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My Son’s Christmas Concert

I just got home from my son’s school musical.   It was called ‘Celebrations around the World.”   I want to say, first, that the teacher was delightful- she was inspiring to the children. I have never seen my son open his mouth so widely and so decisively to sing anything before. He clapped his hands with complete assurance and with happiness all over him.   The decorations, lighting, stage props- everything was lovely.  This was truly a gala event. So I applaud the teacher, the students and the school with all my heart.

But here is my problem. Sometimes, I truly hate being me. I want to be able to sit in the beautiful auditorium and watch this beautiful production full of beautiful children and just be happy. I want to be like the other people there. I want to watch the children singing African songs that have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus in a Christmas production and I want to think, “Gee, that’s great! I learned something tonight!” But that is not what happens for me.

At first, I’m tickled pink. It begins with little light blue elves tinkling away on xylophones- how darling! But then come three children to tell us a little about what we are about to see. They pretend they are leaders of multiple nations at the UN and they are all in complete disagreement about how to celebrate Christmas.  The child leaders begin to argue- one says, ‘We celebrate Christmas!’ Another one says, “We celebrate Carnival!’ and the UN moderator calls a truce and says something like this, “You all want something different- Christmas, Carnival, Cinco de Mayo- we should just scrap them all and come up with something brand new- Celebrations around the world!” And thus begins the musical. Some of the ‘holidays’ are not even in winter.  Some are in winter but have nothing to do with Christmas. In all fairness, there were Christmas songs scattered throughout, but the most popular song was ‘Celebrations around the World’.

I struggled within myself the entire time.  I couldn’t just break free and relax.   I want to just take it easy like everyone else. I have no doubt that 80% of that absolutely packed auditorium would call themselves Christians. But I also have no doubt that 95% of them did not even catch what the children said- or what the musical was about. All they saw was kids dancing and singing. And that is all I wanted to see! But my mind wandered to prayer, asking God for his blessing on all the children and their families. I prayed that they raise them correctly and in the beautiful knowledge of Jesus.  And also in the heaviness of Jesus.  He is a cross- his burden is light- but he is a burden nonetheless.  It isn’t all joy.  Can those kinds of Christian handle the truth when it comes?  Will their children be able to?

As I watched the children, it came to me that the world truly yearns for peace, now more than ever. The need for a one world government is actually inevitable. Each country can’t just get bigger and bigger and more and more powerful. Something has to give. And it will give. And it will give through war or through powerful manipulation. Everyone sees that religion truly motivates humanity- sometimes to extremes. So, the easy answer for the weak-minded and the spiritually weak is to ‘just get rid of all religion’ and create a single ‘new’ one that doesn’t offend anyone. Well, they know it will offend us ‘fanatics’ and ‘weirdoes’, but not the majority. And we fanatics can be dealt with.  The laws are already in place for us.

Progressivism, the political movement, is a conspiracy. Make no mistake about it. Those people are intent on their evil schemes to see the end of the United States in favor of one world dictatorship- with them on top, of course. That being said, I see the lure of one world government. It is actually the most logical outcome of mankind on earth. It truly is the only solution for mankind- we need to be exactly like the Star Fleet Federation. But. Then again, so is communism the most moral of all political systems. Who doesn’t want to share everything- how is that not right? The trouble with these recipes of utopian society is that they always forget one major ingredient, and that is the sinful nature of man. The only way to overcome that sin resides in Jesus, the world’s most hated Person.  We must die to who we are now and be reborn into sinless creatures.  Otherwise, there will always be those who would and will dominate the rest- regardless of whatever legal safeguards mankind dreams up.  Dictatorship and brutality are also inevitable when man leads men.   The only possible leader for such a stubborn race must be someone greater than that race- and that is Jesus, the God/man. And therein lies the conundrum.  Most people want him dead.

Sin prevents any kind of idealism to work and yet it blinds the decision makers into believing it is possible. It is quite an impossible situation! The worst part of the inevitable end of man (i.e., one world government) is that it can allow too much power to consolidate into too few hands- or even into one man’s hands. If those hands are not Jesus’, then the world is in terrible trouble.

No, mankind cannot ever allow one person or one country to rule all. While it is the logical, most idealistic solution (and will no doubt appeal to the majority of the world) it simply can’t and won’t work. Everyone has forgotten about sin. And the very nature of Man. We all see the world coming to a head. War is coming. Something awful is on the horizon- we all sense it. All these countries prowling about in their tiny border cages- their muscles bursting with pent-up power and rage. War is an inevitable as morning. So, we all yearn for salvation from this thing. Of course we do. We all yearn to come together in peace. Of course we do. And we should! We should all get along and respect each other, love one another and tolerate one another. The children on the stage yearn for the right thing. But the teacher who selected the program is wrong about how to achieve it.

