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I Figured Out Why Muslims Hate

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I had an epiphany yesterday while writing to a Muslim woman who thought I hated Muslims. I wrote and realized, all at the same time, that the reason the Muslims blame America and Israel for their problems is because they don’t have Jesus. Literally.

Like every other religious practice in the world, they MUST rely on good behavior to be righteous before God. Because they have no way to be redeemed of the sins of their minds and hearts, they must ACT righteous at all times.

This is why they force women to cover themselves from head to foot. Because if a man looks at her, he will feel lust. So the answer is to cover the woman so that he does not feel lust. That is why Muslim men are so angry with their women. It is just too easy to say that the ONLY reason they felt lust, and thus sinned, was because the woman revealed too much.

To see the wealth of Americans in comparison to their own mean poverty is to create envy in their hearts. That is a sin to them too. It must be the wealthy American’s fault. So, the answer to them is to remove the wealth we have. The freedom we have creates a yearning for freedom in their youth- so the answer is to remove our freedom.

They know they can’t get rid of technology which allows their people to see these things (although many a Muslim leader also hates technology and blames it too). So, the answer must be to eradicate all temptations. The only answer for Muslims who don’t want to sin before God is to make us ALL the same as them, live the same as them- to force us all to be ‘moral’ in their eyes. Because then, they will no longer lust after our women in bikinis, envy our men’s wealth (and even our women’s!) or be temped away from allah as they see Americans leaving God and prayer behind.

In their minds, if they can just destroy everything that tempts them, they can finally not feel sin in their hearts.

But I told this Muslim woman that even if the Muslims accomplished this impossible thing: made us all become Muslims, made us all wear burkas, made us all poor and bow down three times a day, etc., then all you would have is a bunch of people acting moral and wearing a lot of burkas. But in every heart would still lie envy, lust, greed, hate, impatience, murder, etc. Because no amount of good deeds can cause the human heart to be righteous before God.

Muslims are so frustrated by their own sin and there is a part of their minds that know that it won’t work, but are hanging onto this pipe dream of forcing us all into moral behavior. They yearn for us all to just act like moral people and that this will result in peaceful households without sin and full of obedience and love for God.

All because they do not have Jesus and his remarkable gift of forgiveness.

They have no other answer. Because they do not understand why Christ came, they do not understand what he offers. They just think we worship a different prophet than Muhammad. They literally don’t know that Christ came because God knew that we can never, ever, ever be righteous. Ever. You can cook all day , every day for the poor and your heart will still contain sin. Oh, the anguish of trying that hard and never having a clean heart! That is why Muslims are so very angry.

I believe most of them do love God and are trying to please him. But they are oh, so wrong- and so desperate- to remove temptation from their lives that they can be made to believe that they can do anything in order to get it. Even kill.

Because they don’t know that Christ came to give the greatest gift to humanity: Forgiveness. And understanding that we can’t make it to God on our own. See, God loves us so much. Because he knew that mankind was hopelessly separated from him, he still wanted to give us eternal life with him as his children. He was willing to forgive us of our inevitable sins- and had but one condition: that we accept it. And he knows what he created- stubborn, stupid and proud creatures. But he sent his Son to give us life- and he said, “Here, take this life for free. I forgive you for what you can not help being.” Jesus even took on human form to make the message easier to understand.

Yet, he knew, too, that this was a test for the creatures he made. Though he stands with a bejeweled crown for us to take, more precious than any other object in the entire world, he knew people would suspect it as a trap, as too easy, too unbelievable, too good to be true. And that they would actually choose death rather than trust in God. They choose to become righteous on their own. In their own pride, they reject life.

“I can become righteous on my own!” is the cry of death.

How do you tell a Muslim or a Jew or a Mormon or a Seventh Day Adventist or a Jehovah’s Witness that this gift is free? And that we can choose life so easily? And that all the good works will then flow from us out of the incredible joy that God will provide in our hearts and that we will do them because we wish to please God, not in a desperate attempt to buy our salvation?


