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Life is Miserable- Only Christ Offers Hope

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Tonight, I understand why people bury their heads in the sand.  I almost wished I hadn’t spent my life begging God for wisdom and knowledge.  To see evil, really see it, is to assault every belief in happiness.  It is one thing to see things on the news.  It is another to think about what it really means.  I think people become liberals out of fear.  They NEED to believe that there is an earthly solution.  Even for Christians.  Because enduring the horrible evil of this life is just too hard sometimes.  Holding up your own responsibilities is just too heavy sometimes.  Times like this, I just want someone, anyone, to take it all away from me.  I want to run away and hide in a little hole where nothing can touch me anymore.

I don’t want to think about the last frightened moments of a little girl who has been raped & is about to be murdered- I think about her calling out to her mommy and wondering why mommy doesn’t rescue her.  Those thoughts are like sharp spikes into my brain.  I don’t want to think about our children are being corrupted in a slow boil by the demonic earthly powers on this earth.  Even with good, Godly parenting, I worry about the children who are so very surrounded by evil thinking.  They are lonely out there.  I hate money and everything about it.  I hate making it.  I hate spending it.  I just hate it.  Sometimes, I just hate being human.  This walk is too hard.

I am so thankful that God has a hopeful light at the end of this sorry adventure.  Sometimes, I look around and wonder, ‘why bother getting up today?’.  Just more evil and then more.  The enemy is too fierce- it is huge and has full control.  WE, humans, can’t defeat it.  We can’t.  And feeling this small sucks.  Anyone who has the courage to see and allow what they see to really enter their thoughts will feel this same pain of existence.  The same pain of living.  It is terrible to live, fighting for what is right, yet feeling the enemy gaining strength despite it.  I know Christ is coming to win the day- that is the only hope I have left.  It’s hard to just cancel out all those thoughts and just enjoy a meal.  It’s hard to just act like that 10 year old girl didn’t just expire, staring her killer in the eyes.  It’s hard to exercise, work, play or do anything with those kinds of thoughts.  Life feels like an illusion.  Like we are all plastering on smiles to make each other feel happier.  But it’s not happy.  Not happy at all.

That’s why people put such hope in someone like Obama.  They have already taken the first step in this delusion.  They have already decided to close their eyes to the pain of that little girl.  They have already acquired the skills needed to see it on the news, turn away quickly and pour a glass of wine.    They have learned to surround themselves with pretty things and pretty people.  Avoidance of all things messy is now a sharply honed skill.  But still, knowledge of evil manages to ooze in and make them feel uneasy and slightly nauseous.  So when a person like Obama rolls along and promises to make all evil, all poverty, all crime, all sorrow, all unfairness, all sadness, all loneliness simply go away, then of course they will grab onto to him life a life raft.

No wonder they hate people like me.  My misery just irritates them.  It validates that evil really is happening.  If they could just shut me and others like me up, we who say that there is NO HOPE of an earthly Messiah, then perhaps they can put off the misery for yet another day.  They don’t want to wait for Christ.  He might not come in time to save their earthly life- they don’t want to be like me.  They don’t want to see the evil, feel the evil, and hope for Christ’s return- only to realize that he might not come in their lifetime.  That is just not acceptable!  No.  Self delusion at least feels pretty good in the moment.  And believing in an earthly Messiah allows them to hope!  And nothing feels better than hope.  Yeah, I know why they are liberals.  They get to enjoy their life and yet have hope that all will be alright.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary.  Must be nice.

I want to ask you, how can a Christian who refuses to lie to herself or blind herself be happy on a day to day basis? I mean, how can we be happy knowing that others suffer so much?  Especially kids?  I put my hope in the Lord and pray for his return.  But happy?  No.  I am less and less happy as I grow older.  What is the answer?


  1. “I want to ask you, how can a Christian who refuses to lie to herself or blind herself be happy on a day to day basis? I mean, how can we be happy knowing that others suffer so much? Especially kids? I put my hope in the Lord and pray for his return. But happy? No. I am less and less happy as I grow older. What is the answer?”

    It’s a haunting question that haunts me every day, almost every moment of every day. I used to be so much more judgmental of people who fall off the wagon to drugs, alcohol, fantasy, etc., but now my heart breaks for them because so many of us (myself included) just don’t want to feel anymore, living in world where atrocities of unspeakable magnitude surround us, and are happening every moment. I don’t have any answers, other than clinging to Jesus, and reorganizing our lives and priorities to tangibly (like actually DO something) help the poor and marginalized.

