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Obama’s WhistleBlower Tells His Story From Hong Kong


Edward Snowden- The Modern Paul Revere

“It will be turn-key tyanny,” says Edward Snowden, 29, and now the number one man on Obama’s hit list. For those who are not techies, ‘turnkey solutions’ is an overused term in the systems development world of consulting.  We mean that you can just turn it on whenever you feel like.  All ready to go.   He is referring to the built in tyranny mechanisms within the U.S. government.

Snowden has become the Paul Revere of modern America.  Because tyranny is coming and it is coming hard & well armed.  The ONLY question that remains is:  Will we hear him and react or will we feel that our couch is too comfortable that night and allow America, the Once Great, to become no more.  For the tyranny that is coming has no interest in seeing America continue as a sovereign nation, People of America &  People of the World.  It has EVERY interest in dismantling this nation and creating a new entity:  a Government of the World.  With a new Leader of the World.  And you WILL like it.. or else.

Edward Snowden, in my humble opinion, has just thrown his life away for you and for me.  He won’t live long.  And if he does, it will be in a tiny cell somewhere and we will all cease to even mention his name.  He knows it too.  Watch the video below and see this knowledge on his face.  His courageous act of laying down his life will be forgotten in the next political crisis, the next terrorist attack- the next wagging of the dog.  Unless you get up off your lazy ass and do something about it- now.     I truly wonder about the panic going on in the White House right now.  What kind of mini-disaster is being planned to divert attention from this incredibly compelling and honest-faced Mr. Ed Snowden?  Because he is 100% genuine.  And they know it.

To summarize, Snowden, 29, was a former technical assistant for the CIA and a current employee of defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.  He was the individual who told The Guardian about the massive data mining & data piracy of the USA Government against U.S. Citizens.  Citizens who had committed no crimes, who were not under any suspicion of committing any crimes and who probably would never commit any crimes. And everyone from Obama to Clapper to the FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security are out to get him.  But.. Obama says he is ‘more than happy to have a dialog’ about it… (chuckle).   Snowden tells of a program called  PRISM, that allows the federal government to tap directly into the servers of major U.S. Internet companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL, scooping out emails, video chats, instant messages and more on anyone they please.

The chief executives of Facebook and Google have said their companies were not aware of the data grab, which means that the government has hacking software that can invade, take data and leave no trace.

They don’t teach the Bill of Rights anymore in school ever since the Dept of Education took over- one has to wonder why.  They are creating entire generations of citizens that have no idea that we have a thing called the Fourth Amendment.  And all of this activity is ILLEGAL under this Amendment.  And I quote,

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Only the top echelon of individuals in the three branches of government (including, of course, Obama) knew about these privacy abuses- well, unless you count the top secret court that gets to determine who amongst us qualifies as an ‘enemy of the state’.  And now, with the advent of ‘enemy combatant’ being applied to U.S. Citizens (thanks to Bush), no proof  need be presented to any civilian court of law  to make that determination.  As long as a select group of people- who are appointed, not elected, determines that one of us is engaged in activities they, personally, believe (or, let’s face it, they don’t even need to believe it, they just have to want you out of the way) are against their version of national interest (or personal interest), they can turn their invasive eye to you.  And they have already stored all your emails, FB posts, Twitter posts, letters to your Congressman, friends, phone calls, etc.  They can create a case against you instantaneously because every bit of data you ever created since you were born is already stored in the Utah Data Storage Facility.  Anything can be used to black mail you.  Anything can be fabricated to add to this information to damn you in public opinion and because you are an ‘enemy combatant’, you don’t get your Miranda Rights or due process.  Nothing will ever see the light of day.   In fact, you can be detained indefinitely, without any trial, for no reason whatsoever.

Eventually, people will forget all about you.  Kind of like Pastor Saeed.  Or Dr. Shakil Afridi.  And very soon, Edward Snowden.  And perhaps, even me,  Susan Shannon.  And we will all be soon forgotten.