I don’t know the answer to that question. I wish I could just send a beam from my heart into their hearts and simply let them experience the incredible joy and peace I feel. Then they would understand and they would run to Jesus. In the end, all we have are our useless words. But we also have the Holy Spirit, thank God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must pray that our words have the transformative power of God within them. I simply pray that all who hear about Jesus will come to know him. And LIVE.


  1. It should be the longing of every Christian to see others come to Christ. I have had the privilege to be a part of many doing so. Each time I witness it the longing for more becomes deeper. While we know who wins in the end we still so want to see the love of Christ manifested before our eyes on those whose hearts seem so impossible to touch. That beam of light coming from your heart is indeed the light of Christ and by faith it will touch someone, somewhere!

    • Grace, normally, it seems that I do the sowing. I rarely get to harvest. I explode people from their comfort zone and then implement a tactical strike on their hearts! lol! But recently, I have watched two come to the Lord. And you are right. It is a blessing to see. In fact, it gives meaning to my life like nothing else can. It elevates. Death is so final. It is a wonderful thing to see someone avoid it and choose life instead.

  2. I think your post has some truth. No doubt we cannot earn salvation. Jesus paid it all. However, I think even though you are right about there approach, I believe they are right in what they see in a “post christian” america. Morals are low even in the church. The biblical definition of what grace “should” do is found in 2 Titus 2 11-13 11 For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. 12 It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13 while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ ……before we judge them too harshly, let us remember that the fruits of this country are anything but Christ like. God bless and thank you for a good message.

    • Hi Scott. I talk about Americans walking away from Christ all the time. That is simply another subject. This is what it is. A single subject. I’m not sure why you feel I am ‘judging’ them at all. I am making a statement about why I think they do what they do. That isn’t judgement.

      • I think the subjects are part of the equation of the topic. You see, deep in there heart they know that the real God would not be greedy, immodest or have there children entertain on worldliness. Although it is hard for me to understand how they can kill innocent people to achieve there goals, I believe there are reasons worth hearing, why some reject the gospel. For instance, I had a family member who’s pastor was committing adultery with the church secretary. Another one was taking money he should not and being very distant to those in spiritual need. So it is that when the church is what it should be, we will see more muslims come to Jesus. I guess for me, I look at with an open heart at what those outside of the faith see. Let me just say, we need a revival WITHIN the church. Judgement must first start at the house of God. We will only see Islam grow as long as the church is Laodecean in temperature. So, it does not matter if people are wearing burka’s, living poor, taking drugs, getting drunk, bowing down three times a day, trying to earn salvation through the flesh…….if the church is walking in the flesh under the cloak of grace, you will see what we are seeing. Yes, God can use the devil to accomplish his will. I believe God is going to bring the millions in America that say they are christian and hopefully more to its knees. He may use this evil religion of Islam or natural disasters or whatever. I feel God is using it all to bring down our wealth as a whole so we will be a nation that reflects the God of grace. Biblical grace empowers us to reflect the truths of the law, not through the flesh but through the Spirit. MT 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. To me this is all part of the subject or at least should be.

      • While agree with your principles, I don’t think it belongs in THIS article. OUR behavior doesn’t dictate their hatred. Our behavior may discredit us. But it doesn’t motivate them to hurt women, Christians, or commit terror. Also, you continue to think this piece JUDGES Muslims. It does not. That is why your comment, ‘Judgement must first start at the house of God.’ is also irrelevant. I wasn’t judging them. This is not a criticism of them. It is an observation and an epiphany. Therefore, it is not relevant to this article. BUT I do agree with your wider point that we must always evaluate ourselves. BUT I do not believe that we must somehow be perfect as a Church in order to attract Muslims. I think we need to show them that we are imperfect and that is OK! That we are saved by grace. Nowhere did I say that we should FAKE grace or intentionally misbehave in the ways you mention. There will always be false churches. We have no control of those. It is useless And those churches who obey God will already understand how to behave. Thus, I don’t believe our time is well spent going around the evil & fake churches in our midst, trying to correct them, BEFORE we simply tell the Muslims the good news of Christ. While there are some churches that are lukewarm and evil, we can not wait on them to act. There are still GREAT,impassioned churches. WE need to move forward and leave those others behind.

