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Islam ‘Loves’ Men *Ahem* and Hates Women- That Much is Clear.

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A friend sent me a link to Anne Barnhardt’s video series concerning the sexual perversions of Islam.  I had doubts and decided to research it myself.  Not only is she correct about everything she said, she was also correct about how easy it is to find on the internet.  To all but Americans, Islamic sex practices are out in the open.  And Muslims are PROUD of it.  Woman hatred is so profound in Islam that even sex with women (filthy, sinful creatures that we are) is to be frowned upon.   Men are completely cut off from us filthy ones and only allowed to be in each other’s company.   Therefore, homosexuality is rampant.   While some Muslim countries ‘officially’ frown on it, culturally it is accepted and promoted- by the very police that should be cracking down on it.  Powerful generals in their military even keep their ‘boys’ around as status symbols.  With homosexuality comes rampant pedophilia (Bacha Bazi) as well- all our soldiers overseas will attest to this fact.  And worst of all, along with the hatred of women comes female genital mutilation.  Again, I had trouble believing Barnhardt until I looked it up myself.  What horror.  THIS is the Religion of Peace?  Yes.  THIS is the religion of Peace.  Yet the American feminists LOVES Islam.

When I went to the World Heath Organization online, they tell us that ‘religious communities’ in Africa, the Middle East and Asia have already committed this atrocity on over 140 million women living today.  Amazingly enough, they leave out one BLARING fact:  these ‘religious communities’ are ALL ISLAMIC.  No Christian would do this to their little girl.  Only a Muslim mother and father would do this. And YET, the so-called feminist atheists stand shoulder to shoulder with these barbaric animals and have the sheer, unmitigated NERVE to say that Christians repress women!  Meanwhile, CHRIST is the very first historic person to make women equal to men, slave equal to master and Jew equal to Gentile in his famous statement:  “Who are my mother and my brothers?  Here are my mother and my brothers!  Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

It is from THIS statement that the ideas of Western democracy and equality stem- we are all equal UNDER GOD.  In fact, we are not equal in any other way!  Had Christ never lived, we might still be living in the Darwinian society of the ancient world where only the strongest get their way.   Without Christ, those feminazi’s could never do their strident screeching.  Ah, the irony..

Yet, even with this horrible cruelty done to both boys and girls of Islam, these children of satan point the hypocritical finger at us.  We are the haters of women, right?  Allow me to leave you with these photos.  Believe me when I tell you that these images are the LESS graphic and horrible ones.  These people holding these babies down- both men and women- are BEASTS- they are soulless, lost and depraved.  They see the bloodshed, they see the innocent tears, they hear the little cries for help- and yet, they proceed.  Yet JESUS is the problem?!  I don’t think so.  Observe MY Lord in action:

“13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.”- Mark 10:13-16

Jesus would hand over the kingdom of GOD to the little boys AND girls while Islam will only allow the boys.  Even in Muslim heaven, the girls are to be nothing but sex slaves to men who blew themselves to smithereens, along with all manner of innocent people, here on earth.  Nice eternal husbands, huh?  Jesus would hug and love both the little boys and girls while Islam will abuse the first and mutilate the second.  And Jesus is the problem??  No.  I think not.

The Father of Lies is incapable of logic, love, reason, truth or sense.  God is the SOURCE for all those good things.  That is why the so-called homosexual atheist of America can link arms so cozily with the murderous, barbaric Muslim and rest easy on the same political platform.  For them, logic is not needed.  Peace is not needed.  Reason is not needed.  Love is not needed.  Morality is not needed OR wanted.  Only the fulfillment of their own fleshly desires is needed.  And on that score, they are the same.

The blatant and ugly embracing of such female hatred by the left, while at the same time DARING to claim the mantel of CARING for women doesn’t even make them stutter.  But it makes me stutter, alright.  And sputter.  And rage.  I call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bring fire down on all their heads.  When they are utterly destroyed is the day this earth will breath easy once more.  That day can not come too soon for me.  How about you?


Ann Barnhardt’s video about Female Genital Mutilation.  Can be graphic at times.  Don’t watch with children around.