Snowden stated at the end of his interview that the only thing restricting these agencies from complete and total tyranny by the State is… policy.  Not Law.  People, don’t you see?  The boogy man of ‘terrorism’ has been shaken in front of your face by the modern day witch doctor.  And like terrified primitives, you are handing that witch doctor the power over your life to keep you safe from evil spirits.  Obama has laughably ‘promised’ not to use these kingly powers on ‘good’ people.  Or ‘law abiding’ people.  Or on ‘decent’ people.  And yet, at the same time, has given Eric Holder the ability to create new ‘categories’ of American Citizens.  These categories are based on all this data being collected on you- everything from your health records via Obamacare to your gun ownership to your political affiliation via social networking.  There is absolutely nothing that can stop our president from creating a new ‘category’ called ‘political enemies’.  And one of those enemies could be me, Susan Shannon, writing to you daily about the tyranny of the the Progressives.  After all, did I not reveal who owned the entire American media?  Did I not blame our government directly for killing those children at Sandy Hook?  Did I not blame our government about Benghazi right from the start?   Did I not show you each treacherous bill that was written directly as a result of these government manufactured tragedies?  I think I did.  I wonder if I still qualify as a ‘good’, ‘decent’ or ‘law abiding’ citizen by a government that can now label me anything and then take all my ability to defend myself away?  And do I really want only the PROMISE of one guy, whom I detest, to be the only thing standing between me and prison?

So.  What is stopping this government from simply becoming a dictatorship overnight?  Well, we all still have waaaay too many weapons.  That’s a starter.  And….well,  that is the ender.  I can’t think of another obstacle left.  There is no LAW preventing a move of that sort.  Only policy.  And as Edward Snowden so accurately pointed out, policy can change overnight.  The PROMISES of a tyrant can evaporate all in a moment.  All it takes is one crisis.  One nuclear explosion on American soil should do the trick nicely.   That is why Snowden used the term, ‘Turn Key Tyranny”.  At any time, tyranny can simply be enacted.

All the parts are in place.

And Edward Snowden has just died to warn you that tyranny is coming, tyranny is coming, tyranny is coming!  WILL YOU LISTEN?

My greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.  People will see in the media about these disclosures and they’ll know the lengths the government is going to to grant themselves power unilaterally to create greater control over American society and global society but they won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things.  To force their representatives to actually take a stand in their interests.”- Edward Snowden


  1. Thank you Susan for this excellent write up on the Edward Snowden situation — and I completely agree with your perspective — so much so I have taken the liberty of sending a link to your words across “The Pond” to my UK family and also to my family here in the USA. I could not have written my thoughts in any better way than you have expressed yourself.

    • You are welcome, David. Perhaps some of us just have bigger mouths than others. I thank God for you strong and silent types! I couldn’t bear to live with me- my husband is like soothing balm to my frayed nerves. Both types of people need each other, right?

  2. I got into a really heated debate with some progressives. Actually, I was over run by them. A certain person simple responded with: Joshua 1:9 to me and left it at that. As a human, I feel the need for self preservation. In honesty, what we fight is pure evil and I don’t think we stand a chance without divine intervention.

      • The topic being discussed at the time was: Senate Patriots defended Second Amendment, which protects us all. I was simply trying to get them to wake up or should I say, warn them of things to come.They think the firearms legislation is dead. It isn’t. For some reason, they feel it’s the governments job to take care of them and they’re willing to sacrifice freedom for this so called government protection. They do not or will not understand that we are being caged or trapped. They willingly walk into it. Of course, most of the are Atheists and God haters. Your well aware of the types of which I speak. There is no hope in trying to get these people to see reality that is unfolding before their very eyes. This morning, I see another message was left by what I consider a guardian of the word of the lord. “maybe warning people isn’t what you’re suppose to be doing. Now is your time to: ‘seek and you will find’ and remember, ‘the battle is the Lords.’ Take care.”

      • Well, Jesus most certainly spoke of swine. We tell the good news, not beg others to accept it. We warn from the gate, but we can’t make people believe us or prepare. It is the inherent evil that causes people to ignore warnings and the Word of God given by his own People. We can’t change that- those are the swine. BUT, we most certainly ARE charged with warning people. But once we do, and people reject it, we can move on with a good conscience- we have done our duty by them.

  3. I, for one, will never forget what this man has done and what he is saying. I have a hard time thinking that some people are perfectly complacent with the way things are, yet others, see a very real and present danger. I would be surprised if Mr. Snowden lives a week. He’s pretty much signed his own death warrant. But you know what, maybe this is exactly what it will take to kick start some of these complacent people to action. I may be having hallucinations though. Some people I deal with are just too far “gone” and removed from the reality of what’s taking place around them. As for you or I or any of us for that matter, I’m sure we could all be considered “problems” for the controllers. I hope what I’m about to share will be allowed to be posted. It’s your call Susan. Lord help us all.

    Are We Prepared For What Is About To Happen?

    Reposted with permission by the writer– the commander of the Westmoreland County PA 1st Battalion Militia Christian Yingling

    I am no linguist, I am no scholar, I am NOT the be all, end all of warfare. What I am is a Father, a Christian, and a Veteran… in that order. I am also the Commanding officer of my militia unit, The Westmoreland County Militia, Regulators 1st Battalion.. with my people placing their lives in my hands, in hopes that I will keep them safe and ultimately lead them to victory and someday a better life than what is being presented to them now. This is a very large responsibility and one I do NOT take lightly. I have lost ALOT of sleep because of it. I promise you.