  3. That was nice little artical, however, Mormans ARE NOTHING LIKE MUSLIMS, and actually believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, just like us “Christians” do. I hope you will stop disrespecting Mormans in the future.

    • Brent, Mormons aren’t Christians. And they are like Muslims in that they reject Christ as their means of salvation. In both your eyes, only the doing of GOOD WORKS can save you. You literally reject Christ’s gift of salvation. You believe you must EARN it. That is fundamentally un-Christian. No disrespect meant. It’s a fact. Westboro Baptist claims to be Christian. Doesn’t make it so.

  4. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, some call us Mormons. As the name of our church indicates, we fully believe in Jesus Christ and He is the head of our church, on the right hand of God. I don’t appreciate anyone indicating otherwise.

    • J Gergen, Satan ‘believes’ in Christ too. Doesn’t make him a Christian. What makes us a Christian is our belief that Christ’s life, death and resurrection was a complete and SUFFICIENT work for our salvation. AND that we accept it as such. Christians KNOW that NO GOOD WORKS are necessary for salvation. Mormons REJECT Christ’s gift of everlasting life. This is why they changed the Bible into the Mormon KJV Bible. They took out all Apostle Pauls condemnation of the Old Testament laws for the priesthood and for the rituals for atonement- which is why you still do them. Mormons not only changed the wording of the bible (which is FORBIDDEN and cursed by both God and Jesus) but have added their own text (which is also strictly forbidden and cursed by both God and Jesus). Mormons believe that some people are ‘holier’ than others and thus are deserving of special ‘knowledge’ which is purposely kept secret from the rest of the congregation. They are also strictly forbidden from ‘creating discord’ by asking questions of their elders. Mormons believe that we will not only be married in heaven (which Jesus specifically denied), but to more than one wife. They can have ‘spiritual wives’ here on earth. Men are their wives ‘priests’. Wives need their husband’s approval to get to heaven. Mormons ‘honor’ Jesus and think of him as their literal brother. You also believe Satan is your brother. You also believe that you will become GOD when you die. You also believe that Christ alone is not enough to enter heaven. You believe only GOOD WORKS + ‘honoring’ Jesus can save you- and to live like Christ, your perfect older brother. You may believe that he sits on the right hand of God, but you also believe YOU will BE God. And you believe that based on the AMOUNT of money you give to the church combined with the AMOUNT of good works you do, you will get a better heaven than others who gave less and did less. Good ol’ Romney is a high priest in the Mormon ‘church’ so he will get the BEST heaven of all- HE will be GOD!

      Oh, there is so much more, J! I know Mormons like to lie to real Christians. But I am sick of it. You are NOT Christians- you can claim it until kingdom come, but you aren’t.

      ALL of that is distinctly cult like and completely unChristian. Mormons always get up in a tizzy when I reveal the TRUTH about Mormonism. You will NEVER tell the truth yourself. You have been taught how to slyly answer Christian questions in a way that will throw them off. But sadly, you have met your match with me.

    • You are welcome Joe. I had one woman tell me that this article was about driving wedges between people. I have to shake my head. That most certainly is not my intention. My intention is to understand what motivate people and how we all fit into God’s plan. About how and why he sent Jesus. About the human condition. In fact, this epiphany made me feel even more desire to love Muslims than to hate them. They NEED Christ! And then, they too, will be free.

  5. Brilliantly written Susan. Let us all continue to pray and witness to the lost. We cannot convince them, only God can. it is He that put us in the spirit, there is no way we can get there without Jesus Christ. God bless and a have a great day walking with God.

    • Thanks, Kyle. Words truly are useless with out the SPIRIT of God within them. And human beings are even lower than animals without God. We are not meant to be separate. We are literally made to be INCOMPLETE without him. WITH him, we are complete. And that completion brings us happiness.

