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Lukewarm Christians: Beware the Company You Keep

Lukewarm-Christian1I’ve always felt that one of the most revealing things about a person is the company they keep. This was confirmed over this latest troll invasion on my Short Little Rebel page on Facebook. Liberal Lukewarmers stood side by side with the most satanic forces on earth and flooded this page with incredible amounts of hate. They, themselves, didn’t blaspheme God and Christ. But all the friends they came with did. What does this say about these Lukewarmers? They weren’t bothered by the company they brought.

One of the most evil trolls actually posted the most graphic and foul image of Christ, with his crown of thorns on his head being violently raped by a group of Roman soldiers. Truly the most sadistic and foul image I have ever seen to date. And yet, these Lukewarmers who came to my page to tell me what an apostate I am were more than happy to join forces with the likes of the individual who posted this image. They basked in the ‘likes’ of these demonic people. It didn’t bother them one bit that the people who backed them up by calling them ‘real’ Christians were actually satan worshipers. In what mindset can they say that they love Jesus? Or that they call him Lord?

These Lukewarmers want to cut the bible in half. They want all the ‘good stuff’ like everlasting life and love but they don’t want the ‘bad stuff’ like obedience and self sacrifice. These Lukewarmers know every verse that calls for forgiveness, neighborly love and warnings against unfair judgement. But they close their ears up when met with Jesus’ clear description of what loving Christ means- obedience. They say, ‘Don’t Judge’ and then come with their judgmental fingers fully extended in strident calls to stop talking about obedience. They love to quote partial scripture against judgement but they reject the call from God for us to be watchmen at the gate. They don’t want to listen how God commanded Ezekiel (and thus, us) to warn our sinning brothers that they will die for their sin and they don’t want to hear that God will hold their blood and death against us if we don’t warn them. They call for forgiveness but don’t want to hear about repentance and the cessation of sin that should be the reflection of a changed heart. They want to speak of acceptance and equality, but don’t want to hear about how a church must deny brotherhood to those who continue to sin without remorse. They want to cut the bible in half. That makes them half a Christian. Which equals exactly ‘not a Christian at all’. Because Jesus called us to not only accept all his teachings and those of his Father, but he also called on us to lay our entire lives down for him and for our fellow men. Not only does he demand the cessation of one sin- he demands that we die for him as he died for us. I don’t think Lukewarmers understand this principle at all. Do you?


  1. I was still clinging to the dead flesh there wasn’t I? πŸ™‚ trying to lean on my own understanding. The more I read the Bible, the more I see a difference in being crucified with Christ. My old burdens are light because they are no longer mine. (Oh, ps, no I was not ever molested). When I say Jesus carries my cross with me, I really mean it very happily, those burdens are lifted by Him. I can be tempted, yes, but I do not lust, lust would be a choice to bow to the temptations to which I am no longer a slave through Christ πŸ™‚
    Even what I once thought I understood of the gospel and the scriptures I’m finding I saw them through a haze of confusion. But now as I read the Bible it is clear and becoming clearer. It sure is hard to stay focused and live in Christ and not want to jump out there and immolate what a Christian should be vs living in the Spirit and allowing Christ to live through me. I know I’m being tried and polished and am aware of it, happily aware πŸ™‚
    Thank you Susan, and no I’ll not run from your words. I’m appreciative of and thankful for them. Having been “gay” isn’t my focus anymore. It amazes me how easily that is to say.

    • HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff, we have so much work to do! May God bless and anoint your head. I pray that the Holy Spirit sear your soul to such an extent that the things of this world matter not at all to you. We have trillions of years with God to look forward to- until then, we have the Great Commission of Christ to attend to. Let us do that while we have time.

      • I’m still here, you’ll see my comments sometimes on FB. Love to you my dear friend and sister in Christ.

