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Why Keep The Sabbath?

When's the last time you saw this?

When’s the last time you saw this?

Another reason to keep the Sabbath: The human soul must feed itself with the beauty of God’s creation. So many people have never had the chance to learn for its own sake. Many people were badly taught in school– and this killed the love of knowledge early on. Studying for tests isn’t really about the love of learning. Then, as adults, we become obsessed with the business of clothing, feeding and finding/keeping shelter over our and our families’ heads. This usually involves never leaving the confines of our homes, the highway and then the work office. When, during all of this did you see the stars? When did you see gaseous nebulae? When did you observe the remarkable patterns in the stones? The flying manes of horses? the glory of the sea? When did you smell pine trees or watch bees up close? When was the last time you saw a bumble bee with all the pollen balls on their legs? God’s creation is massive- both in the diminutive and the grand. On both sides of the scale, the detailing is to die for. Just looking at both ends of God’s spectrum leaves us breathless with endless wonder. It almost breaks the human mind to take it all in!

If we never take a day of rest, all we will see is MAN’S creation! And that is enough to depress anyone. If you do take a day of rest and spend your time looking, seeking, smelling, listening and thinking about what God has made, you can’t help but find God. I have always held that any good scientist must naturally conclude that God exists. The mathematical odds are overwhelming. If we spend our time just looking at nature for any amount of time, we find God. And finding God is all we need. If God exists (and he does), then the bible is true. And if the bible is true, then Jesus is God’s Son. And if Jesus is God’s Son, then all his promises are true. And if all his promises are true, then this life is a mere nanosecond of our true lifespan. And all evil will pass away- like a bad dream never remembered. And if all that is true, then all the marvel- from the whirling colors of space nebula to the infrastructure of diamond crystals were all made so that mankind could enjoy it for a mere blip of time- and that shows that GOD is the most generous, creative, amazing and loving God that could ever be! ALL THIS for us to live a teeny, tiny time. Just for our pleasure. And doesn’t that just tickle you to death?

Take some time to see what God has made for YOU. Keep the Sabbath. I don’t think it matters one iota which day you choose. But take a whole day and dedicate it to rest, pleasure, love and time with God. Rather than taking time away from your busy schedule, you will see that you have added an infinity of time to it. Be blessed!

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