  6. “How do you tell a Muslim or a Mormon or a Seventh Day Adventist or a Jehovah’s Witness that this gift is FREE? And that we can CHOOSE life so easily? And that all the good works will then flow from us out of the incredible JOY that God will provide in our hearts and that we will do them because we wish to PLEASE God, not in a desperate attempt to buy our salvation with them?”

    You’ve just described Seventh Day Adventism. I suggest you cease getting your information only from the internet. SDAs are more Christian than most Christians I have ever met, only without all the meaningless tradition, holidays, etc, that God has no regard for. Do better, please. Your mis-characterization is highly insulting and extremely ill-informed, to say the least.

    • Andre, I knew I would get some Mormons, SDA’s and Jehovah’s here complaining. They always do. But you are INCORRECT. And clearly, I know more about the SDA church than you do. They do not believe that Christ’s work was complete for salvation. They believe that in order to be saved, you MUST be a part of their church. And you need to DO what they do. They also worship a bizarre ‘prophetess’ named Ellen White, whose writings are equal to or more important than the Bible itself. Many of the sects of the SDA church also have ‘level’s of ‘holiness’, like the Mormon’s do, in which the people are awarded ‘special knowledge’. All of this is NOT biblical. People ALWAYS tell me that the ACTIONS of the Mormons & SDA & what ever CULT are so much better than the ACTIONS of the Christian church. But that is EXACTLY what I write about here. Salvation is NOT about good works- it is a GIFT- which we can decide to accept or not accept. It is from the pure GRACE of God that we receive it- not because of the ‘good’ we do. When a cult takes Jesus’ work and calls it incomplete by requiring other stipulations to be fulfilled in order to obtain salvation, they introduce the same things as the Muslims: WORK based salvation. Which can not, nor will not bring a sinless or pure heart. And thus, can not bring salvation. So, actually, it is YOU who needs to know more about the SDA church. It is a cult. And it HIDES most of this from the ‘low’ level members until they rise in levels. Only after your loyalty has been fully tested will they reveal this kind of information to you.

      • I have attended services at SDA churches and have read ALOT of their literature. Never have I heard Ellen White mentioned nor any of the other things of which you speak. You say “Many of the sects…”, and perhaps that is the issue right there. “Many” sects of Christianity, or at least some, do exactly as you describe and still are viewed as good Christians. Would you be so quick to defend Westboro Baptists? I think not. Yet they are considered “Christians”. As to actions, perhaps I should have worded my response better, yet you admit that ones actions are reflective of the hope that is within us. I have never seen nor heard anything resembling in the slightest what you describe. Perhaps I do need to learn more about the SDA church, but, on the other hand, there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that commandments from God Himself concerning the Sabbath, and clean and unclean foods have ever been abrogated, ever. Additionally, I do not believe it to be within the character of God to abrogate his own laws, nor have I ever seen or read anything that convinces me they have been. SDAs do not follow some strange version of the Bible or require it to be supplanted with additional information. The KJV is the only reference used, period. Perhaps the SDAs I know aren’t “true” believers.

      • Andre, Westboro is NOT considered Christian by anyone but themselves. NO Christian church claims them as Christians. To claim Christianity doesn’t make it so. Just because SDA’s say they are Christians doesn’t make it so. As for his commands about unclean foods, you are wrong. Apostle Paul had a dream specifically about that. You need to read the New Testament! And Apostle Paul most certainly did claim that the law (the rituals, priesthood, sacrifices, etc- the things Jews did in order to atone for their sins and to find righteousness with God) was dead and held no sway over them anymore. He specifically talked about unclean foods!

        As for the Sabbath. Their adherence and insistence that it be on Saturday is just another indicator of their need to be ‘special’ and separate. They focus, like the Sadducees & Pharisees, on the letter of the law and not the Spirit of the law. Yes, we should obey the Sabbath- but everyone just does it on Sunday. There is nothing wrong with that. We honor God with this day no matter which day it is. To claim that it MUST be on Sat and not Sunday is exactly what is wrong with the SDA church.

