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The Rape of a Female Cadet- Part II

After 27 years, will justice be done? We will see.

After 27 years, will justice be done? We will see.

Something very strange has happened, readers. Something I feel you should know about as I know it will lead to many future articles.  Most of you know that I  recently wrote an article  about the rape I endured at West Point. I wrote that piece in response to a recent FOX article that outlined the redoubled efforts of the military to deal with the rape of female soldiers.   Bottom line:  our congressmen are getting fed up with the military brass taking so long to produce results in this area and are now threatening to take the prosecution of rapes out of their jurisdiction and into civilian courts. My article was to give credibility to the problem of rape and the need for the military to do a better job of rape prevention.

My goal had nothing to do with revenge- I could have done that long, long ago. This is not the first time I have spoken of it online. However, I do believe it is the first time I have spoken of it with such a large readership.  In any case, many of you have recommended that I report my attacker officially to the military.  I responded that I have no need for revenge- that God will handle this for me. Well, I received an email two days ago from a special agent from the Special Victims Unit at Joint Base Lewis-McChord here in WA state. Apparently, one of my readers reported the incident to some brass at the Pentagon. And now they want to interview me. I will admit that my heart did a double take when I read it but responded that I would do a phone interview.

I just spoke to the CID (Criminal Investigations Division)’s agent and found that my attacker is up for a one star general.  Friends.  I have no need to take revenge but this has moved into new territory.  I am just plain offended by this one.

If I had wanted revenge, I would have simply done what the female colonel at West Point told me to do- file then and there.  He was a colonel then.  He is a colonel now.  Nothing has changed. But this is God’s hand. The military contacted me. Not the other way around. In fact, when I first read the email, I felt sorry thinking about the harm it would do to someone and their innocent wife and children!!   But knowing he might be put in a position to affect POLICY and STRATEGY in the military I love, in the country I love… well, guess what?  THAT I will not abide.  What if he chose to run for political office afterward?  An unrepentant rapist can NOT be a policy maker for the United States of America.  No.  Way.   Not if I can prevent it.

So.  I go tomorrow to do what I have not wanted to do for 27 years- I will be making an official statement that describes not only my rape but the female hating environment of that academy during the years I was there (1983-1986).   Also about the decade of suicidal depression that overtook me afterward.

Friends, this rape and the subsequent feelings of uselessness and despair that resulted from quitting (failing) at West Point is what led me, finally, to my knees to Jesus.   Isn’t that ironic?  And Jesus took all need for revenge from my heart and mind that day.   Yet.  God’s day of judgement for that man has come.

I think about the mind of God. Only GOD could have devised such a plan. I told you about all those years of God’s silence as I called out to him in my anguish. (read, One Christian’s Journey to hear that story) I couldn’t understand his silence.   I knew he knew I was suffering- so why didn’t he speak???  But.   I knew he loved me and that he was there, out there, watching my every move, my every struggle.. my every tear.   Now, I look at this new situation and I see the hand of my God, my dear Father, my Abba.  God saw my faithfulness and he has made my life completely rich.  I live without regret every day of my life.  My joy and peace have been complete.  I need nothing.  Which is exactly why revenge just feels like trouble and I do not bother with it.  And yet.   Look what he has done! THEY called me. No one can accuse me of seeking fame or fortune or revenge!  In this way, God has protected me from the evil accusations people would love to make about me.   From the deep investigations that would try to rustle up every unsavory thing I have ever done.  The political climate would forbid any actions of that kind!  Unlike what they did to Anita Hill, they will only lose big if they attempt to blame the victim and not the rapist.  God’s timing is perfect, is it not?

And God waited to punish my attacker until he was about to reach the pinnacle of human power- right when someone has recommended him for a one star general. I could not have possibly known that until the agent called me and told me! God waited until this horrible, immoral, unapologetic man was about to preen in his power and chose this moment to strike him down. For all the world to see. Now that amazes me.   I am so happy that I did not seek revenge on this man.  Because this shows that God will do it for his faithful servant.  It should give you all hope.  God never forgets us.  We must give it all to him.  In his own perfect timing, he will indeed bring the mighty low- the attacker to justice.  Even if there is not enough evidence to fire him, I doubt very much the Army will give him that star.  Because God gave me something else:  he have me YOU.  He gave me this platform from which to tell my story.  If they attempt to attack the victim, they know I will write about it.  If they allow him to become a general, I will write about it and it will show that they are not serious at all about rape.  I am not friendless.  We have banded together, we Christian conservative bloggers.  And the winds are on my side.  They may not be able to fire him, but I do not believe he will make that star.  And here is what I know:  EVERYONE will believe me.    And that is enough for me and for justice to be done.  In fact, if he was fired, I would carry the burden of his children and wife.  I don’t want them to suffer financially for what their father did.  They are innocent.  Just the vindication of telling my story, at the military’s request, is enough.