  2. Susan God Bless you! Here you are going through all YOU are going through and you helped me, and even offer to buy me a Holy Bible if I cannot afford one. I absolutely love you! And than our Father for you.
    I have a few Bibles, I always clung to the KJV. I did get online and order a NIV Study Bible as you suggested and begun reading it, struggling with my feelings/fears that it is a changed bible and that I’m doing wrong to read or trust this version yet God is helping me get past my fears. HE IS A MIGHTY GOD! I read my KJV through when I was becoming a new Christian in the early 1990’s. I was overweight, I had faith God honored even in that, I chose the food of the Word of God over excessively eating. I exercised and was slim and healthy for two years or so. God’s Word was my food and has been since. Even during all these bad years I clung to God. (I don’t testify of myself to boast but hope it gives glory to God to whom it rightly belongs). Even during times I was with men I prayed for them. Even then I’ve always felt God’s Holy Spitit trying to teach me, and bringing to mind the scriptures I’ve read. I’m very ashamed of how I lived because I walked away and knowing and being reminded my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit I still wandered astray. I was very misguided listening to my own vain imaginings and hearing but not obeying God. He IS The Good Shepherd! He never let me go, He never turned His back on me even though I did that to Him. He kept seeking me until He found me! I love Him so much! So much…. I’m still weak in the faith, stunted in my spiritual growth. It’s why I still say “I’m gay” (I know you abhor that description and I’m sorry for its use) but it is how I label the desires of my old me, it isn’t just sexual but it reaches all levels of my being as I’m sure it does others from simple crushes onward. I wanted you to know that’s where I am with it so if you see me use the description, that is all it is, a description. I haven’t been sexual in over two years. God is merciful there, my lusts are weakened, still there but weak. I would rather have Jesus. I can say that at this moment (as an example) if Channing Tatum knocked on my door and asked me to marry him I would turn him down happily. (Yikes I’m writing a lot here lol). Your words were harsh and I was afraid I’d run from them too. I thank you for them and God for you. What convinced me to not run was an apology you made about a picture you posted of two gay men with two little boys that had been photoshopped (not by you) by whomever made it to discredit the gay community.
    When folks lump gay people with criminals, pedophiles and other horrible people, it does the intended job of demeaning and chasing away the very people who need God (not that pedophiles and criminals don’t also need God). It’s hurtful to a group of outcasts of society who have been abused for centuries (the behaviors are wrong and fully at enmity with God, the behaviors are a choice, but the misguided love, feelings, desires to be loved, those are not choices, I don’t know why we have them but it’s what I mean epwhen I say “I’m gay”)[please Heavenly Father I pray I am explaining this coherently and accurately enough]. We gay folk have become a stumbling block to Christians who find themselves judging us and in doing so turning away themselves from God’s commands not to judge. How horribly spiritually unhealthy we are indeed that we are become devises that compound evil, a vicious cycle of victims of evil. I’ve lived this my whole life and have a lot of thought into it and what and why it is thus. (I don’t say this for pity or in self pity. So please don’t think that. And fully not to excuse any part of it. Just hoping to shed light on it somehow). These past two years and more so now God has made it a very light burden for me. That’s what I mean by saying it’s my cross to bear and am thankful Jesus bears it with me. He is my light, my world, my everything and I am so very thankful yo Him for His love. I can never express it enough. My concern isn’t for me. It is for others. It’s important to me to be as forthright and as honest as Jesus gives me to be.
    He is teaching me so much recently, not to be a hypocrite, which I have been. Teaching me to follow every single thing he tells us in the Bible and why. Jesus is worthy of our love, not just emotional love but love in action by following Him and all He teaches us in His Word and through The Holy Spirit. Holy Holy Holy is The Lord Our God ! Worthy is The Lamb of God! And I truly mean that with all my heart, soul and being. I do.
    Thank you sincerely Susan for being my sister in Christ and helping me.

