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Women Are Apparently To Blame For Rape in The U.S. Military- Where’s The Pukebag?

rapeMany of you are aware that I am involved in an Army rape case dating back to 1986. The person who was raped is me- by a fellow West Point cadet who is about to become a general. I wrote a blog article naming my rapist (not the first, nor the last, I’m sure) in response to a FOX news article that indicated Congress’ threat to take rape prosecutions away from the military. I wrote my piece, not out of revenge, but to lend credibility to this horrible reality in the Army- specifically at West Point. This rape cost me dearly as I quit shortly thereafter- the maliciously anti-female environment during 1983-1986 was horrifying enough- the rape and the remorseless rapist were the last straw. Thus, I lost my commission in the military and was thrust upon a destructive, emotionally unwell path that required another four years of college to finish my degree, failed relationships and a decade of suicidal thoughts. All while my rapist went on to a glorious path in the military- even to the point of becoming a general. The ARMY contacted me- not the other way around- so no one can claim I am some spurned lover or some vengeful woman from my rapist’s past. If so, I would have been the one to report him- not the Army. And I would have done it long before now, wouldn’t I? I didn’t even know he was up for a generalship until the Army investigator told me. And this is what finally made up my mind to follow through with an official accusation. I will not tolerate a rapist as a general in the Army I love in the country I love. We desperately need men of high moral character in the generalship of our nation. God knows, with the new executive orders in place, we will need them.

My father’s dread was that the Army would attempt to portray me as some wonton woman, some whore who deserved to be raped. Or someone of such low moral fiber that rape could be somehow confused with consensual sex. I poo-pooed this worry- not because I didn’t think they would try (although I HAD hoped for better), but because I KNOW I will utterly pound anyone who attempts to malign me or my character. Is not being raped enough for the Army? Is that not enough destruction upon females? But no. Clearly not. Indeed, I am being asked questions about how many cadets’ BEDrooms I ever visited, what I was wearing, do I remember such and such party, did I date this cadet or other, did I have sex with other cadets, did I accept car rides from other cadets, etc!!!  The investigator also had the nerve to request permission to obtain ALL my medical records without specifying why he wanted them.  I had told them that they could ONLY use my medical records about the two exit interviews I was forced to complete with two Army captain psychologists before the Army would release me.  They already know that no rape kit was done (they didn’t even exist then).  So.  Why do they want ALL my medical records?  Are they trying to assess MY mental stability?  Or whether I had some sexually transmitted disease??  I ask you, America, is there a puke bag somewhere for me???

Interestingly enough, I was asked to not remark on this investigation until it was finished.  Guess what, Army?  No.  Way.  If you think for one moment that I will tolerate any kind of shaming or blaming for a rapist’s sick mind, you have another thing coming.  Let us see how much the public appreciates that line of questioning.

As if rape is about SEXUALITY! The civilian courts understand that rape is not about lust- it is about the mental illness of the rapist. It is about power, control, obsession and sometimes, punishment. But clearly, the Army is still in the 1950’s where rape is the woman’s fault. Interestingly enough, my character back in West Point was innocent. Sure, a make out session here or there- but I was as innocent as a college girl could possibly get. I had one boyfriend. And I had him as my boyfriend for almost 15 years. And yet, the questions. It truly pisses me off. No one will question my character or my morality. Just put me in a court room, baby, and see how far you get with that line of questioning, buddy.   Get it right, Army, if you want my further cooperation.  ***steam****

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  1. I was beaten, raped and sodomized by an E8 Army Top during The 1986 Hell on Wheel Field Maneuvers on January 31st 1986. This date was also my 30th Birthday and I was an E5 Sargent serving at Ft Hood Texas as a Decentralized Mainframe Computer Technician. That day I was responsible for the M50 Machine Gun Guard Station to protect our DMOC. During my capture attempts to neutralize the 5 Ton Truck with 7 enemy infiltrators that stormed my position: enters the Fi.rst Sargent attempting to stop them with his 45 Calibur side arm. He was killed with a grenade thrown from the truck and became belligerent and abusive to me when the Referee credited the Capture/Kill to me, a female SGT. I had to run to my foxhole and turn the 50Cal 180 degrees to get a shot at the enemy.

    While I was still firing my attacker came at me in the fox hole and began to tell me that I would kill his men and that I had no business being in “His” Army. He continued to tell me what he thought I was and what would be an appropriate job for me and there was only one. NURSE.

    That night he came to the 10 Tool Truck that I drove and slept in when in the field since I was parts person for our Technicians. I wrote a program to track our parts for order and ease of retrieval should we require one for repair.
    I won a “Soldier of God” award for my participation in the breast milk donations on Ohau Hawaii in late 1982. i won another for teaching Childrens Bible School two days per week at the Memorial Chapel in Fort Hood in early 1985.
    I won a trip to Australia for my participation in the Solider of the Quarter and Year competition and being a winner.
    I was due to be promoted to E6 at the end of the year in 1986 just before I would be stationed in Pisa Italy. This by the way, this was my dream request and I actually was assigned to a 3 YEAR TOUR OF ITALY AND EUROPE!
    My attacker stalked me and treated to kill my little blonde son who was 18 months old when this happened. I quite talking to my chain of command from that point on.

    I agree with EVERY WORD YOU HAVE SAID.

    Peace baby, Keep it Real

    suzanne laurie

    • Suzanne, I highly encourage you to report this rape to CID- especially if you are still in the military. I am being sued by my attacker right now but my mistake is that I wrote about the rape and used his name in public. You can avoid this headache by not writing about it until you get a conviction. At the very minimum, you must report it. I know for a fact that it is against the law for him to retaliate in any way against you and if he even tries, he will go to Leavenworth. Turn him IN.

  2. Susan, is there anything we as your supporters can do to help you other than pray for a victory and a denial as general to this piece of crap?

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