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Obama Seeks Permission To Have a Loooooog War

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So. Obama says he will seek Congressional approval to put troops in Syria. Know why? So he can have a LOOOONG war in the Middle East with all the funding he needs. So he can’t be stopped once he begins. We have all seen how CONGRESS is nothing more than Progressives posing as opposite teams while in the backroom, they all smoke cigars together and laugh at the American People. I began seeing the pattern of these Progressives in May 2011. I wrote a piece that predicted the next actions of Obama and the Progressives. That piece is called Is It Ineptitude or Is President Obama Crazy Like a Fox. I saw and predicted that Obama would absolutely put troops into Syria early last year in a piece called Why Turkey Cares So Much About the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis. I also wrote an article about the People of Syria, whom I believe truly want to be free.   But I also wrote that they needed to free themselves- not with outside effort. I wrote that other nations would try to use their situation to further their political ends- ie, install the Muslim Brotherhood.  It has all happened.

Let me ask you: WHY could I predict the future so accurately? Am I some kind of guru? No! It is because I have the right glasses on. You must realize that the media is owned & operated by Progressives. These people put Obama in place- as well as all the progressive politicians in Congress. They are all on the same team. Sure, there are some good people in Congress- but they are too few. They lack the money & influence to change anything. And the election booths are now a joke. Mia Love & Allen West LOST the last election. I have no doubt it was through CHEATING that they lost. The People loved those two. But all the good ones (that are vulnerable) are being systematically weeded out.

Just yesterday, I was explaining the politics around the Syrian war to come  to my 9 year old and his best buddies.  They sat there, open eyed, as I told them that politics is just like a family & neighborhood.  I explained how if you went and hit some kid, the kids brothers & friends will probably come and hit you back.  I told them that to understand politics, you need to know who everyone is and who everyone’s friends are.  But that is not good enough.  You need to know what everyone really needs.  And you need to see how many people each person is ‘friends’ with only because they need something from that person (I explained this because my boy’s friend said he saw Putin and Obama shaking hands).  And you need to know what you need too.  And you need to be honest about why you are ‘friends’ with.  Do you really like them or do you just like the kid’s cool skateboard and big driveway?  I told them that if they want to understand politics, you can’t listen to the news.  You need to read and study all these things about each country.  Only then will their strategy and plan make perfect sense.  They understood this perfectly and I hope went away a little wiser.

Americans. We are no longer in control. That is not a paranoid illusion. It is the truth. We can not stop the Progressives now- not even if all of us banded together. The ONLY way to stop them is a full out civil revolt where tens of thousands will die. Without ‘hard proof’, no one will do this- and I can’t advocate it. It doesn’t ‘feel’ like the right thing to do. We are going to war. Obama going to Congress is nothing more than obtaining full permission to destroy the Middle East, Israel and America as we know it. America and the World: fall down on your knees and pray fervently for the return of Christ. We are in the end days. I just know it.


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