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Is The Church Ready for the End Times? Are you?

Is the Church Prepared?

Is the Church Prepared?

As we watch Obama and Europe storm into Syria against the wishes of all represented populations, we need to understand that the People are no longer in control.  We sit like dazed zombies as our governments just do what they want.  Only an ostrich can fail to see that we are in the end times.  Oh, I’ve heard the mantra, “Everybody has said that before and it never happened.”  Perhaps.  But today is not like any other day.  Today, it is more than possible to fulfill everything in the prophecies.

The RFID chips are commonplace.  They are simply not forced into our bodies yet.  The borders are loaded up with all the tech needed to stop anyone the government wishes to stop from leaving.  Cameras, drones, and even legal authorization to arrest and kill enemies of state are all at the ready.  Israel is all alone and bristling for a massive attack from its ancient enemies.  Never have they failed to have the full support of America until now.  We, the ‘saints’ are all quite helpless- we really are- as prophesied in the bible.  And Christian heads are being struck from their bodies as I write.  And even American Christians are rotting in prison for their faith.

I don’t mean to strike fear into your hearts. I don’t.  But the logic and the math are all there- they weren’t before.  People had to fudge to figure out how the prophecies could possibly and pragmatically be carried out.  No one could figure out how the mark of the beast could really and truly create a situation where people could not buy or sell.  I mean, they could barter or use gold or cash, right?  But now we have digital money- we’ve been conditioned to using cards as ‘money’.  No one will take gold or a chicken swap from you, will they?   If your digital money is linked to your national ID number and that number is programed into that chip, then you literally can’t even use cash to buy food.  Every store, doctors office, hospital, train station, airline and home is now connected electronically.  You can’t travel (escape), go to the doctor’s office or eat without digital money once cash is dispensed with.  And just think about all that dollar printing!  The almighty dollar has become a joke- it really has become just paper.  These RFID chips can also be used to track your very location via gps.  Many of us blithely volunteer for all of this.  Even being tracked in our cars, with our phones and even tags on our kids.

We are like little flies in a massive, sticky web.

And consider this:  almost every church today is known by the same government who wishes to destroy Christ’s message.  We have voluntarily given away all our privacy and freedom of speech for money.  For tax breaks.  And every church has records of every Christian who attends.  Down to our home addresses, phone number, and family members.  How hard is it to track each of us down?

The election is now a complete farce.  ONE MAN now owns 80% of all election machines that were used in 2012.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there will be no free election from this point forward.

The government now has legal permission to kill any citizen it considers a threat.

The government now has legal permission to spy on every citizen and to store all that data that can be used later to find and destroy them.

The Progressives are hot on the heels of their dream:  one world government.  If you think this will be decades off- or more, than you aren’t paying attention.  Obama has transformed our world in his few years in office.  If you believe Obama has any intention of leaving office, you need to think again.  Either he will have a third or fourth or limitless term or we will see him at the United Nations- I will bet on a new position being created:  The President of the United Nations.   Either way, he will not go away.

No.  These Progressives feel the prize within their grasp.  They are moving quickly now.  That is why we are rushing into Syrian.  We will see only a whirlwind from this point on.

Friends, our churches and our pastors need to wake up to this reality.  Danger is right around the corner.  Unfortunately, pastors and churches have been 501c entities for so long now that most people don’t think politics belong in church.  Many pastors believe that politics is not relevant to church.  Or they have become so convinced that the corporate model is the only model for churches that they fear losing their legal status if they speak out against this clear evil in our government.  How many pastors have even peeped about gay marriage from the pulpit?  Without their guidance, most Christians feel weak and alone in this matter.  They MUST speak up or they fail their flock.  The day the pastors stand up and provide strong leadership is the day Christians will stand up individually.  But right now, we are weak and leaderless.  The pulpit is not free to speak!

Within the next five years, churches will be forced to decide between the tax break and God.  Because the homosexual agenda will force it.  Will your pastor wed a homosexual couple?  If they do, your church is useless and lost.  Leave.  If they won’t, they will lose their license to ‘legally’ marry or bury anyone.  So, we Christians will be forced to marry without our government recognizing our marriage!  What a turn around!  Gay marriage will be recognized but Christian marriage will not.

So, pastors, Christians, ARE YOU READY?? Have you thought this through?  Do you have a PLAN??  Do you have a STRATEGY?  Or are you just hoping that this, too, will pass?  Because it won’t pass.  It can’t.  There are just too many massive geopolitical forces all crushing toward a certain destiny.  If you have the courage to truly look and to see what the only logical conclusion of these world events must be, then you must act.  And you had better do it now.


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