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Food Should Be Free- But We’re Evil, So It’s Not

vegetablesThis year is the very first year I tried to grow food. I have a giant garden full of blooming trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials. But never have I grown something to eat. I got curious and cleared a TINY bit of soil to plant some experimental foods. I wanted to know if I could grow something and then figure out how to store it without refrigeration- you know, can it, bottle it, dry it, ect. So I only planted ONE tomato plant, 2 cabbage heads, 2 broccoli plants, one green bean plant, one basil, one hot pepper, three pumpkins, three squash and literally threw some carrot seeds all around. I. was. SHOCKED by what happened. lol! ONE tomato plant made so many tomatoes that my tee shirt was pulling way down, weighted with so many tomatoes! I did this twice so far. And there are many more ripening. So many ripened before I could pick them that they fell off the vine and are rotting under the plant- perfect for new plants next year! And my green bean plant?? OH! to see those amazing, fat and wonderful beans draping off the trellis! I could not be more delighted then picking these green beans. The squash are yielding a massive crop. I was tickled pink to see broccoli heads and cabbage heads (smaller than expected but still cool). I got to thinking, “Why should food cost ANYTHING?” God is so GENEROUS!! One, itty bitty seed produced all THIS?? And what did I have to do but drop them in the ground and WATER? It is all FREE. God just makes food grow. For free. Just sitting there in all his abundant love. And each of these insane plants make how many more seeds?? Thousands! In a matter of three years, a person could plant a decent size farm starting with one plant. Just think if I used my entire 1/4 acre plot! I would be able to not only feed my family through harvest time, but through the winter too. Geez, just throw in some chickens and we could live well. We could just go to market for variety and fun. Or we could trade with our friends who grew wheat and baked bread and other friends who grew pigs or milk cows.

So why does fresh food cost so much?? I didn’t use a single chemical. I didn’t use any fertilizer but the composting I normally use every two years or so for the garden beds. Admittedly, the pumpkins are way smaller than those massive things in the store- but hey, you still get more than you need. And yes, I could have sprayed for cabbage moths- but netting would have worked too. It was all 100% organic! I think of the cost of organic food in the store and wonder. Truly wonder.

Food is given to us for free. If we were diligent, we could each feed ourselves quite well- well, if you own a little land, that is. Apartment dwellers would have a tough time. But WHY does food cost so much?

Then, I figured it out. It is because we are stupid! lol! Yes, stupid! If mankind were not evil, we would have figured out that these massive, centralized farms are a bad idea. If there were little micro farms in all our back yards with some communal farms for apartment dwellers, we could make food cost almost nothing. DE-centralization is the answer. When farms need massive equipment to harvest massive farms and then need to pay for massive semi trucks, trains and air planes to transport it to massive stores with massive electricity bills, the the cost of all that petroleum and machinery is what you are buying. If farms were small and local, one could pick from hundreds of little farms in their area to get home grown organic bacon, lamb, beef, etc. But because we have governments who make laws and greedy people who look for profit, we can’t do the most obvious thing in the world. IF all evil were removed from the earth, we could feed ourselves at such little cost that we wouldn’t even need to work very hard. All I could see was God’s incredible generosity and man’s inevitable need to destroy all that is good. Makes me shake my head.


  1. Thanks for sharing your expirience in homegrown vegetables, it inspired me to do the same, and hopefully share this with as many people as possible, the more independent we are, the less control government has over us!

  2. Good point!
    Sometimes local governments make it hard (on purpose, I think) for people to grow gardens or have a few chickens by all their rules and regulations!! Then you hear Mrs Obama talking about “food deserts” and you wonder why isn’t she encouraging people to grow their OWN food, and not depend on stores?

    • that was what I thought as I was picking my tomatoes and beans. I thought, “WOW! God gives us food for free. Unbelievable! So WHY THE HECK does it cost so much. And then I realized why: sin.

  3. Unfortunately, Evil is as Evil does and our Government has taken sides with evil Monsanto. It won’t be long until our government will not allow home gardens if Monsanto has it’s way. Monsanto’s GMO Seeds will eventually replace the seeds that God has provided for us. There are only a handful of natural seed companies out there. These natural seed companies are being forced out of business by government entities through taxes, rules and regulations. The federal government sides with Monsanto in almost every case that Monsanto brings to court against natural seed farmers. Keep in mind that the GMO Seeds Monsanto is selling do not self propagate. You are forced to re-buy your seeds from them for the following year. God provided for us and I know he will continue to do so. Unfortunately, Satan( Monsanto) is doing everything in their power to try to stop the Lords Bounty from reaching his children.

  4. The food actually tastes better if you grow it yourself regardless. Plus it gives you some sort of pride when you are eating it of what food is worth in terms of efforts!

  5. If you live in a city, I suppose you have to buy what is available. I live in Pennsylvania, Ahmish country. You want fresh it is all over the place. They til their fields with horses and 18th century equipment and the Corn is massive flelds as far as the eye can see. If you take a ride in the country late July you can see nothing because of the tall rows of corn and other vegetables. All of our Meat is local and grain fed.

    Progressive’s may be lazy but country folks are not. Nor are they stupid. Slow yes we dont do things in a hurry but it gets done.

    thanks for listening.

    Mark Gray.

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