  1. THE BUTCHERS OF WOMANHOOD- FGM ( THE COVENANT OF THE FLESH). When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was circumcised. The message was direct and in plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life. The covenant of the flesh for a man is with ease to behold with no ill feelings or regrets without medication required afterwards in life. When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise girls, the message was well understood and was given in a spiritual language which bears two warnings, Leviticus19:28-29. The Israelis parents shall not sexually mutilate daughters and fathers we commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of daughters making them prostitutes. Fgm prostitution is a prime satanic sacrifice for a woman prohibited by God, of secrecy with miseries and constrains of disgrace to behold accompanied by many cases of traumatic child delivery requiring medication. Fgm sin of crime of honor humiliation for womanhood persists for many girls globally. There is no open fold of a foreskin in a sexual organ of a woman to cut round that hides dirty stuffs that stinks. There are no undue growths that warrant cutting and scrapping in her sexual organ. There is no part of her sexual organ that rots as she grows old from childhood. Those who justify fgm benefits in any form are mare agents of satan in sheep skin. There are blunt lies of those women anointed by satan to propagate fgm when they claim women that are not cut stinks. Homes ,cities and countries where fgm is not practiced would have been stinking hell if their claim is true which would have been an open truth known by all. The devil is the father of lies and his accomplished do the falsehood in justified satanic wisdom and knowledge in false forced cultural religions. Fgm falsehood taught has remained guarded and guided in shrewd cover up of honored falsehood in fgm justification. If fgm which leaves a girl child bathing wounds from the evil cut with her own urine as antiseptic is a level of cleanness, then cleanness and holiness have lost reference value to some parents and men. There is no beauty of holiness in fgm to behold. There is Divine Holiness that belongs to children of God and Christians must know the truth to be free from being trapped in greatly justified fgm falsehood taught ,Ephesians4:11-14 Fgm is the most horrible heart breaking tribute to satanic sacrifice in parenthood accepted and appreciated by many communities. They have given parents prime choice of terror in fgm prostitution castration curse positive face value with wholesome none existent cleanliness which is mockery to wisdom and Word of truth unearthed today in plain language regarding the tear of the helm of womanhood in fgm. Fgm classified evils and justified satanic heinous atrocities are held and hidden in honor by cultural elites pundit which are hard issues of formidable sin of horror of honor firmly held in terror that reign on globally for many girls. Many parents are unable to do away with fgm satanic cultural sacrifice justification done by cultural elite pundits. It is a deadly satanic tragedy sadly for Christians parents involved with open arms in fgm satanic sacrifice in honor of the dead. Can parents live to deliver dignified Holy honor to a girl child or they access and assert a girl child is sexually demonically born wild thus the need to sexually tame her in fgm the fruit of cultural atrocities and honored cultural religious prostitution castration. The messy treacherous carnage seat of satan in fgm by parents should not be given any form of cover up in loved fgm honor. If all of us who handle fgm eradication do it without hypocritical morality then there will be no fgm atrocities cover up and many young men will not be ill informed on fgm benefits. The consequences of fgm hidden crises and sufferings that spring out in which appears as normal marital life style are easily dismissed but never nullified in faceless honor in fgm. Satan has kept the strategic plan to keep fgm cultural sexual slavery as beneficial to man so as men can give in to a positive weird verdict to fgm castration atrocities without Divine wisdom or knowledgeable fear in God being the ground of sorrow for womanhood. The principal fertile grounded goal in legitimizing the culturally bounded and blinding fgm castration atrocities for satanic cultural religious morality control goals achieved is to honor fgm sexually crippling evils cerebrated by men demands. Medes and Persians kings had enacted a law punishable to death for anybody who attempted to gain access to the king seated at inner court of the palace without appointed time. Even Kings’ wives and concubines were subjected to the same law which had sexual control on womanhood, Esther4: 1-17. Only the king’s favour on a wife’s uninvited paid visit would save her from eminent death punishment by his held out golden scepter an act of favour and approval. From the fall of man from the garden of Aden man’s further fall from grace was subjected to demonic competitive lust to womanhood in polygamous marriage ( which later turned to enmity against womanhood also in form of fgm) which was not in favour with God and He reduced his old age to 120yrs Genesis 6:1-7. Satan has convinced men and parents to demand and shift girls’ natural Divine onset to maturity from monthly period to fgm castration in honor of the dead. As far as parents remain the relentless heinous bedrock of fgm pursuing ensured satanic cultural sacrifice honor offered, there is no equal reprieve for girls from onslaught on womanhood in honor of the dead by parents hell bent on executing falsely claimed benefits in fgm to men in deviated demonically controlled sexual life style in marriage. It is the most sadly unfortunate tragedy for Christians parents being involved in fgm satanic cultural sacrificial goals honored which sin will follow them beyond the grave unless they repent and get saved. I have heard men say women like children and in Christians marriages women encourage the brides to take their husbands as their first born. Initially the two statements were too contradictory to each other and crushing in my mind but I found women forthright and forthcoming. The bridegroom is first satisfied with her blessed fountain of love and her breasts before any child birth. Proverbs 5:18-19. Fgm dehumanized and deforms womanhood being the worst satanic cultural religious sacrifice of honor for the dead taxed on womanhood globally. Fgm heinous atrocities destroy the divine sexual entity of man and establishes him honorary more religiously in demonic world. All men must be saved from satanically tailored cultural honor in fgm slavery endorsed by cultural elites. Fgm remains a satanic sexual sacrifice honorary prescribed and endorsed by men in tearing down the helm of womanhood from the apex. Today those women who favour crippling the heartbeat of womanhood in fgm and in fear of their marriages being endangered under attack by unfolding truth on falsified physical and spiritual beneficial issues acclaimed in fgm, all they have is to keep their husbands mentally caged in epic cultural lies and remain relevant to their husbands without divine knowledge. Today it will be double tragedy for girls who have undergone fgm when men change their sexual orientation in favor of girls without the evil cultural cut. Even when some advocate for not cutting much for her benefits and the husband benefit ,this vindicate the opening door of intended sexual deprivation and suppression for the girl child bearing all the shortcomings of fgm. When some women vouch for safe mother child delivery, the devil is in front with others women honorary destroying the very gate way of safe mother child delivery system in fgm making the sexual organs of girls the arena of social morality without iota of remorse. How can parents barely accept assigning cultural cutting of soft bone and dense muscles for a girl child in fgm to be assumed equivalent to a foreskins of a boy child in circumcision. Parents pay homage to satan in fgm. In old days old women who had undergone fgm used to pass direct messages to young men initiates that a woman once she grows old the man if he wants and wishes to marry another woman he should do so and not disturb her. It was clear message for the young men that past child bearing age they were not readily available for their husbands at their matrimonial bed. It were as though women were more for procreation value only. If uncircumcised was married, they called for her circumcision since she was sexually like a strong magnet to their husband and they needed him less of her. At a time in life when economic reality and faith in God turned men away from cultural way of live, some women left the matrimonial abode. Was it a secret? No. During the transformation and the transition period for the Christianity , the effects of abandoning polygamous marriages for Christians were clear evidence known. Women spent time to visit their married children and left the husbands abandoned alone. It was a sacrifice the early Christian husbands who were in monogamous marriages had to bear. The clergy would call women not to leave husbands behind. The matrimonial issues affecting the women due to fgm were put under the carpet for the deserving wises parents to discern. Women were literally running away from their matrimonial homes. Some women ended in unexplained controversial marital conflicts with husbands in their old age for men ended in undue marital frustrations. This brought the impetuous for the wise deserving Christian parents to abandon fgm prostitution castration carnage. Women in polygamous marriages passed the burden of fgm prostitution castration generation curse to young married women. Parents virtually determine the full aspiration of satanic goals in the old age prostitution castration honor. Fgm perpetuated atrocities accommodated, honored and cerebrated cannot be accepted as holiness foundations for girls which dehumanize and deface womanhood with cultural respected honor in fgm. It is a sin and culturally demonically wrong for parents to place girls virginity and holiness under control in bondage of cultural mutilating blades. Remove the treasured satanic cultural honor assimilated in fgm by men, and fgm falsehood legacy loses all values to man and womanhood which will lead the world out of much evils suffered in honor of the dead. A man is blinded by forced falsehood treasured in fgm culturally offered honor in sharing a wife with satan in fgm. We must remain temple of Holy God and avoid father’s grave mistakes in satanic fgm the mark of satan based on men’s demonic cultural fear on women divine sexuality . I Corinthians 3-16 -23. Fgm remains a key covenant with satan by men in crippling womanhood in a moral sexual supremacy battle field goals demonically and culturally entrenched by men. Fgm destroys the natural glorious lustrous beauty of womanhood which turns her to a frigid rocky mess of satan and the man is demonically strained in having the marriage supper in darkness. During fgm initiation cultural ceremonies, immoral cultural songs are accepted and openly sang for a satanic banquet. Fgm remains the formidable honorable sin of choice favored by many parents globally enslaved by satan. Let men love those ladies who have under gone the awful risk of unkind cut in Christ Love that bonds on love. Let those ladies get saved, forgive them for their ills in fgm atrocities and not condemn themselves . Let them abound in dignified liberty that is in Christ Jesus and enjoy full life and do away with satanic barbaric fgm for their daughters. Man is commanded by GOD to give his wife her conjugal wrights and also the woman to the same for its a shared joy. 1Corithians 1:1-4.How can a sexually mutilated woman deliver joy in Divine state to her husband while sexual joy was removed from her in FGM. Circumcision in man does not alter his sexual ability articulations base . In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be ashamed to have their daughters play wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice. It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice offered in satanic honor in fgm cerebrated. Man is commanded by GOD to give his wife her conjugal wrights and also the woman to the same for its a shared joy. 1Corithians 1:1-4.How can a sexually mutilated woman deliver joy in Divine state to her husband while sexual joy was removed from her in FGM. Circumcision in man does not alter his sexual ability articulations base . In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be ashamed to have their daughters play wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice. It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice offered in satanic honor in fgm cerebrated. Men must fanatically remain mentally caged in cultural fgm slavery for women who had the evil cut to maintain safely cultural polygamous marriages. To end fgm, it requires full engagement of men in open discussion to put to a worthless dead end required perceived fgm cultural atrocities benefits by men in marriages . The devil has directed women to undergo soft bone and thick dense muscles mutilation in honor of the dead. God directed a foreskin removal for man as a covenant for him and God. Fgm remains an idol to man and sacrilege to womanhood in honor of the dead. This is the unfortunate sad spiritual reality bare before our eyes hard to bear to believe. Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter who justify evils for rewards, Isaiah 5; 20-23. Fgm prostitution is done when the sex organ of a girl child is viewed as a source of all immoralities and a center of all evils that engulf a community to satisfy men honored demonic cultural sexual whims. It is done as satanic sacrificial proactive cleansing of a society from immoralities as demanded by men. They view mutilated sex organ of a girl child as clean and holy thus up rifting it’s status to satanic reverence. Fgm is pure satanic injustice to manhood when the king of marriage resting fleshy cushions are excavated and the alert notification fleshy aerial is scrap in out in fgm thus leaving the king of marriage as an intruder. Men must overcome satanic fgm honor bestowed upon them in sharing the fountain of marriage with satan in fgm in honor of the dead in order to put it to an absolute end. How stupid a man may be, by instinct a man will falter in search of the fleshy coals removed in fgm thus leaving him at moral loose for unfulfilled marital mission not achieved which may end up in frustrations and unusual marital conflicts. The fleshy coals are provided for the benefits of their marriage life. 1Corithians7: 9. The fleshy coals help a woman in marriage to lock in emotionally with her husband in a cordial cushy marital sexual relationship. Some parents send their daughters far away to close relatives for retrogressive fgm as a cover up without the girl child knowledge of the adverse side effects on her body and spirit. The onus of the honored satanic fgm defilement prostitution castration curse is more honorary in parents hands held captive by culture as the power house of demonic oppressive honored culture. The Church has to deal firmly against fgm satanic sacrifice wrap in cultural religious honor without the preaching fraternity down playing fgm atrocities by parents. The preaching fraternity should not allow the demonic world to teach Christians any form of etiquette in life. In every platform there should be Spirited vision and mission among Christians to enhanced eradication of fgm satanic Sacrifice offered and honored. Man has a natural sexual desire at play with a bride at divine natural state of womanhood . Men must assert final authority against fgm in face of taunting incredible forces of demonic honored cultures. There is nothing more annoying than hearing in Christian discussion in place of worship of a learned uncouth sadist man declare that the clitoris which is well above the virginal opening obstruct man in intercourse. Nothing more unkind to truth than falsehood unearthed in fgm foul evil act by using truth in plain language only to be declared fouls course language by those who have holy than thou attitude. They view the naked truth that can eliminate fgm overnight as a threat to their cash cow as fgm fighters. They black list truth as dangerous to their fgm fighting trade pretending it hurts more those who had the evil cut. This is the way the devil fights back using wolves in sheep skin. Those who teach the truth about fgm are not for character assassination. It is a an agonizing hair raising sensational experience encounter with a learned ardent fgm cultured man heaving angrily for an almost physical confrontation with those who are opposed to fgm prostitution castration on defenseless innocent young girls. Will the girl child takes humbly low fgm rooted satanic cultural castration slavery in honor of the dead for womanhood? It will only take Brothers in Christ to have a standoff with satan in fgm to have Christians parents blinded in fgm honor realize their abomination in fgm. Tragically girls do not own their sexual organs in culture . Their bodies are more of parents properties shared by relatives and the wider community commanded by men as they dig in and make headway to mess them up in culturally valid satanic invitation in fgm prostitution castration honor for the dead. Fgm remains the tested brutal cultural yard stick for girls sexual excavation in honor of the dead in cultural morality preservation goals. The livelihood of devil’s priest in fgm is enhanced by parents with no remorse. Parents who perform the grand satanic sacrifice of fgm are sources of families marital instabilities and of great evils to the land. When their daughters face marital problems originating from their family parliaments, they offer themselves as prayer partners with their daughters before God interceding for stability and peace for their families. They do not count themselves as the cause of the marital problems affecting their daughters marriage, for they remain acceptable social criminals in life for breaking and dismantling the defense and the fences of the marriage courts in fgm. In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be ashamed to remove the blanket of etiquette and prepare their daughters to play wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice. Let mothers have the final honor and pride themselves in remaking the conception beds of their daughters and prepare their husbands to know their daughters and give satan a due complete sacrifice. It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice. Fgm is an insult and a heinous assault to womanhood by parents for men perceived sexual benefits . Let parents pride themselves in complete evils. The petals and stay of love are left strewn at altar of Satan and the girl child is dethroned of her womanhood in honor of the dead in satanic world. There is no room for fgm abomination in Christianity for parents culturally at no fault honorary ordained by satan. The devil footstool in fgm fuels men beastly carnage in societies. After fgm is done in honor of the dead, at a time in life , all evils come to the land and no other are better placed by satan to deliver the evils more than men. The purpose of excess of fgm brutality destroys the girl child sexually and the excess of the naked plain truth taught Spiritually in the Holly Bible about fgm leaves agitated camouflaged demonic collaborators in the dark underground world jittery worried and wounded in their honor. Their in-depth fear of men culturally blinded in veil of demonic culture in fgm releasing of being fooled socially and cornered by satan on benefits of fgm in marital life and the negative devastating counter reactions upheaval of men in marriages is real. The fallout between children and parents is real when girls know without doubt that that parents sacrificed them to satan in fgm. The clergy must handle the fgm issue in conciliatory love and care without down playing atrocities committed by parents in fgm ills cover up. We handle fgm in Christ’s love for mankind which is an eye opener for wise Christians to keep off fgm satanic sacrificial social shrines. When God told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to fgm in honor of the dead or have sex with them, He did not leave any form of fgm for a girl child. To suggest there can be mild form of FGM is not acceptable before God. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the annual mass satanic sacrifice done honorably by parents. Once the blood of a girl child is shed in fgm the land is polluted and the country becomes full of all evils. Mothers are the accomplished with devils’ priests due diligent in satanic sacrifice of honor who mutilates the sex organs of young girls with full expressed active acknowledgment of fathers enslaved by satan. Men must purge social evils from within the depth their hearts, minds and not from the sexual organs of women in fgm operation ruins. Fgm was started by men and they must battle it to a dead end. It is a deeply rooted cultural faith issue they can win overnight. It takes less than two hrs to teach men and women on Biblical perspective of fgm ills to bring it to a dead end. And this is the Lord doing. Can wise knowledgeable youth forgo the pertinent tool of sexual oppression and suppression in fgm held dearly in slavery by dedicated old respected cultural elites?. Middle aged fathers have to come in and break the yoke of satan in fgm slavery curse that is held dearly by the old die hard cultural elites. Many of our parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of Godly worship. Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? Let all Children of Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in God. God bless us all united against this demonic cultural practice called FGM. Some men say when women are sexually crippled, men and women remain faithful but to who? Which men are sexually crippled for women to remain holy? Is the sexual organ of a woman an institution of worship for men? GOD IS HOLLY. Men shouldn’t have defiled faith in God based on crippled sexual organ of a woman. Men should love God with a pure heart. The sexual organs of women are not stays for men to anchor their faith in God. Should a man share a wife with the devil? Fgm is ill tagged as a benefit to a man child by those who perpetuate this demonic sacrifice. Men who view their holiness in God through the mutilated sexual organ of a woman put their faith in God in demonic practices perspectives Fgm prostitution is a satanic prime reward sacrifice more tied to man as the enforcer but he does not bear the physical scaring scars sufferings women go through silently with physiological scars and no Christian should apply it in life. Once fgm is offered as a satanic sacrifice for men ,then they remain the deadly aggressive brutal force against womanhood and humanity at large. Young men become religiously the scaring fire balls of satan in honor against humanities. When finally the devil unleashes social upheavals, the very people in fro front perpetuating satanic fgm usher to the sympathetic pictures of suffering in need of help. Once fgm is offered as a satanic sacrifice for men ,then they remain the deadly aggressive brutal force against womanhood and humanity at large. Young men become religiously the scaring fire balls of satan in honor against humanities. When finally the devil unleashes social upheavals, the very people in fro front perpetuating satanic fgm usher to the sympathetic pictures of suffering in need of help. Fgm was designed to deliver brutal sexual crippling to a girl child from her very womanhood. The liberation struggle against fgm must start with the young men as the deciding factor in fgm eradication and abandonment. Fgm prostitution castration atrocities are dedicated to men which is demonically wrong. Youths have to free themselves from cultural sexual slavery in fgm prostitution banqueted for them by old generation for their none existent spiritual and physical well-being phase out. Fgm prostitution mark parents entrenched in demonic world together with witches and magicians turning the sexual organ of a woman into an institution of satanic honored reverence. Parents must know they shall account before God on satanic sacrifice performed in fgm in the final day of judgment . Fgm prostitution bleeds horrible sorrows and suffering for a woman in her life time. When the mind of the man child is redeemed from the grip of filthy fgm prostitution castration acts and fathers break the deadly terror of silence against the inherent morally disgusting and offensive fgm prostitution castration curse then it will be the natural death of satan seat on womanhood in honor of the dead. . A woman body in Divine state is a natural refresher for the man in trace of his Holy Creator. Men should appreciated they are delivered safely to the world from the womb and should never wage waves of wars of atrocities against womanhood. Men can break the cultural religious zeal in fgm for the dignity of the girl child. Fathers bear the absolute responsibilities in delivering girls to the platform of victory against fgm predicaments. When fathers say no to fgm without seemingly taking the back seat ,young men are automatically on board against fgm. Fgm is the chronic moral disorder in a man bonded to satan in fear of divine sexuality of womanhood in culture. Fgm was started by men as a tool of sexual deprivation and suppression in womanhood in war of virgins waged by men who later brought it forward to women to propagate it in inherent zeal unknown before. Where is even the spiritual virginity of girls mutilated by men in martyrdom of womanhood to a bride price? There is no trade without customers. Fgm was a satanic sacrifice done by men and today done for men perceived benefits . Men have traded fgm with satan for sexual supremacy over womanhood for generations immemorial. When men do away with fgm, there will be no more fgm atrocities blood bath. This is the way forward for men who stand in truth and just righteousness who acknowledge and live in purpose of Divine knowledge in Divine wisdom order. The church must delink herself from the satanic sacrifice of fgm in honor of the dead which is an idol to man in womanhood and a curse to a nation. It is quite evident when parents are clothed and cushioned in relative cultural honor in fgm moral slavery siege then they remain ready to sacrifice their daughters in fgm for demonic binding community social acceptance. Fgm culturally conspired historical cultural weapon of plunder and prostitution on womanhood is bound and demonically treasured in cultural respect and honor entrenched without Divine love or natural justice for the girl child Divine Spiritual benefits. For now wisdom desires for deserved understanding, rescue and redemption of parents enslaved in cultural prostitution castration of their daughters in demonic culture of fgm. Let Christian parents know that fgm is a satanic sacrifice with no spiritual physical benefits or Holly honor at all. Fgm remains a monster in the hands of parents caught captive and enslaved in demonic world of fgm culture which the some clergies are not able to handle effectively spiritually. Some religious leaders say that the Bible has not mentioned fgm which is not true since it is prohibited in a spiritual language (Leviticus19:28-29) and have given lukewarm attitude towards fgm thus giving parents face saving values which helps the perpetuation and legitimizing of the heinous act of fgm carnage among Christians . This is the soft accommodation landing ground for many culturally strong willed parents in fgm without bashing and brushing from the preaching fraternity. When the religious leaders have a firm stand against the mystery of prostitution honor in fgm, it will be the drastic end of sexual disability in fgm brutality among Christians around the world. Fgm satanic sacrifice is entangled in cultural honor and has profound ramifications on womanhood spiritually and physically which is given a walkover by satan. Fgm reveals the state of mind for men in cultural sexual slavery on womanhood. To end fgm is easy, when we face the whole real truth without being clothed in our own social honor but aiming only to gain the uphold of Godly honor. It worked fifteen years ago at night for our community during a burial mourning ceremony when I taught them all concerning ills of fgm at sober reality mood. From that night fgm slavery ended in our community for the glory of God Almighty. Come and be renewed at the throne of grace for Christ is full of love and mercy for your free sanctification and redemption. Let our beloved sisters join brother in Christ in Spiritual circumcision in Christ Jesus Colossians 2:8-12, Roman2:28-29. The cradle of hope in Christ Jesus radiates the inner person in peace who forgives in perfect love and cannot be deformed. Let the abundant love of Christ prevail in your yielding enabling life of righteousness in Christ Jesus. His unfailing love full of grace is sufficient for your triumph future without compromise. The Church is cleansed and perfectly restored for His own glory. Love covers multitudes of sins and weakness . Jehovah God break the yoke of Satan in fgm prostitution castration atrocities at family pillars for the fulfillment of your internal glory. AMEN. GOD OUTLAWED FGM WHICH WAS FORBIDDEN AND WRITTEN IN SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, Leviticus 19:28-29. The message is freely given purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.