        AND they do believe that ONLY those who attend the SDA church will be saved. THEY are the elect spoken of in bible prophecies. Therefore, if you want to be saved, you MUST be SDA. THAT is a cult. And they also ask an enormous portion of people’s salary and teach that it is a requirement. That tithing 10% is still God’s law and that people should also GIVE another percentage as ‘offerings’. While giving to the church is in the New Testament and most churches ‘recommend’ 10%, it certainly is not a requirement by God. Insane. All of this was thoroughly denounced by Apostle Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament.

        As for Ellen White, what can I say? You don’t know how your church even started or what it is about. Every ‘Fundamental’ of the SDA church was written by this woman. She ‘saw’ them all in so-called visions. These have become the equivalent of the bible to the SDA church. They claim to follow only the bible, but what they follow is actually the Fundamentals which Ellen White claims is the ONLY way to interpret the bible.

        SDA’s over-complicate, and over ritualize the simplicity of Christ’s salvation. They add their own beliefs and make them as important as the Bible. They force an interpretation of the end days that is not possible to substantiate with the bible and focus almost entirely on it. The following are just some examples of this over complications, erroneous and forceful interpretations of the Bible and just plain out and out junk. Here are a few ‘fundamentals’ of the official SDA church- none of which is biblical, ALL of which was written by Ellen White (to confirm, go to their official website: (

        7. Nature of Man :
        Man and woman were made in the image of God with individuality, the power and freedom to think and to do. Though created free beings, each is an indivisible unity of body, mind, and spirit, (huh?) dependent upon God for life and breath and all else. When our first parents disobeyed God, they denied their dependence upon Him and fell from their high position under God (huh?). The image of God in them was marred (huh?) and they became subject to death. Their descendants share this fallen nature and its consequences. They are born with weaknesses and tendencies to evil. But God in Christ reconciled the world to Himself and by His Spirit restores in penitent mortals the image of their Maker (huh?). Created for the glory of God, they are called to love Him and one another, and to care for their environment (huh?).

        8. Great Controversy ( see more of this at:
        All humanity is now involved in a great controversy between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God, His law, and His sovereignty over the universe. This conflict originated in heaven when a created being, endowed with freedom of choice, in self-exaltation became Satan, God’s adversary, and led into rebellion a portion of the angels. He introduced the spirit of rebellion into this world when he led Adam and Eve into sin. This human sin resulted in the distortion of the image of God in humanity, the disordering of the created world, and its eventual devastation at the time of the worldwide flood. Observed by the whole creation, this world became the arena of the universal conflict, out of which the God of love will ultimately be vindicated. To assist His people in this controversy, Christ sends the Holy Spirit and the loyal angels to guide, protect, and sustain them in the way of salvation.

        9. Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ:
        In Christ’s life of perfect obedience to God’s will, His suffering, death, and resurrection, God provided the only means of atonement for human sin, so that those who by faith accept this atonement may have eternal life, and the whole creation may better understand the infinite and holy love of the Creator. This perfect atonement vindicates the righteousness of God’s law (huh?) and the graciousness of His character; for it both condemns our sin (Jesus’ death & resurrection CONDEMNS our sins?) and provides for our forgiveness. The death of Christ is substitutionary and expiatory, reconciling and transforming. The resurrection of Christ proclaims God’s triumph over the forces of evil, and for those who accept the atonement assures their final victory over sin and death. It declares the Lordship of Jesus Christ, before whom every knee in heaven and on earth will bow. hogwash. Jesus ALWAYS ruled satan and the demons. They were afraid of him BEFORE his death and they obeyed him. They acknowledged that Jesus could destroy them at will. The rest is just more gibberish.)

