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An Interesting Interaction With A Muslim Sympathizer: A Brief Middle Eastern History

OttomanEmpireIn1683The following is an interaction between me and a reader on Facebook.  It was in response to my article, “I Figured Out Why Muslims Hate.”  Thought I’d share.
Greg Gallagher Maybe its the fact that Western powers, after colonizing the Middle East, drew lines to form new nations with a total disregard to religious sect, tribe, and ancestral history dating back thousands of years. Maybe its the fact that Israel, with the backing of the West, just walked back into Palestine after they left it hundreds of years earlier and said, “Our God says this land is ours” get out of live under military occupation. Maybe its the fact that for almost 100 years these people have been abused and denied basic human rights by dictators placed in power by the West and later taken down by the same world powers? I know, it’s crazy. Jesus can’t help them. Maybe our understanding of Jesus’ teachings would. Human dignity, compassion, and basic social/economic rights will? They want a place at the table, not a pew in our churches.

Short Little Rebel Greg Gallagher– that is one of the most ignorant assessments of Middle Eastern history that I have ever seen. First, it was the Arabs who violently and aggressively attacked throughout the Middle East, Israel, Northern Africa and much of Eastern Europe during the Muslim Crusades which predate the Christian push-back (ie, the Christian Crusades).  What is so interesting is that no one seems to remember that the Muslims invaded Christian lands first!  It was only right and fair for the Christians to protect their lands.  Conquering the Iberian Peninsula by 718, the Muslims crossed the Pyrenees Mountains into Gaul (now France) and worked their way northward. And now, in 732, they are approaching Tours, a mere 126 miles from Paris.  They conquered, slaughtered and forced religious conversion over Jews & Christians.

Then came the Ottoman Empire in the 1300’s to the 1680’s with the similar hungry and brutal shove into Eastern Europe, Israel and N. Africa- again forcing people to convert to Islam or die.  No one should ever think of Muslims as a peaceful people content with their own lands.  They are the war starters.

When western Europe hit full stride during the industrial revolution, the Ottoman empire fell behind technically and militarily. That is when their conquered European nations rebelled and won freedom for themselves. Also, the Ottoman empire (what was left of it), then allied itself with Germany in WWI- remember those guys? Well, guess what? They lost, thank God. Cause an awful lot of Americans died in that war- because those guys were gunning for us. I suppose sympathizers like you wished more Americans would have died in order to save the Ottoman empire, huh?

Well, after losing fairly in war- after aggressing on the so-called evil ‘Western Powers’ you mention, guess who attempted to force European style government on those ‘poor’ Arab Muslims? Other Arab Muslims- called the Young Turks. From Turkey. Not Western countries. Well, those Arab nations who didn’t want Western government voluntarily sided with the British government to destroy the remains of the Ottoman Empire- ruled by Turkey. Did you hear that?  Voluntarily.  The British also sided with the Arab Christians in the area who were being slaughtered by the Turks (Ottomans) and soundly trounced them (again, thank God- but I guess you think it would have been better had the Turks repressed the Arab Muslims you love so much and I guess you think it would have better for them to continue slaughtering Arab Christians).

Now, the British- the  conquerors of this aggressive people, then took charge. Is this new to you? When did war become something fair in your mind? The Arabs started the war and conquering and slaughter. The British finished it. They won and in my book, they get to rule as they see fit. If the Arabs didn’t like it, they should not have conquered European countries like they did. And guess what? When they were the winners, they ruled as they saw fit. And they saw fit to massacre the Arab Christians!  The British did no such thing.  They put down rebellion as any sovereign state has the right to do.  But to just single out a part of the population that doesn’t worship God the way you do?  Never!  But you don’t see that, do you? Because you like to use only the facts that suit your politics. 

Britain decided to create a protected area for the Jews. That was up to them. They also worked with Arab royalty to create new states in the area- they did not just make up arbitrary boundaries regardless of tribe, etc. I’m afraid that you are thinking of Africa, dear. The ancient kingdoms of Egypt, Iraq (Persia), Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc all had deep roots and deep loyalties that date back over 2000 years. The British did not sit with a map, willy nilly, and just cut up the nations. Why should they? They worked with the royal families and created borders that suited the political alliances that would favor Britain in the future. Does that also surprise you? Is this not the history of mankind? Did we not do the same when we conquered the Native American tribes? This is what mankind does. Did we not split up Germany after WWII to prevent it from rising again? Did we not make all kinds of alliances and political deals with Russia that resulted in political divisions after WWII? Did we go and ask permission from the conquered countries after our men died in the tens of thousands to win them?  Our blood.  Our sacrifice. Our victory. Our rules.  And our rules don’t result in the wholesale massacre of those who worship differently, do they?

By your notion, every single war and conquest in history needs to be undone in order to be ‘fair’ to the defeated people. That is just naive schoolboy thinking.  The aggressor must be disarmed and put down for good. War is ugly. But when you bleed and die and win, you win. Considering what the Brits could have done to this conquered people, I think they were quite civilized in comparison to the previous victors- the Arab Muslims.

After WWII, both the Europeans and Russia granted those occupied territories independence- even after oil was discovered on those lands.  Now that was generous indeed! And the place has been a nightmare ever since.  And guess who began to subjugate the Arab People then? Arab Muslims. Their own leaders were greedy and corrupt. Here you say that Europe should never have fought and conquered the poor Arabs and now you think Europe and America should have reconquered them and forced those evil leaders to share their oil wealth by building up the infrastructures of those countries! Which one is it??? To conquer and rule or not conquer and rule? People like you care nothing for logic- just for getting your political will.

