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The BLISS of God

Has anyone else experienced the Bliss of God? I try to tell people about this and get some pretty odd looks. As I grow older and learn more, the more I delight in God. Some people believe that God made us so that we can worship him. I don’t believe that at all. God is not insecure. He knows who he is. No. God made us because he wants children. He wants a father-child relationship with us, whom he made to be ‘like’ him. He delights in us as a father delights in a beloved daughter or son. And we, in return, delight in him. 


Eagle nebula pillars

All knowledge points to God. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if a ‘scientist’ doesn’t find God very quickly in their quest for knowledge, they are extremely dumb and dishonest scientists. One only needs to scratch the surface of creation before the blinding perfection of it blows the human mind away. And this blowing away of our minds should delight us to no end. I know it does for me. periodicEven as a young student, I would gaze at the periodic chart and then picture all of creation- from earth to the furthest galaxies of the universe and I would think, “That’s incredible. ALL of creation is made up of only those few elements!? God just threw in a few ‘laws of nature’ and BAM! we get all this???” I mean, just think about a human creation: a car. How many parts does it have? I can tell you this: more than the number of elements on that periodic chart! And can all those car parts be used to make a flower? A furry little animal? A black hole? A colorful nebula? A song? A thought? Beauty? And can those car parts render into millions of different compositions to make an infinite number of new creations? Can those car parts result in worship? Can they result in passion? Love?Car-Parts

No. And why? Because man is not God. We are nothing to him. Our creations look like a two year old’s drawing next to his. And yet, man thinks he is smarter than God- or even more humorously, believes THEY can be God. ha!

What about the way math is echoed throughout nature? I just created a jewelry store named Fibonacci Style. That is because I have long been blown away at the oneness of all knowledge and being. The Fibonacci equation is called God’s Fingerprint because we find the mathematical equivalent of the Fibonacci equation throughout all creation- from the ovaries of an animal, to the way a fern frond unfurls to the spiraled arms of galaxies. Amazing!


Fibonacci equation

We humans need to break down Creation into ‘subjects’ because we simply can’t take in the whole at one time. We call things, ‘science’, ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘math’, ‘history’, ‘archeology’, ‘astronomy’, ‘thermodynamics’… you get the point. But if you stand back, you will see that ALL of it is actually the same. Math is music. Physics is art. Chemistry is worship. The perfection of God’s design is evident throughout all nature. fib4

Just think of listening to one man playing a guitar. Think of the split second biofeedback loop that is going on as he adjusts and readjusts his fingers on the strings. He has to think about what he is doing at the moment and planning for the next moment. His fingers move, firing his neurons faster than we can even measure. His soul is also at work, mediating and coordinating all his chemical reactions, biological reactions, etc. to convey his private emotions through the music as well. It changes his tone and frequency ever so slightly so that the listener can intuit his message. And all this, in less than the tiniest millisecond. And let us not forget the instantaneous reactions happening to the physical reality around the man and us. The strings resonate at a particular frequency which then shoves air molecules at a particular frequency. fib1Those air molecules then shove the neighboring ones until the energy of the original ‘shove’ reaches the ear drum (caught cleverly by the nice cone shape of our ears!) and makes it vibrate at a certain frequency. Then, it pushes little bones behind the eardrum which are attached to nerves which fire off chemicals which trigger the next nerve until it reaches a part of the listener’s brain which then uses a million little chemical and biochemical reactions in such a way as to trigger the use of stored data which then triggers a ‘feeling’ in the listeners which then triggers other chemical reactions that ‘interpret’ the feeling into higher reasoning. Worship, passion, disdain, contentment, discontentment, love or hate- all can be the result of all these reactions. Now, let’s not EVEN get into what happens when that listener wants to DANCE!! haha.

It is all tied together to result in the higher things of life- a worship of the Creator, love for one another, beauty for beauty’s sake, variety for the sake of delight. If you don’t see God’s hand in all creation, you are not very bright. There is no such thing as an atheist. Just rather illogical babies who are having a temper tantrum at God.

fib3To learn anything in life, if you are an honest human being, must result in finding God and then worshiping him. Not a slave-like worship, either. It is just involuntary. I must worship God because all he does utterly delights me. I am made for him and he is made for me. We are connected by our mutual delights. How can I NOT love God is really the question. Human beings naturally love what God loves. We naturally abhor what God abhors. Every aspect of God pleases mankind. Worship is the natural reaction. I am tickled pink by God. So much so that there are times when I enter into a wonderful state that I call ‘the Bliss of God’. My heart begins to sing his praises, tears spring into my eyes, I love him so much that my mind goes blinding white in joy.fib7 I begin to think of all the things he can do and has done. My heart squeezes in my chest and I truly feel that I will burst from the inside, out. It gets unbearable. I can only remain in this BLISS for a short while. And I have to tell God I must leave or stand back a little or I will lose my mind or physically burst. I know he understands what I am saying. I know that when the old prophets saw God or saw Jesus in their visions, they didn’t fall to their faces as an act of subservience. They fell because their minds and bodies couldn’t contain this BLISS of God. I know we must receive new bodies for a good reason: these human bodies and our human mind literally can’t bear the beauty and awesomeness of God. Our happiness will literally kill us.

