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We, The Cattle of America…

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You know, People (with a capital ‘P’) are really just cattle.  And the Progressives know it.  While a small percentage (10%?) actually bother to pay attention, most just move along with whatever current surrounds them.  If your father was a democrat, you are a democrat.  If your father was a republican, you become a republican.  If your state leans left, you lean left.  If your state leans right, you lean right.  And then, whoever represents the left or the right can say anything at all and ‘People’ will believe every word- hook, line and sinker.  LOYALTY seems more important than substance to ‘People’.  They put ALL their trust in whomever they have chosen as their leader.  They actually believe they have done their duty as citizens after this point.  But let’s face it, ‘People’, what you euphemistically call ‘loyalty’ is actually just ‘laziness’ wrapped in prettier paper.

I am here to say that any of you that conduct yourselves in this manner are not worthy of citizenship in this nation.  Progressives have infiltrated BOTH parties.  Read this article and see how much the GOP is standing AGAINST Obama.  Here is Boehner’s limp-wristed protest against Obama’s determination to oust Assad of Syria and bring in the very terrorists that want to destroy both Israel and the United States- the Muslim Brotherhood:

“It is long past time to bring the Assad regime’s bloodshed in Syria to an end,” he said  “As President Obama examines his options, it is our hope he will properly consult with Congress before taking any action.”

His protest is ONLY that Obama didn’t consult HIM first!  He is just miffed to be left out of the decision- on a personal level- not a constitutional level.   But he has no problem with the fact that Obama is acting like a king, has usurped the entire constitutional necessity to go to Congress for any of these actions (heck, the House doesn’t even need to PAY for any of this), and he certainly has no problem with sending weapons, hired mercenaries and very soon- soldiers to back the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic terrorists.  He voices no questions as to WHY it benefits the United States at all to get rid of Assad (is he our problem?).  He doesn’t ask any questions as to how this will affect Israel, the ally we have sworn to protect.  If the Muslim Caliphate attacks Israel, that would bring the United States to a dangerous decision to back Israel or not.  Is this not a concern?

But there are NO such questions coming from the GOP leadership.  In fact, they are ALL for this nonsense.

And where are the CITIZENS of this nation?  Well, most are just sitting there, abdicating all their responsibilities to whomever got elected near them.  They sit in lazy loyalty and consider themselves righteous.  We are soft.  We are lazy.  I’m talking both Dems and Republicans.  Both parties and their general platforms are being manipulated to achieve the Progressive dream:  the end of American sovereignty, the destruction of Israel and the ushering in of a New World Government with Obama at the tippy top.  When they need soldiers & the toppling of a nation, they just toggle the Republican party.  When they want to consolidate power through social programs, they just toggle the Dem Party.  Their Will be Done!  And we will ALL be made to obey and even worship the guy at the top of this evil, tyrannical pyramid.

But go ahead, call yourself a Republican and happily follow along with McCain, Linsey Graham & Rep. Peter King  (whom I have admired until now) and  if you are a dem, just follow Obama, Kerry, and Clinton!  Just put ALL your trust in these people and don’t bother thinking for yourselves.  Keep on thinking the battle is between Dems and Republicans.  Just keep up that lazy crap.   Because that is exactly what these Progressives are counting on.  They are counting on Americans to be cattle.  Dumb, stupid cattle.  Lazy-waiting-to-be-fed cattle.  All they need to do is keep repeating themselves like parrots and you will respond like Pavlov’s dog.

“A red line has been crossed, a Red Line has been crossed, a Red Line has been crossed, a Red Line has been crossed, a Red Line has been crossed……”

Here come the cattle:  The People of America!


  1. (sigh) I try, sister – I try to educate People, to wake them up – but they don’t want to know! I find I have to dispense the truth in eensy-teensy doses, or they get scared & high-tail it for the comfort of denial again… it’s nice to come to places like this blog & get a whole plateful of truth at a time. 🙂

    • lol- well, Shilah, I have learned that you can’t spoon feed the truth. And you can’t sugar coat it. Those that hate God are militant. If they so much as sniff a Christian message, they attack just as hard as if you had hurled a bucketload of truth at them. So, I figure: why bother? Just say it and be done with it. Also, there is not much time left. I want to get the message out as fast as possible.

  2. I am shocked by the pictures on your blog. So much suffering in the world. We live in a time of modern slavery. Check out my blog, I am a like minded person.

    • Warrior, there really is so much suffering. It’s sad. There is only one answer at this point: Jesus must return. Mankind has had its way and has proven, without a doubt, that it can NOT create a civilized world.

  3. It’s so sad to see the news the last few weeks of one scandal after another and knowing that the American people and the Republican establishment will not do anything…

    • It is Slim. But I believe in Americans. Most are literally ignorant because the media is controlled. And they can’t believe a stay at home mom writing on a blog. I get it. But eventually, they WILL find out. And that is they day they will reject all of this.

    • My solution is this: every single one of us MUST inform ALL the people in our lives about the facts. Not opinion. These laws and executive orders ARE being passed. They exist and can be looked up. But no one even knows about them because the news won’t show it. Also, every single one of us MUST boldly proclaim the name of Jesus and declare God to BE God. Until each and every person begins to speak, there will only be more cattle. But most people are terrified to speak. Speak! Write! Prove! Proclaim! Live out loud. And prepare. Because bad things will come. That is not something we can stop at this point. We can only hope to rebuild- but there WILL be devastation and a loss of country as we know it. While that grieves me, it is inevitable. So. The more we talk, the better off we will be later. Because once blind, deaf and dumb Americans finally see the truth, they WILL disobey. And they will remember our words. And they will know what happened. They won’t be lost. Also, remember, Jesus is returning. I believe his return will coincide with the upcoming crisis. So, put your faith in one another and in God through Jesus. Speak the full truth where ever you go. Be a fool for the truth. Be persecuted for the truth. You will impact more people than you know. And if you implore them to speak as I implore you, some will. While many look for a BIG solution, I believe in the individual solution. The character of this nation is decided by the character of its individuals. Thus, the revolution is on a person by person level- not in a war machine.

  4. It’s sad, but it’s also true. As humans, I see no way to stop this insanity. God is our only refuge and hope.

  5. Shame so few have noticed! Most still think in party terms.Or that we as Christians need do nothing.

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