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Traitor Bergdahl is Traded for 5 Taliban Terrorists- The FACTS

Ok, listen up America, World.  This story is TRUE.  I wish people who wrote articles like the one on Top Right News and Allen would actually take the trouble of providing proof for their allegations.  I am writing this blog to do just that for you.   Both articles open by showing Bob Bergdahl’s damning tweets that throw suspicion on his intentions- namely that he is a Taliban sympathizer.  They would go as far as to question whether both father and son Bergdahl were in a conspiracy with Obama to free Taliban leaders from Gitmo.  To date, I find no proof of any conspiracy between Obama and the Bergdahls, but the rest of the Top Right News article has definitely proven to be true.   My article will offer up definitive proof for the facts surrounding Bergdahl’s ‘capture’ and release.  (This article has taken me all day- my day off, I might add.  I do wish these news writers would do their job instead of leaving it up to people like me!)

First, here are the tweets from Bob Bergdah (the father of Bowe Bergdah, who was recently traded for 5 taliban terrorist leaders from Gitmo which implies he is a Taliban/Muslim sympathizer.)
Fullscreen capture 622014 73954 PM.bmp tweet one
I would contend that the Tweets of father are real and are not created.  No one has disputed these tweets, thus I will accept their reality.  They have been removed recently.  The Top Right News contends that Bob Bergdahl spoke in Pashto and that Obama hugged him afterward.   Both facts have been proven TRUE.  Here is the entire press conference.  Look to 4:02 minutes to see Bob Bergdahl speak.  I can’t tell you if the Top Right News translation is true, however, as I don’t speak the language.

The Top Right news article proposes that Bob Bergdahl was a sympathizer to the Taliban.  Here is proof of that- Bob Bergdahl made a Youtube video speaking to the Pakistani Taliban.

It is clear that when he said his son was being exploited, he was talking about America, not Pakistan.  He also tells the captors that he ‘understands the rationale” behind the propaganda videos in which their son appears.  Note the long beard which he claims he has grown to be in sympathy with his son- I see Islam in that beard.  To me, there is something terribly wrong with Bergdahl’s father.

Proof that Bowe Bergdahl went AWOL voluntarily- he was not captured on the ‘battlefield’.  He was a derserter.:

  • The Pentagon confirms Bergdahl went AWOL in 2010
  • Soldiers who served with him openly accuse him of desertion and are calling for him to now face charges.  They say that Bergdahl is no hero- that he is a traitor that endangered soldiers’ lives by intentionally going AWOL one night which forced his unit and others to search for him in dangerous situations.  Six soldiers died trying to recover him.
  • Here is the mentioned  Rolling Stones 2012 article.  The article bases its story content on interviews with the Bergdahl family- including access to their private emails.  I believe these emails exist.  CBS also believed they exist and reported as accurate in this article.  To add further credence to this Rolling Stone article about Bergdahl in 2012,  Michael Hastings , the author of the article was killed within the year after writing the Bergdahl story . (This is the same author whom people claim brought down General Stanley McChrystal. )  People who tell the truth about powerful people tend to die quickly.   These emails prove:
    • Bergdahl’s disillusionment and intent to go AWOL.
    • His father sent back an email giving him permission to do so.
    • Bergdahl sent all belongings home 3 days prior to leaving unit.
    • He spoke with his superior officer about leaving with his sensitive equipment right before deserting.
    • He spoke to other soldiers about going AWOL before doing so.
    • Bergdahl had a bizarre childhood with a bizarre mother & father which led to a weak mental & emotional state as an adult:
      • His father worked construction, his mother odd jobs, living the life of ski bums, nearly off the grid.
      • Was completely isolated from others.  Was home-schooled with heavy emphasis on Calvinist thinkers like  Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. “Ethics and morality would be constant verbiage in our conversations,” his father recalls.
      • Became obsessed with survivalist methods along with his father.
      • Developed a strong fantasy life where he was the prime adventurer on the high seas.  His father tells of how Bergdahl began to fantasize constantly about high adventure where he would be the great hero/humanitarian.  He became a constant day dreamer, drifting from one obsession to the next.
      • He left home and began to obsess about fencing.
      • He began obsessing about Buddhism and Tarot cards after meeting a dancer whose mother also partook of those beliefs.
      • Obsessed about joining the French Foreign legion.  He moved to France and studied French intensely but was turned down. “He was absolutely devastated when the French Foreign Legion didn’t take him,” his father said. “They just didn’t want an American home-schooled in Idaho. They just said no way.”
      • Began to obsess about British adventurers.  “He is Bear Grylls in his own mind,” recalls his father
      • Worked years at coffee shop, dreaming of adventure.
      • In 2008, Father and son obsessed about going to Africa with a friend’s missionary team to “teach “self-defense techniques” to villagers being targeted by brutal militias like the Lord’s Resistance Army. He and his father even fantasized about the creation of a special ­operations unit to “kill these fucks” in Africa, imagining that “someone needed to run an op with some military people dressed up like U.N. people” to take out warlords in Darfur and Sudan.
      • Joined the US Army in Oct. 2008 as a means to fulfill his hero/adventurer fantasies.  He felt he was going to ‘free’ the Afghanistan people and rebuild their nation.
    • Bergdahl quickly became disillusioned. Other soldiers didn’t like him. He spoke of going AWOL almost from the beginning.

