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What Does Satanic Possession Look Like?

Police say a western Pennsylvania man is facing charges for allegedly dousing a seven-year-old boy with flammable liquid and then letting his own son set the child on fire.

Police say a western Pennsylvania man is facing charges for allegedly dousing a seven-year-old boy with flammable liquid and then letting his own son set the child on fire.

It looks like Edward B. Myers, 35, who set his girlfriend’s 7 year old boy on fire and then used his cell phone to film the assault as he watched the boy burn.  He also allowed his own two sons, one of whom set the 7 year old on fire, watch.  The mother came home to find her son with burns across 10% of his body.

When a culture abandons God, it gets demons. There is no ‘WHY??’ to this situation. The reason is clear. The man is demon possessed. Demon possession is not like the Exorcist movie. It looks like this man. And his son, whom he has cursed with his abandonment of God. Look at his eyes. THAT is a demon. What makes a man a human being? Those that hate God would argue that we are merely the highest life form in the animal kingdom. But I would argue that we are NOT equivalent to animals. When a human being has given up their soul, they become much lower than animals. Because animals are innocent creatures. They have no evil- no cruelty. They eat when hungry and in turn, get eaten. All is fair in their world. No so in ours. Mankind is not human, or humane, without a soul linked firmly to God, from whom the most essential essence of humanity derives. Take God out and you automatically take the essence of man out. And you invite the essence of satan in. This essence is called a demon. The person so possessed needs no reason to do evil. They are evil. These actions are a by product of their possession.

But their evil was not something visited upon them BY God. No. They CHOSE this path for themselves and they reap the consequences for it. Sadly, they also drag down others with them. This man’s son will now be parted from this evil father. That is the best thing that could ever happen to him. He will have to live with this memory, however. I can only pray that this awful, awful incident will force this boy to God someday and that this evil can be turned to good. Because if it doesn’t, he will follow in his father’s footsteps- to jail and to hell. The boy who was lit on fire so mercilessly by this man and his son will need all the strength of God on his side. Please pray for God’s angels to surround him as he heals. He can not know what has happened. He is just hurting. Lord, please guard his mind and soul until he is strong enough to heal in the most important way- in his relationship with you. Please redeem the evil of satan.

And what of the mother? What of the woman who was dating this evil man and who left her child in his care? THIS is also the result of leaving God. This is called sexual immorality. We no longer need marriage for sex. We just LIVE with boyfriends we barely know. And everyone is FINE with that- perhaps this guy was paying some bills. As in homosexual sex, group sex and bisexual sex- there are always repercussions. Not because God is a prude. But because God made human beings. He understands our needs better than we do. The rules he set up- which we call MORALITY- are for our GOOD, not our limitation.

Had this woman decided that sex outside of marriage was out of the question (in obedience to God), this loser would probably have gone his way long before this happened. Surely, there was no true love involved between them- it was HER son whom he tortured and burned! Who gets married overnight? No one. Marriage ensures that we KNOW who we are with. It ensures that the deep commitment of FOREVER is involved. It weeds out the loser males who only want to use a woman for sex. It ensures that the man stays because he loves the WOMAN and not the body and thus, ensures a good father for the woman’s babies.

When a culture abandons God, they become less than animals. They become in-human. They become inhumane: soulless. We are not mere animals. No. We MUST house a spirit. Either that spirit will be OF God or it will be OF satan. But there WILL be a spirit there. No. Animals would never do such things. So never ask, “Why???” when you see such senseless acts of violence & evil. UNDERSTAND that this is the condition of the ONE animal God imbued with a SOUL when that animal refuses to choose God back.


  1. SLR – I think it’s important to keep in mind that this type of man would have been the type that Jesus came for, and came to heal and came to save. I’m glad you’re willing to point out the downfalls in society – we’re in desperate need of that. Seeking justice: excellent. But we have to also love mercy. I’m all for the death penalty, I’m all for social justice, etc. I guess I’m just concerned that it seems there’s no room for mercy or forgiveness here. Jesus didn’t come for the healthy; he came for the sick and demented – just like this man. I’m curious as to what your honest, heartfelt opinion would be if this man showed up in your church asking for forgiveness and wanted to join the church. I’m not looking for an answer, but I do think it would be important to consider. I think it’s something we all struggle with. We’re disgusted by people who harm children. Shoot, Jesus himself says that, for those who lead little ones astray, it would be better that they be thrown into the ocean with a millstone around their neck. That’s serious business. They’re harmed sheer innocence. But Jesus still offers grace. I guess I cringe a little bit when I read about Christians calling other people losers (I use much stronger words.. Piers Morgan drives me UP. THE. WALL.) and having such a hard front. We have to be willing to point out the weaknesses and absolutely disgusting acts in society… but we have to find a way for forgiveness to enter in after the fact. Like I said.. All for the death penalty.. And I’m okay with you accepting Jesus and still being on Death Row. Actions have consequences. But we have to convey forgiveness as well, not just condemnation. Definitely love what you’re after on things like this. I’m just to perhaps offer up the rest of the ‘cycle,’ if you will.

    • Hi Hannah, sorry it took so long for me to answer- your comment was caught in my spam folder. It does pain me that you find me to be always hard. I suppose that it is when I am most inflamed or angry that I choose to write. But that doesn’t mean I never are charitable or kind. When I see the beauty in the world, I don’t feel like writing. I feel like celebrating. It is when I see something horribly evil that I write. And not just to say it is evil, but because there is something about what I saw that I feel the pressing need to inform others about. This post was to tell Christians that people really can be possessed. That possession is not a thing of the past. That it is very real. It is also a warning to so-called atheists- that if they continue to deny God, they leave an open hole in their bodies for satan and his demons to reside within. To answer your question, I wouldn’t trust this man as far as I could throw him! That has nothing to do with forgiveness – it has to deal with reality. And I am not sure if this is the kind of man Jesus went to. I never read that he healed anyone who had so cruelly murdered children- or anyone. Usually, the possessed people were just self violent and they wandered alone most times. I do believe it is possible for God to do all things, however. And if this man showed up and HAD been cured, I would know it. The Holy Spirit would convey that to me. And of course I would accept him. But the odds of that are extremely small. This man chose possession. Of that, I am sure. Kinda hard to be un-possessed once you are possessed.

    • LUKE! my man! I want to thank you for proving, yet once again, the ability of the left to intelligently outline their political position! Liberals like you make my job both fun and a whole lot easier! Cheers! Susan

  2. Funny, but you know I can see those same empty looking eyes in many of our politicians today, especially some prominent female ones….

  3. Excellent post! His father is pure evil. A Godless and violent society begets more violence and evil acts. Let us pray for citizens to turn back to God and for our country and it’s laws turn back to Godly principles. God Bless.

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