    What I want to discuss is something that I NEVER see being mentioned on this board or any like it. It is something that NEEDS to be discussed. ESPECIALLY now.. as we are on the brink of something that NO ONE here is prepared for..I don’t care WHAT type of training or warfare experience you may have.

    People are getting awfully itchy to start the fight. People WANT to take our country back. People are TIRED of being scared, for themselves and their families. People are SICK of being railroaded by a government that almost daily, tries to strip of us of our freedoms. People are READY to draw that line in the sand, lock and load, saddle up, and move out.. Well I say ARE YOU? Are you REALLY ready?

    As militias, we have trained. We have prepared. We have stocked up on food and ammo and other things we think we will need. We have gathered intelligence and continue to do so. We have networked with other units, we have prepared our bug out locations. But there’s one thing I feel people haven’t prepared for..because the truth of the matter is you cant prepare for this particular “thing”.

    It is the consequences of our actions. What we are about to embark upon is going to be what will probably be the most EPIC civil war in history. What we are about to do isn’t just going to change what happens here, but will most likely change the entire world as we know it.

    There have been uprisings all over the world as of late, there is no questioning that. But not ONE of those uprisings has involved the type of sheer firepower involved that this one will. The United States is unquestionably the most heavily armed country in the world. Our Military is the best the world has to offer, and our populace is the most well armed and well trained known to man. The sheer bloodiness of this coming conflict will be mammoth to say the very least..

    This “war”, should it happen, will be like nothing ever witnessed by humanity. And there will be a heavy price paid for that. You people NEED to think about that and understand that before you go marching off with intentions of blowing away the nearest federale’ or Blue hat you see.

    To quote Mel Gibson in the Patriot, (a VERY powerful movie you should all watch, or watch again).. This will be a war fought in our OWN back yards. In FRONT of our children. You NEED to understand the ramifications of that. As a father, and a husband..this weighs VERY heavily on me. I hope it does you as well..because if not it damn well better.

    This wont be an overnight undertaking, this will be no two month Gulf war, This war will drag on for YEARS, and will COMPLETELY change the face of the United States as we know it. Some people say we NEED that change.. And I agree to a point… But are you ready for your hometown, where you grew up and played as a child.. to be turned into a 3rd world bombed out S#%t hole like Mogadishu? Like Iraq? Like Afghanistan? Are you prepared to see EVERYTHING you’ve ever known destroyed in the blink of an eye? All in the name of “Freedom”?

    Who will rebuild all that? Who will heal the scars we and our enemies will burn into our children’s psyche’s? What will come out of the ashes of this great “war”? Will it be something new and beautiful? Or something darker.. Perhaps by engaging in this endeavor we are unwittingly ushering in the dreaded New World Order as we have come to know it.

    There’s no way of knowing. Thats the cold hard truth. And NO ONE will tell me otherwise. And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a liar. That is a fact. Know this though.. NO ONE will come to our aid.. We have burned our bridges with pretty much the entire world. We ARE a hated nation. We have enjoyed this wonderful lifestyle our whole lives on the backs of the rest of the world and you’d better believe they wont forget it.

    So.. it’s just US vs.THEM. in a fight to the finish. This will be a war for ALL humanity and for the future of the human race as we know it. AGAIN.. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS. The whole world is watching..waiting.. for that first shot to be fired, for that ONE shot will change the future of the entire world as we know it. Are YOU prepared for that? Because if it is indeed YOU who fires that first shot.. good or will go down in history as the person who changed the world. Think about it. Think LONG and HARD about it. And then.. come to me and tell me how “prepared” you really are.

    I have only scratched the surface of things you need to THINK about before we do this.. But hopefully this gets you thinking seriously about the consequences of what so many people seem “eager” to do.

    Just my 2 cents.. hope this helps. I would ask that you PLEASE re post this on ANY boards you may visit like this one in hopes of sharing this insight with others.

    • While I agree with the note of caution in this warning, I do not agree that we have won our lifestyle on the backs of the rest of the world. We fought, bled, died and WORKED for it. That being said, you will never see me itching for war. Mostly because I don’t believe that is the answer. I believe that Jesus is the answer. But we will see. I also won’t shrink from a war if it is hoisted upon us by the government. But they know to be very, very wary themselves. most of our forces will not fight with them, but against them. For that reason, they will WIN Americans to their side. Bit by bit. Theirs is a strategic war- so must ours be.

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