“When he first got to the unit, he was the leadership’s pet. He read the Ranger Handbook like no other. Some people resented him for it.” Bowe kept to himself, doing physical training on his own. “He never hung out with anyone, always in the background, never wanted to be in front of anything,” says Fry. He surrounded himself with piles of books, including Three Cups of Tea, about a humanitarian crusade to educate girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as instructions on Zen meditation and an introductory ethics handbook with writings from Aristotle, Augustine, Kant and Hume.
“He wanted to be a mercenary, wanted to be a free gun,” says Fry.
” Almost as soon as he joined his fellow soldiers, he began to gravitate away from his unit. “He spent more time with the Afghans than he did with his platoon,” Fry says. His father, recalling that time, would later describe his son to military investigators as “psychologically isolated.”
Fry (a fellow soldier) remembers hearing “all kinds of crazy stories about him.” He often came across more like a boy on an adventure than a soldier preparing for war.”
Soldiers ridiculed him by calling him “SF”, meaning ‘special forces”- referring to his strange intensity.
Soldiers ridiculed his affectation of putting pipe, unlit, into his mouth. It spoke to a man living in a fantasy of his own imagining.

  • That Sean Smith of the Guardian’s photo essay on Bergdahl’s unit caused a Pentagon backlash on it. The Pentagon punished Bergdahl’s unit for its lack of discipline (ie, lack of proper uniform among others) Photos # 20, 22, 23, 27, and 34) Ironically, one photo shows Bergdahl with his silly pipe. It proved as the ‘final straw’ for Bergdahl.
  • That Bob Bergdahl was in agreement with son’s disillusionment. ” “We were given a fictitious picture, an artificially created picture of what we were doing in Afghanistan.” says Bob.
  • That the Pentagon and Obama intentionally covered up the entire event. “In what appears to be an unprecedented move, the Pentagon also scrambled to shut down any public discussion of Bowe. Members of Bowe’s brigade were required to sign nondisclosure agreements as part of their paperwork to leave Afghanistan. The agreement, according to Capt. Fancey, forbids them to discuss any “personnel recovery” efforts – an obvious reference to Bowe. According to administration sources, both the Pentagon and the White House also pressured major news outlets like The New York Times and the AP to steer clear of mentioning Bowe’s name to avoid putting him at further risk. “
  • The Pentagon knew he was AWOL as early as 2010 but lied and listed him merely as ‘missing’ and have even promoted him in absència. “Officially, Bowe remains a soldier in good standing in the United States Army. He has continued to receive promotions over the past three years, based on his time in uniform, and he now holds the rank of sergeant.”