    • Hi Travis, well, you said, it. We can only cling to Jesus. And as time passes, clinging to Jesus most certainly offers joy that passes understanding- even on this wretched earth. It is the miracle of God. It has no logical explanation. It lies in the sunshine of a beautiful day which produces the unexpected song in the heart. I have experienced this over and over again. I wrote the above article to articulate the pain of the honest Christian and to give hope to the hopeless. We must be honest as we peer at the world. we must not stick our head in the sand. It takes courage to view the reality of the world. We must look at it. We must let the pain sear our hearts. That is our job. We must let it take us and make us into what we must become. Without that real pain, we would never turn to Christ for salvation. We wouldn’t. It is the pain of the world that turns us to God. It turns us truly to Him as the only answer. He is the only one who can bear that pain and suffering for us. The sin of man is just too great to bear- we can not look upon it and bear it. We can’t. The shame, the pain, the horror is too great. So, we will either kill ourselves or we will throw ourselves upon the mercy of God. And once we do that, we will not only find relief, we will find joy. It is so unexpected- it will bring tears to your eyes. The complete surrender is the only way. That is where the rebirth happens. There, and only there, is where the fire of the Holy Spirit burns- those who crave the baptism of the Holy Spirit must come to this horrible point- they must truly look upon the world and see its suffering. Then, in their desperation, they must throw themselves upon the mercy of God. The deep secret of God is that joy is in the complete surrender. Because when the Holy Spirit rushes in, the person is made completely alive in HOPE, resurrection and life! Such hope in Christ! That is the only way to bear it. Those who have experienced this fiery baptism understand what I am saying. Those who haven’t don’t. Only completely honestly will bring it.

  2. Thank you for your words. They are hard hitting, but oh…. so true. That is how life is….. if our hearts are open to the very harsh realities around us…..if we are not anesthetized by entertainment…..or hardened by indifference…..if in the continued surrender of our hearts to Him Who Ever Lives we find them breaking even bursting, under the overwhelming vision of human misery……..remember……it was His brow that was bloodied from sweat as He prayed in the Garden , and it was His heart that was broken as He cried from the Cross…… Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Yes…..if we are not blind to such things but crushed and broken, we are following in the foot steps of the Master…..we are in the pathway of becoming Vessels of Mercy in a world gone mad. Yes…..thank you for your words…..for in them and through them I hear another Voice that says…..this is the Way, walk ye in it.

  3. We walk a fine line, learning daily what Christ means to us and to the world and knowing as well that the state of this world will not get better–it is written and we are in the times leading to Christ’s return. The emphasis on a peace treaty in the middle east with Israel being forced to give concessions to thugs and bullies while suffering attacks the rest of the world chooses to ignore is one sign. The groaning of the earth with multiple disasters, such as earthquakes being measured in several different locations on the planet in a weeks time when a single large earthquake in another land in a year used to frighten the world that ignores them today–another sign that God’s plan is in motion. Keep your heart on Jesus and your mind on the prize of life in heaven while spreading His word and aiding those who need help.

  4. If there is ANY consolation, the Judge of all the earth will do right. We take solace that He will make ALL things new, and mete equitable punishment to all tresspassers and offenders in His creation.

    Does this make it any easier today? No, but the Lord of heaven and earth sees all, and oh how He must be patient.

    • Yes. If it pains us, how much more does it pain God, who loves us more than we know? When I think of how long he gives each evil person to repent, I know he is patient, kind and loving beyond measure. I can never love like God does. I love that God is so much better, stronger and wiser than me. He is worthy to be worshiped. And then some. It is wonderful to have such a wise king. It gives me great comfort.

  5. Jesus is coming, but it is not only an external coming, this time. He is coming in a way that is going to surprise us all, it is from Inside.
    Until now one could stick to the middle, since it was convenient. But from now on, increasingly every one will HAVE to choose a side. And there will be only two options, not three. We must be ready as the world population divides into two camps. Some will protect their Souls, some might sell it for nothing. We pray that people make the right choice. The Old Testament prophet Havakuk: “having faith will be the ONLY way to live”.

    How to fight this devil? If we equip ourselves with more arms, we make him laugh….
    There is one effective way to overcome. It is simple: work for others, fellow humans and other creatures. THAT’S what makes the devil really tremble with fear. We do not “hate” the devil, we love God’s creation.

    This winter is not an ordinary season….
    It’s coming…

    Love to All

    • I agree with what you said, and it is enlightening. I have expressed hatred for Satan, but, now I realize, its through staying focused on Jesus and on doing what we can in our corner of the world to help others who need encouragement. God will take care of dealing with Satan. I understand what you mean (sort of) about returning inside. I have felt myself becoming more spiritual, yet, being attacked by Satan trying to create havoc in my life. So, just have to pray for strength to fight it. We have the best source of power to do that through Jesus’ help. Evil will try to invade where it sees Jesus working. Thanks for helping me see that.

      • You are welcome. I do hate satan because I hate evil- just as God hates evil. But I refuse to give him any room in my life. And guess what? WE have the power to bind satan in our lives. That authority was given to us by Jesus himself. I trust in his promises. It is better to look up than down. That’s for sure!

