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Handy Palm Payments System Takes Off in Sweden

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Friends, Jesus is right around the corner. I have been telling you this rather frantically because I know (having been a management consultant in the international telcom business for over 12 years) that the technology is ready. Only a few more steps are necessary to implement the Mark. The next step is get everyone to buy in. To do this, everyone needs a unique ID- it will probably be issued as a ‘national ID card’ but will actually be programmed so that it can accommodate the entire world’s population without redundancy. It will be implemented country by country and won’t look like one database- but it will be. Biometrics will be linked to that ID. The other steps necessary to prevent people from buying and selling already have their basic skeleton in place. Obamacare is the final step. It forced every doctor’s and every dentist’s office to be fully digitized and online by 2014. These records have almost all your information- including gun ownership.  And let’s face it, your doctor gets your DNA every time you pee in a cup or draw blood.   Military service databases exist already- all ‘dangerous’ and potential commanders of a People’s rebellion will be taken down immediately- they know where these people live. The 23 executive orders (issued directly after Sandy Hook) allow every citizen to be labeled in any way one man, Eric Holder, wishes them to be labeled. Based on that label, you can be treated differently under the law. Your children can be taken from you and you will not have any legal recourse to get them back. Obama’s cyber-security bill allows every single computer in the United States and abroad (if they use American software or hardware like Google, IBM or Apple) to be loaded up with data packet analysis programs that have the ability to stop any kind of data transfer they like. They can stop anything from a single person or any words like, ‘torture’, ‘assassination’,  etc so that no news of government crackdown can leave a particular locale.  An entire city could be attacked by government mercenaries and the world will not know about it.   The NDAA 2012 bill allows Eric Holder and Obama to name a specific person in the United States so that the full might of the US military can be brought against them.  Bush played his part in this treachery by creating ‘enemy combatant’ and applying it unconstitutionally to Jose Padilla.   Obama is working on a new NDAA bill for 2014 that will allow him to strip this individual of their citizenship and be sent to any location overseas.  All trouble makers can easily be arrested in the night and no one will ever see them again.

ALL THESE LAWS ARE IN PLACE.  Complete and utter treachery can be conducted against the American people and it will be LEGAL.   All the technology is in place. The only thing holding these people back is the difficulty of getting the entire world (starting with the USA) to agree to receiving a unique identifier. SSN isn’t adequate as it is too small to issue a unique id to the entire world. So how will they do this:? Easy. There needs to be a shocking disaster that frightens Americans into desiring security over freedom. Namely, several suitcase nukes going off simultaneously in cities around America.  We will see that the terrorists came through the Mexican border.   Then, the Republicans will demand the closure of the Mexican border- a new National ID Card will pass easily in Congress. While all this is happening, the dollar will be removed as the oil currency. Or it will be severely threatened by the Chinese renminbi or euro. The disaster will send stocks plummeting. Desperation will ensue and the people will agree to a consolidation of currency with other north and south American countries. Here enters a new currency to lift America out of the ashes. Money will become fully digitized. All will be the perfect solution- then all purchases can be made with your body- the ultimate safe transaction. This will solve immigration problems with Mexico- it will stop all welfare fraud.  In addition, it will stop voter fraud- no one can pretend to be anyone else- (the GOP will be applauding) AND it will end terrorism in America- because no terrorist can be here secretly. Even if they were, they couldn’t get a hotel room or even buy groceries here. The American People will rejoice- salvation will be near and everyone will love Obama because he will lead the world out of the horror of these events. Not only will your Christian friends take the Mark, they will ask you why you don’t- it will look completely sane and efficient.   The problem will be that all true Christians will understand the unique identifier as the Mark. We will be few. We will look completely irrational. We will look like crazy survivalists and no one will help us. They will say, “Well, if you are too dumb and superstitious to use your own money to feed your kids, you are criminal.  YOU are preventing a safer, saner world from emerging.  YOU are the problem.  And your children must be taken out of your custody before they die of starvation. ”   And if our children get very sick, we will look like those crazy people who refuse to use modern medicine to help their children.  Oh, yes, we will be the ding bats.  Our faith will be severely tested.  We will literally need to hide to keep our kids.