Lastly, here is part of the first hostage video from Bergdahl.  To me, he seems detached and non fearful.  His plea at the end is very strange and fake.  He certainly doesn’t fear death or torture.  He seems almost chipper.

The Rolling Stone article contends that Bergdahl was not staying with the Taliban voluntarily- that he attempted to run away.  I believe that.  But that doesn’t make him less a traitor.  It just makes him stupid.  He thought he could sympathize with the Muslims and that they would not hurt him.  Well, he was wrong.  I believe that Bergdahl was never really emotionally well or balanced.  I believe he was abused by his parents and denied a normal childhood.  Perhaps he has a genetic mental instability which his father apparently has as well.   For that, I feel for him.  His parents isolated him and then cultivated a bizarre man to grow out of their strange lifestyle.  That he went AWOL so casually shows that he had no understanding of  reality.  He didn’t understand that he would be determinedly pursued and found by the Army one way or the other; that he would face imprisonment even if he wasn’t captured by the Taliban; that the Muslims would use and abuse him despite his infantile sympathy for them and that he would eventually be used as a tool for the Progressives in America.  This story has many levels and we should strive to understand them all.  The bottom line is this:  Bush and Obama are criminals for bringing a focus-less and useless war to the Middle East and to our soldiers.  That being said, soldiers don’t get to go AWOL under any circumstances-  regardless of their consciences.  They can stay in their unit and refuse to obey- go to Leavenworth as a conscientious observer- but they must live up to their commitment to our nation.  We have elites in this world who care nothing for American life, Pakistani life, Iraqi life or anyone’s life.  They care only for their own ambition of ruling the world.  Within this framework, we have individual stories that can curl your toes.  Bergdahl’s is one of them.  Pray for God to intervene in this sorry world, friends.  He is the only sanity left.


  1. The possibility exists anyone of us could have gone in a direction of Mr. Bergdahl, it could have been a betrayal of Family, Freinds, Workplace and even country..
    Remember Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. When you look at the Grace or “Charizomai” , that Jesus showed to the women in Luke 9:36-50, Have you ever or do you have the capability of showing he same grace to others, even those such as Mr Bergdahl ?

    Feliz Navidad en el nobre de Jesu Cristo,

    Servemos El Salvador, Viviendo, Jesu Cristo


  2. Bergdahl ‘s thinking is not logical. He forgets about the people who were murdered by ISIS. As far as “unhelpful” comments, please define. Unhelpful to whom. ?
    I am a Christian Conserveative. I serve the Living Saviour Jesus Christ.

  3. You forget that but for the Grace of God in John 3:16-17. Many would fnd themselves eternally
    as a prodigal child. Yet God the Father gives no timeline for reconciliation and redemption.
    Sgt. B did not repent that we know of. Even if he were a Child of God, he walked away from God
    Again you have a prodigal (son/daughter) child situation. No need to give you some of the many reasons why people walk away from God either eternally or otherwise.
    As to Sgt. B’s Father having a prodigal son. There is no question As to God the Father
    viewing Sgt. B as a Prodigal Son, that’s between God and that individual. In either case
    Sgt. B will have do deal with the consequences of his actions. You missed the parallel
    point of two Fathers hoping for the return (heavenly & Earthly) as well as the Reconciliation
    (both heavenly and earthly) Neither father (Both God and Sgt. B ‘s earthly father had no timeline for the return of the Prodigal Son, which in this case was Sgt. B. Yet both always had the hope of
    the return. Do you think God the Father has given up on Sgt B – John 3:16-17 ?? Did the earthly father give up?
    ? Both are on a different plane heavenly and earthly. Yet many parallels exi st,. Either way God Bless!
    Esi ton aiwonon tous aiownous ! As they would say in the old country. Again God Bless

    • Joe, I didn’t miss the point of your comment. I just can’t equate the father, Bob Bergdahl, to God the Father. Bob Bergdahl was just as guilty as the son. God is never guilty of anything. He is all good. Just because he yearned for the return of his son doesn’t mean he yearned with a good intent. I believe he yearned for an evil intent. I understood what you were trying to say, but reject your logic of the situation. The action is not what God cares about- it is the intent in the heart. The intent of both these individuals was not good. It was weak and bad.