The world IS heading for war. There is just too much power- even the power locked up in all those nuclear warheads and dirty nukes- it must be used- all that potential power seduces evil men like sirens to the rocky shores. It is just too much to ignore. Too many dark hearts lusting for their day. And too few people with any love of Truth for its own sake. Who will die for Truth today? The world is moving with unstoppable forces toward its own doom. And we need to be saved from ourselves. That part is not a conspiracy. The people of the world only sense the truth- they sense their demise without being able to articulate it. It’s coming sooner rather than later. The pressure cooker is about to burst. We need a Savior. So, we begin to make songs and musicals about coming together as a world, all holding hands and getting along.  I’m seeing World Citizen badges.  Schools are teaching our kids to be good world citizens.  We are caring for our mother earth.  Tolerance for other societies is taught far more than tolerance for Jesus, their Lord.  The focus has turned decidedly outward and our hands are open in supplication- let’s be friends, we will do what it takes.

Most of the world is without Jesus, so they can’t look to him as their Savior. Only Christians understand that Jesus is not only our spiritual savior,  but he is the world’s literal savior as well. He will come and he will politically rule this earth as it needs to be- under one world government. But those who don’t know him must look elsewhere. They are thrashing about. Not all of them are evil. Most are simply lost. “Who will save us? Who has the charisma? Who has the power? Who can convince the world’s leaders? Who can hold it all together?  Who is Good enough, Moral enough?” They all wonder. They desperately seek this person.

But if not Jesus, then whom? There is only one other option. And we know who that is. It is he who lives in this world already. It is he who already occupies the territory of men’s hearts. He is already fully entrenched and ready for battle.  And he is an angel of light, full of beauty, charm and charisma- all the qualities the world is seeking.  And we, humanity, are the losers. We do indeed need a Savior. And one who is merciful enough to overlook us overlooking him.

I look at all those people and at all those singing children and all these thoughts are going through my head. Unwanted thoughts. Unwelcome thoughts. This is when I wish my life were near its end and that the Lord would call me home. I tire of this world- where is the pleasure? And when is it not ruined by satan?  What are they teaching our children? What chance do all those children have of knowing their Savior? We will be very few, my friends, and extremely unpopular. We will look like extremists of the worst kind. We will be the party poopers on everyone’s darling dream. The world will join hands in a beautiful, brave, new kumbaya prayer and we will stand on the sidelines, helplessly, watching their faces fall as we say we can’t agree with them. We will be betrayers. We will be the ones to rain on everyone’s parade. We will be lonely. We must cling to one another, dears. We are not of this world. Because if we were of this world, I could have sat through that brilliant performance and not have noticed that Jesus was entirely missing. And my heart wouldn’t have broken.


  1. I want to post this in Jesus’ name to you to give you comfort. It’s hard to not be overwhelmed with all that we face. You are not alone Susan.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding is from Proverbs 3:5
    Jesus will not lose one soul that God the Father has given Him.
    No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. From Romans 8.

  2. My dear sister… You are a good writer with a discerning spirit. I’ve been a reader in Christianity since 1975 when I surrendered to Him. I’ve never heard that all too true expression… How did you put it?? “The heaviness of Jesus” my I like that. Thank you.

    I’ll be praying about your lawsuit too.

    Many Blessings To You…Tim

    • Thank you, Tim. Thank you for your prayers too. I need them. Only Jesus can deliver me from this lawsuit. I am on my own now. No insurance, no lawyer. Just me against this other lawyer. Thankfully, I have all the facts on my side. I just pray for an understanding and patient judge and court and clerk. I don’t know a thing about procedure in the courtroom. I hope they will guide me as I go. gulp.

  3. I have great sympathy for your difficulty, so I hope you will keep trying to follow that initial impulse, and eventually allow yourself to experience a more complete, uncomplicated joy in such events. Matthew 18:3 did address your problem in direct, simple fashion. Because Jesus already dragged that cross through the streets, it isn’t necessary for you to also. Here is my sincere hope that the lightness of the season, a celebration not of ultimate demise and dire responsibilities, but of births and beginnings, will transform and infuse you – and shift that big ol’ cerebrummobile into neutral long enough for a song and a hug.

  4. Ever think of moving to the south, away from all the liberals to a more conservative area… I honestly would not know about these things that are happening in your town unless you inform us… It is very upsetting and sad that school leaders are doing this and the children are innocent, not knowing any better… I live in the Bible belt and very sheltered to these events and it is alarming because my generation said the prayer and pledge of allegiance every morning and the kids these days don’t get that and when the progressives take it even further in there lifetimes the children won’t know any better because they weren’t raised the same way we were… God Help Us…

    • I hear that a lot, George. I do wish I did live there. But this is where God has led our family. We seem entrenched here in every way. Looks like we are staying. God has his reasons, that much is evident. Perhaps I am meant to write about all this. Who knows. But here I am and here I will remain for the time being…

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