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It’s Official: Bush Is A Traitor and We Have Been Had

bush the progressive

Listen People,

We have all been fools.  I have long waffled on Bush- I so wanted to love him & Laura.  I so wanted to believe the hokey guy from Texas that made funny bloopers despite being the most powerful man on earth.  He seemed so… human.  But the doubts kept niggling my mind. He is the one who introduced the ‘legality’ of calling a U.S. Citizen an ‘enemy combatant’ so that he could be deprived of all rights guaranteed by the Constitution & all law.  Obama has used this to further claim that the U.S. military can now arrest, detain and kill us with drones or any other method available.  He is the one who brought us the Dept. of Homeland Security- the most evil organization in the world.  He is the one, who out of the blue, made that bizarre announcement about Iran, Iraq and North Korea- I still remember my shock.  ‘Axis of Evil’?  Who says stuff like that?

But yesterday ended all doubt:  he is a traitor.  He has made it transparent that he is as evil a Progressive than Obama ever was.  Bush has just volunteered up the military to back Obama’s move into Syria.  The military is made up of mostly conservative people.  They love Bush- as do many of you.  But telling Obama that he will have the backing of the U.S. military is a clear clarion call to the average soldier to support Obama.  Also, to say Assad is a bad & dangerous man is to shore up Obama’s  standing among the rank & file whom he has abused terribly in recent years.  ‘If Bush backs the war,’ thinks the average soldier, ‘then I will back it too’.   Where has Bush been as Obama has ruined our nation?  He has been as silent as a mouse.  Until now.   Didn’t we long for him to speak out as Obama systematically ignored the Constitution and made illegal law after law?   Yet he was strangely, strangely silent.   But here!  Look!  Up pops his head in this auspicious moment in history!  Is it to stop war?  NO.  It is to ENCOURAGE it- even though he knows Israel will be attacked and the world tensions will explode.  It can’t get any clearer.  He is a traitor to God and country.

There is NO good reason to go into Syria.  And they know it.  No one is buying this excuse about the chemical weapons.  I believe we used them if they were used at all.  Assad knew it would seal his fate.  He didn’t need chemical weapons.  They must fear that the military will balk at the fundamental levels:  the troops- when this gets ugly.  This statement by Bush is proof of his loyalties.

Remember Bush standing at Ground Zero with his arms draped oh, so, lovingly around that valiant fireman?  I now believe he knew it would happen and based on the pure evil of these Progressive politicians, I even believe that dear old Bush helped plan that event.  Just THINK of the evil that would be required to do that!  It is so monstrous that most of us were unable to wrap our minds around it.  And we rejected it.  But I now think it is true.  That was the first domino to fall.  EVERYTHING has come about because of that one event.  And Bush was in charge.  And here he is again at the next crucible of time.

Oh, America!  Oh, World!  We have been duped!  We are just stupid puppets.  How they must laugh and laugh at how dumb we are.

But we can no longer be Sheeple!  STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME!  We are NOT Republicans or Democrats.  We are AMERICA!  Stop choosing sides and understand the TRUTH.  There are no sides.  They are all Progressives and their goal is the end of our sovereign nation in favor of a One World Government.  You and me, People.  WE are this nation.  We may not be able to stop them, but we can still REFUSE TO PLAY THEIR GAME!  Band together- all of you.  If you have EVER believed in Christ as a child, then come back home.  We need to stick together.  War is coming to America.

I predict that with the incredible amount of death that is right around the corner, the world will finally clamor for the Solution:  a UN that has a president and a real military that can govern the nations with real power and force them to ‘behave’.  All to prevent WWIII !   And I further predict that Obama will use that mysterious war chest that is bursting at the seams with foreign gold to ‘win’ that presidential election.  Hillary will be the president of a budding American Union.  And Israel will be fighting for their life.  Damascus will be razed to the ground.   Parts of Lebenon will be destroyed and Israel will take the lands of Syria & Lebanon that have been prophesied for thousands of years to be part of the end days Israel.  The Israelis have already established the Levites once more as their priests and are busy building the Holy Temple.  They already have built the altar.  All they need is the LAND- and guess what is sitting on the site of the Holy Temple?  A big Muslim temple.  Well, if the Muslims all attack Israel, I’m not sure Israel will fell inclined to preserve that thing.  They say they can build a temple in a matter of years.  Two,  I believe.  So… it is very possible we will see the Obamination standing in the Temple within a matter of years, not decades or centuries.