        10. Experience of Salvation:
        In infinite love and mercy God made Christ, who knew no sin, to be sin for us (huh? to Be sin for us?), so that in Him we might be made the righteousness of God. Led by the Holy Spirit we sense our need, acknowledge our sinfulness, repent of our transgressions, and exercise faith in Jesus as Lord and Christ, as Substitute (huh?) and Example. This faith which receives salvation comes through the divine power of the Word and is the gift of God’s grace. Through Christ we are justified, adopted as God’s sons and daughters, and delivered from the lordship of sin (lordship of sin?). Through the Spirit we are born again and sanctified; the Spirit renews our minds, writes God’s law of love in our hearts, and we are given the power to live a holy life. Abiding in Him we become partakers of the divine nature and have the assurance of salvation now and in the judgment- Partakers in the DIVINE NATURE? who said?

        11. Growing in Christ:
        By His death on the cross Jesus triumphed over the forces of evil. what?? it never was a contest. He didn’t die to prove anything or ‘win’ any battle. He came for one reason: to GIVE us salvation. This is just tripe. He who subjugated the demonic spirits during His earthly ministry has broken their power and made certain their ultimate doom. Jesus’ victory gives us victory over the evil forces (Christ didn’t have a victory over evil forces. He has ALWAYS been lord of them.) that still seek to control us, as we walk with Him in peace, joy, and assurance of His love. Now the Holy Spirit dwells within us and empowers us. Continually committed to Jesus as our Saviour and Lord, we are set free from the burden of our past deeds. No longer do we live in the darkness, fear of evil powers, ignorance, and meaninglessness of our former way of life. In this new freedom in Jesus, we are called to grow into the likeness of His character, communing with Him daily in prayer, feeding on His Word, meditating on it and on His providence, singing His praises, gathering together for worship, and participating in the mission of the Church. As we give ourselves in loving service to those around us and in witnessing to His salvation, His constant presence with us through the Spirit transforms every moment and every task into a spiritual experience. so many words- and these are the FUNDAMENTALS!

        The Lords Supper-
        The Lord’s Supper is a participation in the emblems of the body and blood of Jesus as an expression of faith in Him, our Lord and Saviour. In this experience of communion Christ is present to meet and strengthen His people. As we partake, we joyfully proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes again. Preparation for the Supper includes self-examination, repentance, and confession. The Master ordained the service of foot washing to signify renewed cleansing, to express a willingness to serve one another in Christlike humility, and to unite our hearts in love. The communion service is open to all believing Christians.

        13. Remnant and Its Mission:
        The universal church (this means the SDA church) is composed of all who truly believe in Christ, but in the last days, a time of widespread apostasy, a remnant has been called out to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. This remnant announces the arrival of the judgment hour, proclaims salvation through Christ, and heralds the approach of His second advent. This proclamation is symbolized by the three angels of Revelation 14; it coincides with the work of judgment in heaven and results in a work of repentance and reform on earth. Every believer is called to have a personal part in this worldwide witness. (proclamations? second advent? TWO RESURRECTIONS??)

        24. Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary:
        There is a sanctuary in heaven, the true tabernacle which the Lord set up and not man. In it Christ ministers on our behalf, making available to believers the benefits of His atoning sacrifice offered once for all on the cross. He was inaugurated as our great High Priest and began His intercessory ministry at the time of His ascension. In 1844, at the end of the prophetic period of 2300 days, He entered the second and last phase of His atoning ministry. It is a work of investigative judgment which is part of the ultimate disposition of all sin, typified by the cleansing of the ancient Hebrew sanctuary on the Day of Atonement. In that typical service the sanctuary was cleansed with the blood of animal sacrifices, but the heavenly things are purified with the perfect sacrifice of the blood of Jesus. The investigative judgment reveals to heavenly intelligences who among the dead are asleep in Christ and therefore, in Him, are deemed worthy to have part in the first resurrection. It also makes manifest who among the living are abiding in Christ, keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, and in Him, therefore, are ready for translation into His everlasting kingdom. This judgment vindicates the justice of God in saving those who believe in Jesus. It declares that those who have remained loyal to God shall receive the kingdom. The completion of this ministry of Christ will mark the close of human probation before the Second Advent. ( Says Who? Great High Priest? 2300 DAYS?? 1844?? Investigative judgement?? ‘vindicates’ the justice of God? Human probation? Second Advent?)

