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No One Could Have Thought Up The Bible

bibleIf you don’t read your bible, you have no idea what you are missing. I have been a ‘technical’ Christian since I can really remember having logical thought. By this, I mean that I’ve always known who Jesus was and I always accepted him as my Lord and Savior. This is due to my mother who made us all go to bible school every Sunday. But I never read the bible. I knew the stories from church- but not the actual scripture. I thought I knew all that needed to be known. But one day, about four years ago, I got curious and began reading a bible. I. was. transfixed. Never has a book so enchanted me. Never had I seen such profound thought. The writers, inspired by God, are geniuses. So genius that I became even more deeply convinced that GOD wrote the bible.

Further more, no man could write such a thing. No group of men could write something so pure, so symmetrical, so surprising, so counter intuitive and yet so utterly precise- and so consistent through millenniums. The timing, the prophecies, the history which confirmed the prophecies, Jesus coming in perfect, astounding and UNEXPECTED fulfillment of prophecy- who could come up with a KING who washes the dirty feet of fisherman and then tells them that THIS is how we should behave too?! NO ONE could come with all that. MANKIND has invented many pagan religions- and ALL their gods are the things of men’s desires: powerful, rich, beautiful, lots of lovers, sex, wine, freedom from all restraint! How VERY human!

Who would create a KING and GOD that tells us that we will be GREAT in his kingdom if we bow low in humility and serve the wretched among us??? Who would make up a religion where your only earthly rewards will be suffering, ridicule, no money and beatings?? I can hear them now, “HEY! I’ve got a GREAT idea! let’s make up a really cool religion! We will have a scary, powerful God who has a Son- see, he’s REALLY powerful and (the listeners like it so far.. they can’t wait to see the ‘powers’ given to this Son of God, the superhero) and, see? He LETS all the bad guys whip him, call him names and THEN, kill him in the most humiliating way possible!!! (the listeners are very perplexed right about now. The super hero DIES? even though he’s incredibly powerful?? what kind of show IS this anyway? ‘Cause it kinda sucks right now.). AAAAANNND, if people sign up for this religion, (wiggle the eyebrows).. (now the listeners are interested again. What will THEY get if they join???) .. if you sign up, see, you have to let other people beat YOU up, spit on you and slap you around, and because YOU too are so powerful (shoulders rise a little).. you need to give up your WHOLE LIFE to help the ones that are killing you! Isn’t this GREAT?? I really think this new religion will catch on like wildfire, guys, and I think people will be lining up, handing us money, even- to join!!” (at this point, the listeners are picking up rocks…)

Yeah. NO MAN would or could have thought up Jesus. Or his message. No man could have imagined the incredible way that Jesus would transform the world- eventually to create a country like America. The equality taught by Jesus literally created the Republic in which we live. How ELSE are we equal, except under the One, True God?    And who could have thought that the country that was created by Jesus’ introduction of ‘equal under God’ would be the reason that God’s prophecy of Israel’s re-creation in 1948 would be fulfilled?  Who could have known? No one.

So if you love books, knowledge, truth- or even just fantastic stories about human nature, you really need to pick up a bible. I love the NIV version- and I highly recommend a study bible for fascinating commentary. The bible is where it’s at. Be armed with the Word of God.


  1. so according to your views ,there are no lies in the bible ? them either we are living a lie, or someone lie and we make truth.,,there are plenty of evidence in the bible to make a deceiver look right, just because we can’t accept things that where told by someone else we make it believable,
    and when confronted with the truth ,we shut our ears ,eyes and mouth and let it ride as gospel truth.

  2. SLR,

    I’m curious: Do you believe that everything in the Bible is 100% true?

    Please hear me out and let me know if my line of inquiry fails at any point.

    According to some Biblical scholars, the teachings of the Bible originated roughly 3,500 years ago. At this point, there was no way to transcribe these stories and were passed down as an oral tradition. Is it reasonable to think that some error could have been introduced between the original telling and what was eventually written down generations later? If not, please give your reasoning.

    Eventually, the advent of writing allowed for these teachings to be applied to paper and preserved in a more concrete form. Unfortunately, the first printing press was not invented until roughly the year 2000. Up until this point, any writings needed to be reproduced by hand to generate new copies to either give to other people or replace decaying versions. Is it reasonable to think that some error could have been introduced due to the requirement that things be consistently copied by hand among many different “copiers”? If not, please explain your reasoning.

    Once the printing press was established, the Bible could be reproduced more reliably and with fewer typographical errors, which is great. But there is also the issue of language and translation, which you briefly touch on, as you prefer the NIV Bible. This version is based largely on the original Hebrew, although it draws from many other sources (the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Latin Vulgate, and others), while leaving out the deuterocanonical books. This presents some problems in my mind, as we must rely on the translation of very old (Greek), difficult to translate (Hebrew), and defunct (Latin) languages into English to gain access to Biblical knowledge. Plus, the inclusion of some biblical books, but not others, makes it difficult for me ascertain if all of the “correct” portions of the Bible are included and unadulterated. Is it reasonable to think that some error could have been introduced during the translation and accumulation of disparate parts of the Bible? If not, please explain your reasoning.