    • Hello Robert, I tried to read as much of your essay as possible and agree with most of it. Normally, I would never allow such a long essay to pass as a comment, but as I see that you put so much effort into it, I will go ahead and post it. I agree with the following statements you make:

      1)Female genital mutilation is evil and from satan
      2)There is no Biblical call to do it. (I don’t quite agree that Leviticus 19:28-29 is the right passage, however) I believe that the correct passage is in the description of circumcision itself given in GENESIS 17: 1-27. God is extremely clear that circumcision is for MALES ONLY. Any other kinds of cuts or tears in the body are not circumcision.
      3) This is where the Lev. 19 verses now come in. Also,Deuteronomy 14:1. From the next standpoint, no one may ritually cut ANYONE’s body for ANY REASON (except male circumcision- and this was only before Christ’s arrival) because it is the temple of God and it shall not be cut or tattooed permanently. Period. Thus, girls shall not be ritually cut in any way.

      I don’t know much about how the various cultures in Africa or Arab or Indonesian lands think of FGM today or even how they thought of it in past years. But the Bible is clear- it is not justified and is a SIN against God. It’s not more complicated than that.

  2. This started off as an African thing and is still carried out on girls regardless of faith in certain areas. Egypt technically banned it but three-quarters of married women have been butchered like this. And Saudi Arabia exported it throughout the Middle East.

    But if we’re ever going to help the next generation of women, we have to make it about women and mot simply an anti-Muslim struggle.

    The numbers are dropping, slowly. I speak out when I can. But it’s about women’s rights, not about attacking a faith. It won’t work that way.

    • I agree with you- it is a women’s rights issue, but the fact that you can’t speak up as much as you like tells me something. While this practice occurs in tiny percentages in so-called Christian households, the majority is still done in Muslim households. I believe it is because of the attitudes toward women that still endure in the Muslim culture. If you view women as property or as second class citizens, then you think you have a right to do this to them. According to Jesus, men and women are equal in God’s eyes. This makes this practice horrible in God’s eyes. That is why it is not ok in Christian culture. Those who carry it out in Christian households are considered to be sinning against Jesus. But the Muslim culture so clearly holds a woman to be less than a man and this is why it continues. That is the problem and to ignore that element is to put a blindfold over the eyes, don’t you think?

  3. I love Jesus and He is MORE precious to me than anything or anyone else. I rejoice so often lately as I see and hear testimonies of Muslims who are coming to have a true relationship with Jesus- Son of God, Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. Many, many true stories of Muslims who are TRULY seeking for knowledge of the True God are seeing visions of Jesus…coming to them, calling them to Himself as Lord and Savior. I thrill to hear this and see them embrace the TRUTH of what God has done through Christ. May my life be one of truth and love to be an example to them that Jesus is Faithful and True. May we pray diligently that SO many more be saved and we will worship God and the Lamb of God (Jesus) together in heaven on that future day. Keep up the great work of truth in these difficult times!

    • I AGREE, Cheryl! Two good friends are in Amsterdam and are ministering to these Muslims right now! So many are leaving Islam now that they need not fear death for doing so. The trouble is that they are seeking atheism instead. But they are JOYFUL to hear of Christ- joyful and curious. Islam does teach that Jesus is the ‘perfect son of God.’ So, they are ready to hear more about him. Many are embracing his truth. It is exciting. I celebrate this news with you!!!

  4. Dear author of this blogpost and all whom it may concern,
    I see that you love Jesus (God’s infinite mercy and blessings be upon him) and I share with you in my undying love for him. No doubt that he was a perfect being-as he was the Prophet of God.
    However, I would like to bring to your attention a few things, with all due respect to your beliefs.
    I am a Muslimah (a Muslim female) living in the USA, and I am studying the Law of Islam. I will not blindly proclaim that Islam is good to all and condones no evil and such, but rather I would like to prove to you that what you claim against Islam does not apply to Islam itself but the Muslims that follow it.
    As you say, Jesus was a perfect being, and his teachings came directly as a divine revelation from God. Such is true, as we Muslims also believe this. But just as you believe that the Bible is dialogue from the Lord above, so we believe that Quran is the same.
    The Islamic belief is that God is most Merciful and Benevolent (Quran, 1:2) so should His subject sin or commit an error-whether mistakenly or intentionally- if he but seek forgiveness, Allah is Most Powerful in His abilities and is most capable of forgiving if He so wishes it. There is a statement of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): كل بني آدم خطاؤون و خير الخطائين التوابون : “all the children of Adam are sinners, but the best among you is he who repents.” (Ibn Majah) However, Islam also teaches that every man is responsible for his own actions and no person can be held accountable for what another has done: لها ما كسبت ولكم ما كسبتم ولا تسألون عما كانوا يعملون- “For it (i.e that nation) is what they earned, and for you is what you earned, and you will not be questioned about what they do.” (Quran: chapter of Baqarah).
    As for your statement that Muhammmad (God’s boundless peace be upon him) wrote the Quran, I would like you to bring legitimate proof of it, as you say that Jesus was revealed the Bible. It says in the Quran itself: وأنك لتلقى القرآن من لدن حكيم عليم: ” And verily, you (O Muhammad) are receiving the Quran from the One, All Wise, All Knowing.” (Chapter of Naml, verse 6). Also, it says: وما كان هذا القرآن أن يفترى من دون الله ولكن تصديق الذي بين يديه وتفصيل الكتاب لا ريب فيه من رب العالمين.: ” And this Quran is not such as could ever be produced by other than Allah (Lord of the heavens and the earth) but it is a confirmation of (the revelation) which was before it (i.e the Torah and Gospel), and a full explanation of the book (i.e laws, decreed for mankind) – wherein there is no doubt – from the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists).” (Chapter of Yunus, verse 37). I would like you to bring proof from the Bible that it was not written by Jesus but only revealed upon him. This is not because I do not believe such, because I do, but because proving points is necessary.
    A point to be noted from a verse that I mentioned above: God claims that the Quran cannot be produced by other than a divine being – Himself. If you do proper, thorough research of the linguistic aspect of the Quran alone, you will be absolutely blown away by its impeccable wording and placement, and the meaning of the verses are expounded upon in volumes and volumes of commentary, which I cannot explain to you fully in a comment on a blogpost. If you would like authentic material on it, you may email me at any time and I would be glad to be of help.
    As for your statement that Islam enslaves all, do you mean to say that the guidelines we are given are a restriction upon our intellect and spirit, rather than a way of life? I do not mean the perverted definitions of Islamic law that have come about as a result of cultural indoctrination, rather, the true laws that have been outlined in the Quran. And do you mean to say that the Bible contains no laws? It’s just philosophy and wise words? Are we not given a manual with rules and regulations when we buy a new item? Or should we throw it away and say to hell with rules, that’s oppressive? Perhaps I have no way of explicitly proving the need for criteria to help live life, except that every functional, successful community needs just laws to help it thrive, and no barbaric, “free” nation will ever progress.
    As for you saying that being a believer in Christ is a choice and being Muslim is default if one’s parents are Muslim, I differ. Yes, one is considered a Muslim if his father is Muslim, but only until he proclaims his unbelief. It is not forced upon him. Anyone has the right to enter the fold of Islam, and likewise, leave it. If a man is a believer in Christ and he has a child, what is the child considered? According to your principle, he cannot be called a Christian because it is supposed to be a choice and he is not given that choice by being pre- labeled.
    It is logical for me to state that just because a certain group of Muslims act a certain way, does not automatically make Islam the culprit. If a certain group of Americans, say, are radicalists, do we blame the constitution? American law?
    This is not to say that Muslims are perfect. Sadly, the conditions nowadays prove otherwise. But the same can’t be said about Islam. This religion is perfection to the highest magnitude, in every facet, at every level, in every understanding of the word. It was sent as a guide for every living being, as a paved gateway to heaven, to seek the pleased Countenance of our Lord, to make its followers upright, moral creatures. It cannot be said that Islam is evil or immoral.
    And then you claim that Islam is sexist. Perhaps it is, perhaps it isnt. We will come to that point in a bit. Does it not say in the bible: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”(1 Corinthians 14:34) and, “And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (1 Corinthians 14:35) Is this showing equality between men and women? I am not saying it is wrong, simply that what you claim is not so in your book. Perhaps it would help to mention that at a young age, most Muslim children memorize the entire Quran by heart. Most consider this “oppressive” perhaps, that young children are made to memorize an entire book, but don’t you think it’s beautiful to carry the words of the Lord Most High in one’s heart, and to be conscious of the commandments at all times? How many Christians can claim the same? Is it perhaps because never since it’s revelation was a single word in the Quran changed, or perhaps the Bible was changed so much, with Old Testament and New Testament, etc.? Do notice two things: both males and females memorize the book, and we know all the rulings mentioned within. Your claim of equality in your religion (though you claim it’s not a religion – what exactly should I call it then?), is it a mistake on your part, or do you mean equality in some sort of metaphoric sense?
    I will concede that women are not given as much freedom as men (must cover more, protect modesty, etc) but aren’t women given more honor than men? Maybe it seems, from the perverted customs of certain areas, that women are just possessions of men, but Islam does not state that anywhere. In Africa, where these customs – and they are just that, customs – take place, there are many Christians and Jews, and other minorities besides the Muslims. In fact, the number of Christians grows as time passes, because of missionaries that are sent there, who prey on the poverty of the people to convert them – in the name of Christ.
    As for a lot of the “information” you mentioned about the teachings of Islam, they are completely baseless. It would be appreciated, and more acceptable, if you would offer proof along with your statements. Please do not spread heresy.
    I am a little confused on your standpoint on islam. Do you think it’s evil? Or do you think it was once good and people made it evil? Your statements are contradictory and I would appreciate you clarifying them.
    If you would ever like to discuss any questions you have about Islam, please do contact me via email. I would love to clarify any misconceptions about islam as I am studying to become a Scholar of Islamic Law and perhaps I can better answer more complex questions.