And the Jews. There was only a protectorate for them before WWII. What did you expect the Jews to do while they were being systematically and coldly murdered by the millions in Europe? They did what all repressed people do: they fled. They fled to the closest safe place they could think of or afford: the British protectorate. Was it Europe’s or America’s fault that Hitler was an insane murderer? Were the Jews wrong to flee? They were refugees! Do you also condemn the Syrian refugees that are now occupying Turkish and Jordanian lands? Of course not! For them, you feel nothing but sorrow.   Again, your lack of logic is showing- like dirty underwear.

Look, what happened in the Middle East was created first and foremost by the aggression of the Ottoman Empire and their decision to side with Germany in WWI. The greed and corruption of their own royal families did the rest after the very recent discovery of oil in that area. So stop leaking your tears for an aggressive people. They are big boys and girls. They need to fight for their own lands and rights. Just as we did for ours. Remember the Revolutionary War? I do. That is what they need to do. OOPS! They tried that, didn’t they? But your buddy Obama backed the terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, who have promised to institute the worst nightmare of a government those people have ever experienced: an Islamic Theocracy where religion will be forced down the throats of every single individual on the pain of torture, the torture of their women and children and eventually, brutal murder, dismemberment and shame.

But I guess you think that’s good for the Arabs, huh?  You’re not much of a sympathizer.


  1. Another great and concise explanation of Middle Eastern History. Though I must add that I think Susan you are being much too kind in your rendering of my ancestors role in the “Jewish Problem!” For example I recall being told of the way Britain, with various other countries including the US over a period of time during May -~ June 1939 refused sanctuary to the St Louis — a ship with a German Captain and originally some 930 Jewish Refugees! This I admit was according to what I was taught way back when I was very young, and when antisemitism was rife for a long time in Europe and across much of the Western World. I never did understand why innocent Jewish families were treated this way, nor have I understood the ongoing antisemitism that persists to this day.

    • David, that is very true. I guess my focus was on the interactions between Britain (and Western nations) and the Arab Muslim world. My point was to show that at no time in history have Arabs been victims. They have played on a fair field and they ultimately lost. They were the aggressors. As for how Europe treated the refugees, that is another story. But if it makes you feel any better, Britain is the one that created their ‘protectorate’ which ultimately brought about God’s prophecy of restoring Israel. Considering the antisemitism during that time, one can only call it a complete miracle that Europe WANTED to create the state of Israel. But God knows what he is doing- only the MASSIVE guilt that the Holocaust caused could have swayed the world to do this. So, the Holocaust brought about the completion on Ezekiel’s prophecy (where he shaved his head & beard) that almost ALL the Jews would be mercilessly murdered but that a remnant would remain. And that after this destruction, God’s wrath for all their idol worship would be spent and that he would put hooks in the noses of all the kings of the world and cause them to restore Israel. AMAZING, no?

  2. Bravo for trying to teach a Muslim about the history of the Middle East. Hopefully the Muslim learned something. If not, it is because he is being obstinate.

  3. Your spirited response, which I enjoyed, provides an historical perspective based on the Western view. However, it appears that Greg Gallagher is providing an historical perspective based on the Arab view, for which there is substantial scholarly support. I think you were unfair in calling it an ignorant assessment Histories tend to be distorted by prejudices. So one must be careful in espousing just one version and calling the other totally ignorant. Difficulties around the World, including the Middle East, might have been lessened if Germany had been treated differenty after WWI than it was under the Treaty of Versailles, if Germany had not been divided after WWII between Russia and the West; if the Jews had not been provided a homeland at the place from which many eons ago they had been dispersed–in the diaspora, according to the Bible, a fulfillment of Jaweh’s punishment of the Jews for their disobedience to Him–and placed elsewhere. Ottoman Empire, American Indian slaughter to “take our land,” as you put it, and other historical skirmishes aside, your ultimate justification seems to be “to the victor goes the spoils,” “might makes right.” There is historical support for that only short-term. Long-term, the conquered prevail, usually becasue there are so many more of them, and they must be assimilated by their “administrators.” Is that what is meant by the Biblical phrase? “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

    • George. Please. Grow up. I am not ADVOCATING ‘to the victor goes the spoils.’ Nor do I justify it. It just IS. One must live in this real world, not some infantile world of maybes. The facts are clear. The Muslims started the fight. The British ended it. The Muslims murdered thousands of Arab Christians when the reins of victory were in their hands. The Brits murdered no one when the reins of victory were in their hands. The Muslims were worse and yet, here you and Andre are wanting to cry for them. Like Andre, you only care about getting your political way. The history I provided is NOT the Western view. It is the facts of history. What YOU have provided, on the other hand, is pure speculation and wishful thinking. You have no ability to know that those various possibilities would have led to anything better. Wishing does not historical accuracy make. Facts do.

  4. Good for you, you go girl!!!
    Did he leave a reply? I doubt if he knew any of the history you so aptly shared with him.

    • I don’t know Sharon! Haven’t checked! THEY started both the crusades and the modern European rebellion. THEY sought European lands and THEY forced their religion upon Christians. They also murdered them wholesale- and these were Arabs on Arabs. Blaming Western Whitey is just the ‘in’ thing to do now. Sadly, they don’t bother with history in school anymore. Gee, I wonder why?

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