    • Jeff, you are welcome to any service that I can do to help lift your burdens. I am so happy to hear that you went and got an NIV bible! Believe me, my friend, you are doing no wrong in reading the bible in plain English. If we were all supposed to read it in Old English, then the Africans reading it in Swahili are really damned, huh? lol. Seriously, Jeff, the Bible has been translated into over a hundred languages by now. How about Chinese? Korean? Japanese? If we had to worry about a few ‘thees’ and ‘thys’, then all these other translations couldn’t be done. Jeff, some people have been taught a superstitious belief about the KJV of the bible. The NIV is not a ‘changed’ version. It is simply a translation to modern English. It is no difference than a translation to any other language. Are those wrong too? Did you know that there is even a move within the Christian community called the Hebrew Roots Movement that is trying to tell Christians that the ONLY way to ‘really’ know the mind of God is to read the Bible in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Ancient Greek??? Talk about foolish! They would have the world believe that the LANGUAGE it was written in is important. As if God were dependent on the language itself to get his meaning across to all human kind. Really? The God of everything can’t get his message across in a way that is language independent? Come on, now! Of course he could. And he did! Why else is the Bible written in examples, story within story, parables and riddles, poetry and song? Because only these formats last the test of time and language. They can be told in any language and still convey their message perfectly. Everything God did- from top down, from left to right, from right to left, from bottom up, from inside to outside and from outside to inside- all of it is in perfect reflection of itself. No matter how you turn this apple, it tells the same story. The Bible is, hands down, the most remarkable miracle on the earth today and most people can’t see it. It is insane, crazy, pent-up potential, explosive, white hot powerhouse lightening sitting within the quiet dusty pages lying unread in so many people’s drawers- and they know it not!

      Jeff! The message of God is simply not dependent on the language in which it is translated. Now, there are some demonic translations out there. There are demonic religions and cults that have butchered the Bible and created completely other books. The Mormons have done this. They have created their own version of the King James Version. They have the nerve to call it the KJV. But it is most definitely not. They have added and deleted grossly to the true KJV to suit the Mormon view- ie, that Joseph Smith came along as a new prophet and found those lovely gold tablets which told a whole new tale about God (who was once a human from another planet), his God wife, their children Jesus and Lucifer (also both humans). Obviously, this, um, translation is bogus. However, besides these obvious frauds, most of the translations sold by reputable Christian stores are valid, intellectual and scholarly translations. You have absolutely nothing to fear with the NIV. Truly.

      You are right, I do detest you calling yourself, ‘gay’. You must stop using this phrase. I can accept the following phrase, “I used to lust for men. I still lust for men. I feel emotional love for men too. etc.” But to say, “I AM gay.” just isn’t right. It is a trap that you must free yourself from. What I hear in your words is a refusal to believe what God said. What he decreed to be true. He did not create men to lust for men. Thus, there is no such thing as ‘being’ in a permanently, inherently, intrinsically lustful state with men. The way you are talking is as if you are saying that for some people, they are really and truly ‘made that way.’- as if God broke his own rule with a few people. That is impossible as God is not a liar- nor is he illogical. He can’t make mistakes. He would never make something and then fault it for what he did himself. That would make him into a hypocrite- impossible for God because he is perfect. Thus, the error must be in your understanding. You must accept that you are incorrect. That you are not inherently lustful for men but that you struggle with a sin. This sin may be a very difficult one for you- but it is not inherent and it is not permanent. It can be overcome. You weren’t born this way.

      May I ask- were you molested as a child?

      I’m glad that my apology helped you. I did feel terrible using that photo. I also felt very angry at whoever photoshopped it. That was WRONG on so many levels. So wrong. I will always apologize when I am wrong. At least, I pray that I always will continue to do so! I have thus far! I’m glad that helped you. That makes me feel better.

      Don’t run from my words. If you feel I’m being too harsh, please let me know, ok?