      Your desire to apply the prodigal son to this situation can be seen as an excuse for both men’s actions. I don’t believe either can be excused. Love of country is a noble thing. Despising your country and abandoning your duty can never been seen as good. Both the father and son in the prodigal son did right. Both these men did wrong.

      • I would like to commend you on your statement, for one he took an oath to God and he turned his back on that oath, 6 soldiers died looking for him out of honor , duty, and for the love of a fellow soldier. second his father went to the white house and praised Allah for his sons safe return it states in the bible that we are also to obey the laws of man as well what he did was treason he needs to face the consequences for his action and as far as his redemption with God he broke a oath to God so that is a matter between him and God.

  4. I am aware of the Allegory and the Prodigal Son, When he came to himself, realizing what he had done wrong. But you took what I saiid out of context. I was only talking about the Father
    hoping his son would return. One never said that the Sgt. Bargdahl . was repentant. He sinned and
    made the wrong choice, but God is able to forgive if he repents. Are you.

    And yes one can say,, but for the Grace of God go I, because anyone can find him/her self
    in a comprimising situation and fall into temptation. You are not the only one who can lay
    out a clear concise premise. Thus you madame are incorrect.

    It is most unforunate that you think that people who disagree with you are somewhat incompetent. or
    not as competent as semoi(yourself).

    • My forgiveness was never at stake here. Neither has harmed me personally- thus, I have nothing to forgive. I simply wrote this blog to put all the facts of the situation in one place so that my readers can be assured of the validity of their talking points. Forgiveness isn’t the issue in a crime against the law. Just because I forgive a person for their crime doesn’t mean they should not receive the punishment for their crime. I believe both father and son deserve the consequences of their actions. That is how the law works. Under your scenario of forgiveness, prodigal son and/or law, you would have us not convict child molesters and rapists. Not so. Law is law- and in this case, it is just. God would not have us forgo our legal system.

      I don’t feel people are incompetent. But if they choose to use weak logic in a situation with an aim to do wrong, I will give my opinion on the matter. I would not lie to please my readers.

    • he is, indeed. And they got FIVE terrorists and six dead soldiers (who tried to find the idiot) in trade. The door is open to capture and trade all our soldiers. Just think of all the worthy, faithful soldiers we refused to trade due to our No Negotiation policy with terrorists. When we finally made an exception, it was for a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. Nice.

  5. Can Obama be the worst baseball card trader in the history of the world? He seriously just traded a handful of Mickey Mantle rookie year cards for a farm league nobody. The fact or supposition that the farm league rookie is a traitor, deserter, or just lost in space is great fodder for the mindless talk show hosts, but the real story is Obama. 1. He broke the law doing this. 2. he either has the worst judgement imaginable, or his intentional release of these five villains reveals just how far he wants to take down the US. Obama isn’t US citizen. I know he doesn’t like the US. I know he’s not a Christian. He’s not on our side.

