HIM whom I want to convince! I want to look my God in the face and have HIM tell me that I did all that I did for LOVE. I want to lay down my life for YOU, my readers. And for every person I meet. I want YOU to see that what I do, I do for LOVE’s sake. Because you, my brothers & sisters in Christ, you are my judge also. If you can’t see that I work for the salvation of people’s souls, then all that I do is useless.

I am so thankful to God for the beautiful teachers he has placed in my life. Thank you, Pastor Christian Lindbeck, for your difficult but beautiful correction.. Susan


  1. Great honesty. It is so hard to stay balanced with love and mercy and righteous judgement to warn others also. I hear ya all over on dealing with these folks.

  2. Susan, thank you so much for a timely and firm reminder of what my real motivation should be in everything. In this era when the love of most has grown cold it is so easy to get caught up in this or that and lose sight of what is the most important thing of all, which is love. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, for by doing so you have touched at least this one believer and reminded me of what truly matters most.

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