        25. Second Coming of Christ:
        The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the church, the grand climax of the gospel. The Saviour’s coming will be literal, personal, visible, and worldwide. When He returns, the righteous dead will be resurrected, and together with the righteous living will be glorified and taken to heaven, but the unrighteous will die. The almost complete fulfillment of most lines of prophecy, together with the present condition of the world, indicates that Christ’s coming is imminent. The time of that event has not been revealed, and we are therefore exhorted to be ready at all times. (Who said ONLY the righteous dead will be resurrected? )

        26. Death and Resurrection:
        The wages of sin is death. But God, who alone is immortal, will grant eternal life to His redeemed. Until that day death is an unconscious state for all people. When Christ, who is our life, appears, the resurrected righteous and the living righteous will be glorified and caught up to meet their Lord. The second resurrection, the resurrection of the unrighteous, will take place a thousand years later. (Death is an unconscious state? ‘the resurrection of the unrighteous? Where in the bible is that?)

        27. Millennium and the End of Sin:
        The millennium is the thousand-year reign of Christ with His saints in heaven between the first and second resurrections. During this time the wicked dead will be judged; the earth will be utterly desolate, without living human inhabitants, but occupied by Satan and his angels. At its close Christ with His saints and the Holy City will descend from heaven to earth. The unrighteous dead will then be resurrected, and with Satan and his angels will surround the city; but fire from God will consume them and cleanse the earth. The universe will thus be freed of sin and sinners forever. (with the saints IN HEAVEN? during this time the wicked dead will be judged? The earth will be DESOLATE during the millenium? Says who? Christ will rule on earth and the earth will be wonderful during the millennium. but because Ellen White had these visions, it has now become biblical truth to SDA’s)

        28. New Earth:
        On the new earth, in which righteousness dwells, God will provide an eternal home for the redeemed and a perfect environment for everlasting life, love, joy, and learning in His presence. For here God Himself will dwell with His people, and suffering and death will have passed away. The great controversy will be ended, and sin will be no more. All things, animate and inanimate, will declare that God is love; and He shall reign forever. Amen. Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as set forth here, constitute the church’s understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. Revision of these statements may be expected at a General Conference session when the church is led by the Holy Spirit to a fuller understanding of Bible truth or finds better language in which to express the teachings of God’s Holy Word. ( new EARTH? The GREAT CONTROVERSY?? What the heck is that? Oh, that’s right- it was all in Ellen White’s VISION! As you can see, they ‘hold certain fundamental beliefs (ie, the ones stated here- all made up by Ellen White)’ to BE the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. Thus, Ellen White’s thoughts and vision ARE the teaching of the Bible.

        Basically, Andre, I could go on and one. NONE of that is written in the bible. They are ALL thoughts of Ellen White. they are HER interpretations. And look how many words she dared to ADD to scripture. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The SDA church may neglect to tell you that these are Ellen White’s words (literally) but they are. Again, this is pure subterfuge. They HIDE that fact from newbies like you. You have to be around for a while in the church before they tell you the ‘secret truth’. Any church that believes they can break God’s command to not change one single letter in the Bible is a church that is deeply suspicious. In fact, that is how you will know the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • Andre’s comment has been deleted. The only reason I leave this up blank is because I want to further comment to him below.

      • Andre, what can I say? I accept that you are not personally an SDA, but you sure sounded like one. But as a Christian, you are mighty loose with God’s Word. You are fine that they treat Ellen White’s words AS the word of God. You justify it, in fact. This makes me question YOUR faith. While I appreciate the time you took to answer the Fundamentals from the official SDA page, I won’t publish them as they are convoluted and misleading. I have no intention of allowing my page to be an SDA propoganda page or one that attempts to hold it up as reasonable. Any Christian is free to check out those sites, read through them and make their own decisions. They are a cult. They are works based. Jesus’ sacrifice is not sufficient. Thus, they are not Christian. SDAs (and clearly, how they have influenced you) love to over complicate and convolute. This is a control mechanism. And it confuses the newbie Christian. I find that to be distinctly evil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Oh, p.s. I have no idea why you brought Luke 16 up. I KNOW it contains parables.