      Again, you are NOT ‘gay folk’!! You are a Child of God, a man, a tired Man who loves God and who has suffered a loooooooong time. You are yearning for home- just as I am, my friend. The race seems long sometimes but we are strong. We are strong in Christ. We will continue to fight the good fight. We have a king to please, my dear, and he is worth it. You don’t suffer alone, know that. There is an army of Christians with you on this road. I am HAPPY that you are so open about your suffering and your cross. There is NO SHAME in it. None. People think I hate homosexuals. Not so. I LOVE them. That is why I fight for their souls. I want them here, with me, with you, all slugging it out to get to our final destination together. No one gets off scott free in life! God tests us all! Amen? Amen! Don’t pit yourself, right? Look around. Everyone has their cross. It is exactly what Jesus promised before he left. We are witnesses to the World. They are watching us. What will we do with our heavy crosses? Cry? Moan? Fight? Give up? Blame? Or will we sing? Praise? Give Glory, honor and love to God? Will we call out to others to come join us because our bliss is so much greater than theirs? Will we tell them that our cup over-runneth? Will our eyes light up with heavenly light and make them wonder what we see? yes, that is what we will do together. That is what will compel them. That, Jeff, is our job.

      We must forget our paltry troubles. We have so much work to do. So many to reach. Just think of all those whom you can touch. But not before you have read your bible and know it well, my friend. Right now, you need ‘bread’, not ‘meat.’ Apostle Paul said that. So, remember, pray for the Holy Spirit before you read each time. Humble yourself to Jesus and God. Then, ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind and heart so that you can be taught and can receive. And then, READ! Make very sure you have a good mechanical pencil with a nice eraser. WRITE like crazy in your new bible!!!! Think of subject areas that interest you and mark them in the sidelines prominently so that you can easily find them when you want them in the future. Example: I want to write a paper someday about the trinity. Thus, anytime I read something I think will be good to include in the trinity article, I underline it and write ‘Trinity’ on the sidelines in bold writing.

      Ok, Jeff, it’s 2:30 am. I’m tired. Goodnight! Susan

  3. You’re right and that is exactly what I needed to be told. Thank you sincerely thank you. I really very much thank you and appreciate your input. I know it’s the truth.

    • Jeff, you know what? you are all right. You are a good guy. I was afraid I would lose you with those comments. I was afraid that I was a little rough with you. Keep strong brother. You ain’t the only one suffering. Look at what Paul said, ” 9 For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession, like those condemned to die in the arena. We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to human beings. 10 We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honored, we are dishonored! 11 To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. 12 We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; 13 when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the worldβ€”right up to this moment.”

      Jesus told us that following him would make us suffer. NO ONE got a great deal. Look at me! Jeff, by the end of my trial, win or lose, my husband & I will be financially broken. Everything my husband has worked for will be gone. He is such a good man. His credit, our credit, is great. We have made the right decisions; we have saved, paid our bills on time, worked hard every day, maintained the car to make it last, you know… did all the responsible things that good families do. And out of left field comes this lawsuit. Because I told the truth because I wanted to help women. Because the Army asked me to. Jeff, if I didn’t have a blog dedicated to Christ and the truth, this could not have happened to me. Can you see that? None of us gets off easy with God. We all have our mission. You have yours. God gives us each a path of difficulty- not to torment us, no. It is for us to overcome so that we can witness to the strength the Lord gave us to do it. These trials he gives us are oftentimes impossible. Against all odds. I believe they grow ever harder as you progress through each trial. As you succeed, he will up the ante, as you were. This is to give you a bigger and bigger witness to tell the world. Each time, it is your weakness that is on display. And thus, God’s strength that is on display. This trial I am going through is impossible for me. And yet, God, the Maker of the Universe is with me. He will sustain me. I will be victorious in his name, not my own. It is he who will reign in the courtroom. While my lawyer has not stated his religion, I feel that he is Christian. I feel the Holy Spirit in him. I believe that God has brought him to me. I am at total peace.

      Jeff, be at peace. Breath in and out. Let God command your life. Stop struggling in your chains. Release the chains. They will simply fall off you, for they do not bind you at all. It is nothing but an illusion. You are free in Christ. Buy yourself a good STUDY NIV Bible. If you can’t afford one, I will buy one for you. Send me an address and I will send it to you.

      Jeff, you are literally ignorant of the beautiful Word of God. It will free your mind, body and soul. You do not have the peace that passes all understanding. The prison of the Lord is more freedom than you have ever known your entire life. “He who will save his life will lose it; He who will lose his life for the sake of my name will find everlasting LIFE.” “Heaven is in your midst even now- if you but had the eyes to see it.” Jesus Christ, your King.