Friends, I will take a chance here and I will peg Obama as the Anti-Christ.  It makes sense to me.  The bible points out that the Beast will have Middle Eastern roots (Assyrian).  Well.  Obama’s daddy was a Muslim.  The ancient Assyrian kingdom reached far down the Nile river into Africa. His ancient family needed only to migrate about 500 miles south in 2,000 years  from there to live in modern day Kenya- not a hard feat.  He is unstoppable- as predicted.  They already call him the Messiah- as predicted.  The world loves him and no one knows why- as predicted.   The world is under a powerful delusion- as predicted.  He succeeds in all he does- just as the bible predicts.  But not by his own power, but by the power of satan- all predicted.  We even joke that he is the ‘Obamanation’.  The Beast is also referred to as the ‘Abomination that Causes Desolation’.  And the bible told us that when the Abomination stands in the Temple of Israel, that is how we will know that the end is near.  Well, let’s just see what our little Dictator will do.

Do not fear him or anything that is to come.  God has promised to provide for us.  And I lean in on that.  My friend, Sandra Hays Drachen recently told me that David ran toward Goliath.  We must also run at Goliath.  With fierceness, boldness, and the full assurance in our heart that we will WIN this victory.  Our Savior is right around the corner, Friends.  So don’t fret.  But watch.  Watch carefully.  If I am wrong, then no harm done.  If I am right, then we will be prepared.  I accept the risk of looking the fool.  Will you do so with your fellow man?

_______________’excerpt from article:_________________

Mr. Bush, a Republican, said that if Mr. Obama, a Democrat, decides to use the military he will have the “greatest military ever backing him up” and said that during his two terms in office “I was not a fan of Mr. Assad.

“He’s an ally of Iran and he’s made mischief,” Mr. Bush said on Fox and Friends. “The president is going to have to make a tough decision.”


  1. Little Rebel:

    I hope you realize that the presidency is not the most powerful position in the world. In fact, the president is just a front man…a puppet on a string. I hope that you will come to understand that our country (and the world) are run by wealthy elitists who run the show from behind closed doors (the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to name a few). There is no Democratic Party and there is no Republican Party – there is only the Puppeteer and his marionettes. Both political parties and their pundits hang from his strings and are, not only on the same team, but sleep in the same bed with one another (this is exactly why the status quo never changes in Washington D.C.).

    The Democratic and Republican Party are the left and right legs and left and right arms of the same monster. When a democrat is elected…the beast steps onto its left leg – then when a republican is elected…it shifts to its right leg. What you are witnessing is the locomotion of evil incarnate…as it takes us on a stroll straight toward our destruction. The only question is if our Heavenly Father will allow this beast to succeed in its endeavors. And, if so…for how long?

    Peace be with you – C.J. Sledgehammer

      • Susan:

        I am most happy that you have come to know our Lord and Savior, Christ Yeshua. You have come a long way in life and have undergone a great transformation. Yes, you have come a long way, but are you willing to walk a little further? Are you steadfast in your beliefs and confident in God’s grace, such that, you would allow me to shake the very pillars of your faith? If you are willing…I can reveal to you some of the heresies the contemporary Christian church has been promoting for the past 100 years – some of which are seen in your commentary above. I am here, not as your judge, but as a loving and honorable older brother in the faith. Should you want to take the next step in faith, and come to a greater understanding of God’s Word (as it was intended by God…but not how it’s been twisted by man), please let me know.

        P.S. The “Anti-Christ” is not Barack Obama – although he is said to be the “first gay president” and Michelle (his wife), whom he has called “Michael”, is thought (by some) to be a transgendered male.

        Peace be with you

      • Sledgehammer, I find it interesting that you persist in calling yourself my older brother in ‘the’ faith. By every account, I am clearly your superior in biblical knowledge. Further, it is clear to me, based on previous discussion on the other blog, that you refuse to obey Christ’s teachings and instead, insist on doing whatever you ‘feel’ like doing. Also, instead of answering another Christian’s perfectly laid out scriptural commentary and questions, you refuse and instead use completely unsubstantiated, uneducated and plainly ignorant interpretations of Apostle Paul’s writings to tell me to basically shut up as a woman in the church! How very laughable of you. Why in the world, based on your previous behavior, would I ever want to hear a thing from you about ‘the’ faith? All that I need to know about Christ is in the Bible, my friend. Therein lies all Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom. I have but One Teacher and he is Jesus Christ. He has sent me the Holy Spirit to help me. If I choose a human being to edify me in scripture, it will be someone that has demonstrated 1) OBEDIENCE to God 2) the ability to logically think and reason 3) the WILL to seek truth above the desire to be right. You, my friend, have none of these traits. So excuse me, Sledgehammer, if I decline this amazing offer of yours. I believe I am just fine as I am. This will be your final comment on my page.

  2. I fully agree. I’m from Texas and wanted to believe in Bush too, but so many of his actions have shown who he really is and probably who he has been working for. He is following in his father’s footsteps toward the New World Order. Did you see the video where Bush senior laughs at the “fact” that a lone gunman shot JFK? He could not keep from giggling to himself that he pulled one over on the US public as the head of the CIA. John Kennedy said that there was an effort to enslave the entire population of the US and that he stood against it. He was then quickly killed in Dallas.

  3. Google murky news to learn more about the Bush family.
    Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show gives reasons for this war.

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