I so look forward to the day when I receive a stronger mind and body so that I can actually exist in this Bliss forever. I remember often the days I used to hate my life. I wanted to die- not to be with God but because my life was so miserable. There is no way I could have gotten from that place to this bliss on my own. We are indeed chosen by God. He chose us first. The only thing I did was depend on him. Trust in him. And try to walk in obedience to him. And what did he do? He flowered my mind- he caused it to slowly burst into this new state of knowledge and living. Because God chose me first, I stand in this perfect bliss today. That, my friends, is true love. God doesn’t seek our worship. We worship because we can’t help it. God is just.. cool. In every way. He seeks our love, not worship. He wants to be our father. He wants us to be his kids. He craves a relationship with us. Our adoration is natural. After all, he made us like him. We think like him. We can’t but admire all the things he is. I thank God for giving me this life. This opportunity to find bliss in him. I’ve seen the blinding whiteness of joy that is God. And it’s wonderful.galaxy2


  1. I, too, sometimes feel depressed, (don’t we all?!), but then I think of all the blessings God has given me, how he has guided me to exactly where I am suppose to be at any given time, and I thank him, and feel his presence smiling on me. I have, most recently, felt depressed concerning some decisions our Supreme Court has made, and find myself not as proud to be an American as I once was, before the government lost its common sense, along with its morals. I try to keep in mind that God said these times would come, and to rely on his promise that Jesus will establish a new order of government, in which God, himself will dwell with us. I may have lost some of my faith in human government, but I have not lost my faith in God’s promise. When I am tempted to be critical of our leaders, I remember God’s words to not be critical of our leaders, for he has put them in their place for his purposes (may not have the wording exact, but something to that effect). So, then, if I can’t say anything positive, I say nothing, and trust in God to bring all things together for his purposes. God’s blessings to all.

    • Ladybug, God never said to not be critical of our leaders!!! Jesus, John the Baptist and all the Apostles were critical of their leaders!! Jesus said to be like him. He said to pray for our leaders- we are also to pray for our enemies. It is one thing to acknowledge that people are our enemies- it is another to pray for them. Our leaders are evil and they are our enemies. They are full of evil and are soldiers of satan. They are enemies of God and thus, are our enemies. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pray for them. We must pray that those who can be saved, will be saved. That those who can be brought to the Lord will be brought and that they can have influence over those who are evil. That they can help protect the innocent. But we must speak the TRUTH about those who are evil and are doing evil things. Please don’t keep your mouth shut about them. Did John the Baptist stay silent when Herod married his sister? No. He screamed it in the street as Herod and his sister/wife rode by him in their carriage. That’s why she wanted him dead- he embarrassed her in public. And Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest prophet who ever lived. Let’s not misunderstand what the Bible says about praying for our leaders, ok, Ladybug? God bless you, Susan

      • Thanks, Susan, for clearing that up for me, concerning not criticizing our leaders, so, now I can criticize, freely, without worry about displeasing God, lol! I must have misread the scripture, but did read where we were told to pray for everyone, including our leaders; I may have been thinking of something I think I recall reading, about getting along with our family/relatives.

      • No problem, Ladybug. Paul even said we are to judge all matters. People have got it all backwards. Jesus told us point blank that he did not come to bring peace- but division- even between family members! He knew that he, himself, was extremely divisive. He knew that following him would equal losing family sometimes. That is the cost of following Christ. Very few love Jesus. The path to heaven is hidden behind thickets, bushes, high grass and many rocks. Very few find it. There is nothing in the bible about ‘getting along’ with your family, friends, or society at large. What Paul does preach is getting along with other Christians. THIS is what is important. It doesn’t matter how they are tied to you. We are heavenly brothers and sisters and must strive to work together as a team. That matters a whole lot and sets the example before unbelievers. When we in-fight, it destroys our credibility and brings a bad name to Christ. That is the sin.

  2. Springtime is my favorite time of year. I was outside one night talking internally as I do to God and thanking Him for everything I saw before me, the night sky, the stars, the grass, for the warmth of that night and I when I said in my heart thank you Father I really felt like that might have been pleasing to God, I really felt loved in that moment of bliss.

  3. I find this refreshing. I wish I could express myself as well as you do. I have a story to tell that always gets messed up in the details. I had an amazing experience I wish I could clearly describe. If you are interested, I will tell it to you Susan and perhaps you can help me to share it with your audience. God is that awesome father of us all. He found me one night on a wooden stretch of highway. All I can say to others is that when God finds you, never ask for a sign just so that you will know that “all of this is not just my imagination”. I felt like such an ungrateful idiot in just a few seconds.

  4. I’ve come to your blog through wordpress and am really impressed with how fluidly you write. Many posts are long, but really worth the read. You express your Christian commitment and your desire to communicate God’s love in a way I find very special – a charism.
    I’m a liberal Christian……….

    • Hi Freescot, welcome to my blog. Well, I am pretty conservative- so much so that I can’t see how someone can be liberal and still be a Christian. I can’t support homosexuality or abortion on demand (especially late term abortions!). I intellectually can’t support the idea of socialism- all logic points out that it simply doesn’t work. I don’t believe any American is poor. There are mentally ill people- and there are severely ill or maimed people- all of whom deserve our help. Especially the very young and the very old. But I don’t see why people can’t work for what they want. I did. Wasn’t that hard. I truly appreciate you kind words, freescot. But could you explain how liberalism and Christianity can go together in one person? I really would like to know. Susan

  5. I have four questions for you:

    Is Bible-God love?

    Does Bible-God unconditionally love us?

    How does the Bible define Love?

    Should we unconditionally love Bible-God?

    • ‘bible-God’ ? Sounds more like you wish to antagonize than learn. In that case, all my words would be wasted. You would be the dog or pig in Jesus’ analogy. I’ll keep my pearls.

  6. God creates man. Man creates money. Money creates illusion of power. Man delights in money, his own creation, and forgets God. Love of money is the root…you know the rest.

  7. Thank You! You said that so eloquently! You exactly expressed the feeling I often have… and I become so exasperated when others don’t feel the same way. Wipe away the scales from your eyes and see! Taste & see the goodness of the Lord!

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