      Jeff, joy is here, right now. Heaven is here, right now. It is between the pages of the Bible. You just don’t have the Spirit to understand it. You must pray for the Spirit. Those without the Spirit can not understand the Word. This is the word of the Jesus. Thus, pray for the Spirit before you read and I will also pray for you to receive the Holy Spirit. You must stop relying on your own wisdom and that of man. Forget what people tell you. The bible is as clear as crystal once you have the Spirit to teach you. Your whole life will come into focus once you have read the Word. You will never need a shrink again. Jeff, I have just prayed a fervent prayer to Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to you. Now, get down on your knees and ask Jesus to come into your heart, to be your King and Savior, to save you from your sins and to send you the Holy Spirit to teach you the Word of God. Pray for forgiveness of your sins and thank him for his gracious gift of forgiveness so readily given at the cross. Then, if you have the money, either order online (I will give you the link) or go to book store and get a STUDY bible. I like the NIV because it is a beautiful, new, accurate interpretation into modern English from the original Aramaic, Greek & Hebrew documents. Other than the King James version, most of the other translations into modern English have not been done from the original docs. The NIV was a massive undertaking and is NOT evil like some superstitious knuckleheads say. It simply is not holier to say, ‘thee’ and ‘thy’. That is just what they used to say when it was translated in King James time. The NIV is a wonderful, scholarly translation that is even more accurate than the KJV so you can feel very comfortable with it. It’s just 10 times easier to understand because it is in our English.

  4. When I got home from work having thought all the way home about my FB post I did change/add to it.

    “Being gay is a struggle of the mind, body, soul and spirit. It is my cross to bear and I’m thankful that Jesus (yes I’m a Christian) bears it with me.
    I posted this before. My hope then and now is that folks especially Christians stop condemning others for the struggles they face in life.
    I appreciate folks sympathy, but it’s not my goal here. My goal is just to maybe make folks aware.
    My opinion on gay marriage is mixed (my fellow Christians maybe even God would call it a “lukewarm” position). That opinion is that I’m happy for folks that it passed the U S Supreme Court. I’m happy that folks get to enjoy marriage. But I believe it puts our eternal souls in danger to displease our God. You’re worth more to God than you know.
    My own Christian understanding tells me it is not pleasing to God, so although I’m happy for folks, it’s not a path I can follow. If I’m wrong and God doesn’t mind, that’s fine. Having given up a lifetime of my own happiness on earth is only a short moment in time vs eternity. If I’m right then I’m looking at spending eternity with Jesus in heaven, and I KNOW He loves me and always will. πŸ™‚
    So, I can wait for my happiness. I do not want to spend my eternity being unhappy.
    I have to add that I am not unhappy, far from it actually.
    Most important of all I cannot one day look Jesus in the eyes, those childlike, adoring, loving eyes and say “sorry but your sacrifice wasn’t worth my little, fleeting moment of happiness”. No, his sacrifice for me, for you too is worth everything and more. He loves me and I love Him too.”

    • Jeff, I am so glad that you have Jesus. But you really, really need to do two things:

      1) stop calling yourself ‘gay’. That is the true trap of your situation. You need to say the truth, “I struggle with lust for men. It is sinful to my Lord and it has destroyed my life. I struggle with this sin day and night but I pray for deliverance constantly. I know the Lord will deliver me. Even if he doesn’t in this lifetime, I will bear it as a cross as so many Christians before me have bore the cross that the Lord has laid upon their shoulders. I do not bear anything more than those before me. I am not special in any way. I do not suffer any more than those before me or those that will come after. I serve the Lord, God, and that is all that matters.”