  6. Praise Almighty God, I have felt exactly the same way for over 3 yrs but was only told “You are letting the news get to you, stop watching it”. Well, I can’t stop, I can’t deny what God has placed on my heart. I see my young grandchildren and I weep inside for what they face. Your words have lifted my spirits. The explanations are so true. I must ask though, What about the smiling Christian? The one who is always praising God for their blessing, not allowing the negative truth to be spoken? I often wonder if they have feelings at all.

    • Sometimes the greatest enemy is the one within the body. Those smiling Christians can’t face the reality of the world. And because they need us to smile, by definition they are also telling us not to bring them down. The Apostles were not smiling. They were dead serious in their work. I’m not saying that the Lord doesn’t bless us with the gift of the Spirit’s joy. He does. But when those blissful moments come, you’d better savor them as a taste of our life to come. But those moments go away and we must realize the severity of our work. This life is a life of work. We must spread the word- we need to help as many as we can before the Lord calls us home. To me, a long life is a curse. To receive salvation and then go to the Lord quickly is a gift. But God has set us upon a work- a life of good toward others. And it is when we stop expecting good for ourselves and start simply giving all the good we can to others that we experience the irony of Jesus: to die to your life on earth is to gain LIFE; to attempt to save your earthly life is to find the end of LIFE. The only joy humans really have is when they live to help others.

  7. I feel your heartache.I have to believe that Jesus took the little girl to a place where she didnt suffer.and that he holds all those babies in his arms that were murdered by late term abortion.We live in such a dark world. I take comfort in knowing that this isnt my home. In the end we will have true peace.

    • yes. that is the only comfort. And in knowing that God IS just. I love that God is also a God of anger and justice. Those who laugh today will not be laughing when Christ comes home- this time, with a sword and a mighty army that will bring justice to those of us who are now crying.

  8. I’ve seen some terrible atrocity that man can inflict to fellow man (and women and children) as a Marine and as I grow older I realize it’s different now than when I was younger and I’m more heart broken at the terrible things people can do to children. It’s unimaginable.

  9. I’m right there with you. The murder of that 10 year old nearly pushed me over the edge too. I think it is the “prophet types” who see the evil in the world so clearly, who find themselves at times longing for heaven with all their heart and soul. To keep the “evil mountain” from getting higher than the “joy mountain” inside us takes a lot of work, living in the joyful moments that do happen here, that are a piece of heaven here. There are realities of heaven here, as well as realities of hell. I have to “overcome evil with good” by filling myself up with the things on earth that bear the stamp of heaven. There are trees and mountains and kindness and love and beauty and Jesus in heaven. And those things are here too. And enjoying those things takes discipline with the despair and evil around us, the things that prophets suffer under the most because we don’t have the luxury of blinders. Keep calling evil what it is. And it will not overcome you if you drink from the well of good. Encourage a prophet today. 🙂

  10. I could’ve written those first two lines. In fact, I was just discussing knowledge and the gift thereof with my Love last night. How difficult it is to bear the burden of the wisdom and knowledge that God has TRULY blessed me with – but being a woman, is frowned upon, especially by men who would rather bury their heads in the sand. Literally, men. Many women consider me cocky, arrogant and ‘manlike’ because, at times, the Lord has given me knowledge and wisdom over things that makes their heads spin.

    I, too, ache for this crazy, evil world. Even in my slumber I wake up thinking of the lost, the murdered, the evil men who rule in ways so FAR from God’s will it may as well be Satan himself ruling…indeed it is! Somehow, tho, I am not in a depressed state, but am driven closer and closer to my Lord, to give me, choke wisdom and knowledge of His will on how I can share, pray, exhort, LIVE!! for Him and not myself.

    This life is NOT easy. You are 100% correct. Only God, in Christ, through His Holy Spirit, can give us the peace, wisdom, knowledge and even desire to carry on in this world.

    My tears are spent because our Lord cries deeply within me.

  11. Well thanks. I know how awful the world can be but as christians we can’t spend all our days miserable and sad. Every time I hear or read a story, for example the conneticut shootings, it hits my heart and core with a fury I cannot even describe.

    But… I am not as knowledgeable as many but does Christ say to be miserable and sad every day? This is a broken world, awful, butnchrist brought some beauty through him. And some day we will no longer see all the evil and suffering.

    We are to love God first of all and then one another. To help where we can, to pray, to love and thank God for all the pieces of happiness and love we do receive.

    If all the joy was sucked out of me every day because of the evil in the world, and I did not enjoy a meal, or exercise, or just so depressed because of it that I wanted to stay in bed or had no joy how helpful would I be as a Christian.

    Christ found joy and he felt this evil on his person on the cross more than anyone of us ever could. Yet he is love and joy.

    Just saying we have to be strong through Christ and not let the evil of this world defeat our spirits.

    Lots of love,


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