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Dr. Ben Carson Slams Obamacare: As Bad As Slavery!


Please take the time to watch Dr. Carson’s recent full speech (update: original video was removed. This is a partial speech focusing on most relevant part.) to the Values Voters Summit. I see a great man here. But I know the GOP will attempt to squash him completely. I also notice that this speech received little to no media exposure. All the forces of hell are arrayed against this Godly man. America, World, please know that America no longer has two parties. We have only one- the Progressive Party. Both ‘parties’ now act in unison- under a cloak of deceit to reassure the People that we still have a champion for Good and God in the GOP. But this is not so. Everything our Congress and President do is no more than a scripted show for the ‘useful idiots’ of our nation & world. Dr. Carson truly strikes me as a genuinely Godly and sensible man. But he will need the blessing and power of God to win. Please pray for Dr. Carson and for all the politicians who truly care about doing God’s will. Pray that they do not lose heart or courage. The bible is clear that the Beast will subjugate the ‘saints’ completely- but it is also clear that it will be only for a very limited time and that the ‘saints’ (that’s you and me) will WIN in the end by the hand of God. So we still need good, Godly leaders to stick with it. Even when it looks like they have lost, they must not stop. I believe Dr. Carson will be such a leader. Pray for him. Pray for God’s will to be done. And pray for the end of evil in this world.


  1. Big mistake to say that the people are at the pinnacle of power. That is not true. The Constitution is at the pinnacle of power and the people are in agreement to uphold the Constitution. The illegal actions are the usurping of authority by imposing taxation without representation. Congress didn’t represent the people in passing that legislation and that was against the Constitution and the people now need to overthrow the legislation because it is being illegally imposed upon us.

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