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A Shout Out to Those Impersonating Me On Gay Facebook Sites

thanks-youThanks, you guys.  You are still working hard to impersonate me on gay sites.  While your intentions are pure evil, God has used you to bring lost individuals to my article that outlines the Words directly from God and Jesus concerning homosexuality.  The Word of God can only FEED their soul and help them.   This also gives me an opportunity to talk to them and share the good news of Christ.  Like satan, your father, God uses you and your evil intentions and turns it to his own good purpose.  Keep bringing me those people.  I love witnessing to them.  Good job.

For those who do come here because you think I, Short Little Rebel, was the one putting those (probably stupid and foul) statements on Facebook pages dedicated to the gay cause, please don’t leave now just because you have discovered that these evil people have tricked and used you.    I do want to answer your questions about the Scripture on homosexuality and I also want to share the good news of Christ’s salvation with you!  All is not lost!  In fact, redemption is yours for the asking.  Jesus asks for our ENTIRE LIVES, not just our sex lives.  So, stop overemphasizing sex as a ‘right’ or as the most important aspect of your life.  It isn’t.   We are meant to be so much more than we are now!  We have a glorious LIFE ahead of us- come to Jesus and even your earthly lives will be transformed into joy!   Let’s talk!


p.s.  I NEVER post to any sites but my own.  So, if you see ‘me’ again on a FB site, click on my name and see where you land.  You will find that it is a page made by homosexual so-called atheists who are  the true liars, thieves, haters and bigots.  Is that what you wish to be associated with?  Come to God and come into fellowship with those who, like you, sin all the time- but who also adore Christ for the forgiveness he so freely gives!  We won’t lie to you like those who claim to be on your side do.  I promise.


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