    Lastly, I’d like to touch briefly on politics. We would all probably agree that politics are a corrupting influence on pretty much anything that they touch. Unfortunately, it is well-documented that the church has often been intimately tied to political power, especially in the distant past. Is it reasonable to think that corrupt church officials could have selectively changed portions of the text to more greatly suit their needs, thereby changing select messages in the Bible? If not, please explain your reasoning.

    I’d like to state that this is not an attack. These are questions that have nagged at my mind for years whenever I contemplate the Bible. These questions are why it is hard for me to take everything written in the Bible as absolute truth.

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Adam. First, the bible manuscripts are the most reliable ancient texts that have EVER been written. If one throws out biblical manuscripts as unreliable, then one must throw out every single other ancient document that has ever been found. That is a mere summary of extensive research on the topic. For more detailed information, please pick up a copy of “More than a Carpenter” which will walk you through the data (which is overwhelming). The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls actually corrected a few of the clerical errors that had taken place in the King James version of the bible. But they also prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the bible has not changed at ALL since ancient times. Which is remarkable.

      This can’t be according to the will of man. Because you are right, mankind is evil. And priests have been evil from the start. So of course they would try to change things. And yet, they haven’t. Impossible. Again, it proves the hand of God. As to remembering the words of God from a handed down story, Jesus made that clear. He told the diciples that he would be sending the Holy Spirit to help them remember ALL that he had said. I have no doubt whatsoever that Moses was also helped in the exact same way. God IS God after all. How is this impossible for him?

      Oh, and YES. I believe the bible is 100% correct. One can’t say that the bible was written 3,500 years ago. That is because all the books were written by different men at different times throughout thousands of years. And yet, it is 100% cross referenced in the most meticulous, error-less and miraculous way. There are NO contradictions and no logical fallacies. The entire bible hangs together in a way that no other group of men could ever have written. And these books were written by MANY men over MANY years- there were no telephones, no data storage, no computers- no nothing that these men could have used to coordinate these things. They just WERE. The cannon of these writings was made long after the writers were dead. So they couldn’t have used each other’s writings as a baseline. The New Testament scripts were written while these men were completely alone most of the time! Miraculous.

      It is clear to me that you have never read the bible. THAT, my friend, is the answer to your question. Read it. Read it and be amazed. It is bullet proof.

      The thing is this: you can’t logically believe only part of the bible. Because if only part of the bible is true, then none of it is true. If part of it is false, then God made a mistake- or he was too weak- or he is just mean spirited. If any of these things are true about God, then he isn’t God, is he? And the ONLY book were we can find ANY information about God is the bible! So, either God is God and the ENTIRE bible is a faithful work given to mankind as a manuscript for living and for being saved or the entire thing is a huge, laughable fiction and there is no God at all. So, one must pick. If you adhere to logic and reason, then you must decide. IS God alive or is God non-existent? IF God is alive (which he is) then the Bible is real in its entirety. And if you are a man of reason and fairness, you will quickly find that NO MAN or MEN could possibly have written such a thing. Impossible. And you will find your Life. Because right now, you do not have it. Right now, you have only been born as an animal in this world. But the human animal was built to house a soul. If you do not have the Spirit of God within you, then you WILL have the spirit of satan. Again, your choice. For the good or the bad of it, you don’t get the choice to just live and die like an innocent animal. You must choose. I pray you will choose wisely.

  3. Ditto. I read mine everyday, and yes being a True worshipper of Jehovah requires sacrifces and faith beyond what most want, even the jews were expecting Jesus rejected him because he didnt fit the profile of what they wanted, a hero to free them from roman rule so they can rule over themselves (ultimatly it would be the religious rulers and the king that would) which simply means they wanted to get the taxes and tribute and make the rules over the common people. not because they want them to be free. so they missed out on life for the most part. the moral principles in the bible go contrary to what most people want and the writters were willing ti admit their errors or to remain nameless. they focused their writtings on the creator not on their own history which in most cases were humble beginnings. so people who condement the bible or discredit usually have not read it at all or didn’t do their homework or simply want to find fault so they can justify breaking God’s moral laws without fear of punishment or reprissals.

    • Hi Roberta, when I listen to how very, very hateful and shockingly sacrilegious our youth is becoming toward God, it is beginning to have the flavor of demonic possession. I don’t sense enough rational thought to imply they are angry for some reason or that they are ignorant or that they are mad that they were abused, etc. The kind of filth coming out of their mouths today has no reason. No rationale. Just evil. Vile and gross and dehumanizing evil. Our culture really is becoming like the days of Noah. Actually, I think we are already there.

      • actually we are according to bible chronology and signs we are. Ijust finished watching a video about dishonesty and I just cant believe how blantatly insensible and illogical people are, it shows how people rationalize breaking moral laws, (you know when I was growing up people justified adultury by claiming the other spouse didn’t love them or wasnt putting out enough or was hard to live with whatever) now it is we can pirate people’s property on the internet because it is only digital no real things are being stolen, no one can see me, kind of stuff, bible morality is gone even for many who say they go to church or read their bible, obviously they read it and do not get the sense of it or ignore it or lied to me when they said they read it everyday or whatever. not sure which. in fact many have lost faith in the existance of a God or satan. shameful to say the least and very dangerous how can your protect yourself from harm if you don’t see it coming? satan is working overtime hence we are in the last days and satan knows it hence he has great anger knowing his time is short.

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