      • I suspect we could go on at length about what is NOT written. Much of it is taught as mainstream Christian doctrine.

        I agree with the original post, however. There are many facets to Islam, when combined, serve to fuel their hatred. It reminds me of ancient Babylonian paganism, or just paganism per se, which is actually where Islam originates from.

        Interesting article.

      • Not sure what you mean by what is NOT written. While I agree that much is taught as church doctrine, I myself do not ascribe to anything that is not backed by the bible itself. Example: the trinity. that is church doctrine. NOT biblical. Christ BECAME sin. Christ WAS the ultimate sacrifice. etc. These are all INTERPRETATIONS of the bible. I reject all of it. I can listen and see their point of view. But I can also disagree with it. None of those church doctrines, however, break the one cardinal rule- they do not deny that Christ’s life, death and resurrection were fully sufficient. That not one other thing is needed for salvation. THAT is my litmus test. When a church crosses that line, it becomes a satanic cult. I can live with the differences in doctrine- but not that. Because the SDA church does deny this, they are automatically booted from the definition of Christian. No matter how much they profess to ‘love’ him. Only satan would deny this of Christ’s work. All the other things in their fundamentals only serve to CONFIRM this initial assessment. Christ made salvation easy to understand and easy to accomplish. When I see churches add too many details and convoluted language, I KNOW I am dealing with a cult. Only satan would seek to convolute what Christ made so beautifully simple. I is just one of several signs that one can use to assess a group of ‘religious people’.

      • And I’m not sure why you deleted my comment in your other thread. You imply that I am sympathetic to Arabs and Palestinians. When I kindly correct you, you delete my comment to what end? To save face? Yet you let your slander stand. I wonder what else you choose to censor. I am not slandering you or insulting you. You are acting childishly.

      • Andre, I am not interested in tit for tat. Neither is anyone else. That is why I deleted it. That is also why I deleted many of your comments. Look, you want to say that SDA is a great Christian church. It isn’t. I am not interested in debating the point with you, nor am I interested in a bible verse competition. If you feel it is for me to ‘save face’, you are free to to so.

    • Excellent Susan. I so appreciate how you have shared and made somethings clearer to those of us trying to understand. Relationship with Jesus is freeing. Religion is so binding. And the thing of it is, how many of the women have been raped anyways even with coverings on? Sin is in the heart of men and women. But Jesus can free us from lust, envy , etc. Its heart breaking to watch at times isn’t it??? Its in relationship with Jesus not religious conduct. 😦 Just sayin.

      • Yes, Jesus LIBERATES us from the horror of the Law. The Law only serves to teach us that we ARE utterly beyond help. It was a gift from God. Because once we ADMIT we are beyond help, the gift of Jesus begins to make sense. But if you will not even attempt to live by the LAW, you will never come to Christ. The bible tells us that only those first taught by God will come to Jesus. That is what this means. Those who at least love God enough to TRY to be moral are those who are taught by God. But he knows that this will be a fruitless endeavor and that there will come a point of hopelessness. Even of anger and self hatred. THAT is when our minds are ready to receive salvation, as a GIFT of grace, from Jesus. That is when our hearts find such incredible gratitude that we are brought to tearful worship of God. Those who never even bother to please God will never be ready to receive the gift of Christ. Because they don’t feel like they NEED it.

        When I look at Muslims, it occured to me that they ARE trying to be ‘good’. But what anguish to never be good enough in God’s eyes- or even in your own. I can see how that could result in misdirection- in frustration and anger. To rid yourself of temptation really is the only remaining option, right? The only problem is that this is not realistic and can never be achieved. All you get is repression & violence. And even more sin. Without this incredible GIFT of Jesus, there is no freedom from sin. We are so BLESSED to understand this. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I was writing to this woman.

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