  6. Its obvious something is seriously wrong in our government. Many Americans, instinctively, distrusted Obama from the beginning, while others were completely enraptured with him, possibly, for all the wrong reasons. We, who were suspicious of Obama were/are called racist, along with a few other choice derogatory terms. I realize that we can not convince those type on the left of our sincerity in hoping our uncomfortable feelings about this president would prove to be wrong. Well, here it is half way through his second term, and, so far, it appears our situation, as a country, is, steadily, declining, instead of progressing to a better way of doing things, as he promised, and, while some on the left have observed, and have changed over to thinking the same as those of us do, there are still some who try, desperately, to defend him. Its not about racism, or wanting to see Obama fail, its about wanting to see our country succeed, continuing as our forefather’s intended—–free. Free to make our own choices, free to become successful, without being thought we are a rich snob, who doesn’t care about the suffering of others. We can’t judge people, when we don’t know their story, or even if we do. I am not wealthy, by any means, in a monetary way, but I am wealthy in having a wonderful family, and decent health, and Jesus as my savior, so, anything else I need, I am sure God knows about it, and will provide it. My personal thoughts are that America had done fine for over 200 years, as the country who became the greatest, and most powerful in the world in such a short time, when all the others had millenniums to do the same, yet didn’t. We were/are not perfect, but we’re the best there is, until the perfect one comes along. What some see as arrogance, is, in reality, just Americans enjoying the blessings of freedom, and willing and eager to share those blessings with others, who may want to join us. We do not deserve the ugly things mean people say, or the unappreciative attitude of country’s we have helped, and fought for, so they could have their rights. America was not broken, and still isn’t; we will recover from this, and be stronger for the experience. So, bottom line is: If something isn’t broke, why fix it?

    P.S. There was a Canadian, several years ago, who made a speech about Americans, don’t recall his name, but the record (yes, record, told you it was awhile back, lol!) It was/is called “The Americans”, and it may still be on YouTube, so may be able to Google it.

    • Indeed. The Progressives just operate without fear now. They know they can’t be voted out. They are free to so as they wish. Note that this event is happening at the exact same time as Obama unleashes the most treacherous regulation against American energy, not to mention the ability of the government to OWN all our water! There is always one story that is a cover for the REAL story. This, though very bad all by itself, is nothing compared to the environmental regs being shoved down America’s throat right now.

  7. What was wrong with the Father wanting the return of his Son. The Father in Jesus’s story of the
    Prodigal Son also wanted the return of his son. No timeline was ever given for the return of he son, but the Father always had the hope of his son’s reconciliation and return. Remember Rom. 3:23
    We’re all sinners. But for the grace of God go ye. Were you ever in the service or military
    under combat conditions??? I do not condone the person’s going AWOL. Yet you seem to be
    hypocritical of viewsd not correspondant with yours.

    • Jose, yes, I served briefly. No, never in combat. But you have applied the prodigal son very wrongly and inappropriately in this case. The Prodigal Son CHANGED HIS EVIL WAYS and then came home to GOD in full repentance. Bergdahl never left home out of a desire to do evil. He never went off and lived a life of sin and debauchery. He never repented and then decide to come back to the house of God. He is not a prodigal son at all. The allegory can’t be used here. What we have is both

        a father and son who were living bizarre, fantasy filled lives of being heroes and having high adventures. They were both out of touch with reality. They are STILL out of touch with reality. The father know imagines himself to be some kind of Muslim hero as well. The son joined the Army to fulfill his fantasies and found reality instead. He made an oath and then dishonorably, did not keep it. He walked away, endangering hundreds of other LOYAL soldiers who searched for his sorry butt. He has shown zero signs of being sorry for what he did. The father has not only shown that he is NOT sorry, but approves of his son’s bad actions.

        Now, as to me being ‘hypocritical’ of others views. How so? How am I hypocritical of others views? That doesn’t even make sense. If I don’t agree, I don’t agree. Is it wrong to disagree? At least when I disagree, I provide proof for my opinions. I lay out my argument clearly and concisely. If someone can give me a clear, concise, well thought-out defense of a different view, I can promise you that I would consider it deeply. If they were more logical and more moral in their arguments, I would change my mind. But I can’t change my mind simply because others oppose it. That would just make me a weak individual indeed!

        Lastly, you mention ‘there go I but for the Grace of God’ as if this Bergdahl didn’t willingly commit this treason. Not only did he willingly do so, but he clearly said that he is ashamed of his own country. He thought many days about committing these actions before doing them. He didn’t stumble into this. Nor did anyone or anything fall upon him in such a terrible way as to cloud his judgement. Thus, one can not say, ‘there go I but for the grace of God.’ That is reserved for those born into bad circumstances- poverty, gross immorality, rape, murder, depravities, etc and failed to overcome them. THAT is the meaning of that statement.

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