      2) stop thinking of homosexual sex as harmless to those who practice it. It is not harmless. Among men especially, it is horrid. First, it is the cause of AIDS spreading and killing so many. Male homosexual sex is the most promiscuous sex the world has ever seen. It is violent and horrid. And you know it. So don’t pretend otherwise. It is vile. RARELY is there love and almost never is there any fidelity at all- even between committed couples. It is a completely irresponsible lifestyle dedicated to selfish pleasure. It demeans the body and the soul- and the mind. It is not innocent in any way, shape or form. It is not harmless. Admit this and begin your thinking anew. God had a REASON for saying no to this kind of sex. It was for our BENEFIT, not to set arbitrary rules to thwart human pleasure or put thorns in our side for no reason. Be HONEST about male homosexual sex and then, recognize the wisdom of your God and King for his rulings in this matter. Stop talking as if he is an arbitrary, nonsensical God. Once honesty enters your mind, you will begin to heal of your inappropriate lusts.

  5. I posted this on my Facebook page tonight. I know you said I’m not gay I’m a child of God. It’s just how I identify my affliction, it’s not my identity. I am a child of God. A struggling one. Is the below post too lukewarm? I value your opinion.

    “Being gay is a struggle of the mind, body, soul and spirit. It is my cross to bear and I’m thankful that Jesus (yes I’m a Christian) bears it with me.
    I posted this before. My hope then and now is that folks especially Christians stop condemning others for the struggles they face in life.
    I appreciate folks sympathy, but it’s not my goal here. My goal is just to maybe make folks aware.
    My opinion on gay marriage is mixed (my fellow Christians maybe even God would call it a “lukewarm” position) is that I’m happy for folks that it passed the U S Supreme Court. I’m happy that folks get to enjoy marriage.
    My own Christian understanding tells me it is not pleasing to God, so although I’m happy for folks, it’s not a path I can follow. If I’m wrong and God doesn’t mind, that’s fine. Having given up a lifetime of my own happiness on earth is only a short moment in time vs eternity. If I’m right then I’m looking at spending eternity with Jesus in heaven, and I KNOW He loves me and always will. πŸ™‚
    So, I can wait for my happiness. I do not want to spend my eternity being unhappy.”

    • Hi Jeff, I don’t think ‘lukewarm’ is the right word. ‘Misguided’ is the right word. What you are saying is that you are ‘glad’ that others are denied the opportunity to receive Jesus as you have. What you are saying is that you are glad that others are disobeying your King. What you are saying is that you believe that sin equals happiness. You are saying that the only reason you avoid sin is because God commanded it, not because it really is sin. Your statement implies that homosexual sex is a good thing- that God is keeping you from something good and pleasurable and right. That gay marriage is good and pleasurable and right. That gay adoption is good and pleasurable and right. That is what you are saying here. You are only glad that you are being saved from an unfair God who simply doesn’t seem to understand human pleasure that is good, reasonable, healthy and right.

      Jeff, you have no faith in the reason, logic and correct thinking of your king. You continue to believe that there is nothing essentially wrong with sex between the same sex. You won’t admit that there is anything essentially unhealthy about it even though medical professionals point out that the suicide rates are double in that population. Even though the male population engaged in that kind of sex is so promiscuous that they lose count of the number of partners they have very quickly. That they go to ‘bath houses’ and have sex with total strangers and then become terribly depressed at the emptiness of it all. Jeff, you are still living in a great delusion.

      So, no. I don’t think your statement is ‘lukewarm’. It is simply misguided, full of erroneous thinking, faithless, and delusional.

  6. So awful. I am glad I did not see that awful , and disgusting graphic image. So sorry you had to see it. Sending much love to you. Xo

      • a day will come when that sight will be wiped from your mind, dear sister. We have that promise from Abba Himself. πŸ™‚ And all your sorrows also – they will all be gone. Until then, try to remember — He can make anything useful to Him. I have a neighbor who is an artist. She tries out various media; one year she was using broken china to create mosaics such as birdbaths & stepping stones. I marveled at how she used broken chunks of old dishes to make such beauty. It sounds a little trite, re-reading what I’ve typed, but I hope this will comfort you…. thank you for your service to the Body of Messiah, dear Little Soldier. ❀

      • Thank you, Shilah. It is already fading. Jesus is kind. God is patient. But one day, probably soon, God’s patience will be over and he will bring his righteous judgement on this world. I look forward to it.

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