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Is It Really That Hard to Say, “I’m Sorry?”

God has made it easy. Just walk through, Dummy.

God has made it easy. Just walk through, Dummy!

Jesus is so beautiful.  Do you understand that God sent Jesus BECAUSE he knows we are hopeless?  He knows that we can’t do good- no matter how hard we try.  We drink too much, take too many drugs, have too much illicit sex, fail to glorify God when we should, have too much pride, kill people, hurt people, steal, lie, cheat, have affairs, don’t take care of our kids, are terrible parents, are selfish as can be- he KNOWS all this.  He knows we are hopeless!  And guess what?  HE DOESN’T CARE!  His love is bigger than his disapproval.  “For God so LOVED the world, he sent his only begotten Son..”  Do you not understand this?  You have heard those words too many times but fail to understand the grace of God inside of them.

He sent Christ because without him, we can NOT live with God.  Inasmuch as you could not allow a stinking, thieving murderer to live side by side with your children in your home, God can’t allow you, in your current state of sin to live with him.  You must be ‘reformed’, so to speak.  We ARE talking about eternity, right?  No one could stand a stinking, murderous house guest for an eternity!    Neither can God abide that kind of relationship with you forever.  Something has to be done to make you (and me) suitable for an eternity with the Most High God.   That ‘something’ is the grace and gift of Jesus’ forgiveness.  And some day, the removal of all temptation to sin again.  Before Christ came to this earth, your DEEDS were the only way to find righteousness with God.  You had to follow every law that God set forth to constantly cleanse yourself of your last sin.  That, and you had to have tremendous FAITH in him.  People had to run back and forth to the Temple all day long- every day of their life!  Suffice it to say that it was extremely hard to be found righteous in God’s eyes before Christ came.

But Christ did not come to bring judgement- why?  Because God’s judgement has ALREADY been given:  all those who are covered in sin must die.  You can’t be allowed in heaven.  You are unsuitable.  Judgement has already been pronounced on you and on me.  Thus, Jesus does not need to come in judgement of our sins.  We are already doomed by God’s righteous judgement.

Jesus came, instead,  to give us ALL a tremendous gift of love from God:  FORGIVENESS.  Complete and total forgiveness.  God saw our sorry state and he had compassion on us.  Also, he created ALL things, both good and evil, for one purpose:  to create YOU and ME.  We are to become his holy children.  All of life and all of the universe was created just so that we can be with him in a loving Father/Child relationship.  How is THAT for love?  Every star created for you.  Every swirling galaxy created for your delight.  Every sea creature, bold and unusual- just for your joy.  Every bloom on every plant- all to keep you in a healthy, happy state.  ALL was done to make you, God’s child.  You were made on purpose.  God fully intends for you to live forever with him.  But you must undergo two stages of life to become that child.  First, you were born to a woman.  This is the first birth.  But this only gives you the incredible opportunity to CHOOSE an eternal life with God.  This choice is made amid stress, evil, lies, deceit and temptations.  You have a choice!  Do you choose satan and the allures of this life or do you pick curtain number 2- not knowing for SURE that the car is behind it.  God is behind that curtain.  Billions of years are behind that curtain.  But you can’t really be 100% sure.  So, what will you do?  Have faith in God or take the cheap prize with death at the end of it?

God has given ample evidence of himself- in fact, he put the knowledge of his existence into every human heart.  We all KNOW God is there.  Some can deny it all they want- but even their fierce denial says it all.  So, he has given us that to make the choice easier.  Then, he sent his Son, to do miracle after miracle as his ‘credentials’.  Then, he raised his Son from death, as promised, to further convince you.  And last of all, God gave us the bible- with prophecy after prophecy made hundreds and sometimes, thousands, of years beforehand which continue to come true with such astonishing precision!  God, in his love and sense of grace, has made it EVIDENT that he is there and that he sent Jesus to offer you this gift of forgiveness.  In the bible, God said he did this so that no one would have a single excuse when they stand before him.  No one will be able to claim he was unfair.

God has authorized Jesus to stand before him and say, “Father, this person is righteous.  His sins are washed away.  He is now suitable for life in heaven with us.  He is righteous because he believed I would fulfill my promise and raise him from the dead.”  And in we will walk- no matter what our sins were.  So easy, right?

BUT, and here is the caveat that seems to make people stumble,  we must be SORRY for what we have done!  Do we not expect the very same from our own children before we forgive them?  Well, this is GOD!  You owe Him much more than your children owe to you!  We must humble ourselves to God and pray for forgiveness.  We need to ASK for this gift.  Is that so very hard for you?

Why that causes so many problems for people is beyond me.  Some people don’t want to feel sorry for their wrongs, I guess.  They don’t want to answer to anyone.  Or perhaps they know that true repentance means that you must then strive all your life to live the life that GOD considers holy and not the one you were living before you asked for forgiveness.  We would not tolerate this attitude in our children- yet, as grown adults, we act worse than little spoiled brats.

But this is satan lying to you.  What is 80 years compared to billions of years?  The cost/benefit ratio is beyond measure.  But satan will cause the most astute businessman to be completely illogical when it comes to his soul.  He loses his ability to do basic math.  If you are trapped in your life and feel depressed- it is because you are lacking in HOPE.  God brings HOPE.  He also brings JUSTICE, which we all crave in this evil world.  Only God can make it all right.  Only God can punish the truly evil and exalt the quiet servant who lives to help other people.  Only God will make it all make sense- only God can make life fair.  Without God, this life is a sorry business.  The ruthless devour up the weak.  Children are preyed upon.  People are enslaved.  Hunger dries up the land and disease steals away people’s joy.  GOD can bring justice because this life is only the BEGINNING of our lives.  Satan causes people to be myopic.  They fail to consider that God has all the time in the world to fix what is wrong- and so do we as eternal beings.  And in a way that will bring the best out in people.  And in a way that will create true Children of God, birthed through faith during adversity.  No other ‘religion’ offers justice and hope and fairness.  Only God through Christ can make this sad world make sense.

BE SORRY, people.  It is the least you can do to make it right with God.  And be joyful that God made it THAT EASY to be with him.  You lose nothing and you gain your true LIFE by repenting and coming to Christ.  Accept that gift, Friends.  Don’t die- you were meant to be so much more than that.


  1. God’s expression of His love in providing atonement for our failures and creating a way to have a personal relationship with Him is what separates Christianity from all other belief systems.

  2. Thank you, I loved your article very much. Brought me a lot of happiness today. Some times God feels so far away that we forget how much he really loves and cares about us. :). Xo

  3. Susan, Excellent article, except for one thing I was told long ago……

    Being sorry for your sins, or confessing your sins cannot take away sin. The Bible says the penalty for sin is death. We all die physically, but we also deserve to die spiritually by spending eternity in Hell. Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

    Operative word here is “gift”….

    • Hi bbema, The penalty for sin is death. But this isn’t physical death. That is spiritual death. We die because we are made to die. Not for sin’s sake. We die spiritually due to sin. That is what I believe- but in the end, it doesn’t make a difference which death is referred to. Accepting Christ as Savior must first be ‘bought’ by repentance. Then, a proclamation that he is Lord and Savior. Without repentance, there is no salvation. That’s all I’m saying.

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