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What Does Christian Meekness Look Like?

Is this Christian meekness? Yes.

Is this Christian meekness? Yes.

I want to talk to you about Christian meekness.  What does that mean, exactly?  Some people think it means we ‘turn the other cheek’.  They interpret it as bowing to those around us- to authority, specifically.  They believe this means that we are to take abuse and then take some more- quietly, mind you.  They believe this means to live within the law and without disturbing anyone.  Basically, don’t rock the proverbial boat.

But that isn’t what I think.

Ha!  You figured as much, right?  Listen.  Let’s talk about Jesus and the Apostles, shall we?  Let’s look at their example to see what Christian meekness looks like.  Let’s see how they handled injustice and persecution.  Did they turn the other cheek?  Well, yes and no!  Yes, they turned it but no, not the way so many think.  Read your bibles, people!

john the baptist

Is going to jail an indication of  Christian meekness? Ask John the Baptist.

They turned their cheek, alright, but it was to say, “Go ahead! Hit me again and again and guess what?  I shall never be silenced!  I will fight for my Lord no matter what you do to me!  I will speak the truth even if it breaks your laws!  I will let you throw me in prison and I will still sing his praises at the top of my lungs!  My feet shall walk in the name of the Lord- no matter what you do to me!  So go ahead, slap me again!”

Kinda different than you thought, huh?

Why do I say they were thinking that way when they turned the other cheek?  Can I go back in time and read their minds?  No!  It is because their actions showed it.

jesus on trial

Jesus was known to his neighbors as a criminal. They all thought, “He must have committed a crime. Otherwise, why would they do this to him?”  This is exactly what they will think when YOU get arrested.

The crowds wanted to kill Jesus.  He knew it.  He simply turned to a new direction and kept right on teaching.  Or, he used his power and blinded their minds so that they simply forgot to kill him!  He only allowed them to find him when he was ready.  He timed his death & resurrection perfectly.  When the whole world was looking.  He was in complete control of the situation.  Jesus’ silence at his trial was not out of meekness.  It was to prove a point.  His actions would soon rock the world- in three days, exactly!  They would remember his silence then and wonder!  A God who said nothing as they beat him???   Jesus spoke boldly when it suited him.  He was silent when it suited him.   Whipping the money changers must have been  done in holy meekness- Jesus was never inconsistent.  Catch my drift?

Look at the apostles.  They became criminals for Christ.  Yes, all of you who believe that Christ meant for us to silently follow the law or support the government or our leaders blindly, it is a biblical fact that Jesus and the Apostles broke the law with their words and actions.  They were real criminals and others saw them that way.

The law had become corrupt and evil.  Evil people wanted to silence this new ‘Way’.  They made it illegal to speak the Truth.  They whipped the apostles and told them, “Do not speak of Jesus again!”  The Apostles talked right back at them and said, “Hey, why should we listen to you when God told us to do this?”  Wasn’t that a rather cheeky thing to say?

paul in prison

Apostle Paul wrote about humility and love and meekness. Why did he break the law? Wisdom is needed.

All of them became bonafide criminals.  They went to jail.  They had uniformed cops come to their doors and drag them away in front of all their neighbors and friends.  How embarrassing would that be?  To be thought of as a criminal by everyone around you!  To have cop cars outside your door!  To walk out in handcuffs.   To imagine them all telling the big news at their dinner tables.  “Oh. My. Gosh!  Did you hear that Susan, yes!  Susan across the street!  She was arrested  today at school!  She wouldn’t stop telling the school that they were wrong to tell her kids that homosexuality was good!!  What an idiot!  She deserved what she got.  What a wack job, huh?  Geeze.  Those Christians are getting dangerous!”   etc, etc.

How awful would that be?  For me, with my pride, it would be devastating.  Especially coming home afterward.

But Jesus and the apostles suffered this for the sake of Truth.

Listen, God knows all our hearts.  He knows when we are silent out of wisdom and when we are silent because we are cowards.  We all run away at first- even the apostles.  Even Peter, the Rock.  They all ran.  But once the shame and repentAnce came, they became strong.  You must become strong.


If being law abiding means we are being humble, why have so many of our Christian heroes been criminals of the State? Here we see Joseph interpreting dreams in prison.

Being meek doesn’t mean being silent- or even following the law.  Being meek means that we put others before ourselves.  Being meek means putting God and his business before our own.  Being meek means putting ourselves dead last.  Including our life.  Being meek might very well mean fighting for someone else’s life!  Yes, to put your own life at risk to save another would be meek.  Even if you dashed in their attacker’s nose!  Because you despised your own life in the process.  Standing for God’s Truth is to be meek.  Because the world WILL hate you.  Just as it hated our dear Jesus, who could do no wrong.


Why is Archangel Michael portrayed as a warrior? Is he not meek? Is he disobedient?

The time is coming for us to raise up our children to be warriors for God.  To be sons and daughters who will despise their own will and life.  To be people who stand for the Truth. Who will teach them?  You, who silently allow the school to lie to your child?  Is that how they shall also be meek?

Satan is the temporary prince of this world.  He hates this truth and will bring every governmental power to bear in order to stop it.  Even if you are only standing up for common sense and logic and simple justice, he will still try to stop you.

In today’s world, satan’s chosen instruments are teachers, principles, police officers, doctors and coaches.  He uses pastors, boy scout leaders, girl scout leaders and every other person with official status.  Be ready to be meek for the Lord.  If they slap you, stand up for another slap.  Eventually, the Lord will make you victorious.

These people are evil and thus, are cowards.  They won’t know what to do with a Christian like you.  Stand determined on your deepest convictions and let the power of the Holy Spirit make you shout the truth to the rafters!  THAT is what Christian meekness looks like to me.  What does it mean to you?


  1. It is not for Allah to take a son!
    Exaltation to Him! When He decrees a thing
    He only says: ‘Be,’ and it is.

  2. Thank you so much for this article! This expresses perfectly the way I understand meekness as well.
    “Listen, God knows all our hearts. He knows when we are silent out of wisdom and when we are silent because we are cowards.”
    I have some trouble being silent with both my actions and words… Thanks for this reminder in particular. I certainly need to exercise more wisdom!

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