    With peace and regards,

    • Hidayah, please. You are attempting to mince words here. LOOK AROUND YOU. Your belief system is creating killers and monsters. I fully understand your argument. I understand the notion that an ideology can be ‘good’ but that the practitioners can be ‘bad’. I get it. But when you look at the sheer magnitude of the killing and sheer horror being perpetrated by YOUR fellow practitioners, you must stop acting like an innocent child. Just stop it. There comes a point where one can’t live in the esoteric land of pure intellectualism. When all hell is breaking loose around you, you must leave the white washed halls of the university and acknowledge that something is terribly wrong with the IDEOLOGY. Somehow, someway, it does not produce the desired effect, no matter how ‘pure’ the words appear to be! Has it EVER occured to you, dear Hidayah, that the REASON that your ideology doesn’t produce the desired beautiful effect (AND NEVER HAS IN HUMAN HISTORY) is because it is NOT from God? Has that ever occured to you? Words are just words. They can sound wonderful. But if the HEART and SOUL of them is not from God, then what do they mean? nothing. In fact, as a Muslim, as a person who still believes they descend from Abraham and his God, you know that if you are not following God, you must be following Satan. There is no middle ground. Satan is a marvelous liar. Satan can be quite beautiful. If the quran is not from God, then who is it from? Satan. Jesus said that no good tree can produce bad fruit and no bad tree can produce good fruit. Islam produces only bad fruit. Something is terribly wrong with Islam. Dear sister, you can’t intellectualize this any longer. I feel your pain and I wish I could make it better for you. If I saw Christians doing what Muslims were doing, my heart would BREAK IN HALF! I would be so ashamed. I know you must feel these things. But I also know that you are too TERRIFIED to say these things in public because this would be heresy and you would become a target for terrorists. THAT is the prison of which I speak. You are NOT free. You can only speak in the vaguest and mildest terms about what must horrify you. I can tell by what you write that you are a kind and nice person. Someone I would want to know. But you can’t speak freely publicaly. I can speak freely. Well, I mean, I can as far as Christians go. Who knows what Muslim terrorists would do to me. I trust in Jesus to protect me. You ask me to prove this or that. I don’t need to. All I need to do is tell you to turn on your t.v. That is all the proof I need. You can’t separate the practitioners from the ideology anymore. IF this were just a few isolated events, then you could do that. But it isn’t. It is THROUGHOUT the Muslim world. It is ACROSS all the Muslim cultures from Asians to Africans to Arabs to Americans to Europeans. Lastly, it is being spread FROM THE PULPIT. How can you defend THAT? The very imams are spreading violence and terror? The very teachers of your religion are creating schools that teach children that it is HOLY to kill ‘infidels’ for Allah. They call on jihad and give holy permission to wreak literal terror on the world. What is a religion but what the religious LEADERS teach from the pulpit? They, themselves, create the religion from the pulpit. THAT is Islam too. Islam = Submission. Submission to the Imams and what they say because the Imams are supposedly speaking Allah’s direct words. Wow. So, it is deadly heresy to question them. Thus, the Quran is not the only thing that defines Islam, is it, Hidayah? So, you can’t just point to that and say Islam is beautiful, can you? NO, all those foul, ugly words of violence from those evil, corrupt, satan inspired men are also Islam. And that, my dear, is why so many men and women across the Muslim world are murdering the ‘infidels’. I’m so sorry that this is happening to your religion. I am. But what I wish for you is that you should come to know the true Lord, Jesus Christ. You don’t even know him. He is the true King of Peace and he is the true Son of God. If you but knew him, you would never be afraid again. What he gives, no one can take from you. Much love to you and your family. Susan

    • I read the article and can only say, “GIVE ME A BREAK.” So, the fact that Arabs abuse their women is because white cultures forced them to? No. Sorry. No one gets to play the victim on my page. Even if that were true, they could grow up and do the right thing today. No white person or culture has ruled them for hundreds of years. It’s time to pull up their big boy pants and to act like men. And as for Arab women, you are acting like typical beaten women in a marriage- always finding excuses for the abusive husband. The reason you do this: because you are so ashamed of your husband AND yourself for putting up with him. YOU also need to pull up your big girl skirts and stop taking the abuse. All good things must be fought for. Oh! That’s right, your RELIGION won’t allow you to fight back against this injustice, right? So, there goes the article’s main idea that it isn’t Islam that created and perpetuates misogyny in Arab cultures. But, that being said, I have no problem believing that African and Asian countries rank low on that list too. Just because there are more cultures than the Arab culture that treats women like animals doesn’t make the Arab culture less wrong. And by the way, America is still greatly at fault in this area as well. We still have female slavery in every city and no one seems to care. Women are the most beaten down segment of the human population and we complain the least. It’s sad.

  5. Thank you for your article. You may enjoy watching the Acts17Apologetics youtube channel. It’s my favorite for learning more about Islam and witnessing to Muslims. God bless.

  6. I can only see a biased article blaming a religion for all the evil in the World. Dear whoever you are! I am a muslim girl.. I drive.. I’ve complete right to decide things about my life, I go wherever I want, I do whatever and however i want to do with my matters. My female friends, cousins, neighbours and alot of other women around me are extremely happy with Islam and its teachings. I’ve parents who guide me and tell me what my Prophet Salalahu Alehi Wasallam has taught His Ummah (nation)and I truly admire His teachings and try to follow them because I believe Him, not because someone imposed them on me.
    I laugh at the people when they associate any kind of evil with a sect or any religion. Evil is not related to any religion. Evil is against humanity. And I believe whatever freedom I am enjoying is because of Islam and its kind teachings. All the teachings of Islam have been criticised since they were told but gradually everyone accepted their importance. Salah (prayer), Wudu (ablution), Hijama (cupping )and alot of other things might seem painful and tiring to you but the advantages we get from them you cannot get them from any other source. Why to blame Islam for any evil happening around. Hate evil only..not any religion..! Some fake muslims might be spreading negative image of Islam but that really doesn’t mean you stand up and start saying bad things about any religion. Search about Paul beranrdo who was a rapist and serial killer of teenage girls. He was not a muslim and wasn’t even from middle east or Africa but a Canadian. How do you explain his actions?? Was Islam responsible for this? He was a misogynist and so are alot of other men who definitely are non-muslims. There’s a long list of such rapist and serial killers who belong to Christianity or Hinduism. Stop spreading hatred against any religion, stand for humanity and justice if you’re so dying to do something good in your life. I don’t blame you. You might be right at your place, you might haven’t seen positive side of my religion. You might be surrounded with the news and rumours about Islam. I suggest you to study Islam more closely so you could clear your misconceptions because female genital mutilation is not an Islamic custom. I don’t know how and from where is it originated but I being a Muslim never ever seen it anywhere nor I believe it.
    Thankyou very much dear.
    Momina from Pakistan. Love to all.

    • Hello, Momina and thank you for your kind response. I have heard this excuse from many Muslims. I wish I could accept it. I used to accept it. You are right that evil exists within the individual heart. But there are some things which are entire movements that can also embody satanic evil. Islam has become one of those movements. Do I believe it was always so? No. I believe Islam once played a good role in the world. Do I believe every Muslim is evil? No. There are many pious and good Muslims in the world whom God will judge as he will judge me. Only HE knows what he will ultimately do with us. I love God more than I love my own life- more than I love my husband or children. He is my sun and my moon- I have no life outside of him. He is greater than you or I. Across the world, you write to me and it makes me realize how very small we really are in the whole scheme of things. God is the only one with wisdom. Now, that being said, I observe the world with open eyes. I am an intelligent, well educated woman. I seek truth with all my heart and I will not be lied to, nor will I lie. I must speak the truth when I see it. Sadly, I believe it is true that Islam, as a whole, is now a movement being used by exceedingly evil people to bring about massive division and war in this world. This evil exists outside of your Quran, not within it. But there is no other way to see it- Islam is being used by Muslim leaders and Progressive leaders throughout the world to bring about political situations which will give them great power and wealth. But the blame doesn’t just end with the leaders of the world who are using Islam. The blame also goes into the Muslim community now. I do not see the Muslims standing up and shouting that terrorism is wrong. In fact, I hear silence. You will never hear silence from the Christian Church if someone tries to claim ‘God is glorified through my evil’. The entire Christian church would stand up and SHOUT- ‘YOU are not a Christian. This is WRONG. Jesus would not agree with you and neither do we. You claim to be a Christian- but we reject you utterly. You are not a Christian at all.” Where are the Muslims rising up against terrorists? Where are the Imams screaming from the pulpit against terrorism? Where are the imams scolding the men who do these mutilations and throw acid on women? You mention one Canadian guy. But did he claim ‘Glory to God!” as he raped? No. But terrorists always scream, “Allah ak bar!” There are few to no crimes done in the name of the Christian God. Further, the Christians will be the very first ones to cry, ‘NO!’ to crimes. We are the first to demand and carry out justice for the victims. Islam is the only movement on earth that has produced such a MASSIVE number of criminals and terrorists. Look at Boko Haram- they just stole 300 Christian girls to sell as sex slaves. And they promise to do more. And they claim it is all in the name of Allah.

      I am GLAD that you, personally, have no problems. But you are just lucky. Most women locked in these Muslim countries are near prisoners. I feel sorry for them. If you can’t see the truth of what Islam has become, then you are blind. I do not mean to insult. But it is true. Much love back to you and your family, Susan

      • Exactly! So much truth in what you’re saying. Also, if God did not intend on female’s having certain parts then they would not have them. So, who do they think they are that they take it into their hand’s to remove what God has given us?!!!!

