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Got Life?


God’s WORD is all we need.  It is.  If someone says, ‘the bible doesn’t address today’s problems,’ I would say that they have never read it.  How can you even begin to describe the bible?  The bible is LIFE itself.  The bible contains too much information- too much for us to even embrace.  Is there any end to it?  Can anyone even complete the process of understanding it in one lifetime?  NO!  It is a wonder that must leave you breathless!

There is no time you can read the bible and not feel LIFE breathed into your soul.  Every story, every word, every pen-stroke- it all oozes life directly into your soul.  How does it do that?  Because it is made for the human being.  It is made just for us.  So we can’t help but be enthralled by it.

When I hear people say that the Old Testament is no longer valid, I gasp.  The Old Testament is where you learn about God’s never changing personality.  That is the very foundation of our faith!  Knowing who God is and what he is like.  How can you love God if you don’t know him?  The God described in the Old Testament is an awesome God that is exactly what humans want and need to worship.  Humans are so stubborn that we NEED a God that is fearsome.  We do not respect weakness.  We also NEED a God who is righteous.  We are built to admire justice.  We NEED a God that can make decisions- even if those decisions are unpopular.  We don’t respect wishy washy.  We NEED a God who is so powerful- yet, so compassionate.  One who never gives up on us.  One who offers HOPE.  And we need one who understands sacrifice for the greater good.  God sacrificed his only begotten Son for us.  Oh!  How angry he was- he ripped apart the temple cloth and shook the earth in his anger!  But he withheld his mighty hand from destroying us.  After all, it was him who sent his son.  We humans respect someone who can sacrifice themselves for strangers.  We respect those who offer forgiveness first.  Basically, we are made to respect and love heroes.  And God is the greatest hero who ever lived.    God is exactly what we need.   And thank you to God that he never changes!  So those who refuse to read the Old Testament miss out on what they specifically need.

The New Testament focuses on Christ and the New Covenant of God.   Christ tells us of how God has decided to forgive us and offer us this grace.  Jesus tells us about God’s great pity on mankind.  We are without a shepherd.  We are blind men groping in the dark.  God’s heart broke in compassion for us.  God decided to rescue us though we are evil.  God gave us mercy and forgiveness FIRST.  To prove he is God.  WE did nothing to earn it first.  No.  God, in his mighty and noble chest, offers us mercy and compassion first.  This is God’s gift to man.  And he gave it by sending his Son to make us believe it.  Even though he knew that we would smack the gift right out of his Son’s holy hands and kill him.  THAT is how mighty God is!

Christ takes the sword out of our hands and gives us a new mission- to tell others about God’s greatness.  Of his great forgiveness.  Jesus told us he did not come to judge us- because we are already judged and damned.  The Mosaic Law already condemned us by showing hundreds of generations of mankind that they can NEVER obey it perfectly.  IT condemns us all by teaching us our hopelessness.  Only after mankind really got this point- hundreds of generations of people striving and failing to obey – did God send Christ with his compassionate gift.

All that God does shows his majesty- not to brag- he doesn’t need our admiration.  No.  God shows his majesty so that we will be saved by it.  If we see and believe that God IS God, then we will believe in his Son.   And if we believe in his Son, then we are saved from ourselves.  Again, God is our greatest hero.

All our failings allow God to shine.  Because we can’t save ourselves, God shows his power by doing it for us.  But not without a price.  And that price is our earthly life.  Jesus gave his earthly life for us.  So, God’s poetic mind says that we must also give our earthly life for him.  And we will then earn our place in God’s kingdom.  Not by works.  No.  But because we loved him and his Son to such a point that we willingly serve even to the point of our death.  God said that only a VERY few will find heaven.  A very few.  Think about that.  Jesus warned that many will say, Lord, Lord! and that he will call them ‘evil doers’.  Jesus told us that we WILL be hated for his name.  Jesus commanded us with our only reason for living:  to TELL others about his Good News of forgiveness and true, eternal LIFE.  And that this message will not cause happiness in our friends and family- but that it will cause HATE and division in our families.  Are you hated for the name of Christ?  If not, you must reevaluate your life.  Because you are not obeying Christ!

We don’t need to scrabble about in the dark asking, “Lord!  Why did you give me life!?” or, “God, WHY am I here?  What would you have me do?”    Do you know why you need not ask those questions?  Because the bible already tells you what Jesus said to do and already told you why you are here.  We are here, first, to find salvation through Christ- to become a Child of God.  Then, every breath we take, every movement we make, every thought we conceive- it should all be telling the Good News.  See how simple and fulfilling that is?  The bible is THE ANSWER to human life.  It makes sense of the world.  It makes sense of pain, anguish and the ultimate human question of, ‘Why?’

Those who say that the bible- or any part of it- is irrelevant have never read it.  Because when you read it, you become alive.  You really are miraculously transformed from a mere beast to an eternal being.  The mist begins to clear and you will see heaven, right here on earth.  And like the promise of God, you will blossom into something you did not know you could be.  You will suddenly come to understand the joy that no human can explain.  It is the joy of BEING truly human- a human in the completed state.  You become a child of God and begin, even here on this miserable planet, to live your true life.  The bible is a miracle.  No one can deny it that has read it.  Be transformed, People.  Read the miracle that God has left us.  You, thank God, will never be the same again.


  1. Just found your blog & want to encourage you in your Biblical stand. You don’t need to post this comment but I would appreciate your prayers for my beautiful daughter who was raised to love Christ, but has been deceived by satan & is participating in the homosexual lifestyle. My heart is breaking. I have been rejected by my entire family for not embracing her decision. I will continue to pray & fight until my daughter is free from this bondage.

    • Stay strong. Jesus will always hold you up. You are standing for what is RIGHT. When you stand for Christ, you WILL be hated. Christ said that he did not come to bring peace- but division. Even within families. I am so sorry you are hurting right now. Keep praying and talking to your daughter. She must hear the truth. As her mother, you have tremendous influence over her. She already knows you are right. Someday, somewhere, she will return to Christ. Just believe and pray. May God bless you and put his mighty hand upon your brow to bring you comfort. May he give you hope and strength. Don’t forget that these troubles will only last for a few years. There is eternal life- trillions of years to live in peace and happiness. Hang on- God will never abandon you. You are a loving mother because you want true LIFE for your daughters. Others do not love her as you do.

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