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Was Navy Shipyard Shooter Given Preferential Treatment Because He Was Black?

Aaron Alexis continually received preferential treatment because he was a black man. That is why Obama wants to sweep this under the rug.

Aaron Alexis continually received preferential treatment because he was a black man. That is why Obama wants to sweep this under the rug.

Okay. Now I KNOW that this story is real & has nothing to do with Oh, Bummer! or the Progressives. Know how? Because Obama just brushed it off quickly so that he could blast the GOP for not passing his budget today. When it behooves the Progressive agenda, Obama will have a special press appearance and will wax poetic till the cows come home. This event will only hurt him. It appears to be a situation of preferential treatment by the Navy because he was black. This preferential treatment led directly to Aaron Alexis getting a cush job as a sub contractor (even though the Navy was completely aware of his criminal past) at the Navy Shipyard- which led directly to this mass murder.

Also, Alexis had a known criminal record- there is no way he could have legally obtained those guns. Which shows that the gun laws we have are not being followed. In fact, one has to wonder if those who were killed at the shipyard were forced to be DISARMED to work there. One properly armed person would have saved all those lives. This proves how ineffective gun laws are as they disarm the good citizen and have no effect on the criminal.

Aaron Alexis, a former Navy man (2007- 2011), sounds to be an angry black man who viewed himself as a VICTIM of racism. All who knew him spoke of his constant complaining about white people hating his skin color. While he was in the Navy, he “he thought he never got a promotion because of the color of his skin. He hated his commander.”

BEFORE he joined the Navy, he was arrested in May 6, 2004 in Seattle for firing three rounds from a Glock 30 .45 caliber pistol at a car belonging to construction workers. The owner of the car told police that Alexis had never even spoken to him beforehand.

Why did the Navy allow him to enlist when his public record showed this? Why allow him near weapons of war? Why allow him in sensitive areas?

While still in the Navy, Alexis was again arrested in Fort Worth in 2010 after firing a gun up into his upstairs neighbor because she was ‘too loud’. He missed her by a matter of a couple feet, leaving her terrified of him. Again, why wasn’t he discharged dishonorably from the Navy at that point? And why wasn’t he imprisoned? WHY did the Navy go on to hire him later as a subcontractor at the Naval yard? Had he been properly disciplined in 2010, NONE of these people would have died.

Why did the Navy allow him, after he left the Navy, to be a subcontractor (via Hewlett Packard) at the Navy shipyard when they knew of his dangerous criminal history? Was it because he was black? Had they never hired (TWICE!) this known & dangerous criminal, none of those people at the Navy yard would be dead today.

A senior defense official told Fox News he had a “history of misconduct” while in the Navy. But Alexis continued to feel that the only reason he wasn’t promoted was RACISM. There was racism going on alright, but it was reverse racism. A blind eye was turned BECAUSE he was black. Punishment was withheld BECAUSE he was black. And he was rehired as a sub contractor, even though the Navy knew he was psychotic, because he was black.

And rather than appreciate all this, he was incensed that he wasn’t promoted on top of it! Affirmative action and ‘social justice’ only leads to a black hole of victimhood which can never be satisfied. It just wants and wants more. And it creates a deep anger in the people it is supposed to help. It reflects on every aspect of Oh, Bummer!’s leadership. And that is how we know he had nothing to do with this. I have no doubt he wants this to disappear as quickly as possible.


  1. Disarmed? One could say that, since Clinton made all American military installations gun free zones by executive order in 1993 or so.

  2. My son, a Navy veteran, is also an IT ‘guy’ and his top secret clearance which is required for that kind of work was almost denied because he simply had too much debt compared to assets. (apparently that would make a person vulnerable to blackmail or bribing). And it isn’t millions of debt either. We were talking about this yesterday and I asked my husband how this guy got a clearance when our son couldn’t and he said ‘because he’s not black’.

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