      • This article was so difficult to write. In fact, I still have trouble reading it or viewing it. I keep my children away from it. The images are so disturbing. I’m even sorry that I have brought these images to light because they are like a sharp knife in the eyes of the moral. But if I don’t bring them to the light, who will? Who will help these girls? If we are unwilling to suffer the sight of these images, then who will act? Who will speak out for them? I did find that there are still a few cases there socalled Christian communities still do this too. They must be educated and stopped in the quickest way possible by our church community. THAT is something we can control. However, most of this is happening in the Muslim world and there is a terrific lack of will to stop it.

    • I want to ask you why are there many verses about women in the Koran. Are you comfortable with the verses that says that in hell the majority there are women because women are ungrateful to there husband’s, also that when a husband calls a wife to bed and if she doesn’t come angels will be cursing her,tell me these verses are against women, how could a woman feel good with her husband quoting these verses to her.when the reality is that men are sometimes this way to but the emphasis is never on men behavior, they make excuses for men in my observation.

      • Gia, to me, Islam is the perfect example of a man made ‘religion’. Christ is not a ‘religion’. He is the perfect representation of God. He simply IS the reality in which we live. God is perfect- he is perfectly fair. Jesus made men and women EQUAL. He made slave and master EQUAL. He made Jew & Gentile (which includes all Muslims) EQUAL. In God’s eyes, every human being on earth is equal. In Heaven, according to Jesus, we will not be given over in marriage. Jesus said, “Those whom I set free are free indeed!” He came to set each individual FREE. Islam enslaves everyone. Even men. Every religion enslaves everyone because every religion simply puts rules of behavior around everyone. Every religion puts impossible expectations around each individual and expects you to perform these rules in order to go to heaven. Therefore, since no one can ever do all the things listed on any consistent basis, NO ONE WILL EVER GO TO HEAVEN. Therefore, everyone is basically depressed- or forced to be a hypocrite, always pretending to be good when they know they are not.

        Jesus came and said, “I know you can’t be perfect. My father gave you the LAW to prove to you that you are sinners beyond redemption. Then, he sent me as your deliverer from your sin. I am not here to condemn you- the LAW condemned you. I came to set you free. I came to SAVE you from your sin- to die as the perfect sacrifice for ALL your sins. Because I am better than any dove, any calf or any goat; because I am the eternal Son of God, my blood is Perfect and Beloved by God. Because I do this of my own free Will, it is done with great LOVE, which is beautiful in my Father’s eyes. Because of this, he HONORS me and gives me the power over your eternal souls- I am given the ability to judge you. Here is my decision: those who will believe in me and will accept my gift of eternal LIFE and FORGIVENESS, I will SPARE and I will call you my brothers and sisters and you will sit at my right hand as I sit at my Father’s right hand- but those who will reject my gift, you will die the death you were always destined for.”

        Is this not superior to any man made religion? Mohammad created a belief system that served MAN, literally, himself, a human being. Even HE admitted that Christ was perfect. Even he admitted that he was fully human and that he was sinful. Look at how he changed his own laws so that he could take his adopted son’s wife- how selfish? Would God agree with that? No. Christ would never do such a thing. If the leader and maker of a religion is not holy, then how can a religion that stemmed from him be holy? Answer: it can’t be. That is WHY it is so unfair and haphazard. That is WHY it breeds such terror and evil. That is why it is inconsistent and full of error. I truly wonder if Mohammad ever wanted his words to create a whole religion? I wonder if that was ever his intent. I don’t know- I would have to do some historic study. Unimportant for this discussion.

        The Bible, on the other hand, is a miracle in and of itself. It was not written by one man at one time at one place- it was written by GOD. Yes, written by many people over thousands of years and over huge spans of lands- but ALL sewn together with incredible precision of purpose, theme, and consistency! No conspiracy could explain how this could happen- especially as the books that eventually became the Bible were on scrolls and stored all around the world for thousands of years and only gathered together decades after Jesus’ death. Yet- all consistent and perfectly matched, no matter who wrote the books and when they wrote it. God wrote it. People love to say it is inconsistent- but it is not. They are just ignorant. It is the most miraculous document ever written. If it were any other book, the world would bow down to it and worship IT as a god. That is how predictive and amazing it is. But God has kept its meaning hidden from the unwise. Ah well.

        In any case, long answer to a rather short comment, Gia. I realize you were writing to Momina, but I hope I can introduce you to the TRUE prophet, who is Jesus. He is not just a prophet, he is the Son of God- divine and holy himself, higher than the angels, equal to God. No thoughts compare to his thoughts. I promise you, HE is not sexist. He loves and values women. He understands that we are equal to men in God’s eyes.

    • Like any ideology, you look where it originated. Mohammad of course originated the Geo-Political IDIOTology of Islam. It’s goal of having the world one under Sharia Law makes it a Political Movement like Hitlers Nazism than anything else. But Islamism is different in Nazism in that Hitler’s ideology only killed 11 Million humans, whereas Islamism is the greatest Killing Machine in history with over 315 Million Murders. Mohammad was history’s Original Muslim Terrorist and like today’s ISIS, only uneducated and illiterate. He was not only a Barbarian War Lord and Pedophile, but he institutionalized slavery while a Mayor in Medina and took his profitable Slave business to Mecca when he captured in In a two day War. The Quran talks if Slavery and “booty” which were what Mohammad and his armies of Imbeciles attacked sleeping villages in the dead of night. The simple questions, what made Mohammad a Prophet other than his lying words? Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charles Manson also said they were Prophets and like Mohammad never performed miracles, so what made Mohammad anything other than a self serving Con Man? Muslim Fundimebtalist today kill today for the exact same reason Mohammad needed to kill all those who questioned him, because Mohammad’s Lie of Islam can never stand up to Truth….

    • Very interesting. I have to concede that this is true. Sadly. It appears that SOME Christian copts in Egypt still practice FGM as a tradition but not as adherents to Christianity. There is NO tradition whatsoever in Christianity to suppress women’s sexuality. Nor is there any scripture that puts women down. The practitioners do this in SPITE of the fact they are Christian. It is peer pressure because the men won’t marry them if they don’t do it. That being said, the VAST MAJORITY of practitioners who do this today are Islamic. And they believe they do it in the name of Islam. Islam’s very core is to hate women. I appreciate your research on this matter.

      • This is not islamic, it is a tradition in mostly Africa done by christians, pagans, muslims, old tribe religions etc. Don’t blame Islam if your not gonna blame christianity.

  7. Please just read the following, it is simple examples of what the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said about women :

    “Women are not created weaker but more generous than men. They are created more beautiful and less fierce, as beauty hates to hurt and harm others. That is why they seem weak to people, but in reality they are not. Angels are the strongest of created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light”

    — Prophet Mohammed (saww)

    “Act kindly towards women”

    — Prophet Mohammed (saww)

    “The best of men are those who are best to their wives”

    — Prophet Mohammed (saww)

    Want to learn more about what Islam has to say about women rights ?

    “At the time of Muhammad’s birth, women in 7th century Arabia had few if any rights. Even the right of life could be in question, since it was not uncommon for small girls to be buried alive during times of scarcity. In the Qur’an, it is said that on Judgment Day “buried girls” will rise out of their graves and ask for what crime they were killed. Part of Muhammad’s legacy was to end infanticide and establish explicit rights for women.

    Islam teaches that men and women are equal before God. It grants women divinely sanctioned inheritance, property, social and marriage rights, including the right to reject the terms of a proposal and to initiate divorce. The American middle-class trend to include a prenuptial agreement in the marriage contract is completely acceptable in Islamic law. In Islam’s early period, women were professionals and property owners, as many are today. Although in some countries today the right of women to initiate divorce is more difficult than intended, this is a function of patriarchal legislation and not an expression of Islamic values. Muhammad himself frequently counseled Muslim men to treat their wives and daughters well. “You have rights over your women,” he is reported to have said, “and your women have rights over you.”

    Muhammad was orphaned at an early age. He once remarked that, “Heaven lies at the feet of mothers.” As the father of four daughters in a society that prized sons, he told other fathers that, if their daughters spoke well of them on the Day of Judgment, they would enter paradise.”

    And to conclude :

    I know a man who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan. He was man enough to love a strong woman years older than him, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears to no one but her.

    He was romantic and was faithful to her till her last breath. Cleaned after himself and sewed his own clothes. He was good looking, courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts or looks, and was moderate, open minded and tolerant.

    His neighbor was Jewish and his cousin-in-law was a Christian priest. Beaten and exiled when he was helpless, he was merciful when he became stronger. Intelligent, wise and a hard worker, he built a long lasting nation out of nothing in the last 20 years of his life. He had no parents, but loved his daughters and grandchildren.

    His last will was “Be good to women”.

    This man was a mercy for all mankind, this is my Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him)

    I strongly hope that these words I took the time to share with you will spread respect and love between Islam and Christianity.

    Islam is not Satan. Islam is not evil. Please have some kindness in your heart and stop sending swearwords about other people religion. Would you not be shocked and sad if someone was doing that to you ?

    Don’t judge a religion by the wrong doing of some followers.

    Islam is the religion with the most followers in the World and these followers live by rules of Peace, politeness, softness and respect.

    Read about us, don’t think you can learn who we are from TV. All what TV wants is to make money : reality TV, violence, prejudices against Islam, etc. They want you to watch and they are ready to sale their mom and dad for it !

    So please read books and meet people rather than just watching TV.

    I send you Peace.