I hope you can see how this all works. It is a simple, brilliant- and utterly predictable path the progressives are taking. We can’t stop it-  I say this because it is a fact, not because I am negative. We are already helpless before it.  The media is fully corrupt, digital elections are rigged and the American People are asleep.   They know this. They are out in the open- tightening the noose. We need God’s help- just as the bible predicted. I know that all this CAN happen in our lifetime. Both politically and technically. So my view is this: evil is impatient. If it CAN happen, it WILL happen- asap!  Evil people crave their reward of power and wealth.  Once the pieces are in place, they will not waste a minute to implement. So, since it CAN happen in our lifetime, it WILL happen in our lifetimes. I can’t fight the logic of that. So, be ready.


  1. As usual it is evident that you have put a lot of thought into your entry. Indeed events are rapidly taking place and attitudes are changing quickly. Christians are becoming the ‘enemy’ in an increasing number of areas. Peruse the comments to Franklin Graham’s article:

  2. Thanks for your keen insights!
    It amazes me that right out in the open the bible makes it clear that there will be technology in the last days a mark on either the hand or forehead, that without it, a person can neither buy nor sell. And here we are going down that path. I guess Gump was right, “stupid is as stupid does.”
    One point that I must disagree….Christians will not be taking the mark at all. Not one, not ever. Whoever takes the mark of the beast is eternally damned. No mercy, no forgiveness, their fate sealed. The Christians fate is also already sealed…unto Eternal Life. Christians cannot be eternally damned and it is likely that the rapture will have occurred before the Mark of the Beast is implemented.

    • Hi Weeping Eagle. Listen, I know that many Christians wish to believe that the Rapture will happen before the Great Tribulation, but they have been incorrectly counseled. First, there is no ‘rapture’ in the bible- I mean, the word, not the concept. We will be ‘taken into the sky’. There will be a time where two are in the field and one taken, the other not. We refer to these events as The Rapture. But the bible is extremely unclear about sequence. If it speaks of sequence, it implies that this will only happen at the very end. Also, there is no such thing as the Great Tribulation in the bible. It is not an event that lasts 3.5 years. That is all speculation. The bible speaks of ‘times of great tribulation’ and describes what will be happening during those times. I believe we are already in the times of great tribulation. But it is not an event with capital letters. All this is church doctrine that makes many, many assumptions. I do hope you are reading your bible. If so, you will understand what I am saying here. Don’t plan on being raptured before the tribulation or you will be fooled when the anti-Christ comes in disguise. You might think it is Christ come to rapture you. And all because you don’t believe you can be here when the antiChrist comes with the Mark! So, be prepared and don’t assume you won’t be here. You will know your Shepherd’s voice. But make sure you have the facts right now, ok?

  3. Hello,
    I love your posts. Regardless of how the mark is implemented, the person receiving it would have full knowledge that they are giving allegiance to the anti-Christ. Just receiving a palm payment system does not automatically give you the mark of the beast.
    Many blessings!
    Daniel Ankele

    • Hi Daniel, well, just to be sure, I would not take anything into my hand or forehead. I don’t agree that people will have full knowledge of giving allegience to satan. People who reject Christ do evil everyday without thinking much about it. And yet, they are destined to death. The bible doesn’t say they will have full knowledge. That is church doctrine and wishful thinking. I believe that people will RUN TOWARD the mark, not be frightened of it. It will sound great. And it WILL show an agreement to go along with someone evil, that’s for sure. But they will already be in agreement with him before the Mark is even offered. They will be under the Powerful Delusion and they will think he is the best thing since sliced bread. So in their minds, they won’t be saying, “Yes, I agree that I am making an eternal pact with satan.” Christ warned us for a reason about the forehead and hand. Thousands of years ago- before they could even imagine that kind of tech. Isn’t that amazing? They must have thought that was weird back then. But now, we can see the practical application of those locations. My take: just avoid the palm stuff altogether!

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