I need you all to pray for me because my stomach has been overturned. I thought I was fearless. Literally. I have been so hardened by life that nothing scares me anymore. No human being can intimidate me. That much I know. But the idea of hurting someone else does affect me. Even if that person is my own attacker who stole away my peace and dignity. It is not natural for me to hurt another. But neither will I lie to an Army who is asking me for the truth. Pray for me, friends. Please. I go tomorrow at 11am. Please think of me then and pray that God puts the words of wisdom, fairness and respect in my mouth that I might represent myself well and that my enemies will be held at bay.  Pray too for Col. Riggins’ wife and children that they might not be harmed in all this.

My father worries that somehow I will get injured in this process.  He has no trust of the government and fears I will be vilified.   But I will NEVER back down from the truth- especially out of fear. Guess that’s why I call myself a rebel. I always rebel when forces stronger than myself try to intimidate me. My attacker has resources by now. But so do I. I have YOU. And I have GOD. And with him, I need fear no one. God bless you. I will get back to you with an update later.


  1. Everything you’ve said is completely fabricated. You should be ashamed. Colonel Riggins is nothing but the highest caliber individual. Your story is full of holes and you’ll pay dearly for your libel. Regardless of your reparations, The Riggins family will never be the same. A couple of minutes on the Internet with a crazy story that is demonstrably false cost them dearly. For nothing. You’ve done all of this only to bolster your readership and exploit the sexual assault headlines for personal gain. Your hated in your community and avoided in your neighborhood because of your propensity to make things up and cause real harm to good people. You’re not even allowed to go to your children school. If you were truly a Christian you would come clean about your lies. You would ask forgiveness from your readers and from our Lord. You would also need to make reparations and apologize for all the damage you’ve done to Colonel Riggins. Only then could you call yourself a Christian.

    • Really? Bolster my readership? I really don’t think I need Riggins to do that, my dear. My blog already had over 2 million hits before this story ever came about. I’ve turned down t.v. and radio interviews before this ever came up because I don’t chase fame- I believe in organic results for my blog. I left an incredibly lucrative international management consulting career to care for my children because I don’t crave money. I’ve never monetized my blogging site for advertising because I value principle over money. Whoever you are, you have missed your mark here. Every action I have ever taken in my life points me out to be an individual of an entirely different nature. I have never been defined by money or fame. I have absolutely been defined by principle. So much so that I am willing to suffer greatly for it. You may not agree with my principles, but no one can call me a liar. Not even my enemies. As for my neighborhood, I’m not sure where you are getting your information but I can assure you that it is incorrect. In enjoy a beautiful relationship with my neighbors, save one (hey, who doesn’t have one neighbor that doesn’t like them?). Some may not agree with my politics, but we are all very friendly with each other. As to the slander concerning my child’s school, I would be very careful, if I was you. Such lies can get YOU into trouble. I have played and will continue to play, an active part in my children’s school. I was voted the PTA president one year. How’s that for you? You, on the other hand, are most certainly not a Christian as no Christian would pass such quick judgement on such a case until they had the facts. And so, I don’t think I will take your recommendations under advisement.

      • Lol. International management consulting? Seriously? What is that exactly? You have zero experience that would suggest you know the first thing about international business or management. More lies.
        As for monetizing your blog, you’d actually need a sponsor that believed you were in any way credible before they’d pay to advertise on your space.
        Thou shalt not lie.

      • Coward. You are too nasty and afraid to leave your name, face or email address. Note that I live out loud, giving my real name and face? That, to me, is the sign of an honest person. Only evil people hide in the dark, taking pot shots they can’t prove.

      • For example, I know that you are also, “You’re Aliar” that left the remark on 2015/09/19 at 7:55 pm. See how easy it is to track you? That nasty little IP address. What a pesky little tag that is… huh? There is no hiding in this digital world. How do you think they deliver any electronic products to you? Oh, by the way. That’s the work I was doing during my MANAGEMENT CONSULTING days in Germany. And in California. I am an expert in Customer Service systems for …..TELECOMMUNICATIONS. You know, you call someone on the phone or order something online and order new phone service?? Well, guess what? A system has to deliver that service to….YOUR IP ADDRESS, right? yep. that would be me and the systems I developed. So. slam.

      • Coward? Not really. Given your propensity to make stuff up about people, I’d rather not put my identity out there. But by all means give me a call if you wish. Your years of working a customer service call bank that qualify you as an international management consultant sure have served you well. Lol.

  2. please let me know if Will is suing you as I want to be able to support you! I’ve worked for this man for over a year and my life has not been the same since. I continue to be abused by my administration due to his abuselies and deceitfulness. many tears that I have shed have been for you as well. please email me at the email address below.