    • Again, thank you for your kind words. My intention is not to spread any kind of evil- but to inform those who have been misled in America about Islam- and the evils it brings. While it might not be in the Quran, not even you can deny how the Muslim religion is being used all over the world for evil. These are not rare incidents. In fact, they have begun to define what Islam is really about. Your book says one thing, but your religious leaders are corrupt to the bone and they say another. They use their supposedly sacred pulpits to scream for jihad and terrorist attacks and honor killings. You may claim peace and equal rights, but you know what the reality is. If Muhammad felt that way about women, he would howl to the stars to see what the vast, vast majority of Muslim men are doing to their women. There is no point for me to ask a Muslim woman how she feels about Islam. They know they will be beaten to a pulp for saying even one bad thing. Muslim women can’t drive, can’t go anywhere without a male spy and have their bodies mutilated. Why do you and all Muslim apologists that come here refuse to talk about the crimes I mention? Instead you just repeat the same thing over and over again, “Islam is peace. Islam loves women. Islam is good.” Why not tell me why men throw acid onto the faces of young women who refuse their stinking marriage proposals? You are in denial my friend. Only Jesus creates joy. And peace. And meaning. And true love. There is no other way to God but through him, my friend. You truly do seem like a decent man. I wish you could know more about Jesus. I have him and he is all I need. I do not need to know more about an imperfect man named Muhammad. perhaps he was decent. I don’t know. But he, like all men, is irrelevant to me. My goal is an eternity with God. And only Jesus can do that for me. And for you. The only one who should be reading is you, my friend. Read the bible and put all your prejudices and fears aside. Jesus came to save all men- not from other men- but from their own sin which acts as a wall between them and God. Muhammad can’t do that for you. He never claimed he could. We are plainly and simply hopeless sinners. God can not accept us this way. We can not do enough good to warrant a life with God. Only trust in Jesus and his promise that HE will stand between us and God and proclaim us righteous for having faith in him can save us. And only because God promised that he would honor his Son’s judgement will we be saved. Only the sacrificial blood of Jesus can cover us and wash us absolutely clean so that we may appear before God for eternity. You should join me in heaven. I won’t join you in this earthly hell. Be well.

      • Since Mohammed (no peace be upon the burning pedophile), did not differentiate between male and female when he called for the subjugation or destruction on the infidel, the therefore was at minimum talking out of both sides of his twisted head when saying “be kind to women”…at minimum.Most likely he couldn’t keep track of his own lies.

      • Valid point, future generations will look back at this period in time as we look back at the ignorant people in the past who thought the earth to be flat and believed in Geocentricity… Intelligent Evolution will laugh at the Imbeciles of the 21st century who were decieved by the Lie of an uneducated illiterate Barbarian War Lord and Pedophile Fake Prophet named Mohammad back in the Dark Ages…for which they are appropriately named…

      • Christians are killing, raping, sodomizing among other things, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Recently christian cannibals cut open muslim and ate from his body in central africa. These are not rare incidents. Why dont christians ever look in the mirror?

        If you blame Islam for what individual muslims have done then you should blame christianity for what individual christians have done as well. Stop being a hypocrite.

      • please provide the news article about the christian cannibals eating a muslim. I don’t believe you. And if those types of things are not rare, then please provide LOTS of news articles about them. As to Christians killing, raping, sodomizing people, I reject that. You are a LIAR. No Christian does such things. IF they claim to be a Chrisitian, you will see ALL Christians stand up and DISOWN them, DENOUNCE them and finally, REJECT them as Christian. Anyone can claim anything. But the Christian church and community would never accept anyone who does these crimes and then say they did it for GOD. Muslims ALWAYS scream, ‘Allah ak bar!’ when they murder and terrorize. When do you see Christians claiming that rape, torture, beheadings, mutilating, throwing acid on women’s faces, and screaming, “God is glorified by this!” For you, a Muslim is a Muslim by law- if your father was a Muslim, then YOU are a Muslim. Our God, the only God, gives us the CHOICE to be his child. Thus, when a Muslim commits a sin and gives credit to Allah, he can’t be said to NOT be a Muslim. But when a person commits a hideous act and TRIES to connect it with Jesus and serving him, we can and DO say he is not one of us. Anyway, you never see Christians doing evil and then saying it was to glorify Christ. Sorry, but you are a LIAR. And I am not being a hypocrite. Loving and following Christ is a CHOICE, not mandatory. Thus, when someone sins, we REJECT them as one of us. THus, a Christian can not do these things. They can NOT say they love Christ and then murder someone. That is just being a false Christian.

    • Islam is the obvious Lie of a 7th century War Lord and Pedophile who married a 6 year old child named Aisha when he was 53. You really think a guy who’d FAIL kindergarten today and was illiterate and a Barbarian War Lord was something other than a Liar?!?

  8. Asalam alaikum (which means : Peace be with you, it is the way Muslims people say “hi” to other people)

    I am a Muslim woman and I am not proud of it because this is not Islam. Female genital mutilation is a practice which came from Egypt and it is anterior of the time of the Pharaohs. Nothing Islamic here but customs from an other age. Islam is not about customs and was revealed to stop such things. People (Muslims and non Muslims) need to seek for knowledge by reading the sources of the Islamic religion : the Sounnah and the Quran.

    Also the original sin of Eve doesn’t exist in Islam so women are not considered evils like you said but equals of men. In Quran, God (Allah) uses the same amount of time the word : “men” and the word “women”. Our Dear beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) told us that the bests of us are the bests to their wives. Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) never harm a woman.

    I am surprised that you said that Islam has no rules and no principles. Don’t you know about :
    – the fast of the month of Ramadan
    – we fast two days a week too and many others days in the year as well to remember the poor
    – the 5 daily prayers
    – the night of prayers to remember the needed and ask for forgiveness for the Humanity and ourselves
    – the way of washing
    – the pilgrimage ? Hajj and Omrah
    – the Douas
    – the remembrance
    – God is one
    – the believe in the hereafter, the angels, the prophets : Jesus Christ, Moïse, Adam, Abraham, Noah, Solomon, Muhammad and the others ? Peace be upon ALL of them.
    – the believe in Destiny
    – the believe of the Day of judgment

    I can continue like this for hours.

    We do believe that Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) will return to save us from the Antichrist. Yes. We believe that in Islam. We call the Antichrist : the Dajal.

    Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was a mercy send to this Humanity and he is the best example of a human being. If you were trying to learn about his teachings you will be surprised because he is only talking about :
    – forgiveness
    – mercy
    – softness
    – charity
    – equality
    – caring for others
    – and so on

    If you want to continue this conversation futher, please feel free to send me a message.

    I respect you and your religion, please have the same respect starting by not spreading wrong information and by judging a all religion by the wrong action of some followers.

    Do I judge Christianity by the behavior of the ku klux klan ? The way they act for centuries in Africa and South America ? The Inquisition ?

    No. Because I know it was the actions, wrong actions, of humans being and are not the teachings of the Christian religion.

    Please enlarge your view before to critic what you obviously did not read about.

    Speak with Muslims women about Muslims women. Don’t ask a BBC and CNN men journalist, non Muslim, about how a Muslim woman feel like. This is not fair because it will just teach you wrong information as these people actually never study Islam and know nothing about the life of a Muslim man or woman.

    Ask people, Muslim or not, who STUDY Islam. Who have some degree in Islamic studies.

    I am a Muslim woman, I am a feminist, I am a human being and I am not the stupid crazy violent person who want me to seem to be.

    I am involved into Charity maybe just like you. I go to my Mosque just like you maybe go to Church. I pray maybe just like you pray. I go to a Muslim group to learn about the sources of my religion maybe just like you go to a Christian group to read the Bible.

    In Islam we say : you are my sister in religion or my sister in humanity. In both cases we need to respect and love each others for the love of God.

    You are a Christian. I know your beliefs taught you the same.

    Can we join on this ?

    Salam (which means : Peace)

    • enajmah, thank you for your response. Listen. Christ is not a religion. He came as the Son of God- whom Muhammad recognized as such. He lived a perfect life and was hated and crucified because his words condemned the evil men to hell and it enraged them. He is not a religion. God is not a religion. They ARE. Muhammad might have loved God and as you say, but even he admitted he was a sinful man. Only human. I think he would be shocked that you all worship him as you do. I think he would tell you not to treat his words as holy or sacred. He never claimed to be God’s son or anything of the sort. Jesus did. And Jesus proved who he was by all the recorded miracles he performed while he was here. Even with today’s technology, we can’t reproduce his works. The Old Testament, written over three thousand years ago attested to every detail of his life- and every detail of the Jewish nation- including their revival as a nation in 1949. The bible has proven true on so many accounts, it is a complete wonder to me how anyone could NOT be a Christian.

      As to respect. The day I see Muslims RISE UP against terrorism is the day I will respect them. As it is, there are only quiet murmurs that terrorism isn’t in the Quran. But not the FULL condemnation of it. No. I hear things like, “Well, Allah doesn’t approve of what they do, BUT they deserve it anyway. blah, blah, blah.” I can not respect that at all.

      I used to respect Muslims. I did. I never bothered about them. I thought they loved God as I did. But I no longer believe that! There may be decent people (as you sound to be) and I know if I met you in person we would probably get along. and maybe YOU and your mosque treat women well. But how can you explain HOW MANY women have been so tortured as this? How can you explain HOW MANY terrorist attacks there have been? How can you explain HOW SILENT the Muslims around the world have been about all of this? It is inexcusable.

