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Remember When It Was China Killing Newborns?

image68I distinctly remember when the United States would openly berate China on its ‘One Child’ policy because it led to men and women literally throwing their females newborns into the garbage to die. They still do this. Because if they don’t, the Chinese government will put them in jail. In fact, we have had recent reports of the Chinese and North Korean governments arresting women who had the temerity to get pregnant after already having a successful baby and forcing an abortion upon them. But there is now a difference on how we, Americans, deal with such information. Now, we remain silent. And the reason why we remain so silent is because we are even worse.  At least the Chinese government and N. Korean government are not profiting from these deaths. But our citizens are. Here we see a young, white, elitist, well educated woman making mountains of money on the excruciating deaths of thousands of babies. And it’s all perfectly legal.

Albuquerque is now voting on legislation that will limit abortions after 20 weeks- something I thought every single American would support.  We have seen similar measures being passed in Nebraska, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma (there may be others).  And of course, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU (along with the usual string of democrat politicians) are not only pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars (to a tune of 10:1) into these local ballot votes but are also determined to appeal and fight these in higher courts if they succeed.  It appears that profit loss is one of the major motivations for these appeals.

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that states could limit abortion based on the viability of the baby ( a major victory, but doesn’t include the baby’s pain) but the same ruling allows an exception for the life & ‘health’ of the woman.  Unwisely, this also includes the ‘mental’ health of a woman- which creates an open door to all abortions.  All you need to do is find a corrupt doctor (um, I think most late term abortionists making money hand over fist would qualify) and you can get around the state’s restrictions.  Most of the new limits fail to include this ‘mental health ‘ exception in their late term abortion legislation and thus are overturned in the appeals process.  As it stands, however, many states are moving in this direction regardless of the Supreme Court ruling.  It will probably come to a State vs. Federal government showdown.

The video below was made by an undercover sting operation  (Live Action Films) at Southwest Women’s Options in Albuquerque, NM.  (Don’t you love the euphemisms these people use?) The very worst part of this video, however, is listening to these very soft, feminine voices talking about how to murder a baby.  And the cost of murdering the baby (the fee goes up each week that goes by- perhaps that is linked to the amount of guilt the doctor feels?)  You can see that they are uncomfortable about it- especially when the counselor says, “and we can’t deliver a live baby, right?”. The counselor stutters with a bunch of ‘ums’ as she describes the painful procedure and the doctor ( Dr. Carmen Landau) actually lowers her voice to a whisper when she tells the undercover mother that she has performed ‘lots’ of murders well after 24 weeks.   Apparently, this abortion clinic also has relationships with hotels in the areaPlease watch the video. Anyone who thinks a soft voice from a pretty woman can cover over the stinking shit of her soul has another thing coming. I am thankful that God made me into a junkyard dog. I would rather have a heart after God and a strident voice than be a pretend woman with evil down to the very bones. We have lost our humanity, Americans. We do not deserve eternal life. No, we don’t.

This video carries on where the former stops. Start at 3:09 minutes (to avoid repetition) and see how the doctor tells the woman to allow her ‘dead’ baby to ‘come out’ into the toilet at a local hotel they work with. She stresses that the woman need not look at ‘it’ in the toilet. It’s just gruesome. Who wouldn’t look down? Talk about being scarred for life!


  1. Yesterday I would have said I have no say on abortion. Being male I cannot be pregnant and cannot speak on what I would do if faced with that issue. Now, I cannot say that anymore. It is wrong, it is murder and it is brutal and I DO NOT condone it. I do not condemn women who have gone through it, I pray for them and am sorry that was their path. My opinions on a lot of things are rapidly changing. It scares me somewhat.

    • They most certainly do still have a one child policy. They have only recently begun to ‘talk’ about maybe making some changes to it. In reality, this is political mumbo jumbo for ‘it will be a cold day in hell…’

  2. Abortions are murder PERIOD. Just the thought that there are people out there that think nothing of taking a life – a life that cannot defend itself – make me sick.

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