    • Hello, anonymous, I blocked out your name and your email address for your safety and security although I have written them down on my side. I can’t email you as you live in VA. Should I email you, I would be subjecting myself to VA’s jurisdiction, which I refuse to do. However, if you wish to leave me your phone number, which will not be printed online, then we will see what we can do. I’m sorry that you are suffering under this man’s influence. I can tell you that you are not the first woman to come to me with the same complaint. You are the second such woman under his command to come to me. So don’t feel alone. It was for women such as yourself that I came forward to testify to the U.S. Army about my rape. Yes, Wil is still pursuing me with his lies. His lawyer is a proven liar with absolutely no ethics whatsoever. The two men are peas in a pod. Thus far, they have had their way in court. Powerful men have a way of getting their way in the world while women just get raped and smashed to the ground. It is the way with this world. Until we kill ourselves and our blood runs red on the ground, they are not satisfied. Until we hang ourselves, no one will even bat their eyes at the behavior of evil men. That is the truth of this world, I’m afraid. Justice is not to be had in this lifetime. That is for sure. I am interested in what you have to say but I am not sure what help you can bring at this point. Thank you, Susan

  3. Reb, Philippians 4:19 comes to mind as I read your latest post. You had a “need” not for revenge but for the truth to be known. And who better to reveal truth than Jesus who is The Truth. Not only will I continue to pray for you but for Riggins eternal destiny as well. Shalom Reb… John

    • Thanks, John. I heard from a reader of mine (who is also a work colleague of his) that he retired recently. I have my defense ready to go. It is very simple and very good. I have had extremely good counsel and I know what I am doing. The law and the truth are both on my side. I can’t believe that he truly wishes to go to court but if he does, then I am more than ready. It is good to pray for him- I go in circles about that. Some days, I have the perfect grace to do so and then, others, I am more challenged in that area! I am certainly not perfect.

  4. Prayers to you that God will give you strength and peace and that justice and truth will prevail !!! COL Riggings officially retired from the Army today.

  5. I appreciate and welcome your advice and counsel. You are right, COL Riggins is very sneaky, You continue to be in my prayers for strength and courage. God bless you.

    • stay brave and keep your eyes on God. HE will bring all justice someday. This life is extremely short. Even if Jesus doesn’t come in this life, what is 50 years for eternal beings? I am patient in the Lord. Rest in peace and don’t worry about him. You have a bigger task to carry out: take the Good News and tell it to all you know. Live to serve so that they will live as you will live. Do that and he will seem a distant concern.

  6. I currently work indirectly with COL Wil Riggins. I have come to question his integrity and honesty on several occasions. Due to the nature of the federal government, I must be careful in how I bring my concerns to my senior leadership. I will pray for you and hope that God provides you the strength and courage to continue to tell you all the will hear about the experiences you had with this person. No one should have been experienced the trauma you have gone through. The only solace is God is good and his Will will prevail

    • Hi Brave Heart, well, he lied during this rape investigation. He also got a few friends to lie. He got one of my friends to lie baldly to the investigators in such a manner that I was left speechless. Normally, there is no statute of limitations for rape in the military. He found a loophole and a strategy to keep him out of jail and in the Army. That is really too bad. If he can still lie to this degree- and commit conspiracy with others (probably by giving them the sob story of how his wife and children would suffer) to also lie, he is capable of any wrong doing. Wil is about Wil. And that is about all. He is a sneaky indeed. I would indeed be careful in reporting. You may even wish to consider if it is worth it. Make sure you have proof- or at least extremely compelling circumstantial evidence. I think he would do about anything to hurt another person to protect himself. I believe I found someone to counter his lie. So, he is not sitting pretty with his upper management. Good luck. P.s. I feel I must warn you about revenge. As I don’t know the details of your situation, it is difficult to advise. But I do know this: I didn’t bring my story to the Army. I simply wrote about it in response to a news article about rape in the military. It was by God’s own design that my article came to the attention of Quantico! So I can not be blamed for wishing revenge on Wil. His own past has caught up with him. Please don’t report him out of anger, jealousy or spite. If you do it, make sure it is for a moral reason- that his actions are hurting others. God will take vengeance for us. My story is proof. So, pray before you act.

  7. Susan– I’m glad I came across your story, and I’m proud of you for having lived with this crime and for having thrived regardless. I was a cadet at WP in the last class without women. An upperclassman intentionally broke my arm. Long story, but I also wanted to get away from the place as quickly as I could, and did so. Your essay resonated with the same feelings I had.

  8. Praying for you. I think you would be doing the right thing; chances are, if he has done this before once and gotten away with it, he probably did it again later…I know it won’t be easy, but keep on doing it for the right reason. I think his goal of the one star is going to be gone…

  9. Praying for you Susan – shared on FB and asked for prayers. You will be victorious in this battle. God will not let you down. God bless you. Let’s pray some great good will come of all this.

    • Thanks Ruby. It was hard to reflect upon the entire event. And it is not easy to admit my unbelievable drunkenness that night. God has brought me incredible strength over the past 27 years. I am not what I was. God has perfect timing.

  10. God is good. Gives some meat to “be sure your sins will find you out”.. Praying for you and asking the Lord to give you favor during this difficult time. You are a winner.

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