      I don’t respect your silence- no matter how much charity you do. I would respect you more for creating a blog like this and PUBLICLY denounce those who do such things- terrorism and female torture. But I know you are afraid. And I would understand that. Because if you PUBLICLY condemned, with no excuse whatsoever, what these other Muslims were doing in the name of Allah, they would come and throw acid in your sister’s face or your mother’s. You know it and I know it.

      But God demands us to be brave and stand up for what is right. As I am doing here. Islam is a religion. But it does not bring peace or joy or anything good. It brings only death, beheadings, acid attacks, female genital mutilation, terrorism, dead children, dead women, dead office workers, pedophilia, oh, the list goes on and on! If ANYONE dared to do such things and say they did them for Jesus, you can bet your last dollar that the Christian community would stand tall and loud and together we would ostracize them immediately. We would say they were NOT Christians and that they had no place at our table. YOU need to do that for me or anyone to believe you.

      • Everything else aside, as it’s debatable and drawn out, Muhammad never stated anywhere in any of his teachings, nor in the Quran is it stated, that Isa (Jesus) is the son of God.

      • As I am not an expert in the Quran, I can’t confirm this- I was told this by other Muslims. I still believe it to be true. Perhaps the Quran doesn’t state it, but I believe Mohammad said it. The way I heard it, Muhammad himself proclaimed that Jesus was the son of God and that Jesus was perfect. Muhammad also made it clear that he, himself, was a sinner who needed to repent. That was my point. So, my next logical question was the following: Why follow a mere man as ‘holy’ when even your prophet acknowledges that Jesus was perfect? I would rather follow the Son of God, perfect in every way than a clearly flawed man. That is my point.

  9. I could not continue watching it after the first few minutes, my disgust and outrage kicked in from the first sentence, but got so bad, it threatened to explode, so did not have the stomach to watch anymore. This practice is something the entire civilized world needs to get involved in to stop it immediately!!! Children have the right to expect and to receive protection, and the entire world has the obligation to do whatever it takes to see that they are protected!!!

  10. So glad you wrote on this. It won’t leave my mind. And what is almost AS disturbing as Islam is folks refuse to even listen. “Nice and $5 will get you a cup of Starbucks coffee. Jesus did not preach nice…” I thought she was brilliant.

  11. I’m a nondenominational Christian who finds this very interesting. A Lutheran who considers Catholicism a cult, and a hardcore Catholic who despises Martin Luther, see the same Truth.

    God IS Truth, and no matter our bickering over the details, let us never forget that He is greater than any mortal man can comprehend. Our enemy is Allah/Satan, and we must all act together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to save as many of these endangered souls as we can.

    • That argument is just too old and too repeated to hold any weight anymore. To me, Islam is not a religion anyway. There are no rules. There are no principles. There is no purity or higher ground. It doesn’t elevate the human spirit from the mud in which we live. Humans are naturally evil and greedy and sick. We need salvation. That salvation can not come from a man who is just as evil as the one seeking salvation. The savior must be BETTER, must be HIGHER, must be more PERFECT than us to lead us out of this hell pit called earth. Mohamad admitted he was a sinner. He also admitted that Jesus was the son of God- perfect in all his ways. Jesus IS the Savior of the world. Jesus said that you will know the tree by the fruit it bears. What does Islam bear? You see the blood above. THAT is the fruit of Islam. It does no good to say it isn’t so. It IS so. Islam has failed. It has produced even more evil than before it existed. Christians would never, in a million years, produce this fruit. Humans will always sin against God. But the sins of Islam are truly horrid. Truly horrid. That excuse just won’t cut it anymore.

      • No, I don’t need to read it. It doesn’t matter if it implicitly condones these actions. It is the REALITY of Islam that matters. It is the FRUIT of Islam that matters. The Reality of Islam and Allah is that it is powerless before the will of man. That is why satan inspired works are so prevalent among it’s adherents. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- he is not Allah. One can not say he knows God but rejects Christ. Christ and God are one. They are in perfect agreement. Each in inside the other. To know God is to know Christ. To refuse Christ is to refuse God. That is why the fruit of Christianity is good and the fruit of Islam is bad. The quality of any fruit is determined by the health of the tree that bore it. The Fruit of Islam is death and bloodshed and revenge and hate. There is no need to further understand the tree. The tree is automatically deemed bad because it produced bad fruit. It needs to be chopped down. At the very best, all Islam can claim is that Allah is a powerless god who is completely unable to control those who claim to serve him. It goes beyond mere sin. It goes beyond the sinful nature of man. It becomes the Work of Allah. Islam is the CAUSE of this violence. Islam is the Tree. Were it not for Islam, this fruit could not be produced.

        I take NOTHING out of context because I don’t reference the Quran at all in my argument. I don’t use any part of it to support my argument. I take the mere evidence before my eyes to make my judgement. And my judgement here is correct. It is correct because it is obvious. It doesn’t require any amount of scholarship to see it. If you can’t or won’t see it, then it is you who have CHOSEN to put blinders on. And you will stand before God too one day. And he will hold you to account for this moment. Did you ignore evil when it faced you? Did you excuse it? Did you encourage it by your silence? You will need to answer God. And I will have to answer God. That’s just the way it is.

      • Ignorance is bliss in your case. I’m not living my life in a religion dictated by others actions. I have no hate in my heart, even for a person who insults me by insulting my religion. There is one God. There has been violence and destruction and hatred by “Christian” people, but I do not consider all Christians bad because of this. I am not the one to judge, God is. Jesus didn’t teach his followers to hate or to speak ill of others.

      • Listen, how about this: You just take a little lookie at this chart which lists all the Muslim violence in the world from only SIX months around the world, ok? I DARE you to produce violence from Christian individuals who are doing their violence IN THE NAME OF JESUS. THEN, you will actually have some credibility when you come here with your pity party statements.

    • No, but the corrupt teachings within mosques of the Islamic community DO perpetuate the subjugation of women. Also, having read the Koran, there ARE very concerning elements to it.

  12. The most barbaric anti human act that we have ever seen, and to think they use the word holy and GOD! they are nothing more than animals—-NO worse! we never knew about this—-thanks for the information.

    • Doug, I had heard of it. But I didn’t know what was done, how it was done and how very WIDESPREAD it is. I will never look at a Muslim woman the same again. I will wonder if she is hiding this barbaric act under all that fabric. If I was a Muslim woman who had been so attacked, I would wear coat upon coat and I would pray to be the ugliest woman ever. I would never want to touch a man. Sex would be excruciating with such a small opening. The sickness is deep. Very deep. heck, I would load myself up with dynamite and I would hit the biggest group of men who believed in this possible. No wonder those women keep their mouths shut. Even their own MOTHERS will not be on their side.

  13. Reblogged this on spiritualabusesanctuary and commented:
    Is it true? Absolutely! When the Muslim gunboats would raid islands in Malaysia, those Christians who didn’t escape into the hills were forcibly “circumcised” with razor blades, no matter what the age….young and old, including infants. Can anything be more barbaric? I think not.

  14. I watched this a while back, and I cried, I raged!! then I became curious. Just how many Mosque where in my state of Texas?…I googled, and I was flabbergasted to find out that there more than a 1000 of them! Most of them have names like “(blank) Educational Center”…why are they hiding among us?, because they are satanic!…most people probally drive by these places and think they are some kind of school… A lot of people ask, if Islam is so great, why come here?, because their agenda is to take over the world by killing all of us infedilals. If you are not Muslim and practice Islamic ideas (I won’t say faith, because it is NOT a religion) then you are an infedilal and your punishment is death! WAKE UP AMERICA! the time for allowing this and being nice is over!

  15. I’m waking up slowing and trying to play caught up. Thank you for sharing this this information.It’s so terrible and all I see is Muslim this and Muslim that. Making exceptions too their beliefs and culture. We will be dome in a life of HELL.

    • Thank you for this blog. I hate Muslims so much for what they do to innocent little girls. They have got it all wrong. Men and boys are the true evil ones, nit us women, who give life. Those Muslim mothers are brainwashed into thinking that when it comes the time to traumatize these innocent babies and girls, that this is a time of celebration. Give me a break. I live in NYC, and there are many of these evil scumbags here. If I get into one of theirs cabs, I can’t help but leave them a little “present” when I leave. This is not a religion, this is an atrocity. A misogynistic, hateful fucking nightmare!!! Please, somebody must help those babies and girls over there!! Please! When I saw those babies lined up……oh GOD, please save them from these evil bastards’ hands! PLEASE!!!!

      • Jennie, oh, girl.. listen to me. My article is not to make you hate men or boys. It is not to exalt women over men. Nor is it to make you hate Muslims. I hate Islam. No doubt about it. Because it is not of God and not of Christ, it is a lie- by definition. That is why I detest it. I detest all lies. And what these men have done to women is the fruit of their beliefs. Their fruit is evil. But don’t allow satan to make you hate over this. This article is meant to open people’s eyes to the lies of the Progressives that are trying their very best to call Islam the ‘Religion of Peace’. They are trying to exalt it over Christ. They are trying to make Christians and Christ into the enemy. People need to see the true face of Islam. I feel your pain, Jennie. But don’t be consumed by hate. For anyone. All are God’s children. Only a small number are truly evil. The rest are blind. We work to save the blind. I pray for God to place his calming hand upon your brow and to breath life and love into your heart. You are loved as I am. We are sisters in God. May we bring LIGHT into this world. Truth hurts sometimes. But we need to see the truth- which is the point of these articles. Not hate. Please write to me if you need to talk more! blessings, Susan

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